Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 3, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1938
Page 5
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Monday, January 3, 1938 HOPE STAR. flopiS, ARKANSAS THE SPO] Pitching Problem of Cards, Browns Gabby Stveot Mxpecleil to Pull Hrowns Toward Top in L<.;nt>m> Race ST. 1.0Ur,S. -(/!')-.-"If our pltehii, M comes through" siiys Siitu Uieadon, look out for :\ champion Si. Louis Cur-' dimils biisebnll team in 18118. Atltl Donald K. Humes, president of DIP St. Lwii.v Hrown.s- UK Hreadnn i s ,,f the Niitioiinl Leaguers, voiees virlitiil- ly the same prediction although DID American U'lmueis iirc uiming at first division with no serious thiiunlit.s the club con climb to a title from the reJlur in mic M/IIKOII. 'Die major Jennie basebiill liends of tile St. l.onls el UBS discussed prospects Sunday and both were i;eneriilly optimistic Hremlon lennrd hark in h| s (.|,..,j r nlul snid: "I believe we have n chance for one of our Kreiitc.st championship teams 'Jin- whole qucMiini i.s (h,. pitching, till re's no doubl ;i)ji,iit ih;it. .mil I | K >- lieve we'll hiive inueli better pitching i than lii!>t season when we endeil fourth, j "You will remember Uial we Were riRht up there until Diy/y Dean wns forced out of action with a broken toe ninl then willi ;i Mire iirin. That put too much of a burden o» I,on Warneke. Bob WtMlmul and Si Johnson Wo have some new men cominj; in of which much is expected." Barnes, who lias had only one year of i-.xpeii.-nce ,-is \ H IHS of a hi); league club—n year in which Ko/jcr.s Hornshy WHS discliarned a;; mana«er nnd hi'.s successor --Jim Uottomley - released utter the season's end. smilin|;ly opined that •'[ think we have a ('.real elinnot' for the first division." Gabby Street i;; the new manage)-. CONVINCING HIMSELF Hy IIAItKY (iilAVSON SJHII-I.S Editor, NKA Service STKVENSV1U.K, Mich.-It is time for Joe Lewis Barrow to buckle down to the mure important business at hnnd. After climnxiiK! a four-month layoff with i, full holiday fling. Louis : " has hit the road around ;ind Tommy Fan- strikes a fc'rocious pope in front of ;i mirror in his New York hotel room to convince himself, no doubt, that the British Empire hi'iivywpifjht titlehohler is a.s lough as he looks. James J. Hi ;iddock, former world champion, will find out just how hard- boiled the Welshman is in a ID-round contest at Mpdison Square Harden, Jun. ?.l. Linemen Are Real Heroes in All of Bowl Football Games New Year's Day *• Cotton Bo\v] Game ;it Dallas Between Rice Institute and University of Colorado Furnishes Most Excitement for Spectators Hy Hie Associated Press Kesults of the New Yenr'.s Day , i' , (.. .;;" Y " """["Ix'wl" football ftnines reveal two sic, Stcvensv.He. the summer home',,ir.™n» facts ,)„,, m spite of all the A"-'^ £» -is the best weapon in thtil a couple of team, scouted each other anil proceed on the theory that the safest system is to score early and often can ytir up a lot of excitL'incn. Liiii'inen Heal Jli'roes In every one of Saurday's contests, ing. It was the |x>wer of the Rice forwards thiit finally halted all-America "Whi/zer" White in the Cotton Bowl at Dallas and carried the Owls to a 28-to-M triumph over Colorado. will trniniiiK camp, Dr. .Joseph Bier's ,.-.,- tiibbshment at Plimpton Lake, N. J., to polish up for the second defense of'his title in eight months. Nathan Mann, a rather squnttish Italian of Quinnipiack, a brick man- ufiirtiiriiif,' suburb of New Haven, bus heen selected to tackle Loni.s in I, 15. round contest at Madison Square Guarden, February 2'.\. Louis says he weighs 210 pounds a.s lie buckles down to the rougher toil here, hut the Hi-own number looks heavier. If 210 |xninds i.s hi.s correct weight, he has the ideal surplus to work off. He sealed 20(1 pounds when he knocked out Natie Hrown in Kan- snt City last February, and 11)7 when plucky Tommy Fan- struck around for IS n.unil.s with the Alabama- horn darkey in late August But Louis appears n bit more plump ill certain places than a nut yet 24- yenr-old |«,.s,s ,,f the big hoys' ri .al| v should be. Man iif (he World \ow There an- iinini.slaliablc .signs the transition from bhickeyed und el ill'lin'.s to pork chops chicken has had its effect. A fair to middling trencherman in his .skimpy days, Louis has made up fi>r lost time. He like.-, t,, .sleep following chow, which is the best way t., tack on tonnage, lie isn't as active as he was while fighting hi.s W ay to the top. He now likes to sit around. No Oloves. Smoky J,,e )i,-',.s developed the night club habit. Louis has never seen Mann, although the Connecticut cli.uter has appeared on two or three of the cards he lopped. _The Dark Angel professes that Max Schnielmg, whom he i.s | 0 tackle in June, made mi impression on him in stopping Harry Tl.oinas in November. ".Smellin' look eight rounds to do n J<-|j he should have done in two or three, ' explains Luuj.s. "Thomas was slow and awkward an.I couldn't fight u lick.' Louis denies that he With Thomas, let alone having been hurt by him in a workout in Los An- fifle.s, a.s reported. "1 never was m the same ring with him in my lif,.,' asserts the yonni; lleijro. Picks Louis in lOinlit Louis suspects that Farr will oul- busy Jim liruddock in 10 rounds al Ihe Garden. January 21. "But Uradduck Iras the chance of a puncher." he adds, "and Farr i.s much easier to hit. I had a bad right hand when I boxed the Welshman, I understand that Hraddock has been having trouble willi hi.s buck." M.V idea i.s that Loins will warm up on Mann much as Schmeling warmed up on Thomas. 1 doubt thai Mann will last longer than eight rounds. Mtuin lo.st no tune in getting his knock knock at the Ihrone-room floor. He has been boxing for only four years. H c . qualified for this one by timing a rather close and surprising decision from Hob Pastor, who previously was off after u protracted spell un the sidelines. Mann seems lo be a sturdy fellow, but he can neither move nor run, so the be.st he can expect is to be hit. Oi top of that, lie is likely to choke up and lias nothing much with which to annoy Louis, and ;i chup who can't for Santa Clara whipped Louisiana • second straight year, G to a 45.001) turnout in the New Orleans Sugar Buwl; as the all-star East nnd \Vest teams battled to a scoreless .stand-off before 5!),000 fnns at San Francisco, and as West Virginia beat o at , . ut Texas ech. 7 to (i, in the Sun Bowl Pa.so. Cotton Hi wl Excitement A.s the scores indicate, most of the fireworks were set off in Ihe Cotton hurt him has no right in Ihe same en- iloMire with the colored lad. There have been indication.*, loo that Mann diii-Mi't lilsc it any too well in the body, and he repeatedly has faded niter five rounds. Vet I don't hear anybody calling l.-ini The Condemned Mann. VIGOROUS VAN ever worked from the Pasadena Rose Bowl whe,, Cnlifnrnin's "starless' 'team conquered Alabama. U to U, before a record crowd of sm.OOO, to (he .Miami Orange Howl., , .,-..>. .-,,., „., ,,, ,, 1L . ^uuun where Auburn turned back Michigan ; Bowl where :I7,1)1)0 tans .saw White per- Stale, (i to U. the linemen were the smially account for the two Colorado heroes and no longer unsung ones. ; touchdowns in the first quarter, only It was the California line, hacked; In take a sound beating in the end. by an alert secondary defense that Before the game the teams were en- iiiiidt' effective the Tide's speed and j lirely unknown to each other. Mice air game, that pushed Alabama back j Ic.-iniod White was as good as advur- m two long touchdown marches. Itjliscd when he escorted the ball down was Ihe Auburn line that held Michi-; and passed to Antonio for the opening touchdown, then intercepted Ernie Lain's fir.st pass and dashed 53 yards for the second, he Owls learned Ihe Ooliiradan.s didn't have anyone lo match the Whiter and from there on Lain carried the freight. Behind ii line that pushed the Buffaloes around for gains of -I2H yards on the ground and Ihrciugh the air, Lain passed for three touchdowns and scored mice hiinsi If a.s Idee staged .scoring drives of 12. , r >7. 1)1 and lil) yards. Hears Outplay Tide Alabama, taking it.s first defeat in five visits lu the Rn.se Bowl, liiund itself slightly overmatched although Ihe teams came out almost even on the statistics. The California semes, both made by Vic Huilari on end runs, climaxed steady marche.s of (i.'l and 44 yards. When 'Bnmn tried lo go to town the ! Bear. 1 -.' secondary was in there intercepting passes, recovering fumbles and I smacking down the runners or Sam ( ' Chapman was kicking out of danger Twice little Herky Mosel.y made co.sl- , ly fumbles, one to start California'; j lirst scoring drive and one lo end al Alabama Ihreat on the thiee-yan stripe. L. S. U. Aflack Stopped At New Orleans, the Simla Clan forwards smothered the bii.vim Tigers i running attack after slopping the first j L. S. U. try on the one-yard line. Tin. j Broncos scored through the air in the .second quarter as Ray McCarthy took passes from Johnny Barlow and Bruno Pellegrini. Auburn also had to lake to the air to show the 18,970 Orange owl fans one touchdown. A pass, Ueorge Kenmore to Ralph O'Gwinne, went to the two- .Viird line, then O'Gwinne ran for the touchdown. But the Plainsmen had a big edge in the play, making 12 first downs to Michigan State's two and gaining 197 yards to the Spartiins 1 40 by rushing. All-Stars Evenly Matched Two teams that turned out to be perfeclly matched played the iir.sl tie in the history of the East-West .series. The underdog Westerners, with Dwighl Sloan of Arkansas pitching lo Elmer Dorhmann of Nebraska, came up with a passing game that offset the East's running superiority and gave them twu chances for futile field goal attempts. West Virginia can give thanks to its line for the Sun Bowl triumph over Texas Tech. Tht Mountaineers got their seven points when they recovered Gene Barrett's fumble on the three- yard line, seTnt Duve Isaac across and Kelly Moan converted, hen after Tech came back with an 80-yard touch- HaroJd Van Every," "who as sophomore halfback last fall was the spark plug of Minnesota's football attack, now Is demonstrating his worth in basketball Van Every, who had more of a 'cage reputation than a gridiron record when he registered from Mmnetonka Beach/Minn., plays fonvyjd on the hardwood Eastem Grid Playm Head for Their Homes SAN FRANCISCO. - iff, — With a stopover in Los Angeles and a tour of tlie Hollywood movie lots still on (heir itinerary. Eastern football stars- wild played a scoreless tie with the West in the annual New Year's day charity i/nmc here, left Sunday night for tl» i r homes. Coaches Bernie Blerman of Minnesota and Andy Kerr a! Colgate were disappointed over the outcome. The Eastern team was » strong favorite at the Uickoff. Major Lawrence I Biff i Jones of Nebraska, participating in the game for the first time as a Western coach teamed up with Orin Hollingbcry of Washington State College in developing the Western stars into n swift unit which feotured the passing- of Uwight Sloan, Arkansas halfback; the pass ditching of Elmer Dcihrmann, bniKka end, ai|d the tricky running Milton Popovich, University of Montana fullback. T))e game attracted nearly M.OOO l»ns, n capacity crowd for Kewir .stadium. Players received wrist watches, in addition to expenses. Football Bowls at Glance Game Host; Howl KMsl-West Sujrar Howl Cotton Howl . Oranjru Howl Sun Houl By the Associated Press Results California 13. Alabama 0 Rust 0, West 0 (tie SanlHClara G, L. S. U. 0 Kief M, Colorado 14 - Auburn G, Michigan State 0 .. . - Wi-Kl Virginia 7, Texas Tech G Crowd . 90,000 59,000 45,000 - 37,000 . 18,970 13,000 SHARPSHOOTER Llmvn drive, the West Virginia line eras-lied through to Block Neely's kick. The rest of the way the Haiders Imd the edge although West Virginia lost a touchdown when Hurry Clark's !l(l- ynrd run was nullified by a clippim- penalty. In u .seventh New Year's game the University of Washington won, .13 (o l:i. over !he University of Hawaii at Honolulu, 'I'o Hecuive Welcome TU.SCALOOSA, Alii.-t/l'i-AliibamiTs filth Rose Howl team, beaten. 13 to (], by California Saturday, will return in defeat to a greater reception than did •••ny victorious Crimson Tide of other years. r _W. II. 'Ihomas, president of the Tuscaloosii Chamber of Commerce, said .Sunday the city would join with I he University .students in the greal- i.st rally Die Tide has ever seen. "We want them to know folks are still behind them, win, lose or draw." Thomas snid. 'Jhi! "milllonldollar" bonds of the university and most of the students : re expected to greet the squad at the railroad station Wednesday. Our nearest slur Is 27!i,000 times as far away us the sun. Just in Case MORGAJNTOWN. W. Va.—Each member of the University of West Virginia's football team was insured, with the athletic department named ns beneficiary, when the Mountaineers traveled to El Paso to play Texas Tech in the Sun Bowl gome. January 1. Barry Was Bodyguard CHICAGO-Joe Barry, White Sox traveling .secretary, served as body- bunrd for President MeKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and Toft when they visited Chicago. From Passaic, N. J., breeding ground of great basketball players, comes eagle-eyed Billy Thompson, Syracuse University's junior forward, who is being counted upon to furnish much of the spark for the Big Orange attack. White Refuses Pro FootbaH "Baits" AH-American Halfback Receives Praise From Jimmy Kitts DALLAS. Texas.—(/P/—Alongside the great of football, Byron (Whizzef) White loosed his helmet, never, he said, to don it again. Back to the snowbound Rockies went a battered Colorado team but White, the all-American, could hold his chin up. Some 35,000 fans who stormed the Cotton Bowl to watch Rice Institute defeat the unbeaten Buffaloes, 28-14, knew they had seen a youngster seal a career tagged for immortality. Rhodes scholar, Phi Beta Kyppa, great loot- ball player—that's who got the .thunderous ovation here. Professional football, said White, will get along without him. This decision respite reports a "bait" of nearly $15,000 would be dangled before his eyes. He's going to Oxford. Said Rice Coach Jimmy Kitts after the game: "Is he great? Wliizzer White .is as good as they say he is—and- better. He would make any team in .the nation look better." Birmingham, England, has one'stort to every 48 inhabitants; in some sections, there are more stores thah'ther* are people. 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