Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1935
Page 6
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'MS j ^ ^ Wot , A*nlttlstekttort ._ Glaus is going (6 bring a ' *ri« bette? gift Sick with htm ffiisf'^tar when he visits rehabtlita- M Clients in this state. h'JH&y worthy 1 farmers in the state WWfr Experienced cold poverty ahd . ftcfiial Wjtot last year are going to eo* >'}e|bs regular visit from Stinta this ^ySM fte ftesettiemeht Admlnlstrt* ^ftiM' rttral rehabilitation program of Vtwngttftte loans and Intelligent co- ppfemlon in planning and caffyttig -i&jlt^tne extension Services "live at - hteme" program has changed the out- lobJr for thousands in this and other Southern states. ,*'' ft ttay be true that prosperity has hai Entirely returned tot most of the - clittits, but they are facing the winter %Hh pantries bulging with canned j foot},' 'barns crammed with feed, and a measure of independence they have j .Hot enjoyed for many years. j "Topical is the case of Mr. and Mrs. » J; McElroy and their eight children. The"depression drove the McElroy and - their eight children. The depression drqvfr the McElroy -family to Oklahoma 1 ^ 'But favorable Winds didn't strike their sails and they returned to Searcy "fcoumV, Arkansas. They sold their , Sorted ift eArtwart la« advafitige of the op* d by the Resettlement to work out their own i( haven't tnUsed a his 18 acres, McElroy Wrestling On FairPark Card Three Professional Fights, 111 Sttbtittftt at t|,l& Convention has p1-o*$e<l the fotldwing astonish ing variety, ol foodstuff: 100 bushels Of corft, 10 bushels of cowpeas, 25 bushels of potatoes, iO bushels of sweet petel&es, 5fi bushels Sf peanuts, four 1^ d Vttf^ a ll^l eaft f h ?n;,,Vr nteur wrestling match will make up ftcf* of hegari, one acre of turnips, the card Wednesday nl«ht at Fair 100 poufids of cane seed, 100 pounds p^ atcn K Amateur Match, Here Wednesday Three professional fights and an am> ol tobacco, !100 pounds of dried pinto beaiWj 4d pounds of great northern 40 pounds of baby Lima beans, , bushels of ' sbt bushels , 6f onions, . 'jjCJt gallons of onion sets, and .enough broomcorn to make a dozen torooms. * Mbir has Mrs. Mcfikoy been idle. She has canned: 118 quarts of huckle* berries, 68 of apples, 154 'of blackberries, 42 -at :plums, 56 of peaches, 281 of tomatoes, six ; of mulberries, 228 of green beans, 210 of corn, 48 of soup, £8 of peas, 82 of kraut, 11 of squash. 17 of parrots, 26 of shelled beans, 26 3f cucumbers, six of sandwich spread, sight of J^lccalili, four of com relish, seven of elderberries, 16 of grapejulce, and 12 battles of tomato catsup, they Ihe show opens with a three-round boxing match between Battling Siki, clowning Mope negro, and D. K. Carson, Hope brickyard mauler. Carson whipped Slkl in the last match held last summer. Slkl, after fighting the past two months in northern Louisiana, Is reported to be in good shape. Carson is ready to go. The amateur wrestling match will be between Bert Matildin and Carl Woodruff. It will bo a 20-minute one- fall match, and is expected to be the first of a series of amateur shows at Fair Park. Annoxmcement of plans to hold an amateur county boxing and wrestling javc three goats to can for meat, 50 tournament is expected to be made gallons of sorghum, and 50 pounds of dried fruit. The 10 MeElroys are really prepared for the winter and Santa's visit this Christmas is being anticipated with a new and joyfxil interest. Providence iWANTED-HEADING BOLTS Wfilte Oak-Whisky And Oil grade, Ovefcrup, Post Oak and Bed Oak. ''" :?r Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See *f HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 243 Hope, Ark. A Three Dayis 9 Cough Is Your Danger Signal 'f-\|jKo matter how many medicines , yott'Have tried for your cough, chest ;jcold or bronchial irritation, you can 1 -'get -, relief now with Creomulsion. ' iserio'uS trouble may be brewing and Jjou> cannot afford to take a chance > iWitk 'anything less than Creomul- ^efon, which, goes right to the.seat vof^the trouble to aid nature to -jtapothe and heal the inflamed mem- .«ibranes as the germ-laden "phlegm ; 'lB loosened and expelled. '^ f iKVen if other remedies have failed,-don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee 1 Creomulsion and to refund your money if you arc not satisfied with .results from the very* first bottle. , Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) Mr. and Mrs. Madford Hazard and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Purtle and'family. Mr. and Mrs, Ross Roberts and baby spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Grady Browning. Wr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Roberts and baby spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dale Tbnniemaker of Oakland. Mrs. -A. R. Campbell spent Saturday and Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Gaines, ., Mrs. George Anderson spent Saturday afternoon iwith Mrs. Victor Campbell. .'.-•'• Mrs. Newbride—Those blanks are a,fraud. Didn't.you tell me that they would lend money on notes? Hubby—1fes; they're supposed to. They haye.more than they know what to do with." Mrs. Newbride—Well, they just won't. 1 took them three of those lovely notes you wrote me when we were; courting—but the mean old shrirnpts just read them and laughed and wouldii'trlet me have a cent on them. Gang Way for Santa Clans! No embarrassment when you wear ringlets... rtmstop BALOU' HOSE Add to their lace top, sheer clear beauty the extra wear of runstop hems and reinforced heels and toes...and you'll know why...thete chiffoni arc best. m HITTS ^ Shoe Store Substitute WHEN GENUINE FORD PARTS QOST NO MORE Why accept unknown, unbrandecl parts for your repair work when you pay NO MORE for Genuine Ford Farts? Genuine Ford Parts are made to factory specifications for Ford Cars and embody the same high standards of workmanship and materials found in all Ford^built equipment. Don't gamble on an unknown—-insist on Genuine Ford Parts and know the quality you are getting. Your repair man can obtain Genuine Ford parti JM»t as easily a$ he can an unknown brand and he is allowed a fair And ju»t profit. Insist upon his using only Genuine Ford Parts in your car. HOPE AUTO CO. Phone 654 Ford Parts from the ringside Wednesday night by Promoter Mauldin, Andy Tremain, former Australian middleweight champion, will meet Billy McEnnis in the semi-final professional wrestling 'match. Tremain has appeared in frequent matches at Little Rock recently and is reported to be a scientific grapplcr. Little is known here cf McEnnis. It will be his first appearance here. In the final event Donald McNaught will meet Bob Montgomery. Both arc known to Hope fans. The show starts at 8 p. m. Return Records to Nevada Co. Farms Farm Operations to Be Analyzed at December Community Meetings Approximately 13,000 Arkansas farmers will receive an analysis of their individual farm management practices during farm records week, which will be observed in every county in the state December 9-14 according to J. L. Hiler, Nevada county agent. County agents are making plans for community and county meetings at which the 1934 farm records books have been tabulated and analyzed by the College of Agriculture in a "type- of-farming" survey, will bo returned, and opportunity be given for other farmers to avail themselves of the same service in connection with their 1935 records. I Each farm record book used in the survey will be-returned to the cooperating farmer, together with a | complete analysis of his farm opera; tioiia irr comparkiwir-K'lth state aver- j ages and with other farms in the same "type-of-farming" area. Comparisons to be furnished the farmers include yields of cotton and corn, acreage planted to feed crops, amounts of adle crop land, pasture acreages, kinds of crops planted on rented acres, number of kinds of livestock, increase in money income and capital invested in cattle and hogs, and money income from livestock operations. This project will be continued, and farmers who wish to do so may turn in their 1935 record books for analysis early in 1936, when they will be collected, Mr. Hiler stated. More than 100,000 farm record books were furnished to fanners of the state by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration for use in 1935, and 1936 record books are being prepared for distribution. "The importance of keeping complete and accurate records of their farm business operations is recognized by many Arkansas farmers," Mr. Hiler stated. "This week has been set aside to analyze the results already obtained, point out the weak slots revealed by the record books, show how changes in farm management practices will improve the farm income, and to increase the already widespread interest among Arkansas farmers in the keeoing of farm records." Meetings will be held in Nevada county at the following places and dates for the purpose of handing back these record books. Week of Dec, flth Monday—Falcon, 10 a. m. (Alabama Township); Liberty Church 2 p. m. (Redland Township). Tuesday—Bluff City 9:30 a. m. (Union Twp.) ; Emmet 2 p. m. (Emmet). Wednesday—Carolina Church 2 p (Jackson). Thursday—Willisvillo 2:30 p. (Taylor). Friday—Rosston 9:30 a. m. (Caney); Calu 2 p. m. (Caney). Saturday—Prescott 9:30 a. m. (Missouri and Boughton). Week of Dec. 16tli Monday—Sutton 9:30 a. m. (Albany); Laneburg 2 p. m. (Albany). Tuesday—Glenville 2 p. m. (Loake). Wednesday—Union Church 10 a. m. (Parker); Bodcaw 1:30 p. m. (Parker). Thursday—Caney Church 2 p. m. (Georgia). Two of the most prominent Women nt the annual convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy are pictured talking tilings over between sessions at Hot SpringsJAik. They are the newly elected president of the organization, Mrs. [olm L. Woodbury (left) of Louisville, Ky.; and Mrs. Livingstone RoweSchuyler of New York City, who holds tne record tor consecutive attencknce at if. D. C. conventions. General Motors \ Salaries Revealed Range of From $100,000 tj* $200,000 for Top-Flight; Executives < ; WASHlNGTON.-(/P)- General Motors' top-flight salary list—showing total payments of $100,000 to ?200,COO annually to ranking officers—-was made public Tuesday night by the Securities Commission over the company's protest. It revealed William S. Knudsen, executive vice president, drew $211,128 in salary and bonus last year, and Alfred P. Sloane Jr., president, $201,742. Twelve others received more than ?70,000, with a sharp drop from that figure to ?25,000 or less for some 20 directors. This information was filed months ago with \vhat commission officials said was a request that it be held confidential. Several hundred companies asked secrecy for specified details of their business, which the law required j that, they furnish in registering their I securities. George Sisler to Help Buy Brown? His Syndicate Mflked $360,000 Deal for St Lottis Americans ST. LOWS, Mo -(/P)-A price of $350,000 wtw reported Tuesday to have been set by the PW1 Ball estate for the St. Louis Browns of the American League and the team's lone fnrm, San Antonio of the Texas League. An authoritative source said tx group of St. Louis business men has completed most of the financial arrange* ments necessary to met the ctsnte's sale price. The purchasing syndicate was reported to be seeking financial pledges of $300,000, the .additional $150,000 to be used to buy players. George Sisler, one of the greatest first basemen of all time nnd once rmi linger of tho Browns, is a member of the Kroup formed to purchase the teams. Sportsman's park, property of YOUR PERSONAL APPEARANCE Means a Lot and Can Cost So Little DRESSES Beautifully cleaned the .Odorless Way. It's Better! Men's Felt Hats Cleaned in. Our Own Plant Hall Brothers Phone 385 ih* Wtate and fiomo of both the Brown* Afcd Ihft St. L«ul« Cftfdthftls, wilt not be laclud«d 1ft the tMinaae- tlon. , A pAfson was summoned for driving his (tot danjfWmuly. "Now," sAId th« magistrflte, "you «ay you wtiire goEhg at only elghtton miles an hour, but the constable declare* you were proceeding at forty. I don't like to doubt cither of you. Can you think why he declares you wore going at that rate? Is there any grudge he owes you?" "No," replied the clergyman. "I can't can't think of anything—unless it is Hint I married him three years ago." jecembet WAKE OP YOUR LIVER BILE- Withal Calomel-Ad f «rTl lm> Oof if Ud to lie Mdrtlni Ruin* ij C» The llyar «bbtiU cottf eat t#o botu liquidJitte tfttd yoflf MW«U (Wly;Q tb (t ju«t < dci-nr» I Si°{ho bo*«tt. md'l'lMM tin wic. utoroaoh. TOU eet eMaopttS, V*M wholo sys «m la pplvanfid «3d jw^il »6ttfc io«k and tho wttld lookn t«Mik. LnxttlTM AM only w»ta»hlfu. A m*w bowel movement dcxwn't ffet At tho enttMTu tAKRA thOAa fttx>d, old CfcrMf'fl LlttlA^lvftit I'Ul* to ««t Ihcs* twn pound* of bll« flowfoj freely and make yon fe*l "uji *nd up". Intrm* leas,wmtle, yetamrutlnit In maklntt Ml* flow tnc\f,Atkfar CftlrWrt tMOti tint PIU* hy tiamo, Stubbornly refnu unythin^ eho. 2S«L COME TO WARD'S FOR •••MMIIHMm^MVHBBIV^BHVV^H VBHB^^^HV^BUHH^M^H^H^MMHOmVBm^^HHH^HBBmiHHMM For Every Name on Your Christmas List WARD & SON LEADING DRUGGIST Phone 62 "WE'VE GOT IT" Prompt Delivery Silks Must Go! Hundreds of yards new Silks to sell with our present Stock! Figured and Plain Colors. 39-inch Heavy Quality: HURRY! SAVE! Go on Sale Thursday 8:30 PENNEY'S I. C. PENNEY COMPANY, Incorporate j .,, -s< "; '•, ',','-- ',<•„.., ',,. ••>,••> '•.> *. j * f >4 f ' m. 1 m. i \ French Propose (Continued from page one) mollify Ethiopia by giving her a sea- : port on the coast of British Somali- ; land. j Italy was said to want deeper ru- | gions, between its colonies of Eritrea j and Somaliland. Mmc. Tabouis said I this stand left the proposed League oil.) embargo as the only hope of un early j end of the war. , The other evening we heard a woman ask whul in the world would be- ! come of the younger generation. That's I an easy one. They'll fall in love, gut married, have children ;md ti-ouble . and all that sort of thing, and as they i set older they will worry about what's I to bi cnmc nf the younger ij'-ncrution. —for mild ripe tobaccos filled with Southern Sunshine •~*the farmer who grows the tobacco... — 'the ivarehouseman who sells it at auction to the highest bidder... "every man who knows about leaf tobacco-^will tell you that it takes mild, ripe tobacco to make a good cigarette; and this is the kind we buy for CHESTERFIELD Cigarettes. —they're milder ~»they taste better keef that in mind <'• !'H5 UCCETT * MYJCR5 TOW.VXQ CO,

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