Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1935
Page 4
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$XT- -^ C 1 ^*" j r jVr-V^ (' i^ "a f ^ib* ! ^ »&M?ff^ .5 1 "" t ^ ^ f* 1 ^^ v '-^. n J 4 ^ W i "• > \ ^ * ' V ^ t •*?'' ' ""j .mm tlM^i^i J£tJ^ .flSiLik j. iBJ.. .£"U},.^L,£/£ift!iL-3l •* ^ t. uai-.it-Jt. .. * .i > . . j™ t .«nj - „ JL j . ^ ftatidtift E3HHH was HEM by } Coconut irt letters, ws pallid. M*l«£ !N fteteased on > k^d behavior t Heroism. 'degrade. ker of i naky fish. _ ffllH B 13BHI3 ior aan HHH rarpraran ^ WHi ? HHBBI IQlNj, 43 Roofing • material. , 46 Taxi. 49 Shad family. 63 Pertaining to air. 54 Engine. 56 To instigate, President Abraham Lincoln. '5S He organized the u. s. "Secret •. VEKTtCAk 2 One who teen. 3 Shred of •waste silk. 4 Cows. 5 Before. 6 Mongolic tribe-member. 7 Molding ,j S Stair jiqat. 9 Buddhist ', * festival. 10 Heathen god. 11 Instrument. 12 Weight anowanw. 16 tit, WAS famed for — crimes. i)9Jt* wrote -—• books. 21 Father. 22 Southeast. 84 To antedate. 25 Papal chancery. 2t Small wild ox 28 Olft. 29 Unit. 31 Huge. 32 Herb. 33 Withered. 40 Bustle. 42 Slovak. 43 To sink. 44 Rumanian coin. 45 Constellation. 4$ KlSh. 47 Preposition, 4S Oenus ot cattle. 50 Sash, 51 Dry. 52 Devoured. 54 Myself. 55 Musical note. it ;• (6 io 34 36 38 43 53 IS 44 45 i S ^ 3S 15 18 25 35 37 47 58 10 as 42 U 50 12 -39 ^- The light produced by a Costa Ric- i aEt / lantern fly is^su^ficient to enable a Baai to- read a newspaper, by it. . | The opossum uses its tail as a hand in clinging to boughs. ' i ./ood alcohol 'poisoning caused only l^'deathsin the United 'States in 1932. fea^-compored with 250 in 1930. , ,, . g^Af.^' 6 -' *>«\* ; : %$e2xy?. K<RJ For All Kinds of*' ' ' *~* INSURANCE LOW. sec- . ,/v //Roy Anderson ? and Company ^Sell 0* Find It< Bent It' Buy Itl- |C»^v . in the Hope Staf fflRKET PLACE '/Kfineittrier. me rnoi«T you^tellj the. quicker you sell 1 time, lOc line, min. 30« • For c0<is«cut>ve Insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one arf . 3 times, 6c line, min. 50« »i)« *' 6 times, Sc line, min. 90c , /, 28.times, 3',;!C line, min. J2.76 ' (A\ceragp ; 5Vi words'to the line) i s f {Y YNC)T&—Want ads will be accepted -,wttb the understanding that the • bjll is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication i Phone 76& WANTED WANTED: Log trucks to haul logs to Hope. See Floyd Forterfield. 22-6tc. .. . WANTED— 100 whtpeople' to shell pecans. Apply at once. Hope Produce House, 106 South Walnut Street, Hope, Arkansas. 29-3tp Money to Loan— MORTGAGES Borrow $50 to $250 from us at 6% on yovtr furniture, autoniobila, or other personal property. Pay it back in smal) monthly payments. For full in^ fprmation see GREENING INSURANCE AGENCY. ,_ 20-26tc The sun's mass is 750 ^imes as great 1 as that of all the solar planets and their satellites together. | \ No cne fod has more value for the brain than any other, though fish has ben called' a brain food. i Legal No*?ce '„, -The re-assessment of ' .•- benefits-- 'of- Curb & Gutter District No. 7 of Hop<!. Arkansas, and its Annex Jfo. 1, has ' been filed in my office this day, and same is now open for inspection. | THIS 29th day of November, 1935. i T. R. SILLINGSLEY I Clerk of the City of Hope, Ark. Nov. 29, Dec.6. , Tlie re-assessment of benefits of Street Improvement District No. 11, and its Annex No. 1, of Hope, Arkansas, has bsen filed in my office this day, and same is now open for inspection. • ' ' '.-.-,. THIS 29th day cf November, 1935. ; T..R. BILLINGSLEY | t Clerk of the City of Hope, Ark. , Nov. 29, Dec, 6. ' ; The re-assessment of . benefits of Curb & Gutter District No. 5 of 'the 1 , City of Hope, Arkansas has been filed • in my office this day, and same is [ now open for inspection. ' i THIS 29th day, of November, 1935. i T. R. BILLINGStEY i Clerk of the'City of Hope, Ark. Nov. 29, Dec. 6. " • The re-assessment of benefits of Street Improvement District No. 9 of 'he City of Hope, Arkansas,' has been filed in my office this day, and same is now open for inspection.' THIS 29th day of November, 1935. T. R. BILLINGSLEY Clerk of the City of Hope, Ark. Nov. 29, Dec. 6. WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade, Overcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. Round Sweet Gum Blocks, For prices and specifications. See , HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark, FOR RENT FOR ItPNT— December first, apart,- njent with private bath, furnished, bflls paid. Phone 416- W, Mrs. Tom Wardlow, 620 South Main. 26-3tp FOB RENT— Bedroom with bath. Garage. Mrs. Ambrose Hanegan • 821 South Elm. Phone 40. 29-3tc ' FOB RENT— Desirable bedroom, ad- jcjning bath. Private entrance. Ga- i rage. 521 W. 4th. Phone 661-J. 29-3tc TOL«E"TEX OH, COMPANY Tractor Fuels and Lube Oils, Anything for Your Car, Phone 370 Dsnf W(l Ni8ht "FOB SALE—Horses and mules, See ! C. U- gutton at Sutton and Hale Service Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tiJ WASHIN Nf ISDN HUCKINS tAUNDRV COMPANY Bargain— 1930 Dodge De- {-uxe Coupe. Excellent Condition. Right. Cash or terms. Tom , Phone 131, 27-3tc Position open for man with light i car. Plenty of work and plenty of > pay. Inquire V. W. Derryberry, 222 : Ea*t 2cl street. Phone 114- W. 26-3tp es T LOST — Liglit red Jersey cow. Crumpled horns. Smooth right hip. Beward for return Leon Bundy, Phone 5®, 29-ltp ICRANE WATER \ $15 |or your old one $1 Down Balauuti Monthly. Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone Zm I OUR SOARBING HOUSE •< jtai.^...._.. t ,, By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS fcMl -1 ,'^r., V Tl.m»Trfyi1I.T1lBU1ll>..l L .^l..f..ili. ml, r nun t>RYVEH TOR _ --SAYS Wfc WU. iN THE. I^HCb o^ f, IN A BOX- CAR ,TO GET "FOR THE. KSJQCKQLrn BURK& \S AT-RAVt* TO MEET HIM tN S.TW\\<bHT WRESTLING, ANfc SUT»PEt> A "F-INNEXaAN OVBR OM HIM JO AVOID "PUN^HhAJEUT I" W&U. Let \N CURL Ul» AftOUNt) TH" EDfcfcS, WE 6\VE KM A •hAATCH-^-BUT NOT 3 /-i-YOU TELL "\< MANAGER AMY TALK BELOW $500 \a _A '-^ <x /•' *i X •& > <*<o+Z~ ^^>L~' _ a .««KA^ t~^ t i '^ , t:?r_ ^P^' f^ ( <'^/5 -* ~ t ~ ^ ' — W V: i '^>^ ^•,^1- HOLDS TMEj ,/ /; ^A/^-l j 1»3S DY N6A StRVlCE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT - //- 7.8 i^«- GOIW TO GET WOft.5 TO TWC DAK1WS TWAT WE WOWT BG. OVER? VJ6 WOWT, MOW, WILL. Vie? ^v ABCUT IT/ OO H-W-HOO-W* eA^V'Twefte/ t tHINIK \ r"5 BROKtM UJMAT DID VCXI DO TO^ THAtf WORSE? YOU MUST'VG ^ DOME VOU O OOSM f 1 GUT \' TW BLAMfe r^EU iB.\ky- X TM»M' AROUWO MERC/ you ooMe »T vpuRaeuif WITH TW •5TO&4E YOU MAD IKJ VOUR MOUTM, WMGM VOU RGACMfeO AROUWO MIM-I KWGUj SUMP'M WAS WROKJG- WM£U I ^JMELT TH6 MAIR BURkllU'/ V? ^ y/f. 6 fi ^f>i ;A /^ //v n iSSS "/"/•<! %m 'j"?S,-r^»r&9 r&lr^«* g^=J^—-J~.—-. sS^sa M ?&*.• saC 1 ^ ;^ ; • f "or T. M. R6C. U. S. "AT. I DORM T! ;',RTV •'', S' TOO *JOOW BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Behind the Scene By MARTIN TO TO -y ~t (Tl t OV\ , Of /Ot to] /;•$ /-•-•> & S.O \v O V, ','///, ^v\ VOO J~ W«, m ^> : {/»: ^ / $ & -^ ^?4 \rd ALLEY OOP A Walkout (T) 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T, M. REG. U. S. PAT. Or F. I •—i^- iir.j.x. J- •-.-- •• ..- i ~ 't- -,. ' - 'I ' ' -- ' -•.,.---••''->>-•-••• »-•—— By HAMLIN^ WELL, DIMWIT-HAVE ) SURE,TUKJK-ALL WE YOU FIGGECED AM/ J GOTTA DO 15 T'UMTIE OME OF THESE TMOWGf OUTA THIS 7 AM CRAWL -OUT/ CAGE?' YAH.' Alkf CHOO' SMART/ THEM THOWG.5? WERE TIED WET - ID LIKE T$ : EE AMVOWE UMTIE-*E-M,NOW /-^ THA"S •THATTHEY'VE .. / RIGHT/ HM-•••'— i "-—* : cij/WELL-HAVE Jp"VOU-.ANy IDEAS? Y'BET I G FULLA IDEAS CLOSE TME.AW WELL BE OUTA MOO IM JI& TIME AN 1 IDEA.'I'M- YOU STICK HUH' FATCHAWCE I- GOT-OK- V/6CV GITTIM AWAY •&* i^/x?Lj f>42 WASH TUBBS The Only Chance 7*S ;->«\. /^f- I •KTHa By CRANE /CPOWARP MORNING, THEY HEAR 7WE QISTAWT U POUMDIWQ OF BREAKERS UPOW A BEACH. \L,L MIGHT LOM6, WASH -^ AMP EASY £UM6 TO | |THSIR RICKETY RAFT/ i A CHOPPY SEA. /rrt (CAS IT'S SO FO<36V I CAMT 5£E A THING. 1 THIMK IT'S IU JTMIS ^/-^T^ •^ ^T? , _ ^ia,-»' > x \ ^.....g^.1 ^ f^w^: /// ^Li^-, rr ^"" IP IT IS/ WE'RE BEIMa SWEPT PAST7 w THE ISLAND. PADDLE LIKE BLAZES/ V 3&EE£3BHRQH0lLfc ^we'RE STILL TriEN SWiM FOR 3Eiw'swepr/\ yoUR L»FE ^> PAST IT. y Viy u ^ Uj{ g 'V -m; S\ •HswWSS**'" !rr^ ;a ^'-S« • "Hiii"'^ \f_i* BV NgA SERVICE. IMC. 1. M. p*r u. '•.. i>. . , FRECKLES ANE? HIS FRIENDS The Wrong Man By BLOSSER GOSH, LOOK AT ALL THE: STUFF WE COLLECTED IN JUST ONE AFTERNOON ' r: AWD FUZZY HASN'T COME IN ,YET, W(TH THE STUFF HE PICKEP UP.' ** GEE, IT'S KiNi>* FUN DOING THINGS LIKE THIS/FRECKj WHEN YOU KNOW IT'LL DO SOME POOR FAMILIES A LOTTA GOOP ' MOW WE'LL HAVE 'To CHECK OM ALL THE FAMILIES AND FIND OUT WHO IS NEEDY; AND HOW MAW KIDS EACH FAMILY '/ YEP.'THEM WE CAN DIVIDE i THIS STUFF UP SO THAT SOME POOR WIDOW, FOR INSTANCE, WON'T GET A PAIR OF SUSPENDERS ON CHRISTMAS, AN SOME POOR KIP, A KIMONA.' '^ DID OLD TO FIND DOES CLOTHES ? YEAH..,. HE WEARS THEM.' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Windy Shoots C. O. D. By COWAN } '•VESTING CHANCES AT THE TUEPKEY SHOOT V/INDY FINDS WiY'SE Y/ITU MO ^AONEY V/ITH WHICH TO PURCHASE THE BIRD EMMV^ SENT HIN\ AFTER MERE'S A BIG ONE I'LL LET YOU UW/E FOP $ 6-OO, 'DRESSED, OR $5.OO ON TME UOO CASH,TO YOU // ONE DOLLAR PER PUJCMN' A TAF.RE PIGEON? HAW// V.'UEN I WAS SCOUTIN WITH BUFFALO BILL I COULD WING, PICK AND DRESS A &IA.NT V,1LD T-UCKEY, IN A. BUSINESS SU\T, IN FIVE CANUTES--I'LL TAKE WlhA AS IS .'.' PLUGGIM' THE BULLS-EYE. TWIN THIS LISTEN, WILMANX TELL, IF YOU WON THAT BIRD AT THE TURKEY SHOOT WHAT'S THIS COD. r-RO!V\ THE BUTCHERS' GOBBLER,WAS NOTHIN'-NOTHlN AT AIL.'.' WHEN BUT A SMALL LAD,ON THE PLAINS THE DAKOTA'o,WITH WILD BILL HICKQCK, 1 COULD DRASV A BEAD ON A 'WILD FOSVL THE WING, AT lOOQ YARDS, AND BRING tt^gt gr MIA SERVICE, me. T, M. HEC. u, s, PAT

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