The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1940
Page 3
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iMQNPAY, APP.IT, 22, 194ft Paints Stars' Faces On. molliw and father nlso of Dyon- <*WR.Y COCIKIKR NEWS Classics For Money And FniJ? . Nell Rlcldtck Is recovering ufler I being sick for several days from severe uax!) on ]»>r \ ff ' Mr. Ozmenl has Iwn" returned to Ms IIOJHC nt Tyler niter undergoing tmilmem ni :i Memphis Musjjilnl lor hta.'oiifc'lis. lie Is now lipjiroveil. -Mrs. j. w. HI-HO is a patient 'in the Soiitliw'.sl Missouri Hospital Hi Cape Glrnr.1wiu, where Mu> underwent mi operailun on her n , wc A Ini-Kc number oj friends which Included Mr. mid Mrs. Slim-, Mlclile, T. C. Hpflsley mid members of lu'v family Imve visited her (ho falter |)iir( of the week. Mr. and Mrs. A. n. Derkhiiiii, Mrs. P. E. Waters mid Mr. s , Able Ituslilin; .spoilt. .Siindu.v ni .siir.M'uii, TViin., will. Mr. mid Mrs U J I'ilts. Cecil Drown took Ills fnllier J. II, i own to Joncsfooio lust week for mi'dicnl treatment nnd IjoMi re- iim'fi the siiine day mm (ho elder l'. Nroan Is m'ovci'lnt; slowly. •Mrs. Katie Hell young has n- tmnod |o her home lu Cooler after |> vlsli In Oiuuiujtoii, Hid,, with I"'' 1 sMw, Mrs. ,u A. i i[l( ,|;er. War Halts Importation Of European Dolls TOUT U'OIHU Tex. nll>i-F 1, n? n 'r''\T, '""' " !>1 "' < ' 1 " 1 >' t '"-' i «"' '" l "''l>m»I! Hie ,.,<>,, «•],„ OU1S , »<ii'.s Ui liurope, II »,„.,, ,(,„ ,, w j» Oils and doll ,„„.,., l() ,,,,., I vountiy f r o ln nijvoud. "AiiKTlenn-niiuk' dolls are bet lor. Mid I,cn!ti8er, "init innny < oils nrc rcpnlwi mid handed down from jjcnenillon to generation. Most dolls orlitlimlly sold In Auicik'u ram,, from Cieruinny or other Knru|ie«n coiuirles und (Ho owners wain (0 i^,,, iht-ni Indiel for yeui'M to eonie." Hut wurs hull that. wires on Imported doll pan* already me up 50 per rent. U'tiiliitjcr h«s rcpulreil utmost '•very kind of doll hi Uip 2C> yearn Dun )>,• IHIS oju-dKcrt ri "doll hos- IpUnl" hi'H>. W. C. fields By 1'AUL HAKUISON NEA Service Stsfl Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, April ]<j. _ A red-headed artist with a malicious sense of humor is getting a .| 0 t. O f Inn out or his hobby of caricaturing v Hie movie stars. Considerable | money, too, because il a ii actor doesn't want to buy his portrait Ins Mends usually bid for it. John Decker's trick is transposing the face of a living subject to the body of somebody in a famous painting. Currently 'the town is snickering at Decker's "Victoria iZcgina" because the face is thtit of bulbous-.mozzled W. C. Fields Similaily Hie head of Hnrpo Marx tops the figures of (lie elegant "Blue Boy"; Greta Garbo is Raphael's "Moim Lisa"; Mickey Roo- ncy's tougli mug is set on a Van Dyke foppish boy's figure. The artist won't do these cari- cattirc-mmposilpK according . 0 any ideas but his own. Imt the stars usually like 'em. First one he did here ivns George Arliss as Whistler's portrait of Qarlylc—a huge .canvas that Arliss put over .his. fireplace Next he painted the Marx Brothers' —when Zeppo was still with the Bang—as Rembrandt's Burgomeis- lers. They were so delighted that i they ordered four additional copies, one as n gift for Director Norman J. McLeod. Groucho .says h.» built his new home around his picture FIELDS BALKS AT MUCK Fields wants his Queen Victoria portrait hut hesitates to uiiy the; price, though he was an excited &>'.i-f', :il Ui2 unveiling held in Gene Decker's latest. Fowler's office the other day. It was yuite a ceremony, vvilli two studio- costmned sailors hauling a Unio-! Jack off the picture while a third' fired a one-gun salute that just missed Leo McCarey's office. Sir! Cedrlc Hardwlcke was so entranced ! with the work that he ordered a i Jiiinatme. It's impressively framed in gilt, filigree and kept in a wliile- and-gilt case with the cover inscription: "W. o. Fields as Victoria Reglrni by sir John De=kar. R. A. "i kni-ntcd myseii ,or that " me irtist explained casually. DECKER I'AINTS IN' ANY STYLE Decker Is so clever at copyin^ old masters that he once buugai a long-coveted Modiglmni, sight, un- seej;, nnd found on delivery that it was one he had done himself, fie isn't any slouch at oiigimis, <.«,,..,had n oue : mau show here recently' Alan Mowu'ray collects Deckers ami has 32 of them now. Lately he lias tried his luii:d in mpvie, poster art—did that "Swiss Family Robinson" one you've been seeing everywhere. He also re-, produces famous works of art for the elaborate movie colony homes or he'll obligingly do serious portraits in the style of any O f the masters. Many a client has pointed to a Decker-created likeness and find, -That's me—by Reubens." An executive who selected Van Dyke's style as the one in which he wanted lo be immortalized never could remember the celebrawa name, and during every party ii°'d u'ii'Plione Decker to ask, "Say who was that guy who p.iinte.f.iner Steelc-Cooter Society—Persona! Hostess To Parly Mrs. T. A. Haggard, Mrs. Lcvon Earls nnd Miss Eugenia Jenkins were hostesses to a party last, week in honor of Miss Mary Newt Carr who is moving from here in the nenr future. After a very pleasant cveninq of various games the guests of honor were ijresenleel a miscellaneous shower after which, refreshments ol fruit salad, criickers, white frosted cakes with name. Mary Newt, written on top, and collce, were served. Hostess To ISridge Luncheon Mrs. Marvin Willis was hostess to a party Thursday night when she had her bridge club and the following guests, Mrs. Floyd Wag- sler, Mrs. Gns Cooper, and Mrs. Glynn White as gucsls. The seven o'clock luncheon, which consisted of pine.ipple cheese stiiad, crackers, pickles, olives, pecnn pie and iced drinks, was served in the home of Mrs. f.cwis Lester, after which bridge was played until eleven o'clock. The high score guest prize went to Mrs. White who was presented guesl towels. Mrs. Tom Lewis received club high award cards. Miss Dorris Uarnett received second liigh award costume pewelry and Mrs. Lester brldgoed and received i an apron. Miss Bnraett is entertaining the club this week. * * » Tuesday liridgc Club entertained At llermondalc Mrs. Elwood Scoot of Hcrmon- dale entertained her Tuesday nrictge club of Stcelc at her home last week when she also had Mrs. Miischell Hhmra and a lady Ironv Hcrmondale as guests. 'llie high score prize at bridge went to Mrs. Leyon Earls, second Ingli to Mrs. Robert Steele, Jr. The hostess served chicken salad on lettuce, crackers, sliced tomatoes, strawberry shortcake and Iced drinks. Fred Vaughn who has been a patient in (he Memphis Baptist, hospital for several daw in n seri- ous condition was returned lo his home in Cooler the latter part of the week in an ambulance and is recovering as fast ns can be expected. Mrs. Vaughn, who has been laying with him. returned home also. Mrs. Cecil Weingiield underwent nn operation at the Blylheville nospilal Saturday and her condition is as well as can be expected. She had teen a patient h, the ncspilal for a week. Mrs. Richard «S, Mrs. Alice Hiddlck Mrs Cluster Taylor and Mrs . ' Mncr Ashcraft visited her Saturday atl- CIIIOll. Mrs. John Roberts was returned to her home in Holland the Jailer part of the week from the Baptist hospital In Memphis where she has been under treatment Her condition is unimproved. Clifton Jones nnd son. Larry O l Uyersbnrg, Venn., spent last week c ' 1(i "5° ,«'«'• i™ sister-in-law, Mrs. Cluster Taylor and f a:n ily j He ivns also accompanied by his STANDARD TIRES MD T0«t OLt TIU uo-a cso-n tOTHEB SIZ*S »*OPORTIONATE1Y At Today's LOW PRICES! M e Per Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th iv.lnn| Pbone ,„ As Low As l.nofc I'n-scid Only Onc« PASADENA. (Jill (UP)-To avoid it collision wllli a truck, Lurry M Iliiyes, 17, clrlvliiif 11 cnr with seven oilier Junior collegis Ktudenl.s In it .sliiiiuiK-il his brakes, swerved to U)i! rlitllt m'jii iato a dllch, lw cnr turning over Ilircc (lines In I'ninc out iitiliiin. A mile fur- 111".')' on, IIP sifliijicd out i\l n drive- in ix'sintiniiu. sll|i]X'd, fell and broke nil tinn, Recently constructed for n Cen- trnl Ami'i'li-mi ,,n frelghi coiiipnny wn? n lanit, capable of holding Coo Billions of fuel oil, inside one of tlio trlmotor planes DON'T SLEEP WHEN GAS PRESSES HEART If you can't eat, or s;ccp because ens boats you up try Adlerika. One dose usually relieves pressure DIJ Heart from stomach gas due to constipation, Adlerika cleans out. "OIII bowels; Klrby Bros. DIUK Co., and liobiuson's Drug Co. •• wa m &j/*x«; •iftl C?-*rf m - _EI-UTEX 5i-larex (siiol (uied wilhlolex) ilays nrm;pltan1. W MATTRESS An Amazing Comfort Discovery.' 94 A MONTH, Down Payment, Carrying Charge FIRST and ONLY AT WARDS! You've never NEVER HA^V!^ bcforc ' because THERE THISRIi-ronr?r- EN A MATT «ESS LIKE nil w • i o', St ' WC built n healthful, rest-- ful 3 2-coil unit! 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