Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1935
Page 3
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, - ; ^ & , ^ I r * "* * ^ 1 !fJ ! ^ tt 1 ^ ' r - * * -* ^lto December 6,1936 Mfg. Sid Henry Telephone 821 On fa Christmas It's getting on to Christmas! The old charm Is in the air; The lips of love are whispering their secrets everywhere. And how the wide world over the tender hearts and true Arc Blotting all the pretty deeds their pocket books can do. It's getting on to Christmas, rich and poor and high and low Are gazing in the windows now with eyes that fairly glow, And all the Wide world over the lovely grandmas gray. Arc busy knitting pretty shawls they're going to give away. Oh, there are weeks when selfishness arid bitterness arc rife, And days when hate and malice seem to mar the charms of life. But getting on to Christmas all Ihe old smiles reappear, And the bmlustering world tunw kindly at the closing of the year. — Selected. The Cemetery Association will meet Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. E. S. Greening East Second street. Dr and Mis W. G Allison have as .then week 'end house guest. Mrs. cCntc Embiee of Newton, N J Circle No. 4 of the W. M. S., First Methodist church will serve chili, pickles, pic and coffee, Friday noon and evening at the church, all for 25c. Q- Inlo'rwii seems to "grow with each mcct.ng of the Bay View Reading club in its study of American literature, and on Wednesday afternoon at the LADIES SPECIALT Our Sun-Mon-Tucs show, "Mutiny on the Bounly" is so long lhal we arc ihowmg only ONE j-how at Matinee da Night, pm £9j|nances,. . so»don't irnis reading the schedule!.. nQw Every thrlllable , | syllable of thine hit songs Is for you, Iqdy In Olng'j blggeil, bonniest >how. home of Mrs. R. M. LaGrono on North Heivey street Mrs. Hugh Smith presented a very inspiring Christmas program, bring out masterpieces in song, prdse and poetry of American writers. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. E. E. White, the minutes of the previous meeting read by the secretary, Mrs. Fred R. Harrison. Roll call responses were bright and pithy quotations from American writers. Mrs. Smith introduced her program with a short talk on literature relating to Christmas naming our best-loved poets and atuhors writing classics on the story of the Christ Child. Mrs. E. E. Whito read n splendid paper telling of the beginning of Christmas, the season of joy and cheer. Mrs. Smith further discussed Christmas as expressed in some of our bestlovcd poems, v;ith Mrs. Wallace R. Roger reading some of the more familiar ones. With Mrs. LaQrone accompanying, Mrs. Rogers also sang, "O, Little Town Of Bethlehem," the song that seems to reach our hearts, when we harken back to the beautiful story of the Star of Bethlehem and the Babe bom in tho manger. That most popular editorial that ever'appeared in the New York Sun, entitled ''Is There a Santa Claus?" was read by Misr, Mamie Twitchell. This beautiful program closed with the singing of "Silent Night," the only digression from American literature, within which, how ever, no Christmas program ii. complete. While the club was still under the charm of Christmas the French doors of the reception room were thrown open and in bounded tho roundest, jolliest most genial Santa Claus, ever experienced in our more youthful days, with the proverbial sack of gifts on his back. In the distribution of gifts, Santa showed an intimate knowledge of each member "skeleton" in his closet of personality, causing much fun and merriment, so that the passers by could easily know that '"Twas Getting On To Christmas.' The fun increased as the gilts were opened, and the season was on. the Christmas Spirit was born again in the hearts of the Bay View Reading club and its visitors. Following the program, the hostess assisted by Dr. Etta Champlin, Mr. Fred R. Harrison and Mrs. S'id Henry served a delicious desert course with hot coffee. Appreciated guests were Mrs. M. H. Barlow and Mrs. Kate Embrec of Newton, N. J. The next meeting will be held on January 1, with Mrs. Steve Carrigan Jr., as hostess and Mrs. J. A. Henry leading the program on the First National Period of American Literature. Miss Mildred Johnson of this city underwent an appenditicis operation in a Tcxarkana, hospital Wednesday, her condition is'reported'as being satisfactory. | Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Denmark were Wednesday visitors in Tcxarkana. The December meeting of Circle No. 4 of the W. M. S., First Methodist church was held at 'the beautiful country home of Mrs. R. T. Briant on the Spring Hill road, with Mrs. J. O. Milam as joint hostess. Twenty members responded to the roll call. The meeting was conducted by the leader, Mrs. Minor Gordon and opened with 'he singing of a hymn followed by a very helpful devotional by Mrs. John \rnold who based her remarks on the 13th chapter of St. Matthew. A very interesting program on "Little Stories ^l Our Work," was presented by Mrs. T. B. Koonce, assisted by Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs, L. W. Young, Miss Mamie Briunt ind Mrs. Leon Buncly. Mrs. Edwin 'Varcl read excerpts from the Bullc- '.in. During the business period, , plans were completed for a chili > •erving in the church dining room on ? riday noon and evening. The rneel- ng closed with the hymn, "Blest Be he Tie That Binds." During the so- la I hour, the ho.stes.se.s served a most 'empting salad course. Popular Grove 10G, Supreme' Forest = MO" N~fl5 ; For E = P O R K—B E E F i i IT'S Better, Safer, | E Cheaper and Easier = IMONTS SEED STORE= • Hope, Ark. : Woodmen Circle met on Tuesday evening at Ihe' Woodman Hall tin. South Main street, the regular busi- ncsa waS dispatched, with MTB. Eva t>. Taylor presiding. Plans were discussed for the district convention which Is to be held In this city on January 1, 193D. Representative!) from the Groves at Stamps, Texarkann, Aahdown, Nashville and Harmony are expected to attend this convention, which is to bo an all-day meeting and an open meeting at 8. The drill team from Tcxarkonn will do special work. With the Young People, sponsored by Mrs, Hugh Jones in charge of the rsrogram, the Lottie Moon Week of Prayer was led on Wednesday evening at the First Baptist church. The program subject was "Christmas For Christ" and opened with the son, "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.' 1 Pol- lowed by the devotional by Miss Melba Lee Russell. Miss Marthn Ann Singleton had a vory beautiful discussion on "Christmas for Christ." \ reading entitled "Our Missionaries Happy In Telling the Story," was given by John Lee Womack. A violin duet, "Silent Night," was played by John Robert and Ophelia Hamilton, with Mrs. Robert Campbell at the niano. Mi.ss Jmogenc Taylor told the s>tory of the "Magic Christinas Tree." followed by the story, "The Unexpected Guest,"-told by James Sandlin, with prayer by Mrs. Wallace R. Rogers. Miss Frances Snyder, accompanied by Mrs. Rogers sang "0 Little Town of Bethlehem." The program closed with a prayer by Mrs. Nathan Harbour Ihe Paisley P.T. A. December meeting was held at the Paisley school on Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs. J. O. Kylcr presiding. A very inspiring devotional was Riven by Rev. Wallace R. Rogers. The program chairman was Mrs. Minor Gordon, who presented Misses Pcugy McMeill, Matilda McFaddin and Betty Ruth Coleman in uiano numbers and Misses Marian Mouscr and Jessie Clarice Brown in rcadinos. Plans were discussed for the Brockwoscl Christmas Exchange and the sale of Tubercular seals. Thirty- eight members were present, with Mrs. Wilts room leading. The Brookwood P. T. A. Exchange will be in the rear end of the old Rcphan building on South Main street. Those contributing articles for the exchange, will please bring them Monday morning. Your co-operation will be preatly appreciated by the P. T. A's. Call Mrs. Bernard O'Dwyer for further details. Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Warren Jr., and children, Patsy and Billy III, of Fort Smith, will arrive Friday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Warren Sr. The Sunshine Boys, radio stars, KWKH Shreveporl, La., will present a program at the city hall Monday December 9, at 7:30. This program will bo sponsored by the Junior Young Womens Missionary Society of the Methodist church. Admission 10, 15 ami-25 cents. , The Cotillion club will entertain at a benefit bridge at 3 o'clock, Friday afternoon at the New Capital Hotel. The proceeds will be applied on the Christmas charity fund. For reservations, phone. Miss Louise Hanegan, No. 46. Hope Chapter No. 32S O. E. S. will meet Thursday night ut 7:30 at the Masonic hall. A full attendance is urged by the worthy matron and remember to bring your quilt blocks. — ^* O *»• Unemployed Total Put at 11 Million Government Reveals Its Semi-Official Figures for First Time Good Crowd Turns Out for Amateurs Interest in Fair Park Boxing and Wrestling Matches Picks Up Fair park wrestling shows which had dropped to a low ebb the pas' four weeks were partly revived Wednesday night with a mixed program o 'innteur wrestling and boxing. Two professional wrestling matcher Iso were on the card, Approximately 175 fans turned outr- the largest attendance in the past four" weeks—giving rise to the belief that FJope fans desire amateur perform- anccs about as well as professional fights of the type that has been demonstrated in recent weeks. The show ojlencd with a fierce} :hree-round boxing malch between Sattling Siki, clowning Hope negro, ind Nathan Logan, brickyard mauler., With a shower of punches to the face and head, Logan had Siki bloody •md groggy before the first round was up. In the second round Logan ilammcd a cross a hard right to the face that sent Eiki sailing through the •opes. Siki picked himself up from the ground and climbed back into the ring at the count of nine. Logan con- inucd his savage attack and sent Siki o the floor again for the count of line. At this point Referee Will Ed (Wolfie) Waller stopped the fight and gave Logan the decision as a techni- •al knockout. Next on the program was a 20-min- Mtc amateur wrestling match between Bert Mauldin and Carl Woodruff, both local products. From the ringside it appeared that both put out all they 'iacl. They battled to a draw. The match was pleasing to the fans. In'the semi-final professional wrestling bout, Billy McEuen took two straight falls over William McEnnis. Nothing exciting happened. Bob Montgomery won over Donald McNaught in Ihe final event Mont- ornery forced McNaughl to yell "calf •ope" with a punishing scissors in the ! r?t round. IVTcNaught came back, roughed it up bit in the second round, then Mont- •omery retalialed with a body back '.-end thai ended Ihe show. Facts About Forestry District Forest Rangers Office—Unit 9 Did you know that dipping stock, "H haphazard woods burning, controls icks? There are actually fewer ticks i shady woods than in open burned ,-oods expose dto the sun. Did you know that the Boll Weevil 'libernates near the cotton fields, very o'dom in the woods? In the spring it -eldom travels over 200 feet to the "inkls. The Quail (Bob White) is the •'nlural enemy of the Boll Weevil. Woods burning destroys the young, •ifsts, and cover of the bird. Did you know that Man causes 98 •rr cent of the forest fires in Arkan- ns? ifternoon. Mrs. Horace Pye has been on the -ink list but is greatly improved at 'his writing. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Huskey and 'auditors Marjorie and Patricia Ann ••ere Sunday guests of his parents, T 'v and Mrs. J. R. Huskey. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ward and fam- 'ly, Mr. and Mrs. Cobown Urrey and •Inuphter Flois, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Loe ind Mr. Webster enjoyed a hickory nut hunting Sunday. Ceutwlllc The ConterViUe Demoiwtratldh club met Monday Decefnbci- 2 at the hoflie of MM. 0. A. Llhaker, with 14 mett\* herd and several visitors present, Mrs. Pearl Campbell led the devotional using the 100th Psaltn followed with prayer by. Mrs. Willie Pant A very interesting demonstration was •jiVen on different kinds of cookies by Miss Alford. After the social hour the .hostess lerved delicious ice box cookies, andwiches and tea. The next meeting will be with Mrs. John Soynes, Jah* ury 6. Prescott Items Mrs. Lee Gentry announces the marriage of her daughter, Ressie, to Gien 2armica) of Hope, the wedding having jeen solemnized Wednesday November 3, at Arkadelphla. Mr. and Mrs. Carmical will be at home in Hope after January 1. Mrs. Martin Pool and son, Martin Jr., of Hot Springs, were guests Wednesday of .Mr. and Mrs. Colyer. Cox. -Mrs. Carl Dalrymple of El'"Dorado s the guest of her parents, Dr. arid Mrs. A. S. Buchanan. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Knowlton and sen, Alfred .Fudge, left Tuesday'for rlarrison, Ark., where they will make •heir home. The Nevada County Home Demonstration Agent's schedule the balance of December is as follows: Monday, Dec. 9—Redland Home Demonstration club will meet at the club house at 2 p. m. The demonstration will be on first aid. Bluff City 4-H club will'meet at 10:30 a. m. Redland 4-H club will meet 1 at 1 p. m. Tuesday, Dec. 10—Willisville Home Demcnstration club will meet with Mrs. E. L. Holloway at 1:30 p. m. Wednesday, Dec. 11—Nubin Hill Home Demonstration club will meet with Mrs. Helen Stuart at 2 p. m. Boughton 4-H Club will meet at 10: 30 a. m. Thursday, Dec. 12—Rosston Home Demonstration club will meet with Mrs. L. L. Middlebrooks at 2 p. m. Rosston 4-H club will meet at 1 p. m. at the school house. Willisville 4-H Club will meet at 10 a. m. Friday, Dec. 13—Cale Home Demonstration club will meet at the Home Economics Cottage at 2 p. m. Cale 4-H Club will meet at 1 p. m. Saturday, Dec. 14—Office. Bankers Informed F.D. Debt Is Safe Nation Could Stand 66 to 70 Billions, They Told President WARM SPRINGS, Ga.-(/p)-President Roosevelt suggested Tuesday that a look at the financial journals during the banking crisis of 1933 might be helpful in seeking to identify the bankers who said the nation could stand an emergency debt of 55 to 70 billion dollars. He was asked what bankers he was refering to when he said in his Atlanta speech that some leading financiers had told him such a huge emergency debt could be safely incurred. Mr, Roosevelt said he had a list of bankers and some letters but had received no request for making them public and had no intention of doing so. The president kept his regular semiweekly press interview on the roadside en route to his Fine mountain cottage. j He said he expected to have most of the speech to be delivered next Monday before the American Farm Bu- I reau Federation at Chicago ready before he leaves here Sunday but probably not entirely. Rocky Mound ' There will be a pie supper here at the school house Friday night December 6. The proceeds will be for the benefit of the small school chil* dron. The public is invited to attend, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jordan of Wichita, Texas, spent last week with his parents Mr. and Mrs, Andy Jor* dan. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. fi6gers, D6rij Yarberry, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Rogers and baby spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Bearden and family. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wright called on Mi-, and Mrs. Dale Hunt Sunday afternoon. __ Mr. and Mrs. Cecil; Rogers and little daughter Mary Alice 'spent Sunday with her parents of New- Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunt spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hunt. Mr. arid Mrs. Benjott Huddleston of Hopewcll called on Mr..arid Mrs. E. O. Rogers Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Grady Williams and little daughter spent Saturday night with relatives of Fail-view. Mrs. Luther Mitchell spent Monday afternoon with her John Sill Jordan, Camilla Dutra, pet»p«*y I of Vaccaria, Brazil, eats no.I days on end and yet de£tof« * _ her say she moves about dally hold chores without tiring. , Freedom from present restrli buy foreign exchange for wtw>i < is requested in a memorial'seftt v idettt Getulio Vargas of BraSll V. Rio Grande do Sul federatten bf! associations. * f<, Mothers ! In treating children'* don't take chances . . use PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS 1c SALE If on DRESSES:* THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. (% P. Holland phy spent a while Saturday night with Miss Cathryn Shields. Mrs. Rufus Anderson and children went fishing Saturday night. Misses Dollie and Mildred Lewis spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Charlie Ferguson. Mrs. Ola Belts spent Wednesday with-/Mrs. Clifton Bowden, •" Mr£ Mat Huckabee called 'on Mrs. Elmer'Belts and Mi-s. J, L. Taylor. Our Entire Stock of FUR TRIMMED COATS l /i Price Gorgeously Furred with FITCH RED FOX Manchurian WOLF BADGER Mostly PRINTZESS Styles AH of our beautifully Fur-Trimmed I'rintzcss Coats have been reduced one-half in price. What savings . . . what values. Each was selected as an outstanding fusluoa . SPECIALTY SMP WASHINGTON —(/P)-S'omi-official estimates on unemployment which have been in use for some time bv Ihe government but kept secret until Wednesday, declared that 10.915.00" persons were jobless last September. They also say thai 5 million person 1 ; formerly jobless have found work since March, 19J13. Sweet Home Brii. Geo. W. La forty of Palmos preached here Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night. S.-im Gary of Amarillo, Texas, is si lending the week hero with Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey and other relatives. Mr. :mci Mrs. Roy Biggers have moved to Nashville to make their future home. Mrs. J. J. Delaney and children, scent the Thanksgiving holidays visiting relatives in Hope and Texar- kuna. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fore and children of Center Poinl and Miss Rulh Huskey of Richmond spent a short visit here with their parents, Mv. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey, Saturday. Mrs. Sanford Bonds and daughter Lucile were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mrs. M. H. Montgomery. Mr. and Mrs. James Black of Tex- arkaiiii spent Thanksgiving here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Huskey. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Steward and son, Dwife'ht, und Miss Charlene Steward were Sunday night church visitors here. Mi', and Mrs. Lawrence Carman have moved to the H. M. McCain place. Mr. and Mrs. L. Reese McDougald have moved on the place recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Biggers. Mr. and Mrs. 'loin McMasters nf Okalcna visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Huskey Monday. MuMer James Harris of B lev ins spent Monday night with hi.s grand i:a!xni.-., Mr. and Mr*. W. L. Mc- Deuaald. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Harris from near Prc.sctiu visited her sister, Mrs. Hix L.ie and Mr. Loe Sunday afternoon. Mi. and Mrs. Sam Yarberry and J3ro. George Lal'erty eulled...Q)i Mr. and Mrs. Cho.'ter Yarberry Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Spears of Hope were here for u short visit Sunday Evening Shade Mr, and Mrs. Ruby Burns and chil- li-en spent 'Saturday night with Mrs. r nhn Shields. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Huckabee call- vl on Mr. und Mrs. L. C. Belts Sun•lay. Mrs. Irvin Belts and son, Jack, spoil' "cnclay with her grandmother, Mrs 'dm Ratliff. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Belts, Mrs. I. L. T-iylor, Marjorie Ann and Jack Betlr •"ent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Arch Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fuller called on T r. and Mrs. Irvin Belts and family "cdnesclay night. Mrs. Mart Yocom was a Monday iiiitor at the home of Mrs. Tom Yo- •;iin. Mr. and Mrs. John Shields, Mrs. '.fiwrunce May and children cal'p in Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Kinsey a while Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Arthur Fuller called on her •nothcr Mrs. John Ratliff Sunday. Mr. Herbert Anderson called on Mr. Tom Fant Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Rosie Ponder called on Mrs. 3 W. Walls last Sunday. Misses Catheryn Shields, Charlotte Yncom, Nell Huckabee called on Mrs. H. E. Gunner 'Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Carnell Anderson and Mrs. "'va Anderson called on Mrs. J. G. bailiff. Mr. Glenlon Belts, Mr. William Mur- DODGE ANNOUNCES NEW CAR AT LOW PRICES More luxuriously appointed than ever before . . . bigger . .. more spa- clous . . . the car that noted auto editors and famous fashion authorities all over America have acclaimed the "Beauty Winner" of 1936 . . . this big, new, raoney-sa.vi ing Dodge is now priced even lower than last year—as low as $640, list price at factory, Detroit, So economical that already owners from coast to coast report record-smashing economy—18 to 24 miles to the gallon of gasoline, 20% less oil consumption — this magnificent new Dodge is now priced only a few dollars more than the lowest-priced, competitive cars . . . See ana drive this big, new, money-saving Dodge without delay! See the free economy test. Find out for yourself why owners say this big car actually costs less to own than the small, lowest-priced, competitive cars. • —Advertisement. WANTED-HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade, Ovorcup, Post Oak and Red Oalt. Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE Moans a Lot und Can Cost So Little DRESSES Beautifully cleaned the Odorless Way. It's Better! Men's Felt Hats Cleaned in Our Own Plant Hall Brothers Phone 385 Helpful Suggestions for Solving Your Xmus Problems Gifts Children Enjoy While shopping for Christmas, be sure to see cur splendid display of excellent gift items for every member of your family. POLLS 25c Including Genuine Shirley Temple Dulls Baby Buggies Electric Stows Unbref^ublo Tea Sets Buck Roger's Gun Machine Guns Footballs Talking Telephones Talking MwtUw Picture Machines EXCLUSIVE LINE HALL BROS. CHR'STMAS CARPS Pa.v your account before Die I Oth uf tile inou,tli to get your Eagle Stamps John P, Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Exquisitely SHEER Beautifully CLEAR 79c Pr. and $1.00 i Pair Save by Buying On Our Club Plan When you have purchased 12 pairs of Hose, we give you a pair FREE, WESSON MILLINERY SHOP Big Reduction On All Hats Santa Says "CLOTHES!*' And Santa also suggests that you come (o Robison's to get them. Wo have the cutest, lovliest selection of nice things for infants and little tots. We couldn't begin to describe all of the little touches of delight that they contain. Just make a note on your Christmas list to be sure and come in to see these cunning bits of infant's joy. Baby Dresses ,u.^... 59c & 98c Baby Blankets .... 98c to $1.69 Baby Shawls $1.98- Knitted Sweaters 98c 5 Baby Record Book with Comb and Brush Set—All in attractive Gift box 98c Baby Robes 98c & $1.48 Bootees 15c & 25c\ Comb and Brush Sets „ 49c Teething Beads 25c^ Baby Banks 59c Crib Toys 25cto49c^ j !• '"? The Leading Department Store , x ; f Geo. W. Robison 6- Go. t Hope SALMON CHUM No. 1 Can. DRESSING Quart Jar... 1 Pound Bag 17c 3 Pound Bag 50c RED CIRCLE, Ib 19c IONA SALAD Z if C f'WHERE ECONOMY RULES"! BOKAR, Ib...... 23c 13c CASiDY&GliiW , D. M. Tid-Bit Cru and Buf—2 Cans JELLY White House 12 oz Jar SPINACH / 2 Cans ISO SOAP LIFE BUOY Cakes VANILLA WAFERS Puund 15c EGGS Good and Fresh Dozen 29c White House For 6 Small 13c 3 Large 18c CHERRIES Red Pitted No. 2 Can QyDIfP Log Cabin Table Size—Can 23c SLICED BACON , 30c SELECTED QUALITY U. S. INSPECTED MEAT SUGAR CURED FANCY BABY BEEF SEVEN STEAKS or ROAST—Lb CURED HAM, 4 to 6 Ib Pieces. lb_ 25c Old Plantation ~ SAUSAGE SEASONING—'/ 2 Ib pkg. S COUNTRY SAUSAGE u,25c SALT MEAT—For Boiling Ib 2U GRAPE NUTS—Package lie MINUTE TAPIOCO—Pkg 13c , J OST TOASTIES, Large Pkg lie Post Bran FLAKES, Large Pkg....l6c CANDY Chocolate Cream Drops, Jelly Beans, Gum Drops, Orange Slices and Iff A CRACKERS N. B. C. 1 Pound Premium 18c POTATOES GRAPE FRUIT APPLES No, 1 | A III Lbs Texas Seedless Nice Size Winesap, Nice Size Good Quality AADDATO L ar g e Bunches If flllllU I 3 Fresh Stock ORANGES Fresh Stock BAHAMAS GoldenYclIOWP o Un d6c LETTUCE LageHeads »*4t Spice Drops, Ib. LARD LOG CABIN Made by Mrs, Tucker 4 Pound Carton 8 Pound Carton BROOMS 4 Good Quality Strand, Each Each 2 Doz Z3C L Bunches I C 2 ForSG GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD Sliced 16 oz. LOAF 8c PAN ROLLS, Doz... 5c Raisin Bread, loaf .10c LAYER CAKES JE^ TRACKER¥ J 9 N;B ^ 18c 1 & Pound gox iUll I

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