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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 1
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 1

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Indianapolis Star. Star Want Ads Certainly Pull RAW RE NUMBERING EIGHT PAGES 4 roomi. mod mm. m. htV deilrad.

jl vi nd waMr i 7ftcxt 3847. urnithd; garac If deilrad EVERY SUNDAY. ALONE IS WORTH THE PAPER'S COST ALWAYS FIRST ALWAYS FAIR ALWAYS COMPLETE. 1 Mart jit imlf Befort the- ink on this ad In The Star wa fairly dry the duplex was rented. 9 Wc ye VOL.


HITS ED ri YONS KLDX-WAI MAKER FOUND Lyons Correspondence in Quitting Klan. Your Home (Fac simile of telegram and letter published in current iaaue of Tolerance.) OVER EVIDENCE IN CHAIRMAN BARES IMPRISONED SLAVER SAYS HE CAN SOLVE BLAST FATAL TO 39 -Wy VfY r't fir, 4V" GARY LIQUOR CASE rm-mi i' one and UNION WBSTB Mas cf uflvtof, bttma It and other buildings within the limits of Indianapolis must conform to the restrictions laid down in the City Plan Zoning Scheme. Rigid ordinances regulate builders in many directions. If you contemplate building it will be very much to your interest to know what the limitations are. Explains to Unity League That of TiWf Lmm- Judge Geiger in Instructions Says Conspiracy Was Shown in Testimony if Witnesses Are to Be Believed.

TEL AM Acquaintance With Purposes fo7V of Invisible Empire Caused Change of Mind. porn liretlttMM fttft 1 ops. il ftN4v if Mhtrti (ttonat W. t. ATtttt, ttuft viM-Miaioaw ftmmSS KWCM 6AM.TCM.

V0Wrt Evangelist-Crook Declares Recognized Explosive User's Photograph in Newspaper and Promises to Aid Probe of Mystery Which Has Baffled Secret Service Operatives. tract IfiOURNAL NAMES MEMBERS LATE VERDICT EXPECTED ti tixt foliowiuj ro)ftg(, ubcH( tU term tack, hereof bk1 berebjr gri BOOZE FIGHTS' DEATH TOLL World War Veteran, Hurt, Places Five Shots in Body of Assailant Third Battle in 48 Hours. HARLAN. March 3d. George Belcher, 25 years old, of Harlan, was inslanlly killed, and Jess race, years old.

world war veteran and x-rhpf of pntlr of Harlan, was probnhly fatally wounded last nlsht In the third shooting District Attorney Reviews Eight Methodist Preachers Here Called Klansmen 316,000 Hoosiers Belong. 1 March 30. Tolerance, of- CHICAGO. Home Complete Section SUNDAY'S STAR contains the ordinance in full, maps showing the zones, and text explaining ihe operation of the ordinance. This information will be worth money to you.

Get Sunday's Star lntl nro nf 4ha imapiii.n l'nifv W. J. BURNS SKEPTIC LOS ANGELES, March 30. Herbert Vilon, former evangelist, alleged mall robber, and convicted murderer, has Stories Related in Trial by 200 Witnesses. The Jury In the Gury rune wm mill delJberntinr mt hm rnrlr hour I hit morning, it wn believed by ohrrtr as light In thm Jury room wfrt still burning1 after 1 e'rlork.

Court will convene at 9:30 o'rlork thin morning; to receive a report from Ihe Jury. -f 4. League, In its Issue tomorrow, -will pub- thirty' fs.i&t ma andtoqwot' 56 2 iai affray occurring in (his section within forty-eight hours. told postal inspectors he can solve the bombing of the J. Plerpont Morgan lite death loll now aiands at eight.

and a boy are among those A woman klllod. offices In Wall street. New Tork, Sept. i-jltab a. letter from Lawrence Lyons, chairman of the Republican state cen-? tral committee of Indiana, announcing b' lila resignation from the Ku Mux Klan.

gt The Unity league Is an organiation npposed to the Klan. Mr. Lyons's let-ok ler, addressed to the league, and dated Jj March 27, reads, In part, as follows: io the reports received here A ccorn iitg At 5 :25 o'clock yeMenl a a ft er noon the jury in the Hq'tor conspiracy or Hie battle. Belcher fired the first shot. Pace.

aTler fnlllm. drow his pistol and nut flie Kn case filed from the Federal court room i wlihln a radius of eight inches. It is and was locked In secret session to; 'aid that each wound was a fatal one. 17. I9W, the l.os Angeles Times will slate tomorrow.

The explosive which filled the bomb which killed thirty-nine persons snd destroyed property valued at many of dollars, was manufactured by Wilson, according to his own admissions, the Times will slate, and sold by him to a man who has been charged with guilty knowledge of the crime. BU "It is my desire to renounce publicly I taltay ftws" Jrtvttf 2 1 A 1 irijhiy affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan the Invisible Empire. "Having acquainted myself -with the NEWS SUMMARY. LOCAL. State board awards twenty-seven bridge contracts.

Lawrence Lyons quits Kn Klux Klan 318,000 Hoosiers reported members. Iriternatioiial Marksman. Pace is an Internationally known marksman. During the world war he participated as a. member of tha American learn which won the world trophy in a rifle meet In which the best marksmen cif the various allied armies were entered.

All of the battles ara said to have been causer! hy moonshine liquor. Face, after being shut through the body, was brought part of the distance here In a Jolt wagon. Kelley Walker, a posseman; Ik Strong, his wife and a brother. George Strong, were killed Wednesday In a battle during a raid on Strong's moonshine still st Asher. Islle county.

Alex Ijlttle, Harlan county constable, and Ernest Gilliam, H. son of Constable W. H. Gilliam, wtn-e killed Bnd Claude Short was ffilally shot in a fight Tuesday at Kilts, Harlan county. 4 oary rum conspiracy case goes to jury determine guilt or innocence of the sixty-two residents of Lake county charged wltti the crime of conspiring to violfile and prevent the enforcement of the liquor laws of the T'nlted States.

The final argument in the case of Ihe government, which has continued for more lhan two weeks, and lias Involved the testimony of more lhan witnesses, was completed by Homer Elliott, I'nited States district attorney, at about 4 o'clock. Ferdinand A. Geiger of Milwaukee, before whom the case has been tried, consumed about forty minutes In summing up the rise and instructing Ihe Jury, snd a few minutes were alloied to attorneys for the defense in which to make motions concerning the evidence snd the Instruction to the Jury. All of the motions were denied by Judge Geiger. Jury's Tank I.eng One.

Attorneys both for the government and the defense freely conceded last night that in view of the mass and complexity of the evidence, and the unusually largu number of defendants in Complete plans for clean-up parade an nounced. Judge Anderson sets Muncie "nuisance' cases for hearing, April 11, Criminal Judge Collins continues war on auegea Diind tiger operators. United States marshal to return "Pete' wuiiams irom California to serve Cir jrarposes of the Ku Klux Klan organi-l' fun Hon, I deem It my duty, as a loyal j-unerican cltien, to set forth my posi-' tlon as to those prescribed by the Ku Klux Klan. "I am a firm believer In our government as it is now constituted, believing that all men are equal before the law. jj and the right to a trial by a Jury of his peers, and the right to worship the Almighty God in whatever way he may deem fit.

Lover of Freedom. Yi "The Ku Klux Klan according to their bath and constitution does not conform to these principles. Being a man of lj conservative ideas and a lover of free-J dom, I can not help but at this time -'jDake my position plain with the people euf my state." J. Mr. Lyons added that, having some eaponsibilities, as a citizen, he felt it Bel duty to set forth in the press his wition and true feelings regarding hat he termed "this un-American" organization.

Dealing further with Indiana, Toler-(Oice says: Lis "On St. Patrick's day, in Tomlinson's ill, Indianapolis, Patrick H. O'Donnell. ir president, cast down the gage of P- ttle. The American Unity he 'is going to d'ive the lvu KUur.

sentence. Wtlann "lias Talked." Wilson, a prisoner In the Los Angel county Jail, who formerly maintained silence concerning all Crimea attributed to him, hag changed his attitude and "has talked," according to JaJI officials. "Men are likely to make miatakaa In life." Wilson Is quoted, "and afterward to regret them. I believe will be re-warded if 1 assist in clearing up activities of criminals." Wilson, according to Federal officers. Is believed to have knowledge of mall robberies in New York, Buffalo, Detroit, Toledo, Columbus, and Los Angeles, although it.

was only for one of these, that in Los Angeles, March 3. 1911. when securities valued at more than were stolen, that he was ar-raKteri. Wilson, the Times will state, has told Fedcrsl officers he recognized the photograph of a. man arrested In Warsaw, Poland, under the name of Mai Wolfe and charged with having inatigated tha Wall street explosion, as the purchaser of largi! quantity of high exploslv shortly before the crime was committed.

At that time, Wilson l. said to have stated, he wae in Detroit "preparing for a series of raids on bank vaults." The details of the conspiracy were not known to him. he is quoted snd he had no idea, as to how the explosive was used. Sera Picture. His first intimation that he had po.

alble solution io the crime which haa FK AT HOl'SKS INSI'ECTKIJ. Plans will be prepared for new Pleasant Ohio Slato Vnlrernlly o-lal Function! VTatWicd br lry Agenla. volved, a verdict could not be reached by run sewer. Good Friday observed by churches. Gas rate case to come up April 10.

Board of works appointed six new in tiiectors. Dr. E. J. Bulgin assails selfworship.

the Jury until some time today. Following ihe exodus of ihe Jury from the court room Judge Geiger announced that the Water company gives up city franchises. court would reconvene at 9:30 o'clock this morning to await the verdict of the Jury. As sn Indication that the Jury intended to deliberate long over the evidence, one ntcmher of the Jury asked STATE. Mrv Unity 1 1 lnxih -1 i 4enovm ftftij.a.atlpt yx 'J r' 1 "Vjy -ritis? Atrial hr vVVvb COLUMBUS, March 30.

of two boyn and two girls, students, from Ohio State university, for drinking, haa brought to light the fact that state prohibition and narcotic agent have been conducting Investigations of many fraternity houses and drug stores in the university district and downtown restaurants frequented by students. Wnny socia I activities fc tho unl-verit also ha ve bcn under nmrvHI-lance, ft wns Mated by Inspectors, who Court will decide which of two wnmm claiming to Be widow of chef will get that they be supplied with Information troinam engineer, slain by girl, was marrieu in Kichmond, eighteen 'is ao. cnaracter witnesses testify at Walk or Indiana. Cowi'Wth this issue we began to make n-iai jii marunsvine. relative to the identity or the defendants and the places and events brought out in the evidence.

Instructing the jury Geiger defined the nature of the crime of conspiracy charged in the indictment, and Indicated in a general way the variolic phases of the crime and Ihe methods by which it might he committed. "It is perfectly natural that a crlms of that character iuay be manifested In a great many ways." he declared. "The range of the character of the con- Missionary conference in Noblesville OKI mat promise! c'The redemption of Indiana is a id. Talv rh9 proud atate is about to be to the American Union Mr Ctf Strategic Point. charge that very few are held without CONTFrKI OX PAGK TWO.

WORSHIP OF SELF IS ASSAILED BY BULGIN (V'Haul down the 'Jolly Roger' of the riding Kluxer crew! CONTIKCr.O ON PAGK SIXTEEN. puzzled operatives of the Department of; ,1 net Ice for many montha was when he saw a published photograph of Wolfe, the newspaper will declare. Wilson and -Herbert R. Cor were arrested for the Los Angeles mail robbery of March 3, 1K21, and were held in the county Jail together with another alleged mall robber. Eddie O'Brien, wanted by FederaJ authorities in Toledo, where he has since been taken.

Preliminary proceedings in their case (it'agKed along, and Cox, according to reports, had made a partial confession, and wa-s believed to be negotiating with government officials for his freedom if lie testified against Wilson. Then, nearly a year ago, Wilson, Cox "Unfurl again we oiars ajiu ouio the Capitol flagstaff at Indian Co ''Indiana, with 316,000 Ku Klux more Lsm'-n Texas boasts, and three times as r' ny as Georgia is the strategic point i Many Persons Recognize Only Ye attack. cu. the tenderloin is Indianapolis! God That They See in Their Mirror. with a population of snd O'Brien attempted to break out of the county Jail, but their plan had been exposed and deputy sheriffs were placed at.

strategic points to prevent their escape. A shot was heard from ha 12,208 names enrolled on the enas. Woman claims love pirate, buried' in Evansville, was army deserter. DOMESTIC. Alleged Baltimore absconder is fovnd in New York disguised as an old man.

Brother of slain model admits he asked Draper M. Daugherty to make good on promise to get him Federal job. President Harding's party will leave St. Augustine, for Augusta, today. Col.

Arthur L. Conger makes deposition in $100,000 damage suit by Capt and Mrs. Edwin H. Handle. Booze bottles claim eighth victim.

Slayer says he made Wall street bomb. Five thousand Kentucky coal miners ordered to strike today. Auto bandits shoot paymaster in Mew York holdup. FOREIGN. Russia may not be invited to near Eastern conference when it is resumed next month.

French threaten to expell striking trainmen from Ruhr. Ex-veterans of the pigeon variety, who carried messages during war, are pensioned off in England. EDITORIAL. Lyons Should Quit. Health Hints for Laymen.

Membership lists of the night raiders! vt tfcia tt na'A is-ii ct Be -4 out of every thirteen of the cap-BUt. city's male citizens has taken the hlood-sealed oath of the Two Women, Claiming to Widow of Chef, Claim $30,000 Estate. point out of the range of the officers' vision. They rushed to the scene and found Cox dying. "Herb did it," they quoted him, and i they advanced the theory Wilson be-.

lieved his alleged accomplice had be-'' Urayed their plot to escape to the) ofiii ers and had shot him. Hoks to shield from the law any per-I er, forger, bigamist, pander, sodom tHf hnrfflar. highwayman or in- tTOm -ftf il rTt tsoiV- Yr 4rv. fr ix, 'trl-, 'ft' HV A I ROCHF.STKR, Ind-, March .10. Two women, one gray haired and bent with if he be a klanaman Bulk murderer will go free if his r''m he a Klan murder not a 'malic- crime, but merely an extralegal years, the other, robust and middle aged, both claiming to be the widow of the; rt the Kll KlUX DUlpltS Of Bulgin's "Bullets." "No man originate for.him-Hf a rod of moral, or a nymtmm of othle, an.r Iilghrr than Ihe from which It originated." "Your t.ori? io tftkn a looking gltM and look at.

jroumcll." "If a wooden Indian advrrtiiio what could a live Christian "Too man.r folkn Join chnrrh before they get religion." "Iltid, you're euanln' loono In Ciod's "Tbe only wlrked thing ynn're get In Indianapolis Is wicked old man." "Society's only cure Is the blessed Wilson was convicted of Cox's murder' ami, pending the result of his appeal, was still a prisoner In the county Jail last October, when he, (iuldo alius "the Mouse," since convicted of robbery and sent to San Quentin peni- tentiary, and Ada.m Blaazyk, alias Ward, aince convicted of murder and sent to the same prison, broke Jail and dianapoiis, are you not proud of the irmi keen? but- Are you not proud of that oath? mo. "tiethseinane to a klavern heii nresent herewith a short install same man, appeared In Fulton Circuit court today, each laying: claim to his estate of IXj.OOO. The gray haired worn- an, wife 2S'o. is ihe mother of four children. The second woman, with whom tha man lived for twenty years, im-e ah was IS years old, was pre-, sented as the helpmate who assisted in scfumuia ring the money.

This question, for which there Is no '1V y'ment of seventy-four names from the official roster of the Indianapolis Ku Klux Klan. "On Page 16. for the Information of ikothe governing clergy of the great Metn-f Episcopal church, we show that Cure for Boll Weevil. Middle-West in History. Where the Lady Pays.

SPORTS. -sr were tree ror a day. i Places More Charges. I They were recaptured at the home" of i Tom Garwood, a former convict, who. i only a few weeks ago, after he and bis sister, Mrs.

L. A. Stallage, -were ac Five knockouts feature amateur boxing eight out or twenty-nine ot ure flat churches In Indianapolis are in 2" charge of men whom the Ku Klux claim klansmen snd have entered as such Big Ten baseball teams invade Dixie iana ror practice games. rion tneir omciai rou, Rube Benton case again in limelight. Preachers Members.

crit precedent in Indiana law, is being presented to Judge Hell bin R. Curr to solve. Wife No. 1. Kmily JBartlett of Columbus, assert ahe ta the legal wifn; that abft married John Jiartlett In St.

Paul's Church In London, Kngland, is the mother of his children and, therefore. Is entitled t0 all Mm possessions. Wife No. 2. FMon Bartlott of West Baden, asserts sho married Hart- Local amateur baseball association to k'l The list' of preachers referred to as join bt.

Louis organization. Milwaukee pin men shatter records in $ruj Page 16 of the publication is as Place Church, the Rev. Del- MODEL QUESTIONED quitted of charges of aiding and abet-i ting the prisoners In their escape, was) shot and killed by an officer In a bars' glary at Ssnta Monica, Cal. Charges of assault with Intent to because of his alleged beating of a turnkey with a revolver when he escaped from the Jail, and of robbery because) he forced a. postofflce employe to glva him and his companions a ride in an automobile and then robbed him of tlO, are pending against Wilson in the Superior court Knipioyes et the Los Angelea offlcaj of the W.

J. Burns Detective agency stated here tonight the head of tha organization, now at Miami, was COXTIXCF.D OX PAGE TWETTTT. A. J. tourney.

MARKETS AND FINANCIAL. BY T.r.HTKR C. KAGf.KT, Too rnsny men ant women are. experiencing the curse and in of spiritual l.areneiui because' they am lf-wor-shlppers instead of Jofi worshippers, declared Dr. K.

J. Bulgin, evangillat, in his sermon isst night st the Cailie Tabernacle where he preached on "The Sin of Bareness." "No man ran originate for himself a code cif morals or a system of ethics any higher than the from which it originated." said the evangelist. "Man hy worship becomes assimilated CONTIKCKn ON PACK TAf ICNTT. rt Thomas, pastor, residence, 1018 FRENCHMAN DISCOVERS LIGHT WITHOUT HEAT PARJS, Munh .30. (f.

Si.) Trof. Roller, head -of the fitrai-hour laboratory, has discovered a Hfcht without hrat, it wh learned today. xprimerjt3 were conducted upon the basis that a light could be found jslrriilar to that of the, glow worm. It Is understood that an electric current la passed through a giaaa tube coated with phosphorescence. Expansion of industrial operations in tnaiana ana tnrougnout Seventh Fed roni Raymond street.

14 'Elaine Avenue Church, the Rev. riipt ON PACK TITB, GOOD 4Cr DISAPPROVED ORANGE, N. 30. John Federici's role- of good Samaritan here today, failed to meet police appreciation. An automobile truck had struck and severely injured -Edward Rosso, 16 years old.

While the driver was looking about for a telephone to call a. physician Fcderici happened along and seeing the injured hoy lying in the road, lifted him into the truck, climbed into 'the driver's seat and drove to a hospital. A policeman then arrested him for driving an automobile a license. eiai reserve aisinct is renected in the increased consumption of electric power. Report of T.

I. A E. showa big in crease In operating revenues for year. WEATHER FORECAST Early advance of 5 to 10 cents in hog prices is wipeu out wnen Duying ror outside accounts dwindle. FIERCE DOG GUARDS BODY OF MISTRESS TWO BOYS SMOTHER; 7 Craw Mrh may it tlka a lion, but, l.rway, it la going it.

CAUGHT IN SHOWCASE i lett In good faith In Louisville, twenty-two years ago; La she worked with him for years; that he was sort of a "i'ghtnfn' character and thut it was chiefly through her efforts that their property in iter name an-1 hit, as man and wife, was acquired. She. therefore, lays claim to all of the jroperty. Found by Frllow Townimon. John Bartlett, accord ins; to the statements of "William Cog of Jasper, attorney for Kllen, and S.

W. 8te ens of Plymouth, a ttomey for Kmily, was a regular Rip AanWfnkle to his first family. His children had not seen him for twenty years. Then sn accident happened. A man front Columbus, happened to be in West Baden and an serosa John.

He went back and told the family. Jt was then that John's daughter, Afr. A1 a He Yank of Columbus. determined to se-k her father and made a trip to West Baden. Wife No.

2 asserts this ws the 'first knowledge she had that BartlHt had another wif and family. Attorney of Kmily apaert that this Is not true. They declare that KHen did know shout It. But after his daiichfer Marie, discovered all the secrets of the score of years, John departed from wif( No. 2 and went, to Culver Military academy In ONE KILLED, 3 HURT SAN BERNARDINO, March 30.

WHEN CAR HITS TRAIN (Universal Service) Trapped In a ahoecase in a building undergoing re Forecast for In- ana for Saturday id Sunday: Saturday: polder in extreme south portion; Sun-lay probably fair pairs within 200 feet of their homes LANCASTER, March 30. Ona Olckey Jensen. 5 years old. and hi CHICAGO, March t'nlversal Service) Guarded' by a bull dog the body of Mrs. Mary Clauson Wennel, spiritualistic medium, was found today.

She had been dead a week, physicians said. The dog, whih attacked Investigators ao fiercely that he had to be killed before they could enter the house, was nearly starved. The "woman, It Is believed, died of alcoholic poisoning. Search, however, has been started for her husband, from whom she had been separated. Wenzel.

playmate. Dean Meecham, 4 years old, missing since last Saturday, were found Pennsylvania atate college student was killed, and three one a woman, were seriously injured tonight when nd not ao cold. tonight. Little Dean was dead, but TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE Opportunity SOLVE This Picture Puzzle AND WIN $1,500 IN CASH their motor' car crashed Into a Phila 'Francis Keenan Admits He Tele- phoned Daugherty Asking Federal Job. NEW YORK.

March 30-Renewing his examination of the relatives of Dorothy Keenan, slain model, late today, Assistant District Attorney Pecora an-nounced that Franrls Keepan, her brother, had admitted he was the man who telephoned Draper Daugherty, son of Attorney General Daugherty, after the girls' death am asked him to make rood a promise to get blm a Job in the United States Department of Justice. Francis Keenan, who was the first witness called, was questioned for more than an hour and a half by Mr. Pecora and Police Captain Carey of the homicide bureau. For the first time since the beginning of the investigation of the murder an official stenographic record of the examination was taken. The questioning of the Keenan family lasted for six hours.

It was suspended, Mr. Pecora said, only when Mrs. Keenan showed signs of breaking down under the long strain. Mr. Pecora said Frank Keenan's slorv regarding the charges made by Draper Daugherty differed considerably from the one related by the attorney general's son.

"He claimed that he simply askd Mr. Daugherty for a Job and never used his lister's name in the form of a threat," said Mr. Ptcora. The investigator refused lo divulfr" the nature of the entire Inquiry. He said, however, that questions were answered freely except those relating to the financial assistance Dorothy had given the family.

Francis Keenan was accompanied by COKTCNCED ON TAGS flVK. Forecast for Indianapolis and vicinity signs of life were detected in "Dickey." and he was rushed to a hospital, where he died late tonight. delphia Reading train at the Lan caster Junction grade crossing near The Meecham boy had smothered to saturaay ana Sunday: ffair and continued cold Saturday; probably fair with slowly rising uperature. here. They were returning home for death, according to the police.

the Easter vacation. The boys had apparently rone Into the Harry Erb, a junior of Lltltz. neighbors told the authorities, had been seen in ihe neighborhood about a week ago, seeking to effect a reconciliation. was killed. The Injured are: Elizabeth JtrA Sta4 Weather Burma Special Report for The Indianapolis Star.

Culver, where he became chef, in the meanwhile Kllen sought to have a divorce decree obtained in Orange Circuit court, but before this could be done Relnhart, Sunbury: William Wilhelm, building, which is situated in the center of the business district, to play. They crawled into a showcase, used by workmen to store tools, pulled the door shut behind them and lay there for six days. The search for the boys on the theory that they had been kidnaped had become Weatherly, and Lewis Shenk, Man-helm, Pa. ALHANAO OF THE DAT. rliaa 5:31 I Sun aets GOULD SUFFERS RELAPSE.

Prance, March 30. (I. x. John died. rle went horn to die to fOniilv to whom he was married in Kng- As Erb was being lined rrom the CONDITIONS YESTERDAY.

land. She buried hint. That was one wreckage be whispered "the curtains were down; I could not see it," and died. Relative Humidity. state-wide.

Fosses of searchers who The condition of George Jay Gould wno Is suffering from heart ago. Wife No. 1 sought to file letter of m. 7 pet. Noon Si pet.

I 7 p. m. pet. had penetrated far into the mountains have been called in. Precipitation.

trouble, took a turn for the worse this ENDURANCE FLIGHT ENDS. Mint during twenty-four hours DAYS MORE YOU HAVE afternoon. A bulletin lesued at 4 clock said Gould had a rtlapae. CARNARVON SOME BETTER. idinr at 7 p.

A "al amount sinca Jan. 1, 1113.... I S3 DAYTON, March 31. Lieut. John denarlure from normal 1 LONDON, March 30.

The Earl of A. MacReady, and Oakley G. Kelley, nca Jan. 1 (deficiency) VESTAL MAKING PROGRESS. piloting the army transport T-2, landed probate in Marshall Circuit court and about the sme time wife No.

2 sought to probate the estate in Orange Circuit court. Attorneys for bot sides got busy. Now tht-y are up here as first utep In th ci ye; to deteimfne whether Schuyler Shfliine: of Culver, named as administrator by wife No. 1, may or may not sre, or whether wife No. 2 can name the administrator.

Attorney Cox admitted there are some CCNTIMKU ON PA OK TWO. at Wilbur Wright field at 1:05 o'clock SEE PAGE FIFTEEN Temperaturea 34. Wet 31. 31 33. Wet 29.

SO. Wet 17. Minimum this morning when their engine de Carnarvon, who is seriously 111 at Cairo, Egypt, with what Is understood to be pneumonia of the right lung, is slightly better, according to a message which reached his London residence todav. WASHINGTON, March 30. The condition of Representative Vestal of Indiana, operated on here yesterday for frontal was said today to be veloped serious trouble.

They had cov-ored and flown seven hours and fifty-three inlnules of what was to tho Same Date Laet Tear. en i His condition, however, is described aa 42 Maximum. Minimum is still very serious. Mi have been an endurance flight. it I.

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