Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1935
Page 4
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•' i -I K v "* . IA*- Fifle Composer to Pfotlda* MBIIHH Gpm_!3araiiraB ^ f i One Who snubs KSrain (Form of "be." J4 Female sbeep. ' 4? To Brink SlTo emanate , 381 To INsh „, M Derislori \$SSo4a ash 3Sln this place * 5? To creep ; 41 Enthusiasm , 4&To require 44 Beer • 45 To leak y 48Mothe» 4? To bov 49 Genus ol rodents &0 Musical note 3fflHCJ 62 work of skill 54 fteVolVed. 57 Brobch. BSlnleU. 60 Fertile desert . spot. 01 Inclination 62 He won fame as a pianist. 63 He taught music in —-. U S. A, VfiftTICAb 2 Ipecac source. 3 Kiln. 4 Cavity 5 Upon. 6 Doctor. 7 To depart. S Natural power 0 Either. 10 Existed. 11 Mathematical term. 12 To recognize. 1C He was born Ih the, city, Vllna. if Pertn.lilng to palpus. 19 He studied at —*—> Germany. 21 Bird. 23 To fertilise. 25 Soup dish. 27 Fire rods. 29 Play outline. 50 Ulcer. 32 Sanskrit dialect. 33 Passing. 3S Sun god. 3D Assumed aiamc 40 You and t. 43 Drone bee, 45 Old garment. 46 Orano refuse. 48 Portal. 49 Net. 51 In. 53 Light brown. 56 To make lace. 56 Twitching. G7 Tiny vegetable. 59 South Carbllnfl 61 Before Christ. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^Evening Shade Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence May spent Sunday 1 with Mr. arid Mrs. John • Shields. . •:;•..' Mrs! Clifton Bowden and children called on her mother, Mrs. Ola Belts .Monday evening. : v , ( ',A\Mr> and Mrs. Albert Anderson was Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and'Mrs. ' Herbert Anderson. , - ' "\-',Mfas Catheryn 'Shields spent Sunday night with Charlotte and JLoiiise "' Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence May spent "Sunday night with Mrs. May's-par-; ehisT Mr. and Mrs. D. M- Kinsey. ,,• ,-fifr. and Mrs. Mart'.-YoBdrn called on Bfc. and Mrs. Norman Henry. JBVi- day night. . .'!..;'> , >Mias .Burnell Hatch, spent SunHay ^ght with Irene Neal. ..'.;-' ;; j ,! , '"-Mr. and Mrs. Ervia Moses and chll- -tdr^n^f'Hope called on Mr. and Mrs. L./E. Betts Sunday afternoon. ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson: spent awhile Sunday night with Mr. and; Mfk Herbert Anderson. Mrs. Sexton spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents, Mr, and Mrs, John Ratcliff. DeAnn Sell It! Find It 1 Rent It! Buy It! • * in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the 4 quicker you sell. ' 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c ; For consecutive insertions,' minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad , 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min, 90c 26 times, SVfec line, min. ?2.70 (Average 5V£ words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted •with the understanding, that the fctll- is payable on presentation oi statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 Mr. Bryan Clark speht the Thanksgiving holidays with his parents Mr. and Mrs. A. M.Clark. ; ' Mr. and Mrs." Glater Willis spent Thanksgiving day with her parents,' Mr. and Mrs. T.. J. Hartsf ield- tnnd' Miss Emma Hartsf ield. .... ' • '.' : Glad to report that Mr." He'ndrix is improved at this writing, \vp ; h6"pe he wilt: soon: be Up "again. '*;•') • Mr. and':Mr^. ^George '.JflcCprkie and Misses Mary 3d and' Settle ; "Sii£ Mc- Corlde ;and Mr/ Olice •.McCbrkle pnd! Misses r Anna, I'Ninat arid-;yesta-6byc!tt; spent Sunday with",Mrs.;'>MqC6rJcie|s brother Mr,-and"Mrs', i^ohh Stergejlus and'family'.-of-near Fiilton. ^ • ({'.'• There will fete preaching' at the.White Oak Baptist church next Sunday;.,Brij. Eaddy, .will.filKhis .regular -appoint^- n\ent Everybn|e s as jhvited to -atteijd. Dpn't ; forget Sunday • sciiooH- evdry Sunday 1 -at 10 o'clock.- -' ' .' , Mr: and-Mrs. J.. J.jSathuel/.aind.faTn- ily. .spent •; a few^ days last -week • in Texas visiting Kerf Brother ;Mr.;!and i Mrs.i Floyd Curhmirigs. and family, j They were accompanied ' home by, their ' daughteV'Udeh^who' 1 has . been visiting a.few weks. • •; .- j!., • .: ; Mr. and Mrs. Ald'in Willis and baby daughter from the Experiment Farm spent last week-end with htier parents in this community. Mr. Hallar McCorkle and David McKee and Misses Nina, Anna and Vesta Boyett called on Miss Mary Jo McCorkle. Mr. Curry Allen called on Mr. and Mrs. John Allen Sunday afternoon. Mrs. George Samuel is on the sick list and also little Margie Samuel. We wish for them a speedy recovery. Pupils on the honor roll of perfect attendance for the second month of school are: First grade—Oveta Honeycutt, Lois Merle Gorham, Elmer Clark, Jack Lloyd Burke. | Second grade—Bill Whatlcy. Third grade—Harold Whatley, James j Hoit Burke, Reed Clark, Ida Maedell Gorham. Fourth grade—Virdie Mae Honeycutt, Coy Breeding, Russel Breeding, J. D. Whatley. Fifth grade—Fhala Clark, and Herbert Roberts. Sixth grade—J. T. Honeycutt, Herchel Rogers, Frrest Yarberry. WANTED Give Him a Billfold son Drug Co. for Christmas. 3-6tc Money to Loan— MORTGAGES Borrow ?50 to ?250 from us at 6% on your furniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back in small monthly payments. For full information see GREENING INSURANCE AGENCY. 20-26tc Just arrived a line of children Classic Books. 25c each. John S. Gibson Drug Co. 2-6tc FOR RENT Bibles and Testaments. A large line fpp you to select from. John S. Gibson Drug Co. 2-6tc FOR SALE Legal Notice WARNING ORDER SALE—Horses and mules, See ,O, fy Sutton at Sutton and Hale Service Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp "*FOR SALE—Trained bird dogs. reasonable. Dalton Bowe, three west of Hope on olrl Fulton road. . 2-t-p IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT J. H. WHITE ET AL .............. Plaintiffs, JESSE C. COLLINS ET AL ........ .................................... Defendants. The defendants Mrs. Cora Collins, Martha Ann Collins, Mrs. Johnic Collins Mitchell, and Willie Mae Collins, arc hereby warned to appear in this court wilhin thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, J. H. White et al., partners doing business under the firm name of White & Company. Witness my hand and teal as clerk of this court on this 3rd day of December, 1935. DALE JONES (SEAL) Clerk. j Dec. 3, 10, 17, 24. j WARNING ORDER i IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY I COURT | MRS. JETT B. GRAVES Ptuu.t.fr, i ' v - I • MKS. NANCi A. HULSE. ,.•.. „. FOR SALE—Ejght desirable residence lots. Well located fiasy terms. P, E. Briant, 2-Stc LOST LOST—Between Hope and Kosstou . op Highway No. 4 pne suit case con- i fining roen'a clothing. Return to the i Hc-pe Star or notify Clarence Key, 401 j Dixon St.. Magnolia, Ark. 3-3tp The defcnd/ini Mi^. Eli/.n Jane Clark is warned tc .ippb.ii in thi.- court within thirty cL^.i .,nct jnawc-r tiiu complaint of ih<-- pUiintuf. Mrs. Jutt B. UravX'.s. Witness my hunn .u.d tn,; dual of ;aid court thi' 12t|_ m>j m Noveiubci. lass. DALE JONtS, Clcik, (SEAL' B> J. P. bYEKS, D. C. Dt-c. 3, JU, 17. 2-1 By WILLIAMS By AHERN OUt OUR WAY I AWAKEN VOU, MWAVS \N SWAP* /DOC, lt= YOU WILL SCMfc NIGHT THIS WEEK- tJO YOU THINK NOU CAN 6O THttU W»TH ^ .v,^'- IT ON SUCH SHORT t»OSB AS A l>v THAI NOTICE ^ GUY SO HAVE TO CALL 'IN' A TREE SURGEON I FOOT Mores BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hmmmmmm ! ! ! ! By MARTIN \&rs^ Tir-^— " —»• ^) 193S BY NEA SERVICE; INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Hanging High, but Not High Enough By HAML1N ALLEY OOP IFWECANJ'MAKE * * ^ JvX «"»• •*•-» • -V* J .*• ii N .5-JiM. gEOU^S, PAT. Off. ^•JWASH TUBES fi>Wo ARMED IS MEW MARCH UOMM SkEET OUT OF THE A Big Surprise for Wash UtaM* <SEE vviz/ I'M AFRAID 3UV6, EA-SV. "THEIR PRISONER, APTER THE MURPER6RJ AKJD we 6crr 'IM/ He's '7-MOT JOMMSkEETTyOTMER THAKl ^ ~ ^I66ER, 7 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nutty Disagrees <Jgj.1915 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. /3 By BLOSSER DO YOU SUPPOSE HE CHASED US BECAUSE HE'S COMMITTED SOME CRIME OR SOME7HIWG, AND HE'S AFRAID OF BEIMG (F^-%*rsjTie ^^c ^ HE HAD (HE'S HARMLESS.., SOME J JUST A CRABBY REASON, ^OLD MAW WHO OR HE J HAS A FEW WOULDKJT ^\ TWISTED H/VE CHASED ) IDEAS/ US WfTH A SHOTGUN ! HE TOLD ME,OMCE,-THAT ALL HIS LIFE HE'S BEEM HOUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO WANTED SOMETHING FROM HIM,...HE NEVER DID TELL ME JUST WHAT!.' IF YOU COULD A. WE COULP PICK MAKE HIM j OUT SOMETHING UNDERSTAND "\FRqM ALL THE THAT YOU WAKIT 'L STUFF WE'VE 70 HELP HIM, HE ^ COLLECTED? MIGHT SOFTEN UP ^ AND GIVE / IT TO HIM .' AMD ACT HUMAN.' SURE...SORT OF A PEACE OFFERING .' A NECKTIE, FOR INSTANCE THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Bad Luck Came With It W/TH HIS BEARD? SAY. YOU COULD HIDE A GROSS OF 'EM IN THOSE WHISKERS ANP STILL HAVE ROOM TO SMUGGLE A FLATIRON ^N ~~^'1 •j '/•,''' W- m SIBVICE INC. T IA By COWAN AH WOULBt^T NVIND\ WELL, PERSONALLY, AVIN' MAHSEL'f ONE I I NEVER MAD _>F DEN\ UEAU BIO JOB5\ ANY UJCK WITH DEY IS AD/ERTISIN 1 IN J THE TWO JOBS DE PAPA,H.'UN\-UhA f * ' YEAH-NSY FIRST joe WAS ON AN ASWCART, BUT I OVERSLEPT ,TH'E. FIRST fAORNIN' AND I GOT FIRED / TWO JOB3? DID YOU HW/E ANY BAD LUCK V/IF DE. SECOND JOB? DID I f IVV^N ,THWT WAS THE JOB I GOT BECAUSE E^^^^Y SA\D SHE. ^WOULDN'T CAARRY IVSE UNLESS 1 WENT TO WORK / - . -)£'=" imtff& r c 3 f EVERY TlfAE f OPEN CAY TRAP, I PUT 1V\Y FOOT INTO IT' sasss*!""*: «TTCsafirH.-i. MT . Off . $^M -

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