The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1940
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VOI-UMR XXXVII—NO. 2!). ™ K DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NO11TUKAST AHKANBAB AV» e™, „,„ ^ -i- 1 .LJ f f ^S-/ BlythevlIIe Daily Newi Blytheville Courier _THBDOMIHACT NEWSPAPER OP NO11TUKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MlBUOUKl Mississippi Vnllcy Lender Blj'Uicvllle Hernid .VTI IK VI 1,1,10, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIL 20, I'M!) SINGLE COPIES FIVE ^^^ ——_____ . . oiNuu'j (JOI'IES FIVE CENTS AT LEAST 20 PERSONS DIE IN TRAIN WffiCK ClaimAllied Force LandedWith Say Feat Further Evidence Allies Keep Sea Control LONDON, April 20. (UP) -Great Britain and France nave landed then- expeditionary I'orce in Norway without n single loss, it was asserted officially today despite Gc-r- 1I!il » <j aims of warship mid transport sinkings. , __ ,,,,.,..,, *, j,, tn m LI iino ]j\ji L olJin riiis proves more tbnn ever tliat the nuK< completely controlling sea routes," it was said It was understood Hint France* I had sent some of her famous Al- pme Chasseurs lo join the Allied forces. In southeastern Europe it was reported that Britain hnd made attractive offers of exchanges of goods calculated to lessen Germany's trade with that Important area. fleets are TIU Pflfill hil:yT : landsMakc Deadly Piancsl ' ^y*/., >>-'M,-,v-,ia-,,v4ii.^uii-i«*j!vi u . Mis Threat To Boh Unless Liberalism tainecl Recalled Silent until a Inconic annonnce- com- Authorizes Announcement • For Office Of Mississippi County Judge Clarence H. Wilson today nu- I thorized flie Courier News lo mnke formal announcement of his can- J ciidncy for the office of Mississippi . ., „„„ „,„ „, .. L , county judge, subject to the ac- jolnt charge of the British part: tion of tnc voters at the Demo- ol the expeditionary force, snld in I crflt| c primary in August. ment by the French high mnnd today that French troops had been landed in Norway nnd were taking part in operations reliable Informants here said that or days past thc British navy had taken a prominent part in convoying French troops to Norway '•Th« convoying W as completed successfully,-' one informant said . The admiralty and war office, !:: joint charge c 'onary .. communique todny: "The claim I Mr - Wilson said he was resign- niade by the German wireless tha> i ing nis l )ost as a member of the a British or French transport has boartl of directors of the First been sunk or damaged off the Nor- National Bnnk to devote his full waginn coast is quite untrue" I attention to ihe interests of hts There had been' general expcc- candidacy. hi nvn'^H } hC Freneh P* 1 ' 1 ot Headl "6 i> we" known insurance or ,)?? P £h f WouW indude some oeemiy^for "10 Past several'years - nJ Icoh 5^ e " r *. rated-nmong the) Mr. Wilson previously "served two ;.Minesl anrt ).,«««. „„.„..„,.,„,„._ -'• terms, is .Mississippi county, sheriff and-prior'to thnt time scrved'ns chief deputy sheriff here and as' manager of various business Interests in south Mississippi county. Mr. Wilson's friends pointed to his reputation ns nn aggressive (.•-'.•e-,, an<1 j'; 1 "? 51 enterprising of terms, tjs .M!ssislppr"cou"nty''shcViff'. .._ j'if niii/(f~." rtxen. Tlicy nrc fnmlHnr «" f i • «"{^-<» "*- «.»r_i .;_.*_-.. .-. _ •. short, stocky men typical of the , o e French provinces, wearing blue uniforms and blue berets, to Ameri- cn" wnrirt war veterans. They are mountain troops, trained in the use i»i ooc.ii skis and snowshoes and were calculated here lo be Ideally .suited for the hilly mid-Norwegian country where the great test was to come between the Allied expeditionary force and the German occupation army. Britain, launched a "new economic offensive In territory vital to Germany as the expeditionary force awaited Hie test. H was said officially llmt Viscount Halifax, foreign secretary, told Ivan Malsky, Russian amlins- sador, yesterday thnt the government had considered Russia's suggestion that Britain nnd Russia WASHINGTON, April 20. (UP) — President Roosevelt, who Insi addressed Young Democratic cinu members with a threat to boll niiy conservative Democratic presidential ticket, spenks to the organization again tonight In the midst of Increasing controversy over a third term. Young Democrats In 100 cities I within 38 states dine tonight In! honor of Thomas Jefferson. Attorney General riobcrf II. Jackson will address the dinner here. Mr. Roosevelt's address will be broadcast from Gclrgla where he has Jnst arrived for n .spring vacation. He l:(st spoke lo the younger members of his party in August 1939 in what vvns regarded ns a | challenge to conservatives nnd aj stateinc'iit uf his delerminnllon to make Ihe 1040 presidential ticket safe for the New Deal. "If we nominate conservative candidates, or lip service candidates, on a straddlebug platform," Mr. Roosevelt snld, "I personally, for my own self respect and because of my long service to, nnd belief In, liberal democracy, uenei in, liberal democracy, will ."" ••—•-—.»»« nnd it impossible to hnve any net- j Dainty, feminine hands fashion Germany's deadly ,.!„,„,„,„ slllcl . Jve part in such unfortunate sul-i Increased army uiobUlyitUm has cnusetl n inlior shoiinne Thonsamk riflO f>f IMP nlfl r\fllYinn, In n*. ,-1,1 •' -r ... ° HM.> wnrplnnes since clde of the old Democratic party. That threat to boll exploded like bomb 'of the heaviest cnllher" in conservative ranks. Exact c'as-' ualties will not b«-: known until next July after the Democratic national convention has nominated the party ticket. But political observers here are uniformly convinced that Mr. Roosevelt la in a »..~ . -j.i.v.LLmii no t ,n uggnjaaivi; inii,i_vi viiui* mi. iwu&^vull. 13 111 tv proponent of various civic and bus- better position now than last Au- iness undertakings as evidence of gust to compel the convention del- his ability to produce results nnd ' predicted that he would, if elected, be a most useful public official, not only in conducting aifairs of the county government but in movements to secure future benefits for the county. Roland Green Resigns As Director Of Bank Roland Green, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Missis- e, nnnounccd toil as n director of i Bank in Blythe- iVfr. Green said that he was lak- _ g this step In order to give his nothing further to tlmc fllll V to 41 'e conduct of his campaign for the nomination. Hts egntes to name either hlmeslshr or a Democrat rcnsonnbly snlts- factory to him. Declarations of war in Europe after that August speech materially increased the president's hold on his own party, casul much of the tension which developed during the tons; Jatui- nry-io-August. session of congress. Secretary of State Cordell Hull's name continues at the top of the of women Inctorle-S. Fair Association Directors Agree "If The People Want 1C Horse racing nt the 1040 Mississippi County Pair loomed ns n prob- Local Club To Be Host To :. Visitors From Missouri, Arkansas Clubs Ktwnnlnns of seven Missouri nnd — .— three Arkansas cities nnd towi today lollowlng a meeting will gather here Mor.ciny for the yesterday of Ihe Mississippi County annual spring conference of Divls- ralr Association Executive "-- ' '--- m ' - •- Democratic party, assuming thai |, Mr. Roosevelt does not seek re- nominalh'n. Hull is not the perfect picture of n New Dealer but he Is thoroughly Identified with the administration nnd his nomination would be close enough to n 100 per cent endorsement of gov of the Mo-Knn-Ark nucnmllonnl. pcople want It." feature entertainment for the fntrj pared to discuss with the Soviet- government In nn exploratory manner whether there is n basis for: ... a trade agreement, inking inlo account the war situation." 'Hie official informant said: "There say." . . This meant a British accept- formal ,.,,i,uu,,utan-nu as n canni- l_ u rovided niii ance in principle of Russia's sug-:date was made some lime ago nnd j ] n! ,ii 011 Tlic si geslion, made In several occasions' the state supreme court recently | noullccu - v estc —provided that Russia had some- determined lhat a person who is not! „ candidate In thin? to oiler thnt would be of.n lawyer could serve as county j political office value to Britain. [judge in n test suit brought for I m-ivnlc here is the report Hull really"™"^ 'omy Tkni Ulat """"^ ** Mr GrCen ' *» '»* '"^ ' to ^° sc » is .f»»: ^ ld f. d «?«"?.hw»>c,^ «'.,. agreement which eventually would cut across Russia's trade with Germany. In southeastern Europe, it was reported that Britain had made attractive offers of exchanges of May Board ion Twelve i The Ulythcvllli! club, which 1ms not yet celebrated Its llrst nnnl- f vcrsmy. will be host to Klwnnlnns 100 per cent endorsement of gov- "•"""« •.-»".-• luimiicin. 101- me tnir T , „,,„,„„„„ ... , ... , eminent since March 4. 1033. j smcc " «™ '"augnrated at Its per- I.™"™ nf "° cc wm . bo '' cl( ' nl If Mr. Roosevelt will take Hull,! m!u ' cllt llomc ' Wlllkei ' P"»* '»»' " the controversy Is practically over] Mississippi County Fair Grounds. ill will take the nom- i Clarence H. Wilson, chnlrmnii of iccretnry solemnly an-1 lhc Eo:uli ° r Directors, will name a | „.,„""„ "","„"" ''"""" l: " UL , L "" 1 ""' :rdav that he Is not committee to confer with n commit- ,*'",? fi, i,° f nfcre ! lce wlllc " *»' n any sense for any lc <= of «ie "nllercstcd citizens." to winin n *, o' c ncltlu ' ss "' B. Often discussed In be muncil by Znl B. Harrison, nt K TV ,11", li °" s ' Mo " is M,n r*™rt imii.'n'liicli time it win lu. 'infinitely V! " l ~'"' lt district governor, nt n , ' ^"-'"'"S "t '2:10 P ,' '"' wltl ' ltlllclico " '» clmrac of Ulrc J ™**>°™ club, ° ov - Lcc Tilln "» el1 of Dexter Ynrtf I vrK goods calculated to lessen Germany's trade with that important nrcn. The Allies were reported pleased by the dispatch of a Jugoslav mission to Moscow, to negotiate a trade agreement after a 22-year breach in Jugoslav-Russian relations. On the diplomatic side it was understood that Viscount Halifax, foreign secrcUiry, nnd Itushdu Aras, Turkish ambassador, had discussed yesterday Italy's attitude toward the Allies with particular reference to southeastern Europe. In Scandinavia, the Allied expeditionary force and the German occupation force continued a race to reinforce their positions as they neared a big scale fight. Belief was strengthening that, the big test would come in the mid-Norway area bounded on the west by Namsos and Molde and on the east by Hie Swedish frontier. British troops were reported to linvc landed at both Namsos nnd Milde. The area defined includes Trondhelm and its mid-Norway railroad to Sweden. It forms a gate way lo southern Norway, nnd dominates the two big railroad systems which, lyirij? In two big valleys, are needed by whichever side Is to control southern Norway In the end. Leonardo da Vlncl spent 16 years painting the face of Our Lord In the famous "I*st Supper." open 1070 1012 Oct. . tooa 89 S 901 985 ii, ily to the blasts o'l n national be attempted this Fall. political campaign. At least one There had been general Inlk for i Democratic aspirant who consld-' some lime that u group of business i ers himself second only to Hull ns men in Blytheville nnd South Mis- now July Dec. Jan. Mar. 1014 1002 895 989 10-12 1008 09C 091 984 I t,u^ Illlll^l'll o\.^u,l^l \julj ku null lt-> ,itv;kj Ilk ijlj llj^,- vum Dim OOU P rev ' n iwtcntinl compromise candidate stsslppl County would starl close close js basing most of his hope this race irack here but nothh Inlr !nli ' year llpo " bc "° I tllat """ wollld nllc hatl cvcr bccn f°™>ally' made ii«i) lu-ta reject thc nomination if it were public ' 1014 1008 ofiercd. 991 i 999 995 989 994 985 Interest was great at the jncct- racing New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open high . 1081 108T . 1053 1051 . 1012 1017 . 1001 1006 . 996 1002 . 990 997 prcv. low close close 1080 1050 1012 1030 990 990 1087 1057 1011 IOCS 1002 997 1082 1054 1015 1004 994 991 Stock Prices AT&T ......... ~ ....... 174 Am Tobacco .............. 901-2 Anaconda Copper . 31 Beth Steel ......... '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 80 3-6 Chrysler General Electric General Motors Int Harvester 37 53 1-4 3-8 24 1-8 Montgomery Ward .... " 50 7-8 N Y Central )6 3.3 North Am Aviation .. Packard Phillips ..'..'.'.'.' Radio ] ] '_ Ttepublic Steel '.'.'.'.".'. Socony Vacuum ".' Studebaker 38 '1-4 6 3-3 at 1-8 .......... ... Standard oil N J ....'.'..' 406-8 | ing. at which certain horse „ v i\ • l n i. i ' cnln "si«sls said they believed that Kerosene Drink Credited | «>c sport could be made to pay us For Good Health at 103 Hope \l 'agaln^'having races nt MONTfCELLO, N. Y. (UP)— Charles Dennis is 103 years old. He seldom misses his daily two- mile walk and ascribes his health partly to drinking a cup of kerosene "at the first sign of the sniffles." "I've drunk gallons of it. but I've only known one other man who tried it." he said after a 200-mtlc automobile trip from his Skancate- les home. "He agreed It was wonderful stuff." other times during the year ivns renewed and It is the concensus! that something along this line will • _ lw be allemplcd Hits summer provid- i (,(„,,„. Ing plans are announced for the i sineeri Tt"n Ir efinci^ii *•'»&»-U Bacon $2,60 a Pound, But That Was in '63 CHARLESTON. S. C. fUP) —If modern housewives feel disposed to grumble at the current prices of food, they should let their grandmothers tell them ihe prices they paid back in 1803. A letter written by Capt. Samuel McKittrick of the Confederate Army while In carnp at Charleston to his wife In breenville coun tv says that bacon was nd that The Hev. D, K. Foster of Car- ulhersville, .1. A. Lynch of Dexter. R. H. Parish of Joncsboro, .1. I.. Edison of Paragould. George D. Pollock, Jr., of nlylhevlllc, Jerome C. Bcrryman of Poplar Bluff, George Kirk of Sikeslon, Charles Frederick, district .secretary, Dr. II, A. Harris of Bloomncld, Ralph Carson of Charleston, Lonnlc Slandley of Slkeslou and Utife Dalton of Uonlphnn will lend dls- | cushions of vnrious phases of Ki- wnnls activities during the afternoon session. Roscoc Crafton of lhc Blylhcvllle will also acquaint visiting of lhc NR- l Contest to be VrC. Complains Against I'eclcnil Compress Company, Vnllcy Gin Co. WASHINGTON, April 20,—The Federal Trnrle Commission hns 1 mnde public n complaint niinliut tile Federnl Compress nnd Wnve- house Company of Monplils, Twin., nnd four collou clunliig companies the F.T.O. snld It owns or controls through R, L, Tnylor, chalr- miin of the coinpnny's board. Other respondents nre Valley Qln Company, lllylhei'llle, Ark,; Mlssls- sl|)|il Vnllcy din-Company, Jackson, Miss.; Tensns I'nrlsh all) Coinpnny, Newcllloti, IM., mid Mnd- Ison I'nrlsh Clln Company Inc 'I'nllulnh. La. Tho ramiilnlnt, nllcBlut! n coin- hlnntlon or conspiracy temllnu to reslrnhi com]iellllon nml erontc n monopoly In com|>rcsstn&; nnd .slor- uiB cotton nnd In Inli-ialnlc si'.le of Jute or burinp buy'uliiK and slecl bunds used In eompicaslnB rallnn, also nnmcd ns respondents the following: Hlnford Hester, Memphis, president or MIC Federal Compress nnd Wnrehousc Compnny; K. p. Wn<tc, Llltle Hock. Ark., nnd wltiston E! Chenlrs, Memphis, Us vice president.'!, and w. Dennis Ilrown nnd Fred Schneider of Lake Providence La.,, agents. 'Hie complaint averred tho' Mem- phi!! company, cltlier directly or indirectly.through .Taylor, owns and operates 80 compress plants in Arkansas, Louisiana, TemieMec, Mississippi. Missouri nnd Tcxna and cotton ginning subsidiaries In Mississippi, Loiilslfinii nnd Arkansas. The Federal Comprcss'aud Wnre- iouse Compnny, the complaint, set out, hns clinrgcd fce.i for glimlng ivhlch are lielow the prevailing fees of competitors In the. snme territory and below itcliral operation cost, for the purpose nnd with tlic effect of driving competitors out of business. and of obtaining the cotton so ginned for Ihe respondents' various compress plants and lo enable the Federal Compress and Warehouse Compnny, nl Its compress plants, to sell the Jute )r burlap bagging nnd steel bands or lies sold and used In connection with (he compressing of such cot- ion. Alleging ihe complaints involve violations of the Federal Trade Commission Act. Ihe commission allowed the respondents 20 dnys to file answers to the charges. Confident Of Oulcnnu.. MEMPHIS, Teiin.. Apr. 20.—O(- flcinls of tile Fedcinl Compress & Wnrehousc Company were represented here todny ns behiK con- lidcnl thnt the outcome of Ihe aclion taken nisalnst the llrm would be In the company's ftwor and .1 reliable source reported Hint they welcomed Ihc opportunity to taku Die mutter up In Washington. Agricultural And Vocational Honors Won Several Mississippi County students received awards In the Jucig- and shopwork contests for Fair season, To revive thc sport before the Fair would be nn Incentive for more ntlcndonce and pnrttchxilion nl " ' " ' R, A. 11, » n > ay president of «t the that lime, it was poin.ed on!. I Fos ,,„,„, Wf n ^^ .. . .. r ."'." "• SA TNT JOHN. N. B. <U7>>~Fox WieningltlS Llaims | ranching has become one of the »]. r,- i "lost Important brnnches of New INine liirl Brunswick's agriculture, according ——- to - II0 "- A. C. Tnylor. minister 01 Peggy Joyce Taylor, daughter of agricullure. In the 15 years since Mr. nnd Mrs. Homer C. Tvylor. lied the Industry was slarled, millions early tills morning at their home of dollars of "outside" money have In the Number Nine community, i been brouyht in, he said The baby, who was one year nr.d ! ten months old. died of the nou- j epidemic type of splml meningitis' ~.. B1 « lm „„„ , YluL . !i , mvu „ CO]T] . of which she was stricken a weel; lined area of 58.249 snunre miles; Funeral services Sunday afternoon. Nortii Sawba Cemetery. Crack Flyer Jumps Rail, Piles Into Cliff; Many Hurt I.ITT KAU.S, N. Y,, April~20. (UP)— The , ° X ^ l ' '"" W " ic " Wpcdlho hen- Just nitflit, killing at least 20 ' rk Central niilroml .Maid today I IKS .state police said at least ;i;i jiersons were killed is |o of l - ^ , 8 is r lupc In (he engine cub registered :r Jesse liarl nnd Flrcmnn J. Y. Smllh wc of I Mir^K 11 .,^",''" C '"M° "1 h ' B " li| ' eC(1 Wll " C Dnlerin » «">" «»l*lrt» ui uiin> Mills (he luconioiivc leaped Its (mck careened over the other thrcu Uneks of Hi,, rl H ht of wny and crashed' into the side of a 200- n si'c'flT ' "" |J °" 0 '' OIt " locll!(1 ' Sl ' ooUnB ")' n l'«»c cloud of The eiiBlnccr and his nremcn were killed. The 'two ninH"" clerks were DCIICUII 10 hnve hecn killed, Ihe remainder of lhc' dead were from the twoo r 10 I'lillimtii conches. Hocllca were removed from the "' " molhe cab nnd Ihe conches by workmen using ncctylenc torches were horribly mnnglcd. - . '•••'./' Hie fltsl two I'nlliimn conclies came only n few itvlmr' hey were seriously Injured. One died In the Lllllc Falls hospj few hours nfler Ihe wreck. 1 The oilier Injured, npproslmnlely 00, came from the third and f| uiiinnn conches and only n few of llicm .were seriously hurt id tol owing conches there were pcrhnps TO passengers who required! aid for sllglit bruises nnd cuts nnd n number who were trente The i-orvr of the holler explosion, llic screech or escaping stt llio crimdilnit of metal ngnlnst metal nwnkchcd the town and nve mlmiles townsmen with ovcrcqnls drawn oyw Ihcli- night cli lhc .scene, frying to sliccdr-the Injured. Meanwhile" railroad men had. nrrl.vcd from'the Little' Fnlis i ind .were-laboring to 'force lili.entrance : 16 11)6. flrsi two P Hies nnd tho loccmotlvo cab.. Thny know 'there 'was''life"' m me >ccanse they could lienr gronna. .within is minutes torches'. had rlvcrt nnd n plntu was cut out of the mb'so Hint (lie rescuers 1 " U "' -..- ',;:'-Oilier torches were nl work on i thc nrst Pullinnn conch, smashed (own on top of thc telescojKd mnll coach,, Rescuers finally -crawled, Inlo the holes In the crimped steel they cut nnd cnme oul with a few men nml women wlio seemed Ijnrcly nllvc. A few minutes were enough to account for all Ihe living, 'nicy then began carrying out-the dead. To get Inlo the second Pullman took almost two hours. Both' 'ind IJCHI stmishcd ,by the curs In front nnd behind It nnd Its '• had been smashed In. The workers had lo cut off one end of conch with acetylene torches nnd as they worked they heard „ sci-cnms that oenscd after a while, and groans nnd Stale policemen, n priest, and railroad men climbed lip on UieUi he Innglcd ball of wreckage nnd consoled the implied victims as 1 they could. At last the end of the'conch feil off and tho crawled In. crnwllug OUT, with more injured—and more dead. Meanwhile^ hospllnl trnln arrived from Utlcn wllh more do« and nurses find with medical supplies, food, nnd clothing. It left 1 nn hour with some of the Injured nml most of the uninjured -p icrs and nlmost nil of the rmsscnijer baggage which had been from thc wrecked as well us the undntnngcd coaches. Thc mhil car had nol been reached nt dawn. To gel to It, the neck-workers hnd to clear thc two Pullman conches on top of it. 'the news spread rapidly nnd within nn hour 2,000 persons had ar- 'Ivtd by automobile- nnd fool. Within two hours there were nl lensl J.OOO persons nnd nt dawn approximately 6,000 persons were as'nenr he wreck ns slnle policemen, assembled hastily from barracks within 100 mil™, would permit them. ' & tal The Nnllonnl Drondcnstlng Company, In n recent letter to the National Cotton I'icklng AMOclalion, hns asked for complete details on , , . the National Cotlon Picking Con- Nnrthr^ Asl ;° 1>work «> Mts \ S for lest, to be held In Blylheville Sept. Nor hcnst ArknnsiK vocational ag- 23-24. It was nnnounred horn tl,k ncnltiirc stiidcnls nt Arkansas Stnle college In Joncsboro yesterday. Radio's NBC interested In (lontcst 23-24. It was nnnounccd here tills morning. "As you probably know, tor years s eiiy received we hnve been Interested In the Farm shop con- National Corn Husking Contest and Joiner won coiucqnciitly, yvllli a new ngrlciil Finger Caught In Bus Door, Amputated Evelyn Drown, H-ycar-old daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E. Brown of Stecle, hnd the first Joint of her middle finger on HID right band amputated yesterday <it the Walls hospital as the result of rm accident yesterday morning. Her Jlnger was mashed when It was caught in the door of the _ school bus yesterday morning as she was entering tlic bus to go, ! to school. She was nblc to be removed to her home today. , Of first ninVr i ., "•."""'" " u " TOiisKjucnuy, vim a new ngrlciil- first place In the public speaking turnl contest In the offing we are contest nnd M. Davlson of Manila first in thc farm crop Judging contests. ^.. . Ul IJ'.-i, UIIULl Other results u-ere: Slsk, Joiner,: the Nnlional third in dniry 'judging; p. i>nls- |>nny grove of Ijeachvtlle, second In gen- v,.,... „., • .... c LtlFltly OUlCI „„ ' ' Towns Take Ulllc Itooni England and Wales hnve n com- era, livestock Judging; il. . Luxora. second and G. McCann Dyess colony, third in the poultry Co, Jndsrlng contests; C. QJin levfelt, ?„,, " ril , , , 8 Dell, SCCOIKI m forestr ' " l i" rm rc " nt dtv i' s ' . Interested In what you hnve In mind," wrote William E. . Drips, Dircclor of Agriculture for Droadcasllng Coin- such unsolicited i have 1 headquarters of Picking Associa- " Dcll, second In forestry. PfCK UP from SCHOOL COLUMN j f,",," I J nit n -i ! news rcl( =-ises which 'arc goi"ng all London UltenSlve rails over the country dally are gaining To Halt Profiteering ' the Ihelr XT .,1 ~ , 01 ' "'" ° f " Um * te " wrtlM „ "« U '° p .!" cse " t brcafc in bad " contlmlc ' tllc cott «" ««1- Besides her parents, the baby Is survived by three sisters, Mildred. .nt i,,iu.->,i museum nus speci- Earllne nnd Glena Mae Tnylor, and mens of Chinese catalogs nnd ~"~ 1 --' 1 -- pamphlets made more than 15uo Auclcnf Catalogs Preserved The British Museum has speci- one brother, Homer Jr. . . e an u Cobb Ftmeral Home Is In charge years ago nnd still In an excellent of arrangements. slate of preservation. imvc oecn up for Investigation In coming week, a member of thc fxmdon at one lime. committee pointed out. The pu'flc Torch batteries are llio greatest will be Invited to witness the fof- wrc to the profiteer. They we mnl planting of thc seed, rell ahead In the list of offenses. Other articles which for Color-blind persons can see investigation^re.candles and par- belter in thc dark than those with 1 nffln. norninl eyesight. Female "Fngln" Arrested CAIRO, Egypt (UP) — A female "Fagln," who operated a pickpocket school for girls In Cairo, lias been arrested. After delivering morning lectures to her pupils she sent them to various busy centers where they trailed their victims', mndc their 'thefts, and afterwards reported to her with their gains. "Chu Chin Chow" Revived LONDON (UP)—In the revival of "Chu Chin Chow" the leading part—orlglnnlly played by Mr. Oscar Asche—the Australian nctor— will be tnkcn by 72-year-old screen and stage artist Lyn Harding; Hnrditig helped to finance , .the orlglnnl show In 1910 and Is optimistic that the revival will be -'qunlly successful. ; WEATHER | Arkansas—Fair and continued cool tonight, Sunday fair and warmer. Memphis nnrl vicinity—Pair and continued cold tonight," lowest tem- leraturc tonight, about, «'; Sunday fair .with Rising.'.temperature.

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