The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1940
Page 6
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if AGE SIX BLYTITEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Bob-ing Aldna o c3 Bolh Teams Have Perfect. Records Going Into Fifth Day ' By GKORGK K1RKSIVY United Press Stilt Correspondent NEW YORK, April 20.—Undefeated, untied and unseorcd on, the .Brooklyn Dodgers and Cleveland Indians moved loday the fifth day of the sputtering baseball .season with perfect records. They had to have some help from the weather man to retain their tclect records but for the nonce they are the two hottest things In the majors. The Dodgers have to share the National, League lend with the champion Reds, who've won their only two games but are not quilt" as exclusive as the lirooklyns because they've allowed a couple ol runs, but the Indians hold undisputed possession of ihe American League lead. After .wcing their heroes polish off the Giants yesterday nt Ebbets Field, the Platbush faithful struck up the old. familiar spring song, "This is our year." And it might be at that because Leo nurocher has put together a hard-driving, hustling £nng with perhaps the best Infield in the National U-agne. The Dodgers have good pitching and if their offense doesn't bog them .down they might furnish the Reds their toughest opposition. Before an opening day crov,'d of .24,741 which braved a chilling rain. the Dodgers slashed the Glnnts to ribbons. Hugh Cnsey, scattering nine hits, had the Giants eating out of his hand. The Dodgers slugged out 12 hits off Schumacher and Melton with Cookie Lavagctto leading the attack with two doubles and four runs batted in. Johnny Allen sent Cleveland's flttocl; skyrocketing when lie pitched f{lie Indians to, a 4-0 victory over Detroit Showing his brat form in rs Allen held the • Tigers to iree hil5j all singles by McCosky, Sampbell and Gehrlnger. A crowd 26,529 attended, the largest at- indance of the majors' second Ming day. Lou Boudreau's single, Chapman's double, Trosky's walk A Heath's homer scored the ibe's four runs off Henry Plppcn the sixth. The Yanks staged a 4-rim up- mg in the first inning off Ken ilwse and pulled through to a 5-3 ctory over Washington before smallest Yankee Stadiuiii opening crowd'in years; Joe Gor- .don's homer with a man on \vi\s the*, big punch. Bucky Harris nnd the Senators yelled long accl loud thai Gordon's blow was foul but to no avail. Lefty Gomez, who stnrled for the Yanks, had to retire after five innings .because of the recurrence of an old injury to his back! Johnny Babtch, Kansas City i ookie, stopped the Red Sox in the second game of a dottbleheader nf- Boston had beaten the Ath, 7-6, in the opener. Bnblch up only five .hits to win, 3-1. A's made all their runs in the frame off Emerson Dickmnu. Docrr's bnd throw to the 'iplate let In the first run and then Bob Johnson hit a homer with :i mate oii. Dom DIMagglo's double, driving In two runs, and Jimmy Foxx's second homer featured the Red Sox victory in the morning opener. After dropping two 2-1 games to the Reds, the Cubs scored their first win, a 5-0 shutout of Ihe Cardinals by Larry French. Tile Cubs' southpaw won Ms own game with a double with two mates on in the second off Morion Cooper. . Cubs' rookie shortstop Bob Sturgeon lashed-out three hits (one double) but made two errors for the second straight day. WON'T N££D A'-t~ THAT SPEED WHEN you nki nnd Nell nnd Mac Colvlllc were stripped of their tonsils. . .'. . Macdonald also had X-ray pictures taken of his stomach. '. . .What would the lilueshirts have done iMid they been well? iiob Zuppke's latest works in oil v.'ill hi: shown In Chicago, May (i-11, and then In New York and 10 other cities. . . . The Illinois coach's 21 new paintings Include land.scapc.s of central' Illinois and the far west and I'aclflc marines. . . . Harvard has .so many gifted hacks that redheaded Captain Gardella may be crowded off his own lenni unless lie shows more drive In Hie spin- lack assignment. Inspiring th c Washington crew this .sprint; i-s Ellis Coder, the Huskies', stroke of 19M,' who Is paralysed in both legs us a result of an automobile accident. SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 19(10 AKRON, April !9.—Here's something else you can blame on knee- knocking Johnny ; Paychok. Meyer Chrislner Is attempting a comeback at 45. That is, K. O. Chrislner claims he Is only «. They said lie was 37 when lie first ,'Uli.icled attention by climbing out of the Akron tire pll.v to flatten Knute Hanson in Cleveland, Dec. 1. 1928. He went on to narrowly > beating Jack Slim-key, then :it Ills peak, In Madison Square Citti'dcn . . . earned more than SIUU.OOO with his fists al an age when most of us are reminiscing. While, the appearance of the towering Paychek against Joe Loii!,s encouraged Christner to go on, it | was a wrestler' who Inspired him to lake another whirl this late in life. • Fred liozik went a little coo in his act of assaulting his opponent and the referee, who liap- Ijcncd to be the ' venerable rubber pmldler. The old kayo fellow °ot Arkansas Greets First Lady Washington Celebra t i o n Reflects Greater Solidarity Of Nations BY IIAHUY F1UNT7, . United Press SialT Correspondent WASHINGTON (UPi-The I'an American Union celebrates its 50th anniversary Monday, v.-llh prestige high because of its services for continental peace nnd coopera- | lion in a period of world strife The anniversary date was Sunday, April H, but the celebration ivas put over one day. It will mark the passing of n half century since the first international conference of American stales, at Washington, adopted a resolution for "the establishment (if an American international bureau for the collection In Ihe English, Spanish and Portuguese languages, of information us to the production and commit) n.s to the customs, laws Today's Sport Parade By IIKNItV iilcI.EMOHE NEW YORK, April 20 (UP)—Into each life some rain iimst (nil, but Isn't Clnrk Orimth gelling more than his shurc? There he sat nt the Yankee Stndlum yesterday, no longer young, no longer hopeful, pcrhn|is. with the gray of thc years show- ins In his hair nnd the gray of the April rains drawing beads in his huddled shoulders. He had come, there high in the Bronx, to wntch the world champ- Ion Yankees disintegrate before tlic irresistible attack of his mighty Washington senators. There was a smile on his face, a glenm In his eyes when such Washington warriors a's Wasdell (address un- kno.wn), Pofnlil (try route 17), Bloodworth (Unknown here) anct Cluise (R. P. D. 7, Ring 3) took to thc field. These were the men, his men, on whom he counted to make proud liis boast that the Yankees were over-rated mid could be taken by iomhlp In a gnme against Washington Redskins. ( The umpire listened as patiently as he could be expected io and then declare;! (he homerun a fair hit. At this point (he Washington malinger, Ducky Harris, drew on John Stclnljcrk for n few choice phrases before being chased fiom the game. We had bur glasses on Mr. Clrimth during this storm and he was as unconcerned us a fiuilty defendant awaiting the jury's arrival. As far as the final result was concerned, this first Inning ended the game, I don't wnnt to ask loo much, but I hope It ended Mr. Griffith's yapping concerning the downfall of liie Yankees. Let';; change the motto from "bleak up the Yankees," to "brenit Ortllllh." up Mr. Personally. I wouldn't even'have liked to hear Caruso sing every tiny In the week. To Hold Inlra- Club Tourney Here Tomorrow THE PAYOFF lly MARRY OHAYHON NEW YORK, April 20.—Chicago White Sox and thc customers let Ken Kcllnev of the Indians know they hadn't forgotten his Ill-advised application for unemployment compensation, last winter. . . . Philadelphia funs nppcnr ready to ride Benny McCoy, evidently because he collected that $45,000 bonus from the Athletics. :. . ' Perhaps all thin George CofTman requires is the opportunity ..••.>;"., Neither Mickey Cochranc nor'. Dpi- mnr Uaker gave Slicker Coffnian much chance In Detroit. . And when on opening day he did to the Tigers what he couldn't <lo for them, the least surprised of ull was Fred llaney. . . . Thc Slicker bagged six straight for Huney. in Toledo. ., . . The Browns', manager knew he \viis n better pitcher, Minn his Detroit record showed. • ivliieli is why he grabbed the Alabnrmin in thnt trade hist winter. In 1038 nnd again last season, Sylvester Johnson of Ihe Phillic.' was hit on the chin by line drives from thc bat of Arky Vauglran of Ihe Pirates with the same runner mad starched the trappier and regulations of (heir respective countries." Activities N'uw Political j The Union, housed in a beautiful marble edifice on Seventeenth street, In Washington, has extended its activities into many fields a team thnt was smart, alert, full | Tennis headed by Farmer England of hustle, nnd blessed with n will and R. !•• Slockett will clash Sun- to die with Us .spikes on. Hadn't they,proved lo Griffith, in day in an intra-clnb golf toiirnn- Yesterday's Results Southern League Nashville 2, Atlanta 1. Birmingham at New Orleans, .right game. Little Rock at Memphis, postponed, rain. Knoxviile at Chattanooga, postponed, rain. American League Boston 7-1, Philadelphia 6-3. New York-5. Washington 3. Cleveland 4, Detroit 0. Chicago at St. Louis, postponed, wet grounds, cold. their first two games of the young club, season that they weren't quitters? Yes, indeed. Through two full games against Boston they hnd tattled, nnd the fact (hat they hadn't been able to score it run Jn losing both sanies hnd not driven them from thc lieUl of honor. As ihe Titans took their places in the field Grlllilh, who is known lo his intimates ns the "Old Pox," "The Old." and sometimes simply ns "The," must, have felt pleased that half n dozen times In the past two years he had prophesied the mer.l at the Blythcvlllc country collapse of the Yankees. Now, right In llieir own backyard, he was about to match the fulfillment of his forecast. The rain was n-comln' down, nnd the winds were cold and sharp, but brother Griffith paid no mind. Then, ns Is customary in well run ball games, (here came a lirsl Inning. The first hnlf of it didn't amount to anything because Washington was nt bat,. This lack of punch on the part of his boys didn't particularly fret GrimMi, for The tournament will IK over the 18-holc route. Pairings announced for five lour- ucy with mftnliers 01 Kmlnn.i s nrrny listed first follow: J. A. torch v.'i. U. iV. .-iii'lck. J. R l,enti vs. E. B. Gee. W. J. Pollard vs. II. \V. Haincs. 11. Morse vs. .].- Terry. U. S. Hrausou vs. R. Phillips. R. KUshner vs, R WhlUvorlh Blue tioyt vs. J. Traynor. G. G. Caiidlll vs. G. G. Hubbarxl. C. A. Cunningham vs. C. E, Crlgger Jr. P. H. Acton vs. Bob Darues. R. Becker vs. B. Morse Jr. STANDINGS Koiilln-rn Nashvillc .. Memphis 3 Little Rock 3 , - - • --- Chattanooga .... 2 he Is nccustomcd lo watching his xNew Orleans ... '2 team go weeks without so much I Allnnln ' ' •> as a base on balls. Besides, he felt I Knoxviile i (hat _lhe Senators would bottle up xBumingham .'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 1 W. L. Pet. o .150 .GOO National League Brooklyn 12, New York 0, Chicago 5, St. Louis 0. 1 •• Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, post- ixmcd, wet grounds. Boston at Philadelphia, postponed, rain. Today's Games Southern League Little Rock at Memphis. Knoxviile at Chattanooga. Atlanta at Nashville. Only games scheduled. ' thc Yankees wilh an impenetrable defense. As a ninn who likes to draw the veil of kindness it hurls me lo tell you what started happening then. Before the Yankees were retired seven of them had enjoyed times al bat and four runs were across the plate. The major blow in this typical Yankee rally was a home run by Joe Gordon' with a man on base. The Washing tons, to a man. swore thnt this place kick of Gordon's was wide and they called upon thc referee to uphold their belief. It was remindful of the beef of another Washlngtoniau during the past football season. It will be remembered that George Marshal, that playboy fugitive irom n clothes wringer, all but tore Ills Wednesday's wash apart in protesting the field goal that gave the New York Giants a National Professional League football champ- National League ;ton nt Philadelphia. iw York at Brooklyn. ilndnnflti at Pittsburgh. Louis at Chicago. x—Night giune. American League W. L. .400 .•100 .250 .'250 Pet. on third base. . Each time , Cleveland ............. 2 0 1.000 Boston New York St. Louis Philadelphia Detroit 3 2 1 2 \ Chicago 0 Washington National 0 .150 .filjT ,500 .500 .333 .000 .000 American league St. Louis. trolt at Cleveland. Washington at New York. PhtJMrtphla at Boston Rod Courier News want ad*. VORTKX PETROLEUM CO. BLYTHEVILLE C1TV LIMITS HIGHWAY 61 NORTH Any 20c. Cigarettes for 16c With Purchase of 5 Gal. or Jlore of ARK. GAS AT MO. PRICES REFINERV TO YOUR CAR Michie Bros., Dealer Brooklyn .. Philnclclphin Pittsburgh . liicago .. . Boston .. . 1 0 St. I.ouis 0 New York o W. L. Pet. . 2 0 1.000 . 2 0 1.000 . 1 0 1.000 . 1 0 1.030 2 .333 1 .000 2 .000 2 .000 ball bounced bnck lo the catcher and the mail ^Itcrnnllng to score was tagged oiit' -.-'/". But Johrson doesn't cnrc to be credited with any more assists like those. ., * • • Golfer Fisrhr-r Finds l.:uv HefNure:,- A ttiffcmit Type of Concenlnilioii There is an acute shortage of conditioned horses at Jamaica lie- cause of the Inability r>( 1 t.-v island trainers to so quickly whip slock iulo shape for competition. . . . Jack Campbell, general racing secretary, Is having headaches trying to (111 seven races each day. . . . Horsemen in Maryland caiier to race in New York cannot obtain stable room. . . . Other hanrt'-irs cannot understand how Jim FiU- simmons got Fighting (<\>x and Hie Kentucky Derby cliJiWcs. Ponelon Foxflnme and .Merry Kniglit. mid a dozen more in trim 0:1 L;>ng Island in so short a time. Law is taking most of Johnny Fischer's time, and while it would seem concentrnlion should cmue easily after playing a lot of uolf. the 1030 national amateur rliimi- pion finds it doesn't. "lu^ golf yon need coiicculriilion of exclusion—forgetting everything but the shot." explains thc pcr.-.on- nble Cincinuntlnii. . . . "In huv Vm finding that isn't so good. You'nced Inclusion in your concentration. . . . You must think of many things." * * * Ellis Coder, 1339 Stroke Who is Now Paralyzed, Inspires Wash. Crew New York Rangers went In (or Bcncrnl repairs after they won the Stanley Cup. . . . Dutch Hlllcr had his appendix removed. . . . Go.ilic Dave Kcrr required mi opciation on both elbows. Muzz Patrick on one. . . Muzz Patrick. Kllby Mucilon- j with one swipe of his mighty right. Bozik had been an amateur boxing-champion. A bright idea struck the promoter. Why not re-stage Hie battle that swiped the show. He did. Chrklner 'belted out Bo?.ik again, lie did it ix third time. i'UNCmXG PUHULER CAME ALONG 10 VEAR8 TOO SOON Now he's In serious training. He works out daily, hits the road, watches his diet. He weighed 24B pounds when he started warming up in preparation for Bozik. He's down to 214 now . . . aims to come in nt 205. He's considerably balder ilmii when you lust saw him, but no more thinly-thatched tlian Pnychek. "And I'm not afraid." he beams. Christner rightly claims he came along 10 years too soon, although he did very well financially up to nnd through the tank period. "The heavyweights were pretty bad then," he contends, "but not nearly'as poor as they are today. Anything might huppen if I got in the first lick against Louis." Christner now conducts a pool room next to an Akron high school. He owns his little gray bungalow In Akron, some property ;iu Pennsylvania and his wife has n form In Texas, but thc Christners don't have to worry about income tax. The depression struck as ChrLst- ner got hot. and the 'man's heart was big In more ways than one. He gave thousands of dollars to men with whom he worked in the pits of cultural, technical and social cooperation, but never has received n grant of "political functions," and consequently is never described as a "league of nations." Actually, however, thc Union has been an active agent in making arrangements for the series of I'an American conferences, and its administrative labors have given effect to the recommendations of i such conferences. Moreover, the i monthly meetings of the governing board, composed of Ihe Secretary of State and chiefs of diplomatic missions have been a continental point of diplomatic contact for the American republics, and its meetings have nllorderi a forum for some of the most dramatic statements of United States Mrs. Prankliu D. Roosevelt, wife of the Chief Executive, speaks n word in response to the greeting tendered hr by Mrs. Wayne Harding, president,of the Woman's board of Sparks Hospital, in Ft. Smith, Ark! to' save their home . men who later crossed the street to avoid their benefactor wlicn lie required help. CHKISTiVBK FCGtlTS TO PUT fHII.DRKiV TIIKOUUH OOLI.ICtiK ChiLslner played football loo-- with Hie Gomlycnr Silents from 1920 to 19X6 nnd other clubs—ami his strapping sou. Milton, Ls following In his father's footsteps In that gnme nt Akion University, where lie Is n Inrtcle. Young Milton stands six feet three anil scales 199. and U!s dud showed him how to punch when he was five. It is up to the youngster whether lie retraces Ins dad's fighting feet, but first, the elder Christner insists, Milton most graduate from college, where he ranks with tlic uiipcr hnlf of his civil engineering class. It is to put Milton and a ilnuth- ter. Betty, now in high school, through college Hint K. O. Chrisl- ner lias returned to the \vnrs. , The old knyo fellow wants his children to have .something ne ha to do without. There's nothing wrong with that. There never was anything wrong with old K. o. Christner. The use ol plywood to cover wings is reported to be • superior to the usunl type of covering because of the higher degree of elasticity nnd because of its ability lo absorb excessive gust loads without permnncnt set. In 1010, the Union is at a high tide of popularity because the United States Latin American pal- icy, based on principles of nonintervention, continental .solidarity, and helpful cooperation in ninny. fields, hns been practically parallel J lo the principles of the leading Latin American statesmen and political philosophers. Nations Meet Equally Tiie United Stales moral support to small nations and insls- tcncc on the equal status o( both powerful find weak nations also has been a factor encouraging to inter-American relations. This policy was given practical effect by the Panama neutrality declarations nnd .provision for ;v "safety zone" in seas around the American continent. Since the Union's founding in 1890. it, has had eight directors: William E. Curtis, 1890 to 1893; Clinton Furbish, 1393-1891; Joseph P. Smith, 1397-1898; Frederic Emory. 1898-1899; W. W. Rockhill. 1895-1985; William C. Pox. 1905- 1SJC7; John Barrett., 1907-1920. and Dr. L. S. Rowe, .1920 to date. Assistant directors have been Francisco J. Ymics, 1910 to 1924; Esteban Gil Uorges, 1924 to- 193(i when.he became foreign minister of Venezuela and Pedro De Alba, from 193C to date. Welch Is Next For 'Gciilla' Two big feature matches have been carded for Monday night's wrestling program at Ihe Legion arena. Gorilla Dugan, the veteran fi-ish meanie who performed here lust week against Loyal Green, will probably find a tougher opponent in Joe Welch in a SO-minuta lime limit malch thriller. Lefty should be a Williams. Cabot. Ark., heavyweight who hns been among the best performers in Arkansas for many years, will test his skil! against Gene Elakcly, Texas headlock artist, in tile other malrfi. Williams performed here last week as :\ member of one of the wrcstlin? learns and Blakely U also we!! known to Blytheville fans, havinj campaigned rather successfully against the opposition he has encountered in the local arena, Hlylhcvillc Gasoline At STATK LINE ['RICES (> Gals, for $1.00 .IOYNER OIL CO. At Red Top Gin U. S. Highway 61, North Women Go to School To Learn Old Crafts DANVILLE, N. H. (UP) -Eight women are going back to school in a 130-year-old red schoolhouse to learn what their grcnt-gretit-gf'aml- ;nother.v used to do. As an inspiration, the group hns resurrected a huge old loom from the ntlic of a house built in 1187. The women arc working in co- operatlon with the New Hampshire Arts nnd Crafts League and -?tate board of education. They meet, twice weekly for all- day sessions, bringing their lunch, instruction classes in sewing and weaving began last November &iv: are held six hours weekly. Tl« women are learning lo make doilies, scarfs, neckties, hooked ru»s and tweed doling;, old colimiii! dixsigjiii :ue copied. slide down the brass pole—to hear someone ask whtit about the weather. Pittsburgh was the first large city to have a professional football team. WARNING ORDER The defendants. James Buckner and Mnitle Buckner, are warned to appear in the cause Hied against them by Rural Realty Company, et al. against James Buckner, Mable Buckner, Lula Buckner and John I[. Buckner, cause number 7074, in the Chancery Court of Mississippi Comity, Arkansas, within thirty. days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Witness my hand as the Clerk of this Court and the seal thereof. This April 1. 1940. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk- By Elizabeth .Blythe, D. ,C. (Seal) 6-13-20-21 Inquiries on Weather Leave Firemen Heated iMANITOWOC. V/is. i(JP>—Fire Chief John Gnedkc wants it understood tliat Ihf lii ; station i.i n'ij weather bureau. It si ems lhat residents .suffering fu>m insomnia have taken to calling the slalio.- in the middle of the uiahl lo inquire about the temperature. Every time the teleph me rinj<;, Gnedkc complains. 15 firemen leap from their beds, .iumr nto tlisir boots, pull up their trousers an Why Brive a S p S Sign the New Register at the Ritz . SATURDAY A NEW UNIVERSAL PICFURE Also Comedy & Serial ConlinuouM Show Saturday SUN. & MON. ). L. GUARD Ootometrid Only Graduate Optometrist In Blytheville. Glasses Fitted Correct^ I WRESTLING GORILLA DUGAH vs. JOE WELCH LEFTY WILLIAMS vs GENE BLAKELY American Legion Arerw Monday S p. m. BEST TRADE IN TOWN ON YOUR OLD CAK ON A BuickorPcntiac We Need Used Cars Hadly! Let Us Give You An Appniisa) Before on Buy Anything. You Will Be Surprised. BUICK as low as - - - . $943.00 PONTIAC as low as --.. $833.00 Delivered in Rlylhcvillc LANGSTON-WROTEK GO. Broadway & Walnut Phone 1004 •He proiul of yaur car and gain (he aildcd rcspcc.t of others. Our expert repair men will be hrippy lo £lvc you an rstimnte. Dented? Fenders Bent? Glass Broken? Then See Us Today! WE'LL MAKE YOUR CAR LOOK LIKE NEW AT VKRY LITTL K COST TO YOU. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th * Walnut Phone 810 Also Cotnctlv & News Coming to thc KHz: "Gra;>cs of Wrath" "Seventeen BOXY SATURDAY Also Comedy &• Serial Continuous Show Saturday SUN. & MON. Tom Brown * Constance Moore "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" Also Comedy & News LISTEN' TO KTX5N «.m.—12:45 p.m. —1:30 p.m. Phone Hlti ZU . Phone Rosy 2H

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