Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 6, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 5
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Thursday. January 6. 1038 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THUIIKDAY A FRIDAV Barbara Stanwyck Robert Young—in "RED SALUTE" .Mickey Munse Cartoon SAT17KDAV, JAN. STH KEN MAYNARD -in"Boots of Destiny" Nil. 1! "S. O. S. Ctnvtt titiHril" Comedy and Cnrloon SUNDAY & MONDAY Kdiin KcrlieiV "Come and Get It" —wlih— Edward Arnold Joel McCrea Frances Farmer TI.!|-SUAY & WKUNKSDAY noimi.i; rcATDHi: A (iruml .Musical "The Girl Said No" —Also— REX BELL—in "THETONTOKID" Making Sure That New Year Home-Made Bread Brings Your Just Desserts J.arly in the new year, something sweet should happen to von. Trv tins .smooth and perfect pie made of sweet potato, molasses'and mils. II s a January blessing without any disguise. He lly MItS. C.AYNOU MADDUX Creole Sweet Pod NKA Service Slaff Writer (ll indl iu) he Christmas tree always .soon One and one-half cups cooked or comes down but the need for good de.i- [ canned swc.H potatoes. 1 :i cup brown j.'orts «oes on forever. "For years I've eaten mm OATS says the "BIG TEN" Commissioner of Athletics, I'Kiir, '/i teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. !i tablespoons New Orleans j mclasses. !i egg yolks. 1 cup milk, 2\ tablespoons melted butter. ';, cup chopped walnuts. 3 egg whites. Mash sweet poluloe.s until free of lumps. Add sugar, salt, cinnamon and , ir.i lasses. Beat .Vulks and add. Then i add milk and melted butter. Ad<l wal- Has Good Flavor To Get Get Better Results Use an Earthern Mixing Bowl Bread tastes best when il has just been taken out of the oven, when it has il.nt distinct "home flavor." So for tliiil reason why not trial the fnm- l.v occasionally with hoine-mncle loaves. You will get best results if you use in earthen mixing bowl, us il retains warmth belter than thinner bowls. Do not measure the flour until il has been sifted once, anil then remember to ie-.sift it twice as the sifting lightens Hie flour anil separates the grains. The ingredients needed are the following: P';;eup of Quaker Oats 'i leaspixjiifuls of salt 'i cups of boiling water 'i cup of .sugar 1 cuke yeast '•i cup lukewarm water 5 cups of Quaker flour. lour boiling water over Quaker Oats, mixed will) .salt and augur. When this is lukewarm, add yeast dis- olved in lukewarm water, then add (he sifted flour. Knead slightly and let ri.se in a warm place for alxjut two hours. Knead, form into two loaves, put in pans, let rise and bake about 50 minutes. JOHN L. GRIFFITH. great Am.rican athletic authority. Prtiident of the National Collegiate Athletic Aitociation • Alerc mothers everywhere give children this warm, tasry breakfast because it has the r.\lr,i value of Nature's Vitamin U!. ..Doctor's say you and the youngsters should have this precious vitamin every day to combat nervousness, constipation anil poor digestion ! ...Yet ibis wonderfully wholesome breakfast costs only H cent per serving. There's no other oatmeal like it! Today many uroccrs offer / ( ' M SOLD Quaker Oats at a ON A HQT r>-^ special pnce for 2 I BRCAKFAST\l^'^ packages. V^ j\\ /'.^ il \ i ' WITH tumult \ mils and mix well. Beat egg whites until stiff and dry and fold into mix! lure. 1'our into pastry lined pie p; j liake m hot oven i-tH.1 degrees F. i f | 1U niiinilc.s. then reduce heat to mo I- jcrate GliD degrees K. i and bake jollier :',!) minutes or longer until is firm. ( lioci.lati- Nut Pudding i Serves (i) Two tablespoons butler, :1 .| cup sugar. ' egg, 1 teaspoon vanilla, I cup flour. l''i cups finv dry bred crumbs. •! tca>poons baking powder. !.| teaspoon >alt. 1 cup milk. I! squares chocolate, 1 cup chopped Bra/il nuts. Cream butter and sugar together. Heal et;g. (.hen stir into mixture. Add vanilla. Mix flour, bread crumbs, baking powder and salt. Add alternately with the milk to first mixture. Blend in melted chocolate. Add nuts. Pour into buttered mold, cover tightly and steam for exactly 2 hours. Serve with whipped cream. lianami Cream I'ie One and one-half cups //.round mixed nuts. :i tablespoons sugar, pinch salt. 1 cup cream, •! bananas, whole mils. Mix nuts and sugar together in 8- inch pie plate. Press this mixture with fingers against the pie plate. Add Hill to ci-e-un. then whip. Slice ,'i bananas and mix with :1 .'i of the whipped cream. Fill shell with this mixture. Chill in refrigerator for three hours. Garnish with remaining cream anil the other bananas, sliced. Dot ivith whole nut.s just before serving. HOUSEHOLD HINTS IOO Passes to the New Theater—10 Each Week Here arc the rules for the Household Hints Contest. 1. Write any Household Hints that you have discovered that are practical and are a time saver. These Hints may be in cooking 1 , sewing, cleaning gardening, flower raising, etc. Each week the best Hints will be published, and the Best 10 Hints will receive FREE PASSES to the New theater. 2. Clip out any advertisement appearing on Food I'age. '}. Mail or leave Hints and the advertisement that you haev clipped care Food Department, Hope Star. Look in next Thursday's paper for winners of this weeks recipes. THIS WEEK Miss Rena Nell Mullins Route 'i, Ho)>e, Arkansas Mrs. Alton Honeycutt Hope. Arkansas Mrs. Fulix Wells Emmet. Arkansas Wanda Collins Hope. Arkansas Mrs. Lillian Skinner Hope, Arkansas Mrs. An.na Judson Hope. Arkansas Virgie Button Hope, Arkansas Mrs. D. M. Collier Route 2, Hope, Arkansas Miss Gladys Vines Route 1, Emmet, Arkansas Mrs. W. A. Button Hope, Arkansas Please call for your free passes at the CITY BAKERY PURE CANE Country Club Small Box FRAZIERS 14 ounces Country Club Large Size RICHTEX SHORTENING Pound Carton JPORATEO Michigan NAVIES AVONDALE SO GOOD IT VvlNS 3 AWARDS Kroger Brand-Guaranteed 1 , Spotlite Coffee Lb. 15c 3Lb. 43c Peanut Butter Embassy—Quart Red Bird Matches, 3 Boxes 25c lOc C. Club NOODLES Lb. 15c Black-Eyed PEAS—3 Lbs. 17c Hard-Mix CANDY—2 Lbs. Star Potted MEAT—3 Cans C C. COFFEE Af A Vacuum Pack, Ib. L JC White Cream MEAL, 24 Ib. sack Country Club $-f .75 FLOUR, 48 Ib. sack I — lOc 40c C.Club Crackers, Lb. Box 15c LETTUCE, Crisp Eatin—Head APPLES, 100 Size Delicious—Dozen POTATOES, Red McClures—10 Lbs ORANGES, Large Juicy—Dozen ! ONIONS, Yellow Globes—4 Pounds j Porto-Rican SWEET POTATOES—5 Lbs. C) 0 Q 00 Q Q Q IN OUR MARKET Q tt O « « 4'/ 2 c 29c 19c 25c 15c 15c IJ.v MKS. C.AYNOU MAODOX NKA Service Staff Writer j It's easy to set up in the morning I when the griddle is hot. The rising! bell will sound like music on a frosty | n.ornmg if breakfast is to consist of a "slack of wheats" witli a sweet river of .syrup. Itice ('.riddle Cakes '•f to 6 servings) One and one-hall' cups cooked rice, i' euiis, I'/, cups milk, I'/;, cups flour, :i teaspoons baking powder, life lable- .'poons sugar. :1 '.| teaspoon salt, a pinch of nutmeg if desired. Deal eggs thoroughly, add to rice mix with a fork, add milk and dry ingredients which have been sifted lo Sether, heat well, and drop by smal spoonfuls on a very hut well greasec griddle. Serve with butter and maple syrup. C'nrinveiil Uriddle Cakes M to C .servingsI One and one-hulf cups cornmea), H cup flour. 4 teaspoons baking powder, •'-.|te;.spoons salt. 1 tablespoon molasses, KK. 1 cup milk, Vi cup waler, 1 tablespoon melted butler, Mix all dry ingredients well together, brat egg, add molasses, milk and water. Add all to dry ingredients. Beat well. Lastly add melted butter. Dro| by spoonfuls on hot griddle. Serve with crisp bacon and syrup. On a very cold day in the country, i.l.l-fashioneil buckwheat cakes make •i big hit. Burkwheal Cakes U to li servings! One and one-half cups boiling water. *ileas|ioou salt, 2 tablespoons inolas- M'.':. : '.i yeast cake, (i tablespoons lukewarm water. l' a cups buckwheat flour, t> tablespoons white flour, : '.j teaspoon soda. Delicious Cookies 2 cups brown sugar 3 cups flour ^i cup lard 2 aggs 1 teaspoon cream tarter 1 teaspoon soda '/i teaspoon salt Roll thin and bake. MRS. ANNA JUDSON Try dropping a few drops of bluing into soap suds when you wash your glassware. You will be surprised at how this will make it sparkle. VIRGIE SUTTON None of the fruit on the property of a Kanaka native of the island of Yap. located north of New Guinea, may be ealen for a year afler his death. Natives believe eating it means death, so the fruit rots where tt falls. Turkey production in the United States averages one bird for every six persons compared with one for evnenr y fiv e persons in the peak year, 3890. SUGAR GROCERIES Pure Cane 10 L: 50C MRS. TUCKER SHORTENING CORN MEAL Red Warrior 8 Lbs. 83c 24 , 39c K. C. BAKING POWDER—25 ounces 19c KANSAS BEST FLOUR 48 LU. S1.65 GOOD VALUE B'R'Q O M—5 String 20c ONIONS Yellow 3 ^ lOc SOAP 7 Bar. 25C 9c BACON TALL KORN RINDLESS Lb. 25c STEAK ROUND, LOIN T-BONE Lb. ROAST Tender, Juicy BABY BEEF Lb PORK CHOPS FRESH LEAN Lb. 19c SAUSAGE 100% Pure Pork Lb. SALT MEAT Fcr Boiling lOc Lh. LARD FRESH BULK. Lb. SAUSAGE FRESH MIXED Lb. lie "I2c BACON SMOKED PIECE Mix boiling water, salt and molasses. water, salt and molasses. yeast in lukewarm water Ui.ssolve Dissolv and add to above mixture when il is iool. Add flour gradually and beal well. Let stand overnight in a warm place. In morning add soda and beat die I. Drop by spoonfulls on hot grid- Serve with honey o r syrup. Ke-Heat Left Over Fooils Those little servings of left-over foods, which often aggregate enough for a second meal for the small family, may easily be heated by pulling in the muffin rings and leaving in the oven for a few minutes. This saves on the number of pans to be washed, and LILLIAN SKINNER Keep Roses Frosli Afler the first day in cold water, cut the stems to first joint and dip ends in boiling water about one inch up, then put in cold waler immediately. Put in vase with cold waler and an aspirin tablet. MIES RENA NELL MULLINS An easy way to prepare really good baked beans is to pour the beans from a can into a fall pan and season with 1 teaspoon molasses and J /i teaspoon prepared mustard. Then cover with slices of bacon and bake until bacon is brwn and crisp. WANDA COLLINS vinegar has been added. MRS. W. A. SUTTON Try Apple Whip 2 cups apple sauce 3 egg whites 1 tablespoon lemon juice Beat egg whiles until stiff. Fold in cclcl apple sauce and lemon juice Serve cold with a spoonful of whipped cream on tip. MISS GLADYS VINES Sewing On Glass Buttons Olass buttons always cut thread with which they are sewed to the garment. To avoid losing the button try -sewing them on with dental floss. MRS. D. M. COLLIER CRYSTAL WHITE RALSTON " CORN FLAKES—13 ounces If you are planning to raise baby chicks this Spring, come in and see us before you buy. We will have all BLOOD TESTED and R. Q. P. TESTED Chicks. All chicks from registered Purina Fed Flocks. ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co. 'The Hope Star Is Across the Street Eight O'Clock COFFEE Pound Package Pound Package 3 FOOD STORES —"' ^^^^^^«™««BBB«^M White House MILK 20c 20c Small Cans Large Cans Usefulness of Salt Cut flowers may be kept fresh by adding salt to Ihe waler. Salt thrown on any burning stib- slanee will stop the smoke and bla/e. A pinch of baking powders makes vegetables cook faster. MRS. ALTON HONEYCUTT Housewife Savers Try using a paint brush, instead of Ihe ordinary duster, when dusting carved furniture. You will find that the brush can gu into all the crevices. When ihe nickel on your kitchen stove becomes stained try rubbing it with a cloth dipped in vinegar. MRS. FELIX WELLS If your clothing has become too blue Tom bluing wash it well in plenty of hot water and soap suds. If it is -'till loo blue soak it in three quarts of hoi waler lo which three tablespoons of PEERLESS FLOUR 24 ps rr 69c AQ Pound $1.29 40 Sack i — PORK& N BEANS 6 Pound I|C A Cans jQC " CAMPBELLS Tomato Juice 20 ounce •€ A — Can IU6 SO ounce PAGE'S «,.CASH / ONLY Phone 348—We Deliver PORK CHOPS Lb. 18e LI Dressed HENS 16c Mixed SAUSAGE Lb. lOc BEEF ROAST Lb. 12'c Fresh Side PORK LI. 14c STEW MEAT Lb. lOc Pork Shoulder ROAST Lb. 15c Loin-Round STEAKS Lb. LARGE WEINERS Lb. 15c PINE CONE KETCHUP 14 ounce Bottle PRODUCE California LETTUCE Head ...:.. 6c Winesap APPLES Dozen 12c NICE CELERY Stalk 10c RED POTATOES 10 Pounds . 19c California ORANGES Dozen .... 25c TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT 3 For .... lOc Yellow BANANAS Dozen . . 17c 4 8 MRS. TUCKER SHORTENING Pound Carton Pound Carton OC* 03C A&P Apple Sauce Cam Godchaux Pure Cane SUGAR 53c $1.35 10 25 Lb. Cloth Sack Lb. Cloth Sack IONA Corn or Peas Can vv VISIT OUR MARKET FOR QUALITY MEATS Lb. CON .KORN iced ••• :5c R Bfe A RO lA '3n iVV :ONSIN Cream 3c SEA FOODS SLICED H7,, CAT FISH, Ib. A/C SKINNED OA^ WHITING, Ib. 40C FISH A7 CUTLETS, Ib. OlC 40 Fathom H7. FILLETS, Ib. L/C SMOKED A|J A HERRING, Ib. 09C FRESH AA^ OYSTERS, Pint OOC K.C.BEEF SEVEN -tr^ ROAST, Ib. I3C SEVEN IJE^ STEAK, Ib. IOC LOIN A£ A STEAK, Ib. £3C BEEF STEW -f-f. Pound Illi SHORTENING BULK Lb IOC

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