Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 30,1037 Files Suit to Put Civil Service in County Welfare Mrs. W. A. Moore Asks Injunction Against Local Appointments IS AGAfNTT HOLT Suit Takes Issue With Ruling Civil Service Is Unnecessary LITTLE ROCK.-i.-J''—Mrs. W. A. Moore, of Fordyee. filed suit in Pu'.aski chancery- court Thursday seeking to {orce the employment of county wel-| reason to doubt him, that this recipe fare directors from the state civil ser- ! turned out to be the most successful Vice eligible lists. I with men diners. Cold, Blustery Night, Hungry Man And Beafsteak Pie- That's A Trio i\£.\ Service Slaff Writer j Cold nights make men hungry. Beefsteak pie makes men agreeable. Clutch i beef which has been boned makes the food costs stay in the : -r lowly place. Tut all these three thoughts together and you have excellent food for thought and dinner. This recipe comes from the chef in charge of all food for several well known medium priced resUuifints throughout the country. He reports that men want beef despite its high eosts. So he had to think up good beef dishes which use the less expensive cuts. He reports, and I have no Mrs. Moore, former Dallas county welfare director, asked an injunction to prevent the State Board of Public Welfare from approving the appointment of any persons as county directors unless their names were on the eligible lists for such -appoint-.ncnls. Beefsteak Tic Family Style (4 to 6 servings) One pound beef (chuck beef after boning), Vj teaspoon paprika, 1 teaspoon salt, one pinch of pepper, 2 tablesoons shortening, cup chopped onions, \i cup tomato puree. 2 Attorney General Holt held recently! pieces of celery, pinch of thyme, piece that the office of county welfare director was a county and not a state of a bay leaf, one sprig of parsley, 2 cups cooked carrots (cut in cubes), 2 office, and therefore the position was i cups cooked potatoes (cut in cubes), not subject to civil service regulation. Xmas Violator Is Banished by Judge Pawned Wife's Christmas Presents—Judge Becomes Angry That Good Old Egg Beefsteak Pie Family Style keeps (he spirits up and the food costs down. Chuck steak boned and a wide variety of garden vegetables all Covered up nicely with tea biscuit crust result in grand eating. (From Child's, Now York.) 1/4 cup flour, tea biscuit dough. Cut beef in one inch cubes. Mix beef thoroughly with paprika, salt and pepper. Heat shortening in a frying pan, add meat and chopped onions and braise until thoroughly browned and the fat is clear. Drain off the fat and keep it for making the gravy. I Add the tomato puree and enough; water to cover the meat. Make aj bouquet of the celery, thyme, bay leaf, PARIS. France—uT' — A Settle One Strike, New Cotton Cord a New One Begins Improves Car Employment Tax Is Due Quarterly After December Report, Returns Will Bo Quarterly Only LI'ITLE ROCK—Employers of the state who have been making monthly i reports and contributions to the Ari Kansas Unemployment Compensa- j turn fund will welcome the nnnounce- j nient inndu by State Director W. A. Rooksbery that only one more monthly report will have to be mnde as the state will put into effect a quarterly report system to cover all contributions based upon w:igns paid in 1938. "Employers will, of course, be required to make n report and contribution prior to January 31st. This will cover wages paul during December,' 11KI7. When that report is in the em-' plciyer will not have to make another! until April, at which time he will be asked to report on wages paid during the first quarter ending March 31, IMS. , "We have been urging this change from a monthly to a quarterly basis ..... ... ^. «, . f . . f,,,- sometime." .said Mr. Rooksbery. Eggs like to play around with fresh vegetables. Combine them at"We have long realized that Ihe chief ^actively wlth/arrot^^ objection to our unemployment plan Wire Merger Is Reported Likely Western Union and Postal Companies May He Combined WASHINGTON-(/l'i -New efforts to obtain government sanction for n merger of the Western Union and Postal Telegraph companies arc meeting n sympathetic response in some formerly hostile quarters, it was reported reliably Wednesday. U wns said Postal officials had taken up the question with Chairman Wheeler (Dem.. Mont.I of the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee, and Justice Department officials. Back of the changed attitude was said vf, he (he ariiiimenl that competition hi the future would lie more between 'elegraph and telephone companies than between the two telegraph corn- paries. For several years tin- Postal company has been operating under reeeivep.;U' The Justice Department \-<<<~j?* •in anti-trust suit against IliK Union and Postal companies .»| was based u|xm the work of preparing the reports. Be enabling the employer to handle the unemployment; compensation problem in four reports yearly instead of twelve, we feel that; the Social Security Board has per-! ya(uc vcgctablc . CRB dinncr which is | ust what the doctor ordered, and just what the family will like. Drench Clear Up Paris Crisis, But Miners Stage New Strike I 11 V e 11 t i 0 11 tO He Great j general approval. T;> , , | ,. if "Arkansas employers may rest I\R- nOOtl 10 USerS OI Heavy j nM0 d that we are bending every ef- Truck Tires MACON. Ga.-'C,V—Pi-.-sidcnt Wilt"-' 1 - ham D. Anderson of the Bibb Man- and parsley and add. Simmer until! break of strikes in the rich mining ufacturing Company announced \Vod- dly MIIS. C.AYNOK MADDOX NKA Service Staff Writer When in doubt, cook egHs. They are formed a service that will meet with ""iggels " f value for your money. They can taste grand when wisely cooked. KgK nntl Vegetable Dinner (4 to 6 servings) /ort toward simplifying our require-, ments as to reports and records. It is ' pound long green beans, -1 young car- our desire to make it as easy as pos-| rots, 2 cups fluffy mashed potatoes. sible for every liable employer to I'Sht cheese sauce. comply with this law and we believe Cook eggs slowly, never allowing NEW YORK the meat is done, adding water when necessary. Remove bouquet. Strain Pi—Loren Owen 34 i °^ tne stoc ^ anc ' keep enough to make toic! Wednesday by Magistrate William O'Dwyer to get out of town— 1,200 miles out—and to mail back a postcard every 200 miles to show he Was still outbound. "Don't come back." said Magistrate O'Dwyer. "for any reason." the gravy. Make a paste of the fat and the flour. Add the hot stock and cook until smooth. Add more salt and pepper if necessary. Cover the bottom of a baking pan with the cooked meat. Distribute the O^ wJ^ht'mlo court char g - carrot, and _polatoes evenly over the ed with disorderly conduct. His wife said he pawned her Christmas presents, got drunk upon the proceeds and beat her. O'Dwyer sentenced him to 60 days, then put him on probation and then zoned him right out of the Eastern United States. meat and cover with gravy. Roll out enough tea biscuit dough to fit the top of the pan, cover and bake in a hot oven until the crust as done. Biscuit Dough Two cups flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder. 4 tablespoons shortening, ' Owen said he sort of figured on j teaspoon salt, 1 cup milk. Going to Missouri—about five of his i Mix and sift dry ingredients, cut in six penny postcards would cover the! shortening and add the liquid. Roll distance and after Missouri he didn't I cut on a floured board to fit the pie. know where. | "•" •"•*" Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold, or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and _ _, _ = _ r _ ,... __„,. you cannot afford to take a chance ) plunged Thursday into the greatest po- ^J^,'5 a l^,-l eS lP2 t ^*u? ll Silitlcal crisis of young King Farouk's Premier Is 'Fired' by Egypt's King Young King Farouk Dismisses Nationalist, Election Is Called CAIRO, Egypt — (/Pt — Egypt was region of northern France intensified ,, e sday night the development of "heat \ Ulilt thbi reduction in the number of .water t the turbulent labor situation Thursday after firm government action had brought a quick settlement of the critical public service tieup in Paris. One thousand coal miners at Anzin. near Vallencicnnes, quit work Thursday morning in a protest against the discharge of three miners. This stoppage aroused official concern lest the strike spread among all 16,000 miners employed by the Anzin company. Local government officials sought to negotiate a settlement. Labor leaders and cabinet ministers early Thursday had announced strikes of 120.000 Paris workers had been called off. The Paris Municipal Council, acting through Interior Minister Marx Dormoy. agreed to give the workers a living allowance at a compromise figure between their demands and the previous council offer. • Paul Morel, secretary of the Public Service Workers' Union, said the strikers would go back to work Thursday ending the tieup of Paris transportation, gas. light and w.iter services that had threatened more serious complications. The agreement was reached in the face cf a government threat to mobilize all workers and force them to return to work as soldiers. Most strikers are reservists in the French army. reports required will bo welcomed as monutes. Remove from water and peel a move for the relief of the employer. ' C£ ,rcfullv, keeping eggs very hot. Cook We are hopeful that other changes carrots,"cauliflower and beans in scp- may IK- made from time to time, which ' nralc salted waters. Make dry. light , , „ , , „ .will further simplify the duties of Ihc' nm l wi-ll sc isrmed unshed potatoes M.permtendent o the Columbus «Oa.. ! c 1(>VCP „.,„„} U) unemployment «•<•«•"""' I plant; h. L. Gwaltney, acting agent at Columbus, and Leon A. Graybill. chief j technologist, with headquarters in Ma- resistant" cotton cord for use in heavy duty motor tires. Patents have been j issued to three members of the lex- tile organization, Russell B. Newton, For chee.se sauce, i impensation so that the reporting and sillll . c w jt n Parmesan cheese in nnxl- handlmg of contributions may be as oratc amount dusted into it. Use large free from burden as is possible.""Essential gums and waxes of the cotton fiber." a company statement said, "are fu.-eil and bonded together in the process of manufacturing." The statement said three types of tires were used in a wheel test and "the tire marie of ordinary tire fabric failed at 86 hours." One made with Ft'll 0 V G 1" 1} O 3 I'fl Willie another fabric failed at MS hours, | while the tire made of the heat-re-' sislant c >rd ran 317 hours. ; F. D's Paralysis Traced to Water serving plate which is warm. Place cauliflower in center, arrange cuc,.s in clusters of 3 at opposite sides of plate, place mounds of jxilatoes between egg mounds, three on each side, each mound .separated from the other and of the long green beans. I'our cheese sauce over cauliflower and sprinkle with iureat restraint with cayenne. I'nur browned butter ever Ihe other vegetables. And that i.s a vegetable dinner with strong and valiant character. For a light supper dish, or for the mam dish at dinner, try this seemingly plain combination, and be tastefully surprised. Kggs and Chipped Heef I-I to 0 servings I One jar Shipped beef (H'-i ounces), .'i egiLs-. 1 No. 1 can tomatoes, 1 lea- spoon brown .sui;ai", pepper. 1 small white onion. I ,'i cup grated American cheese. Cut fat and sinews from chip|x-d I'eef. If ver\ s,,ltv, imse in hot w'ater. liuhl cream Tear meat into small pieces. Combine tomatoes, .sugar, grated onion and pepper. Cook in double boiler. Smooth out to even consistency with fork. Then place over direct heat and boil for ID minutes. Add chipped beef and cheese. Return to double boiler and simmer, fo i-ook over Ixnhng water until chee.se is entirely melted. Beat eggs slightly. 4,500-Foot Film Tells Panav Storv Fishing, Infantile Paralysis Followed NEW YOHK-Thc love of water, Roosevelt's greatest passion, was ironically the cause of his contraction of infantile paralysis, Emil Ludwig re- Mrs. A. K Delony and family. ' Mr. and Mrs. Meal Brewer a. id family of Bum Springs spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Delony. Mr .and Mrs. Ike Shields and family i t t , e , ~ ; of Dallas, Texas, spent Chn.Uma.s with veals in his biography of the prcsi- ' ' ' Die eggs by a strip of brilliant yellow j then add to mixture. Cook until eggs carrot. Press each pot.ito inuund { are scrambled in l),e hot tomato mix- lightly with a s|X)on to make a small I lure, herve on toasted and buttered flat surface on which to lay a few English muffins. Spring,* spent Christmas with \Mr. and David Trimblr of KIDorado were the Cameraman Alley's Historic Film Ls Relea>X'd to Public dent, appearing currently in Liberty mafia/inc. Ludwig quotes Roosevelt's descrip- Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Simmons and fam- Mrs. Ida Scoggms lion of the incidents that led to his nllfl Hollin returned to sickness (it Campobcllo. Nova Scotia: ' Monday after .spending ("Arriving there, he at once prepared ' with Mr [his fishing tackle, and in the midst of it YORK — i/1'i — Behind The compromise promised workers-guarded gates of a Fort Lee 'N. J.i (slipped and fell overboard, the | Roosevelt tells: "I'd never felt anv- ons. J. F Texarkana Christmas and Mrs. J. M. May nntl family. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Trimble Christmas guests of Mrs. W. 11. Idler. Mrs F. Y. Trimble and daughter. Carolyn, of Hope spent Christmas with Mis, Bessie. Trimble and Mrs. J. A. Wilson. , MJS.S 1'aiiini. 1 Jane Klinorc will return to her school m Bnnkli-y the lat- ti-r part of (he week after a week's visit with her parents. Rev. and Mrs. W. K. Elmoiv. The small YamU/e alligator is the nly aljj^alor found wild in the old and worM. Ic at Tl ce to in ','t of %d lie be pi Jc; 00 ht Sil Creomulsion, which goes right to i , n ™~,,.v the seat of the trouble and aids na- : <:u - monw ' reign when he dismissed lStoS^t^^!hS5SI?SaiS;5 : P^««r M^ph. Nahas Hasha and tnucous membranes and to loosen appointed Mohamed Mahmoud to and expel the germ-laden phlegm., form a new government. • Even if other remedies have failed, '• Mahmoud, premier in 1028-29, im- don't be discouraged, try Creomul- ' mediately started drafting a new cab- sion. Your druggist is authorized to inet and Aen dccidcd to dissolve par- SSiSUsr.iffi wu y h ou thl r oe^ ! »«"•£ -> h ° ld ***»* within two fits obtained from the very first montns bottle. Crepmulsion is one word—not ••»-» - S'fo a r n ft Plamly, s^e th^e nlune I -h I knew what it is *.,.prompts on the bottle is Creomulsion, and -° ma "y now to eat In the theater --" you'll get the genuine product and Joan Bennett, movie actress, on a the relief you want. (Adv.) stage tour. ALL KINDS OF Feeders Supply Co. The Hope Star Is Across the Street F 5 KANSAS BEST FLOUR 48 $-1.65 Pound I — WAFERETTE = CRACKERS 2 Lb. Box K C BAKING POWDER 50 c°;n29c MACARONI 3 B6 o"; 1Qc CANNED A VEGETABLES—9 oz. can U For living allowances of 70 francs <S2.:n> monthly to meet the rising cost of living instead of the 100 franc allowance strikers asked. Previously the Municipal Council had offered monthly allowances of 50 francs. Premier Camille Chautemps earlier had refused to parley with a strike delegation and said he would not meet workers until they returned to their job. Labor leaders .said they hoped to yet word of the settlement to workers m time to have buses, subways and other transportation running before the early morning rush hour. As the set- j llemenl came gas pressure was noticeably decreasing and electric currenl wa.s growing weaker. Chautemps took hi.s firm stand against the strikers after getting full .support of Socialists and Had tea I Socialist in Parliament. The strikes had been launch'd with support of the Communist |ait> and harl paral.w.ul .subway, bus and tnlley systems, stopped uarba^e rollcrlion and street rleamny, and di:,rupte<l funer;il .servuc.s. i Max SiJ.iiiehng could knock 'ml | Lotii.s tomorrow. --Gene Tunney. t'or- | mer world heavywemht ch-nnpion. I What business needs is not a bi.aih- | ing spell but a chance a real ch nice to operate.—Gov. Martin L. Dave-., Ohio. laboratory, observers saw Wednesday night a graphic preview of the sink- thing so cold as the water! I hardly' went under, hardly wet my head, because I still had hold of the side of the tender, but the water was so cold it .seemed paralysing. This must have inu of the gunboat Panay, two hours after Cameraman Norman Alley completed hi.s 12.000-mile dash from China, liccn the icy shock in comparison to Flown across the Pacific by a Clipper the heat of Ihc August sun and the -hip. and from San Francisco by a i tender's engine. | fast air liner, the 4.f>OI)-fi>ot picture! "The next day we landed on the Morv of the attack by Japane.'e bomb- ' island. All that day we fought a forcsl ing planes on the American war-, fire. Late in Ihe alfcnioon we brought craft wa.s hurried into the hands of it under control. Our eyes were film technicians by an escort of state bleary with smoke; we were begrimed, troopers. j smarting with spark burns, exhausted. Reel after reel showed the sailing of , We plunged into a fresh water pool the Panay from Nankinu with war im 'be island to revive ourselves. We refugee's; the unexpected attack of the- ran in our bathing suits along hot Japanese planes; the futile defense of-duslry roads In Ihc house. | the .-hip's crew with machine Hiin.s; "1 didn't feel the usual reaction, the abainl- nmeiit of the sinking vessel; glow I'd expected. Walking and run- .'ifi'l finally the arduous trip through Chinese marshes to Hantshan. AHey. wounded on the Pana> by shell splinters, explained the views, tiilbni; attention frequently to American t'lag.s plainly .seen on (he little i^iinbi>at. One scene showed the explosion of an air bomb astern as two Japanese warplane.s circled overhead. C!o<e-up.s revealed the wounds of victims. D.-pai i ing from (ti-tom. naval offi- rrrs ordered tin- film rclca.sed with- rul an official preview. The first set of prints went to Wa.shiisnton lo be ,'hown hvfore ^overimient officials Other prints went to theaters in all ;,art.s r,f the country. Pep Up Your Menus With Pie! No. 2 Can—Each MRS. TUCKERS SHORTENING Watch Our Windows for Prices SUGAR 10 Lbs. Pure Ribbon Cane Gallon FEEDERS SPECIAL COFFE Pound ..17c 3 Pound. .50c NOTICE Jf you are short on hay and body building feeds get a sack of Purina Bulky-Las today and see the difference in your cows. Bulky-Las is] green pacture Plus Minerals. Come in, and see it. A FTER a round of ftrai.i.-J puddings, ljaki:d fruits, n- h r a I: (.-.•: and various rjthc-r winter you can put new life iti!.'j ner rui-riUh by sorvinf; v pie How about dno'J • ; • cot combined with din ned pim/ai-Tic'' for a pie filling? Then, then- i -. tho particularly flavorful craiilj'.-rry, too. Canned cherries and berries make snappy pies, to say nothing of prune 1 ; and the juice to avoid cs — but drain off Start the pit in the preheated oven of your in .'km K.IS range at a temperature of 45u degree-,-i Fahrcn- air din- I heit for 15 iMi.iiie..-- to "set" tlio • :ii)i-i>.: I bottom crust; iv-et the heat control to 3",0 degree, and ronliime, liking fur 85 to "W iii;inil< .< until the ;:.;;• try is nicely bio-.', IIH! and the llilir.g cooked. Even un-uiai;- n <,f heat within the oven jn assured by the automatic a'.-t.ou of the gas burner. operating wall only a <aluinium ft luel. mug couldn't overcome the When I reached the house the mail was in. with several newspapers I hadn't seen. I sat reading for a while. lo<i tired even lo dress. I'd never felt t|inte that way before. ! "The next morning when I swung out (jf my bed my left leg lagged, but I manaued to move about and to shave. I inc'd to persuade myself that the trouble with my leg wa.s muscular, thai it would disappear as I used it. But presently it refused to work, and then the other ..." Three days later they know definitely, infantile paralysis, which was then raying in New York, had struck Roosevelt down. Washington Glen Velvm and son, Buster, of / Henderson, Texas, spent Sunday with I E. U Velvm arid other relatives in ' Washington. I Miss Margaret Delony of Warren 1 Hpent the Christmas holidays with her i parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Delony. • Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bogg of Pine '• Bluff spent Ihe holidays with Rev. ' and Mrs. C-. W. Robertson and family. ! Mr. arid Mrs. N. A. Robertson of ( Ada, Okla, spent Christmas wilh his j : parents, Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Hubert- son. ' | Mrs. Su.sie Harrow and son, Dock 1 j Wirnberly of I.ouAnn, and Foster Citty j of Hope and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davis I of Texarkana spent Christmas Day with Miss KHa Monroe, Mrs. Pink i Horton iuicl other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. Lester Booker of Little Rock came to Washington last i Friday to iany Mr. Booker's mother ' Mrs. J. L. Hooker to Littlo Rock, where she is sfxniding the week from Christ- I mas until New Year's. j Mrs. H. J, Hume of Durant, Okla., j is sfX-'iidniK ihe Christmas holidays | with her sisi,.,, Mrs. O. T. Beck and I other relativis. Mr and Mr,. Alon/o Beck of Flore, Okla., are spending the week with Mr. Beck's p,,rents, Mr. and Mrs. O.T. Beck. Mr. and M^ Cecil Wallace and little daiiKhi.'-,- of Ha/.cn. Ark., arc .-pending tin v.u-ek with her mother, Mrs. L. V Heck and other relatives. Lee Holt of Kodessa, La., spent from Friday until Monday with bis family here. Herman H.,;. of Little Rock is spend- ing'a part n! ihe Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zan Mr. and Mi,,. H. L. Casey of Hut FOOD STORES NEW LOW PRICE A&P COFFEES Eight O'clock Pound Package Pound Package 3 43c Lb, Package For Lb, Package For 23c CONDOR Pound fc/C RED POTATOES ARIZONA LETTUCE New Shipment Heads VV EXTRA FANCY BANANAS Golden Yellow Doz. 15c VV I N E S A P ES Nice Size For Baking Doz. CALIFORNIA OELERY LARGE STALK lOc TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT For PEERLESS FLOUR 24 Lb. Sack 69c MRS. TUCKER Shortening 4 Lb. Carton 43c i-se^sefii SULTANA Lb. Jar Peanut Butter 14c O I ' i 2 Lo. Jar lX?o I QUAKER OATS Small Pkg lOc Large Pkg, STRINGLESS BEANS 3 VISIT OUR MARKET FOR QUALITY MEATS K. C. BABY BEEF SEVEN STEAK SEVEN ROAST LOIN STEAK Lb. Lb. Lb. 15c 15c 25c CHOICE PORK HAM ROAST SHLO. ROAST LOIN CHOPS Lb. Lb. HAMS Armours Star Half or Whole Lb. 25c Sausage. Mixed 2 Pounds 25c SHRIMP Fresh Jumbo 25c Lb. CAT FISH Lh. 27c DRY SALT JOWLS lie Lb. I 'di •\R

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