Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1935
Page 4
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vosajn f -jiSS-WB V SWfW ' -s! %9 §4*r"'-i'ft*-• Sl-Su/i- «.M/fi?> f "V, •• f 3, A ' J^% * ' r *» •• » rasiM^if^i * jy«fellJl ( li«*£W r ^ QIl ^IX, W & ,aJM|g|EIDMAiLiEJBn|p| i IP of the »», «• 27 Twitching. 2S Tn tlc^ay 29 Varnish at Novels :!fl Being v 41 Membrftnous It* toflft 42 To steal. '43 Turf 44 M.I If child . 4fi Pecans tifp Statue 4S Lad t *$* Was 50 Self •^ Of his SI To liberate 53 She had his fttifcard. hair off Sc hi* si 2 Tree? 3 Weaver's frame. 4 Sick 5tleholtl , 8 Warmth 7 Street £ Prhictpnl !l Iniquity 10 Natural force. 13 Measure of area .If X. :|2 Dnvc' : ' 4 ' ro of n . ,, n , f rry ffl^v,* I J HOUSE i"j*?r y I i ^1X*£ :!S Electrified pnrttclp. 41;iCi'y for help s 4S|'o>tii'0. 44* f|iin 4'ri'Hurrfcd 47 exclamation. 4J?Cot 4f Custom. iM.N'ote in scale S2 Sloth. Washington I&VA —: .'ft" A< WhiUow of Arkadelphia ."hls_. appointment at. the 'local church Sunday'"morning arid __ JUlil'Gold of Muskogee, Okla., isitirig i Jbella Gold and other rel- 'Becfcfvisited .his, sister, Evie, |$fcadelphla Thanksgiving. Maty Levins of Arkadelphia the week end with her par- She was accompanied by her !lge N -;roommate, Miss Elizabeth flti Find It! Rent It! Buy It! £ , 'in the Hope Star IARKEJ PLACE nber, tile more, you tell, the quicker you sell. : 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c * ..consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad '3 times, 6c line, min. 50c times, 5c line, min. 90c 'tii«es, 3&c line, min. $2.70 ^(Average 5% words to the line) -Want ads will be accepted till the understanding that the is payable on presentation of itement, before the first publi- Phone 768 ^WANTED TO BUY car pr thick. Must be cheap Sed J. D. Bearden, Washing- -3tp WANTED 3}ve Him a Billfold for Christmas. ". kinds at all prices. John S. Gib- Co. 3-6tc Money to Loan— MORTGAGES $50 to $250 from us at 6% on furniture, automobile, or other property. Pay it back in \\ monthly payments. For full in- an see GREENING 1NSUR- AGENCY. 20-26tc l Drug Co. a line of 25c each. children John S. 2-6tc S^VICES OFFERED the 10th OF DECEMBER fife offer 3 beautiful 8x10 oil paint- a low price. Also new high frames. Shipley Studio. 3tc FOR RENT and Testaments. A large line to select from. John S. Gib- tfCo. 2-6tc FOR SALE tr and mules, See , Button at Sutton and Hale Ser- Hope, Ark. 12-26tp desirable resi- Well located. Easy terms. 2-6tc OR TRADE— Mares and Bring in your stock. Let's I'm ready. Brink your check Carrel. 4-3tp l-OST --Between Hope and Rosston „,/_. No. 4 one suit case con- Bjen's clothing. Return to the or notify Clarence Key, 401 Ark. 3-3tp McKinley of Hartford. T. N. Catts and : dau'griter, Miss Mary motored to Arkadelphia Thanksgiving to,see the ball ga|ie befween Henderson arid OuachitaL' •} f *-< Mrs. W. E. Eliin«*4 spent Thanksgiving with her,. daughter, Fanriie Jane, in Oiiachita colle'ge. Mrs.. J. E. Bearden visited in Texarkana, Thursday.; ..The Baptist W...^^^..^! Tuesday in the'home of Mrs.'Paul Rowe for their week of prayer'-program for foreign missions. A poflOCk dinner was served at the noon hour and enjoyed by those present. Mrs. O. A. McKnight of Cross Roads spent Sunday nightand Monday with Mrs. W. Et'ElmOTelBi 1 ,\. j •& '-. Misses Jtflia and Mabel Bearden attended the* ball game in Arkadelphia Thanksgiving. Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton and Dan and Elizabeth, and Norvell Kelly of the high school faculty, spent Thanksgiving in Arkadelphia. Guy Watkins of Washington and Miss Julia Evans of Hope were married November 27. TheSf many friends wish them a long and happy life together. They will make their home in Washington. Miss Myrtle Bearden returned to Arkadelphia Sunday night after spending the week end with home folks. W. E. Lokey of Little Rock called on W. E. Elmore Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Trimble and daughter, Virginia of El Dorado took Thanksgiving dinner with their daughter, Mrs. William Etter and Mrs. Bailie Etter. Hickory Shade We had good singing here Sunday, night, there was a large crowd in attendance. Mrs. Jack Allen called on Mrs. B. S. Wilson Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ross and Mrs. W. H. Bruce and two daughters, made a business trip to Hope Friday. . Mrs. Eurie Calhoon, Mrs. W. E. Jones, Mrs. J. E. Rogers and Mrs. Ed. Cusick called on Mrs. C. Rogers Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lee England and Miss Catherine Ross from Oak Grove at- tended'singing here Sunday night. Mrs. Terry and. daughters, Miss Bertha Breed, Mrs. J. E. Rogers, Mrs. Florence Ross called on Mrs. Bradford Monday afternoon. Mrs. Freeman Crider, Misses Mittie Ree and Gene Rogers and Miss Lovenia Crider were Friday dinner guests of Mrs. Homer Sasterlin of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Prince from Piney Grove attended services here Sunday night. Misses Alice and Annie Mae and Junior Willingham attended Sunday school and singing here Sunday. Bodcaw No. 1 Mr. and Mrs. L. E,, Gresham, Mr. Eriless Gresham and Tittle daughter Erileen. spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Mitchell. Misses Alvis and Louise Fuller of Stamps spent the weekend with home folks at this place: r ' Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Fuller and famr ily of Hope spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fuller at this place. Mr. and Mrs. D. B, Bailey and daughter. Nellie Jean spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Mitchell. Miss Bobbie Nell.. Martin and Miss Marie Mullin attended church at Bodcaw No. 2 Sunday. Mrs. Lorena Fuller spent Sunday night with her brother; J. W. Goynes of near Centervillf, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Garrett and family of near Prescott spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Leon Garrett of this place. Mrs. D. B. Bailey and daughter Nellie Jean and Denver Lee Fuller spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Lee Horton, tk*'V 1 ^ 'f' 1 * ^ ""' \ % '^ '''.y.y #-' f^'vfffV- *' k rt - '} "' > t' i* '*' -'* * ' * ' r > ?' ( ' '- '• " J V \*' "' * T,'*'* jBul^L-.';.... fiiL.^:-; - '..' v.^s^stiSi^s^^\m' 9t •*tfr < ^"Tnit-^' JJ -t J riin.Tmn finfm'r-"™—— ^"™- •--^-^-«L^..— .-.-,- ^.^^ u .^,...,^. ... a.*^ —-hiuiii ,.i i i'-r"ff'y<i»MgtilI»j»Tiammiiitifniiiiiirtiii i^-»^it»itr1-—••- y "--"- VDU WAY t t>Q, • • •»"— »1W» /-1BT->E3^ 101- ^ g^ ILL \»6T ONfe "WOtxmt IN OL-SONS MlNft »SfO^VfeN6ETr46 -T )b,^ ILL QUWkV ISO MV TWE BIG» G£t TH' CL/^ / TIE HIM IN*A MEAT BUNDlue, f (SONNA MOtoS! 1 ANt) STturF HIM INTO AN " CAN, WHICH HofAE swefer HOME tb \"T«' *sy/ / LxL> r / ® OUT OUR WAY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •® ;t»M BY NEA SEBVIC6. IN^. TJM. HM. U. S, PAT. OFF, t \ \ WILLIAMS \ OP \ / WELL,! (3LJESS I'LL. ALL \ /HAf=TA R£P6NT AMD TH 1 TIME-— £0 X'M \/ M6NP MV WAYS, 60IW AWAV AM'. I £UZ VOUVS <3OT A T6AMP MAPE OF HIM BEFORE vou LEAVE TH' VAPJP— •v«^i G00P60SM/I PR£AD tH^tl TO THIMK WWUT HE'LL , BEFORE I'HllHM... A Racket By MARTIN NO'S, ___ y° BOOT A ?AMNi TWICE , ,-t VO'6 GtTT^ »» ' VO WON'T TA.UE \T 6000 , ' ,\'VO<iOV/0 «. AW ALLEY OOP GORSH -I'M fOETTIW WORRIED ABOUT POOZV - WEVE'R kMEW OP HIM TSTAY OUT SO LATE, •.BEFb.feE;- , FV-OV/0/N\\<b , TVCWEYfe . . 6 A VA£AvP MO TO i 5t«b' VOUOT VO 09 OOTTA, 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC, 1. M. RliO. U. S. PAT. OFF. Call Out the Bloodhounds By HAMLIN m -^ WASH TUBBS" Easy Knew Something THPRI50NERSJ WHERE5 ITS CAGE 7GONE, HEY, WHASSA/WHAT'S MATTESGO!M' D'/A MEAW T TELL ME THAT TUMK AW • B08O HAVE ESCAPED? GOME // i "" -gT) 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T ' IT'5 A UE.'l MO OWE/ i PLED MERE MV LIFE IKJ. PAW6ER/; /LA7feJ?:/Tl-IANJK QOODMESS VOU CAME, SIR. WERE 6OIM<5 TO 7HKOW ME IM ,THE OCCAM SJ^VTODROMJ. By CKANE •<a r , !£y, ^ /MO, MQ WO/ UADPlE/ HE'S A^ LlSSEMf \ 6PEC/AL (WVEST16ATOR PDR THE i posJ'T HRAI?IMUTUAL LIPE IWSURAMCE eETTHisr~"\c:o. ME'S SEEN SLIPPERV BI66ER POR J AND GET IN THE SWACk . , AUD TOS5TWOSE OTJ-lER BO2OS IN WERE TOO. I-J THOUGHT MR. SREET \VAS THE MURDERER. BELIEVED PEAP/ BUT IS FOUMPOKl I5LAWP WEARIW6 DISGUISE, CHARGED WITH MURPER OF HIS BOTHER, AMOS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS It's Worth Trying By BLOSSER THE COP ALSO SAIP HAD WE CAW TRV, AMVM/AV. THERE'S SOME WITH THE OLC? , AWD \AJB'(2.E. C3OWWA SOLVE IT VEAH... AM' ILL BET THAT SHOT- 6UW ME PULLED OM US WASM'T WHAT PO you THlMk/MUTTV.. SHALL WE JUST FOR6ET ABOUT THAT I OLD' ^v GUV? 6EE f SO AM 1 f THE COP SAIC? HE IVAS CURIOUS ABOUT HARMLESS THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) YOU BETCUA. tA LIFE CURLEY WELCOKAE RAGS AROUND MERE DEY IS A OLE PAIR EAT FftSSED ALONG rive/ Tailor-Made Windy By COWAN CURLEY, WHEN I WAS IN AVIATION ,DURIN& THE GREW WAR, I WAS CONSIDERED TWE FINEST (V\ECI.|ANIC SAY, WHAT ER YAWIPIN 1 ON ? CATFISH HEES GEEVE. A W\E HEES /OLD DA PANVS 'CATFISH, EH /.' —THAT BIG LOP-EAREP LOAFER-I GAVE WIIA THOSE FANTS YESTERDAY-TWEY WERE PRESENTED TO ME. BY LORD MUFFBROOK-DESIGC^JED TAILORED BY THE FINEST. SMO-MN THAT'S GRATlTU TIM.I SEE HIIA ,' BIG -HEARTED WINDY .' GENEROUS LORD MUFFBROOK'S PANTS \ SAY, HE WERE REPLACED BY PATCUES, ) WOULDN'T BEFORE HE SLIPPED THEI^A /DONATE AN TO CATFlSH/____- < OvPPLE CORE T ° , ORPHANAGE.' 5ttv toU SB I?. 35 B lf^ SERVICE:INC. f^TSKiTu.TPAT! OFF'

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