The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1940
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 22, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS t^hl Squeeze lo Face Warships April 25 In Fore River QUINCV, Mass. <UP>—A grny- haired. silent man on the bridge will circle his ami April 25 and tlic $21000,000 airplane carriei Wasp will qulclly .slip away from her berth in the Fore River and fillip out lo sen—If Capt. Joseph I Kemp can squeeze her through again. For liclwecn the river and ths ocean tlicre's Ihe Fore Hirer drawbridge, an obstacle that would unnerve even a roar artmirni. There's only inches to spare on either side when the Wasp. J20 feet wide topside and 76 feet, at the hull, sneaks through the narrow draw, her keel sometimes just six inches off channel bottom. But handling a 521,000,000 cltV of steel is Just routine to Capi Kemp, who has introduced more Minn S2,OCO,OCO.OOO worth of navy and merchant tonnage to salt water. Never UN Accident 111 his 31 years as an Atlantic pilot, "Capt. Joe" has been guardian to five first line naval battleships, six of the navy's seVeu air-!Great PAGE FIVK wood Third In Club Event Second, Dog- Annual Britain, to change, has practically abandoned of American tobacco, so there is danger that for the same re:ison she may cul down drastically her Imports of American raw 000,000 worth of tobacco from the United Slates. She averages about ,S2;>5,003,000 worth of raw cotton j bought, from the whole world. Ol Girl Held as Death iviny Envoy m -* 60. Evelyn Miltclmnn (above?, held iis a material witness by New York authorities investigating Brooklyn's ''murOer ring." was cicscribc'il os a messenger be- t'vcen alleged riiiR members al- ron<i.v arresli'c! and those still in hiding. She. is a friend of Harry (Pittsburgh Phil) Strauss, indicted in two murders. craft carriers, 30 to -10 submarines, 13C destroyers, a score of cruisers and countless merchant ships, including lhc liners Manhattan and Washington. ,,,, v „„ „„,, He's taken cccan greyhounds | cotton. That would hurt quite ii* out to sea for trial runs from lhc j much as tl)? loss of the tobacco Bethlehem Steel Company yards trade. in the Fore River, from yards at Brililin , lscd lo ,, 1|v nl)ol|( Newport News, Gamcicn. N. J.. and Staten Island without the' loss of 11 single man or any serious damage lo the craft. ,lnb Heiicatcd Four Times Kasing the Wnsp through the Fore River bridge is llu- hardest job he's ever undertaken, but lie's already managed to slip the Wasp through four times during the prcjcess of construction. Standir:;/ en the bridge lie won't be able to tee tlic puffing tugs nor water wHnin s'-versl hundred feet of the ship, uit he'll silently circle his ar;n, raise his linger nnd the giant warship will head for the bridge again. Shipping executives, who refused lo permit Capl. Kemp lo retire 10 years ago, are confident he will deliver the completed Wasp, nnscratched. lo the navy at the Br/slon army base five miles away. When he's not handling ocean vessels. Cnjil. Kemp ipxishcs n .pen as permanent secretary of the Boston Marine Society. MY MII.TON BUONNEK i countries in 1038 iveie the united NEA Service SlulT Corresriomlcnt Stales with 2,590,000 tons' India LONDON. April 20. - Just as 920.000; Soviet Russia 'Wood'' foreign ex- Brazil, -105.000; and Egypt, 375,000. China in )<M7 produced 636,000 tons, bill the war with Japan tins probably greatly decreased the crops since (hen. India, inside Hie empire, offers a ;ood purchase market, but India 1 has begun to be n great cotton sum America has sold 'a to 57 per cent. Nothing definite has been 'decld- '(!. because at present Britain has imple stocks of cotton. But, when hese stocks are exhausted, the vholc question .will have to be :otisidercd. U. S. KIKST PRODUCER The British government is loath i buy in America, because that means consigning its stock of American dollars. .It needs those for important war materials. H can look around the world and shop where foreign exchange is more in its favor. The principal • cotton producing manufacturing country with loss nnd less rnw cotlon for export,. would jirobably not » p i»)t lo buy from niiraia a(, | jre s- enl. This leaves as America's principal rival for the cotton market huge Brnzi], wliicli in recent years IKIS t'iven more nnd more acreage to cotton and which consumed very little in home manufacture. The foreign cxchnngc position is beUeli- for Ijrftnin In Brazil than in the United States COTTON ST11.1, I!1G BUSINESS Much of what will be done will depend upon the decision of the coltoi controller in the Uiitlsli Ministry of Supply. More and move under Die compelling exigencies of war, Britain -i.s anpro.ichlug the regimentation so long familiar in Gcrmanj', Italy and Russia, with their totalitarian set-ups. One of the llrst control in British to come under industries was That mini women ot North Mississippi county lire Interested In dramatics was exomnllned In the iniiminl I'lny Tom mi meal held FYI- l<lny at Burdctle when members of 112 Home DemonslrnI ion Clubs portrayed roles fur removed from their every dny llvc.s to compete . for honors. Armore] won lirst; Kltit l.iike, second, mid Dogwood, third, In the one-ncl pln.vs which R'lilured the (luce iierformnncvs ill the Uiirdclte school ivJille awards for thu "In Uetwccii Acts" numbers wcnl to ! Hal Uike tor first; Dell, second, I nnd Armore!. third, for an assorted program, I Oilier clubs which piutlclpnlcd i in Ibe cvenls, which started ivllli |n morning session mid then Into nn iiflernoon session with the llnfe best selections repenting In n night performance for pliices, were: Ynr- bro, Gosnell, Shady Lime, Rocky, Shady Drove, Box Kldcr, Number Nine and Recce. l'"oi- Indlvidiia) perfonmincc. Mrs. Fri'd Wuhl, of Kliil Uike. llrsl; Mrs. Cozlne UlnckuTll, ol Artnorvl, .was second, nnd Mrs. C. H. DIMS.„'.,"'!?.? !*""• '" u °8«'ood, was third. "How The Story Grew" wus the prize-d-lnnliig |)) (l y with "The Dine Tea Tot" winning second mill "Consolation", third. In the briefer skits, "Little Nell" won llrsl, "Crossing Tlic'Trucks", was second nnn "n ~~ " -i and "The Jones Kamllv's Mrsl 1100 llvms engaged m Trum Hide" wfls Ihlrd. ' pvocrsslin; cotton I L . „ Au[ ,. yi !m!1(;l . lnU . lllU!ut ut Ibe .schools nl Dnrdettc, was mns- ler of cnremonles at the three nt ivlik'h (he Dogwood The three prize winning plays will Ira presented ngiiln In n tour- nuiiient with the South Mississippi Comity winners when the county champion will be decided. This winner will represent the county nl Ihe stulo piny Tournament In C'omviiy nest September. Judges of the dny sessions wcro Mrs, w. '!'. Oboist, and Mrs. liotli of Dlytlu'vllle, and lit, night Mrs. Freeman Itoblnson, Miss Emily Dale- Gray and Mrs. Charles Morehead, nil of lllythevlllc. BRUCE CATTON SN WASHINGTON the cotton trade, Despite tlic depression-due to Indian, and Japanese low wage competition —the'cotton business still remains uming the greatest, of British manufacturing Industries. Even In 1938 It employed 3G5.- CCO persons and sported about $250,000,000 worth of goods. There are some producing oorts .and aaoo In selling the finished arllclcs. TWO mo, WAR TASKS In wartime the cotton trade has two important tasks which rank above the job of satisfying civilian home consumption. First, it. hns lo supply the demand of the armed services for all kinds of materials such as articles of clothing, bedding, overalls, airplane and balloon fabrics, bandages and dressings, material for tires, electric cables and cotton wool, an essential Ingredient hi the manufacture of high explosives. Second Is the mimufaclure of cotton goods for the export trade. Britain is making a desperate effort not. only to hold the markets she has. but even lo extend them. Of eqiial importance is thai b\ holding her trade, the country obtains foreign exchange for further war effort. Communists' ]-won'l-talk tactics are keeping him from following through on them. Home Uomonslrutiou Chib was hostess with Mrs. J. A, Payne, president, In rjhnrgo of arrangc- menls. Mrs. w. 1,. Smith of Armorel, president of (ho 'County Council of Homo Demonstration ClitUs, assisted. Miss liu-z . of Osceola, and Chancellor Grants Divorce Decrees Here Divorce decrees urauted Friday by Chmicellor J. P. jOautney ut an adjourned session of chnnccry court here Included Ihe /ollowlng; Mildred Cunnlhgham from Kwcll Cunningham, desertion; W. T. Robs from winnlo Roberts, dcscr- ; Rulli Cole from Raymond Cole, desertion; Ruby Miller from Eddlo Miller, three yours separation: liruno Mnrnzlno from Marie Marazlno, indignities. A. F. Smith was Jailed on a con- U'mpt eltiition for /allure to pay alimony. Pemiscot Farm Bureau Flag Is Dedicated A dedication service /or Ihe J'e;n- Iscot County Farm Bureau (lag was held at the Mcthodlsl church In Haytl April ifl. Mrs, K, M. idee, llrasg Clly. chairman of the Home and Community Committee of the Khrm llureau was In charge of the program. She was assisted by Mrs, Lex ClriKham, Camlhersvllle. Mrs, J. W. Bhradcr, llaytl. B. c. Spccr. HraijBadoclo, vice president of Ihe Farm lUireuu. mid three .|-ll club Bills. Alice liuckley, Ilayll. Kalh- ryu Amuurgey, Carnlhersvllle, and lla Dice, nritKB oily. A (lunrtct composed ol Mrs. li. N. Drasher, Mr. and Mvs. n. ». Mnslerson, ami A. O. IMckens Ming. Talks were made by I)r, J. II. Lalshaw and Charles O. Ross ol Carnlhersvllle. One past president, of tiic Farm IMirciui wan present, l(. !•'. Giecnwell of Ilayli. and Iliret! niembcrs who were active In Farm UUITIIII work when It was llrsl organized in I'emlscot county In I!M7, W. N. Ktmklu, llnytl, mid K. C. Spccr. Urageatloclo, were also present. Unlike many olher commodities which arc In use throughout the world, there Is no complete substitute for silk. Sports activities, equipment and ' admissions Americans Dually. to exhibitions a billion dollars Marco I'olo wrolo the account of his travels lo Cathay while in prison at Genoa, Itiily. Annually 90,000 persons visit Shakespeare's birthplace at Slrnl- ford;on-Avon, England. Competitive Bid* , Are JJrged By FHA ' In planning the plumbing for a new house, home owners are adi wed by the Federal Housing Administration to gel competitive bids' liom two or more plumbing con- URCtOM Inasmuch ore useless as plumbing nxlures until Installed, home , e owners .should Insist on .getting: a price which includes Installation, The Installed price Is Ihe only reliable basis of comparison In plumbing and healing. FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT To effectively relieve the Itching; burning discomfortof athlete's foot and to kill the fungi upon contact yw famous parnsltrddal Black and white Ointment as dressing to exposed surfaces, Soothing, cooling relief begins Bt once. Use with Black Bii3 White Skin Soap today. Try One of Our UeUclow PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Acrosi From Ulth Sch<Ml HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Snidery, and Guaranteed /\ very safe nint harmless method, without confinement lo bed. loss of time iroin work and with very little dis- comtort, All types of piles, fissures, fistulas, etc., treated by our office methods. ' 514 Main DRS. NIES'&NIES Btjrthevillt, Art «V BKUCK CATTON Courier i\'cu-s ^Vcshitigloa Corrcspuiuleiil WASHINGTON. April 18. —Unless Congress changes its minci and rcslores to the L.-ibor Board's appropriation bill the $45,600 which ivas to have paid the board's research division next year, the famous rinding in the "liuic steel" case may fall to the ground of its own weight. This was the biggest case Ihe board ever handled. The finding, just upheld by the Supreme Court, directs reinslu lenient and back pay for thousands of former Republic Steel strikers. But if the research division doesn't get it.s money, there will bo a big hitch. The job of seeing that ihe rind- ing is put. into effect is enormously complicated, and it's the research division thai has to do most of it. u plans to open five sub- regional offices and take on extra help, and figures Ihe job will take all summer. But the next. Fiscal year begins July 1, and as livings are now, the division's money will llu-n be cut oil. * * * CLAIMS MUSI' UK SIFTED I'rac:ical!y all of the strikers have been rehired by Republic, but the board claims lots of them goi poorer jobs than they used to have despite its ruling that the jote must, be "substantially equivalent" to the old ones, ao, for one thiiif, an intricate bit of job-analysis imfet be done for hundreds upon hi-ndreds of . individuals.' Besides that, Iherc's lh c back l>ay. Someone has lo liaurc out. who gels it. and liow much. Close to 10,000 men are: expected to ai>- I»JV - .... II (he.research division is crippled, there-won't be anybody lo do this job. For that matter, the "little steel" case probably wouldn't have been won in the first place without, the division's work. MUlll'llY AND JACKSON NUT TOO COKIMAL, Attorney General Jackson and his predecessor, Supreme .Court Justice Murphy, never were exactly Damon and Pythias. They've bern even less so since Jackson took over Ihe juslire Department. Latest indication of. this came when Senator Tobey accused the department of drafting a bill to make secret census data available to the FBI and to army and navy intelligence outfits. Jackson immediately pointed out 'that Justice had merely drafted Die bill at an unnamed official's request; then lie added, tartly, that anyway il was done under Murphy, and .that the bill "is not in accord .with the present policy of the Department of Justice." Thins; to remember about prc.s- ent legal scrap between Communists an the Dies committee, is that the party really in Ihe middle is lhc New Deal itself. A good part of the committee's c-ITurt lo lay bare parly membership rolls and gel a full story of everything Ihe party has been up to is due lo Ihe committee's conviction Ihaf for many years the Communists sot altogether too many favors from the Men- Den!. Chairman Dies has been' given some pretty amazing tips arid j raf | s; the I Quebec Is liter Capital Although cislit of the nine provinces' of C;III;H!;I have brewems, Ihe provinces of Quebec leads in output, with nearly 40 per cent ot the Dominion's animnl production. FREE BOOK EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PILES A new edition of an illustrated book has jifsl been published by the Thornton & Minor Clinic—the world's oldest institution specializing in the trentment of piles and other rectnl afflictions. This took explains why rectal disorders frequently, cause -such common .ill- ments as headaches ' nervousness, stomach nnd liver troubles. It points out the danger of neglecting even a minor case of pilos . . shows how malignant and incurable conditions may result. The mild treatment at Thornton .. Minor Clinic, by which more than 50.000 men and women have been relieved during .Ihe past 62 years, and which requires no IUK- pitalization or the use. ol radical surgery, is fully explained. If you arc afflicted, send for a copy of this frank and Informative book which will be sent you in plain wrapper absolutely free. Address Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 121fi. KM McCicc St., Knnsits City. Missouri. Rciul Courier News \tant ads WHAT TYPE BATHROOM & KITCHEN SHOULD WE HAVE? HOW SHALL I W HOME *N I AFFORD NEV HEATING &'PWtABlHG NOW? I J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Gradnate Optometrist in BlytheiiiUc. Glasses Fitted Correctly -WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For T'rompl Laundry ant) Cleaning Service FOR SALE H'p liavc rarload Pcdisrccil O. I'l. anil SUnr.villc ficcd. 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You'll ho.ictily approve l|ie ujf fill hack ledge, hflmlj' swinging ipout, itccp sink wells, gloaming Cliro- nrard Fittings, roomy com- p.nrtnicnts in the cabinets — nm\ nil Die oiEtcr features tint hnvo made 'Slcwdnrd'' sitiki, in whilt- nnd color, the rlioiccoflhoiisotidsof women, There's one to fit your needs jind purse prccisclyl Now VorJt'YVWM'3 Fair TKfE 44-PACl IOOKLITI BcoutitulLy illuiUaled. (hli in- ( totm alive booklet vull help you idcct Ihe right Hr»*inj nnil Plumbing for your horn*. Write to American Radiator k. Stand ant Sniutncy Corp., Pitti- burgh, Pa., for your fi** copj', or ttiVyour Keating anil Plumbing Contractor lo show you our cempteio catalogue. fUCt-IAVIKG (OfAl 80ft f»l (he right is No. 7 coal burning Ideal Bailer for delude performance nl budget cost. All Boilers OTC scientifically engineered lo provfda the highest heating result) ni lowest cp*l. 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