Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1935 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 9, 1935
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VOLUME 37—NUMBER 49^1^^ "^«^ »>n> r <*« *»•*•: HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1936 Sl'.Skifcjr j IBMl £l¥' mV _______ ••, ^^^ Here and There •Editorial B* ALP*. H. S EVERAL years ago there was cabled over to America from Palestine this news-item: The Jews were darning up the River Jordan for a hydro-power project. And a great Kansas editor, William Allen White of the Emppria Gazette, outraged by this mechanical desecration of a river holy to Christian tradition, wrote a plaintive editorial that rang around the world, "Roll on, 0 Jordan, Roll on•!'.' . (S I remember Mr. White's editorial because it symbolized the eternal clash of things ancient with things modern. I remember it, furthermore, because, great American editor that he Is, he reconciled those differences with the thought that men put their faith in intangibles, not substances. River Jordan in Christian tradition will ever be its old self. But Mr. White, considering the physical earth, closed his article with the practical thought that even on sacred Jordan in this 20th century so useful a thing as a hydro-electric plant was inevitable, that modern men might live and prosper in the valley of the Dead Sea. XXX For the last generation Mr, While hnd been one of the great prohibition editors of America—but in the years immediately preceding repeal of the 18th Amendment I read in his newspaper the gravest editorial doubts about the practicability of its enforcement. He came out, following repeal of the amendment, for the legalization of beer. I don't know what his stand is on the rest of the prohibition question. But I do know this: The moral Cotton Estimate Is Cut 407,000 Bales •*-•• • - . L.; ....-., •". • , ^.^ i i __ * • U. S. Colonizes Pacific Isles as Stops on a Projected Air Line to Australia .Nevada County to Vote Tuesday on Liquor Store Law Church Speakers Are Concluding Two-Weeks Stump Campaign E L ECTION~OFFICE R S Officials Named for Polling Places in All Nevada Townships FRESCGTr, Ark.— Lnst-minute campaigns were being made Monday on the eve of a Nevada county election on the liquor issue. Voters will go to the polls Tuesday in nil parts of the county to write I heir opinion. Church pastors nnd others closed a two-weeks speaking campaign urging the outlawing of the package liquor sales. Prcscott has two liquor stores, the only ones in the county. County election commissioners have announced appointment of the following judges and clerks: Alabama Township (Falcon Box)— Judges: Henry McMillian, A. L. Downs, 'P. F, Morchcad; Clerks: T. J, arbaree and John Winberry. Sheriff: . M, Miller...-. '.,,..:,,.., ^i ,.,^,-, Alabama Township (Nichols School) — Judges: S. C. Htrston, John. Sancli- fcr, Green May; Clerks: H. M. Nichols, and S. M. Marlar; Sheriff. H. W. Winberry. Albany Township (Lancburg Box) — Judges: H, B. Almond, C. C. Woolscy, E. J. Barksdalc; Clerks: J. T. Adams nnd N. N. Dnniell; 'Sheriff: J. G. Bolls. Albany Township (Svitton Boxl — Judges: R. P. Bright, J. H. Bates, J. L. Biirhnm; Clerks: George Woolsoy and C. A. Murrah; Sheriff: Jim Suttcm. Boughton Township— Judges: W. C. Moore, J. W. Grimes, C. Henry Britt; Clerks: Felix Cox and Trosie Formby; Sheriff: W. G. Rirlgell. Caney Township (Calc Box) — Judges: W. T. McDaniell, D. G. Cook, E. A. DC Woody; Clerks: George Fuller and D. B. Turner; Sheriff: W. O. Godlcy. Canoy Township (Rosston Box) — Judges: B. G. Barksdalc, J. K. Sorrels, J. R. Whitehend; Clerks: J. K. Prcs- cott Jr., and Dan-ell Caldwcll; Sheriff: R. B. Williams. Emmet Township— Judges: T. L. Cook, J. K. Frescott, A. JS. Magnoss; Clerks: W. W. Garland and T. R. Prescott; 'Sheriff: R. W. Wylie. Georgia Township — Judges: Jjj N. Jobc, J. J. Sampson. F. M. Rhodes; Clerks: Dale White and B. F. Munn; Sheriff: J. G. Rhodes. Jackson Township— Judges: J. S. Martin, J. H. Neighbors, J. R. Boyce; Clerks: J. Y. Haynic mid Homer Schooluy; Sheriff: J. L. Purifoy. Leake Township— Judges: Ncls Dnn- lson, W. W. Drake, W. A. Stnrrett; lerks: Clyde Williams nnd Cecil Drake; Sheriff: Sam Taylor. Missouri Township (East Side)— Judges: S. S. Langley, J. C. Woodul, H. E. Don-is; Clerks: Wm. J. Vick and Hap Powell; Sheriff: J. D. Cantley. Missouri Township (West Side)— Judges: A. M. Westmoreland, N, E. Wiird, W. P. Murrah; Clerks: A. E. (.Continued on page two) Monday's Report Estimates Year's Crop IslO,734,000 Roosevelt Defends Recovery Program in Farm Bureau Speech "CALAMITY BIRDS" forces of America have been pushed and buffeted about, between the i dilemma of law-without-cnforccmcnt- moncy and cnforccmcnt-at-a-prohibi- tive-cost, until some middle-of-the- road program is immediately necessary. '• .. Local option elections used to be as socrcd to the prohibition cause ns River Jor^Itm : was and still is to the Christian f President Pledges That the Consumer Will Come Out All Right WASHINGTON.—(^)-Thc 1935 cotton crop was estimated Monday at 10,734,000 bales by the Department of Agriculture. A month ago the forecast was 11,141,000 bales—a reduction since then of 407.000 bales. Production this year by states includes an estimate of 890,000 bales for Arkansas. Roosevelt at Chicago CHICAGO.—(/P)—Assurance of justice to city dwellers under the administration's farm relief program was voiced Monday by President Roosevelt in n talk to the American Farm Bureau Federation convention. Cracking down on "political profi- \ Users." .dispensers of discord and ca- j lamity-howlers, the president spoke] briefly of "the broad recovery program," endorsed the new Canadian trade treaty, and stated that the farm program has actually given the consumer net benefits....... Tumultuous Meeting WASHINGTON. -?J/P) ; - Shouted Hawaii Is Junction Point for Pacific Aviation Services There, Clippers Will Divide, One to China, Other to Australia But this has ' happened* to forever j charges of "liar" between industry and destroy the meaning of local option' elections: Automobiles have been invented; concrete roads have been built—and the boundaries of the old- time "local community" have been thrust out scores of miles. ) It is just ns hard and indisputable n j mechanical fact as the construction of hydro-dams on River Jordan. And for practical purposes, therefore, the temperance movement must | adopt new policies and a different | strategy. j XXX government spokesmen Monday gave a tumultuous opening to the business conference summoned by George L. Berry, President Roosevelt's co-ordi- nator for industrial co-operation. ^ »-«a»—- -— Layman Dickerson Residence Burns The organized "drys" say Star is undemocratic in opposing a liquor referendum in Hcmpstead. But we sny that the organized ' "drys," when Governor Futrcll had j sent a message to the legislature last 1 that The $2,500 Loss Is Reported in Fire One Mile South of Prescott PRESCOTT, Ark—Fire early Sun- rpring urging adoption of a state dis- j d W morning destroyed the home of pensary plan, and the various bills were up before the legislative com- miltccs for public hearing—at this time, we say, the organized "drys" virtually boycotted the legislature. Arc we truly undemocratic in opposing a referendum sought by those who stayed away from the public hearings of representative mcnt? Layman Dickerson on-Highway 19, a mile south of Prescott. Damage was estimated at $2,500 which was partly covered by insurance. The Dickerson family, aroused from bod by the early morning blaze, barely escaped. Mr. Dickerson was burned govern- I severely on the face and arms. ' Origin of the blaze has not boon in | «•••» :i Mrs. Cassidy, 60, Pneumonia Victim .FLAPPER FANNY SAY& HCG. U. S. PAT. Off. JJttle brother thinks that, when you li arbor an ambition, It means you want to be a sailor.. Hudspeth Loses in Plea for Retrial The "drys" apparently had no inton- j determined. The house and practi- tion of co-operating on any program I cally al Ills contents wore destroyed, short of absolute prohibition. So far j FOR SALE—1500 bales of hay. Sco as I know, their solo participation at | Floyd Porterfield. 9-3tp Little Rock was to send a delegation | to Governor Full-ell to ask him to veto ANY BILL. And under those circumstances we have six privately-owned liquor stores ; in Hope, where, with a little co-opera- j tion, we could have had but one , store, and that publicly-owned. j We will never get that dispensary | H 0 D 6 W 0 1TI a 11 Bui'ied SctcT" ' he rcfcrcndum aPPeal "| Monday Afternoon at Shiloh, Near Bodcaw. Mrs. Nollio Cassidy, 60, of Hope, died Sunday morning in Julia Chester hospital. She had been ill seven days. Death was due to pneumonia. Funeral services were hc(d at 2 p. in. Monday at Shiloh church near Bodcaw. Burial was in Shiloh cem- . ,.t n ,.,, T mTT P R^fW / i\}\ — Rfivrni-yi nf n J^l i i LjC, IvO^rv. \r\ ) — IVLVLISHJl; <i Boonc circuit court decision the Ark- , unsas Supremo Court refused a new trial Monday for A. T. Hudspeth, northwest Arkansas banker who is under a one-year sentence for accepting j deposits in an insolvent bank. . The high tribunal also denied a now trial Monday to Dr. Andrew J. ] Bass. 58, former Columbia (Mo.) dentist, who is serving u life sentence Cor . the .$200,000 insurance plot slaying in ( 1930 of William R. Pcarman. Columbia business man. His now trial plea, coming after lu' had served five years of his sentence, i was based on his contention tliat the ' State Supreme Court DeilieS New-Trial Plea bv Dl 1 Andrew J uy ui. -rt-muiu tJ. BY WAY OF SAMOA Great Flying Boats by Easy Stages Will Reach the Land "Down Under" " An airline operating on regular .Schedule from California to Australia, is visioned by government officials within two years and already the Pacific is being "prospected" to find islands ivhich would serve as stopover bases. In a. series of three stories, of which this i-s the first, Ernie Pyle, spccM correspondent for •. NBA Service, tells tif the:-• Howtaml island, in live south .Pacific, -has .assumed new, importance, \vtth the .plan for. a '.California- Australia ' airline, as it may be a stopover base. Here, the U. S. coast , guard 'cutter Itasca, ship "used f or ^a'survey,'-is , shown standing outside the reef, as willing hands pull as hare;the-casks containing their water supply.for-months. 1JT. Surviving arc her husband, one daughter, Mi&s Tollis Cassidy of Hope, I and seven step-sons, C. E. and Nathan ! Cassidy of Hope; Bert of Shiloah; Roy ' and Hover ot near Hope; Elton of Shiloh community; and Otha Cassidy oi Atlanta, Texas. A number of brothers and sisters also survive. | Only 2 Cases Heard ' in Municipal Court Municipal court session Monday was ! extremely short, only two oases ap- < peariny on the docket. Joys- Atkins pleaded guilty to drunk- ' cniK-ss and was fined $10. Harrison : WatM>n forfeited a $10 cash bond for describes-'life on the 'isl- < ands which may be used as "stepping stones." By EBNUE PYLE NEA Service Special Correspondent WASHINGTON.—About 75 years ago, you might ha%'e been sailing blithely over the south Pacific ocean, when all of a sudden you could have seen, far head, a man riding across the ocean on a mule. Now, the thing to do in that case was not to throw your bottle away, or jump overboard, but just keep sailing ahead. And in a half hour or so, you would have seen that the mule was not. walking on water, but on dry land. It is like this: Jarvis island, 1COO miles south of Honolulu, is a small coral island, a mile wide, a couple of miles long. There arc no trees on it. It is flat, and that highest spot is 20 feet abovo water. It's just a dot in the vast South Seas. People were living on Jarvis in the '60.1. There were even women and children, and a mule. ,Thc island was so low that an approaching voyager could sec the man and the mule long before the land itself came up over the horizon. On Australia Route Parvis is one of three islands—Jarvis, Baker, and Rowland—which the United States thinks would make n fine stopover base for airlanes flying on regular schedule from California to Australia. Some government officials view such a route as n probability within two years. So, the government has been prospecting around among the South Sou islands since last winter. Its men have visited every U. 'S. possession down there, looked the ground over, and loft parties to study the weather. William T. Miller, airway superintendent, of the Bureau of Air Commerce, Department of Commerce, has mado three trips to the South Seas since last March, on the coast guard outter Itasca. He visited eight or ten islands, some inhabited, some not. He picked out three as the most likely, and left men on them. The islands aro the three before named—Jarvis, Baker, and Howland. The solonists are modern Crusoes, with a groat many more conveniences than Robinson had—young Hawaiians who study wind and weather in anticipation of the day when the isles will (Continued on page two) Supreme Court oi America Wr,if| ,. ' _*»• . J;^!»« One Word: Dem l &*$ | Verdict Closes AlmdstS Avenue of Condemned 2 OTHER 'DECIslT<£f V M U S. Barred From CbllfecJL ing Special Liquor D'ea^ll erITax in "Dry" Stat&^j WASmNGTON. — (/P) — Almolt^tee last avenue of escape from'dlpctrofcil-t tion was closed to Bruno RichafaJ Hauptmann Mon,day when ,,the-Su>l preme Court of the United States'$&•&$ fused to review his conviction.of'kftS naping and murdering the LiridBefghl baby. ,. ^ffifi In an atmosphere acquiver /with tile prospect of arguments abqut to^foejijir 1 ' over the AAA, the court madejtribv© its decision through one word:' ' $t "Denied." , >, ' J «* The court also ruled Mbrld the federal government lacks' tiKtii&tvtgi to impose a special tax on liquor^man- f ufacturers and dealers in J dry stitiSV since the prohibition amendment* "^" repealed. ' * A section of the Home O'wnsril Act of 1933 authorizing federal'! poration of building and loan ast,—---».«» tions, despite the states' wishes,, was A^| invalidated by the court. The 'dccis- 1 * fl *|P ion was unanimous. 4 '> $& Was Ladder "Planted" "TRENTON, N. J.—Gov. Harold^ Hoffman of New Jersey pushed'^ reopened investigation of the Ljn_ bergh kidnaping Sunday despite ; CQJJU <S water thrown on the inquiry by Cql^jjj Charles A. .Lindbergh. *' Without referring directly to rf ,_... bergh's reiterated belief, that; %uiio <J Richard Hauptmann kidnaped^ i killed.liis* infant i j- *• F^a^i 1 *"; v%. J 1 *" 1 ^.W for ff complete i Possible routes for the California-Australia air Vine are shown on this map, with distances between possible stopover bases, and (he way the route would link with the California-China line. The islands of Tahiti and Pltcarirn, locale of Ihc motion picture: epic "Mutiny on (he Bounty," appear la the lower right-hand corner of the mau. crime was committed in Missouri and ; drunkenness on failure to appear for he had ploaded guilty through feur of mob violence. l'li,\v Tunis Shell Dump COM1NES, France— (A'l— Seventeen years after the war a farmer near here plowed up a German ammunition dump of 350 shells. Millitary author- Two state cases wore continued until i next week. : - - -**tw~- Upon Singapore Airbusc SlNGAPORE-(#>)-(#>)One of the , Uirgost defense projects hero, the British royul air force field at Tcngah, has boon formally opened. The field, j Hies removed the missiles to an artil- i about 1.000 yards square, formerly was lery rnnye niicl destroyed I hem. given over lo rubber plantations. Notice of Change in Color Comic Tabloid Effective this coming Saturday, December U, the comic "Armi- belle" will be substituted fur the half-page feature "Flapper Fanny" in The Star's color comic tabloid magazine. This change applies only to the color magazine. "Flapper Fanny" in its one-column form will continue as usual in the daily edition. "Annibelle" has been MI outstanding feature of metropolitan papers- for several years, and its success has caused NEA Service to udd it to the Saturday color comk.' magazine all over'America. Mussolini Speaks in Italian Senate Meanwhile, Belgian Officers Threaten to Quit Ethiopian Army ROME. Italy—(Copyright Associated Press)—Premier Mussolini told his senate Monday that "Italian interests both African and European will be defended strenuously." He spoke only two minutes and made no reference to the new peace plan reported reached between Great Britain and France. Belgians May Quit ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—(/!>)—All Belgian officers connected with the Ethiopian army turned in their resignations Monday because of a clash of views with high Ethiopian officials. The Belgians threatened to leave soon unless the dispute is settled. The basis of the controversy was immediately disclosed. Bulletins QU1NCY, Mass. — (/P) — Serious damage to the reduction-gears connecting (he turbines of the new United States cruiser Quincy \vith the propelior shaft was reported l).v Harry Gould, general manager for the River shipyards Monday Asked if the damage resulted from sabotage, Gould, said an Investigation is in progress. 3 Revenue Agents in Fight, Suspended Wiseman Investigating Brawl Which Occurred Near Pine Bluff Football Banquet at 7 p. m. Monday Coach Ivan Grove, of Hendrix, to Be Rotary Club Speaker Hope Rotary club's annual banquet to the high school football team will be given at Hotel Barlow at 7 o'clock Monday night. Coach Ivan Grove, of Hendrix college, one of the state's premier football mentors, will be the guest speaker. Coach Foy H. Hammons and more than 30 of the Bobcat squad will attend as guests of the civic club. He said the mystery has put American » justice on trial before the^'Vorld.-* American court procedure must!be, above reproach, Hoffman; said. All the "thousands of rumors in. cir- > culation," tending to cast doubt on^, the jury's verdict, must be set at rest,'' Hoffman asserted. « Parker Seeks "Real" Kidnaper '' While the governor's statement was ' being handed to newspaper men in* Trenton, Ellis Parker, famous Burling- „ ton'county'detectiye, was seeking the "real kidnaper" in Mercer county. .. , He was accompanied by a confi- 1 dcntial member of Hoffman's staff. Parker said that he personally knows the man who, he feels certain, kidnap- ed the first Lindbergh baby. The • man, he saidi is a resident of Mercer county, an educated German who was suffering a mental distortion "of late midle age when the crime was committed. Parker even supplied part of the suspect's automobile license number. It begins, he said, with L-8. ''L-" indicates issuance for Mercer county, Ladder Clue Assailed The detective, famed for his deductive successes, gave it as his opinion that the police "framed" Hauptmann on the kidnap ladder evidence, Parker contends that the ladder obviously is of the type used in thC peach orchards of Mercer county. The famous "rail 16," which a government expert witness traced to Hauptmann's attic, was ''planted" by police, overanxious for a conviction, Parker averred. Japan Rejects U. S, Cut on Sea Power Other Centennial Taxes Suggested i *~ •— . But Commission Is Back- j ing No Levy If the Peo- i pie Object to It \v i LITLE ROCK—The Arkansas CenV ' tonnial Commission has ni disposition ; to urge acceptance of its proposal for i a SI driver's license tax if the tax is ) cbjectional to the majority of the I people in the state, Harvey C. Couch ; of Pine Bluff, chairman, said in a letter sent to members of the commission Sunday. j "At the moment, our major problem (Continued on page two) Copyright Associated Press PARIS, France—Franco and Great Britain came to full agreement Sunday night on a new basis for settlement of Italy's war with Ethi-jpia—a plan which French observers said represents Benito Mussolini's la.st chance to escape an oil embargo. The proposals, providing for an exchange o£ territory between Italy and Ethiopia, foil far short of II Duco's demands. But it was felt in high French quarters ho would find them difficult to reject. That is because they, represent com- Rebuff Her, at London Conference (Coiitinucd on page three) LITTLE ROCK—John Atkins and J. L. Farmer, arrested at Pino Bluff Saturday morning charged with drunk- ' onncMf in a public place and A. v. America Takes Lead, Japs Burkett. charged with drunkenness, -n-A...J»J> TT . i T _i _.. and carrying a pistol, all agents of the State Revenue Department, wore suspended Sunday by Earl R. Wiseman, j revenue commissioner, pending an in- j vestigution. Burkett will be tried in municipal j court at Pino Bluff Monday, and (lie eases of Atkins and Farmer have boon sot for hearing in the same court Wod- \ ncsday. The latter two were alleged I to have terrorized the woman prj- Friday night. Burkett was arrested several days ago in connection with a LONDON, Eng.— (#>)— Japan reject-, td Monday the United SUnes. proposed reduction of 20 per ecu! in the ; world's grqat navies. America had taken the lead in the international naval conference by ad- '• vooaling a 20 per cent reduction in | priulor of a madhouse near Pino Bluff existing naval treaty tonn; disturbance County. at RcdficJd. Jefferson If no reduction is possible President Roosevelt recommended strongly a ; continuance of the present fleet limitations. ;

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