Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1935
Page 4
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Ifff/f 5 i XVi u Ainincan Jurist to frpvlans of malt. Lt 1R|I|T|E|SALMON P\ . iq-fluntlng dog HIM nole. OILIOlm rail nama RIHHHS raw Si-Forceful. 1RI1.I llEJStHf for -13 Natural IfPttizler. li'gac of a silk!; «wm. tePeeble- •r minded person 7 knocks. , ,§ Moi e saga| \clous. s |; v {l&To liquefy. »jj , jtt Lampoons. 47 Boiler plate maker. 5t Weird. 52 Mountain. 54 Pjtfhers. 55 He was a -—r- on law. 56 And wnx of Columbia Schoolif Law. VEtttH'AU itgly old women. 2 Genus of auks .1 Disturbance. 4 To endure. 6 To maintain. 6 To become sad 7 Oak. 8 Foretoken. 9 Bows. 10 Gaelic. 16 Roll of film. l!> He Is tt — court justice. 20 Small ox. 21 Speech defect. 22 Indians. 23 Figure symbol. 24 To hinder. 25 Year. 2fi Particle. 27 Mud. 28 Heathen god, 29 Middle. 32 Capable of being melted. 38 Form of "b«." 3fl Corded cloth. •It Fat, •12 Sleigh. 4-1 Snaky (lull. 45 100 square meters. 46 Twitching. 48 Heverence. 49 Beverage. 50 Sea eagle. 52 Measure of area. 53 Pair. (/ K<.,) K 16 16 53 39 47 13 '4 17 ^ 36 43 S4 5fo 40 48 ^ 37 49 28 50 IO i C For every friend a congressman /.makes by providing a job, he makes a .dozen enemies. The friends forget, e eneraies remember. Congressmen >. ' l Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 tames, Be line, min. 50c ,6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. 52.70 (Average 5Mj words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be, accepted with the understanding that the Wll is payable on presentation of , statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 could render 100 per cent more efficient service if jobs were filled on merit—Dr. L. J. O'Rourke, federal public service executive. It is Farley Fascism which will permit an army of federal snoopers to run riot in every coal bin in the United States.—R. E. Church, Illinois congressman, attacking Guffey coal control act. Farmers are tired of signing things. They're tired of farming on paper and want to go back to farming in the ground. — Gov. Eugene Talmadge, Georgia. If the Italians appear in the role of liberators, why, then, is their progress so slow when it should be a triumphal march, and w,hy must they fight every inch of the way?—Wolde Mariam, Ethiopian delegate to the League. ; . Why not create an American Federation : of Business?? After all, the profit and • loss system and labor are sleeping in the same bed.—Edward F. Button, New York business man. • i • A fiery tempered southern gentleman wrote the following letter: "Sir, my stenographer, being a lady, cannot type what I think of you. I, being a gentleman, cannot think of it. You, being neither, will understand what I mean." Legal Notice NOTICE OF REVISION OF ASSESSMENT NOTICE e ar e now buying peas. 1 Monts Seed Store. 5-12tc Give Him a Billfold for Christmas. All kinds at all prices. John S. Gibson Drug Co. 3-6tc WANTED WANTED: Reliable man to succeed J. E. Young in North LaFayette County, An opportunity to step into a well established business as Mr. Young has just completed his llth year. Surety Contract required. Everything furnished but the car. Write J. A. Laws, c/o The W. T. Rawleigh Company, Memphis, Tenn. 6-5tc Address Envelopes at home, spare time; 55 to $15 Weekly. Experience unnecessary. Dignified work. Stamp brings details. Employment Mgr. Dept. 5701, Box T5, Hammond, Ind, "" MAN OR WOMAN Wanted to supply customers with ' famous Watkins Products in Prescott. JiTo investment. Business established, earnings average 525 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. R. Watkins Co., 70*86 W- Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. One of the City of Hope, Arkansas, will meet in the City Hall in said City of Hope, Arkansas, at 10 o'clock a. m. on Tuesday, January 14, 1936, for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the real property in said district. Any person desiring any revision or any re-adjustment of his assessment or any change in value for improvements erected or removed, or any changes what so ever, may appear before the board and make application therefore and same will be considered. This the 9th day of December 1935, N. W. Denty N. T. Jewell J. R. Henry. Dec. 9, 16 WANTED TO RENT WANTED TO RENT—Two or three room furnished apartment. Phone 194-W. 9-lte Money to Loan— MORTGAGES Borrow J50 to $250 from us at C'l on your furniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back in small monthly payments. For full information see GREENING INSUB- AGENCY. 20-26tc FOR RENT FOB HENT — Bedroom adjoining bath. Phone 9UG. Mrs. W. R. Chandler 7-6tc FOR SALE I OB SALE—Horses and rnulea, Sc-o C. H. Sutton at Button and Hale Service Station, Hope. Ark. 12-26tp^ FOB SALE — Fine Brood Mare. Heavy in fold.2 Easy kept, good worker. If interested see L. C. Sommerville Phone 815-J ytl) Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printiii),' expert call on you, und you'll liavu an economical, liii'li iiuulily jub. What* ever yout nutds, \\e can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "PriuUjjg That Makes an Impression" V 'iH^'Vj' " 'r?-*%«,\W S f; 't^ ,^^>, jC *^ -** \ , ' < c ^ 'i f •^• >V(1 hS *i 1 * ;i ' C f ^" -feMfejftjcewte OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY WILLIAMS GO ^SVAY ^N Tttt LUNCH "~" !-»—<. v^^, " "~" TO VAY A IY\V ON\>< BY THE WAV I • T(^S: H& ^US im<&st CALUN6 OUT AM Ottttel* 1*?R "POUNDED STEAK ig A tcrr SMAWTEI THAN BEING ONE ONTH'fAATl-t- A <bQOD THING H£ CAUIT^ONE tV\OR& MATCH, AST WOULt) BE '//^ (* -^ C ' x7 ' ' /" r"- - 6 t» -^1 -o-^y ^==11 L\ J ^ ^ -«i OUT= TSSfS'V\ *\ ~ifT~_t* ~t i vnmcx" u> j);g)1»38 BY NEA SERVICE.JNC. T. M. DEC. Ut. S. PAT. Ofr. vc^ |V\EAU l TICKET \S ^^ ^ f '~1 JUST WASMGP tHOSS THlMaS/ AMD UtfCK AT THeM/ DUMPet? OWTME FLOOR WITH APPLE CORES AN'—OH-I CANT HAVE AMyTH NICE, AROUWP TWAT-fe WHAT I £AU* COORB£LL DUMP/ CLeANlM6—WMSM WE RIMOS/1 6»AS AM 6P STOCKINJSS AMP 0£F THE _ _ ., PACk; IW ONE LOAD' AWD IT WAS OWLV/ -"" X] •^ H.B '* ••ii'Si Bii fisssi - Wiiia *'i i:!l s?/iS!!! :*«»*- cm IS fern)• till , ^ii! & B1 " PfrfeSflM "" / / ,'£. •V \u 1 <<v. v^> /,?'} if f ^ ,.- 7X- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Very Simple By MARTIN 600-OOT& O.VJ.'.VEfe "paii \i w. V^OVSVi'b tf * o O, <Tre vr cw* rs'j j~r ( :c: ^ I9 %i;. TO, i>AV OOUJKJ\OVOW *»»}; SC (KT ,ct' CO VOO TO T Vfe> VOUV i AN_\A)W& T\\_V ^ awcv\ vr& 0 ^ -5^ kft. -t.... ALLEY OOP Stepping Out By HAMLIN iV, TUMK -LOOKIT THAT DIMOSAUR WHAD'V/i YEH, HIGHME55, I RECKON VOU ARE. .CMOM, BOYS -WE AI KIT OUTA TK WOODS, YET -OL GUZ AW HIS MOOVIA?OS'LL BE HOT OURTCAIL, i cjypp ivBV MOW -WE OW IT, IT'S GONMA\G°TTA STEP STAY STEPPED., 0 .^-V OK! IT/ ^ ')) • •--.._ I-iv © IWS^BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. WASH TUBBS Skeets' Story By CRANE VOUE SOLUTiOJ OP THE fc?!66ER MURPER 1 /^WMV, IT WAS QO is WELL, I'D SAV, PERFECT. BUT /EA-SV,TMAMKS HOW I? VOJ PO IT? r ^-v ' I TO VOLl. T /I SEAC'CWEP V<9UR FDCKE7 SUM, AMP LEARWED ViPU W/ERe AM INSURANCE IMV/ESTldATOR.FROM THERE OKI. 1 PUT TWO AMD TWO TOGETHER. HIS FRIENDS / / A Little Bit of Yellow "HOWD Y VVELL,SLIPPERV B/aaER RECGNJTLV TOOK OU M YOU ABOUT 42OO/OOO <OF LIFE IW5URAMC6. f34,SSEP SOLVG" /"TME MEC7ICAL EXAMlMATlOWS IW FIKJE SHAPE. IT? /THEM A MONTH LATER HE ORGAMltEP THIS CRUISE, CLAIMIMG HE HAP OMLV 3 MOMTHS ! 935 BY HEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. Off:. II. S, PAT. OFF. LOOKEP SUSPICIOUS. .. IMVESTI6ATEP, LEARWEP OF HI'S BAD REPUTATION, AMP 5TARTEP OM HIS TRAIL. 605M ( 1 MB'E* PCEAMEP I'P RUM IWTO A THAT OLD MAM EVIDENT- N GOSH,I KIEVER SAW SO LY KNEW THE TREASURE J MAMY GOLD PIECES WAS THERE OR HE! A_. IW °NE PLACE VAOULDMT HAVE ACTEP )__L_ BEFORE /.' -THAT WAY?; ^-, IBET HE'S A MISER; THE_NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) 1 IF HE ISN'T A MISER, HE'S SAVING UP TO. BE ONE.' SHALL WE GO BACK AMD VISIT HIM, AGAIN/, WE'VE BEEN MAVgE WE CAW By BLOSSER SURE/THAT'S IT/ , AMP THIS TIME WE'LL J 6OV/ IF WE GO, YOU'LL TAW; OSSIE AKJP TAG r ^yg 7o TAK£ UStlV g ' WITH US. ^ ^7 HEARD TOO MUCH ASOUT1 ' THAT OLD MAW'S SHOT, A 'f ^ IEA SEHVIC'E, INC." i. U. S. PAT npc , It's a Flood HEY, OPEN OP WHAT'S TH' MWTE IN THERE

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