Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1935
Page 3
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, November 2?» 1986 HOPS STAft, MOPE, ARKANSAS CrC Telephone 821 Thanksgiving For-tree nnd bird and babbling brook, For sunny hillside, shady nook, "The joyous laughter of a child, Tho, perfume from the flowers begull- • ed, For thnt which never wealth con lend, The marvel of n long tried friend", for henrvesl, with great strength imbued To .feed the hungry multitude, FwJlfe, the chance to do and be The-thing our inmost eye can see. F* night, With starry host .on high, That bring!! Thy pence nnd power nigh. For truth and faith, sincerity; That .bring our hearts more close to ...Thee;. FOP nil we are or hcpo to bo, Wtf'bring our tribute unl-j Thee. ...!'," —Selected. .Mi;sos Marie nnd Nunnio ,Purkin< will huve as guests fn- Thanksgivinv! Mi. nnd Mrs. Duval Purkins and little (laughter, Nancy Lane of Warren ami-Mrs. Edward Woodford nnd litlla daWfhters, Nancy nnd Susan of Little RoRfcV Mi;wi;s Margaret Atkins and Mary McAclnms cntcrtninud on Tuesday cv.ci.iing ut a very delightful misccl- lanectj.'i shower at the home of Misf kins on Nrrlh Main street as special 'inplimenl to Ml:s Paulino II. Jones .cse marriaga to W. J. McDow cf j Mindcn. Ln.. is announced for the Int- ' ten- part of this week. Tile Atkins, h^rfle* was beautifully decorated with | € \v}v For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sco Hoy Anderson nnd Company During Our Annual .ONE CENT SALE COATS—DRESSES Ladies ••Specially Shop. Deluxe Dinner j i Served from 10 a. m. on ;With Oyster Dressing Cranberry Sauce Soup, Olives, Celery Iloinemiulc Ice Cruiun ENJOY A HEAL THANKSGIVING DINNER HERE BEFORE GOING TO THE GAME DIAMOND CAFE in (be Hotel Henry a quantity of fall flowers, wilh white chrysimthcmuins predominating. The beauty tnble, on Which the gifts were placed was Incc covered nnd centered with n bowl of white chrysanthemums nnd red salvln and ferns. Following the opening of gifts the hostesses served delicious pie ahd coffee. Sharing this delightful hospitality with the honorce were about twenty of her young friends, Walter Carter and daughters, Mnry Nell nnd Jane, will spend Thanksgiving In Hot Springs. Mrs. W. R. Orton and family and' nnrty of friends will nntor to Hot Springs Thursday to see the game between Hot Springs nnd Hope. En route to Hot Springs, the Ortons will visit their daughter, Miss Jane, who is n student in Henderson £tnte Teachers College, Arkndelphin. Mr. nnd Mrs. G. Frank Miles will Htivo ns Thnnksgivintt guests. Mr. aivl Mrs. 3. E, Victor and two children of Little Rock o-— There will be a Thanksgiving service Wednesday niqht nt tho First Chrlvtlnn .church nt 7:30 o'clock The public is cordially invited to join In this service. —. -n Mrs. J. Proctor Hill has returned t-> hor home in El Dorado after a week end visit with her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Snunders. Mr. and» Mrs. R. R, Cornelius will have as Thanksgiving dinner guests, Mrs Otis Park of Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. King, city, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Truett Simmons nnd little daughter, Fatvicin Sue of Tcxarkann. ' Miss Claudia Coop of Tcxurkann will arrive Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Coop, Ambrose Hnnegan of Henderson State Teachers college, Arkadclphln, will arrive Thursday afternoon to spend the week end with home folks. Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Wardlow, Mr. and | fnvprnni' Fiih-pll Pi'PfliW<? Mn:. Lloyd Coop and daughter, Rose-i ^ OVG11101 * Utl 611 ri GCUCtS mary, and Miss Claudia Coop will 175 Motor Deaths 111 State motor to Hot Springs to sec the game between the Bobcats and Trojans. "Annapolis" at the Saenger Thursday Naval Academy Story Is on Local Screen Thursday and Friday All the color, spirit, courage, patriotism, traditional ideals and historical beauty for which the United Statec Naval Academy stands, is reproduced in "Annapolis Farewell," Paramount's authentic film doc.timont of a midshipman's life In this famous school, showing Thursday and Friday nt the Sacnger. The rigorous daily schedule, the ar- rivnl of plobcs, whipping them into fhapc, the efficient .discipline, the j middies at mess, at work, nt study, nt i play, nt drill, at gun practice, on i dress parade, the gradual training and j molding into-clean American manhood j of the boys who enter Uncle Sam's | rncrcd portals all constitute a .stirring, j picturesque and important background ! to the main theme of this impressively ' realistic photoplay. j The story centers around the problems, training nnd romances in the j lives of Cromwell find Brown dur- I ing their middle years at Annapolis. ' It remains for''Sir Guy Standing to;; rhow them the renl meaning of their) educntnn nt the academy. In one of (ho most exciting gun battles ever filmed, llio"boys nro brought to nj realization of the rtust imposed on i them. Sir Guy Standing, in the rolo of retired navnl officer who lives in the I memories of his days at Manila Bay j when lie fought under Dcwcy, gives one .of the most superb portrayals of the year, and the most important in his career. Richard Cromwell and Tom Brown, cast as roommates and rivals in the picture, are excellent in their parts. Rosalind Keith as the romantic interest in the film, rival in the boy's affections, is just the kind of girl a young middle would be expected to have. Searching Out Tuberculosis Would Prohibit Fast Automobiles J. W. Franks of Tyler Commercial! college, Tyler, Texas, will arrive Wed- t ncsday night to spend Thanksgiving! with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. I Franks. I Mrs. K. G. McRac and Mrs. N. W.' Dcnty were Tuesday visitors in Little Rock. Master T'ony Boyclt left Tuesday for ti visit with his aunt,'Mrs P. D. Smith and Mr. Smith in Dallas, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Locastlc and j i children, Jimmie and Mary, of Dallas, I i Texas, will arrive Wednesday night ' to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. nnd 1 Mrs. J. W. Strickland.' Simple, harmless and painless though it Is, tho tuberculin test ifi n reliable moans of discovering whelli'cr jjorms are in tho body. Tho Slrl abova is receiving tho test, It cdiiBlnia simply of the injection of a ilrpp of harmless liquid, called tuberculin, under the upper layer of skin on tho forearm. If a red spot appears Uirra by tho following day it intli- catea tlist tubercle bacilli, the germs thr.t causo tuherculosia, have obtained n footho'.d in the body. This doss not mean that disease exists, but an X-ray pic'airo should be takon to discover whether any harm has been clone to the lungs and to what extent. If active disease is present tho child should bo placed in n sanatorium immediately. Tuberculin tests among school children to licip discover the disease in its ep.i-ly and nirablo stage are one of tlie most important projects con- ductod by tuberculosis associations •throughout tho country. Such work is paid for by Christmas Seal funds. Zaharias to Meet 2 on Same Night Wrestles Both McEuen and Montgomery at Fair park Wednesday Plenty of action is promised Hope wrestling fans Wednesday night in two scheduled grudge matches. Chris Zaharias will meet Billy McEuen in the first bout. Zaharias will then fight it out with Bob Montgomary in the second match. Zaharias has entered into an agroo- nent to pin both McEucn and Mont- ?omery in 90 minutes—which will entitle him to n certain amount of cash if successful. Promoter Bert Mauldin has announced that a negro battle royal will apcn the show, which starts at 8 p. rn. The fights will be held at Fair park. Courtesy tickets will be good. Willd Tiii ADIESs Sweet Home Boston Club Taken Over by National | National League Assumes ! Charge of Braves in Fi- j ' nancial Trouble i ! NEW YORK.—Wj—As the climax i il nrotractcd and involved financial i difficulties, the Boston franchise was ' taken over Tuesday nialit by the club i owners of the National League. Ford i C. Frick, league president, said the ac- i lion was taken "because of the failure of the Boston National League Base- hill Company to fulfill its contractual obligations." The league president said he would "consider any proposals submitted in writing before December 10," the date if the annual league meeting in Chicago. He said that no proposals had been received, but that the league guaran- 'ced that there would be no break in ?he operation of the Braves, regardless of whether or not the club was purchased. LITTLE ROCK.— (K>)— Governor Fu- trcll advocated Wednesday the passage of laws to require automobile manufactures to curb the speed limit j of their products. j The governor predicted that at lenst • 175 persons would be killed in Thanks- ' giving mishaps. Rev. J. T. Thompson of Blevins has been appointed Methodist minister for, this place and he filled his .first appointment here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fore and children of Center Point were here spending the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.H. H. Huskey. •"; ,• . . Mrs. Walter Bonds, Mrs, Sanford Leon Pyc spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lcc Bonds. Miss Bettic .Conner was Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Montgomery. There is a group of fishes called "flatfish," but the "rays," which arc the flattest of all known fishes, do not belong to this group. Roses wither, Snowflakes melt. Toothache runs its course. -Marriage is that way, too. It is as fragile, ap- pearently, as a June moon or pair of net hose. The Waltz is scarcely begun when one or the other of the two who started the ball with a Lohengrin processional, decides that he doesn't want to dance any more—.or that he wants a partner who knows more exciting steps. Government statistics furnish us with proof. They show that the average marriage lasts six years and eight months, according to Jack Anthony, director of the Marital Relations Institute, of New York City. I wonder how they last that long, considering the altitude with which the majority of brides and bride- i grooms enter the sacred contract! So do Mr. Anthony nnd the probate clerks and everybody else, including the nuptial candidates themselves. j "I Don't Know" Marriages j The other day the Martial Relations Institute had 18,000 persons, throughout the United States, questioned when they applied for licenses, as to why they wanted to bo married. Ninety-one per cent replied: "I don't know," or some vague - patterned phrase which meant the same thing. "I don't know!" Then how could they hope to build something beautiful, secure, lasting, whose walls would rise high enough to shut away all lesser loveliness? How could they lay foundations for a structure, however humble, in a kingdom that 19th century levers—they knew why they loved, too!—called Paradise when the young moderns never have sighted a spire Twenty-three per cent of the people questioned said that they were marrying for ' financial security. Women have been known to use marriage as an economic gesture, but it is disappointing to have 254 of them admit 5-izcns moro than one year's fire:: \ Ejjamagc. £ j .'5 Wo Can Fix n Good Roof. = :5 We Can Help ah Old One. = = Sullivan Const. Co. = -iiiimiimiimiimiiiininmiimiiiimn For Thanksgiving Select your flowers from our splendid collection. REECE FLORAL FARM Phone 1604-F-3 they prefer check bo&k$to Uvt. fly the same c6unt, it is touch worse to discover that 119 men Were 6#chang« ing their hames for economic security. Surely the ghest* .of ,the kftutflW who once f<jde Id Urtt<ndd>eftu,tt wift a lady's favof rhustf^4hUddeH it the degradation ot thei* t grahdsons who marry to btf taken cafe of Those 119 Women who-were belft£ Wed because they could provide,two pairs of'woolen blankets for wlntef nights and orange juice and oatmeal for breakfast went on with tnfe eere*- mony. ] ' One-Third Expect Permanence Of the 18,fX» candiiales for marriage only 6120 said that they expected the marriage to last tofever. It is small wondtr, then, that the averagfe duration of an. American .marriage is Ies4 than seven years. The"-marvel is that marriage endures so long! With a marrying populace of'defeatists • certainly we can't expect sturdy foundations on which' will 'Irise «structure's which will withstand' Waters, winds and storlns. '•''.' Children might solve the problem, seme .sociologists wilt say at once,. Of course they, might. However, two people.who think so little of each other that they can't have.the,same.-ad- dress unless a tie of duty,,holds them, can't create, a happy home enyu-on- ment. Anyway, if children p^e a help then it's women, not men, who are failing. Eighty-two per cent of the men Stated that they desired children. .Qnly: 21 per cent of the women did. Men: it would, seem, want to" build as sov curly as their father's and grandfathers before them. Women don't'-want to be bound. • ' It would appear from the report that men want the old conventions^ setting of a firoside, children, love, peace— home.; Women have strdyed away, , People re'garded tHe' telephone as a curiosity when it' was first "in'vpnted. Bell educated them to use. it'by giving a series-of lectures .-and^.entertainments by telephone. doublfc adti V$i 1c SALE 1i on DRESSES THE GIFT . OMEre. ft ft Batted :>£ AN INVITATION H ERE is a. personal tion to try Chairibc. Lotion without cost. You 1 see for yourself how, bec DUi , t , it is not sticky or gummy.-lt.is,^ absorbed in only 37 secoridg,*^ how it smooths arid re-beaStU^ fie^ arms, hands and face. Tfie'Tji dainty purse-size will reach yotu}| promptly when you send fhff$£| coupon, but i£ you prefer, get^* Chamberlain's at any drug- or f department store. - '"',&', y**mmPnflFf^K*&*m ^ BiM'Ml ; Chamberlain Laboratories; , * SoD<s Moir.ei, Iowa. ' ,'tj»'"j m Please send free trial" size 6$ \i Motion. ; t, ,£' HKame. t '* j[ Address.:. "\r ' i-« I • ., -\r v.-»l* Your Food is Your Lif« and Your Strength; Do you realize'that' what you eat today is your flesh and blood:tomorrow? Also, your strength, or weakness? So if you haVe no appetite or if your food sours ahd turfts to gas, instead of digesting normally, you are sure to grow weaker and weaker each day instead of stronger and more vigorous; ,, • • To escape the, weakness'and sickness that are sure to result from undernourishment, you must.regain a hearty appetite and overcome;.the symptoms of indigestion. For .'tht purpose we strongly recommend BrJ, Tonic to restore your appetite an'dt stimulate your digestion, so you<-daQ obtain all possible nourishment from your food and regain health,'and* strength. i^'l^ SATISFACTION OR YOTTK2 MONEY BACK. We are authorized^ to refund the price of the first bottlei to any of our customers who are nofc| delighted with B-L Tonlo-r-you. aro to be the sole judge. JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO., Hope, Ark. )***»• *!••*& 'O^ b rf "•*:' ' Next Sunday we will take a trip "In Old Kentucky" with Will Rogers. TONITE .:•;• GENEV STRATTQN With TOM BROWN, VIRGINIA Our Thanksgiving Show -^Matinee 2:30 Thur— Sunday Prices No Free List Miss Pauline M. Jones entertained Monday afternoon with a surprise birthday ivirly honoring her mother, Mrs. B. M. Jones. The living room and dining rocm were attractively decorated with autumn flowers and leaves. The honorce was showered with many lovely gifts. After a pleasant afternoon of' ;conveil:atioh, the hostess served tempting refreshments to the following: Mrs. F. P. Holt, Mrs. Webb Lasctcr Sr., Mrs. Wash Hutson, Mrs Robert Byers, Mrs. Chris Westerman, Mrs. W. H. Allen, Mrs. X. B. Miller. Out of town guests were: Mrs. LeRoy Samuels, Mrs. T. J. Jones, Mae Belle Samuels of DcAnn, Mrs. E. M. Stuart and Mrs. Jim Ford Stuart of Ozan. Mrs. Chas. M. Clark left Wednesday for her home in Arkadelphia after a visit to her sister, Mrs. Dan Green, who is ill at Julia Chester hospital. 100 Slain as Italy Wins New Battle But Rain Slows Up Invaders' Preparations for Advance on All Fronts ere are a/er s than the Super- Safety Brakes on the 1936 Ford No other car in America has the same basic design as the Ford V-8. And because of its unique design —the Ford car could use any type of braking system now in common use. By the Associated I'ress One hundred Ethiopians, including two provincial governors, were re- j I ported killed Tuesday in an official j communique issued at Rome dcscrib- < ing a battle north of Dolo, on- the I southern front in Italy's campaign of ; occupation in Ethiopia. Italian losses were announced as four native soldiers killed, five wounded, and two missing. Rain over all fronts impeded somewhat the preparations for new Italian advances. MNfll FRREUJELL The Be n gql '/i.'a n c e e $' o I t h e U'.'.'S'. No v y A Paramovnl Picture wilh SIR GUY STANDING ROSALIND KEITH TOM BROWN RICHARD CROMWELL ^-SHORTS— ; Mickey Mouse "Fife Brigade" News Oddity B UT, with the whole field to choose from, Ford stands by mechanically- operated Super-Safety brakes as safest for the Ford V-8, This is the type braking system on many of America's costliest cars and most racing cars. And with its unique chassis design, Ford can use this system to better efject than any other automobile built today. Then, Ford has more effective braking surface (186 square inches) than is found in any other low- priced ca;. And big, 12" alloy-iron drums with special cooling fins to give you maximum braking power under all road conditions. All in all, no safer brakes are made than you get in the 1936 Ford V-8. And right through this Ford V-8 is the same sound engineering for safety and comfort. Ford uses a one- piece, welded-steel body because it is safer and quieter. Ford gives you Safety Glass in every window at no extra cost because Ford believes it is the manufacturer's duty to provide for maximum safety as part of the car's sa/es price. Drive the Ford V-8. See how it "holds the road" on curves — how dependably the brakes work on rough roads, steep hills, or anywhere else. Get in touch with — FOUR INOIPINPENT BRAKE RODS $50 to $500 fo0UA' AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid fur COTTON TOM KINSER 510 ' .Ica'iMtv and llhtre tire extra, East terms through Unirtrul C.miit Cauiluny, tht Authorise* ford 1'iiuni.i l'hu. HATS Cleaned and Blocked —in— OUR OWN PLANT by Modern Machinery Wo have just installed the very latest Automatic Hut Blocking machines and van now assure you of first quality, factory finished work. Hall Brothers f hone 385 FORP PERMANENT WHEELBASE Radius rods [1] braes the front axle- like a pair of giant arms . , . Radius rods and Torque-tube [2] giv? triple bracing to the re;ir axle. This construction means that the front and rear axles of a Ford car are held always equidistant—always in perfect alignment. On this permanent wheelbase any braking system nowin common use could be used. And only with this Ford-type wheelbase can mechanical, Super-Safety brakes be used to the fullest advantage. Note the four brake rods [3] of strong, tempered steel. These rods link the pressure of your foot on the pedal with the four big brake-drums on the wheels. They do this job positively, surely, under all road conditions. Note especially that no one Ford brake has to depend on the other three. Failure of one (practically impossible) would leave three perfectly-operating brakes. Tear out this chart and check with the car you are driving now. ON THE AW — Ford Symphony Orchestra, Sunday Evenings 9 to 10 E. S. T.—Fred \V»rin& and His Pcimsyhanians, Tuesday Evenings 9:3Q,to 10:30 K. S. T.—Columbia Network.

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