Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 10, 1935
Page 2
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Star ffdiver Thy tferald Ffom'Ptttfie foportl ewry week-day afternoon by Star-. Publishing Co., Inc. & Alex, H. Washburn), at The Star building. 212-214 South fciSf?8«»4t, Hope. Arkansas. ' ' C. £. PALMER. President ,. , ALEX. H. WASIIBURN, Editor and Publisher as second-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansas " Under the Act of March 3,' ' "The newspaper is an inatituiion developed by modern civil- la^ tfWsent the news of the day, to foster commerce and industry. .Widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon *"" -which, no (tonsWttttioft hss ever been, able to provide."—Col. R. {Always Payable in Advance*;-By cHy carrier, per r month tec; one year- $6.36. My mall, in Hempstead. Nevada, r and |«B«yette counties. $3.56 per year; elsewhere $6.50. f ^ Member of the Associated Press: The Asso^lat64, Press is exclsuively \ entitled -to the use for republication of all news dfspktohes credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the Ibcaj^jews published herein. IT: National .Advertising Rcpresefttatives: Arkansas^tSilies, Inc.. Memphis, BWg,* Newt York City, 369 Lexingtonf Ghic'aao, 111.. 75 E. Waek- it, Mich.. 33ST Woodward Ave.; St. foo^is, Mo., Star.Bldg. .,_-_„__ on Tributes. Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards : , of, r ttSnks, resolution, or memorial?, concerning the departed. Commercial ^jWwspipers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space^takmg memorials. The Star disclaims Wsponslbiliety 1 ' tat fhcfiafe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. . ^^M^9^»^^^^ Let's Get This Straig(it TIME we 1 *** TO STAY we ~ By Bit. MORRIS HSHBfclN Jlqr, Journal .of the American Metl. f^eaf Association, and of Hygeia, ~'' ja:flt jMagaztae Protetes Are; of First Importance; Yield Ussue-Fomflng Acids Before^ going farther' into the r sub- _eet of diet, let me classify the Various kinds of foods that you eat, so that you means classification, you witt be able to real- iie better- the .importance of certain foods "for your .health. ' First I shatl discuss the proteins. These are foods* that .contain carbon, ,. hyiicOgeivaTid oxygen, and frequent- i ly>iStrogeri-aiaI,sulifiunv j, ;.». ••'. ,. By Oli^Raberts Barton CtfUfcSC, TrtAT'S A LlTTUE TOUffH ON UK6 AMD ITAI-V \A/OOU> COMSiOGR IT AM UMFRIE^OUY ACT AMP IF THE L-GAcroe OF TAKES ACttOM, SrtOOUO C 0NSIPER AU. LeAOUe MEMBERS AS • "What's -wrong with you, Jean?: You've been moaning around all week j and I have to fell , you everything j twice." *':"'-\ "Nothingl mother. I'm all right." "Well, shan" 6ti|.of it and go and get the aisnes : ^lfte/' : I have to work on I -those doll quilts for Christmas." "Can't I help? I can sew." | "No, these have to be perfect. They | are for the Bazaar. You can helpj jeet of diet, let me classify the vari- m° re % doiW dishes." •" AMP IF we STOP WITH WHAT ABOOT SHtPPlMG TO MEUTRAL PORTS "f Jean did.-ttve dishes and then she j may know what each type was told to study. to-, your system. From this! "I get so.ackcjf.studying, she The WOKA' protein', means' "to take first place," and the proteins- really 'Today's' Health Question Q.—Hb,w well has medical" science imrereonre tuberculosis? ' •' " f 'A.— In" 1900, 202 of every 100,000 people in this country died from tuberculosis, but in 1910 the rate was 160; in 1920, 114; in 1930, 71.5, and, in 1932, 62.8. The'rate has, therefore, deemed 69 per cent. plained. "There you go again." "Mother can I give Lc for Christmas? And Mill Allen? And I'm.sure Katharine is going to give me something." "I don'f see how. I won't have three ruckels'to ruht-against another for our China Consents to Splitup in North Area as Large as Texas Separated From the Ceh- tral Government PEIPING, China—(/P)—A new regime in North China, separated from the national Nanking government in all but name, was in the making over the week-end. H would result in virtual detachment from the republic of an aren ceiiuil to Texas, with a population exceeding 30,000,000, comprising the provinces of Hopeh and Chahar. Apparently the provinces of Shantung, Shnsi and SulyUan, originally included in the autonomy program, will not be a port of the new state, Key- ! notes of the government will be "pro- Japanese" nnd "anti-Communistic." Terms of a compromise agreement felting up the regime here was reported approved in Nanking by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, leader of tht national government. Authoritative sources said the compromise tgreement had been approved by Japanese army officers and North China leaders. They said an administrative council controlled Hopeh nnd Chahar would be created, headed by Gen. Sung Sheh-Yuan, military over| lord of the two provinces. Membership on the council would be re- i : trictecl to North China officials. THIS CURIOUS WORLD xr ^fr^p^!^^!^^^^^^,^^*!*^****** 1 ****^*********** 1 ^^ ® IV35 SKA Dictator | NANKING, China —(/P)— China's i government became a virtual one- i man affair over the week-end. The 1 political destiny of more than 400,- j 000,000 persons lay in the hands of ( I Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek. Three ' i mcr.e powerful jobs were given the ' ! 47-year-old Chiang, already a semi- ' j dictator. | ! The central Chinese government j I Executive Committee elected him | i chairman of the Executive Yuan, the | j equivalent of premier. He succeeds i former Premier Wang Ching-Wei. who I resigned after being wounded by an assassin. HUrAAN THAN ANV OTHER PL. AN Err, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE CONDITIONS THEP3LE ARE: SO NEARLY LIKE THOSE EXISTING ON EARTH THAT THE TWO PLANETS AR.E SPOKEN OF AS SISTERS. <& 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. FLIES FORM THE FOOD OF MOST SPIDERS, AND FORM THE FOOD OF CERTAIN FLIES. Ill-lb ITSELF INJTO A LATTICE-WORK. PATTERN. book—weight, on the ball of the foot. Keep the other leg bent at the knee, then slowly rise up and down on the toes. Repeat te ntimes—very slowly. Reverse, standing on the other foot. Dance as much as possible. If you don't know how, taking a few lessons j and practicing at home will improve j are first in importance m the structure i -jjceai ileS anJ^'su funerottis 'of* the body tare protein in character. the proteins are taken into body in the form of food, they A^are broken up into substances carlled ..'ammo-acids. These amino-acids may ,'thten He recombined info kinds of pro, tein that you need in -your body, fj Practically every food that you eat ^contains more than one Ttind of protein.' r in protein, -nitrogen is the chief sub- .stance involved in building material. • The Hvinp cells of -the human body require nitrogen for making living Itissue and for constructive hormones. 1 The excess nitrogen is passed out of the body byway of the kidney. The child requires extra nitrogen, because- it IE a growing organism. ,, Tbs adult requires extra nitrogen" during athletic training when muscles increase*' 1 in* si?e, after wasting-diseases in which the muscles have to regain material which they .have 'lost, and under similar circumstances. , t The prospective roafher requfres extra nitrogen to provide material for growth of'ithe unborn child. The amjnoracids have complicated chemical'-names which mean little to the person not trained in chemistry. There are actually 21 of these amino- acids, somfetimes three of 'four -of them being combined in,various protein substances. myself. I thing it's more fun giving things than getting them;--;! 'Could make little bags out of crefonne; if I had* just a'few •cents;"'-'• "'-^-oV''..'..'---'^-'V"'•'••.'' •' '• "We can'.t give cheap things. Your father is supposed to be -a man of means. "We can't seem Stingy-^better to give nothing Jhan.some off-hand thing that 'doesn't count." Jean did her lessons ana'started to read, [Other, bit- 'get th€ :ecj[ water- •ouf go over it? It's still early." Jean went- off and at the Bells found Lois and her 'mother dressing dolls. May I stay awjiile and watch?" asked Jean. J "You certtaih4y may," invited Mrs. Bell briskly. "And if you like you may overstitch 'tHis lace on petticoats." Jean bearaed \with pleasure. "Oh, way 1? .I'm 'just' crazy to do something for Christmas."^ "Your .rnotfier' has a lot of things to develop your legs. Holly Springs No. 1 We regret loosing our good neighbors,. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wright, they are moving to the Evening Shade community. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Lyn Jones of Longview, Texas is visiting relatives here this week. Miss Marie McDowell spent Sunday with Miss Velma Sue Collins. Mr. and Mrs. George Quillian and daughter, Ruby, have returned from West Texas where they spent the last six weeks. Mrs. Willard Huckabee of Spring Hill spent Thursday with .Mrs. Roy QYitk GjU Copyrljlil NEA 1931 BEGIN HERE TODAY Alter tbe death of her- parent*, 1 lavrly it»A,NA, WJBWrnRPOK oomea train Abroad .'ta^Sinfee.' her home 1 fft^&t/ifjfrmnidmatliiftrViifie:'!*** -evci- around two or three blocks, and , "He's I they could spread .it 'Dr. and Mrs. sleevo," MT>n. .MRS. WltilARti CAMEI1- OA. Dnnn'i blrlt-slslcr, .V ft N C Y WALLACE. re»ent» Dunn'* com- Inc. -'Dana's ernnilmollicr plnni tor Uei yaunc erimiJilniislxcr to lun'rry rich RONALD SIOOKE. Dnnn, meanwhile, hai necome attracted 10 DIU SCOTT STAN- do. Why don't you help Tier? Opportunity to -Learn Jean flushed.' "Mother seems to be j afraid of having .things spoiled. I offered to help." ' "Well, Jean, if you want to, come over tomorrow. I am going to .make some waxed daffodils. I am going to teach Xxusv'^ITould you like to learn? They are lonely for presents for your girl friends aftd cost very little. Really they are ij\jite'as lovely as the ones they sell in; sipres." From thafc.tipie on Jean was a different girl. "'When her mother discovered how hafjdy, she was with her fingers she admitted, her into the spirit of Christmas. But even though Jean had been slow a]t learning, I think her mother should hot .have kept all the holiday preparation to herself. This is the most thrilling part of it all, and, children, girls particularly, feel left out if there is nothing to do. : Book a Day By Bruce Catton The famous Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in Alaska is losing its smoke. Its steaming volcanic craters and fumaroles are to be numbered by tens now, instead of by thousands; before very long it will be a peaceful grassy vale, no more remarkable than any other open place between mountains. Father Bernard R. Hubbard, S. J., the famous "glacier priest" of Alaska, makes this revelation in "Cradle of By AUcia Hart the S " the new book in which IS'nncy, who manic* her love lor Ronnld behind un antagonistic attitude, anhnnplly \rnicht» tlic nrogir-... n» the romnnce between Dnnn i«n(l flwniitC. .lusl ns nni- iiMtoly, PAULA LONG .r.-MPhen Sort! Stnnlcr'* Interest In Dnnn fherrtifte. RonnlU become* Icnloui ot Scott nnd «t.-ij-« nwny. l>»nn wonder* ivbill tans bil|)|>ened. Aim. Cameron nskn Scott to • toy vUillni: Dnnn. but they men at n dunce .anil recUlc»»ly decide to marry. Mr«. Cnmeron n-ntohen the weddlnB ceremony tvilh a till- ter e.\nre»8lon In licr cyen. JJOW GO OX WITH TUB STOUV CHAPTER XVIII R/J'RS. CAMERON Idssed ber granddaughter coldly, and sbouls hands with Scott. Aunt Ellen drew Dana close ID ber arras aud, surprisingly, gave Scott an affecMonate .peck on the cbeels. The minister congratulated them Sarah brought a tray HI led wltd wine glasssn, and there was « tons: to happiness. •' .'n Scott was rushing Dann aw Into the gray car, and Mrs Can .on was turning aside—per! Haps to hide the sudden rusb of i tears to her eyes. She was cnut i tering to nersel? as she %ut up | the stairs and her dark prophecy ! reached Aunt Ellen and Nancy, "It i won't last! It won't last I" I "Where in the world did Dana gel tne smart wedding ouilit'. 1 " Scott" Stanley have • returned after an extended motor trip. 1 " • Emna laughed. "Or," suggested Scott, "we mlgh: (drive to our place in the country I And then It could truthfully be said that 'Dr. and Mrs. Scott Stan ley left for an Indefinite honey moon stay, their destination un known.'" "Our place?" Dana marveled "Have we a farm?" "Nothing so Important," Scott laughed. "To be exact, we have 1 L'5 ancestral acres with a bit o! got something up hli Dana decided with unerring 'intuition. j olue lake on them. There's as though em- poetic sound of shack which I've been calling notb IP? at all. out which. Henceforth must De fcnown as Honeymoon House. It has a few odd pieces thrown together. But at night the stnrs come out — " He broke off. barvnssert by the the words. Dnna breathed: wonderful. What to spend a honeymoon!" * * * , . . TT was something else fur the town to talk about. "To think of cooking jour own • "I'll drive yon borne before 1 dash Cor the office," Scott said. To Dana's surprise, the car'? nose was pointed In a direction exactly opposite to that which would lead to Scott's old-fashioned .cottage. "Where are we going?" "Wives shouldn't ash questions?" ''' Presently they drew up In front ot a large brick building, fronting a busy thoroughfare. They went inside, caught the elevator, and got out on the fifth floor. Tcot! slipped a Key 1n a door nnd *>1uns it wide: "'Welcome home, Mrs. Stanley!" Dana caught her breath simrply. Her bewildered eyes met Scott's smiling ones. "Home? Why Scott!'" "Sit down and take It easy." "How perfectly i "I'll have to. I'm weak from a darling place 'amazement," Dana said. Butler. Mrs. Maude Clements, Mrs. Grady Butler and Mrs. Mable McDowell spent Monday with Mrs. Cora Johnson of Fairview. Paris Phillips underwent an appendicitis operation at Julia Chester hospital Wednesday night and we are glad to report he is doing nicely. Today^LPattern I O'ER eyes had taken It all In, 1n , H llm nrsl , qulck g , ance . u ww j^ ot tllose e fB c i eacy ty p e apart- i j, )entSi Behind the paneling woulfl "To reduce or ilevelop the calf of the ^^ _^_ = leg is difficult (indeed," says Donald | N a"ncy"asked.~ her eyes "oil her sis Loomis, the'man who guides and di- • "She went out this morning wedding breakfast." one woman j bea ro n.. away De( j. BacU ot the sniffed. Idoor would be a small, eloomy. box"It mlfilit be rather exciting, at j 11]{e kitcnen . T bere was an enam that, to cooU a wedding b.-eakfast j d or -, akrast aet tn the alcove, for^ Scon." her ^augine^ answeredj The turniture was upholstered In a dull mulberry shade. Obviously the woodwork and floors had been recently "done over." Everything looked shiny and new. Scott said: "1 found 1 could i rent the old house for enough to 'take this apartment. It was about an even exchange. I rather liked the old house, but It Isn't very I convenient. And*, after all. you're the one who'll be spending most ot the time at home." iSp 'Scott had rented that darling olid'house with its mellow, ivory paneling and lovely old things for tilts—this place! Because of the electric ice box, because It would But most ot the talking was i clone In Dana's grandmother's home and by Dana's e^'andmother "1 hope she's satisfied!" Mrs. Cameron said. "Goodness knows I tried to warn her." Mrs. Cameron had gone almost into hysterics after Nancy met ! Dann down town and came dome i with the news. Dana had driven iinto the city with Scott for provi-. ', sions. They were having such a I marvelous time that they had de| eided to extend their stay. Dana !said. She had caught a fish— the | first of her life. And. with Scott's help, she had broiled it. One night Blevins Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Bonds and Dale Bonds were shopping in Hope Saturday. John Perry and Ernest Perry were business visitors in Hope Saturday. Miss Kathleno Brown spent the week end in Nashville, Ark. • ' Wallace Sage and Glenn >Edorn,;both of Hoseboro were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Sage and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brooks of Blevins announce the marriage of their daughter Chloe, to Dallas Hugg of Blevins, en Monday. December 2. Rev. Henry Stingley of Washington officiating. The ceremony was read in the presence of a few friends. Miss Mary Sue Sage spent Friday in Hope visiting Mrs. Byran Andres and Mr. Andres. Floyd Brooks was a business visitor in Hope Friday. Mont Harris was attending to business in Hope Saturday. Alvin Garner is visitinp his brother, Charley Garner in Hope this week. Miss Louise Bonds of Hope spent the week end in Marlbrook community I with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. I Bonds. | Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wade, Miss i Dorothy Fae Wade, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Austin were Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lavender in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Loe spent the week end in Shreveport visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy Loe and family. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bonds were visiting friends in Prescott Sunday. J. A. Wade. W. U. Wade, Mrs. H. H. Honea and Miss Mary Sue Sage were shopping in Prescott Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bailey were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Bonds, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Osborne were shopping in Hope Saturday. Ray E. Davis, Dyess Colony representative was in Blevins Saturday and Sunday, attending to business. Miss Edna Nesbitt of Strong, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Nesbitt of Blevins. Shover Springs t,. c w*».», ».«: ,. cw Mvwn. ... w ,.«.. , he tells of his astounding researches j "The muscles and tissues °f_the • ', 1 1_ I *l_ *•«! « 4Jtl^ "WUb W14 b IrMiW t**U*»***4O, - jUIfTi.l**t> » tW UV» J*, Wbk.M u*>-. l\ ••k.ucu reels the exerqses and health rou- , d bacfe , ded wUh ooxes . ! they had pitched their blankets out | b n lhis wlnter and eas? lo tines of impor^nt Hollywood stars. - -• -•- - •• '-• among Alaska's volcanoes. He made his way into the valley— which came into being in 1912, following a tremendous volcanic explos- Did she suddenly inherit a fortune because they are used so much, are coarser »nd tougher than any other part of the anatomy and they offer strong resistanc^ to any type of ex- j •jnder the stars, lovely. It was quiet and ion—last year, and found its spectac- ercise. ular properties rapidly disappearing. I "However, one who wishes to The government, he says, might as! prove the shape of her legs certainly i can do it if she takes exercise seri- | ously and regularly. In addition—un- well remove it from the National Monument classification and throw it open, to hunters and trappers, for it is not going to be another Yellowstone, as people originally supposed. This change is in line with Alaska's geologic history- The earth is changing rapidly, up there. Father Hubbard has watched new land in the making, has seen islands tajfaing into peronsulas, has gauged the extension of the long »«" o£ the peninsula toward Asia. He has also foimd wjjere our own American we»tt»r originates. Storms of unbelievable fury spring up in the Aleutians f/om them come the in- fluenc*s that determine what sort of winters we are to have. Father Hubbard has written an uncommonly interesting bopk. Both th* text and tfee numerous photographs convey an excellent idea of the wfld, menacing beauty of that Uttle- land. Published by Dodd, Mead and Co., e book sells for »3. less, of course, she is underdeveloped elsewhere—she ought to diet. If she is certain she doesn't want to lose except on her legs, thtn she must depend on exercise alone to do the trick." Here are two Donald Loomis exer- or something?" "I'm sure I don't know," Aunt j Ellen lied bravely (and for the Hrst ; time in her life), mentally praying j i for forgiveness. "She looks very j own question, she had snapped . I sweet, doesn't she?" I viciously, "1 never did." "Write to us," Nancy called from Lnter she had exclaimed, "A the porch. fish!" with such biting scorn In Scott grinned at that. "Wish I ' her voice that neither Aunt Ellen could take you on a real honey moon. Mrs. Stanley," he said. "Bui I guess that's out." "A honeymoon doesn't mean go Uig places. It means being uiar ried—to you." Daua said. keep. So much easier than the | rambling, picturesque cotiage. He'd "Did you ever know of anything i gfven up. his home to make her so ridiculous?" Mrs. Cameron nad |ctiinforta£e. asked vehemently. .Answering hor | Qana. her head against his shoulder, whispered: "It was clear of you to think of it—it's going to be play to keep." "That's what 1 thought," Scon agreed contentedly. "It has '»l the conveniences. Hot water every minute. Electric ice box. Three W 1TH ihc very, popular fullskict and aleeves Jus', full enough £01" wing in appearance. The soft druped collar is dressy but not fussy, Muko of silk crepe, .satin or velvet. Patterns are sized no tc 52, siye US rcQuiring 5 yards of 39-Inch fabric with 5-8 yard contrasting^ • 'To secure a 1'ATTKHN and' STIQP-HY-STEP SEWZNtt-"'IN- STRUCTIONS, lill out the coupon tielo^. being sure to MKNT.^pJS T1IK NAME-OK THIS NEWSPAPEK.. ' .'.vv. The WINTER PATTERN BOOK, with a complete selection of late dress designs, now is ready, it's 15 cents when purchased Heparately. Or, if you wiint to order it with the pattern above,'send in just an additional 10 cents with the coupon. TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, 10S PARK AV.E., NEW YOKK, Enclosed is 15 cents in coin for Pattern No Size Name Address City State Name of this newspaper Liberty Hill attended services at the Baptist church Sunday. _ Rev. Clark filled his apointment here The many friends of Mrs. Noah Cas- { Sunday and he and wife were dinner tidy were sorry to hear of her death guests o j j^r. anc i Mrs. T. G. Martin. Sunday morning at a Hope hospital, j Qj a j^ ay Boyce spent Sunday with she was buried at Shiloh cemetery . j nez yocom and attended the singing. Rev. Crain and family moved into* H. H. Foster's residence Monday and : the new pastor, Rev. Dickersoii and wife moved into the parsonage. Mr. and Mrs. Giles Foster and baby] Kelson visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter| Powell Saturday evening. bad ventured to pro- cises which will reduce the legs and make them shapely: Stand on a bopk or a small, low wooden box and, placing hands on the back of a chair so you won't lose your balance, ruse up and down on your toes as rapidly as possible. Take off", your shoes and walk around the rjjpm, on your toes. Stand about one foot away from a wall, lean backward until your shoulders touch it, then rise up and down on your toes. Repeat ten times—very slomly. duce excess weight on the logs. Massage helps, too. If you want to, develop instead of reduce your legs, do this exercise: Stand en one foot on a rather high ' ;•:*» .'t nor Naucy lest. In the privacy of her own taoni Aunt Ellen had smiled. It was nice that Dana was not one of those girls who required artificial excitement to make them happy. the car. he leaned over and kissecJ he:-. Duna blushed. "Just look ai those people staring." "Who cares about staring people-." Scott said "Besides It's cooU lurk 10 start a honeymoon with a Hiss." '!!;•: cnr shot forward again. ! fill fervor. Seo°' <,ni(i. "\Ve might drive around | won't." UIG i;i«x-k Then the papers could i,;..'- '!>r and Mrs Scon Stanley •vtdiji .f nil). Or we might drive exposures." "How long Is the lease?" Dana asked. "For a year." A year would pass before she by It all-too-few patients had become ' was the spirit of It that counted. S COTT had started the motor The honeymoon was destined to knew It. She wouldn't begin Hey —wail!" he said Stopping end abruptly because one ot Scott's j letting material things matter. worse. They returned to the city •Just one of the disadvantages ot being a doctor's wife," Scott told Dana. "I think it's dreadful for wives to interfere with their husbands' professions," Dana said with youth 1 promise you 1 "Tliat's fine," Scott said, teas- in^'ly. "and 1 suppose I'll be al lowed to keep professional so- crets." He grinueii. ; Scott's thinking ri her before nlm- iself. Wanting to please her So awfully proud o( hiniselt for oeiup ! able to present her with this brand ! new-looking and convenient apart I ment, "It's a darling place," Dana said, land somehow meant it. ! Her arms went around i Tfiey kjssed. When Scoti ber like that, what (-id 1 matter! i (To He Monday at 2 o'clock. Raymond Johnson and William j Caudle were dinner guests of Howard Reecc Sunday. j i John Henry Butler of Rosston Route ' 2, called IT see his grandmother, Mrs. ' i Mrs. J. W. McWilliams spent Satur- J i liams Sunday afternoon. | I Mrs. J. W. McWililams spent Satur| day with Mrs. Charles B. Rogers. i ! Mr. and Mrs. Merrell Hucklebee j were dinner quests of their sister, Mrs. ! | Edwin Britt and Mr. Britt and Mrs. ' ! Ella Hodnetl Sunday. I J. B. Beckworth Jr., and wife of I Arkaclia. La., spent Sunday with their . I parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Beck- ! worth. • I j The baby son of Mr. and Mrs. San- . lord Dudney is sick at present. | Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rogers of Oklahoma siient the week end with Mr. I and Mrs. Roy Rogers. Mrs. Eu banks of Hope called on Mr. i and Mr.s. Sanf-jrd Dudney Sunday Scott, kissed Spring Hill | Bom: Thursday night to Mr. and j Mrs. Floyd Smith a boy baby, they I christened him Jimmy Lloyd. | Mr. Van Martin of Smackover spent i his vocation with home folks last week • and enjoyed bird hunting. ! Misses Wilma and Marie Kent of Christmas Cards L'hcpry bits of the holiday iptrit, expressed in clever artwork and bright paper! You'll want to remember all your friends with a collection of the new Christina.-* curds we're showing' An Excellent Selection , OF Engraved and Sheer Sheen Cards Our Representative Will Be Glad to Call. Star Publishing Co. "Printing That Makes An Impression" Phone 768

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