Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 31, 1937
Page 5
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Friday, December 31, 1937 HOPE STAfl, HOPIS, ARKANSAS PAGfi Review of the World's Major Events During Year 1937 January 1—Naval treaty expires, Britain lays keck 1 of two new battles-hilts; Pitt beats Washington 21-0 in Hose Bowl. 2 German warship fires on Spanish vessel: Andrew Mellon gives his art collection to nation. I Supreme Court upholds ban on pi ison-made goods. 5-1937 session of Congress convenes. I! President Roosevelt tells Coll- !.'ies--, courts must, adapt Constitution to new conditions; Congress passes •Spanish neutrality resolution but fails to halt Loyalist shipment. 7 Princess Juliana of Holland is Wed after reducing by many pounds. Dr. Gleen Frank ousted as president of University of Wisconsin. 8 - President Roosevelt predicts balanced budget in I'.r.iX; orders two new constructed. lat Britain bars volunteers in |ivil war Charles Malison found of Indiana, namoel U. S. high commissioner to the Philippine Islands. 18- Six killed. 10 injured in explosion em batik-ship Wyoming. 19--Tear gas used to evict sit-elown- ers from Fansteel Metallurgical plant. North Chicago; six injured. 20— President Roosevelt in.sists there can be no compronii; e on court plan; F/thinpians bomb Italian officials, injuring Viceroy Graziiini. 23 -Italians annihilate 3000 Ethiopians who allegedly were planning to attack Addis Ababa. 24-Dr. Francis K. Townsend, old age pension plan advocate, eonvick-el of contempt e>f the U S. House- of Representatives. 25- Italians execute Das Desta Dom- lu. 11—Eleven rival union members felled by shells from C, I. 0. office In Galena, Kan. 12--Snpreme court uphold Wagner Labor Relations Law. 13 Two negroes, charged with murdering a while man, aro lortureel mid lynched in Duck Hill. Miss. 15 House passes anti-lynch bill, 277 lo 119. HI—Boston Circuit Court of Appeals I—Kidnapers Killul Him 2— She Was ".Vlrriinillned" slain, kidnapers unfuutul; President iior.sevrlt a.-.|<.s S7MO.000,000 relief appropriation. \2 National Guardsmen culled out in Flint. Mich . auto strike; Roosevelt asks Comu'ess for wide reorganization pow( rs. 13 M irtin Johnson, explorer, dies after plane crash. 17 Actress Ann Harding marries Werner Jan.s.sen in London. 18- Hritish Parliament convenes to s.tart arms program. 20 President Roosevelt inaugurated for second term in pouring rain; pledges more aid for underprivileged. 21- General Motors labor peace parleys collapse in Washington. 22 -Floods slri 110 rive*r valley. drowning hundreds and making more than 1.000,000 homeless. 23 -Italians cheer Gocring at end of Rome visits. 24 Homer Martin, auto union president, accuses General Motors of "double eror.s." 2. r ) Harry Hopkins reveals WPA rolls will be cut by 000.000; 17 drown in Florida bus mishap. 27 Secretary of Labor France's Perkins asks Congress fe>r more power to deal with strikes. 2K -California Supreme Court Upholds conviction of Tom Mouncy for I're pare'dne-ss Day bombing. 2'.} Twelve U. S army plane's fly non-stop to Honolulu; more 1 than 75 kdl'd in gales on wesle-rn EeirojK'an ci a.st. I!!! Hitler repudiates "war guilt" cl.nre ill Versailles treaty. February 1 Twenty injured in General Me>- lurs .strike' riots at Flint, Mich ; Pure,re aroused in Tennessee over marriage- of '.1-year-old F.unice Winsteud to 22-veur-uld Charlie Johns. Id—Duchess Bc- (•(inies Queen against Ford with labor honrd. 2(1 President revises budget, ?l.r>(l(l.wm,MIM for relief. 21 Tr complaint 5-Shf WHS Ili-ldc at 9 (i—l'l« asi-d Wife With a Dolly ,ps eal out in Maine shoe lassie, and claim conquest of Ethiopia i.': complete. 21,' John S. f-'arnsworlli. former navy lieutenant commander, sentenced to •I to 12 years for giving Navy secrets to Japanese. 28 F.ngi ne- Vidal resigns as director of the Hureaii of Air Comiui-rce. March 1 -President Roosevelt signs bill aUing Supreme' Court justices to lire with full pay. 2 Carnegie-Illinois Steel Co. s C. I. O. contract; Italy starts program to match Britain's. 5 Secretary of .Stale' Cnrdell Hull "deprecates" insnlt.s to Chance Mm Hitler by Mayor LaGuardia of New York. 8 -Chrysler and Hudson plants elosed by sitdown strike-; Mar Cantabricii, Loyalist munitions ship, .sunk by rebel crui.scT. !) -Roosevelt in fireside chat, asks Tirkers in Brooklyn Jewish Hospital convicted on charges of endangering lives of patients. 2.", Senate judiciary commitlee hearings on court plan end; government files dissolution suit againt Aluminum Company of America. 25 Cle-in Sohn. "bat-man' 1 parae-hul- i.M. killed in fall before 100,000 spectators in France. 2fi I resident intervenes lo halt Railway Clerks' strike: Supreme Court agrees to review old age pension law. and frees Angelo Herndon, Negro C.'on-miinist. 27 Duke- of Windsor files libel suit against author and publisher of book in Kngland. 2!f Congress passes pe-nnanent ncu- iliality law to replace temporary leg- i.-.lalu n. 30 House passes S'llG.OOO.OOO War Department bill. nation to trust him in court plan. Mav l--.Six thousand movie technicians strike in Hollywood. 10 -C. I. O. announces, organisation i 2—President Roosevelt, on yacht in drive in textile, oil and refining in- | Gedf of Mexico, signs permanent neu- 3—"Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell wins Pulit/.er prize. •1--Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield Simpson reunited in France, tralilv bill. clus.'tries; Senate committee Mart.s hearings em court plan. 11 -State Department .scold* Germany for press attacks over Ilitler- LaGnardia incident. 13 - -Ge. rmany refuses to apologi/e for press attacks on U. S. If) -Detroit court ordeT.s Chrysler sitelowners to evacuate: they refuse. 16 —Sir Austen Chambcrlan. renowned British statesman, elic-s. 18—More than. (100 school children and teachers killed in gas explosion in se'hool at New London. Texas. li)--Wallis Warfield Kln-p.son divore- ed in Kngland. leaving her free to marry Duke 1 of Windsor. 20- Amelia Karluirt crashes at Mono- j lulu, ending her first loemd-the world i Might atle'inpt. j 22- Supreme Court Clui f Jusilice Charle..s Kvans lluglies condemns Roosevelt e'uurl plan in letter reael to iSc-nate cum/nil tee*, j i3-Cutter saves Hi fi om .sinking .ship off Cape Cud. 24—Nineteen killed in Illinois: bus crash. 2f> 'Ihirte-en kilk'd in airline'!' crash in Pennsylvania; sildown sinkers i-vac- uate 1 Chrysler planl.s pendnig ne-gotia- lion;;. 21 Ae.hninis.tral inn adopt.s "hands- i.ff" polie-y in labor dispule-. 2K Veronica Ge-dcnn. beautiful art- isl.s' trodel. her molher. and reiomer mysteriously slain in New York Citv apartment. 2!) Supreme Court upholds Wash- inglf.n nnnimuin wage law, revise-d Fra/ieT-l.einke farm mortgage moratorium lau and bargainnn' .rciions of Kadway Lalmr Ae'l. fi-German dirigible Hindenburg I/urns at Lakehurst. killing 35. 8 Mussolini recalls all newspaper II—Her Novel Won Award 12—He Quit High Bench Test Your Knowledge How many of the faces on this page do you iccognize? 7Tiey are the men and women who made historyduring 1937. Their photos appeared miiny times on front pages during the year. If there are any you fail lo recognize with the help of (he guid lines bciicnlh the pictures, the table bo- low will refer you to the date on which their names mndc news. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Jan. 11 Jan. 7 Feb. 10 Jan. 24 Feb. 1 Pel). 1 July 2 Murch 28 May 12 May 12 May 3 May 18 13. 14. 15. 1C. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 2H. 24. June 3 June 7 May 23 June 19 June 24 July 14 August. 26 August. 19 Aug. 12 June 30 June 30 July 20 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. Aug. 27 Sept. 21 Sept. 21 Oct. 7 Oct. 7 Nov. 3 Oct. 26 Jan. 30 Sept. 25 Nov. 2 Jan. 20 I 15—Chinese bombs kill 600, includ- I ing three Americans, in Shanghai. 17—Senate confirms Black nomination. 63-16. 19—Mrs. Dixie Graves, wife of Alabama governor named to Black's seat. 21—Congress adjourns. 22—Eight killed, 40 burned, fighting Wyoming forest fire. 23—Two hundred killed, including three Americans, when air tomb drops 25—Government reveals plan to place 4,500,000 more workers under Social Security law. 26—C. I. O. organizers beaten in fight at Ford plant. 27—President asks Congress to pass wages-hours bill. 28—Twenty C. I. O. strikers injured us police break up inarch on Chicago Republic Steel plant. 30—Five killed, scores injured, in Memorial Day riot at Chicago as steel walk-outs spread through midwcstern independent plants. 31— Wilbur Shaw wins Indianapolis Memorial Day iiOO-mile uuto race. June 1—Congress over-rides Roosevelt velc of bill extending veterans insurance provisions. 2—Snipers shoot at plane seeking to land food in strike-bound steel plants. 14—Movie Fans Mourned Her 15—Midas' Touch Wus His 3—Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield married at Monts, France; President asks Congress for regional planning bill. 4—Helmuth Hirsch, American citizen, executed in Germany. 6—Fred B. Snite, Jr., starts 10,000- iriile journey lung." 7—President from China in "iron refuses to intervene 1 Kranee- vote's lil.UUll.Utlll franc to m.'Ich Cti iman rearmament. 2 Sinkers hold (!.i neral Me.'tor.s planlh in defiane'e 1 of e-om t orele-r on m:-l 'in tion.', of llome-r Martin. •I West coa.-l inarlnne strike ends. 5 i-resident Kooseve-ll .sends famous messagi- lo (.'ongre'ss asking e-nlarge- nii'iit i.f the iMiprciiH- Court and re-or- L'ani/alion <if entire' judiciary. I) Wldes.pi ead purge of allege-d '"I i ejtsU.yis.ls" reveali'd n: Sovie't Hus- s.ia. 7 Kliliu Hoot, renowned states'inan, H G'fVposilion to Kousevelt court plan Bmw.s in Congress,. with congri.-.s.sinual j leaders urging I'ri-sidi'iil to accept j e'..inproiniM-. \ 10— Geiu-riil Motors, sildown strike j end when liutli sides accept truce i U.rir.v i.l' (inv. frank Murphy »f Mich- representatives from England. Ill Glen Martin, pioneer airplane l-.nilder. repeals historic flight of 1912 from California coast to Catalina Island. 11 House of Representatives cuts lelief bill one-third to $1,000,000,000,000. 12 -George VI crowned king in WcMniin.sler Abbey; Elizabeth becomes queen. 13 Nine killed when British de- •tripyi-r Hunter hits mine off Spanish coast. II C. 1. O strike in Jones & Laugh- lir .-led plants settled. Ford opposes union.'- in me.ssatie to 140.000 employes; 1 -ilni JJirk Merrill completes round- ti i| All uilie flight. 17 Government bars proposed New Yoik-Paris air race, commemorating Lindbergh flight anniversary, us dangerous. IB Justice Willis Van Duvanter of I'. .' . Supreme' Court resigns. Sen;il.' Judui.iry committee reports un- lavuialil.v on court plan bill. III Duke ami Mrs. Simpson sign i mr.'iet to marry; Two hundred Michigan communities darkened by i-U-i'ti ic strike. 21 t'. I. O wins bargaining election 2 to 1 in Jone.s & Laughlin plants. 22 Independent steel companies dely C. I. O. 2'.', John D. Rockefeller, Sr., dies at SIT. <M Supreme Court upholds Social .Security act. in steel strike; Jean Harlow, film star, dies in Hollywood. 8—President asks congress for $160,000.000 for merchant marine subsidies. 10—Special police smash picket lines, reopen steel plant in Monroe. Mich. 13—C. I. O. calls strike of 9000 miners in cympathy with steel strike; 15 injured in strike riot at Johnstown, Pa. 14—Senate Judiciary committee denounces Roosevelt court bill. 17—President appoints steel strike peace committee. 19—Governor Earle declares martial law in Johnstown, Pa., steel strike. 20—Russian flyers land at Vancouver after first trains-polar flight. 21—Governor Davey declares martial law at Youngstown, O. 22—Joe Louis wins world heavyweight title from J.immy Braddock. 23—C. I. O. calls general labor holiday, affecting 14,000, at Warren, O. 24—Tom Girdler, Republic Steel Pacific—never found. 3—Secretary Perkins denounces sit- down strikes as 'j'unsuited" to American way of living. 5—Clipper planes span Atlantic in both directions. 7—One killed, 21 shot in strike riots nl Alcoa, Tcnn. Mae West admits being married for years. 8—William Green asserts C. I. O. lost steel strike; independent steel companies return to normal production. 9—Representative Hamilton Fish, New York Republican, accuses Mrs. Roosevelt and Secretary Morgeanthau of tax evasion. 1 10—John Montngue, mystery man of golf and friend of inovie stars, arrested in Hollywood on old New York state robbery charge. 11—George Gershwin, noted jazz composer, died in Hollywood. 13—Japanese and Chinese forces lash in North Chinp, precipitating 18—Died in Harness 19—Gnve Art to Nation long and bloody hostilities. 14—Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arkansas, Senate majority floor leader, dies; second Russian transpolar plane lands in California. 20—Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of wireless, dies in Rome; Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek vows China will resist "to bitter end." 21—Senator : Barkle'y of Kentucky succeeds Robinson as Senate majority leader. 82—Court bill killed by 70-20 Senate vote as galleries cheer; Congress overrides President's veto on farm loan bill. 23—C. I. O. unions charge administration "indifferent" to rights of labor. 25—Two "Scottsboro boys" convicted, four freed. 26—Senate defeats anti-lynching bill. 27—U. S. Wins Davis Cup from Great Britain. 29—City of Baltimore, passenger vessel, burns on Chesapeake bay. 30—Alfredo Codona, premier circus aerial artist, kills self at Long Beach, Calif. 31—£.enate passes wage and hour bill. 7 Lust at St-n i.n Wiirlil Hop X—The Case- uf the .Slain IMuilel 11 year 2 - President announces will curtail government pnrehase.s uf durable ! Roi.ds to favor cunstiiner goods. (iieat Britain announces five- 3 Strikes end in Kurd Kansas City i e.irnianu nl program to cost plant and General Mulur.s Flint plant. $3.000,1)00.0(10. H Chrysler .stnke ends with e'ollcc- KJ Strike riots, ut Anderson, Incl., live bargaining agreement. cause invi.calii.n of martial law. 7 Angry farmer* oust Will sitduwn- 14 -Mori' than Uii.UOO Amalsauiatecl ers in Hersli^y, Pa., chocolate plant. Clolhing..Worj:e.-r.. set new 3-year con- find bodies of eight vielinis in airhnei U'aet -with 12 per cent pay increase. wreck in Arizona. / l(i--Prosident Koosevelt asks Con- H -C. 1. O. extend* s,lriki-.s tu t'an- f're.'Ks to enact new farm tenancy lawijaela; U. S. House of Kepre.sentativc.s all European nations agree to ban J defeat sitdowii resolution, '£',(} to 149. vi.'lunteers to Spanish War. | 'J Three U. S. missionaries, ousted 17 l-'-.ud V. McNult, former governor 1 from Ethiopia. 13—Theirs Was failed the "Wedding of the Century" 16—Pennsylvania "Boss Mail" 17—Defied C. I. O.—and Won head, denounces C. I. 0. before Senate committee. 25—Ohio steel mills reopen with troop protection despite strike. 27—Roosevelt holds three-day "love feast" with congressional Democrats on Chesapeake Bay Island; Robert Irwin, sculptor who killed Veronica Gedeon and her mother and a male roomer, surrenders in Chicago. 28—Three girls found strangled by man who lured them on "rabbit hunt" in California. 29—President criticizes both sides in steel strike, t:iying "A plague o' both your houses." 30—Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., and Ethel tlu Pont married at Wilmington, Del. August 1—U. S. Maritime Commission asks for bids on construction of world's finest and safest liner. 20—"Dixie" From Dixie 21—Senator Becomes Justice 2—Representative Sullivan of New York chosen to succeed the late James J. Dooley as head of Tammany Hall. 3—Pan - American - Grace airliner crashes in sea near Cristobal; 13 lost. 4—Farley denies there will be "reprisals" against court plan foes. 5—Vunderbilt's Ranger keeps Amer- July 1—Fifteen hurt in New York City WPA elismissal riots. 2—Donald Buelge wins Wimbledon tennis title; Amelia Earhart and Nav- igalor Fred Noonan forced down in ica's Cup in U. S., defeating T. O. M. Sopwith's Endeavour II, four races in j a row. 7—Thirty-seven nations, excluding Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and China, approve Secretary Hull's world peace outline. 9—Japanese officer and seaman killed by Chinese near Shanghai. 10—Five killed, five injured in Daytona Beach, Fla., plane crash. 11—Japs muss 27 warships at Shanghai. 12—President appoints Senut-u- Hugo L. Black of Alabama to Supreme Court. 13—Sigmund Levanevsky, Soviet ace, and companions lost in transpolar flight attempt, never found 22-Shc Was "Juliet" . . . 23—to His "Romeo" in Shanghai's International Settlement. L6—Japone.se flyers shoot British am- Lassador from airplane; Andrew Mellon, secretary of treasury under three presidents, dies. 27—Japanese Premier Prince Fu- mimaro Konoye says American efforts lo end Sino-Japanese war arc "not important." 30—Chinese planes bomb U. S. liner President Hoover, wounding eight. September 1—Secretary Hull says U. S. ready to join any "genuine" disarmamer.'- conference. 2—Lee Miles, veleran air race pilot, killed in Cleveland crash. 3—John L. Lewis warns Presidenl Roosevelt to support C. I. O. or face labor reprisals. 4—Pirate submarines altacks foreign shipping in Mediterranean. 5—Roosevelt bars strikes by federal employes. G—Rudy Kling wins both Greve and Thompson trophies at National Air Races. 7—President accepts resignation of Assistant Secretary of Labor Edward F. McGrady, government's ace strike mediator. 8—Germany. Italy reject bid to al- lend "piracy" parley. 10—Stock market breaks 2 to 20 points in grealest decline since 1933. 11—Donald Budge wins U. S. tennis championship, defeating Germany's Baron Von Cramm. 13—China appeals to League of Nations against Japan; Ellis Parker Butler, famous humorist and author of "Pigs Is Pigs," dies. 16—Scientists report finding traces 24—He Fought for Country 25—He Fought for Territory of animal life on "Island in the Sky" in Grand Canyon. 17—President Roosevelt starts northwestern tour. 19—Japanese planes attack Chinese capital of Nanking. 20—Secretary Hull tells American Legion convention U. S. must stick to middle of the road policy in international disputes. 21—Brothers of Verna Garr Taylor indicate self-defense plea after slaying Erig. Gen. Henry H. Danhart on eve of his trial on charges of slaying their sister. 23—Japanese bombs kill 2000 in Canton. China. 24—Admiral Harry E. Yarntll, commander of U. £.. Asiatic fleet, says navy will protect American life and proi-srty in China at all costs. 25—Mu'.solini receives ovation on visit tei Germany; Charles S, Ross, 72, wei.lthy Chicago retired manufacturer, kidnaped. 27-- 1 wenty-threc league nations condemn air raids on Chinese towns. October 1—Justice Black admits former Klan membership; claims in radio speech that he resigned before reaching congress. i!—Duke and Duchess of Windsor announce will visit America; Ed Howe, 26—Her Brothers Got Revenge . . . 27—for Slaying He Denied Kansas editor and "Sage of Potato Hill," dies. 4—William Green opened A. F. of L. convention with assertion must wipe out C. I. O. 5—Roosevelt in Chicago speech sug. gests "quarantine" of aggressor nations. G—League of Nations calls Nine- Power Treaty conference to settle S-ino-Japanese war. 7—General Franco reprieves Harold Dahl. American beautiful wife, death sentence. 10—New York aviator, on plea of after courtmartial Yankees win World Series from Giants, four games to one. 11—Ogden Mills, former Secretary of Treasury, dies at 53; Supreme Court rejects challenge lo Black appoint- BurleEon. father of air mail, dies. 26—Japanese take over mails arid radio in Shanghai. 28—House committee minority con* demns administralion farm bill as "tin* conslitutional." December \ 1—Duchess of Windsor is lisled in British Who's Who, together with duke and members of British royal family. 2—House floor action on wages-hoUfS -J11 assured by 218 signatures on pe- ition; John L. Lewis and William! Green meet personally to talk labor :>eace. 3—Japanese withdraw from Shanghai International Setllement afler angry argument with U. £. marines; Rudy Cling and Frank Haines, noted speed "lyers, rlie in Miami air race crack-up. 4—Hartley W. Barclay, trade magazine editor, defies National Labor Re- alions board subpena to produce records on critical article. 5—Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lind- ;ergh arrive on surprise visit to United 28—He Pardoned Enemy Flyer , . 29—When Won by Her Photo menl; A. F. of L. authorizes C. I. O. expulsion. 12—President calls special session of Congress for November 15. 13—A. F. of L. urges boycott of Japanese goods. 1G—A. F. of L. and C. I. O. agree to hold peace meetings; Gas explosion kills 33 in Alabama coal mine. 17—Bureau of Air Commerce institutes rigid safety rules for flying. 18—Stock Exchange has worst decline in six years; 19 killed in crash of United Air Lines "Mainliner" in Utah. 19—Federal agents enter Ross kid- naping case in Chicago after revealed 550,000 ransom paid and Ross not returned. 20—Italy and Germany agree to "token" withdrawal of volunleers in Spain. 22—Maritime Commission signs contract for ?15,750,000 new liner. 24—Federal agents search drug stores for elixir of sulfanilamide, which caused many deaths. 26—John Montague freed on 7-year- old robbery charge in New York state 27—Federal Reserve Board cuts margin requirements to aid market. 29—Germany rejects Nine-Power conference bid. 30—Two Marx brothers found guilly of plagiarism in use of radio script, November 1—President Roosevelt directs RFC to advance $85,000,000 for corn loans. 2—Fiorello LaGuardia re-electee mayor of New York City. 3—Baltimore Federation of Laboi adopts resolution condemning Duke oi Windsor's proposed visit to U. S., because of sponsorship by Charles Bedeaux, identified by labor with "speedup" system. 4—Nine-power treaty conference starts at Brussels. 5—Duke and Duchess of Windsoi cancel American trip. 6—Italy, Japan and Germany join in anti-Communist pact; Anna Marie Hahn convicled of poison murder in Cincinnati. 8—Supreme court rejects another attack on Justice Black, who joins libera bioc in 5-4 decision. 9—Former British Prime Ministci Ramsay Mat-Donald dies at sea. 10—Vargas establishes himself as dictator of Brazil, 11—Chinese flee Shanghai before Japanese drive; lunatic heckles George VI during Armistice Day ceremonies in London. 13—Greek vessel founders in storm 21 rescued. 14—President Roosevelt agrees U help mediate Haitian-Dominican border rispulc, which has resulted in thousands oi deaths. 15—Special session of Congress convenes; Nine-power conference vote? censure eif Japan. 16—Roosevelt and Garner both have 30—Duke Wus 31—Movie Great His Friend Were His Pals teeth pulled. 17—Prince Ludwig of Hesse marries in London after five members of his ancient German family killed in air crash en route to wedding. 19—Captain Eyston sets new auto speed record of 311 miles an hour on Utah salt flats. 20—Sitdowners evacuate Goodyear plant at Akron after Gov. Davey threatens to call troops. 22 —Sitdown strikers leave Pontiac plants on plea of auto union president Homer Martin. 24—Nine-power parley adjourns; former Postmaster General Albert 32—He Creeled Fellow Dictator 31—He Visited ' Rcichland States. ' 6—Supreme Court upholds government's right to prosecute Aluminum Company of America in New York federal ciurts. 7—Twenty years ago today the United Stales declared war on Austria. 9—United Lutheran church representing 2,000,000 members, opens biennial conference at Harrisburg, Pa. 11—One year ago today King Edwartt VIII of Great Britain abdicated in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson. 14—British Empire celebrates 42nd birthday of King George VI; Steel Workers Organizing Committee, C. I. O. affiliate, holds its first annual convention in Pittsburgh. 15—Jim Marshall, Collier's magazine Far Eastern correspondent, a survivor of the Panay bombing, said the U. S. gunboat sank firing at Japanese bombing planes. 17—Japanese government charges Russia with acting in a manner "-utterly unthinkable in any civilized country" in connection with the arrests of Japanese in Russia. 18—United States Inquiry on Japanese bombing of the Panay opens at Shanghai. 20—General Erich Ludendorff, 72- year-old idol of the Germany army, dies. The German World war commander apparently was recovering from an operation on an infected bladder when his heart failed. 21—Western Union and Postal Telegraph companies jointly announce their intention to apply to the Federal Communications Commission for a 15 per cent increase in rates. 22—Terruel, key city of Spanish rebels in the Aragon, is taken by Spanish government troops. 23—Japan forms new government post in captured Nanking as the army prepared to push its conquest further into China. 34—He Goc Ue-elected 35—His Court Plan Was Beaten 24—Japan acknowledged full responsibility for the sinking of the United States gunboat Panay by Japanese planes, said the flying squadron commander and "all others responsible" had been punished, and assured the American government that "definite and specific steps" had been taken to prevent a recurrence. £5—Labor board finels turd Motor company violated the Wagner law and irdered the company to stop resisting UAW recruiting agents. 27—The Department of State considers a "closed incident" the international situation arising from the bombing of the United Stales gunboat Panay. The same elay the Japanese government announced the complete occupation of T.sinan, capital of Shantung province, seventh provincial capital te> fall to Japanese forces. Happy New Year to All Can America Stay Out of War? Riddles of 1938:—Can You Predict the Answers? Can Japan Completely Subjugate China? Will Italy-Germany-Japan anti-Communist pact cause war? Will Loyalists or liebels will the Spanish civil war? Will the Duke and Duchess of Windsor ever visit the U. S.? Will any trace be found of Amelia Earhart or her plane? W r ill the C. I. O. or A. F. of L. win labor's civil war? Will the New York Yankees repeat as world champions? Will the administration balance the federal budget? Will the kidnay-slayer of Charles Mattson be found? Will the Lindberghs ever return permanently to the U. S.? WU1 Europe-American North Pole flights become common? Will Congress revise or kill the undivided profits tax? Will the fate of kidnaped Charles S. Ross ever be known? Will the President make up with his court plan foes? Will Germany succeed in regaining her lost colonies?

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