The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL (MX.) 1 COURIER NEWS A Search At The Border Will SPIES IN WAR I Glamor And Frances Slill Can Buy Secrets Of Armies nv THOMAS M. JOHNSON' NF.A .Service Military Writer The war may seem to lack thrills —out not so (lie secret war To those "in ihe know," the struggle of the spies i.s a secret service op- i.'rntion unparalleled in history. Once the sport ol filnss, today war is the sport, of sorcerers, who play for power and glory—and sometimes existence — with loaded dice. Not only are stakes big. bill players are legion. Spies are being turned out with mass production methods.. Tlie British launch a spy hunt among hundreds of thousand- of refugees nnd sailors, includlii" :i(i,OOU German women, some of whom are said to have married Englishmen with double motives Always big numbers! In 1918, there was only one secret radio station on the Western — French — behind the , German lines. In the modern war I the British have detected a dozen German ones all over the British empire — South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. Of a score imprisoned, ihe key man was a former operator on Count von Luckner's famous yacht, "Sea Devil." All the stations were along her course. Today, the .whole of the British Isles is covered by an organization of radio engineers listening for spy broadcasts; nnd sometimes hearing German announcers describe for the British public dc- tnlls of Iheir supposedly secret defenses. The French have radio trucks cruising continuously NO WOMKM SPIES, FKKNC1I SAY, BUT— attractive woman, :m,l another OFCHEHI51 10 PAGE THREE Like Seeing Double l.tgiiiii, IVocl Uses AbuiKliiiil \Vaslc cl, Now lias Four Osceola Society—Personal the . There is chain-spying on French Maginol Line, >where two spies a week are caught. And the French spy on the Westwall. The ax of the swallow-tailed Nazi executioner cuts off many heads — some with long, fine hair. "There are no more women spies," said a French medical journal, "The Nazis have enslaved men drug fiends; but for women, Frenchmen today arc too sophisticated." Whereupon t a e Deuxieme Bureau uncovered two glamor girts. The blond Baroness Von fiinem was a close relative of that General Von Einem whom the. A E F. helped defeat'- in • the champagne. On that stricken field he vowed vrmgeahce. "Voii must vindicate the family honor," he exhorted the baroness. She became a spy in Paris, and soon the lives of four Frenchmen I hung- by strands of her blond hair Because of her beauty—and francs - -these government employes supplied her with defense documents They were caught, but caped to Switzerland. llatitist Circles Meet Seventy-one members of the Baptist W.M.U. met in the Sour circle meetings in the homes of Mrs. Hale Jackson, Mrs p 13 Tompkins, Mrs. Lon/o Ilowton, and Mrs. C. C. Bowcn on Monday afternoon. This was the largest ntlcml- nnce In circles in the history of the organization, Mrs. E. D. Rose was leader of Ihe program on the moral standards endorsed by Southern W.M.U at circle one using Mrs. Frank Jordan. Mrs. A. P. Glascoe and Mrs. M. E. McDentman for discussions. Mrs. Richard Creel was a guest. Circle two in the j, 0 in c of Mrs L. Howton had twenty-two members present for the program led by Mrs. H. H. Jones on Christian education with particular reference to the fifty colleges, universities and seminaries owned by Southern Baptists with an endowment and property value of seventy million dollcrs. Mrs. I. S. Burton Mrs. Leonaixl Pendergrnst and Mrs. Tom ..Driver had a part on «ic program, wth current events regarding Ohrisliim Education--'In general; schools and publishing work being'given by each member The evangelism plans of Southern Baptists formed the basis for the lesson in circle three in the home of Mrs. Hale Jackson with l»e devotional give:; by herself Mrs. C. E. Butler discussed the .,. ipuolntment of the Rev. Percy Ray she es- former pastor in Mississippi comi- ! . > . I ', t , 0 ' 1 !, e ,- i , !1 ?. of _ BllralE ™"gclis,, reiary in the absence of Mrs. c. A. Davis who is ill. I'lam are being made for the entire membership of the Auxiliary to attend the executive board meeting of the Womans Auxiliary of the Arkansas Diocese scheduled to meet In Forrest City on May seventh. it, Dr. o. Han-ell Jones and sister Miss Ethel Jones, both ol Houston Texas, will arrive tonight ( 0 be t'liests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. n, jones for several dnys. Dr. Junes will also visit his graiid- uiother, Mrs. Drueta E. llarrell on Carson Lake, whose ninetieth birthday occurs next Wednesday April twenty-fourth. Miss Jones is n student In Texas Dental College, Houston, ami assistant instructor in Bacteriology in Hie school. Miss Catherine Hanvcli wns in Tyronza Thursday where she was complimented with a luncheon in Ihe home of Mrs. H. G. Parrlsh. Mrs. Pan-ish is remembered as the former Miss Nan Frances Warren, wJio wns a member of the Osceola faculty for several years * + • Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Harrison of Memphis, accompanied by the lat- ler's sister, Mrs. John Lawrence ol Los Angeles, Calif., who formerly lived here, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D, F. Taylor. This i.s Mrs. Lawrence's first visit in •; n years lo Osceola. She will return in the near future for n more extended visit with Mr. and Mrs Taylor. Mr. mid Mrs. Lou Miller and children, Rita and Harvey Miller of Flat River, Mo., have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Adolpli Weinbcrg for several days. Mrs- Miller was Ihe former Minnie • --- -- ~ ^....,iu. , o ura vangelism Close to that same border, all'" lhe Pickwick Dam area, others >- night, sped an automobile. Suddenly ihe brakes ground as moonlight revealed figures in bine gciidarinc uniforms. Prom the rear seat, piled with luggage and covered with a robe a gendarme lifted a suitcase. "Why, It's empty!" he cried. Ire thrust an arm underneath (he,robe, here was a stifled feminine .squeal, and the roue fell revealing a pair of shapely, silk-clad legs:. Out tumbled a sinuous, at- traclive woman, and another suitcase. A double bottom held plans of a new French anti-aircraft gun. The_ gendarme ripped off the driver's long, muffling c oat. Be- ncntli wns a French soldier's uniform. "Traitor!" raged the sergeant Iri continental night clubs the woman was "Nina, the Dancer" real: name. Virginia Capt Rota. The ; man was her lover. Roger Joel; confessed thief of army secrets. And a certain ilalian consul general weel on n lon» leave. French gallantry does not extend lo women spies. They are shot, at gray dawn, lashed to a stake—as German Eimenic Lulz was executed. And all allied Iroows were lately warned to look out for 1 women, masqiierading at the front as ambulance drivers, nurses, even nuns. Women spies, too, are iu quantity production in this war. Demonstration Club News Notes Weinbcrg of this city. Miss Rijlh Mnssey spent, the week end in Dycrsburg, Term., as Mrs. Webb guest of her sister, Mrs. Fred on the program were MrTV'p n 11 ' 8 ' J ', T " Rho "'M M »«^llir.ll™re. Mosrtev-wereviS "'"' *"*•' *!"* Rulh Brads " er S " C " 1 lhc r , > KCre Usitor s. weekend at St. Bernard's Hospital circle lour also had twenty-two '" Joiiesboro at the bedside of an members and guests present at the """I who is seriously 111 there home of Mrs. O. c. Bowcn where " Mrs. Lucille Cox used "Foundations" for her subject, with Mrs Eddie Shelton. Mrs. E. D p n rii Varbro Club jMccls Mrs. L. M. Boyd and duuiflilers, Mrs. George Swain and Mte Junnita Boyd. were hostesses to the Gosnell Home Demonstration club Tuesday when 2!) members including four new members and five visitors attended. Mrs. Allen Moody. Mrs. Wampool Ilnwklns, Mrs. Ernest Dabb mid Mrs. Eclgm- Sivnln became members ol the club. Mrs. McCihec and Mis. Vernon Boyd of Number Nino, Mrs. Maxlc Kooncc mid Mrs. George Skclton of Ulylheville and Mrs. George Swain of Yarbro were visitors. Tlie meeling was opened with Mrs. Duclos reading the Woman's creed and Mrs. U. L, Eubanks giving the devotional. Mrs. G. c. Wadlcy gave a reading anil Mrs Temple read a poem. Group slug- ing followed. Mattress making- wns discussed and a number of application Wanks filled out. Mrs. Duclos rend n poem, "Our Club" written by Mre. Doj-d. Announcement was made that the club will give Ihe play, "A Little Bit of Gossip" for the tournament. Members taking part nre: Mrs. Charles Stromire, Mrs. Duclos, .Mrs. P. A. Donuer, Mrs. H. T' Kaincs, Mrs. F. A. Dorris and Mrs B. L. EulKinks. The club will meet with Mrs Stromire at 10 o'clock Tuesday, Apr. 30, for n tour of various homes and n picnic lunch on the lawn of the Lester lieams liomc. 'Iliey invite any other club'' Ihat will lo join i them in ihe tour. WASHINGTON (UI'l-Asrlnil-! lure Di'piirlmcm .scientists have discovered „ practical method for i-umviihig Irgniii. O iu> of the nations mast abundant waste pro- duels, into valuable Industrial material-;. U);nin Ion-,, has been chemistry's problem cinid. H composes one- foiuth of Hie slimline of all 11-broil-; plants, indiidiut; trees, corn cobs and wheat nnd com stnlks. i Mlmims of dollars have been spent | Iryhii: to convert il (o Industrial uses. Scli-uiIMS of the . ,D. s . Fo ',. L , sl fa<-m«-\ uo,-csi products Inbma- lory at Mmllsoii. wjs,, huvc dis- , tTlIvnl ",',"' " y Ull< "" K "J-< ll °K<'» M"lviiM,ml l.r,m to Hgnln they ran convert this' WHsIr- product of (VO(K | |, lto five prmlm-ls Hint hear promise of ui-- i Ins valuable row materials with' many uses. Om- Is a well-known product— mclluiiol, or wood alcohol, Four doubles at the Convention oJ Twins held In Texas. Death Silences Voice Of Telephone Operator new substnnces arc sueh ns to suggest their use as wood preservatives, fungicides, insecticides, ud- heslves. solvents and plastic materials. The first of Ihe four new substances, all of which me Inbcled by chemical formula, Is valuable us a solvent for organic, gums, resins nnd oils used In Incmieiv,-. It also , i,.,. Is valuable ns a preservative and as n repellent lo Insects. The second mid third substances nre thick liquids which bccomn solid uftrrstnudlng.n long while. Both may be nindc Into plasllc materials for building imrpuses, pie of Lu.xora will never hear "Miss Ltiln" sny I'lense." Sla- died this morning. , o'clock, of a heart attack n lew hours after she had left the swllch- I board of tin; aonlhwcslern Doll Telephone Mxohaiijjii where she had been employed for 20 years. "Miss Lulii", us she was known lo those- she falllitully served In 1 TOiiimunlcnltons work which had (jiilned her widespread popularity, wns Mrs, Lula llitvlcrc llcn- fro. wlfi! uf Toin Uenfro. She became III some lime ago ol hllih blood pressure hut, wns feel- ln« very well of lulu until a lew minutes before her death when she • ••••••• «-', u. l^ill MJl, Mrs Homer CJuimi, Mi-s. E. s. Crih- , , i, ,^\ C ' F ' Ma »l'>y. Mrs. Harold B. rillmnn. Mrs. William stew- art, Mrs. J. D. Ray, Mi- s . \ v c Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Boyce accompanied by their daughter. Mrs. Arthur Nelson ;md daughter, Joe Nan, drove to St. Louis for the weekend wilh his father. Theodore Boycc. and ivitti i\fr. and Mrs. M. Kendall and Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray -- .., .....-,. w. i^. Johnson. Mrs. Doyce, Mrs. Kendall ~..... uuu and Mrs. Searcy iVtcnrs alj<1 Mr. Johnson arc brother and giving the demonstration. .sisters. Guests were Mrs. Arthur Nelson ! M'ss Lou Ellen Stephens nc- 01 lamps, Texas, Mrs. w. p. companicd by a classmate, Miss bamse, Mrs. Mn X Slewart, Mrs. Virginia Emmons of Scollnnd Ark Walter Bishoff and Miss Cora s l lcnt li 'e weekend here wil'h her H "l£ Ra - j parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Slepli- * * * ! c »s- Both girls nre students at I Arkansas State College, Joiiesboro. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Green relurn- nnd other materials. As n by-product of paper and Industrial cellulose mills, about 1,500,000 dry-welght-lous of llRnin are dumped Into streams each year, making It n pollution and disposal problem as well as one of waste. The cellulose, or wood cells, Is ] used In mntilng paper nnd rayon nnd Is iioiv the most Important wood constituent from a chemical conversion standpoint, The ec- mcnlliKj stiustruiec In nnd around the cells Is llgnln, Because of Its complex chemical nature, llguln in u s nnlurnl form has >bnfflcd scientists. By ..iiibmll- l or . nln Ihig-'il lo the hydrogciialion process scientists changed its chemical nature so Hint II could lie broken down Into component parts. Club Meets At Lost Cane. Twenty two members of the Lost Cane Home Demonstration' club met Monday .it Die home of Mrs. Hny Vench. The program was opened with group singing after which the hostess gave the devotional.. TJie poem was read by Mrs. Leslie Slal- ler. Members answered roll call by telling what ihey lind for the club to see on tour. n the Belter Homes . 'Hie hydrogen atoms were added lo a solution of purified llgnln by means of beat, pressure and of copper chronlum oxtde. Undo tmY i treatment the dirty, browi llenln' ; solution iwis chaiiited to thick, sticky,, colorless fluid. The I copper chromium oxide was thcr removed -by use of a centrifuge which works on the principle of n cream separator. Tlie residue then 'distilled lo create the wood alcohol and four new substances Yarbro News Twenty members or Ihe Woman's Division for Chrlsilim service of (be Ynrbro Methodist church, met June. A member of a pioneer family ol West Tennessee, Mrs. lienfro was born at Plum Point, Tcnn., where she lived, imlll » year after her mnrrlnuc'in 1001 when she moved lo Luxorn. Funeral arrnnneiiicnts will not be made iiiill! iJilc today pending nr- rlval of numerous rclnUvi-s. Siic Is survived by her husband- one daughter, Mrs. Mack Stewnrt of Osceola; one son, T. 11. lU-nfio, Jr., of Lu.xora; two sisters Mrs J. R. Lewis of Rlpley, Tcnn., nnd Mrs. Ellii Eddlcmnn of Aiiuii. ju inul two hrolhcrs, II. J. Revk-re nnd Dlgglc Rcvlcro ol , c K e. Mrs. Arlle Owens gave Important with Mrs. W. Burnam for an all day session Wednesday. Mrs. W. < ™ MM "* ' J ' i i ------ _,, .,* , n ' '" ° rerailPr ^J't"-iali Mrs." I, S. Mitchell, who form- Cornell News District Secretary Attends Circuit Mcctini; Mrs. Patton. of Joiiesboro, district secretory, attended the circuit wide meeting of the Dell circuit Missionary societies which was heir! at (he Gosnell church Thursday, Apr. 11. The Rev. Win. A. Stewart Jr., pnslor of the circuit, conducted the worship and communion service. Lunch and a fellowship hour lasting from 11:30 until one o'clock were followed with a report on the lEITiciency Aim made by Mrs B •". Gay. Mrs. R. I,. Hawkins, president of pne Half Moon society explained fhe duties of an oIBcer. Mrs R L Waxwell, president of the Gosnell foclety, reported on the North Arkansas conference at Conway and taye a reading on Christian Social Delations. Mrs. Patton conducted the dls- fussions of the soclelies and ex- blamed how to organize a new feroup. The closln B prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr. Stewart. ton P a »el (JiscuEi-io and Mrs. R. C. Bryan had Calrary Auxiliary Mccls Mrs. George Koontz, prominent Parent Teacher worker o™ Mem Phis, was a special guest nt the Episcopal Aux- Mrs.' T. P. PcrkiiV'Mrs'T L Oladlsh led the lesson from ' the mission study text on "WorsIilD" and the elements contained n . aned in. Mi-s. Harry Miller acted as sec- week. ' Mr. OsceoJa members of the Osceola- Wilson Bridge Club who attended the parly meeting in the home of Mis. Boy Wilson on Tuesday afternoon were Mrs. Hale Jackson, Mr? B. W. Bragg and Mrs. P. p. Jacobs. 'Pox hunting costs about • $50,1000.000 annually In England. talked on various types of curtains. Punch, sandwiches and cookies vere served during the so:Inl hour Jy Miss Mnc liumbalough and Mrs Veach. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Artie Owens Thursday, May 9. Rains Force Delay In Track Meets Track meets for Junior nnd Senior Hljh schools of this district, scheduled to have been held this weekend at Joiiesboro, were postponed because of the heavy rains which made participation impossible. The niythcvillc Juniors were to • have entered the events, scheduled i „ in the morning, the group wns served Dutch luncheon. A profcrnm was presented In the afternoon. Mrs. C. J. Little gave (he dtwo- lionnl from the fourth chapter of Luke and Mrs. George Holmes read the meditation of the "Goodly Heritage." Mrs. Ernest French discussed "The Birthright Missionary and the World Citizen" after which Mrs. C. D. Etchcnson and Mrs. George Bunch told of the Spirllunl Life group. Prayers were offered by Mrs. W. A, Sllckiiion, Mrs. Eiiln Roberts, and Mrs. E. M. Hill. The next meeting will be with Mrs. C. E, Goddard Wednesday atlcrnoon at two o'clock. Make Plans For Big 4-H .'Rally Here On. May 3 The 10-10 boys and girls of North Mississippi County fnrtn famlllr.s who are members of the 21 4-11 Clubs are making extensive plans for Die niiminl Rally, (o be held Friday, May :i, nl Walker Park, And when they come to the roily Hicse girls nnd boys will lie wenr- _ cotton clothes hi cooperation with the "Use More Cotton' pro- fc'rain. Various cliiKi will vie wllh each other In having ihe largest percentage of Its members dressed In •ol I on. As usual, the program Ims been irrangcd wllh sports events In the Homing and a matinee in the iflcrnomi. Events for boys and girls will lave riu "A" Division for high chool .students nnd a "15" Division or studciils In grades from Uic list through the eighth. The same ules used In the basketball louma- iciu will prevail in the entries of hcsc contests: Three Legged Race; Jnseball Throw; Softball Throw tintl Relay of four members. Stunts from each club will conclude the mornlnti's program to be M«Kcd In front of the Mississippi County r«lr Grounds yiniul .stand. I'-nch member will lake u lunch mid tin- Ynrbro •!-!! chtb will ulso hnve a hineh and cold drink stand lor those who wish lo purchase re Ireslnnt'itU-, Club members and sponsors will be nuosts of Mr. and Mrs. O. w. MtCiitchm for n mntlnec pmiy 1' will be. Biven for lhe club Imvliiu tin larnest percciilauc 01 alteiidnncc and to the club whose members win- the imwt -l-li club uniforms, whleh are made of eol- ton. Mr*. H. B. Tillmah Heads Baptist Group Mrs. ii. i3. TJllman, of Osceola, was elected chairman of HID Mini!- slppl Comtly napllst Woman's Mis- skmnry Union association for the next yrar nl a meeting at (iie First Baptist church here yesterday iifloniduii. filio succeeds Mrs. Theodore Lo«an, who, presided over yesterday 's meeting nnil conducted the program on "Who's wim In the now and Why of \v. M. U," Oilier officers chosen wcvc: Mrs. Win, associate chairman;' Mrs' • H. 11. Brooks, Young- People's leader; Mrs. l(. O. WllWns of Uixora, secretary mid treasurer- Mrs F" W. Wullnce of Wilson, personal' service chairman; Mm. o. w Scl- Invs, of Manila, literary chairman- Mrs. C. ij. Woods or i.uxora, pfan- •'ilxly two members alletidfd the mcctliiH iwhH-li Ix'ijaii at ten o'clock • Umcli n-ns served nl noon by the hostess W. M. U. • • Mrs. l.loyd stick niou j<ave the' devotional on "Prevailing Prayer " Talks were, made by Mrs. -Walter , Illshop who discussed "The Value" of the Executive flonrd", Mrs 'nil- mill) whose subject wits "Officers nml 'I'helr Work", ami Mrs. Hen Ilnnl-ion who told of the work of various ...committees. Mi-s. Harry Prltnliut san« a solo, f1fni\ Courier ,N<u;.v nd« C'ows 1 Tails I'rlei-il lij. i m ,|, SI'RINClr-'tKl.D, Mnss, (UP) Dous that liltu cows' (alls cosl llnmpdcn county $1,358 Insl. year Di-splle iiiiiny dnmiigi! claims county ollleluis Mill are nimble lo set an exiict price on lluj damaged tails, prices rnnglm; from $| ( 0 $f, an Inch for [lie section of tile In torn olT by the dofjs BUY STANDARD TIRES •OTHEK ! SIZES i- • „ j «OPQRTIONATBLY IOW // j At Today's LOW PRICES! Low As UU On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh Walnut r , IOI1B 8IO FOR SALE Vlr. have mlnar) I'till^rMd D. PI. 'imtl Ktonevllle S«<1, Also lam amount ot same kind tha' lins been plimlrd litre one year See or Call Us For Price! L R. Matthews Very Illiernl jirlcc allowance for your »l il seed. Gin Co. Plionc 403-W-2 Yarbro, Ark. For Best Results In Baking — U« Shibley's Best FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER Try One or Our Dcllcloui PIG • SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Acres» From High School for yesterday, and the Senior High team wns to have, gone today for events in that class. PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main * First Phone 141 HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surgery, ami Gtiaranfccrl A very safe and harmless method, without confinement lo bed, loss of time from work and with very mile discomfort. All types of p i, es> flssurcs> nsllllQS cle trealcd by our office methods. 514 Main DRS. NIES & NIES BljlhtTllte, Ark. 98 SAN SOUCI LANDING U,ia Ilifk,.-, IV, „,. trte V. D. C. ami I). A. R. Enleilainmcdt — Thrills — Fun Jwint lo lAf mu;?f oj PICHON'S ll-pc. "LOUISIANA SWING MASTERS" ftt!ni\n£ tfln'ngjM.i at ifit fitno You'll Enjoy Every Minula of Thii Glorious Ex<urjion You'll Smile loo WHEN WE RETURN YOUR CLOTHES! You'll appreciate HID crispy freshness of your clothes whfn they arc rcliirncr] from tbe IDyUicrllic Lnmirtrj-. Our careful methods are modern and sanitary, a.wuririf you of well turncrt-out dollies nl a cost irlll mc cl (lie requirements of any budget. KKiHKMREK - - We Have I''or Snlc! finotl ApiKiirance For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning ^J?H3 |g3fe*« 326 STEAM LAVNDM

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