Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1935
Page 6
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d Aviator raraoi .._ Hail cofc*- II in ion BTiniAinTW>FTin1 BDm grata w [!n;i think. trtak* Isce. It 46 Unit of velocity. 48 MiObf note. 49 Eating Implement. $1 Birds. 53 Twice he — the globe in an airplane. 54 He was one VEftTlGAL 1 More cautious. % Goddess ot peace. 3 Burden, 4 Finish. 6 You. 7 Aperient. 5 Southeast. 9 Spigot. , .';}*<& dftlt. o( the world's 10 He started great —-s. as a -—. II It is s|ent. 15 Peoples. 17 Clan group. IS Ood of love. 20 Variety ot cabbage. 21 fiit. 23 To rage. 24 To blind. 26 His last flight was the • hop. 27 Money factory 29 Animal victim 31 Hammer head. 32 Beret. 33 Wigwams. 35 Oenuine. 37 Wise man. 38 Razor strap. 41 Lunar orb. 42 Fern seeds, 45 Spring. 47 Mine. 49 Spain. 50 Northeast. 52 Therefore. -4O 31 1 37 so 17 50 15 9 *w«!: 4-7 i 29 Rndlt! Rent It! Buy It! J S ' in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the ** r ' quicker you sell. "" *' ! 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For jeojnsecutive insertions, minim- 'V# 'inuin of 3 lines in one ad - - 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c ;<" J6 times, 5c line, min. 90c ,"V,J5 times, 3%c line, min. 52.70 . 5*A words to the line) J,NOTB— Want ads will be accepted i^tb' the 'understanding that the bitt is payable on presentation of ^lijrtcpicnt, before the first publi- , cation. l. Phone 768 New Hope Glenn Hatsfield and Truman Arrington visited friends at Morris the past week. Mrs. Leroy Head of El Dorado, Mrs. W. D. Watkins and Mrs. Reece Arrington of Washington, called on Mrs. D. P. Watkins, Saturday afternoon. Hendrix Hulsey of Hope was visiting in this community Sunday. Dexter Alfred called on Clifford Cox Sunday. Canley Pclk, James Murphy, Vick Alexander and Lester Watkins were hunting on Bear creek last Thursday, j Friends are glad to know that A. | J. Arrington, who has been ill for some time, is improving nicely. Sunday school begins at 10:30 each Sunday, everyone is invited to come and take part in studying Kocls word. NOTICE * NOTICE—We are now buying peas. Morife Seed Store. 5-12tc WANTED TO BUY or truck. Must be cheap lbs,'casb, % See J. D. Bearden, Washing- -3tp WANTED \WANTED: Reliable man to succeed J.'j?. -Young in North LaFayette Coun- ty.VAh opportunity to step into a well established business as Mr, Young has just'completed his llth year. Surety Contract required. Everything furnished but the car. Write J. A. Laws, c/O'The W. T. Rawleigh Company, Memphis, Tenn. 6-Stc Give Him a Billfold for Christmas. All kinds at all prices. John S. Gibson Drug Co, 3-6tc "•' ' / ' mm Money to Loan— MORTGAGES Legal Notice The re-assessment of benefits of Curb &. Gutter District No. 7 of Hope, Arkansas, and its Annex No. 1, has been filed.in my office this day, and same is now open for inspection. THIS 29th day of November, 1935. T. R. BILL1NGSLEY Clerk of the City of Hope, Ark. Nov. 29, Dec. 6. The re-assessment of benefits of Street Improvement District No. 11, and its Annex No. 1, of Hope, Arkansas, has been filed in my office this day, and same is now open for inspection. THIS 29th day of November, 1935. T. R. BILLINGSLEY Clerk of the City of Hope, Ark. Nov. 29, Dec. 6. < Borrow ?50 to 5250 from us at 6% on your furniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back in smali monthly payments. For full information see GREENING INSURANCE AGENCY. 20-26tc Just arrived a line of children Classic Books. 25c each. John S. Gibson Prug Co. 2-6tc SERV1CES"OFFERED "" ''Until the 10th OF DECEMBER Ws offer a beautiful 8x10 oil paint' jng at a IQW price. Also new high , auality frames. The Shipley Stwdio. 3tc The re-assessment of benefits of Curb & Gutter District No. 5 of the City of Hope, Arkansas has been filed in my office this day, and same is now open for inspection. THIS 29th day of November. 1935. T. R. BILLINGSLEY . Clerk of the City of Hope, Ark Nov. 29, Dec. 6. The re-assessment of benefits oi Street Improvement District No. 9 of the City of Hope, Arkansas, has bet;n filed in my office this day, and same- is now open for inspection. THIS 29th day of November, 1935. T. R. BILLINGSLEY Clerk of the City of Hope, Ark. Nov. 29, Dec. 6. SERVICES OFFERED-,Tree Surgery and, tree moving. Local recom* mendaUon. R. R. Cunningham, P. O. U27, Houston, Tex. 6-ltp FOR RENT i and Testaments. A large line for yc« to select from. John S. Gibson J>rug Co. 2-6tc FOR RENT — Five room house in good eondition. See Paul Cobb West yourth street. 5- ate FOR SALE FOR SALE—Horses and mules, Sea C. U. Button at Sutton and Hale Scr- vlee Station, Hope. Ai-k. 12-26tp FOR SALE—Eight desirable residence lots. Well located. Easy terms. P. E. Briant. 2-6tc ^ FOR SAlsE OR TRADE—Mares and mules. Bring in your stock. Let's trade. I'rn, ready. Brink your check book: Tom Carrel. 4-3tp FOR SALE&At a bargain, five room house, at 1308 South Main. Cash or terms. A. C. MoreJand, Phone 26. 5-3tp Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll Iwve a printing expert call on you, and you'll huvu an economical, high quality job. Whatever yout ucctlh, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes an Impression" HOUSE By AHERN dim WAY By WILLIAMS / Y£W, BUT 13 &OMWA WUftt , OF tHl 1 :)! Wl£ CXDW't K6EP YOUR IN HIS SECOND WITH OLSON, BAD NEWS •»IN\ UP, AN THfcNf Sfc N\Y -W6HV MICKEY CHIN TO -WNca TH N TO H£ ABOUT WMGM 1 KM6W (T— WE (WTGMD t WAS -ruetafc. I w UP ^7iM^ WAS-PLMTEN&t) VT Tf-T viP* HE oWLJNCj i , ust* A LI >«*si?.t-,L VOU LIKE THIS GAUL'S. VOU WA"& WAV TO US>G A LITTLE FpP, DIPLOMACV, WPLOMACV, IS CHIMES-WBUT IT'LL. HURT LIKG IT DOGS YOU, WMGN VOU KGTCM MG L. ***•• "**! AUL-AUD YOU KEEP QUIET ^J^iJSlW- /AOHE fL\6WTS ^y < LANTERN, YA-O^ AN^THEN L - AP£3 J LET VOU GO TOR A SWAN DIVE OVERTVT AS ^ BURKS CAN A P\LOT3 LICENSE/" P6HT1N6 ©1935BY NEA SERVICE.IKC. T. H. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF.^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hu'h? MEROE5 ARE HADE - ^OT BORKi . s i>»y NgA8Eiiyi«.mc. <z-< By MARTIN TUNT'S-TUE-<ROU5\_£ VM'E.H WOU PASS i OUT OAttSS -=>0 M=A<R \V1 A^AViCE \ 1'LU fa |© 1936 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M.«EG. 0. S. PAT. Of T^ O ALLEY OOP General Zoozoo's in Again By HAMLIN MAYBE I'M CGA7.Y, BUT IF THAT DIDN'T SOUMD LlkE MY KING TUMI'S VOICE» THEM MY NAME AINT •*!, 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. 1. M. REO. U. S.,P'~ "'f.. WASH TUBES A Two-Timer By CRANE /MERE'S HIS FORCSEP PASSPORT,uwpe/2> TME WAME OF BROWM. ME TO CUBA AMP LIVE LIKE A klSJO. CERTAINJLV MOT. BUT A RELAT/VE/lM CAHOOTS' WITM HIM, COULD TMEKJ SPLIT WITM T , PUF2TH£RMORE / BV IW6Uf2IM<5 HIS OWM LIFE A BIG SUM, AMP PLAVINJ<5 PGAP, HE FICSUCEP OW COLLECT!M6/KJOT DMLY" MIS BROTHER'S IMSURAKICE/ BUT HlSOWKl-A POUBLE FORTUME l 1»3t BY NEA ! E. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Treasure By BLOSSER LOOK' I GOLD COINS// LAND BELONGS TO THAT OLP MAN, AMD THISIG IS TIWKLING INSIDE ^ i H- ^ ^\V ////. V/HEN WE STARTED OM THIS MISSIOM OF MERCY, WE DIDN'T REALIZE WE'D STUMBLE ONTO A FORTUNE R>R THE OLD MAN .' WONT HE BE HAPPY.'/ / KWOW WHAT'S OR >6U, YOU'LL MENTION THIS GOSH , COLD CHILLS RUNNING UP AND DOWN ARE MINE TCO.' BOV! I THINK THE DIREC7TIONS THAT CAME 'MTH MY THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) High'Pressure Stuff By COWAN I AM HERE TO CONTACT \/ TWO DOZEN? POOH .'/ A YOUNG MAN FOR TWlS \IN WY DftY, I NEVER S TERRITORY-A. UVE,UP-AND-\ AM ARTICLE THAT I AT-'E^A SALESMAN CAN SCLLJ COULDN'T SELL A GROSS TWO DOZEN OF THESE THEY DON'T UAVE SALEfAEN, NOWADAYS, LIKE TWE OUD-T^E DQUCAMERS-TUEY WROTE 5ONC» < o ABOUT US.'TW&YOUN& FELLAS, WHO CALL, THEMSELVES SALESMEN, COULDN'T SELL LIFE PRESERVERS SINKING THEY NEVER I THET FIRNV ENLARGED, ANY J V/HILE WINDY WAS WITH THEKv, WAS TWE COfWPlNNT CF US OLD-TIN^RS COULD I TALK THE SHIRT RIGHT OFF THE BACK OP \ ANY ONE OF TUESE YOUNG SNORTS, \ AN' THEN SELL HUA TME SWRT.'WE SOLD BRAINS ' l \ * ' ' ' ' I'T*. I ' it t',1 MS BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. R6Q. U.

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