Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1935
Page 4
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f ia-p ° Fairy Tale .4iw*cr to Previous Ihmle taHh* siaik l,tM<fsd a r these heart* FAt-the top or US* stalk lived nftmo FIUNMEISITl tCIOIMIPlOlSIEIR] i House cat. i Myself. ? Advertisement. &sfote. Egyptian river mature. Lasted 39 And. 4« Preposition. 41 Golf teacher. 44 Protects. 50 English coin. 52 Large room. 54 Below. 55 Mast. 56 He —- the giant. 57 Growing out. 68 To gasp. 53 Closed with wax. 60 He kept the glartt'a - •. 1 Wedged in. 2 On the lee. 3 Clonk. 4 Cognizance. 5 Cavern. 6 Fetid. 7 Artifice. S Auction. 10 Theory 11 On -top of. 12 Short letter. 13 Tries for flavor. 16 To soften. 22 Exhibits displeasure. 23 Winged fruits 25 Affray. 2t Station. 29 Cuckoo. 30 Peak. [ 32 Spigot. 33 Allots. 36 To pass through again. 38 Lack. 42 Law. 43 Olive shrub. 45 Having color. 46 Wayside hole. 47 Dutch cheese. 4STo permit. 49 Sketched. 50 Gem. 51 To rave.' 53 Shoemaker's tool. 55 Mineral spring <i > 13* 56 N IV 5i IS 19 8 57 47 48 49 60 33 17 55 >58 >50 ia 13 -a :! Center Point : Health is good at the present. •Hog killing seems to be the order of hel day since old man Jack Frost has tiveit us a call. s. Albert Chambless and children ed home Friday night after a It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! W<> ' in the Hope Star MARKET PUCE r _5f •& V, *- ' SBemember, the more you tell, the I? t quicker you sell. ? >*>•<'' I time, lOc line, min. 30c 'Foe consecutive insertions, minim* t mum of 3 lines in one ad J '£' <• 3 times, 60! line, min. 50c f i 6-times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, nun. 52.70 ~j (Average SVt words to the line) /" "la. "' .'NOT?—Waht ads will be accepted i with"'the understanding that the | bill is payaVilci on preSentatioh of sstaternent, before the first publi- Jcatioh. -• f - Phone 768 9r'' ^i WANTED ?," \fANTED-lo6 white people to shell S 1 pecans. Apply at once. Hope Produce fr'Hbuse, 108 South Walnut Street, Hope, j^t Arkansas.. > 29-3tp ? Give Him a Billfold fo Christmas. ^ All i^jnds at all prices. John S. Gib- Money to Loan— MORTGAGES Borrow $50 to ?250 from us at 6% on , your furniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back in ~ i small monthly payments. For full in- formation see GREENING INSURANCE AGENCY. 20-26tc j Just arrived a line of children ; , Classic Books. 25c each. John S. '. Gibson Drug Co. 2-6tc s; „ —_ £.> Help Wanted JVJAN OR WOMAN Ranted to supply customers with , famous Watkins Products in Prescott. investment. Business established, ,;earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts ediately. Write J. R. Watkins Co., W, Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. SERVICES WANTED Address Envelopes at home, spare f time; ?5 to ?15 Weekly. Experience f- unnecessary. Dignified work. Stamp ^_ brings details. Employment Mgr. Dept. | §291,'Box 75, Hammortd, Ind. f FOR RENT FOR RENT—Bedroom with bath. ' Qarage. Mrs. .Ambrose Hanegan 821 " South Elm. Phone 46. 29-3tc ^ . ^ FOR RENT—Desirable bedroom, ad- l^'jWling bath. Private entrance. Ga- jjr ya^e. 521 W. 4th. Phone 664-J. 29-3tc W Bibles and Testaments. A large line: r for you to select from. John S. Gib- w «or»DragCo. 2-6tc FOR SALE FOR SALE—Horses and mules, St<; C. H. Sutlon at Suitor, and Hale Service Station, Hope, Ark. 12-2tjtp F0U SALF,~Trained bird dog.s, reasonable. Dalton Rowe, three miles •West of Hope u, old Fulton road. __ _ 2-t-p FOK EALE—Eight desjrabk- i-usi- dence lots. Won ioc«ti-d Easy , E Bn;»i,t visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stucky and baby near Hope. Delma Wright spent last week with his brother, Harvey Wright and family near Hope. He also spent Thursday night with Mrs. A. L. Caudle and children at Bright Star. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Middlebrooks of Hope spent Wednesday with relatives in the community. Mrs. Middlebrooks and Mrs, M. T. Hubbard and daughter. Ruby called on Mrs. W. W. Wright Wednesday. liem Porterfield was in Hope Fri-j day on business. | W. W. Wright and Jessie and; Barnam Wright were in the Melrose! community Friday. ) Mr. and Mrs. George Verdict and Miss Lula Janes of Longview, Texas, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stucky and baby of near Hope called on Mr. andj Mrs. Albert Chambless and children- awhile Sunday afternoon. i W. W. Wright and J. B. Wright and! Delma Wright spent Sunday after- 1 noon with Mr. and Mrs. Elmore Nichols at Evening Shade. J. R. Percell called on W. W. Wright Sunday morning. I l;.Mjvjand Mrs. Joe Porterfield and! s'6n[liJjj,C.;;Mr. and .Mrs. Hugh Garner! and daughter, Mrs; and Mrs. Ezra Mc-| Dowell • an'd jstoji, pqhnle, all of Spring Hill accompariled..' by' Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meadows and Etredge Boston of this place visited with Mr. and Mrs. Pony Reeves and children at Patmos. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Tunstall and son, John Walton and Misses Marie Underwood and Alma Ross and Trenon and Leo Hubbard and Elredge Boston were Sunday evening bedtime guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hubbard and children. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chambless and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Percell and son. Lee Walkins spent Monday morning with A. W. Meadows. Mrs. Marion Hubbard called on Mrs. A. W. Meadows Monday after- Bells Chapel Miss Vera Tate spent last week with Mrs. Foy Tate at Antonie. Mrs. M. J. Ritchie of Strong has moved here where she will make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Melton White and Mr. White. Mrs. Douglas Fulkerson and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Brooks motored to Delight Sunday. Miss Grace Thomas spent the week end with her sister, Mrs V. L. Lonils at McCaskill. Mrs. Floyd Brooks was shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Wess Ferrell were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Morris. Mr and Mrs. Aubry Bonds, Edgar Bonds, Mrs. A. B Osborn and children were shopping in Prescott Saturday. Mrs. Leonard Brown and children of Prescott spent last week with her! parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thomas. j : Mrs. Lon Wood and Misa Irma Wood . were Tuesday guests of Mrs. Edgar I Leverett in Blevins. i Mrs. Edd Chamlee and Mrs. O. L. , White were Saturday afternoon vis: itci-i of Mrs. Lester White. I Mrs. Horace Honca and children ! Mx-nt Monday with her parents, Mr. i and Mrs. G. F. Lively at McCaskill. : Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Warren of Mc- Ciiski!! are making their home with Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Honca. : Mis?. Opal Yate.s was the last -\veek eue;:t of Miss Mario Ward at Blevins.! Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Talc and daugh- i let;;. Misses Marie and Wilma Gene,' visited relatives at Anioine Sunday. : Mrs. R. M. Arnold and children,; oti.v and L. T. and Missc.s Juanita and j Wendford have moved to Texarkana. j i Muss Louise Smith is visiting rel- ! aiivc.s at Sutton. ; \ The many firends of Miss Delores, As-hcraft are glad to know that she; ^ ; i roving at this writing. i Mr. ana ..'-• "•• Jot- Osborn arc visit- I ins rclativ'.-s ui ri.«|;<- - i* 1 ''^ ' •'•:)'-^y^ ,;.} j <^ i, •' '^" ' V ''^f^l'^'H'-V ' [ J « ^*\ ; ^, 11 . J > ' ; «, >,«?,, vj. HOPE STAB, ttOPB, ARKANSAS Monday,, ftecembet- 2, 1936 'f OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS OF OLSON ABOUT- RETURN MATCH FQR- YOU AND HIS MAN I ME OFFEBEt3$SOoV BUT t THINK JT "BEST TO SHOW WE ABE NOT INTEREGTE'D, MAY T2.A1SE IT HOP OM TH' BiKE ( t>OC, m 60 SNATCH THAT 46OO / WITH A^ ^>ELL? THAT MUCH CL^NK t SHOULD LAUcbH -^-AN^THBEE YEARS A<aO I D\D A PLAcb-'POLE-SITTING STUNT TOr^ A WEEK, AN' THEY "PAID AAE O'EF WITH A CRATE OP CABBAGE f "FEELS ASrad AS A STOVE UD, TO -® 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. RKC. U. ii, pir.'of F.^ /Z - Z ''S DIFP »i UMT?" r* A auy.7H/MKlrx4'"AN'" \ STupyiM' iw SCHOOL, N Au( COMBS HOME TO ON, THAT'S WHAT IF 1 WHV CO r*£EPUL HAFTA IRON? .._ _.. co PEEPUL. NAFTA MAKE 6EPS? OUOOO/ WHV DO MOTHERS HAFT/^ GIT , KIPS UP IW TH' MORWINJ' ? WHV DO PEEPUL HAFTA ' " THIS COLP ei/EVTH/N" THAT'S PiPFRUMT- (fjUJSBY NtA SERVICE. \MC. WMV MOTHER^ <SRAV . .J.I3.>NllAllVW»3 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wotta Break By MARTIN \KVit. "VO tJ5 1935 BY NEA SERVICE. 1N». T. M. REO- "• S. PAT. OFF ALLEY OOP Upsidaisy—To Top Floor—No Steps By HAMLIN CANT UP - WE GOTTA CLIMB HOW TH'HECK CAW W£ CLIMB A TPEE,IKlTHI5 . THING I EVER HEARD OF/ TH' LAST THIMG YOU'LL EVER HEAP. IF VDOMT HURGV WASH TUBBS Ready for Action © 1935 B^ NEA SERVICE. INC. T/NJ^REP. U. S. PAT. OfF. Ji,* r . iiy CRANE •THERE HE IS, \ EAsy. i SEE) JOHM SKEET IMf>IDE, AM' I LISTEN! A CJUV WITH A BEAR P. THEM6IVEME T SI, THE BOAT, SHE EES FEE*, SEWOR. WE SAIL FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THE IMSTAMTIHEV STEP our THE POOR,PODMEP; " 'EM HAVEjr/ x (0 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF, Mysterious YOU SAY HE THREATENED YOU WITH A GUN ? I'M KIOT SURPRISED! POOR OLD CODGER IS SOURED ON THE: WORLD .'/ WELL, HE COMES IW HERE ABOUT ONCE A WEEK AND BUYS A LOAF OF BREAD AND A SLAB OF CHEESE / THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) AND I HAPPEN TO KNOW THAT'S ABOUT ALL HE EATS... AND AN EMPTY STOMACH IS APT TD MAKE A MAN DO MOST ANYTHING /.' BUT WE WAMTED TO HELP [ HIM ! WE'RE TRYING To / ; LINE UP ALL THE POOR ! PEOPLE AROUND HERE : WHO NEED AID....WE ' PLAN TO FEED THEM ! By BLQSSER YEAH, AND POKING A SHOTGUN INTO OUR FACES CERTAINLV WAS A HECK OF A WAY TO GREET A PORK ROAST, OR EVE:N A HAM SANDWICH .'/ What Success? By COWAN N\.Y MUSBKND NEV£R Y THAT'S RIGHT.'I \ 1 WISH I COULD GOT TO FIRST BASE, TELL YOU. NO MAN AS MUCH PER THttT UNTIL WE' ^AA,RR1EO tv>£/ EVER WAD A MOW HES TWE HIGHEST FINER HELP-XMINE"-1 TRIED fHELP MIDGET UNDER/ N\WE /A.ND EMCOORA.&E HitA,Bur WE'S NEVER AMOUNTED TO A HILL OF BEANS / SNAP OUT OF IT, YOU /s\ ANV I FEP UP? NO rAATTEP HOW HARD I TPY T'BOOST YDO ALONG, YOU NEVER HAVE GIVEN ME ANY ENCOUPAGEtAEHT / BUT,DEARIE, YOO DESERVE EVERY BIT OF CREDIT-ALL W.Y SUCCESS 1 OWE TO YOU .'

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