Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 1, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1938
Page 3
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. wdfcfotm- ' - ^Jtjj|jgBi|^^rr^ir^ HOPE STAR, JBOtE, ARKANSAS By WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE Witti* . , < Major Hoople THAT'S NOTHIM 1 ! VOU LOOK AT THAT PAlft. OP SAPS! WITH A HUNDRED UTTL6 MACHINES \i4 TH' SWOP, THEY GO TO TH' BI66EST ONE IN TH 1 SHOP TO BORROW TH 1 BIGGEST TOOLS TO MEASURE TH 1 LITTLEST SAY, WHAT'S THE MATTER WlTM YOU ? TIME THE: DO VT— »± DO IT! IT'S A N ATI OMAL TRAIT WHEN BORROWIN', ALL VOL) , CAN ! THEY A»NT DOIM 1 NOTHIN' UNUSUAL, ONLY, THAT THEY WILL GIVE TH£NA BACK., THAT THE? TAKE TO CTOVER ROACH? IP- . tfff,[ ITS THAT STORE <^y LORD YOU'RE WORRYING ABOUT, You ^AKI SWALLOW SOUP, HEAPTT/ I PAIO HIM OFP«-7HE CHRISTMAS YOUR ST. WICKS GAVE ME WAS WORTH THE FEE/ EGAI?, M'DEAF,, • HOW THOUGHTFUL, YOU TO PAY THE COURSE", T_ WILL YOU / •REIMBURSE A-RTHA MAKES •BREATHE FASIER-= MABITUALS. BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIES OH",' By HAMLIN TO TfrUt NT OKi ALLEY OOP Pinny Starts Something By MARTIN ', BOYS, LEMME TELL YOU OUR MEW PRIEWD EEMY, HERE, HAS GOT YOU MUGS WILL FIWO OUT -MOW, HAVE THIS.'WE'VE GOT T® STOP 'EM/ . WMDSAUB AWHATilT.' OOP-DINMV'5 STOP 'EM ?? HAW.' A FAT CHANCE. WE ear/ ir^r\ * COP3.1938 BY.J«EASERVLOE;.INC,.J-.MjiEfi,u J &J'AU>E!L.. BVCRANEt!, WASH TUBES Crazy Like a Fox WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THIS ISLAND'S HAUNTED,/' AFTER DARK, WE'LL X SAKES AUVE.B05S "JEAK BACK HERE J |c, you ALL •" * AND INVESTIGATE. THAT'S A LOTTA PICKLE SMOKE . WE DON'T B'UEVE , BLACK WILLIAM. BOSS. By BLOSSER Well, Well! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS DLWWO : JUST WHO PULLED I CURB AMD LE MOTOR RUNMIHQ IT DEWTLV PRODUCED OIL AT ONE TIME, BUT IT HA5 BEEN CAPPED! I'VE: SEARCHED THE RECORDS TO SEE IF THIS WELL EVER PID AMY» THIWC3 TO WRITE, HOME ABOUT, BUT I COULOM'T FIWD H-H i HEAR SOME> of Evidence MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE By THOMPSON AND CQU, YOU SEE;CHIEF-THIS BOX SMASHED BY A BULLET... AK1D 1 BELIEVE KWOW WHERE IT CAME MEANWHILE, MVRA AND JACK HAVE HASTILY THRUST IMTO A LARGE CLOSET IM WILLIE'S ROOM... / SPECIAL AGEMT GRAVSOU-OFTHE / TREASURY DEPARTMENT. I'VE &EEM [ OM THE TRAIL OF THIS HAKJGOUT \ FOR DAYS.' WOULD YOU LIKETOr^l/ EH? V ASSIST IKJ-A LITTLE RAID? ^ POOR JACK.' IF OMLV HE X ^ COULD REALIZE THAT HIS HEAD IS RESTIMG OMTHE VERY EVIPEMCE WEVE RXJ HARD Mow You Tea, the Quicker KATES W* time—2* word, mlnlmuM 3*e 1 AvMQ. lllJilttH*v7ii<C WOlfflf BuA* 5vC gb tlmea 6e Word, minimum We 'OM month (2« tim«9)-lSc word. v,',-- minimum f£7t •te for contlnuooj making wont count, dl*re(aH n*m« such as "Fot f , tent," Tor Sale," etc.-thls Is toe. But cadi Initial «t name, or com* pfete telephone number, counts u '•full word. For example: ;. .FOR BENT— Jhree- room modern lontbhed apartment, with ;clo*e in. Bargain, J. V. SSM. ' •'• : I Total, IS words, at 2c word, Me [to MM time; at 3V4c word, 53c (or \lhree times, etc. All -rders placed by telephone are due and payable upon fRtenUtinn of bill. PHONE 768 if! Services Offered EVERYTHING —Old Beds, Beds. For Christinas can you eat it $4.50 to $9.50. Come and see * npstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth . Call Paul Cobb, 658-M. 12-2-26tc Antw«r» ff* CRANIUM CRACKIRS 1. Harold (fed) Gfance, Illinois football star, was called the "Galloping Ghbst." 2. Alfred the Great (871-901 A. D.) was England's "Father of His Country." 3. Charles S. Stratum's professional name was Tom Thumb. 4. Scientists have estimated the elephant's life span at from 150 to 200 years. 5. Austria declared war on Serbia July 28, 1914; Germany invaded France aftd;Russia invaded .Germany August 2.' j ; For Sale FOB SALE—One portable brooder house, one simplex brooder stove and one 300 egg incubator. A bargain. Cash or trade. Chas. H. Locke. Ozan, Ark. l-3tp FOR SALE—One gravel bed 4 yards, one flat bed short wheel base, one flat bed long wheel base. Will sell cheap. Tol-E-Tex Oil Co., Phone 370. 1-ltc Streamline trains are so nearly perfect the pulp reader can almost hear the clear, ringing shot in the midnight expresse murder. *v COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South Elm, Phone 383 Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed. 29-26tp Wanted * HIGHEST PRICES PAID '.PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. :FURS ' ; - P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. ; <a04 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. ; . ' PHONE 40 18-26tc {WANTED TO BUY—Chickens, Eggs Dycks, AU kinds of Junk. T. B Beard, same oid place. 31-3tc LOANS Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy rnonthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 10-26tc For Rent ,FOR RENT—Three-room furnished apartment with private bath and garage. J. A. Sullivan, 404 North Main street l-26tc FOR RENT: Good country horn with pasture, water in pasture anc house.' J. M. Reese at G. L. Johnson's 4 miles east of Hope on Highway 4. 27-6tp. She's World's Richest Girl • FOR'RENT—2 room furnished apart ment or nice bedroom. Convenient bath. Reasonable. Close in. 505 S. Walnut Phone 851. 31-3tc '• Notice Auction Sale at Prescott 1 o'clock January 6, 1938, 2 cars of White face cattle and Hogs. Purtle & Sanford Owners. Silas Sanford Auctioneer. 31-3tp .Auction Sale at Prescott 1 o'clock Thursday, January 6, 1938, 2 cars of White face cattle and Hogs. Purtle & Shackerfield Owners. Silas Sanford Auctioneer. l-3tp Lost LOST—Black female setter with • White nose. Steve Atkins, phone 201 or 809. 31-3tc Heiress to vast fortune, Constance Corby had her choice in everything—• even love. That is, urf- til she met Bret Hardesty. -What happened to her then is told in one of -the most absorbing stories of the new year, a 25-chapter serial Beginning — Soon in Hope Star National Insignia HORIZONTAL 1 Coat of arms of pictured here. 830% of this country is covered with 13 Toward sea. 14 Perfume. 16 Armadillo. 17 Wigwam. 18 To thread. 19 Like mine. 20 List of names. 22 Treatise on morals. 25 Either. 27 Utmost extent. 31 Greater in rank.,." 35 To affirm. 36 Infant. 37 To provide food. 39 Bast fiber. 40 Bone. 42 Passed by band. .46 Walks on. Answer to Previous Puzzle 51 Hooks. 52 Wireless. 54 Dregs. 56 Fetid. 57 Swift. 58 Identical. 59 This country's king. 60 Finish. 61 This country's capital. VERTICAL 1 Flying mammal. 2 Consumer. 3 Cotton fabric. 4 Pistols. 5 Less common. 6 Passage. 7 Devoured. 8 To harrass. 9 Branches. 10 Narrative poem. 11 Without. 12 To attempt. 15 Hail! 21 Child. 23 Third-rate actor. 24 This country Borders the Sea. 26 Us state church is Orthodox 28 Bugle plant. 29 Encountered, 30 Wrath. 32 Striped fabric 33 To wedge in. 34 Kimono sash. 38. Wand. 39 To regret. 41 Slave. 42 Nimbus. •43 Mohammedan noble. 44 Breeding places. 45 Valley. 46 Bound. 47 To decay. 48 Too. 49 Unable to hear 50 Half. 51 Quoits pin. 53 Lair. 55 Ocean.

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