Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 6, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 3
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Thufsfhiy, January 6,1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wnsle No Tcnrs Upon the blotted record of lost years, But turn the leaf, and smile, oh smile, to sec The fair white pages (hat remain for thee. I'rate not of (hey repentance. But Ijclieve The spark divine dwells in Ihee: let il grow. That which the uprwiehing spirit can achieve The grand and all creative forces know; They will assist and strengthen as the light Lifts up Ihe acorn t<, the oak tree's heigltl. Thou hi is but to resolve, and lo! God's whole Great universe shall fortify Ihy .soul. The Day View Reading club held its initial mei-ting for the New Year on Wednesday iiflenuxm at Ihe home of Mrs. Fanny Gurrett on West Second street, with Mis, J. A. Henry as joint hostess. Mrs. Hugh Smith president, opened the meeting and the minutes nf ihe previous meeting were read by the Secretary, Mrs. V. A. Hammonds. Roll call res|Kinse.s were contemporary American musicians. In the absence of the leader, Mrs. Fred R. Harrison, Mrs. Smith | resented the afternoon's program on American Musicians with Mrs. R. M. LaGrone discussing the life of Carrie Jacobs Bond, known and loved as song writer, presenting Mrs. Kiank Watkins in Mrs. Bund's bcM loved .song, "A Perfect Day" with Mrs.. John Wellborn at the piano. Mrs. John Arnold gave most interesting facts pertaining lo the life of Grace Moore, Metri>]x)litan Opera singer, lellmg of the many ob- slacles, she overcame in becoming one o flhe world's greatest singers. Dr. Etta Cl.amphn discussed the life of Mary Louise Curtis Bok uf The Curtis In- stitute of Music, Philadelphiii, Pa., Mrs. Smith closed the program with a very interesting article on the Arkansas Musician, Lillimi Hughes of Little Rock. Too much praise cannot be given to the program committee on this year's study as each program seems lo rise in information and in- lercsl. The next meeting will be held on January I'Jth, with Mrs. John S. Gibson and Mrs. Ada Swiccgood as hostesses and Contemporary Americ«ii Artist will be discussed. Following the program (he hostesses served n most templing salad course with coffee. -O- Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Brianl are spend- i"g the next two months wintering in t-iin Antonio, Texas. -O- Mrs. John W. Sykcs, who has spent the past few weeks visiting with Mr. •:<nd Mrs. D. M. Finley lefl Thursday for her home in Corpus Christie, Tex.' E. C. Robertson and son William, Icfl Wednesday night for Springbill, Mo., where they will join Mrs. Robertson, (it the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Robert Burrows who is .seriously ill in | the hospital of thai city. ( Mrs. Jack Meek and daughter Caro| line who have been guests of Mr and! 'Mrs. K. G. Mcllae for the past week \ k-fl Thursday for their home in' Bradley, Ark. They were nccom- i panicd by Miss Charlotte Stuart of • Hot Springs. j The Hope Chapter No. 328 Q. E. S. , will hold its regular meeting at the j Masonic hall at 7:30 Wednesday night •Installation of officers for Ihe new year will l )e held. Full attendance is desired. BUT HE DIDN'T GET AWAY Cheap Houses Are (Continued from Page One) ENDING NOAM ltl-:i:i{V. Jr. DOKOTIIKA Ki:.NT —and— NAN (iHKV —in"SOME BLONDES —are— DANGEROUS" BIG DOUBLE SHOW TOMORROW "The I'risoner of Zemin" . lure you've asked aliout . . . Ihc pie. . .Sunday. nnum NOW Farm Meeting at Fulon Planned Friday Night A farm meeting will be held at Fulton .School Friday, January 7, at 7 I', m.. according to an announcement by^ Clifford L. Smith, county agent Several interesting motion picture film .strips will be shown in connection with interesting illustrative lectures. The latest information on the outlook for all crops grown in Hempstead county will be discussed by the County Agent and Home Demonstration Agent. II is very important that we know at this lime what the outlook for the crops is in order that we may Ijnow how to plan lor the year 1938. The lime has come when labor must exercise its rights to organi/e.—John L. Lewis. LANA TURNER, pretty newcomer at the Warner Studio has fisherman s luck even though it comes in small portions. She was recently in the "The Great Garrick." follow- _lng her success in '^Thgy_Won't Forfet." ME NOW Barbara Stanwyck Robert Young —in— "RED SALUTE" Cliff Kdwurds, Ruth Donnelly Tcchnicolnr "SILLY SYMPHONY" "Who Killed Cock Hohin" OUK Ci/\N(i in "2ml Childhood" Subtle Blends in Flavoring Enhance Inexpensive Meat Cut If there i.s a crimp in the family food budget Ihu secret may remain! yours if you study the art of flavor-! ing. Stock your pantry with herbs and j condiments- and blend them wisely! when you order a cheaper cut of! meat. You'll find the result will often] prove more inviting than a far more costly dish. Hero are ways to create dishes with a "dash." Breast of Veal .'i to "1 pound breast of veal '/i cup fat 1 onion .sliced 1 tablespoon paprika Tliime or rage 1 tablespoon chopped parsley •1 cups bread crumbs '"cup sliced carrots \2 cup sliced onions Veal slock Have meat boned and r, pocket made for the .stuffing. Wash and wipe well. Prepare the .stuffing in the following manner: Cook onion in fat 5 minutes; add paprika, a bit of thyme or sage, parsley and mix with the soft bread crumbs. Fill the pocket and tie or rkcwer the opening. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place meat on rack in roasting pan. rub surface with fat, sprinkle with flour and put a slice of bacon across the top. Pour 1 cup S-A-L-E OK NOVKLTV SHOES $5.00 and $(!.()() Values L A D I E S' Specialty Shop Havo your winter Suit dry cleaned In our modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Cozy Dinette Features "Intimate" Lighting J»M to prove the FSA was not fool- tho bit; harvest. '»K, it also built a six-room house in a rural .seelion of Minnesota for $.'iH a room. H wasn't quite so fancy ;<,•> the Arkansas house but almost equally roomy .-mrl would shed snow. Cheaper In South Of course the $2,372 house in Altheimer unrl the $1,885 house in Minnesota were not built according to the fann- er's orders. They were built on n design carefully worked dut by Ihe FSA. Each was one of a number of houses In ii reteltlcnient project, mass production in a limited way. A portable sawmill was hnulod up to the-site of the community arid it cut rafters, joists, flooring ami staircases according In ;1 pattern. Then a foreman took over, gut a couple of fanners antl nailed Ihe bouse together slop a concrete foundation. FSA .says the houses are sound, will last many years and give good service. Altogether, 10,303 houses have been started by FSA and approximately hall arc finished. As a mailer of fact, the two houses mentioned above are high priced jobs. In the deep south where less weatherproof structures are required, costs are far less. A five-room house at Bishopville, South Carolina, has been built with sink, grease trap, electric wiring and sewage disposal, all for SI.302. That is $273 a room. stock in bottom of Ihc pan and cook in a hot oven 15 minutes. Reduce heat to moderate and cook for as least I'/i; hours longer. Baste often, adding more stock as needed. When half done add carrots and onions. To serve remove meat and vegetables to platter and make gravy, using stock made from trimmings. (Stock: Cover trimmings from boned veal with cold water, add a bay leaf, sliced onion, celery lops, sprig of parsley, few pcppercoins and some salt. Simmer '/i hour or more.) Snusugc I'ruiie I_onf 1'i cups uncooked prunes I'fe pounds pork sausage 1 large sweet green pepper cut fine 2'<2 cups cooked rice 3 or •! stalks celery 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce salt and pepper lo taste 2 CRgS Wash prunes in hot water, drain, cut from the pits and put through food chopper. Fry sausage meal, green pepper and celery until sausage is cooked but nol crisp. If ihe sausage is extra fat. fat should be drained off after frying. Add prunes, rice, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, slightly beaten eggs and mix well. Pack in a large loaf pan or casserole and bake 40 minutes in a moderate oven. Reduce temperature and continue baking for 25 minutes. Beet Stew With Dumplings 2 pounds beef 2 tablespoons shortening 1 large onion, chopped x '.a teaspoon salt "4 teaspoon celery sail ' to teaspoon thyme leaves ; ' !'i teaspoon pepper •i'l cup water 1 teaspoon Wcrchcstcrshirc sauce 2 cups canned tomatoes ' 1 cup diced carrots Cut the beef in 1-inch squares and brown on both sides in a hot frying pan. Cook the onion in the melted shortening until soft and add to the browned beef. Add the water, seasoning and the tomatoes. Cover and cook over low heat until the meat is tender, about 2 hours. Add carrots during last half hour of cooking. T 0 make dumplings: Use 1 cup sifted flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, % teaspoon salt, '/teaspoon poultry seasoning and salt. PAGE THREE SHE HAS A PERFECT RIGHT John Tucker Considered for Southwestern Post LITTLE ROCK—John Tucker, former University of Alabama football player and athletic director and coach at Arkansas Tech at Russellvjlle since 1932, is being seriously considered to succeed Clyde (Shorty) Propst as director of athletics at Southwestern University at Memphis it was learned Wednesday night. Tucker conferred with Southwestern officials at Memphis Wednesday. and who seems to say, "I am much too good to be bothered with your troubles. Who do you think you are?' Or is it the business woman with the office front, who wears that superficial varnish of sweetness and light in business hours, but who.se innate hardness, lack of interest, and emptiness break through everywhere?" Such advice as Countess Waldeck gives may sound a little oldfashioned to a girl determined to be a "modern young business woman," so to give it weight with even the most modern, let me add—the Countess isn't the dowager type, not in any sense of the word. In fact, she looks a great deal more like Claudetto Colbert than an American's idea of a countess. Now are you willing to think her message might be for you? We, the Women By Ruth Millett A Career Woman's Success Is Founded on Sincerity. There arc women in business who look beyond this week's pay cheek. Women who are as anxious as most GIRLS THESE POSITIONS Pay $20 to $50 A Week! Here is your opportunity to gel into a profession that i.sn't crowded irARrM-rv''T 0rS , iiru a ' wuys « lll l ll ». vcd ''«••«"* ihoi-c ac.uallv ,.-, a sLAHCHY ol good operators. The average beauty operator makes Irom $20 to $50 a weel almuM wice what the average stenographer makes. Yet the study of Beauty Lu lure is simple--requires no more lime than that of stenography A nigli school education is not required. Decide now tu enter this well-paid profession! Dorothy Dix adyi.es Kirs to take up beauty WI , rk ,f ,, lcy wal)t „, bc , lld ^ ' d ; ', ..ml s,e the wu, 1,1. You ,l,,,n have .„ wa.t. You can enter any Mon.lav morning. Mail th,, coupon NOW before you misplace this paper! ' """"iiiiimiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiuiiiiiiiiiiii,,„„,„„„, „,,,, , I PARAMOUNT BEAUTY SHOP 1 § 105 East Oak Street, El Dorado, Ark. \ : u-i.-ek. ne 1'ri.nf thai Beauty Operators make $i>0 to $50 a ..-ek. Also tell me how I can quality as a Beauty Operator in le.ss an M.\ months, on Jj,a.sy Tuiliun Payments. Name Address .11111111,111 Women who are not working just as fiUin b et w e e 31 school and a hop ed - for marriage, around a career. They are the wo- spect people. She must not feign the kind of unthinking liking that most of us have when we are young, but the men to succeed. Women who are not kind of liking that conies Irom "real understanding and sincere sympathy for others' troubles and perplexities. The more important a woman's work _ ., becomes, says Countess Waldeck, the but who plan to more she has to have this real con- build their lives sideration for people that comes from the heart. What about the office "front" that interested Countess men who should be in what Waldeck [has to say to women in business. Countess Waldeck has made a study of business women, both in the United Kuth MiUctt Stales and in European countries. All the ' successful business women that she has come to know have convinced her of this: The woman who becomes a success •ful executive must really like and re- Add 1H cup milk gradually and stir well mixed. Remove some of the gravy if il covers ihe meal. Drop the dough by teaspoon/tils on the boiling slew. Cover and cook at the simmering point without removing the cover for 15 minutes. Test dumplings before removing Resembling a hanging kerosene lamp, this fixture is really the latest In scientific lighting, lt,s inner translucent diffusing bowl provides soft, glareless Illumination. By Jean Prentice T HERE'S a way to jnako your breakfast nook or dinette more Individual and cozy, It has to do with lighting. In many apartments and homes the dinette is a part of tho kltclieu, and it is ditllcult to make it seem a separate, distinctive section. Usually the lighting fixture above the table hugs the ceiling and gives a far-away feeling. Try substituting a drop con] with 6 new fixture placed about 3G inches above the table. 1 think it will add an Intimacy and charm that you want. It Is also better light Ing from the scientific angle, since it gives a greater distribution aud amount of .light on the table. • Even a small breakfast table, like (r a family-sized one, needs a li.xture /hanging reasonably close to it to provide tranquil, cheerful lighting. il suggest that if you have a break- ;ttst nook with a lighting fixture ^lose to the ceiling you make this Change and see what « difference tit.wakes. .,. "7 >.P • n i-'n • -* ^ Several types of fixtures go very nicely here, and you needn't delve very deeply Into the family pursa for one of them either. Smart Colonial Design In quaint design, looking much like a hanging kerosene lamp, Is one fixture which in realily is the latest in scientific lighting. It has an inner translucent diffusing bowl which prevents (he liglu from glaring harshly down into the eyes of persons sealed al the table. When a 75 or 100-watt bulb Is used the liglit is still soft, yet abundant enough for reading or sewing or game-playing. Another idea for the breakfast nook is an inexpensive parchment cylinder shade, closed at the bottom to soften shadows. If you already have a drop cord and ordinary downward shade in your dinette, you can still improve the lighting by using one of the new bulbs with a silver bowl, lu 100-watt size. This will throw the light upward, and give a smooth, glareloas effect. FINAL CLEARANCE SALE DRESSES $2 Values to $4.95 • Values to $7.95 • Values to $9.95 Heres a K amc every one \vins~.vou positively can't fail to win because every one of these B aniu-nls iosl more at the factory than we arc asking for them. Silks, \V..ols-moslly long sleeve dresses. Black im:wn., C.rcy, Wine, Rust. Hod. Urcen, I'laids and Solids. Sizes U to 14 Hats Shoes Values to $4.00 Values to $6.00 $1 188 NO EXCHANGES—NO REFUNDS DUGGAR'S Ladies Ready-to-Wear—SHOES 111 West Second we are always hearing about? Countess Waldeck thinks the woman who falls back on a superficial office manner to get her through her days, is limiting herself at the start. . "I can't make up my mind about what is worse," she says. Is it the blase salesgirl or executive who looks at the customer like a Hollywood duch'ess ANNOUNCING That Miss Alice Harrington is now with the White Way Beauty Shop. She will be pleased to serve her many friends and customers. WHITE WAY BEAUTY SHOP Phone 119 SWEATERS $1.00 to $6.95 Separate and Twin Sets The Gift Shop PHONE 252 The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hose—Open Day & Nitc INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance SHOP AT COX'S Colgates Lather Cream Giant Size Tube 39e OLAFSEN'S Cod Liver Tablets, mint flavored. The pleasant way to take cod liver oil. Bottle of 150 98c Electric Heater Ideal Ccr tile Bath Room $1.49 Ciem new chrome finish razor pack- ape of 5 blades and 2 extra blades free. All for 69c 3 Bars Gardenia Oatmeal Soap for the complexion. 23c FLOSSTEX TOILET TISSUE Extra Soft Assorted Colors. Package of 500 31c 2 TAMPAX The new sanitary protection for Package 35c Rolls For 25c Campholyptus nose drops, 1 oz. dropper bottle. Its regular use prevents infection from cold germs. 39c Orlis Antiseptic JMoulh wash. A safe and sure an- liscpiic. Pints 49c Nuvel Sanitary n a p- kins. Box of 12. 2 packages Sic Cooper doublecdge razor blade, one blade free with package of 5 blades 25c The supreme in quality blades. Try the first blade and if not satisfactory gel your money back. P1NAUIVS SETUP The lotion that makes you first shave with an electric razor as good as you get after a month's use. The lotion that makes shaving with an elcclric razor belter than ever. IVifci'linn Kubbing ALCOHOL Pints 25c Visit out Truss department if your old Truss is worn out. \Ve \yill fit you with Hit- Truss thai ycur particular case needs. A large assortment of sizes and kinds. Men's aluminum shoe trees, makes shoes last logger. IVr pair JOHN P.COX DRUG CO. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps

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