The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ~I£I?H?y j J^ (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Exclusive Organization .• Jim Bagby, Son Of Veteran Hurler, T u r n s Trick Against Nats By GEORGE K1RKSKY i United Ettss Staff Corresiiondcut NEW -YOUK, April 19.—Tsvo victories are u long way from « pennant but two" straight shutouts shout out loud that maybe the Boston Red Sox pitching staff isn't ns foeble as the experts riding tlic Yankee bandwagon judged it to be. 'l"wo games, Iwo vl'Jlorlts, two •jlmioiite—that's tlic retard ilic R«l | £ox had as they moved homo to j open the season toduy in lirst place, Jim Bagby, chip off the old Mock, followed up Lefty Grove's opening day shnlout by blanking Washington again yesterday, 7-0, allowing only five hits. Joe Cronln came north banking oh Jim Bagby to be one of the KM Sox's big winners and his form yesterday indicates that tlic tall rigntliaiule.-l 'son of the old Cleveland pitcher learned his lesson last season when he was disciplined for getting frc-sh with the Keel Sox boss. Now he's likely to live up to his 1938 promise when he wo.i 15 games ns « freshman. With Grove as his once-a-wesk ucc, and Baijby as the mainstay of his big four Cronin now will «ek his other three regulars to challenge the Yankee dynasty from aino.'jj Woojy Rich, Denny Gatehouse, Emerson Dickman, Herb Hash, Bill Blitland, Jack Wilson and Fritz Osternuieller, And they aren't tha bums the Yankee supporters try to make them out. Charlie Gehringc.- ami Hunk Greenterg touched off the Detroit powerhouse with their lethal bals and the Tigers won llieir firei game by beating the Drowns, 4-2. Gree.i- IILTB mi a homer with Gchriaser on base onri triplad with Campbell aboard. Gehrlnger's homer ac, counted for the other run. Tommy '•bridges hnd Ihe belter of Vernon Kennedy, although each allowed wily seven hits. , The strength of Ihe Cincinnati pitching staff was borne out again yesterday when Gene Thompson, Reds' sophomore, outdiifled Ciani. Passeau to give the National League champs their second straight victory over the Cubs, 2-1. He blanked the Cubs until the ninth, and then with the tying and winning funs on base he sopped over three called strikes on Hank Lclber and fanned pinch-hitler Bill Nicholson U> end Ihe game, 5 The Reds broke u scorelss tie in the. eighth when Ernie Lombard! was hit by a pitched ball, an lookie Mike McCormlck and Billy 'Myers rapped out doubles. Cold weather and rain prevented the other five games. The second major league openings on lap for today also may run inlo forbid:l!n:> weather as cold and rain is pre- ^dlcted in several cities. The world .champion Yanks will stage"-their •opener against the Senators uv ..Yankee Stadium but- have a counter attraction across the river at Ebbets Field, where the two arch rivals, the Dodjers and CllanU. arc likely to outrtraw tlicm. Feller's No-Hitter Had To Come, He's 'Frank Merriweff Hy HARKV CiKAYSON NKA Service Hjiorl* IMtlor CLEVELAND, April 10.—H was Inevitable that Itobert Feller would pilch a no-hit, no-run game. Tile Iowa farm boy is Frank AleiTlwell come to life. Striking out n major league hitler Is one of the more difficult athletic fcat.s. Yet before he was 18, Bob Feller slruck out eti;hl of Uie nine who faced him In ' ' assignment. . . . i,, «„ c'xhlbiUon game against the St. Louis Cardinals. -•',-•'•;',-• I" his initial effort In the American league, he K i:l down 15 fiiwns lo tall jujit < m e siim-t of the American League maximum hung up by UK? irninoital Rnbe Vftiildell. .fuly 2<j. J908. In life next start, he Innned 10 of tho same Browns. Yesterday's hero — Jim Bagby, Red Sox's youngster who held the Senators ip five hits as Boston registered its second straight shutout. ord that ucu l; National l.'-'iigue mark . , . B ivlag him the rixtoundini! total of 42 strikeouts in his lirst three The more you .see, read and Hear, of Pellcr the more amazing he becomes. The story o f his father raising him to he u pitcher, for example • • . leaching him all he knew out behind ihe barn. The chances against such a boy clicking would be somsthms like » million to one, yet here he Is Ihe best in tlic busl.itss. - I'EI'I.KH AND MOSK (iitOVU fust big leagim TAKK LIKK OUT of n.u.l. In ... ..-I.,!.!,,,,.. , J^lj,,. , ms u a , h , n ,. ll]u - lg lho perfect temperament, Ihe inclination to apply himself and good Iniblls. Modi'sty i.s not the leasi of Ills many His comment following his opening day masterpiece in Chicago wax typical "Thnnks, everyone, for the «OH- t'l-atitlatlont;." snillnd Rapid Robert. "Cut don'i, forget Hit: .support i "°- hit Ringer Is Right Track Teams To Participate In District Events Blythevillc Junior High's track team went to Jonesboro today for the district meet and the .Senior High team will go tomorrow for Its annual competition. John Ed James took his team of small but valiant athletes this morning where they were to com* -•> number of the usual WOQLD CHAMPION'. PITCHER,. BOY WONDER AWTPEUCR, itiD.,..-.^- , SEEMXGLy IMPOSSIBLE f£AT6 MM tfof~~- ' ... TtiffOWS RlXteK WHILE. P/JcH/>\'£ OVEf? 7&SS£S .. WIRouT $!<xxttj& tTovsr?, KNOCKS A COM OFF THE Top OF A STAKE WlTHOUj lbUCHl,\<6 THE STAKE AND OO£S COUNTLESS OTHEK STUHTS . and he was the No. l fielding third sucker with a murk of .B02. He ; drove 42 mates across with a .'274 [batting average in 35 games. j The .next season George Kurow ski, one of the most promising major leaguers ever developed in Ihe class D league, held down Unit post. He fielded best of the third basemen with .937, in addllion to balling .(W. He had SD mm bailed in. His work was of such high older tliat the St. Louis Cardinals, who ow.iiecl him, assigned him to Ports• month, Ohio, of Ihe Middle Atlantic League, in 1938. He responded with an Impressive .380 mace mark- to cam the swat title. Thai earned him a berth with Columbus. Ohio, American Association farm club of Ihe Cardinals, Class AA. He later was sold to Rochester, N. Y.. -of the International League. He ledi-at third base there also. Gilillp Quils Club In 193B and the greater part n' last season Russell Gildig, a / New l Oflenns boy, carried on (he tra- I dltion. He led the league in fielding lit the position for both campaigns. Ills '33 defensive record was 1.928, with a .25-1 batting average. He luul 01 runs batted in to Ms'rw.ii, Afler playing in 72 games in 1P39 Gildi? deserted the club and returned to his home with the an| noiiiicctnent (hut he had retired from the game. He was batting .313 and had driven in 41 runs, lib; fielding average of .035 was high. Stofani comes to (ha Pilots highly recommended by the Cardinal officials. He Is 24 years old n.ul a native of Detroit. Mich. THE PAYOFF BY ffAHKV GKAVSOX NKA Service Sports ftlltor NEW YORK. April 10.-AI llos- tiik Is Die world middleweight champion. Tony '/Ma is the foremost contender. Yet Ceferino Garcia nncl Ken Overlin fight for the title at, Madison Square Garden May 24. Dnvcy Day Is tlie second nink- '»!! lightweight, Sammy Angott 'he third. Uut Ixm Ambers is defending Hie 135-pound leadership "gainst Lew Jenkins, a resident ot Swcclwtler, Tex., who docs not belong in (he same enclosure with him. at tlie Garden, May 10. FRRTDAY. APRIL in, 1040 Square Garden Cotporatloh atiri taking Jnme.s J. Biaddock to Chicago to be knocked out by Joe Louis. ' 'i The Braddock-Gould combinn- tion's reward for that neat trick was (o he 20 per cent of the profit, on all heavyweltfht championship contests promoted by Jacobs and the Twentieth Century Sporting Club for 10 years. "Now Jacobs Is trying to toss us a bone," reiterates Gould, who is suing the promoter and the club for SI04,000. Goul'J was not offered the matchmaking post by Jacobs In an appeasement move, as reported. Hi; declares he would not accepi the position if ft were tendered. "What, would I be doing running errands for Jacobs when I Meanwhile Day and Aivou are ' K <!l ' raluls r ° r J£lco " s whcn ' Dine IS rounds 1 1 ousvilir on h!WC a contl ' !lcl wl »> »'»> Sood for ' IS rounds 1 1 ousvilr Kve M 3 whi'c w ' you pitch ._ _„ .... „ you've got to lie lucky, u is when Yo ', lk ' you strike, mil a lot of htiu-rs that " llllea lllra some sort of claim ' J"ey Archibald is New York's tweight leaders, ul Boxing Assochuioji i ccognltinn lining to the winner. There arc now three claimants 1" Hie bantam bauble-. Ocorgle. P«cc of Cleveland is the N.T3 A. nominee. Tony Olivera of San is recognized in New York, California and Missouri. Lou ...•,.1, ., -.^tnnivi. YttUI JUJ ™M something like $50.01,0 u "" '.seven years to run?" Gould asks. Meanwhile, Gould i.s trying lo collect and ihe N. B. A. i.s creating new champions outside or New York. Well. Unit's us good n way as any to get a few fights around the country. you've got it." And year-old Robert Moses Grove Inv m ' Jl»"»y l^rrln of No i"S mi opening day no-hitler im to o? 1S '° l " Ulle for '"° crm!H the second out in the eiplilh I 1 ' ctwccn ' vl *« Jacobs, the mitt ! p^iin,. .,,,,1 n, n ,<~ „.„,.: _ ' . monop, Feller ami Grove make a show of those pitchers who everltistlifly complain about the lively ball." Young Bob and Old Mose cer- lainly show them how to <lc.i(lp,i It. , opolist, mid the N. fi. A., each division champions may more than the heavyweight STANDSNGS Southern Nashville Memphis „ , Little Rock 3 2 Chattanoogn ;j 3 New Orleans ; Atlanta '.'.'., Birmingham Knoxvtllc Americiin Boston .. Cleveland .. St. Louis .. * { Philadelphia J New York . I Detroit .. Chicago ., Washington Manager Slel'ani Due To Ma'mlain Pilots' Ke|Hilalioti .At Thial in events. For tomorrow's meet, 12 men will! CARUTHEHSV1LLE, Mo. — If Manager Ernest Stefaul performs for Carathcrsvlllc. defending Northeast Arkansas L'.>a°ue champion, during the 1940 season ns he Pla.. of the Florida Slate League the Pilots will have no need to worry about third The new runs. Included were 2S doubles, seven triples and two home. runs. He drove in 81 runs. Since Inking over the West 1 shortly after Pilots have boasted crack third baseman who played prominent roles in bringing two champion Lloyd, Leroy Ross. George Trusty, cnunpciu- sKipiicr of ihe champs 3 i,i, w to C:inillimvilli>. nt'.d ke|il implied me bi-xi ri^fm,. hem es Cazort. Ar , . r- Ihur Hudson, John Charles Bright Everett Crosslow, John "Bo" Cop-' pedge, Malcolm Flake and J c Stires. who will b; accompanied by Manager Clyde Perry and Coaches Joe Dildy, Mitchell Beit and John E(l James. bc,t \ " l!lrk a " lol)B lhc rC3llhlv 1>o1 1 ' cor " cr 8"nrdians with .051. but British Trade Leads Great Britain exceeds the United Slates in Imports, but not in exports. Great Britain ranks first in value of exports and imports combined, with the United Stales second. batted .331 lo rank seve.-lh amo»» the leading hitters. In I2U games Stefani had 130 putouts, MS nsshis and was charged with only 13 errors. He participated in •>[ double plays to rank second high in Hint department. His tat wr.s ju-t as latent for he secured ics hits in | 503 times at. tat ami K ; 0 rf 1 Vi hem up in Ihe running for me there that finally wer«° won by Blythevillc. In 1930 Dan Dennis was the first Head Courier iJews «»IH HO* PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI BARGHliS IN USED Ice Boxes Rebuilt anil Guaranteed Electric Refrigerators APPLIANCE CO. Service on All Makes u W. Main SI. i-,,,,,,,. m Today's Games Southern Le.'iRue Uttle Rork nt Memphis. Kroxville at Chnttanoop. Atlnnln sit Na.shville. Hlimln;;hain al New Oilcans. lioslon nt Philudelphia. New York ut Urooklyn. Cincinmili nt Pitlsbiir','b. St. Louts at clilcnso." American l.e:ti;up Chicago nl St. Louis. Detroit al Cleveland. W.tshiiiitton nt. New York. Philadelphia nt liosln::. two tunics. I'rops Uiulrr' Lights ST. LOUIS, April l<J.-Sl. Louis high schools will play night base- tall this season. - PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. .Main A Urst I'llntle noli Fclicr . . . struck out 18 ne.tioil Tigers fnr new ni:jo> leasuc record while scarcely uhl rnutigli to shave. of Hie 1338 season, he struck ovil 18 Tigers for a new major Ira^iic record. Be fanned 2« batters in 1039 0 in 1038 . . . has a higher average in that department than the great Walter Perry Johnson INDIANS IIAVK LITTLE TO DO WHEN FA KM HOY TOILS Keller did not become of age until last November, so In 1939 won 24 American League games before !ie was 21. The Van Meter Wonder missed •in-hit fiinie by one hit on three Jirnslons. Billy Sullivan, (hen of .lie tiiown*, beat out a bunt on Lhe second day of the 1Q38 season. Hobby rjoerr of ihe Bed Sox Mid Enrl Averill ot the Tigers spoiled Ihe oilier two pcrlorm- .ifjCes. feller gave the White Sox one mcnsly nil i n 10 innings in Chicago last summer, but lc«( lo blond Edgar Smith. 1-0. It was nothing new lo the In- (llars lo sec the White Sox blanked inning after inning the other afternoon. There had been only nr.K run scored off Poller since Ihe Cleveland club's first ad game al Forl Myers this sprinj. nntl that was unearned and cost the All-star game in Tampa. 0 1.000 .750 .000 .-100 .400 .400 .250 .250 -.20 1.000 .500 .500 .50:1 .500 .000 .000 wrestlers. Sam Plan, manager of Zale ami Day, traces most of the confusion (o Promoter Jacobs' insistence up- 'on having everything and everyone tied ii]i. XAl.K XOT AVAILABLE, SO HAY LOSES AMBKHS SHOT Jacobs has been unable to ob- l.iin Hostak's services because Nate Druxman, the promoter who controls that young man, desires to continue staging siiows in Seattle. He is willing lo ship Hostak lo New York, bill asks a satisfactory opponent, for his warrior in Seattle in return. When Hostak boxed Zale in Chicago, Plan agreed to a second edition in Sen(lk> provided his charge won. which he did when llostak broke liis hand. Jacobs (heat wanted Zalo to tackle Garcia for the New York The planes used for iransport- i/ifc- afr freight in Central America arc specially built. Huge double doors, large enough to load u horse or drm- ;i tractor through are built into the. plane. Try One ol Our Delicinm PIG SANDWICHES, Ole Hickory Inn Across From Ilish School National Cincinnati .. Philadelphia Brooklyn Pillsburgh New York Boston Si. Louis Chicago League W. L. 0 1.000 U l.CiDi) 0 l.OOD 0 1.000 1 .003 i .oau BUY STANDARD TIRES version of the title, but Plan preferred to keep his agreement, with Oruxintm. ^"Jacobs had promised to match Lrf»y and Jenkins, with the winner lo yet Ambers," says Plan, "but when I couldn't give him Zale for Garcia, he moved Jenkins directly into the Ambers fight," Plan and j oe Gould contributed more lo Jacobs' success as 11 promoter Hum liny other pair Plan put, Jacobs i n the'business by taking Barney Ross to (lie 1 .OK. I m ' onx to bos Billy Petrolic MD TOBI OLB TIU Xw-a LSO-tt Yesterday's Results Southern League Birmingham at Memphis, Iwo games, postponed, rain. Atlanta at Chatlanooga. postponed, wet grounds. Knoxville at Nashville, postponed, rain. Little Rock- at New Orleans, post| poned. rain. 2 000 JiUU[[11 'y, 19.14.' "My reward for that. j s Jacobs' attempt to sidetrack Day, who has ,teattn every contender' who is worth while," Plan asserts. GOULD UOESNT WANT TO UK .fACOnS' MATCHMAKER Could made it possible for Jacobs to obtain control of the heuvy- jumping Madison weight championship -by his contmcl with • ti )e " American Li'apitc Detroit 4, St. Louis 2. Boston 7. Washington 0. New York n! Philadelphia, post- |H)ned, rain. Cleveland at Chicago, postponed, cold \vcnlhfr. Nalinnal League Clr.rlininli 2. Chicago I. i'hiladelphlii nt New York, postponed, rain. Pittsburgh at si. Louis. iwst[jo.:ed. cold weather. Only (jiiiiic:i scheduled. Wnrler News Hlyllicvillc Gasoline AI STATIC I,INK ['RICES <) (tols. for §1.00 JOYNKIf OIL CO. At Itod Tos Gin U. S. Highway 61, North VORTEX PETROLEUM CO. Hl.VTiruVILLL' CITV !,I,HtTS' UK!IIWAY Gl NOKTff Anv iOc Cigarettes for Ilic Wilh I'nroliasc of :"i Oal. in Jlore of AKK. GAB AT MO. PRICKS REFINERY TO YOUII CAIJ Bros.. Dealer •OTHER SIZES • •ROPORTIONATELY tOW// At Today's LOW PRICES! 50 BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. As Low As I'er Week 'On Our 5th Walnut Phone 810 1 2 Great New Gasolines! €sso STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA KKSSLEH'S 1'IHVATB. DtKND-A Bi.K« DKD WHISliKY. -I!,<7 e Neutial Sinrlts dl»- Utlcd from Or»ln. 80.8 floor. Julius Kcssler Dlnilllng Co.. Inc., Liwrcucoburg, Itid. J. L, GUARD Optometriil Only Graduate Optoine- Irist ill Blythevillc. Classes IV.trd Correctly Why Drive a He prouil of yaiir car anil Rain Ibe added respect of nllifrs. Our expcrl repair men will i :( . happy to give yon nn estimale. Dented? Fenders Bent? Broken? Then See Us Today! WK'U, MARK YOUR CAR LOOK I, IKK NR\V AT VKKV MTTI.H COST TO YOU. PHSLLIPS MOTOR CO. Slh * W.Dmil Phone 810 Sign the New Register at the Ritz FRIDAY ISO Goad Reasons Von Should Attend the A PICTURE TKRILUN .AS OS STAB! * A NEW UNIVERSAL PICTURE Also Comedy it Serial Continuous Shaw Saturday Coming (o the Ritr.: "Grapes of Wrath" "Seventeen XY KKIDAY-SATURDAY Also Ccmcdy * Serial Continuous Show Saturday USTEN TO KtCN j 11:00 ».m. — 12M p.m. —4:30 p.m.

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