Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 5, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 5, 1952
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»5V1 *'f« 1 * I . s ITAfc, N0f>*i, ARKANSAS mentions lay letter t'MEl MARUOW „.. mt»*l _'flfltl«rttm from tftetitr that un»«t Uw m»hln« Mi* 10W MnvM Mtir year* to rexmn (hoy should koop Improvement* to There'* a resnon for Hnyono who looks flan »ce, ....... W«vo he«n purlieu* tlh Ittout the niflM drrn- M thdt followed the hrlnf, Wdn-who nomlnBtinir !•• labflled these riots on as phony «» n bnnl wild (he n> find nantft wnro rtdtd«te»i buttons, ,<*Mr*'d' nn snth'ropfiJn- foot thin np»{tuc1s wtt« ible link toettuwn tbo flcftft iflbftl tJtuiCM «nd Albatross. econflmUt* *n<) noolnio. lhr»t time who mltflH run * determining the pro- Ittanou of tho buttons of Bleu an (ho lapfcl or nno « U would tw pront thai Aniftrlcnns * f«rv«|U faith In ttce white the nod(il eoiMldor two YOU FULIV COVfftfD? Andrews ironco Agency lone 7-3301 Truman Ends Vacation, Back on Job •y RRNliT i, VACCAWO KANSAS CITY Ofl - Trumnn to4*y roundoff oul ttw lust (Uy of * restful v*«*tl«n b«for« flying buck to Wsuhlnfton »« get widy for th» full election cum- p»l«nln« AS ")usl « biiolt priv»lo In the rear rsnfcu." flint w»s the wsy h« dMcrlttod himself lo • friend who Inquired about his plans lit th* Stevenson- 8p»rkrrum campaign, Tnirn«n Is »w»ltlnn word from AdJul Rtoveninn, Ihn new fMrttCte PCD tic presidential nomine*. •• l<r Ihe purl ho will piny f«r Sl<-v«nsofi «nd his running mule. Ren. John button* us evidence of Ihn will io win, no rnnttitr who win*. The delegate* who r«posl«irtly In- ftirrunlff'rt the prflcondlnK* with de« mnnus lh»t their dnl<?s«llonii bo hnvo bcvn declined of «ln)l< ing for limp or Juitt wmitlnu to bo *een on TV, But In ftOO yiinrx « fow Mourn or dny» lout In 1038 or IpSfl convention* won't Mjom Important, Ho tho polling nf deleft*tlon« in mil " problem for wio*» politician* who worry nbwil how wo'll look lo »iur da- Thin dofjsn't monn vigorous dhouldtt I be Ukon to provide more TV ilmo for thono who for polllfttf only bocnuse they like to tie In jfoftti*. • . The brondoa«tliiR companlc*. Which hardly over seem to mjjiv tlon money in connection with TV time, could help out In thl* protv lorn at no expcn«e to the If they ifit up private rooms wllh TV c»morn», ono for ottch dcloKwln, each could bo »can Indl- vitiuiilly by the folks hnck homo -.in often HR ho plciuod. And U would tan dhort-nlahted Indeed to tamper with lha convention or»tory which Iho crittcii BO ,19S2 MELON-COLIC BABIES—Mc1on», meloni, everywhere, nnd these two unidentified Hollywood youn«Ktr:r,i are having n lino time landing up on the Buectilcnt fruit. The street-covering salad wu< tprcuii out when n produce truck was overturned In nn nccklcnU Appropriately enough, it happened during National Salad Week. Governor to Probe Escape of Convicts MONTPELIERt Vt. W*-aOov, Lee E. Etnersbn said he will conduct nn Investigation Into "all aspects" of thc escape of two state prison convicts believed to be involved In (he bludgeon death of a Springfield housewife. Emerson said yesterday he had conferred with Public Safely Commissioner William Bfuunann about the escape last Wednesday of Donald Demag, 29,. of Burlington, and Francis Blair, 31, of Fltchburg, Mass. The pair was captured Saturday shortly after Mrs. Elizabeth Weath- prup, 54, was fatally beaten In her home. Her husband, Donald, 57, also was beaten but is reported re covering in a hospital. State Ally. Louis Springer, hint- mi! that at least one of the men had admitted tho fatal beating, said ho would, seek grand jury ac tion ngainst Demag and Blair. The Youth Rally Fizzles, Many Puzzled BERLIN <*-West Berlin author- llios expressed puzzlement Monday at the fizzle of a loudly diver- tilted "peace and unity" demonstration of the Communist Free German Youth (FDJ). The FDJ had announced that young storm troopers would dem SPECIALS PRESCOTT NEWS W(idn«id»y, Augutt 6 I'ntycr mi«'tinit *'H '-"I!'' 1 nt il |),lll. Wi'diH'.'iday evening fit Ihe Church uf Nii/iiri'iK'. Tht!r« will l)f piiivcr mr»llir; Wedfieddny owning ni 7:<l.'» ni tin- Church of C'hrlHt. Prayer mm'tlnn will be h"!il nt 7:30 Wi>dm?mlny i.-vcnlnK at the officers and leiichcrH rneelinu at 7 o'clock, prayer nnd Bible study (it 7:•!.'). Mr*. Glenn Hairston HoMcaft to '<17 Club Mrs, .Glenn Iliilmton WHS hostess j to Ihe ''17 Bridge Club nt her home Thumday nftcrnoon. Viiri-colort'd stuinrncr blossoms number Is being made because of ;iml po.sl pnrtuni examinations lliriiujjh tho supervision of Dr. Charles Hcsterly. Clinician, Miss Kiiye l.noiiila, certified nurse mid- wifi' and Mrs. Max G. ptiblir health nurse. Kitchen, onstratc Sunday at two points along the French sector, at an area bordering the American sector, at Potsdamer Platz and, 10.000 strong, in the British sector's Jungfernhoide Park. Instead of all this, only 2,000 of the Blueshirts turned • out in all, in scattered demonstrations pear the sector borders, carrying their 'blue banners and chanting Communist songs. West Berlin police, who had been mobilized and braced for any eventuality, reported only two minor incidents in which 38 Blueshirts were taken i into custody. Windsor County Court Is scheduled: Puzzling over this showing, West Berlin authorities speculated that a' it was thc Communist intention to make as much propaganda as they could with a minimum turnout. This speculation was supported by a report of the Soviet-licensed ADN news agency, which reported "many thousands" of Communist 10-ton youths demonstrated in Berlin against "the warmongering poli- to reconvene Aug. 18. the splendid attendance at these Springer refused details of clinic*. Mnny piitients who would statement he said the pair made lo! otherwise bo under n physician's him but did say police, found u c.-ue, receive complete prenatal! piece of iron pipe near the Weath' crup home which they believe was the death weapon. Dcmng and Blair broke out last Wednesday by ramming n BANANAS 2 UK. 25c Frostee 1C! CREAM MIX BLACKBURNS SYRUP 45c 59c Size COMBS for the Family 4 For 29c truck through the gates. FIt'Bt Christian Criirch. Choir pnic-j weiv placed at vantage points ar- tleo will follow. riinged for four tables of players. i Mrs. ,liu-k rtobey won the high WoUncRdny i-vi;riinH at the First score award nnd Mrs. Dudley Gor- BnuUil Church there will bo »i> don the bingo award. Mrs. K. M. Lomley of Ft. Sill, Okln. Mrs. Ned Duncan and Mrs. J, Spiirkninn of Alabama. Truman looked fil after ten days nt hoiiui during v.hlch he hns carried on raillllU! While House blinl- sourly rotffti'dad ns bambini .,..,. contempt for thu iiitelllRonea ot nfc»s but fiwd himself uf much of iiit* nmunlnu puoilc. the Those orator* wonderfully Sim pllfy problem* which rnlnUt other- wUa Hoern hopclunsly complex to « public puwlod lo know whom to blntnti «nd whom lo prttlio for whm hupt»on«d In the punt ;fdur . k l'hey do thin by dividing the political world Into milnU nnd »ln- nor*. And If one orator noundR ex- aiitly like nil tha olhern lt'» probn- bly only bocttuno ho wl»he» to bring thoHc pooplo up to dnto who timed In Into, and not bcciumo he couldn't thlnH at nnythlng batter. Hobey wore, club guests. Members present Included Mrs, B. A. De- l.iimur, Mrs. Charles Dews, Mrs. J. M. Duke Jr. Mrs. Jim Nelson, Mrn, Bob Koynolds, Mrs. Chtirllc '«iT| ll Vrv"hn,"k I u i ," 1 WiiHlilnatnii | S«'". M '" s ' S ' V ' Scott ' Mrs ' B will fly buck to WuHlilnuion, M ... „. «,..,,,,-.. tomorrow. Ucforo doing HO. hu w!ll votit fur Sink- Ally. (leu. J. K. (Buck) Taylor in the rrn'e for tho nomination lor the Sen fttw »<!«! n»w held by Republican Jnim'H P, Keni. Kent in fin out- »pi>kon fo« of Triiinuii policies. Taylor is opposed by Slim it Symington, Truman's own former -Kccrotory of Uio Air r"on-e and Rfr'C elimiuip nilmliilfilrntur. Tho I'roHldenl'd close friends lH-ru s»y thill the odds favor Symington uvur Taylor. I A, Wiirren, Mrs. O. W. Wtilklns, Mrs. H. I-',' Ynrbrough nnd Mrs. Kdward Bryson who wns welcomed ;is it new member. A delicious dissert course WHS ,'UTVed. Health Department to Hold Motornlty Conference Slfirting In August, the Nevada County Health Department will hold Maternity Conferences every Wednesday ut 1 p.m. Inalead of twice ii month. Tho Increase in Mrs. K. M. Lemley Honored A party honoring Mrs. K. M. Lemley was given on Wednesday morning when Mrs. A. Dudley Gordon entertained at the home of Mrs. Andrew Gordon. Largo bouquets of varied summer flowers adorned the living room where guests, were informally entertained. A variety of delectable party foods was served from the lace- covered table. Mrs, C. H. Moore and Mrs. Wallace Pomberlon as sistcd the hostess in serving. Those present with Mrs. Lemley were Mrs. Kulph Gordon, Mrs. Archie Johnson, Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Mrs. Glen Hairston, Mrs. Duncan Me, Hue Jr., Mrs. Frank Haltom, J.r., Mrs. Carl Dalrymple, Mrs. Dan Pillman,, Jr., Mrs, j'ember'.on, and Mrs. Moore. Hudney Hamilton, Jr., State Sen ior Counselor of Order of the De- Moluy, and Ronnie. Munn, Master Counselor of the local chapter, attended tin Institution of D'_-Molay Chapter in Helena on Friday. Dcmag is serving life for murder and Blair a 7 to 10-year term for grand larceny. cies of the West German republic and tho Western Atlantic Pact nations." Mr. nnd Mrs. Allen Gee spent S COMPUTE THE SWING TO CHERRY A Majority of ALL the Votes (N«arly70%) COUNTIES VOTED for a Change in our State Administration AND AGAINST A THIRD TERM! ...... of Arkansas hov« tpoktn unmistakably, emphatically agalnit the of the prtitnt Administration and to THIRD TERM attempt to per-* (Half at tha tax«payer« *xp«nt«. A naw day will dawn for Arkansas I ttrtaln change that will follow tha eUttlon of FRANCIS CHERRY in (tion Tuaulay, Auguit 12th, t . ycii uraad , . , ta hove • p«rt In this smashing victory irnmont FRII of th« shaeklw of palltical obligation to tho chosen |V» boqn "doing business" with th* $t«ta tt YOUR expense) V" "t. Meet.. Hear bias ERRY rough th« Radio THON Girl Who Quit Movies Making Religious Film By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Wl—Colleen Townsend, who quit the movies for a life in religion, is back before the cameras. .But this time she's appearing in a film sponsored by Evangelist Billy Graham. Some cynical citizens of Holly wood scoffed when Colleen announced three years ago that she was giving up her promising ca recr at 20th Century-Fox. Thc unbelievers said il was merely a publicity stunt when she said she* sought another career of helping others to find God. But thc succeeding years have proved her sincerity. , She married Louis Evans, Jr., the son of her pastor at the First Presbyterian church of Hollywood. She has kept house for her husband while he has attended seminary at San Anselmo, Calif. In the last two summers, the pair has worked at youth camps in Europe. "This summer, Louis went to Africa on a trip with his father and other churchmen to visit missions there," she remarked. "Unfortunately, the wives aren't asked to go, along. So I am staying home with Louis' mother. It was nice that this picture came along to keep me busy." The picture is called "Oiltown," and it is the second to be produced by Billy Graham Evangelistic Films, Inc. The first was called "Mr, Texas" and it was termed "the world's first Christian western." Thc new film is about a rugged oil tycoon and his daughter. They become Christians after attending one of Billy Graham's meetings. "It's a very nice story that shows how a successful man can still be unhappy until he finds God," she remarked." "I think a picture like this can do a lot of good." I asked Colleen if she missed Ihe movie starlet routine. "Good heavens, no," she smiled. "The main thing I liked about Demos, GOP Vision Win in California By MORRIE LANDSBERG SACRAMENTO, Calif. 1*1 — Call fornia Republicans and Democrats today promised unified fronts In their efforts to carry the state for their national tickets in November. E^ch sent delegations to Chicago which voted for losing candidates— the Republicans for favorite son Gov. Earl Warren;, thc Democrats lor Sen. Estes Kcfauver of Ten nessee. The Republicans got their harmony cue from Sen. Richard Nixon, 3!)-year old nominee for vice president, at a week-end convention. Nixon scoffed at the Democrats for saying the Dwight Eisenhower- Sen. Robert Taft split won't heal. "I know we will be united next November," was his answer. "We will be united and we will win." ' Warren, the vice presidential candidate four years ago, and Sen. William F. Knowland pledged California Republican support to the Eisenhower-Nixon team. Atty. Gen. Edmund G. Brown, ranking Democratic officeholder in California, told his party's delegates that the Republicans "are fighting the Democratic party with Ihe dollars which a succession of Democratic administrations have made it possible for them to accumulate." Brown declared a Democratic victory was assured by the nomination of Adlai'Stevenson and Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama. At the Independent Progressive party meeting, Mrs. Vincent Hallinan, wife of the jailed IPP presidential candidate, called the Democratic ticket a "spit in the face of labor." Hallinan is serving a federal prison sentence for contempt of court. 15J Ox Can RIO GRANDE EARLY JUNE PEAS 10c CHILDS RAZOR BLADES 3 For 25C TUFFY DOG FOOD 3 ior 25c JELLO L29c DARCO MEAL 10il».69c CHARMIN TOILET TISSUE 4 For 39C a part of last week in Hot Springs. JUUGE FRANCIS CHERRY State - Wide TALKATHON WEDNESDAY IN LITTLE ROCK 1 P.M. to 10 P.M. and Over Raxorback 39 STATION NETWORK 9 Pol. Adv. P»«i (or by '- C«mp«JUjn RW ^ E CHERRY Miss Mary Lou Thomas and Harey Cox attended a Kappa Sig Rush party in Texarkana Friday night. Miss Rita McCaskill has return- 'd from El Dorado where she served as bridesmaid in the Adcox- Freeman nuptials on Saturday. Mrs, Steele Moore, Sammy and iskeridge Ruth are thc guests of . and Mrs. .S. O. Logan. W. A.' Newth has returned to his home in Popular Bluff, Mo., after a visit with" his daughter, Mrs. B. C. Stivers. Mrs. O. B. Cannon, Jr., and daughter, Mary Clarke, who have the ^guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke White, have returned to.their home in Dallas. Mr. White accompanied them some for a weeks visit. Post Toasties 26c Giant Size Box ALCOHOL — Pint Size 2 For 25C Mrs. Allen Gee Jr. and children ia^l and Bill of Hope spent several dSys last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vancey and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Pittman spent a part of last week in UtUe Rock. Utah to Hold Primary Election By RAY CARPENTER SALT LAKE.CITY Ml — Utah's Democrats and Republicans began lining up behind their champions today for a no-holds-barred battle to decide candidates for the U. S. Senate in the Sept. 9 primary election. The two parties, at state conventions over the week end ' named so me well-known political gladia- tcrs to carry their banners into the Senate fray and chose nominees for lesser offices. Incumbent Republican Sen. Arthur y. Watklns' seat is at stake. Watkins. seeking re-election, will be opposed by Marriner Eccles, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. In the Democratic primary, Rep. Walter K. Granger and ex-Oov. Herbert B. May will battle it out for the right to campaign for the S« nate in the November elections. The Democrats ended their con- vtntlon Saturday on a note of harmony after requiring their candidates to sign a "loyalty pledge." Rep. Granger's First Congressional District seat will be fought over by Republicans George W. Staples and Douglas R. Stringfel- lew, and Democrats Goerge T. Frost, mayor of Ogden. and Ernest R McKay. Incumbent Rep. Reva Beck-Bosone, running for re-election, will be opposed in the Democratic primary by Charles -R. Pedersen for the Second Congressional District seat. Their Republican counterparts are Don M. Dalum and William A. Dawson. For governor. Republican iocum- btnt Gov. J. Bracken Lee is op- pofted.by Cyril A, C*Uister. a S*lt Lake City doctor. DenwraUc awn- iuecs are Mayor Earl J. Glade of Salt Lake City and Secretary of State K*ber Bennioo Jr. PETER PAN Peanut Butter 12 Ox. FLEISCHMANNS 100% PURE Ground Beef Ib. 55c SOUTHERN STYLE BOLOGNA Ib. 38c working in pictures w«l the friends I m»o*. 1 will have titf * SUN VALLEY Margarine THURS. 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 251 Our Daily Bread Thin by The Editor .Alex. H. Wathburn McMath Talks About Everything Except the State of Arkansas Monday night 1 heard two radio •oadcasts by Sid McMath in his impaign for a third term as ayernor of Arkansas, the first' a transcription of last Satur- y night's speech at Paris, thc cond, the speech he made Mony night at Prescott. While this newspaper Is nomin- ly supporting Chancellor Francis! Iherry for governor we have made | evident all along that lh«! para- ount responsibility of thc voters to break up the federal-state con- iracy which led to McMath's 3d rm bid. The governor's Paris• Prescott speeches give us all 1 evidence we need. i McMath boasted that he had nn portant role in bringing farm i-operative electric power and' lephone service to Arkansas. But esc are federally-financed veli- ires open to farm groups wilh- .it any help from the state. What ve they to do with the true state! sues confronting tho governor and i |>r which he is answerable to tht»] me people of Arkansas in this jctionV He is diverting us from jie issue with strange tales .of the onders of Washington. McMath attacked thc Arkansas 'ower & Light Co., asserting that and other private utilities band- together to stop construction of e public-power generating plant rejected at Ozark, Ark. What has e Ozark proposal got to do with Ills state election? McMath Is |ierely fighting another skirmish behalf of the federalists when ought to be talking about Ar- [ansas issues. The federal South- est Power Administration sought ecific authority from the confess to build a generating plant, Jnd the congress specifically fot-l •id it. The SPA then went to tho| By CARL BELL lural Electrification Administraj FO RR ES T CITY, Ark. Iff) - Gov. l-nn.nic r SUppOS , cd to , bulW McMath brought his 3rd term vote [ansmission Uncs only and got hlmt inlo hlg opponcnt . s strone . to advance 10 million dollars lor Hope Star WIAWI* 4 ; ARKANSAS- Scattered thllfWtef* showers today, partly cloudy nHW* widely scattered thundershoWdH tonight Wednesday, No Important' temperature changes, , Star of Hap* II**, Pr*M 1*17 CaniolMaUd J»n. II, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1952 M«mb*r: Th« Attoclattd Prtu ft Audit •nn«u »f ClrtutetM* Av. Nit PaM ClMl. 1 MO». IMIftfl M«rth II. 1»M — S,««J Sc 2L*.K| Man Dies When Struck by Auto Near Here STUEARTS Wf IU«M«9 iiibt t« AFL Rank, File Protest McMath Endorsement LITTI.K. HOCK Iff) - Some rank nnd file members of the Americun Federation of Labor nru protesting )(• action of their union political cndt-rs in endorsing Gov, Sid Me- (Tilth for a third term, And tho chairman of the AFL *nbor l.ciiKue for Political Action mphasi/cd that the League's en- orsonu'iit, made after a 4-hour interview with McMath and Cherry puld not bind votes of the individual AKL members. Members of nt least throe Little lock locals — the International typographical; Steroolypers and Sleetrotypers; and Printing Press-_ men unions — are circulating "pro- j by Sept. 1 .nnd may discuss the est" petitions which gay that the latter with President Truman to- „ , —Photo by Mai-tin L. Fox, Shipley Studio Salvester Ware, 55-year-old Hempstead Negro, was killed almost instantly Saturday midnight when hit by an auto driven by Everett Votow, 23, Corslcanna, Texas. The Impact almost plunged Ware's mannled body through the hood of the auto. Viewlnq the gruesome, tragic scene is State Policeman Guy Downing who assisted in the investigation. A coroner's jury exonerated Votow. McMath Attacks McClellan, AP&L While Cherry Describes 'Vicious Political Machine' |ie Ozark generating plant — at same time making a contract hold of East Arkansas today. The governor, throwing his campaign punches hard and fast in an . 11 j.u t • ij-'CiJj^iiiJi.uii.iii.oiiciiuciiii-iiciQliliciii i, i y a L e i ectncit y th c RKA attempt to shatter a gubernatorial llant could produce. What is this] tradition broken previously only Jut direct flouting of an order ot by thc fabled Je[£ DaviS| was lie federal congress? McMatii to speak at a Rural Electrification ot only defends the greatest ex- Administration meeting here this •ernes that the bureaucrats can afternoon. He '.vill deliver another lo to, but he has the gall to ex- llain these policies in a state prl- liary instead of talking about the ssues which actually concern Ar- |ansas. ^McMath attacked Senator Jolin McClellan personally, sneering |t him as "Mr. Republican." John. fcClellan isn't properly an issun this campaign. He isn't running governor. There \n no place Dr him to speak in his own do- anst;. Instead of talking about Lrkansas issues McMath attacKs lohn McClellan because he is am- litlous to run for the senate major address at Helena tonight. Tomorrow night McMath will even move into rival Francis Cherry^s home town o£ Jonesboro. Cherry carried all three of these counties — St. Francis, Phillips and Craighead — in the Democratic •preferential primary last week. His appearance at the REA get- 'together today gave the governor an opportunity to fire away on one o£ his favorite targets — the private power companies he says are going all out to defeat him. A staunch supporter of REA co< ops, he tied into thc state's largesi gainst him in 1954 and he just! private power concern^in his speech lan't wait, he's gotta go now —' ' " " '""' *"* federal senate is big stuff corn- Fared to the poor pickings of the |tate of Arkansas. McMath told the folks up at Paris that when his highway program is finished every road in ills country will be hard-surfaced, don't know what the true road lituation is around Paris, but I lo know that traffic is being rout- d around U. S. 67, Arkansas' reat transcontinental highway, be- ause thc road has absolutely col- " between Gurdon and Little lock. And we have millions in nmatched federal aid dollars on hich time is running out because icMath has been monkeying with ighway spending instead of le'tt- at Prescott last night. McMath charged that thc Arkan sas Power and Light Company was spending a million dollars in ar effort to defeat him and suggested that "They should use that money to reduce your light bill." Previously he has said AP&L i after his scalp to gain control o the Public Service Commission am to "keep John McClellan in th U. S. Senate." Continuing his running wor fight with McClellan, McMat shouted: ."If Francis can't come hlmsc to meet mo in a debate of th issues, perhaps he can send hi back room running mate and sub stitute, 'Honest John'." The Prescott crowd, which jamn' j •<! ff . AHW^l^OVVJl.V^lWVV*J, *»tl»V,HJWH'** ng road men follow a fixed pro* ed tho courthouse lawn despite rai ;ram. This is the governor wno'. which fen before the govei IBS been m office two terms. This I nor spokei cheered that remar s the governor who got the people i i us tiiy. McMath carried Ncvad - . „ o authorize a new highway mor-' CoVinty last Tuesday, and it was an "I wasn't so interested before By LEON HATCH FT. SMITH. Ark. M 1 )—Candidate; 'runcis Cherry said yesterday "thc lost vicious political machine in \rkansas history" had injected a Lewis Serves Notice, Coal Strike Likely By ROWLAND EVANS JR. WASHINGTON </?i—The spectt Stage Set for Annual Melon Festival Starting at IO a.m. Wednesday 40,000 Pounds of Melon Iced, Ready to Serve Price Stabilizer Arnold Plans to Resign Job WASHINGTON — Price Sta biliser Kills Arnall plans to resign of another industry IhroltlinK strike before the steel mills have ^ lutri ;i chance to get back to full i bhist production arose today as also and double-edged issue of re-1 John L Lowis scrVi , A nolice thul igious prejudice into thc bitter hjs UnUcd Minc Wo ,.| un v contracts arc ending next month. ace for governor. He said a report that he didn't avor Catholic nuns etaching in Arkansas schools — even parochial — was "just another rumor started by the most vicious political nachinc in Arkansas' history—that headed by Sid McMath' and Homer Adkins." Cherry is opposing McMath • for a third term; former Gov. Adkins, close McMath advisor and recently-resigned head -of the Employment Security Division, has drawn perhaps as,much fire from Iherry as the governor himself. Cherry went on to say that the McMath-Adkins forces had spread the rumor "in other parts of the slate that I am a Catholic and therefore oughtj not to be elected governor." A Presbyterian, Cherry said that nuns at a convent and hospital in his home city of Jonesboro had voted for the firs\ time at the Democratic preferenital primary on July 29—and that all had voted for him. McMath and Adkins are Methodists. A listener at the three-division talkathon which dherry held yesterday at Harrison, Siloam Springs and Ft. Smith said he had heard that the jurist opposed teaching by schools if they arc conducted under the law?" Cherry replied with his accusation of "rumormongering" on the part of McMath and Adkins. Frequently Cherry repeated his warnings not to be "misled" by rumors he said McMath and Acikiiib were inspiring He' accused the opposition of a "smear campaign" and added: Lewis, president of lilt 1 Mine Workers Union, wrote Joseph E. Moody, president of the Southern Coal Producers Association, that his present work contract will expire Sept. .'50. That's 60 days from the dale on Lewis' letter. Terms of the existing contract provide termination upon GO days' notice by eithci side. , - ' The notice to Moody, following by 10 clays similar word to the Bituminous Coal Operators Association, is certain to mean a shutdown of all but a small portion of soft coal mining the end of next nonth unless Lewis, Moody and rlarry M. Moses agree on new contract terms. Moses heads-the bi- uminous association, representing in estimated 240 million tons of annual production, much of it AFL does not hnve Authority "to pledge our support for Gov. Me- ay. Math." The Hi-member board represents nn .estimated 40,000 AFL members in the state. Asked if the board had the authority to pledge the voles of 40,000 union men, Chairman C.W. Mowery of Hot Springs, said: "Wo have only such authority ris thc men invest in us — we can't pledge, but we can certainly rccom commend. And the men in the locals would not have elected us to the job (on the board) it they did not have confidence in our do cisions." Ernest Dodd, an ITU member said last night: "I have always thought that i Is the duly of the league to Intel view the candidates and report t Ihe individual unions on that In terview. The local in turn, ma feo on record as favoring eithe candidate or may shelve any rec ommcndution thc board may mak At least, I thought it worked thn >orrow, Informed sources said to Price officials said Armill, a for- 10r governor of Georgia, Intends > return to prlvhle law practice n that slule by Sept. 1 "No mater what happens." Arnall has an appointment with President Truman tomorrow aftcr- oon, they said, nnd he rnny bring p the subject of his resignation hen. These officials sntd Arnall Is not eavtng his job In n "huff." 'They aid he. took the Job last February on tho "understanding" that h« vould stay six months. He will inve spent six months as OPS boss on Aug. 10. Arnall is upset, however, over the steel price settlement and the weakened price control provisions of the new Defense Production Act Arnall fought to limit the stee industry to « $3 per ton increase T*i, ' y .' i Alias Gilbert Festival queen contestant Alice Gilbert, is the daughter of Mrs. Minnie Gilbert of Emmet. She Is 5 foot 7 inches. 139 pounds, hns grey eyes nnd brown hair, Alice Is a Junior at Emmet High School, member of the glee club nnd her favorite sport is swimming. Swim Events to fie Varied and Entertaining basis for settlement of the; Swimming events and rogulu With n hopeful eye or. the.weath- , or this city has set tho flnsl, stage • lor tho annual Hompslesrt,.County Watermelon Festival which V^lll7;; formally open with a parade here, Wednesday morning at ,10 ••IW,,,; Hundreds of visitors ars expected, ' The county received Us first'slz^, Hble ruin In weeks last niiht.nnA>U H dnrk overcast hinted of more 1 , come today. .. -, ^'""/*All local stores nre requ»it«4'' ( , to close at noon Wednesday by. .thiS^ Retail Merchants Committee ot th*;; Chamber of Commerce. Th« |rot»|>j;f Indicated that many v mete" hod already indicated thay close. Some J.200 . r ,,_ OTI ^ ing 34 pounds oach-ard and will bo nerved free' .„ ,.. itors. This In 40,000 pound*', chnoed directly from Hemps' farmers nt market price and,, **l bovo. i ," 4 All parndo participants are BSkV ed lo meet on South Wslnut I twocn o and 0:30 a.m. City^ Stuto police will load the' gage of 28 million dollars — the (>st new mortgage put upon our jad system since the original lartineau program of 1927. What happened? I think the people of Arkansas lire going to decide that for them- elves August 12. enthusiastic audience last night. The tooting of automobile horns c-mphasized the governor's more forceful points. McMath asserted that his administration "is set up to build more roads in the next, two years. than it has in the past three and a half years," adding: "And, in the past three and a in a big vote but now I'm going to do my best to run up a 100,000 vote majority." Cherry, who has given and re ccived repealed opposition "chal lenges" since the preferential, up ped his offer last night. He said he would give McMatl an hour of his radjj talkathon time any time the governor would "just :>wncd by the steel industry. The i explanatory. way." Following the Sunday session Cherry said he felt that "the me will vote for me they'll recogniz me as their real friend.' Joe Cash, a member of the Orde of Railway Conductors union ant head of Cherry's labor dlviso said he was deluged with calls by •biJ£phQn,e and .in.' person ycsteisday from AFL members repudiating the. league's action. He said that Cherry headquarters is mailing to all labor union members in the state a copy of tho labor record of the two opponents, He said the record was compiled last Mdy by the AFL's own Committee on Election of Public Of' ficiuls, , Cash did not reveal the content oC tho report but said it was self sleel wage-price dispute, but was overruled filially by acting Defense Mobilize! 4 John R. Stcolmnn who al lowed tho Industry an average of about $5.05 a ton. Arnall said the steel settlement will cost tho average family about $100 per .year, and the weakened price control provisions of tho now Defense Production Act will allow the cost of living to increase every month. Moody group produces around 100 million tons a year. Lewis, it was also learned yesterday, has served contract termination notice on the anthracite, or hard coal industry, which employs 100,&TO miners. The bituminous diggers number 4, r >0,000. Still not a party lo the series ot recent Lewis letters are operators in Indiana and the far West, with an estimated 40 to 50 million tons a year and a scattering of soft' coal producers in a dozen other states. A soft coal industry official said there is'little likelihood of any full- scale bargaining talks for several weeks. The board of directors of the Southern producers meets in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va,, Aug. 11. That conference may play a sig- nific^nt role in establishing the pal! tern of negotiations and in shaping the industry's attitude toward Lewis' expected demands. The coal industry as a whole is said to be in a depressed econ- McMath s'aid Sunday that he was "gratified" by "the support of the board and that he thought the solid bloc of union votes would help to re-elect him. This Area Has First General Rainfall in Many Weeks This section had UK first sizeable rain In weeks lust night along with a violent'lightning and thunder. Tho Experiment Station reported a tptal of 2.54 inches, with high temperature of 00 and u low of 68. Lightning damaged the transmitter at both KXAR and the State Police Station here. The police station is still off the air. lions for Wednesday's fcnllvul were listed today by Chairman Hundrlx Spriiglns, Non-swimmers • iQ yours and older: Submerging contest, roco (running In water) and balloon bursting contest. Swimming races (up to 12 years old) Free style, side stroke and buck' stroke. All rncos 30 yards. For 12 years mid older, froo stylo aide ^htrbke and qtomon^ary rKct • • • • i i followed by colqr guard*!* High School bund, dlgnlttirles, qtiocn'n float, commercial' flo«tp ar.d Implements,, Roundup Qlu) rldqrs and various others Tiilbot Foild Sr. and his old , ioncd bike to youngsters and>t(tO ' "'** pots.- elude a: pro«?»m 11* a.m. Speakers. Band, local and district Tired Businessman at Last Has a Florence Nightingale All of His Very Own Diving content: (up to 12 years) Straight forward dive, comic dlvo, fancy dive and tho big splash. For ages 12 and ubovu, straight forward dive, comic dive, fancy dive and lliii big splash. No swimmer can enter more than two events and must sign up before 1 p.m. August 0. Several tilunts will be given by Red Cross Ufu Saving Instructors and students. Action ot a drowning person will be domonatruled by Paul Bush and Charles Downs, Elementary forms of rescue: By Judy Hummoris, Janelle Yocom, Steve Craln, Bobby Meyers, Walter ' Smilor and Billy Wray. Swimming rescue: Bill Thomas, and Van Moore, Judy Watklns and Marion McQueen, , while BUI Thomason arid Lou Null C'ox will give u comedy life guard stunt, Donald' McQueen Is Red Crosii Instructor at the Hope Municipal Pool. Pluno Show. 1:.10 p.m. Band Concert, Ju Legion baseball game, 2 p.m. State 'candidates. 4:is p.m. Free ice cold winter melon. y^ 8:30 p.m. Queen's contest ,1 bund music. 8 p.m. Baseball game, squat* dance, aquatic show, com«ui and quartet singing, Aftor a lapse of some 22 years the annual festival, .was revived ut Patmott in 1030 and slnca that! time has boon hold in Hope to itfrger fapl'HUe's forTUito'- ^ the huge crowd which always at-y". tends. Some effort, though not «onO ccntratcd, has been made to keej the festival to a county and dlstrlc, affair although everyone is Invited! There is no admission charge anything. ' , AtE EVIDENCE DETROIT. (UP)—Judge Paul E. Jfe dismissed larceny charges gainst Mrs. Mary Domogala, 46, Because of lack of evidence. A store detective told the judge e saw Mrs. Domogala steal eight veiners while she was shopping. "Where's the evidence?" Krause ksked. "There is none, your honor," the iletective said. "She ate it." v TEN MILLION AMBASSADORS To date over tea million CARE packages have been sent overseas by Americans. Each one of these packages is a person-to-persoB ambassador of hope and freedom. It is impossible tq live in the United States and know what a simple and inadequate diet most Europeans and Asiatics five on. Send another CARE package overseas today! Tht td at a etAUc coopaaie* w half years, we have built more j sit up here and answer questions roads in Arkansas than any other administration. Yet, the state today is in its best financial condition Continued on Page Two The previous offer had been 30 ir.inutes. Both candidates have boon consistent: Cherry has refused to appear with McMath in joint debate; McMath has refused to appear on Cherry's talkathon. ornic position. Exports have not fo1 .' "'' thL ' y lived up to hopes; thc steel strike has weakened demand; -and thu! present soft coal stockpile has j reached an (J4-day supply, one o£ the highest ever. By HAL BOYLE ' NEW YORK (Al— The tired businessman at last has a Florence Nightingale of his very own. She is Dr. Sara M. Jordan, a l»dy doctor from Boston, who is certainly American industry's leading candidate for the woman- In 1952. have the Republican or Democratic Parties done for the tired businessman? Nothing. He isn't even mentioned in their plat forms, and he can walk a plunk . * ut 4Dr - J° rdan ' on « °' thu '* to P ft ' mall; physicians, has concrete program Fire Damages New Bentpn School BENTON, Ark., (ffi — The now Beriton East Side Elementary School was seriously damaged by fire yesterday when the building was struck by lightning during an have a 1&[SC part in vV'odncsday's in make the tired businessman feel less tired.' For years the tired businessman has been a misunderstood figure, subject to public laughter and thc loud leer. Everybody suspected i that he was really a gay dog worn rather High School Band Has a Big Part in Festival The Hope High School band will Lemley Approves Equalization Plan LITTLE ROCK Ml - Federal i Judge Harry J. Lemley yesterdaj j thim too much work _ u got BO that approved a decree programming ! e ven the owner of a hamburger $150,000' to equalize, Negro and; j. land bt!Carnc afraid u, complain facilities in the Hughes | ab(jut his £aUen arc h og f or fear he !v,ould be labeled as a socia School Distric.t. Harold Flowers of Pine Blufl Negro attorney who had previousb filed an anti - segregation suit electrical storm. Benton School Superintendent melon festival activities. The en- band will meet promptly at Howard Pernn estimated damage; ft b d bui!dlng . at between $165.000 and $175,000. tfa b d U1 go to dunber trying to pretend he was "a tired businessman." . , , ,. , But Dr. Jordan has put the against the district, said he dic! sUiml , of medical authority on tht not approve the decree because he !j act that the tired businessman felt the equalization phases shoulo; ]( . ally is tired And he pre8cr jp more general. i tion is: He ought to take it easy Richard B. McCulloch of Forrest, alld pamper hinuelf more. Citr, attorney for the school dis i Specifically, the ingredients trict, submitted the decree. her prescription for businessme Both attorneys agreed on July 14| ovc . r 50 include; aj The habit o to draw up the consent decree 01 Little Rock joined Benton fire- the . Walnut to £orm tur lhe p3 ' thc ""provemen.program and tc. one or two day; (2) Restful one-month v ^ring them back to Hope tor j F j rsf festival. All will icturn to • of the one-story brick building, which was constructed last year.: " le , 1 "" vm ' AU """ th'Tam"^ Boroivort hi/ <*»«•» The Benton High School also was Monticello to complete the campj KeCCIVCd by MOf CpttOH slightly damaged by lightning dur-; on Thursday. | ing the storm, Perrin said. FAILED EVERYTHINO rade. Several key members o^ drop the segregation portion of tht; cations twjce a year; (3) A le the band are in Monticeilo taking suit. t &£& \ 5U rely noon lunch, followed by nap; (4) Moments of relaxatio between business appointments t I break the tension of the work day ' These are sound, sensible re< The Star received the season's! ommendaUons. The only quarr Students in the camp are:jfi ls t boll of opened cotton through i the Average feUow will have with Jack White, James Cornelius, If irk j the mail yesterday. Jt was raised them is this: James, Benja Ifewbern, Volmerj by Ofay G. Walker who works the "Why wait until I am 50? " " CATANIA. Sicily. (UP)— Vito' Dean Boyd. Frank Horton, Dar- Grasso, 26, began a 86-year prison sentence today for shooting his Foster, OUene Shirley, Wan- Nix, Bonnie and Syble Sbir- teacher to death after be failed an 1 ley, Mary Jo Fincher, B«nnie Jean ' EdmiMtoa aad, ' Christian farm near Ozan. The start living that way now." ving ut 21 begins lo fuel tired cfore his 22nd birlhduy. Often a ensution of ennui can be noted ven before he draws his first aychcck. After that time merely ecpens it, * What Dr. Jordan may have In- dvertently done Is open the door o a great revolution in the Ameri- cun business office. Since the office is a man's workday home, it should have all the acilities of a well-appointed home nd social club—u bur, a library, ome card tables and pinball ma bines, and a few comfortable :ouches. I don't know whether Dr. Jordan has made any research into •hat makes the tired businessman tired. But I have. My Theory, based on long ob- ervation, is that the average character in the office zoo, be he boss or -hired haod, by the llmlta- ions of the human animal actually can work hard only five hours In Us eight-hour day. The other three lours he spends pretending to be >usy — rustling papers, walking jack and forth to the water cooler, fidgeting at his desk. It is these three hours of acting -hat cause so much tension and send the' ; businessman homo so tired he is even ready to' talk back to his wife. A three * hour daily stint on the stage is an or deal even for a professional actor. What kind of a strain must U be then for the millions ot amateurs in American offices? The real way to cure the tirec businessman is to take this burden of pretense oft his back. Some body ought to set up an experimental office in which everybody bits the job hard from 8:30 until noon, and from 2 p.m., until 9 p. m. The rest of the time they could b» free to lunch, take naps, or play gin. rummy. I don't know tow long 90 of- Cotton G'mners From This Area Meet August 13 GinnerH from District 10 of the ArkunsiiK-MisHouri Glnngrs Assocl-. ution will incut ut the Legion Hut in Mugnuliu ut 10 a.m. Wednesday August 13. The annual meeting .of ginricrij was announced today by Kenneth McMurrough, local gin- ner and director in thc association. Mr. McMurrough stated that the program for the meeting would include timely discussions ot current ginning problems by representatives of USDA Ginning and Fiber Laboratories and Extension Ginnings Specialists, Also included in thc four hour schedule will be demonstrations and lectures on fire fighting equipment by the Arkansas Rating Bureau and on gin damage to cotton by textile mill representatives, Mr. McMurrough ad- Negro School Opening Is Announced .The schedule <or the-opeei Hope Negro schools 8g anno by Will V. RulHertord, .is US foIJpWH! «— -. s «pt- •...^"httrftfls era meeting, . V, v Sept. 3, O'H.m, R (Trades 1, 2 >p «047,J Sept. 4, J'aJn^l Grades- 4, B, fl and lf>,"tt* Sept. 8, 10 *.jn ers ded. District 10 embraces the, coun. ties of Caihuun, Clark, Columbia, Pallas, Hempstead, Hot Springs, Howard, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Montgomery, Nevada, Qua- chita, Sevier and Union and all gin owners from these counties are urged to attend the meeting and to bring their gin operators, Mr. McMurrough concluded. Sept, S, and Thursday, Sepfc *, Buses schedule _ who live two school may tog Monday, '$#£" Parents beginning be , , fore . school opens. who will p« 8 1,'lW mw h«ve bkttr to verify the b«l boll presumably was discovered 1 Sunday, August 3. Walker gays he will *>? able to start jpiefcwg late some justification for this viewpoint, a; all impartial fice set up on th#t basis would stay in kuajness. Bfet nobody 4n4%te nay, them «lJt>ihla IPSR* PflRJM, WplWI^P! JO tjlifct jt "" Soldier Shot in Choffee Training FT. SMITH, Ark. (fft- first U, .Raymond M. White of CedarvUlo, Miss, was injured seriously yesterday when he was shot in a small 1 arm* fire accident at Camp Cba#ee near toere. Public Information Officer J. J, Mahn said Lt. White was struck with a bullet in the left cfeegt as he ee» arms. behln4 a in Spa H first Hope action arrived Navy Cobb wl « week Mil!

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