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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 27, 1935
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A Thought Tluit (ho IrHimphlnjf ot the \vlekod Is short, wtd til* Joy 6f the hypocrite ,.btlt .tot A nw« Hope .. JtJght! fftlr add colder In portion. "' '«eSL i *,."": J# VOLUME 37—NUMBER 39 (AJ 1 )— mpium .V'xni'dilcd I' (M.:.\)—Menu* N*yr»»I>iipor HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27; 1935 f*tnr of Hope 1809; Ptena, !S27; January 18. 1929. PRICE &» ct): Here and There •Editorial By ALEX. H. WASHBURN- happiness speaks jO you don't need to ,u ',<.''",4 '" VI J'j : Fayetteville May Forfeit Charters I T IS presumptions to say that once again on Thanksgiving eve we have much to be thankful for? to you this Thanksgiving day in 1035, then you road this; but if calamity stalks you, and you catch yourself, 1 giving out constantly evil reports about your country and ! your neighbors and your neighbors' business, I'd advise you, ' then, to sit down and read Benjamin Franklin's Autobiogra-: phy. Ben Franklin wasn't quite the saint that we tell the hoolchildren he was. But he was every inch a man. And — had that salty flavor of practicality which makes him \ Charges of Moral Turpi- especially understandable to people with troubled minds. ; tilde Upheld by Faculty He said, in his Aulobiojnaphy: - , Q| 11 ,l,.,-,f r<mvnnil ' "There are croakers in every i flHCl btlKleilt UOUllClJ counlry, always boding its ruin, i — • Such a one then lived in Fhiladel- 3 OTHERS ON TRIAL phia; a person of note, an elderly , man, with a wise look and a v.ry grave manner of speaking; his name was Samuel Micklc. This gentleman, a stinger to me. stopt one day at my door, and asked me if I was the young man who had lately oprned a new printing-house. Being inswered in thc affirmative, he said he was sorry for me. because it. was nn expensive undertaking, and the expense would be lost; for Philadelphia was a sinking place, the people already hnlf- bankrupts. or near being so; all rippcaranccs to thc contrary, such as new buildings and the rise of rents, being to his certain knowledge fallacious; for they were, in fact, among the things that would f:oon ruin us. And he gave me such a detail of misfortunes now existing, or that were soon to exist, that he left me half melancholy. Had I known him before I engaged in this business, probably I never should have done it. This man continued to live in this decaying plac'.-, and to declaim in thc same strain, refusing for many year,'] to buy a house there, because all was going to destruction: and at lust 1 had the pleasure of scjjjjjjg; h Jm Rive fiyq Hmus as much for one" as he might'nave bounht it for when he first began his croaking." Varied Program Is Offered City This Thanksgiving Day Services Wednesday Night at Methodist and Presbyterian Churches j j B A PTIST THURSD A Y ] Air Show at Airport Thursday Afternoon—Foot" ball at Hot Springs Varied holiday observances will keep mony Hope residents at home, while traditional football games, hunting-trips and visits to relatives, will cnrry many away from home on I Thanksgiving clay. i Several Hope churches will observe the day with song and prayer, affording an opportunity to the public t.T express thanks for'all the blessings cf the year. "Why Be Thankful Today," will bo hc sermon subject pt the ,Rcy. frecl fifcrftoiv pastor of 'Jmjsi>THfethc)cjist church. The sermon will be delivered at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. The church chcir will furnish special music. A 45-minutc worship will be held at 7 o'clock Thursday morning at First Baptist church. The service will be characterized by brevity and simplicity. Service at CCC Camp At First Presbyterian church the mid-weejt prayer service Wednesday night will be devoted to Thanksgiving activities. The Rev. Thomas Brew- stcr, pastor, will deliver a Thanksgiving message Thursday night at the Alton CCC camp. A free air show will be held at 1 p. m. Thursday at the Hope airport. . Wednesday "as far as I know" " K J "'»'"^ *•»'•"• A parachute jump is scheduled for |h( , !lrlminkfr!ll i,,, 1 haK nnt „,„„„„,, lu | more than doubled. 3 p. m. Other events including formation flying, ribbon cutting and tin auto bnrdwall crash. Passenger flights Bonus Veto Still Regarded Likely Morgenthau Reports Thusly After Visit With President Roosevelt ; Scandal Following Home-. ! coming Celebration I Causes Investigation ' FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.— (/P) —Dean ! W. N. Gladson. chairman of the Uni- jvcrsity of Arkansas discipline cnin- Imiltee, Wednesday announced the dis- j missal from the university of seven I men ttuticnts. whose names were not i disclosed, following an investigation j into charges of moral turpitude. ' The dean said similar charges j against three other students were un! der advisement, and that, his com! mil tec was also considering the can- j ccllation of the charters of two fraternities on the campus. i The investigation followed Homc- i coming week at the university. i Dean Gladson, aclinp president of | the university in the absence of Pres- i ident J. M. Futrall. said with reference j to the expulsions, that the findings of | the disciplinary committee had been j approved Wednesday morning by the i student senate, composed of faculty i niembors and students. Japanese Troops Pour Into China Expelled by State University Works Even on His Vacation Thousands of Soldiers Thrust Into Chief Cities of North China Star to Take Usual Holiday on Thursday Thanksgiving day holiday will ba observed all day Thursday by The Star, which suspends publication three times a year—Fourth of July. Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There will be no city edition Thursday afternoon, and no mail edition Friday morning. The newspaper plant will be closed in all departments Thursday. It's vacation time for the nation's chief, but-his work goes on just the same. Here President Roosevelt transacts some of the country's business while seated in his car at the Warm Springs, Ga., "While House," where lie's taking his annual Thanksgiving rijst. Marvin Mclntyrc, presidential secretary, informally clad,'leans toVvar*tl the president ns a White Mouse secretary takes notes fr.iim Hooscvelt's^cHctation. Back, of the cWet executive is Gus Gennerich^hls biulyguajfd, and lbokingi;oii, > fj;on>,.J}uhiiui js Marguerite LcHand, F. R.'s personal secretary. , „•. " " ' .,:-'" r v" WASHINGTON.— (ff>) —Just back from a talk with President Roosevelt, Secretary of the Treasury Morgenlhau By the Associated Press Thousands of Japanese .soldiers I moved into important cities of North i China Wednesday as their loaders an- I nnunccd the rei/ure of the railway junction cast of Peiping. Trains brought 3.000 Japanese troops and war equipment to Tientsin, and the Japanese garrison at Poiping was the administration has not changed its I attitude toward cash payment of the bonus. Some of his listeners at the press Simultaneously the Japanese mili- | tury chiefs expressed disapproval of j Nanking's plan to permit the Chinese .„,,,,, , . , A ouiiic in ins IIMCIILMS ai. uiu uiess , .., ., » T ., «i • • * will be held throughout the day. An- ; ; cnnfcwnco i mnlodiillclv interpreted his ! to scttlc the North Chln " cnsls ' nounccmcnt of the free air show was ; remarks as moaning that any such made by Harold Bell, barnstorming : ltR islation enacted nt the next session aviator and publicity agent for the ' of cmi( j,. ess w j|i ngain Rct „ ,,,. cs j t i en _ show. | ti;.,; vt to. At 2:30 p. m. Thursday the Ycrgor ] __„,„_ High School Tigers will meet the] J/v/\ H/I'll* f\ 1 Fresco!! Black wolves and their an-jdlDll IVll 1)1011 I lit mm! football game. Thc contest will j *VV 1T11111UII \Jltt be played on Yerger Athletic field, i Thc teams arc about equally matched. : Hope will be playing its seventh game, bavins won two, lied one and lost three. Manager Arthur Swanke announced a Thiink.sgiving matinee, starting at p. in. at Suunger theater. The ture picture will bc: "Annapolis Wewell," starring Sir Guy Standing, Rosalind Keith, Tom Down and Richard Crowmell. Fans tu Hot Springs A motor caravan of several hundred Off Federal Budget Roosevelt Indicates Retrenchment on Eve of Atlanta Address Copyright Associated Press SHANGHAI, China — The Chine.se National government took steps Tuesday to block the North China autonomy movement, but a Japanese spokesman said they came "too late." A program of reform in North China to prevent secession was adopted by the government ut Nanking. It included an order Cor the dismissal and arrest of Yin Ju-Keng, leader of an independent state proclaimed Monday at Tungehow for 25 counties of Hopch and Chahar provinces. In a conference on the situation. Maj. Gen. Rensuke Isogai, Japanese Bobcats and Trojans Evenly Matched for Turkey Day Game Contest on Hot Springs Field to Be Called at 2:30 o'Clock Thursday Afternoon The Hope-Hot Springs football game set for 2:30 p. m. Thursday at Rix field, Hot Springs, has all the earmarks of a "dog fight" to the finish. W Hope, the powerhouse of Southwest j Arkansas and district 10 champions, j has eliminated every team in this i section. The Bobcats have beaten nine teams this season. The last seven Hope victories have come in a row. The Bobcats have been gunning for thc Trojans in drill sessions this week. 3 formations against Trojan and running plays have been seriously. Enthusiastic pep Robbed; 3 Escape Cashier, Wife, Customer | Forced to Lie on Floor j taken as Bank Is Looted 1 rallies have been held. The Bobcats are primed for battle. HORATIO, Ark.— (tf>) —Three ban- i T1 '° dope, P'us the fact that the clits robbed thc Horatio State bank j Trojans will be playing on their horns Wednesday of an unestimatcd amount j Iot - will give the Hot Springs squad a cash and escaped toward Okla- i edge. The Bobcats expect to homa. : '>f f set that advantage with greater C. E. Hcndrix, bank cashier, said he. I "fight." his wife and D. B. McSwain of thc i Hot Springs holds a 7-to-G victory State Highway Department were fore- j °vor Camden, a team that beat Hope ed to lie on the floor while two of the ' G-0. The Trojans nosed out El Do[•( e gunmen scooped up all thc cash ' rado, a team that beat Hope 13 to 0 • .. i_ i l ci ._ _t t .,( t?l T"**«..n fin T-T~* C*. 1— _,- _ 1 i_ _i_i.. in sight and fled. WARM SPRINGS. Ga.—(/I 1 )—President Roosevelt announced Tuesday a reduction of $400,000,000 so far in the- estimates, of government departments for next year's expenditures. military attache here, reported he told \A/<3V Gen. Chen Yi cf the Nanking govern- T T (l£ men! that the program was too late. Another Japanese spokesman here •xprcsscd doubt that the Nanking plan football fans will fellow the Hope With IhelJucigetTiriilifi almost com- ' would bc adequate and said Nankin:; High School football team to Hot • o | c . tcc i f or )llc rcKU | m ' departments should consider "popular" Northern Springs where thc Bobcats and the j Mr. Rocsevelt refrained from any ' currents fir autonomy. Trojans will meet at 2:30 p. m. Thank* I comparison of totals with this year's' A Nilllkm f>' dispatch said Gen. Yen Trojans will meet at 2:30 p.m. Thanks- j expenditures, He said he had not dis- ' Hsio-Shan, overlord of Shansi and I ' ' ' ' ' ' Suiynan provinces, left Nanking for Shansi in the private airplane of General iss--imo Kai-Shek carrying Nan- king's assurances of full co-operation If Italy Is Boycotted; f-iving day. Coach Foy Hammons announced (Continued on page five) | cussed with Chairman Buchanan of tio House Appropriations Committee FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: HEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. '• in blocking autonomy i those provinces. agitation in th the letter's prediction the deficit for next year could bc pared to $500,000,000. Representative Buchanan left Tuesday. Driving his car back from the swim- ' miiiR pool on the way to lunch, the president kept his semi-weekly press conference, stopping in front of Gcor- L'ia hall at thc Warm Springs Foundation. Sealed with him in the front, seat was Secretary Morgenthau. Aubrev - - —Williams head of the National Youth PhysiclailS to Be ill Session Administration. g:it into the back seat ' 1lr , , »,.~, OQlu " cf the open car with Gus Gcnncrich. Wednesday Night at personal bodyguard to the president. Mr. Roosevelt said he had written a reply to Governor Talmadgo of Georgia in response to his written formal greeting. Asked about the address at the welcome home celebration Tri-County Clinic to Meet at 7:30 Hotel Barlow at El Dorado. Hot Springs also holds a late season victory ever Fort Smith. A turkey dinner and pep rally will i be held Wednesday night for lhe Bobcat team and Coaches Hammons, Jones and Martin. The dinner will be given it New Capital Hotel. Every friend and supporter of the Bobcat team is invited to attend. Thc turkey dinner Extension of Sanction Plan win cost 75 ccnts - The meeting starts at 7:JO p. m. A large attendance is 1 urged. Coach Foy Hammons said at noon Wednesday that thc football team was in Rood condition with the exception oC D. Parsons and Keith. Keith has an infected foot. Parsans ha.s a side ailment. Both arc expected to play. Charles A. Haynes Dies Here, Victim of Heart Attack Member of Mercantile Firm Succumbs Tuesday Night at Age of 62 F UNERAL THURSDA Y Born Near Murfreesboro, Pike County, He Came to Hope at Age of 12 Charles A. Haynes, 62, pioneer Hope" merchant and member of the firm of Haynes Brothers, died suddenly at his home, 410 West Second street, Tuesday night. Death was caused by a heart attack. Born near Murfreesboro in Pike county, he came to Hope with his parents at the age of 12. He has been associated with two brothers, John H. and J. A. Haynes, in the mercantile business many years. Funeral services will be held at 10 a m. Thursday from the family res- j Threc .„ r Hnrvev Barr who poUed idencc. The Rev. Wallace R. Rogers, Futrell to Issuer Call If a Revei Bill Finds M Henry and Cassidy Win Council Race C e n tennial Com misi&djl Suggests $1 License for Re venue r \9 WOULD GET 1 ""' J L ~ / ', Legislators May Be Polled on 1936 Celebration'^ Financing - )' Jfe _, „ <iyV ' MSfi j LITTLE 'ROCK— (fP)— Governor j trell announced Wednesday he WO; I call a special Centennial sessipn/'bf • legislature to appropriate Henry Defeats Barr, and Cassidy Takes Lead Over Dr. Carrigan In a quiet city election held Tuesday, Hope voters elected four aldermen, city attorney and city clerk. Only two races were contested. They were aldermanic posts in the third and fourth wards. Polling 193 votes, Dr. F. D. Henry was re-elected alderman in Ward pastor of First Baptist church, will be in charge, assisted by the Rev. J. F. Queen of Prescott. Burial will be in Rose Hill cemetery. Surviving are his widow, a son, Charles A. Haynes, Jr., and a daughter. Mary Haynes. Two brothers, John H. Haynes, J. A. Haynes. Three sisters, Mrs. L. E. Singleton, Mrs. C. I'. Routon, Mrs. C. A. Hervey, alt of Hope. ' - ' , '•',':,.•,'.• .. .Active'-pallbcarei-s: Charles. Sbuton, 'Henry Haynes, Comer . .. -RoufOri; 7'homas McDaniel, Thad McDaniel'and Lige DcLaughter. Honorary pallbearers: R. M. Briant, R. T. White, C. C. Spragins, O. A. Graves, Kline Snydcr, J. M. Houston, John S. Gibson, R. R. Gillespie, Henry Taylor, B. R. Hamm, Eh-. Don Smith and L. M. Boswell Derrick Completed Near Washington Prairie Mound Oil Co. Drilling Test in North County Lime Formation Completion of a derrick in the SW/4 NE'/4 14-11-26 on block assembled by the Frairie Mound Oil company dur- 101 votes. Henry led by-29, votes. Dr. P. B. Carrigan, incumbent,, was ousted as Ward Four by C. E. Cassidy. The vote for Cassidy was 204. Carrigan's vote was 156, a .difference of 48. W. S. Atkins was re-elected city attorney without .opposition. T. R. Billingsley was re-elected city clerk without opposition. .'.;."',;, , •* E. P.: : Young was nominated, alder- maii in Ward ; One.. He will replace Roy lAndcrson, retiring alderman. Young had rio-opposttionV -««::; * ; 4; L. • A; •'• Keith, present alderman in Ward Two, was re-elected without opposition. The vote in contested races: W-l W-2 W-3 W-4 Henry ; ,. 59 56 50 '2&-193 staging the 1936 celebration, if *ja meht could be developed a!mV~ a legislators for this proposal.' The governor macle his statement after the Arkansas Centennial mission had requested that * v )ie x call? the special session to pass a olll pi'O*.*' viding for a state-wide auto J drivers'^ license fee of ?1 per person, '.with.., per cent of the revenue year period dedicated to the> use *^L V the Centennial commission in develop'-^ ing the'celebration of Arkansas lOOtl birthday. The other 40 per cent would go\ tS^| the State Rangers under the proposalX It was estimated the levy laturc will {lass the bill," the govern' said. 1 .-"I'am ready to act, and ii 'develop sentiment favoring ,posal within the next few days>yoxr job t is L done." Ban- 63 Cassidy 71 Carrigan 52 39 G4 34 34 -31 51 28—164 38—204 10—156 ing the summer, was announced Wednesday by the Dixie Drilling coin- Mexico organization, having offices in Hotel Barlow. The hole thc lime northern Hempstead county from Blevins to the Howard county line near Okay. Pat Stewart, driller, announced that operations will begin in about two ks, or as soon as machinery can be moved in and made ready for drilling. Keeping of Farm Records Stressed Week of December 9-14 to Focus Attention on Business Records Farm Record week will be observed in Hempstead county, December 9-1.4, Cotton Certificate! Surplus Certificates^* Should Be Turned Into v Cotton Pool at Once ' The demand for cotton tax-exemp- '' * tion certificates far exceeds the sup- f! ply according to Ray Cram, assistant ' in cotton adjustment. '/ Since there is such a demand at this ' time producers who have surplus certificates are urged to turn tnem 'in ' immediately to the county agent's office. * Producers should bear in mind that \ there is only a slight margin of not more than 200,000 bales which is expected to exist between the total cotton crop for this year and the total * available of all certificates from all' as part of a stale-wide campaign for j the keeping of accurate and Thc National Cotton Tax-Exemption Certificate Pool was created in order,, to provide a form of crop insurance to those producers who did not make. , T-i-ins arn nomp rmrmiPTPn rnr a . tneir total allotment because of Un- *^te*im-t w t^to\^rt™^^™^ which controllable causes. Since the cotton formation which runs across > „ ,,„ . ., A • .. '.„.., ,£ nt ,„,„,. ! producers of Frank R. Stanley, county agent. Plans are being completed for a t will be held in the county that week, at which time the 1934 farm record j books will b f e returned to the farmers j who completed and sent them in for use in a types-of-farming area survey conducted by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Accompanying each record book will be producers of Nevada county will pro- (Conlinued on page five) The test will be on a 900-acre tract i an analvsis of each individual farm iwnccl by Mrs. Vada Wheatly of Hot '" comparison to the average in the • Business Course Is Opened by WPA Lead Mussolini to Fight, He Says I5y Ilic Associated Press East African conflict between ' arranged for him at Atlanta on Fri', day, he .said he had written two pages i 'jf his talk Monday night, but had put them away for another .start later. Mrs. Roosevelt is cuminu here late Wednesday for Thanksgiving, Janie-i Roosevelt, eldest son, is expected clur- , The Tri-County Clinical Society will meet al 7:.'iO p. in. Wednesday at Hotel Barlow. The nrcuram. arrunpcd by Dr. L. M. I ilr of Hone, will feature addresses by three Little Rock physicians. AijncariiiL' on thc program will be Dr. Juhn Walkins, who will discuss "iii.'iMnidilis and its complications." Tin- Mibiecl of an address by Dr. Joe '.."huffkld i.-- "the- care of fractures." Dr. .i. N. Coniptor. will discuss A. shampoo hnlp.s when you're in a, lather uvor lliu condition of your hair. : mg the day. "jaundice." From 30 to SO meirbi-rs : Tuesday Mr. Roosevelt mofjrcd fi „.,£! KW ,-\ K are cxpvciccl l.u attend The j the jjluyhcuse here to witness a play v;, c jelv is composed of physicians in i by patients of the foundation, an in- i. e,.i|.s!cacl. Nevada and Clark coun- ' stitulion for thc treatment of the uf- •;,_.._ ter effects of infantile paralvsis. Tlv..- —»»»»! Play was entitled "The Old Maid's 'Jhor.: aiv 7di:i) bridges in England | Dilenuna." , U11 fj( f,,,- niodern traffic. Tlu Italy and Ethiopia cndant'crcd European unrest Wednesday. T. • , e , . Sources close to Mussolini's govern- \ hc billil ' lc <-' of the team is in good ment .said that forceful resistance yhi ! p . e ' . lhe coach sald ; Admission prices will b "" mi.uht be expected if the League of Nations pressed for an extension of 'lie sanctions against Italy. ; On the East African battlefields Ethiopian reports, denied in Rome- howi.vt'j. of victories on the southern "riml. were followed with a ci;m- iH!ni(|iie at Addis Ababa .siyiny that. hoiisands of Italians who had occupier! Makale on the northern front •etearlcd Tuesday to Adigrat. C'cp.vrifc'lit Associated Press ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—(/T>i— Death cf Lij Yasu, one-lima Ethiopian ruler whom Emperor Haile Selassie ; had held captive in u luxurious villa, was anncunccd by government officials Tuesday. With his death, Haile Selassie b.-- ci'.ine the undisputed .suverign of wlvit Ethiopian officials called a uni!- cd nation. They said Lij Yasu's death was mere important to the independence and s-iliclarily of Ethiopia than a decisive victory over the Italians on the battlefield, and expressed the belief Italy had new lest its chief hope i.t" success in the war. There had been reports that Italian* (Continued un page fivcJ 26 cents for and 51 ccnts for adults. Hope tans will purchase tickets at. Hot Springs. No advance tickets were sent. here. The game .starts at 2:30 p. m. The Bobcat team will leave Thursday morning. The 37-i:iecc Hope Boys band will depart soon afterward, and several hundred fans will follow. Bulletins UTTIE ROCK—(/Pi— The \\l'\ announced Wc.li'-esday Ihc open" iii'4 of apiirc\iinati.'l.y lilt) schools for adult cdiualii n as purl of the WPA unergency edue.ilional program. The M'hoois will bc located in all parts of (lie stale. - -.-^.. _____ Brazil Federalists Take Rebel State Capture Natal, Last of Two Revolution Centers- Battle in Rio Ethel Whitehurst to to Conduct School at Division St. Residence . Whitehurst announced RIO DE JANEIRO. Braz»-(Copy- type-of-farming j stated. j Arkansas farmers turned in more | record books in 1934 for the survey in i this state than did the farmers of any I other state. More than 13,000 books ' ™™- fthel were studied and tabulated in the sur- j Wednesday the opening cf a general vey. 440 farmers in Hempstead conn- i educational and shorthand school, to ' operated as a WPA pioject. It wll - . =°" du . ct . ed at her residence, 423 analyzing their business operations, i W ,? st Division street according to Mr. Stanley. j. Opening of the school Wednesday Farmers holding crop adjustment i f ,° Uow . ed Dth £ re ceipt of a telegram contracts were furnished with farm ! ! rom w - R Dyess. SWe WPA record books for 1935 by the Acricul- lstrat ° r - authorizing tlie school ty completed their records and took '. advantage of this opportunity for an- j Alment Admnion, Whitehurst announced that ing from a Hope. radius of 10 miles of right Associated Press)—Loyal troops i wll | ch distributed 100000 books 'those eligible to enioll in the school battled rebel soldiers in Brazil's cap- ,| n . OU g houl the state. The'l935 record*. < "'eluded any white peison over the ital Wednesday in a desperate effort I will also bc ana i yzecl by , he College! »SC of 16. Classes ^.11 be taught m to suppress what the government ] of Agric ulture in a survey similar to ; the morning and at night No charges called a Communist uprising. thut conducted this year. Approx- wl » be »'^ e : , ... Meanwhile, the rebel forces were imalel 150 o , arm in Hempstead Mrs. Whitehurst conducted a Sim- dislodged from Natal, which they, county are keeping record books for ! lar srchoo} last V P ; »-' students enroll- capturcd last Saturday, and the gov- (1935j und u is cxpected lhat many ,,f '"" ""'" "* ernment appeared to be winning its, them will colnplete lheir rccords so fight throughout the northeast, where , , hat thov may be , urne(1 jn for an . the rebellion broke out. : ulysis> Mr Stanley said. i Record books for 1936 arc being pre- u ,^ ^r^ ,\KA,;^ '*' l M1 ' ecl anri wil1 bc distributed to con- RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil-^)- tract signers carly in the ycar , ot Loyal federal troops drove rebels from which time thc completed 193 5 rccor d Itlu-ir stronghold at Socorro, state of; books WJU bc co]lectcd . T] lose farm | Pcrnambuco, Tuesday, thc government : records not onl . furnish the contract j wa-. advised. This important victory. : signers wit h pr oof of compliance and I serve a.s a basis of future contracts. j but they provide an accurate picture I of the farm operations for the year, showing where the leaks occurred which reduced thc margin of profit. Stanley pointed out. WASHINGTON — i/h— With the i'diiiiiiistratimi coa-idci-lng u (juotu .'•ystein to limit exports of raw materials to warring nations, several nicn-ljcr.s of vtiugivss expressed the belief Wcdue.sduy Unit "more definite" luulrnlity lesishi- tiou .should )H> e'liu'ted. the Government claimed, save it control cf Pornansbuco, '.me of two revolt- torn ttutes in the northeaM. Federal troops wore marching on ihc chief remaining rebel Mronnhold. Natal, ftate of Rio Grande do Nort --. i A bombing squadron was ordered to accompany them. ! Niipoloan navrowly misted bciim Insurgents driven from Socorro. one ; bom an Englishman. England ami cf throe important towns held since ' Frame had been wrangling ubuut pus- Sunday by the Lcfti-st revolters, fled : session of Corsica for several years. northwest of Recife (Pernambucoi and and it was just a few months before prepared for a stand, the governor of I Napokw's birtli, in 17B9. that tlic con- Pernambuco reported. S-icorro fell | troversy was settled in favor of after 22 liQiirs if fishting. I tVaiuv.

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