Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 4, 1952 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1952
Page 20
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W1? HOM ITAt, MOM, AIKANSAJ LASSIFIED •iMiirtJNteOffk* D»y fttfar* PiiblteaUaa /ANT AD RATES > !»•* ^ SA^» ilWWMAni / Nfi k AwiWrtW Vrl iff «inu ft* Ont Oiyf Dijrj Month IFIED DISPLAY no p*t Inch ,. Mo per Inch .. 00o per inch T.-. * ;MMffl tow li* hpttr «l»tM(M «tfwr«iiin9 copy ~"""~ "' ; for , |h» Phon« 7.3431 WuL fWf Wl ! WdW A<U unlww tut dtt*ntlon »f od and ONI fncorrKt ilYn •» N***, «f MM* i JW j j Rjtfi (poyoblt In ad* „„,,„,„„„,.„„....,„ |.ft"H^IMI»M<l.i»»»lrH,f .as ta.oo T*r coun- fOT ^ IthWmoll ,.,.„„(, 1,10 S.18 , 6.50 11,00 ollai 2, T**o»; Chieco York 1, . t fW9H jllfoU J. Ml •Wo^ OWohortw Cl»y , ., iecoo I, III,; 40 iW York 17, |t». 160 fc I74J of (h» AiMclatcd ... .^lotfd Prtw li tntltltd *N« , to In* MI* (« rtpublleatlon L - total M»?I iwinttd In thi* ,hi \»*II,OI* Oil Al> ~— Services OJftred 111 klnifli of hlKh quuTliy ftugraph work cuntnct Clwr- '(?|innon. Phong 7-aou or J-20»lm PorKtnl THREB room fiirnlnhwJ, paid. 204 Nl««ly Klectrlo box. Bill* Bonder. Mr*, A. ft, aa.tr . 3 roorn, bath. Alio bedroom with prlvalo l»»lh, 1002 K. 3rd. Dial 7-3IW, 29-lf ^»7^¥JWfiin"ro^Ip1»7trn7n Prlvnt«» bnth. Private entrance Attic tun, Pecnn Orov<- Apnrt DUI 7-.147I, 30 (it UNKURNlsTf ED S room Prlvni* bnlh and «ntrancex. W. AVO. D. Phwin 7-3470, 118 Notict HAUL,and uprond »nnd |I,M yard Ofovel available. For lUrnmoni Phone 1-2060, JU-1M BKAUTIPUL quollty Holiloln H«lf cm, |7A tip. Mutntkm Mink, f.11 up, Volght Parmn. Lornlrn, Wl« —Atlanta, Tend*, 0-1,11 TRK1S rlpenwd Klberta pcnchp», Pi'Odh from orchard pnch <lny, (i mile we/it on 07, Sfl-flt J2 ft. Norgp il»t.j)fr«M«, Rtttdio oouch, kink, utieond hniid hrlckn, Phono 7-2820, BOH S, Kim, 31-flt OOfl bnlc* fdionifin Br»«« liny now helnif cut, OOe bnln m prc** nt 0*»n, I'ridny nnd Sniurdny. John II, Dnrrow, 7-«04, 31-21 bloomlnv HOUKO vln«* and nlr fornii, DIodnott'M Klownr Shop, lino Hmilh Mnln, Phono 7-41)40. 2-31 JI. W. worm«, Powell, M ei-nt 700 S. For So Je or R«nt ll<;t)»oM «lr prtuif h(i\mt>. KIIA lluiiH. Hfitftoiiiiblo iirlci Illll'Urit'ltl. KMMI W. Av Hum n, ' 2-u The Negro .Community •y Phon* 7-1474 Or bring H«mi to MU« Turnvr •t Hloki Funeral Horn* for islt. LotiU, Mo., to wttond ho marrla«t- of her dau«htcr, ftl»j( ISinwutene Colbert to John Andrew, tho couple will mnk'o heir home In Dsnvt-r, Colo, Political Announced* Star U •tttaorfttd to Utnounc* Out Urn following are CindldtU* lor publla office gubjaet to tht action of th* Democratic primary elections $;-.«- "^ifipj ' 'I! Ve*" S' ",<*®, t>* Xi^rf^K^t ' i*« l ~>*«f ,£fj»'««^ Tax AMtttor CRIT STUART (Speedy) ) HUT8ON Per n«pr«i«nt«tlv« TALBOT FEILD JR. for County Judo* CLAUD H. BUTTON u. a. For Sheriff C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 R. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOK JONES COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet 35 MfrMInn NdtohoK Kl Oorodo J'lrm Bluff Mnnroe Hot Sptln«« (Jiconvlltc B7 81 M 52 51 ftO 38 37 13 48 SO !W 50 B5 07 .857 .5B7 .52* .310 .50lJ ,5MI .356 .3S5 Nl»ht'n flc/mlts M-") Hot HI Doiado 7-4 Nntcho/. 3-2 Ori>fiiw<io.| .'. I'ln«- Hliiff 4 Mcrlrllnn "j Monroe 4 Tonight's Oj»me§ Mot •SpiiiiK'* "I Greenville I'IIK- Hluff at Ciocnwood CI Dunido ill Niilchiv. Moiinir.t nl Mcrldlnn For Alderman Ward I FRED JOHNSON DWICJHT ftlDODILL PeriAldtrmin Ward I _ 8t«ta 8«nat« TOM J. 8ILVEY J!l£l CROW . .. Chancellor t DlvlHon. 8th District) WESLEY HOWAni) A, P. STBttL For Conareii ORKN MAURIS Bottom Clubs Could Decide the Pennant By RM,PH AlBoolated Preifl RODEN SporU Writer SOUTHERN New Orlc;in« Atliinla ASSOCIATION W L Pet 0.1 30 ,350 01 52 .540 ()| McinphlH I.Urnilniihnm Little Hock r>7 52 52 SO 52 .10 sa (H 02 (13 Last NlKlit'rt Itesults Little Hock ||-3 Birmingham Mi'injjhi.i •!-'! Atlnnln .'1-1 Mobile 2 Nashville 1 Mew Orleium ft-ft Chattanoo^n (tuines tit Mobile Unit- Hook at Mumphls All;.utii »l New Orleans (only Kntnc'.s ML' .540 ,.tau .400 .400 .45(1 .442 7-0 4-0 NATIONAL Urooklyn New York Si, Lunj.s I'lUladclphT Chicago iJoston Ciiiflnnntl 1'IUnlnuiili CD LKAGUE W L Pet. nil :io .HUH Oil) 0>i .500 u .535 14'i ..105' 17';. .420' 20 .-IOH 27'.i .2113 41 . 58 44 54 47 31 50 42 58 42 (II 30 7(1 No Ciurno.i Mondiiy SUNDAY'S HKSULTS Hrooklyu II-O ('hlcii|{o 'J-l PilLsltiitKh 7-Ki New York O-ll HoMtdM 7-0 ('inrhniiili 4-4 l'hiliillel|ihin I! SI. l.nlli-i 0 "AMKIUC-AN New York Cleveland HnXlllll C5I) W 1. Pet. (11 43 .5117 511 40 .5511 ...W 45 54 47 50 4(1 ;'i.'l 51 'ID (13 ;<(i «7 .350 24 ',i .550 .535 .510 .510 .-100 3 4 5 l- j 8 I! IB Doris 1C. floolh lion return- hoino after upending nwveral vlsltlnj! hot- (other In St. .outu, Mo. mow. nUrlei in the ftirnlrtv miialtt too, C»wU, i» J Osmond It Holp Wonted h«« open irt co\»ntli># foi- U hus the fonwt tn th» United Ming Dorothy Stroujfhtvr has rc- iirncd homo uflor «|ii!iirtln w gc v« rttl week* In Chicago. William Iltiney of Chicago U vl« UiniMUt father, Ifid llttm-y, Minn Kulh McFuddon Is Mr, and Mrs. Leon McFttddon Omnhn, Neb, In Dor William* died »t hit homo m N*thyiU«, Augutt I, Funt-rul nrrangfinent* «>•« incomplete, Ev«no»llit Hookt JSvnngelUt K. H. Hooka, Chicago Is currently conducting a revival mo«ting ut Dcthol AME Church, oU> «nd Laurel. Service* are hold held nightly »t 8 o'clock and win close Auguit 17. SubjucU for ihls week Include "LUten," "Contract" "£«»*«d to Kill," "Out o( Style," "Tho N^w. book," -The Dt»l," nud, 'TlUii Thing JUovo." 1,'MiU JlfTMim ftfflreP City •v«t Two Strikf s Are Settled in Store By The Associated Priw Two striken nffectlug nearly 800 Arkansas worKm were tattled last w«t?K at Bttuxltv> ami Pardyco, Same 400 workers returned their Job* tMondttyi a( the dyce Lumber Company following a month - long d»iputo over in- c«en*tHt wages, ' ' iteQibtn ur the qavpw»ter* , Joiners Union (AFU Local VUSi kfl Un»ir Job* July l in « w« 8 <» ,dkuutc, Settlement of Ute strike Urought the workers n 8>e«»t across ihiii'K vastly n ml Alhlptloi (Imi't ('hull In the Itwa World Series thi> iixin (if Sieve O'Noil tux) Jimmy Dykea will huvu n lot tn iy iiliiiut who tln(>M. • Doth Phllndeliililu nines, |> ( .|nw the ..1(11) muck n litili- MIIIIV Hum n month Httii. tw\v lii-cii playin« at n lirlinuiil clip of lair iiiid Uu- majority of thitlr renminlni' KIIIIH-S Hliulnul llu- iipprr mist i,.<um 111 tho flliu thasi's, Phlliulrlphlii'ft rise in (|>u bnsr- MIII coincides with tlu> appointment of O'Noil it* IJH.IH of tin- tm June amh. Shiff then the 1'hlM hnve won l!i) and lost 12 for n ,11114 once unit- the A'K luwn cup- reel !M iinrl dropped Hi for u .Dim KO't. Tho Phils niovr.l to within :t'. gnnum ol thin! plucc St. Louis . , UN lefty Curt Slnnmm:i uamkud tho Cunts, tl-0 un four ((Ml ! •*•"-•*! "H. V Ul'sl I*'( I V Miuinwhllf, tlu. Dodgem limgud | Wnshlnnlon 0 Chicago to n luiul of (j'j names over the '""'"K-" 1 : second jjumo postponed, CJInnt.s by swet'plitK n .doubleluuiuVr 'roin Chlvuiio. 3-2 nnd l)-l, whllu the GinnU droppocl u pair to last pltti-o Pittsburgh, 7-0 tind 10-ti. Cln- wiifl Hoston divided a bar- bill, the Braves winninK tho opener, 71, ami tht Keds the- The Yunlc.s, with an nnsl.st from tho Athletics, moved to a three Jiftnio loud over Cleveland in the A m i' r i c u n League ehu.se. Thej Vunkx tripped St. Louis. (1-1 and <M, while tha Athletics! split with Cleveland, winning the second nme. 0-8, after lusinji the first. 1. Tho Red Sox fell four names behind and the Senators !\>.. Art HoulUrmtin of Detroit shut out the lU'tl Sox, 4-0. While Washington and Chlcugo butl^Hl to an eiulit inning 0-0 tie In the first «nme of a ( |ou- blcheadcr. The 8»»\e was called on account of ruin In tho ninth and the second «amP was postponed. Si. Louis Detroit MONDAY'S SCHEDULE Nt w York at Washington (night) Itncuhi 112-2) vs Shea (0-:il SUNDAY'S HKSULTS New Yolk 0-0, St. l,oviis 5-4 , . Clfvefnti'd 4-2 PhlfadelphTa 1-9 ' ' Detroit 0 Boston 0 .. 0 (lie. tl Innings; second ifunio ri«iiu AFl- OB«rotin« engineers and Al-'L electricians. H.ilph Uttttcheiu, project eonslruo lion supurluk-ndent, who said the en«lneers objected to the handling of inolors nnd " starters by the electricians, announced Ihe return U> work yesterday. MINOR LEAGUES By The Associated Prose AM ISRteAN ASSOCIATION St. 1'iuil 3-0 Chnrleston 1-2 Minneapolis tt-7 ColuinhuK 2-S Kt\nstas City 11-1 Indianapolis Milwaukee 6-4 Louisville 7-0 PACIFIC LEAGUE Seattle 10-4 Portland ()•« Hollywood 14-3 San Francisco Oakland 4-10 Los Angeles :i-ii Sun Dicjio 2-tl SncrHinento 1-4 TEXAS LEAGUE Oklahoma City a-1 Dwllaj! 2-B Fort Worth 11 Tulsa 5 Houston R Beaumont 4 San Antonio 3-tl Shreveport 2-3 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Little Rock 11-3 Uirmln«ham Memphis 4-4 Atlanta 3-1 Mobile 2 Nashville 1 WESTERN LEAGUE Omaha (i Denver 3 Lincoln B Pueblo 0 Des Moines 4-2 Colorado Sprint; I 3-4 i Sioux City 12 Wichita tl The Delaware River forms a nat ural boundary for parts of foil eastern states, New York, Pennsy Ivania, New Jersey and Delaware Travelers Capture a Double Win TIME AND TIME AGAIN—Sllghtly more complicated than your wristwbtch is this giant sun dial clock, built by the "House of Ungerer," famed clockmakers of Strasbourg, France. It is destined to adorn the City Hall at Oslo, Norway. Circled by the 12 signs of the zodiac, It shows Oslo local time, sidereal time, sun rising and setting times, sun and moon positions in relation to the constellations of the zodiac, moon phases and solar and lunar eclipses. SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAYLE TALBOT. 7-0 benelits. 1.400 wortor* at the million Bauxite Alumina Worku tWtwd to th*lr Job* W*fo*« following a walkout July SB over - ANNOUNCEMENT Or. Emmett Ttewnnaoe 404 Pr. Harold M. DovkJ Lloyd \ A .. , OptomatiY tfe* top ' to* Ceotral durlnf NEW YORK l/ft-Onf of the best ways to make- a groat deal of money is to buy a horse like Bull Lea, the head sire at Calumet Farms nnd then hide a small armored truck to carry you into thc bank now and then when the stult bt-ttins to clutter up the living room. What you <a> is KO to one of thc yi arliiif! sales .md bid a little higher than anyone else for tho colt you have in mind, jnst ns Calumet did. You can afford to be generous under the circumstances and j;o perhaps as blnh as $14.(10(1, that l.einj! the figure for which Dull Lea was knocked down at the 1!J:IO Sa:'- alojia auction, to which he was sent by Culdstream stud. • After this initial outlay, about Ihe only expense will be oats, and up to now the sons and daughters of Bull Lea have earned in the m-ii.'.hborhood of seven and a quarter million dollars. Bull Lea's favorite son, Citation \uni $l,G'dr>,7(iO, making him the first and only millionaire horse. Another, Armed, stands third in Ihe all-time winning list. Others, such as Bewitch. Coaltown, Faultless and Hill Gail, recent .winner of the Kentucky Derby, are high on the, list. Despite the {{olden harvest he- has produced, Bull Lea probably would be the first to admit that he was no Man O'War in his run- IIIIIK days. Fact is, he won only a paltry $!)4,»:!;i. and was so undistinguished that hjs stud fee at <me time. In 1U43, WHS only $250. Hut soon utter that his children began to run over other horses, and Calumet not only hiked the price in a hurry but became very particular about what mares Bull I Lea associated with, other than! those of the Calumet set. Since 1(M!I, when he led the money-win-! ning sires for thc third straight; year, the figure has been $5,000 for socially acceptable visitors. In providing the lute Warren Wri«ht with the world's greatest racing stable and bestowing upon I'im unnceded money, the wonderful ol:| stallion also has made! wealthy men of Calumet's father-j son training team of Ben and! Jimmy Jones. Ben doubtless meant! it when he Said a couple of years | ago that "if 1 had my way about I it I would breed all Calumet mares I ti- Hull Lea." f j AFL Decides to Stay With Qov. McMath LITTLE ROCK (.« — A 14-man politicul board (if iho American Federation of Labor in Arkansas, representing some 40.000 workers, is pledging its support to Gov. Mc- Mtith's third term bid. The AKL's League for Political Action, ufler interviewing McMath and his opponent, Chancelor Francis Cherry, said "it was the unanimous opinion of the board that Governor McMuth's program is the best for the state of Arkansas." An unruffled Cherry said that "I think the men will vote for me — they'll recognue their real friend." The board talked to the two can- diddles separately in a 4-hour secret session here yesterday. Chairman of the board C. W. Mowerv of Hot Springs said that neither candidate made any promises to labor and that the union did not seek to exact any promises. He refused to discuss the ques tions put to Cherry and MeMath. but said that McMath's program is , wore liberal, democratic and down i to earth.'' j ••We urge all members of the ! AKL and other organized groups ' as well as every wage earner to support him in the Democratic primary Aug. 12,'* the board's '• • said. , ..., said he wasn't •worried by the. decision and said his campaign plans would nat b* changed. McM*th said he was gratified by the support of the AFL "and the ' l'«n gMttof from *U the me» m tb» ' ' " Fire Insurance Rates Drop Some LITTLE; F?OCK w — Fire in surnncc rates on frame dwellings in cities mut on farms wore re duced by $500,000—one on the l;ir- fjost reductions ever ordered by tin' State Department of Insurance. State Insurance Commissioner J. Herbert Graves snitl policies written nnd delivered with an effec' 1 live date of June 1 or later may be endorsed to take advantage of the reduced rates. The reduction hocamo effective July 31. Farm dwelling rates wore reduced from $:MO per thousand dollars of insurance to $2.HO in Ft. .Smith and Little Rock. Jn Class 5 cities—North Little Hock, Pine Bluff, Texarkana, Jonesboro, Hot Springs and Cammack village—rates were reduced from $3.80 to $.'1.20 per thousand. By Mereer Bailey Associated Press Sports Writer Littla Don Nicholas, Memphis' wing • footed centerfielder. is an expert on base stealing and his specially came in mighty handy ngalnst Atlanta Sunday. In the ninth inning Nicholas stole srcond and scampered, home on Sam Mocks' scratch single to break a tie and give Memphis a 4-3 victory. It was his 87th steal of the year and Is only one short of the record for a Memphis player. In the Nightcap, the five-foot- seven Nicholas got one of his rare homers to give the Chicks a lead j they never surrendered. The final seiirr was 4-1. Chattanooga split a twin bill with league-leading New Orleans, dropping the opener 4-5 but winning the afterpiece 8-5. the split pulled the Lookouts into a tie for second with, Atlanta,'two games behind the Pels The first game was scheduled i for seven innings, but went eight! when the Pels broke a 4-4 tie. Lookout pitcher Sonny Dixon aided ' his own cause in the nightcap with n two-run homer. Mobile held on to its first division spot by squeezing past Nashville, a-1. Little Rock's last-plac» Travelers just about .doused Birmingham's hopes foi a comeback by taking a doubleheader, 11-7 and 2-0. The Trav took thc opener despite three Baron home runs—two by Tommy O'Brien and one by Danny Ryan. Righthander Johnny Weiss tossed a dazzling two - hitter at the Barons in the nightcap. El Dorado Bests Old Jinx-Natchez By The Associated Press Kl Dorado polished off its old double-jinx over Natchez to bounce buck into the thick of tho Cotton States League race. Kl Dorado's 7-:i and 4-2 victories ovor Natchez yesterday moved their loam up 2 notches to fourth spot. In o l h c r games, first place Meridian won !>-4 over Monroe, knocking Monroe clown a place to .sixth; third place Greenwood won 5 : 4 over Pine Bluff, which slipped to fifth; and Greenville walloped Hot Springs fi-4 and 5-0 to move within one-half a game of the seventh place losers. In the Meridian-Monroe game Prides to Play Legionnaires Tonight at 8 The League leading Red Rive Prides of Texarkana will be Hope tonight for a game with thi Legionnaires starting at 8 o'clock!, Edsel Nix will lake the mount!' seeking his fourth straight victory Hope has managed to beat th Prides one time this seasoi and tonight's contest will be thej final one before the playoffs. • ' As the situation now stands Legionnaires and the Prides will' play the first round in the playoff while Nashville and Mineral Springs meet. On watermelon festival day, Wed nesday, two baseball games are scheduled — Hope and Texarkara Junior Legion teams meet at 2:30 p.m. while the Legionnaires take on Camden's National Fireworks team in a night affair. Arkansas Guards Training CAMP POLK, La., UP) — Nalional Guard units of thc 39th Infantry Division from Northern Arkansas, arrived here today for the annual 15-duy summer training. Eight thousand National Guards-! men from 00 Louisiana and ArkanJ sas communities will participate ir the training. Pat Saviano doubled home one! Monroe run in the second inning and George Andrews scored onti in the fourth on an error. Mericiarj got its first run in the third oii Gene Pompelia's. homer and went ahead in the sixth on a single by Ray Krupa and doubles by DolpK Rcgelsky, Joe Guidice and Bcanfi Girodanengo. | Monroe tied the game in thc Otrj with two runs on four sin'gles — V- Jim Long, John Paul Jones, Ai 1 ,) drews and Virgil Bivens, but Merici ian broke the knot with a ruij in thcj ninth on a double by Pompelia, d stolen base and a fielder's choice! Greenwood got two runs in the; second inning on a single by Chicd Sanchez and three in the fifth. Pint 1 Bluff got three in the first on two' singles, an error, a hit batter anrj Jim Snyder's double. j Greenville's Manuel Fernnndei! pitched five-hit baseball in U. opener and was aided by Cree., Nance's two - run homer. In thcj nightcap, George Garcia limited Hot Springs to two hits. : SPANISH RANGE LEE WELLS Conynirht, 19.11. by Up K. Wells. E^.. Uiati ibutcit by King Kcntim-s Syuilicut CHAPTER THIRTEEN "MAYBE it's Just another of Leonis' slick moves," Slim said hopefully. "It'd be like him to sell another man's land to some fool that wouldn't know thc difference. Looks like you need me morc'n ever. I'll sure get back fast." "All right, Slim. We'll meet you at the rancho after we come buck from Loa Angeles, If we get a ranch, w o'l 1 w o r It 11. 11 w e haven't—" Ho shrugged eloquently. "There's a big tiro somewhere oft in the mountains," Slim said as ho kicked off tho brake and shouted tho horses into motion. Tho wagon gathered speed on the downgrade and soon disappeared around tho bend. Hal and Blalse had mounted and galloped along the road. "Slim said there was a Ore, Hal, could be most anywhere, but I'd like to make sure." They wound through thc mountains at a fast pace. They came out on the flnal ridge and immediately saw tho dirty gray cloud high against the southern sky. Hal could see it was a big fire, burning deeper Into the distant Santa Monicas toward the ocean. Ho jerked arotfnd when he heard Blaise's exclamation. The man's tycs were wide, his face stricken. "That's us!" Blatsa grimly rated the spurs and rocketted down the last slope. Hal raced to catch up with him and both rode at breakneck speed through the village and out into the Valley beyond. As they watched, sudden bright flares and billowing columns of black smoke marked where big clumps of sumac burned fiercely. Over It all was the gray-yellow •moke ot the sagebrush, flaming along the mountain slopes. Already he could see the black carpet of ruin the tire left behind it, They reached the highway, plunged across. Blalse turned Into the ranch road, racing up it to the narrow opening of the canyon, through the portal. He reined tn, (ace suddenly white. The ranch house was only smoldering, hot ashes, the chimney standing grim and black above the ruins. Blaise scarcely heard Hal rein in beside him, or the man's amazed oath. Tha corral was gone. Only the decrepit bunkhouae remained. Leonla had returned an answer to his challenge. They turned toward that portion of tha ranch yard that the flames had mUsed. Hal searched the corral white Blalse went directly to tha bunkhouse. He pushed op«n Uie door, saw that th« dust on th* floor had been undisturbed. He worked down tho slop* and at last Hopped, calling HaL -Horaa, »t l«a*t tare* ot them. Th»y stood her* while tae riders *»t th* ftr*." Hal hitch«4 §t hi* gun ^t — " - «8ough lot ««, •tudyfcuf thj atvi tracks, then lifted his head and looked back at the smoke, now further away beyond the ridges. "Maybe it's good enough for me, and you, Hal, but wo need more—a lot more." "Why, man—" "Prool for you and me," Blaise cut in swiftly. "But Leonis hog tied me once before. Maybe he's waiting for us to come riding in to get his hide. I'm not going scalp-hunting without better proof. Any three riders could've made these tracks, Hal . . . Scorpion riders, -pilgrims passing through, maybe some of Vasquez's ridge-runners if they're in the neighborhood—or even Raikes and some Montanas riders. Who were they?" "Scorpion!" Hal snapped, "I'd back that bet," Blaise nodded, "But I can't prove it. Leonis could kill us-out of hand if we went after him . . . what could we prove outside them tracks? I'll have hard facts before I jump him. I've had enough ot guards and cells and stone walls." Hal grumbled but subsided. He turned back toward the house and distastefully surveyed the ruins. "So what do we do? Give up?" "No," Blaise said so sharply that Hal jerked his head around. "We can build a corral and live in the shack. We got the land—" "If Thatcher'll let you have It," Hal snapped. "We'll check on that. Maybe it's not gone. Scorpion • or Las Montanas won't drive me out." They rode grimly out of the canyon and back along the trail that wound down to the Valley. On the spine of the last ridge, Blalse drew rein and his eyes coldly swept over the Valley, coming to rest for a moment on the low ridges that hid Calabasas. "Looks like no one was inter* ested tn the Are," he said evenly. He folded, his hands pn the sad- dlehorn and leaned forward on them. "Of course, it was up in the hills and folks let 'em burn out." "But your rancho's up there. They knew you'd come back." "They knew I'd come back," Blaise nodded. "Leonis knew it, the Thatchers knew it No one come." "They expected it." Hal snapped. "Or didn't car*." Blauw added. There's always that." He stralgened and touched the horse's flank* with bis spurs and set his face toward Loa Angeles. Anger gradually left him, giving way to an ever-increasing mood of despondency. H* had tho dull, crushed feeling that perhaps he ha4 been a fool and « dreamw all along, that he faced too great a ;ask against too many odds. Oven this present Journey appeared useless. H* wouW only tad mere urouhto to th* dtafea&t PuftblQ of jdfr AAM^K* ' < He sank deeper In his thoughts, picking over the factors arrayed against him one by one, trying honestly to evaluate them and, even more, himself and his chances. Then, unaccountably, hia thoughts swung to Rennie Thatcher. He recalled how she had looked on the stage, a tall and stately girl. He saw her then as she had been at Las Montanas, still tall, now lovely in Jeans and shirt She had looked so shocked and disbelieving when her father had accused him of being a murderer. And when he did not deny th* charge, he could again clearly see the quick flash of emotion, gone in a second, and then detestation. It would happen a hundred times again in his life unless he found* who had killed Chavez. He dwelt on that killing as he rode toward the mountains that cut the Valley from the coastal plain.- Chavez had been a sneaking bully, a man who spoke loudly of his own worth, while he ran off a head or two of his neighbor's beef on dark nights. Blaise had lost a couple of steers and had trailed them to Chavez's disreputable rancfteria in thq< shadow of the Chatsworth rocks. He had found the steers, and Chavez, bkating swift and frightened lies, all the bravado gone. Blalse had flattened him a couple gf times and then kicked the gun from the man's hand, when Chavez tried to draw and kill him. Blalse had jerked the man to his feet "You'll draw on the wrong man some day and he'll slap a bullet between your eyes. If I ever catch you anywhere near my, range or wearing a gun, you'll be In bed for a month." He had driven the stolen ste»rs back to his rancho. There ha,d been trouble before with Chavei; Paul Case and the others knew at it Leonis had undoubtedly known, too. Blaise's lips curled angrily as i thpught how easy it had been for Leonis to move quietly in. Fie or a Scorpion man had killed, Chavez two nights later. ThV man's gun and belt had b**n found in Blaise's rancho whil* h* rode th* hills. Leonis and some of the Scorpion crew had captured Blaise and taken him directly to Los Angeles and tft* m Paul, Melanie and, tfe« others bad testified for him, but Jie prosecution had used tft* known (acts of the bad blood between Blaise and Chavez, the Mlt uid gun to convince a jury. TM, [udg* had given a life sentenfle. [t bad been that e*sy. It |§d taken ten years, innumerabl* «p. ieals to the governor, and « great leal of money to get « --'-^ 3ut toe murder stigma i. f" 1 i* *i w *y" W WW Until „ found winch Scorpion Kit* shot Ctavea, (To a, KINDS OF DOGS >HES, HIMS AND HEK HOflSTAt, MOP I** A IK* N i A t ^» OH^H.- HOW AROnT\C THAT WAKES MvJW ^BCJUl }\~ C|V ix i M DC VALES AND J ' 5IX KfNDS FEMALES f j ,/ , —^J ^,, Game of Authors Answer to Previous Puzzle OUT OUR ,WAY 'HORIZONTAL 57 Shovel /I Humorist 58 Small (Scot.) V George —— 14 Horatio I , Jr. 18 Poet Edgar, .. Allan ' 12 Sun VERTICAL 1 Inquires 2 Condemn ~< 3 Aged 4 Leg joint ' 5 " , thc * l_ A P M A 1 /v\ A i_ A T E A u u o T W a A K • R N B B O e i R K N 1 CT B N B B R U | • & U A C e B R N P R s K S 1 u R B 1 N B 1 T A 9 A P R V) M M A O ts C( S B R A C O R B S B V n R R, B N O •i A T a i_ A T B S f O R E i. A P 9 E T 1 T 1 A rsi ft u i T S A •A a (M e s B e s o s >4 • 13 HangmanV | poor Indian!" ' knot 6 Gazelle 14 Beard of 7 Hireling 23 Goes swiftly .42 British author,' 1 wheat 8Prevailing ( 25Vegetable -^ Charles- IS Camera systems 26 Equipment 43 Mohammedan , il? nrfl ? ed i ,9Mother or/ 28Summits priest 19 Scents \ ) father- 29 Female sheep 44 Tiny object > j 21 Sea ducks v./10 Debtor , « (pi.) 45 Trade ' | t£ ^Y el , y dances 11 Finishes"s. . 30 Specks - 47 Secihe ' I .M.Little " 16 Toward the 32Not sowed 48Volcano in ! , by Louisa ) sheltered side 35 Levered Sicily : / MayAlcott, !i8 Paradises A 36 Meals 50 Watering, i o«of er -20 Sports .„• ,38 Trees place ' ! 2'jessed . trousers, ' i39Boys 54Psyche part i 31 Francis Scott • , \ , autnor l jot "Star- -' f Spangled i -^fc , Banner'V JW 32 flouts \ ifflB . 33 Warrant V,^ } officer (ab.) 34 Sun god 35 Ceylon teas 36 Soak flax 37 Divisions between ' , theater seats 39 Minus |43 Forces ' ' i 49 Dlscoloratlons . from , dampness 51 Property item 52 Consumed . "\ 53 Palatable . 55 Number, '56 Middle I . (prefix) i iz i$ 19 If 91 M y) Hi tv 5Z 56 I U, *•• 3 ZL i * 10 It ^ " li n ". 53 57 5 ^ 20 I'i '%% 'ft <• 7 § U 11 ^ 50 • 21 ^. in * m ^ 8 * % li SI li ^ to t IV ^ * 55" 56 10 b ** • H7 II U 1* » •, CMck Younf OZARKIKI OONTINUS VOUR CONVERSATION OUTDOORS, WILL VCU, BOYS* Bv J. R. William* Mclpli PKOVN A*RK<PRllNa TOMIii-HTV/ -CHURCH CNJC WASH TUBBS HE'* glWCERE, 3MJ,,,BUr BF.YOMP is TIRELE55 WORKER IM ALCOHOLICS THB HELP OF AN UWTIL HE'5 HAP HOSPITAL TREATMENT'. AMD HE WOULPM'T GO UNLESS 1 PROWISEP APTER HIS 80V t |B ALL RIOMf, BUTHMHeM) (V>TIVE5> ATOUOHC^5E ON THE ROAD BORM THICTV YEAR'S TOO 5OOM Wifft Major Hoopl* OUR BOARDING HOUSE /jESADjCLAMCV/J (T PAIMS IAE TO Th\E CORE & -TO THI^Kl OF THE FOLK L CANYE TO WARNi 5O\\E CRABBV AR& •TBe'BLLiES TO THE CHIEF),^? IN Tl-US WORLD WHO ARE HIGH C /-K~TO rr^ : -'-' \ DNiMO^EO 6V MOSIC, FLOvOER'S, PoeiRV, JFOL HOR6ES/-— TELL HOOPLE TO TAKB THAT HIDEr TO A BASEBALU^V'JERV FACTORY V6 GET BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE* •y Edgar Mtt»* 0V? 11 Wt KNOW, •f Dick Tuner CARNIYAL * FUNNY BUSINESS By Herahberger RE-ELECT AGG/2M/I TOCOM6RE.5S ALLEY OOP HOI.YCOW, THEY'RE BOUND FOR TH' 6KY/ IF WE IXJN'TetOP'EM NOW, IIS GOOD I GOT 'IM, OOP/ NOW QIMMB /\ HAND AN 1 WE'LL QPIUU THIS T. M. R.g. g. s. PH. OH. Cope. 195} bi NEA Strylc.. Just think, Elmo!, Only last month I was just your sec* retary—now I'm treasurer'" By Golbrolth SIDE GLANCES "Ladies and gentlemen—the ushers will now past cough drops before I start telling you my record ~- -— -"•" . in Congrow^'—"^Tr^— CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT, I LIKB THE MAYOR,THIS HOODLUM i AMD HEAVEN HELP POBBING OUR BAMICIS CRIME EMCXJ&H / yVJ_ TD LARD SMITH ATOMIC WEAPON TB*T6 AT HIAWATHA 7BCH HAVE MVCHINTH&A6E Of ATOMIC. TOWBB AHO .(#HC£ AT THSlK. &UT \MJEfJ CtIP rwppeR. KIOMAPS \ HQUf. HEAP A BUS FUU OF OUR HUWTlNGr I FOR. CHILDREN/ ~

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