Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1937
Page 4
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f AGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, Decomber 30,1937 "The More You Tell, the Quicker You Sell" RATES On« time—2c word, minimum 30e Three. times—3%c word, mlA. 50c SLt times—6c word, minimum 90c One month (M times)—18c word, minimum J2no Rates are for continuous torer- ttans only. ' In making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is free. But each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts a* a full word. For example: FOB BENT—Jhree-room modern furnished apartment, with (araitt* close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, We fot one lime; at 3&c word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All «rders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation at bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered HOLD EVERYTHING — Old Beds, New Beds. For Christmas can you fceat it $-1.50 to $9.50. Come and see Kempstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St. Call Paul Cobb, 638-M. 12-2-26tc COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South Elm, Phone 383 Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed. 29-26tp Wanted HIGHEST JTftlCES PAID for .PECANS, SCRAP IRON. METALS. FURS P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 004 East 2nd Street. Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-26tc WANTED TO BUY—Dry four foot wood. Hope Steam Laundry. 20-2tc LOANS Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy monthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 10-26tc For Rent •ASUNCION Rbti CTRANGEST of tropical worlds greeted the expedition of Spaniard Juan de Ayolas as it moved 'sluggishly up the Parana river and into the Paraguay late in tlvj vear. of 1537. Myriad curious .•Features dotted the stream and th? verdant banks, including ir,- .-.umerable alligators. And then on a sunny morning ho expedition sighted a mountain .•shoreward, the first since leaving the ocean. Here it was determined to make a landing. An- thors splashed down and the new pioneers rowed to land. But scarcely had they set loot when hostile Indians attacked from the bush. But the Europeans won. The Ouanani fled in dismay. And Ayolas and his men followed in close pursuit, Within diree days the tribesmen were :ompletely subdued and the Spaniards had effected their first foot- iold in interior South America. Shortly afterward Ayolas and his nen moved deeper into a pleasant : .ittle bay and on its shores laid !he first foundations of Asuncion, :he capital of Paraguay. So this year Asuncion celebrates ts 400th anniversary. And a far :ry is this modernized city of al- nost 100,000 from that discovery lay. Throbbing center of activ- ty, it is a city of the world. Tho Parliament building is shown here HI a 1920 Paraguayan stamp. (Copyright. 1937, NEA Service. Inc.) ~ OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . . . Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS THERETO THAT MAN A<3AIM/ WHO <-""•""• i-^-^^ x2^f HETAH TO SEE FOAH TIMES -,. MhSTAH MAC3AH/ ME ^\ £5AV WE? WAS. A OLO HOME-TOWN CHdM OB YOUR^ BUT AH'S MAD DEM ^ 3ASON, SUCH A -SILLY CLAIM/TO cSAlkl ANOTHER AUDIENCE WITH ME— BU c fc- ja.-R(jPP>r WHEKJ T HAVE -SPECIFICALLY TOLD HIM, OKI 3EVE-RAL OCCASIONS, THAT 1 WOULD MOT IKJ HIS FLIMSY" -SxlMEMEv INSTALLMENT COLLECTORS/ j# KAFP-KXFFr IMFORM H/M TO ~l YESSUH/ _r- ^i "WAT I HAVE LEFT OKI ro sm SIDNEY YA<±HT T=OR A SCIENTIFIC VOYAGE TO THE SARAC30SSA SirA ' FOR RENT: Good country home with pasture, water in pasture and house. J. M. Reese at G. L. Johnson's 4 miles east of Hope on Highway 4. 27-6tp. FOR RENT—Two or three room apartment in nice home close in. 'b x x SEBVICC. INC. T. M. REC. U. 3, PAT. OFF^. n r\ JE'LL REALLY TOP, THE OWLS \/ \NBS, WILL VUM DUMP ^\ /__—.—// , i TH\S AAACARON\ BACK \ I / // /" INTO TH 1 BOX ? 1 GOT TO PICK TH' BEANS OUT O' TH 1 WOOD BOX. TH 1 DANG PACK RAJS \S A GITT'N' WLJSS! 8OOTS AND HER BUDDIES DV NE/> SERVICE. (NC. V I T ''. TO, U-S PAT OFF. Dad Gum It! THE NIC3HT SHIFT. ^f -r — J By HAMLIN NEXT: Against what foreign colony is Egypt currently fortify- tag her frontiers? 9 COUV.O \. CAV.V. W^>. VOO'RE M^W Vi.E^t VOO ? \ ALLEY OOP Oh, Oh! That Got Her Vb-VOHO <pAAO VX ASiO \ DOKi'T ^ttN- A OAKifo O\O l 1 C/XWEO By MARTIN Handling Congress is like teeth-1 pulling for Roosevelt, who may yet VOL) MEVER HEARD OF HARME55INJ A DIMO5AUR?? MA\W/ BUT OF COURSE 1 SHOULDA K,MOWN WOO VVA5 A &ACXWAR.D ^ Reasonable. 505 South Walnut or: have to drag some of the issues out Phone 851. 28-3tp by the grass roots. FOR RENT—Modern 5 room house with garden, barn and garage. 1523 S. Main. Miss Lillie Mkkllebrooks. 29-3tc For Sale FOR RENT—My home. 5 rooms, hall, screened porch. '! closets and bath in good condition. Near school. J. C. Hall. 30-ltc Hollywood is considering making all its temperamental actresses into producers so their talent for creating a scene will not go to waste. Being married to your job is nothing new but the number of men grass- widowed by the depression is no !ess than tragic. Today's Answers to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One 1. Fifty muscles are ased to frown and only 13 to smile, physicians say. So really it is easier to smile. 2. The person is suffering with a fear of lightning if he has as- trophobia. and with a fear of being closed up in a building if he has claustrophobia. 3. Washington never lived in the White House. 4. The bush master, a member of the rattlesnake family, is found in the Amazun jungle. 5. Fernando de Solo was the first white man to see the Mississippi. Famous Foreign Flyer HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Flyer famous early in this century 11 Portion. 12 Instruments. 14 Uncommon. 16 Wastrel 18 Reverence. 19 Devil. 20 Lion. 21 Rowing tool 23 Knock. 15 Strike N 26 Upon. J7 Skirt edge. 29 To scold. 50 Northeast H Toward. 12 To rectify. 35 Noisy outcry. 18 Frozen water 10 Eagle's nest. 12-Chaos }3 Mister. }4 He v/os also an airplane 47 Stir. Answer to Previous Puzzle 49 Those that VERTICAL, tease. 1 Burdened. 50 Overlays with 2 Part of a shall gold. 3 Indian. 52 Sun. 4 Therefore. 53 Flavor. 5 To nod. 58 Island. 6 To ogle. 59 Hartm. 7 Electric unit. 61 Dormouse. 8 God of war. 62 He was the 9 Curse, first man to flylO Group of the English fcilway cars. . (pi.) Jl This v/on 63 Ho v/as a international native of fame, (pi.) 13 Fence rail. 15 Grafted. 17 Eggs of fishes. 19 Mineral spring, 22 Wine Vessel. 24 Conjunction. 27 Mohammedan nymph. 28 Critical reviewers. 31 Pedal digit. 33 Musical note, 34 Northeast. 36 Somewhat hard. 37 Light colors. 39 To break open 41 Night before. <3?. Neither. 43 Sorcery. 45 Artist's frame. 46 Tissue. 48 Jar. 51 Lair. 54 Wing. 55 Male child. 56 Twitching. 57 Before. 59 Southeast. 60 Provided. VOU'M ME-'S GCW'JA BE /'wELL.WHAT \ r-R\EKi05.' WHV, WITH ME > MAhE5 VOL) / HELPIM' VA, VOU'LL GO ( THIMK THAT / DOWM IM HISTOeV AS V ID-v / WASH TUBES ?OR DAYS WASH AND EASY CONTINUE THEIR FRUITLESS •T SEARCH FOR gEVERLV HILL'S KIDNAPERS. | HAH? V'CAM'T FOOL/WHATCHA OL'EENY/I KNOW ) DCMNJ 1 , WHAT I'MTALKlN' ABOUT.'LOOK. - PICTURE LEMME SHO 5UMPIW / x- 3 WELL,WHAT VDU SAID IT, SISTER-/ OF A V MOW LEMME ASK/ anuMPT SUNAPIM" / FEATHER IN VOUK BOMWtT IS--- --cwo- ftVrUM-xT !-(• TO BETH' RULER WHO PEklV ^OUVE GOT fl^ J^K. P" 2 - 5 " 7 IMTRDDUCED A E ?UMP£niil^T *f*^ DIMOSAUe-DRAWM CART IM MOO.' Jp 1?37 BY NEA SERVICE, l CKANE TH 1 USE, EASY? \/HEI?E v S WE 6IW TO 17 ISLANDS]/THAT'D MAKE X ALREADY, AN' /A A SWELL VNvHIOEOUT. .^)/^^ /Mr ^^i^^ **M» -^ y - HALLO, TWEREf is THAT! " - r« ^HOWI^^J / < \r < V * C «V,> '^ V-.' ^ "' &i """"" HEY, / vou WUNTA VHEN G\T THE STOP I KILL SO^AEBODYy HEGK FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS GOSH,I'M SURE GETTIWQ KIDDED AT SCHOOL ABOUT "BUTCH"/CAM i HELP IT IF SOMEBODY WISHED A BABY OWTO ME ? Pop" Cook IT GET YOU Y ''^'^ft Do ^. }&&;"•' WUTTY .' /' jdj*. A ^ \ MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE YOU'RE DOIKIQ A WOBLE V/ORk ! IT ISW'T EVERYONE V/HO'D TAKE IM A STRAMGE BABY GIVE IT A E AMD CARE. By BLOSSER SOMEBODT HAS TD TAKE CARE OF THIS POOR KID ! GEE, IT'S KIOT HIS? f=AULT HIS MOTHER TEMPORARILY ABANDONED HIM ! NUTTY' A(JD AKTi'BODY WHO KIDS 'YOU ABOUT IT, IS A HEEL,' WELL, I GOTTA BE GOIWC3 Tft'^v^i — N viy-p* •- ;|/ •2/? 1 POP. 1 John Turns Up Agein V 3 ' By THOMPSON AND COLL '7 PLEASE, WILLIE-]AWE'LL SOO^J 1 WHAT HAVETHEV// FIMD OUT — \ DONE WITH XI BKIWSTHAT •>s— TAr-iz? / I GOPPE& IW HERE, I LET U5 DIRECT OUR ATTEN- LjsJ TIOM TO THE STREET IM FRCMT OF WILLIE'S HIDE-OUT, WHERE AM EXCITED GfZOUP IS GATHERED AROUND A SHATTERED FIRE BOX. , A FAMILIAB FI&URE PUSHES THR.U THE CEOWD... IT IS JOHM, RECEWTL-V OF THE .SANATORIUM. HMM-THAT COULD) HAVE BEEW POME OWLV WITH A &ULLEJ,' I

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