Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 4, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1938
Page 5
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Tuesday, January 4, 1938 HOPE STAfl, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE FlVft Bobcat Will Be First of Season for Hope Officials to Meet Saturday to Decide on District ' K) Tournament . The Hope High .School basketball twain will officially open the .season litre Friday night against Warren High Jl'chnol. The name, starling al ",;'M p. in., will be played in the hiiih school The Bobcat:, will piny 12 or more (fames belore the District 111 tourna- menl is held, Coach Kov llamnions announced Tilc-dav. Student seaMin tu-lti |.s will ij,, on &,],. Wednesday morning and may be purchased for I!') cents, (leneral admis- .-aon lii-lu-i.s will be Id and L'5 cents. Officiuls to Meet School ainhnntie.s of District 111 wdl galhfi- at tin- Hope High School huilijing .Saturday morning lo decide dales and place.': for holding (he District 11) ba.-.|:i-thall tournament.-;, literary and track events. Hope school officials art' expected to r.nler strung bids for holding ih ( . senior boy.-, i are lournaini-nl at Mope. Warren Hie, Cood Tcnm W.-iiivn Mndi Si-hiiol is reported In have am.lhi-r .strong con lender lur [he .slate tournanii-nl tbi.s year, hi recent years the Warren school has been amoiif (hi- leading teams of Ihe stale. Two yi-ar-. ami the Bobcats were defeated m tin,-,- out of four games with the Lim-hi-i-jack-. In a recent game NIC hoi::. laol:;. f.nwaid of Warren, n-ored :W p,,ii.i.s ,-,(,.,,,,.-.! Kl D,,r.-ido Coach Mammon-, said that approximately 1H candidates (ol the team were ri'pnitini; foi d.uly prai (ice. Ainoni; Ihi'in shown,;; ,,|, «-ell an- Kulkr-rson Bn,;ht. L l'.:-.inlen and Stone. Other I'.aim-.', ,,n the I 1 ,,,beat .schedule this .-ei.son mc-h|,|e (.'amden. Arkadel- phi.-i. Mot Spi inc.'.'. Koi-.lyce ami Texarkana. The probable start inn lineups for the game Friday will be announced \V< dnewliiy or 'I huisilav. Basketball Urged Friday Night H\^^K^,, T, , _. fn ,*«..« M TC!ll !,-*..-, ~ T to Report Their Schedules With (ho resumption of school work in practically all schools of Hemp.sU'ud and Nevada counties, The Star is anxious to ohtain. complete basketball schedules of all schools participating in this sport. The newspaper will be in a belter position to promote interest in tfami-s if schedules can be obtained in order that advance notices may be published of contests. All coaches of Hempstead and Nevada counties are t" *''iul rhu Star their complete .schedule. Teaches Teacher Many Odd Occurrences Recorded to Athletes of World During Past Year Kirnird of Mississippi Kicked Off to Ouachita, Fell on the Hall Over Coal Line, Kicked Extra Point Which Is Scoring Unassisted H.v (iAItlWKIt SOUI.I-: Al' l-'calure Service Wrili-r NKW YORK. --Certain intelligence from Hawaii having arrived by one of ihe latest steamships it is now pos- , coaches and cheer leaders. | Co-eds at the American univorsity. | Washington, O. C., volunteered to do i the kii-king-after-toucliduwii for the i , .- j football team. The faculty overruled | : i bio to complete a report on some I 'he girls. ; of the most nina/ing sports develop- | 'i'wo Colorado college linemen in- IIH.-IIUJ that have occurred all over the I MS ted they Won the football game with world in I hi.- past lew months. These ! lieuvcr because they pluyed well to happenings fall fairly easily into cor- -'-how olf before their girl friends, lain classificiiiitms:- Vug anil Smoke i At Pullm: Iowa Track Carnival IOWA CITY Umv.-r.sitv of 18th annual relay carnical opens Hawl'.eyi-s' u;iry 1(1. the indoor tiin-k season, Jan- Oiir Hawaiian Brnlhcr.H In a Koosevelt-M.cKinley high school football Hiimi- at Honolulu, Frank Ka- huna, McKinley ciiard, spit on the ball because he expected a Roosevelt pass, wanted the ball slippery. [ Tony Morse for three year.s was i (on.s-iden.il a star interference man of the University of Hawaii eleven. In i>ne game this season he made Ihree long runs lor touchdowns. After one complicated play resulting in a touchdown off the halfback position of the opposing captain the befuddled captain approcahed his rivals and said: "Where you get play like that'.' Make- fool oula me. Never .saw like him before. Please no more." Women in Spurts Girl students at the College of Our Lady of Good Counsel, White Plains, N. Y., formed a fishing team, and planned an intercollegiate schedule with First to Get Jobless Insurance Blanks I'ri.iccl this line of | )( nplc until it counts ii|» (o a million, and you have a pirlure i,f imemploymenl insurance benefit applicants hi 22 states, llu- line lii!|,|.fiis I,; be in New York Cily, but similar scenes are lu-hiK ciuiclrd m cvciv sci-tion of (lie country as persons among the 11,500,01)1! it verril by smial ijiMmmri- and who have lost their jobs, seek their share of the S.-,<l(l.llfll.(iim f,m,| ,,i|e ( | „„ (mt , )f deductions from their pay. 15< fore uni-inj:l...viHfiU insurance btueflts begin t« flow, probably hi 1'clmii rj. reai-i.inj; a erect in March unU April, forms must be filled <Hit, a M nod ol wailii.g ronijilied willi. lk>r« is the uppUeutiow blank in New l.iiii slale. iWe Iliat it gives full Uuta to aid in i-eeuiploymeut whenever Jobs iH-n.im- iivi.ili.bJr, as wi-ll a.s data whirl, will enable Uie exuu.hu.-s lo icjecl those \vlio : p|.|y and who are not enlillt-U to Uie benefits ian. Wash., football teams ! from Southern California and Wash- j ing ton State battled to a scorele.'-.s tie j a.s foj; hid j>rorcL-edjng.<; from the .stands | and sports writers asked coaches after ; the game what had happened. At Berlin indoor sports meets, smoking spectators created such a ha/o no one could see what was going on. Police banned smoking. In a London fog, Goalkeeper Bartram of the Charlton soccer team protected his goal lor minutes, and wondered why no plays came his way. Other players had left the field, the game having been called off. Gigantic Hoaxes Kenneth Bailey. British bookkeeper, appeared at the Paris exposition in a track .suit and announced he had run from Bournemouth, England, circling decks of the Queen Mary en route. Feted, he admitted having ridden a train to Paris. • Because of Northwestern Coach Lynn Waldorf's tearful stories before his team's game with Minnesota, Min- nesolii supporters met the team with an ambulance, two physicians, and two nurses. National Heroes Frank I Bruiser) Kinard of Mississippi kicked off to Ouachita. fell m< the ball over Ihe goal for a tuuclulnwn kicked point. He had scored seven points unassisted. 'Jack Stringham, Brigham Young fullback, blocked and line-bucked so vigorously ho wore out five head- guards during the iootball season. Johnny Meek of California, who never had kicked the ball for the varsiey learn, won the annual contest among sciuadmen to determine the champion punter. He averaged 53.3 yards. Worthy of Note There never has been a quadruple dead heat in the history uf horse racing. At Rockinham Park, Salem, N. H., Coya won first in a race—by a nose. Miss Tad was second by a nose; Flow- cry Lady third by a nose; Shunli.nc fourth by a nose; Teeter Trotter fifth —by a nose. Because his players were weak in mathematics, Football Coach H. A. Applemn.st ordered his Sacramento team to go into the Big Apple, a rhumba, or Ihe Charleston instead of calling signals. Leonard H. Bachelis of Los Angeles invented a bathing suit that can be taken off and put on while wearing clothes. It's done with zippers. The Payson <Utah) high school football team played five tie games. In New Jersey, more serious accidents were reported in touch lootbull than in the honest-to-goodncss game. Coach Jack Rube of Duarbon (Mich.) high school used a -l-man line and a 7-man secondary. The Evansville (hid.) football team ended it.s nine-game schedule with no wins, no lies, and no points scored. Colorado Team Will Be Given Grid Trophy f.oonnrd Doclson, 25-yonr-old pro from Springfield, Mo., who learned much of his golt from watching Morton Smith, tnught his teacher a few tricks when he defeated him for first prize money in the Hollywood Beach Open. SSorti Aliikes Up for I,osf Time ^ YORK-Pierrc Etchbaster of France, world court tennis titlist, no\v •14 years old, never played the ynnje until he was 2!(. He has held the championship 10 year.s. A Lot nf Texas MILWAUKEK-Marquetle will play three Texas football ttanis next fall- Southern Methodist. Texas Christian and Texas Tech. New Kiile. Hit If LAWRENCE. Kan.-When the Kansas State basketball team took the Clour against Baker College, the Jay- hawks started a center who was only Cagers Now Fill RickarOouse" America's Prize Basketball Teams Play in Madison Garden H.v U7LLON UllAHAM A!' Feature Service Writer NEW YOnK.-The House that Tex built has become a magnet that reaches with octopus-like arms in all directions to pull in America's prize basketball (j nil) lets. Hickard's boxing arena reverberate.'during Ihe winter with the roars of thousands of court fans. Promote! Ned Irish played a hunch that paying patrons would flock to an auditorium where Ihey might sit comfortably and watch basketball without the customary crowding encountered in most college gymnasiums. And his giiesf- V.MS right. Colleges from throughout the U. S. accepted !-js olfers lo compete in New York mid for several years now Madison Square Garden has been the playgrounds of to pleams. Ned began to.s-.sing double-headers at his customers and featuring Ihe inter- seclional angle, comparatively new in the court game. This season he's booked conference champions from the south, midwest. Pacific coast and Miulhwtsl along with the crack eastern ttanir. From far-away Texas comes Southern Methodist and Stanford's Indians trekked all the way from the west coast. Also listed are Noire Dame, one of the best; Minnesota and Illinois. Big Ten co-champions, and Washing- tun and Lee. Southern conference titleholders. Crowds of more than 18.000 cheer the exploits of .such aces as Shanford's Hank Luisetti; Minnesota's John Kundla and Illinois' Lou Boudreau. Already the Garden has seen Stanford, Long Island, Minnesota, St. Jo- (•eph and New York University. George-town and S.M.U. were to appear January 5. Eight other double-bills arc listed: Jan. S—Manhattan v.s. New York U. City College v.s. St. John's. Jan. 14—DePaul vs. Long Island. Temple vs. Manhattan. Jan. 22 —Duquesne vs. Long Island; St. Thomas vs. Manhattan. Feb. 2—Washington and Lee vs Long Island. Manhattan vs. City College. Feb. i)-Sl. John's v.s. New York U. Fordham v.s. City College. Feb. 16—Manhattan vs. St. John's. New York U. v.s Fordham. Feb. 25—Brooklyn vs. St. Francis. Notre Dame vs. New York U. Mar. 2—St. Francis vs. St. John's. City College.- vs. New York U. BETTER THAN VARSITY 'L' Basketball Team Formed at Alto j feet was G ) inches feet 3. tall. The Baker senior Green Cridders HANOVER — When White River unction. Vt., official railroad station for Hiirtmoulh College, dedicated a new station, Capl. Merrill Davis and other Big Green football players masqueraded and call it the "Antonio Bowl" game. Indians and kicked a football into the Connecticut river, with the station key attached. The idea was that they wanted the .station to remain open 24 hours'a day. DALLAS ( Kriddcrs will /h -Colorado \s get a Cotton defeated Bowl tro- too. symbolic of the "fine sports" . man.' hip" ihey displayed in their ing game with Kice Saturday. J Curtis Sanford, Cut Ion Bowl urcsario. Monday came up with latest brainclchild to announce w/o u Id send "Hie finest trophy mill i.s belie -ould find" to the Colorado Univer.sity 'earn, which Rice Institute thumped i8 to 14 New Year's Day "It was a wonderfully behaved, ^'lean-playing team and I waul them to 'tnow our appreciation," Sunford said. The trophy will be shipped Monday. Rice won permanent possession of in elaboj-ale gold trophy for its victory. Star Athletes CORVALLIS, Ore.-An alleged "kid- laping" is reported to be the reason •vhy Oregon State and Willamette University severed athletic relations. A prize preparatory school athlete, ucposedly hound for Curvullis, vanished at the railway station, and the next thing folks knew, lie wu.s enrolled at Willamette. Impoi taJit Money LONDON Wandews of The the Wolverhampton Ufliglish Socce League, cleared more lhan 5100,001) last season. Kimyan Advocates MIAMI. Fla. -Paul Runyan is very much in favor of a professional golfing circuit. The White Plains professional sees the day when there will IK- niimi-roii.s, welliorgani/cd leagues, giving employment to hundreds of the belter tournament players, and leaving teaching openings lo those less i killed in cuinpelilinii. The idea was started once before, in Ural, but failed to gain headway wt.en the Klonda boom collapsed. I'm- (lie Learned NKW YORK A spelling bee be- Iwi-en boxers and wrestlers is being rranged for a nation-wide broadcast by N. 13. C, January Hi. Tommy Fan- ha.- been invited to i-uptain the fight- er.s. Six I'm Tourneys LOS ANUKLKi. 'Ihe 5501)1) Los Angele Open. January 7-III. will be the firi.l of si* winter tournaments in Culi- lornia, in which competitors will seek l-ri/.y money totaling $2-1.0(1(1. Oilier events are: llic $30110 Bing Crosby Open. January l.'i-Hi; J.'lOOlt Pasadena Open, January 'l\-'a\ SfiOOl) Oi.kland Open, January 28-30; and the j SS'HH) San Francisco Hatch Play Open February 11-13. liunii Disagrees CLEVELAND- John Bunn, whose i Stanford basketball team stopped off lo play Duquesne of Pittsburgh here, does not believe thai the new style game, with the center-jump removed, is too strenuous on the players. He has experimented with athletic fatigue, using basketball, tennis, .swimming, and truck for examples, and found that it reijuired the pulse o fa -HU-yard runner twice as long to return to normal after a race, as il took that of a basketball player after a hard game. 150th Hoop Victory MONROE, Mich. — Britkin High School has won it.s Jaith basketball under Coach Laveiv Cusliman, 'e lor five seasons Dciiifr Their Part CLEVELAND—Various members of the Cleveland Barons' hockey club are helping popularize the sport as a vanity activity in local high .schools by acting as coaches of the prep teams. Charley Rohm, star of the Louisiana State back-field, defies jnvonr- to produce a betU-r trophy than the ono to which he is pointing "Pinky >s" pride and joy happens to be the scat of Norman Hall's football pants, the result of a wager mode over the outcome of the Louisiana State-Tulane game, captured by the Tigers, 20-7 Tlv scat of their trousers was the bet made by the rival captains. Two Changes Made Whitney Fired as in Football Rules Helena Manager New Regulations Will Aid Offense, Committee Says EDGEWATER PARK, Miss.—WP)_ 'Ihe Football Rules Committee of the National Collcgiatae Athletic Assoeia- CCC Recruits Are Anxioui to Schedule Cage Contests ; l- The sports page of the Alton Proverb, monthly publication of the Alton GCC recruits, said Tuesday that the schedule maker of the Alton basketball team was anxious to schedule games with high school or independent teams of southwest Arkansas. ' The following writeup concerning basketball follows; V "The organization of a camp basketball team is now being periectei- There is an abundance of material on hand as many of the members o£ the company hail from rural schools where basketball is the year 'round sport, i.' "Workouts are being held daily and, on week-ends as time permits. If it;ifl possible the team will be equoppecl. with uniforms and other neeessarji, equipment. f. "Flayers out for the team follows: "Forwards—Sharp, Boyette,* Jorips, , Hile, Duncan, Sellers, Price and Bright. Guards—Hughes, Arnott, Ellis, p.oW- land and Johnson. Centers—Glantp, Green, Taylor. ,-'. \ "A practice game was played re.- cenlly with Patmos High School, the .'.chool team winning by a score of 31 to 19. We are anxious to schedule. games." Directors Vote N'ot to Consider His Application for Job HELENA, Ark — Rod Whitney, Helena baseball manager the past three years, will not return in 1938. Directors of the Helena Baseball As- ,:„„ i »» , , ujiuciuia 01 uie ne.ena oaseoau As- lion announced Monday two changes j sociation voted Monday night, 10 to 4, m playing regulations, both of which not to consider his application. The will aid the offense. Executive Committee of the associa- For the 1938 season, only fourth I tion - headed by President Allein Beall down passes back of the goal'line willi^i^i 11 "^ atmana ^. to succeed be ruled as touchbacks. ! Whitney. Only two applications are ,„, . . on file now. Whitney formerly was a ihti other change applies to a ball '••-•—• — Hoing out of bounds between Die goal lines. It will be put in play 15 yards from the side line instead of 10. Announcement of the changes was made by William S. Langford of New York city, secretary of the committee. The group had deliberated Uie rules since Saturday night and reached a final decision shortly after noon. "Lefty" Gomez Will £ Seek Reno Divorce 3 HOLLYWOOD-(/P)—Vernon "Ltfty" Gomez, pitcher with 1,he New YoWt Yankees, planned Tuesday to set up residence in Reno, within a stone's throw of the busy divorce court. j, "If I'm going to get a divorce, I've got to hurry." Gomez said of his e^' trangement from June ODea, Ne\? York actress. ^i "It'll take six weeks the shortest way you can figure it and by that time I'll be due at the Yankee's traiij- 1 ing camp down in Florida. I'm going to Reno right away.' i He and Miss O'Dea parted last April, Gomez said. •', "Hereafter," said the statement, "any forward pass (excepting those made on fourth down) which becomes incomplete behind the goal line, will be treated as though it struck the ground Little Rock Traveler catcher. ^»»-«^ • T.C.U. Football Coach Offered Job at Ole Miss FORT WORTH, Texas—(/P)—Coach Leo (Dutch) Meyer, for the past four years head coach of the T. C. U. Horned Frogs, has received an offer to take over Uie head coaching post at the University of Mississippi, he said Monday night. He intimated that there is a strong possibility he will accept. Meyer was surprised that the re- Si. Lntiis Howling City ST. LOUIS—The Greater St. Louis Bowling Association boasts OT5 five- man teams enrolled in the American Bowling Congress. lc.ucl.back. , "This change, il is believed, will be of material assistance to the offense on Will Lcadiik Red ITHACA, N. Y.— Stuffy Mclnnis, Orville W. Erringer * State Manager - >; Hamilton Trust Fund ' Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp. Denver, Colorado. — ••*• ~..~<>"*- ">. -......»x^.i, n. i.—oLuny jvicinnis, line plays, as it will enable the I who played first base in Connie held general to employ his full re-, Mark's §100,000 infield will be the petoire of attack at all times." , , | next baseball coach at Cornell Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Mwxoii/#"£AiMMUFmf me Jack Clem finds his ideal "makin's" tobacco - extra mild, extra tasty! I'LL NEVER, FORG-ET THE T>AY i TRIED PRINCE ALBERT ON THE SPECIAL MONEY-BACK OFFER, NOW I'M ROLUN''EM IN HALF THE TIME, AND JN*/OYIN' 'EM TWICE AS MUCH! MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Roll yourself 30 swell cigaretlee from Prince Albert. U you don I find them the finest, tustiol roll-your. own cigarettes you ever smoked, return the pocket tin with the rest of the tobacco in il to us at »ny time wilhin a month from this dale, and we will refund full purchase price, plus postage. V 5i«n«c() R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Stlem, N. C. who has coached ihei which hia teams have bagged 77 per cent of tlieir contests. Terrible DETROIT-"Anvil Pun Ajidy" Farkas, University of Detroit's star halfback, wants to know why the automobile manufacturers of Detroit don't spon- :>un a New Year's Day football name JACK CLEM (/-(j7/i() is ;i salesman, and a good one too! He says: "1 usually sell ideas to other people. Hut I'm the one who got sold on Prince Albert 'makinV tobacco. Most of my customers smoke P. A. and it's everything they say —mild and mellow, yet with plenty of good, rich taste." "Say, "Murray Bentoii (/, m comes back, " if everything in your sample case was as good us i'rinee Albert, you'ji fill up yuur order hook in no time. Look at. the way the.su 1'. A. smokes roll up-fast and handsome. And they draw right. No wonder they smoke su mellow." (Prince Albert is great in a pipe, too!) PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE e'g»re»e» in every 2-oz. tin of Prince Albert

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