Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1935
Page 4
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''' - ''' ' ^' ' note a*A», ftorti iSnpAg," tn IQiKIL a? a 000® H0Si» HU rassiw HEira aura Eiarai Rial* BUR] E 1W«itie« gins spring HHRfl aia E6 Ol MEM r mtg 1 I DELILAH 46 Spain. 4t Like 43 Half an em 50 Road. .»»«, 61 Eye ,«.) > 5-! Anesthetic. V ' 57 Data. 59 S molding. GO Pitchers. 61 Memorized role. undermine 63 He is the new tGtfd'ot sky. — -— of Canada. god. VERTICAL 2 Foretoken. 3 Pigs. 4 Snouts. s 5 Public auto. . 6 To untwist,, 7 To applaud. S Long walks, SMnil! 10 Compass point. 5" Form of "be." 13 He has been in 6S Neither, for 53 King of some time. Bnshan. 16 To Welt. , ; , 62 Deity IS Bulk. 20 To pilide. 22 Harbor. 24 To free if> Series of efllcnl events. 27 More loyal. 29 Bap. 30 Self 31 Carried. 34 God of war 35 Small shield ,1S Musical note. 40 South America 42 Father. 44 Upon. 4fi Stilt pole. 48 Obsei-ved. 49 Gaelic. 50 Chestnut. 51 Reverend * (abbr.). C3 Honey gatherer 55 One and one. 66 Unit of work. 59 ,Jk 41 52 19 Oo 1 34 -48 27 43 35 29 J56 30 31 iriore than a dozen of the 2000 ^ of, private aircraft in the Iffnited States have private airports. JMS rest pay storage fees ranging from S£ta $35 a month. 4 >ind It! Rent It! Buy It! the Hope Star PLACE riember, the more you tell; the quicker you seH. " 1 time, lOc line, mih. 30c jFor consecutive insertions, minim- 'f~ ' mum of 3 lines in one ad ( '>, 3'times, 6c line, min. 50c ^' 6 times, 5c line, min^ 90c r ( 26 times, 3%c line, min. 52.70 * '/(Average 5l4 words to the line) '*,>'{' ,ITOTE—Want ads will be accepted vttth the' understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of u statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 Antioch NOTICE ;\i,NiOTICE—We are now buying peas. IhMohts Seed Store. 5-12tc sK. ' , , _ WANTED TO BUY car or truck. Must be cheap 'cash. See J. D. Bearden, Washing- f.ton,-Ark. -3tp WANTED !'' f- J Him a Billfold for Christmas. , at'all;prices. John S. Gib- Cq.^;V : ~\ .'•'.. ' 3-6tc Money to Loan— MORTGAGES 'Borrow$50 to ?250 from us at 5% on your furniture, automobile, or other j)-*sonal property. Pay it back in small monthly payments. For full information see GREENING INSUR- . ANCE AGENCY. 20.26tc Just arrived a line of children 11 * Classic Books. 25c each. John S Gibson Drug Co. 2-6tc W. E. McFarlandJ. returned home Saturday, November, 22 after a three Weeks visit to His cnildren, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McFarlaiid, Elton, Miss Hattie Mae and ,J._ W. McFarland of Edenburg, Texas. Mrs. Grady ''• Goxvvell . and little daughters Marjuritfr and Remona Ruth left Thursday for Phoenix, Ariz., where they will make their future home. We will miss them in our community, but wish'them good luck in .their new. home; r •* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edwards 'of : Prescott spent''Sunday with Mrs. Bell .Jones. ' • .". J. W. Ferguson.qt. .rrescott spent Friday night with Irnon Cook. I Mrs. Wilson Prescott and daughter j of Hope visited. Mrs. W. W. Mahon J Sunday. Henry Hickey and little son called on Lee Cock Sunday afternoon. Miss Cleo Douagn was dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dougan Sunday. ., i Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cook visited Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hall and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coleman in Hickory Grove community, Wednesday. Messers Carl. Mohon and Dovine Formby of . Artisia' community are spending this week with W. W. Mohon making syrup. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Dougan of Prescott returned home Saturday after spending a few days with his parents, Mi-, and Mrs. Rich Dougan. Douglass Dougan and parents motored to Hope Sunday afternoon and spent a few hours with Mr. and Mrs. Will Hardin. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cook attended services at Pleasant Ridge Thanksgiving and reported a good service and excellent dinner. J. R. and Ora Dougan spent Saturday night with Birtha Mae and H. F, Hickey. Miss Rachel Prescott and little sister attended Sunday school at this place Sunday. * Robert, Gene and-Peggie Ann Edwards attended. Sunday school here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Adams and children and Mrs. Nancy Jacks spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Campbell. SERVICES OFFERED ""Until the 10th OF DECEMBER We offer a beautiful 8x10 oil paint- Ing at a low price. Also new high quality frames. The Shipley Studio. 3tc FOR RENT Bibles and Testaments. A large line S'for you to select from. John S. Gib- i/i-._ »» fi- 2-6tc FOR RENT — Five room house in good condition. See Paul Cobb West "Fourth street. 5- 3tc FOR;SALE FOB SALE— Horses and mules, See B, H. Button at Button and Hale Ser- Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp FOP SALE— Eight desirable resi- lots. Well located. Easy terms. 2-6tc SALE OB TRADE— Mares and guiles. Bring in your stock. Let's trade. I'm ready. Brink your check fcook. Tom Carrel. 4-3tp '"fdp SALE&At a bargain, five room Ijouse, at 1508 South Main. Cash or to!PS. A. C. Morejand, Phone 26. 5-3tp "" LOST " LOJST— Between Hope and Hosston (55fi Highway No. 4 one cuit case containing men's clothing. Return to the ' Hope Star or notify Clarence Key, 401 Di*oa St., Magnolia, Ark. 3-3tp Want It Printed We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. What' ever your needs, we can serve there. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing Tbat Makes an BOARWNG MOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS TH\S tS T STOP CLCWN1NC3, AND GRAB THE "BOUNDER ' ABOUND ON TtftHlN LA«TT\MEj ., M GONNA &WIN6 TWAN1 A — — THfeN 1'IVS GONNA TOSS SOU OUT ON YOLTLL. WRITE YOUB OWNJ WITH YQUlft I THEN WBMT ON A SOLO "FUGHT . T. M. nee, u. a, PAT, orgy BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Poor Steve By MARTIN ALLEY OOP *S:o A Suspicion Flowers in Fertile Soil .© 1935_8Y NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U ; S. PAT. Off •Igy By HAMLIN OOP.TRI5 15 A SPECIAL JOB PER YOU AN'ME -AM' WE'VE WO TIME T'LOSE ESCAPED? THAS WHAT DINOSAUR WASH TUBES Easy Explains 935 Bt NEA SERVJCE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. HOYKAWOW.' I WONDER IF THIS JAIL BREAK HAD ANYTHING TOO WITH .-FOOZV'S STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE ... ^B> «**A»* U r v ^ SLIPPERY BIGGER EASV. JOMM SkEET/ OWCE THOU6HT SUILT^ I5,IW REALITY, 'SPECIAL iWESTldATOfi i FOR PARI MUTUAL LIFE. V. , BUlt L-6EE ^VTHAT'S WHAT HE WANTED US TO T(o l_J r 1* v^jt-w. v i n/^ P ^x » »• if " ii w^ » »*—v ^ > — ^ —«•••*• - — > • t,-»,.. W1Z' : : L TI-IOU6HT AHE PURPOSELY CREATEP A RUMPUS OVER 'SLIPPERY BI66ERJTHAT FAkE TREASURE TO MAkE US WAS DEAD. _>^-—7 TRIWk HIS LIFE WAS IU PAM6ER, "THEM HE DISAPPEARED, LEAVIM6 REP INK SPOTS ON HIS^ BED....DRIFTED HERE ON) AM IMFLATED INMER TUBE, AMD, OKI THE FOLLOWING Ml6Hi; RETURIOED TO CALAMITY ISLE IM THIS OUTBCARD, AND SHOT "- BROTMFR. By CRANE KJATURALLV/ SIMCE WE>\ THOU6HT HE WAS PEAC WE PIPM'T SUSPECT -tHIM OF THE CRIMEA/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SB A Discovery By BLOSSER IF WOTrHING OW THAT MAN, WNDNESS SOFTEN HIM A BIT " PLAWTIWQ THIS CHRISTMAS TREE IS • A SWELL IDEA... HE PROBABLY WON'T WO- TICE IT'S HERE...THEM, OM CHRISTMAS EVE,WE CAW DECORATE ITAW' SURPRISE HIM,'/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom^ Pop) THINK THIS HOLE IS DEEP EMOUQH 2 MAKE IT A LITTLE DEEPER ,TO TAKE THE ROOTS .' HEX DID YOU HEAR SOMETHING ? ^ LOOK, NUTTY.' IT'S AN IRON BOX.'/ GOSH, MAYBE THIS IS THE SPOT WHERE CAPTAIW KIDD BURIED HIS CHEST// A Treat for Windy By COWAN LAZV LUMMOX AINT NWRTU UIS SALT' : I SEEN A WEEK TRYIN' YGET H^ TTMRCW , OUT THIS EA5KET OP OLD SHOES .'AU, HE ,t>oes is STANC^ AROUND wo BLDW- TO VE5 SI^CATRSH, WE NOT FO LIKE FIVE MEAL A AUTHORITIES GENERALLY AGREE TIW N\EN EW TOO WOULD BE. PLENTY / CATFISH , N\Y BOY, YER SOFTENIN 1 UP-\MHY,^ WWEN I WAS SURVEY1N' IN THE PUNJA.B,WE LOST OUR SUPPLY TPA1N. PER TWO WEEKS W£ DIDNT EAT-DID WE GET PfcNtCKY ? NO SIR I WE COULD TAKE IT .' WE TIGHTENED OUR BELTS AND SMILED AT DEATH-AT LAST, IN DESPEJWION ,WE WADE A STEW OUT OF OCR BOOTS, AND TWAT WAS ONE OP THE tYXOST DELICIOUS MEA.LS I EVER ATE ? OKAY, MR. LEATHER STONSW.H HERE'S YOUR WiEKfe SUPPLY OF GWOCERVES f / ^ i-JvV

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