Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1935
Page 6
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n-v TV KX •V! \V .>> " V; > ' iJw. '" ' ^ ti/k * >>>«i ?\ ;>5 :>* ^ *M iIe ot iN-i fo ttf ' t« tlici •= n! pn.putios foi «i« ffiiontut ncnly ft«dmpies (ho faituie nt IM u old Mildied Yourtt abo\c and rings 1 lyr tlia Utk 'IK'I^^U uil in the southwest' ' Hilt sin- ie- uains as demociatic a.id itnnyunime as the'oil mnn— Hit late JI Yount, ot Betumont, TP\ — Mho adopted hei Mhen <-lip \\ is a IfMnontli-old bnbj. IIci sum, miner hoiie*, and stfiool vpiK .no ing rnoie of JtildiedS attention the«e da\h tlian the iiidt.i'-e in her estate iiom ^3,200.000 to "VH.OOO.OOU^ Flyers Would Duel Du^'s Sons *.<•/ Repoited plan of the two sons of Woiqheh Mai tin Ethiopian minister to London, to challenge the two older*song of Benito Mussolini to aeiial combat has atiued a storm of'protest, with letters reaching Mai tin trom all parts of the woi'Ul, urging JUm to forbid the duel Joe Mai tin left above, and life, Motliei', Ben, right, die skilled aiinien and Mussolini's sons, Bruno, 16ft below, and Vlttorio, light, have seveial daring «Ky exploits to tljeh ctedif, on the northern Etliioplan front, ii - _ t | $5000-a-Week Smile on Shirley Witn that winsome, impish JofMtiouiir^nlilt wliltli ,1011 tee bhhley Temple bestowing on the veteran comedian. Fred Stone, UK* scieen starlet attiacts what is believed to total §5000 a week, in increased salary, bonuses, and wait tea on Shirley Temple products. You see the reteian and the piodlgy. above, eftjoying 9 ' bon mot" them at the recent dinner glv«n on dedication of a new „,..,.,,] , .„„» |^ jjjg memory -*' 11 "* 1 **~~- — > . The pen that lifted him from the obscurity of a midwestern editorial desk to the stature of, a national figure has inscribed finish to bis literary output, Ed Howe, famous Atchlson, Kans., editor, announced as failing eyesight threatened him with blindness. He's shown on arrival at nis winter home U> Miami, Fla. Bankers Elect New Deal Foe An outspoken enemy of the New Deal, Orval W. Adams of Salt Lake City, above, automatically will become president of the American Bankers Association in 1937. He was elected second vice president at the bankers' convention In New Orleans, after stirring a bitter debate by advocating a boycott on federal bonds. Brazilian Outlaw Marks Victims The initials on this woman's face aren't worn as beauty marks. They were seared into her skin with a red-Hot branding Iron by the notorious Brazilian outlaw Jose Bahiano, who thus marks all bia victims. He la one ot the many bad roco who ra.'d commuui- Wea JQ tlje outlying Brazilian HOPS fiflAS, Stills His Pen -- tt'S n 1 lif e Hint s led by i It n i mini, (5 P r n I ii I n (• S pi 01 k f 1s ifiow n iiiiiiilni; ott tho boni It n' Wniklki, A n il why not 1 she Inherited I h o hlilltons« ot her Krnnddad. Johu fa m od 8 u K u r Why Amos V Andy Missed Broadcast For the first time since they became stars, Amos 'n' Andy, famous blackafe radio comedians, missed a broadcast, recently. Here is their alibi—Freeman Gosden (right) and Charles Correll. their creators, were prevented from reaching the studios when delayed on a hunting trip near Hancock, Mr. And it looks as though there'd be plenty of wild turkey on the menus. Today ' CuU|aa.- Lob Tj ' ]v / ^L_J (£v OONSIDER the clever draping of the frod:. tho l;i u . ,, ' t t- VJ en«d by the ono-sided cowl ;md ti.c !•'•;.c:.'?J i it < i * .\i- pllCC, tllUS P«'l OMllt MllC"bn l|( ( .1 1,1, \ ,, ^ i'et'61 01 satin i f ''in<- t.< ii/fil n to '0 Mil ^ i •• • 01 im '<.• -• 1-S yani.s of u'J-:U'.li fabric. To secure a PATTERN and STKI'-^V - ^ >> <. > ,•> r\ jv. STRUCTlO.N'K. fill out the coupon J-.alow. IM-I s= > u) ' - '"ION THE NAME Ol' THi« NEWSfAPt-H. The WINTER PATTERN' BOOK, tvitl t i,, nj, e'» s 'TI ff Jale dress dcs'it'iis. now is i?aii its Jf <• >> i >-i , j sf,j separat'-ly. Or, if y<-u want to o-<U i' "I". ••»•• i t "-^ , o, ,->«& in jusl an adJiticr.al 10 cents vit'.i 'h* 1 "*>pno TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, 103 PAKK. AVK., KE\\- v u i ll: Enclosed is 15 cents in coin for Pattern No. .: Size Name Address City i St»U Name of this.newspaper \.. 1 Pleads for Boon Bob*s Heart's -i of 'Mercy Death' 0 v i) luifl'nlo Times. Plea of Miss Anna Becker, above, that a doctor end her life "In the nnme of mercy" stirred emphatic protests from physicians that the act would be murder, legally and ethically. Tho 34-:ear-old Buffalo. N. Y,. nurse. Injured two years ago in an auto crash, declared she is in constant agony and a burden on her friends. Plumes Herself on Gable Date It was a distinct (uatimr in her hat, and one which many women would envy, when charming Mary Taylor, above, was accompanied by Clark Gable to a Manhattan hockey game. A Park avenue society girl and fashion model -with dramatic ambitions, she was seen with the famed film lovor shortly after Gable's second, wife announced her plan, to divorce him, Directs t Italy's Ethiopian Drive One ol' Italy's most renowned soldiers took over command of II Duce'a armies in East Africa when Marshal Pietro Badoglio, above, chief of the general staff, was named to succeed Gen. Emilio De Bono, "who was pro- inoted lo field marshal and recalled to duty in Italy. Hero of the Piave in the WoHd War, Hill also go vein Italian East Afi)«aa golouies. It-wan "beautiful Plckons" for Bob Simmons, tenor of radio's' 1 ' famed TUwellers, when he dpclded to wed. Hero, at a Manhattan party, Bob and his equally rnim*d fiancee, Pntti, youngest of tho popular Plckons sisters, are probably cxulliiif; over the harmony that will prevail in their home. They're to be married any day nosv, Mother Love Makes Her Stowaway Hating to pait with her son, whom sh« was sending to SLO liis fathei-, Enilco Esposito, in New York, Mis Filomena Esposito stowed away tinder the boys beith on the linei Ilex and was not dlscovoied until two days at sea. Above Vincent kisses his mother goodbyo al the of her stowaway trip. Mrs. Esposito'g first husband disappeared she entered an Enoch Ardcn marriage without obtaining a dhoico, thus niaklng her ineligible for a,passport. O P-thl8 shirtwaist typo, the attractively trim duytima frock affords choice of bishop sleeves, with cuffs to nntrli t'.<" collar, or a' straight short sleeve. Note how effective the tab closing is. Make of lightweight wool, jersey, cotton or silk fabrics. Patterns are sized 14 to 20 and i!2 to 42. Sine l(j rcniihvs fi v••n-J i of ."U-iucli fabric. To secure a PATTERN and STEP-BV-STEP St-'AV'XC! I>f- STHUCTIONS, fill out the coupon below, being sur" to MENTION THE NAME QP THIS NEWSPAPEH. The WINTBU PATTERN BOOK, with a comrk-i- selection of late dress designs, now is ready. It's 15 cents when purchased separately. Or, it you want to order it with the patfrn above, Bend in just an additional 10 cents with the coupon. TODAY'S PATTERN BUREAU, 103 PARK AVK., XK\V YORK Enclosed Is 15 cents in coin for Pattern No Size Name , .••••• Address City ,..',".". • . State Name ot this newspaper

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