Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1935
Page 4
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Mfdlfln aai=i aa M KI roaio BHBUH raaHii=i auasi 1 Sill of fare, fflffcts. 'ttnit At work. vChtJfcti t»ft», -,.fcttJ ifSJUilbHeant!.. Structural ja-'i unit.,. MiJtMduJt. MCtOack of the % fifefc.. 41 Cuttle botte, 42 Aeriform fuel. ^ Pedal digit. 45 TO withdraw. 4? To Wangle. 49 Quaking. $J Model. 54 ami ventricles are its chambers. 55 Tube carrying blood from this organ. YfifVflCAfj 2 Duck down. 3 Wild sheep. 4 Staggered. 5 Ignores. 6 Rotating * 7 Active. 9 Vagabonds. 10 Carries. 11 To make atnends. 1,1 Wine vessel. . 16 Jt is th« seat o* —*. id it is & hollow *•-""* drffatt, 24 f hefefore. 26 Since. 29 Deny. .11 By Way of. 32 Mountain. 34 To cut off. 35 Prophet, 37 florae fennel. 39 To feet Indignant dlsploasur*. tl Membrnnom bag. 42 Cheek. 43 Greek letter. 41 Pronoun. 45 Musical note. 46 female deer. 47 To sin. 48 Mother. 49 Dye. so Southeast. 51 Postscript. 53 Form of "me." (R " Cleaning Day Note 'v up the , buttonholes of a t 'before •washing so that they lot, -stretch. When washing a ^sweater, always put it on a ''"when it is drying and do not clothes pins. ,Jrljpt wash'mirrors or glass with a •yV wet "rag or some of. the water 1BOLTS White Oak— Whisky and Oil grade, Overcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. /'', Bound Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and spcdfieations, See HOEE HEADING ' Hope, Arfc. ; Sell Jtt Rod It! Bent It! Buy III f *» - " •' In th« Hope Star MARKETPLACE the more you tell, the '" quicker you sail, t time, 10c line, min, 30t For consecutive insertions, raiol- mum of 3 lines in one arf 3 times, 6c line, mia. S0« 6 times, Ic line, min. 90e 26 times, 3'/isc line, min. $2.79 ' (Avera«e 5Vi words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication Phone 76ft WANTED WANTED: Furnished house or apart- nient. Phone 146-W. 25-3t WANTED: Log trucks to haul logs to Hope, See Floyd Porterfield. 22-6tc. may penetrate back of the frame and injure the glass! A good damp chamois rag is useful for this purpose. If one tumbler has become stuck in another in piling them by the kitchen sink,, pour-, cold water in the upper glass which will contract it. Then let the lower glass soak in warm water and the glasses will become disengaged. Fopd'prices are still below average for 1923-25 the AAA points out. COMMON .COLDSJ I Relieve IhedistrcSBlno ' symptoms by applying Mentholatum in nostrils and rubbing on chest. Gives COMIFOH.T Dally If you prefer nose drop*, or •throat spray, call for the MEW HEMTHOUTUM LIQUID in handy bottle with dropper GAR GLASS CVT AND GBOUND TO FIT ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street T O L--E--T E X OIL COMPANY • Tractor Fuels and Lube Oils. Anything for Your Car. Phone 370 Da >' mid Nisht Money to Loan — MORTGAGES Borrow ISO to $250 from us at 6% on you* fwniture, automobile, or other personal property. Pay it back ta fimejl monthly payments. For full jn^ ^rotation see QRi!SNING 1NSUR* AGENCY. _ 20-%tc FOR RENT Sdamage. = We Can Fix a Good Roof. = = We Can Help an Old One. = i Sullivan Const. Co. = uimniimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For AH Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company RENT— December first, apartment with private bath, furnished, bills paid. Phone 416-.W, Mrs. Torn Wardlow, 620 South Main. 26-3tp FOB jiAifB-^Horsts and mules, See . Sutton at Sutton and Hale Ser- Station, Rope, Ark. 12-2$tp $50 to $500 AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for C O ? TO N TOM KINSER HATS fc' Male. White. Mark- : ^^.^^ fjV? year? old. Setter, P«- ; ^ White and black spots, black-tan ; ^.1.0-qd, atnd two years old. No collar ' on either dog. Ijberal reward fo- return, to Joe B. Greene. 25-3tc fv ^ H ^^ open for man with light j car. plenty «f wo** and plenty of , oav. Inquire V. W- Cterryberry. 222 ; 2d street WioiieiM-W. - ~- ' and Blocked —in— QUR OWN PLANT by Modern Machinery We have ju.st installed Uic very latest Automatic Jlat Blocking nui- clxiiics and can nuu avsurc you of first quality. Aictory fini.->hcil \vurk. Hall Brothers FhoneSSS By AHERN Hu HOUSE TMUMB WILL "ROSCOt: SiW -X- W5V PILE OLSON WENT OUT TOR S NM MUTES HEROES ARE MADE -NOT SORKJ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES by MARTIN We Hope Not DUMB E.V4OU6VK TO ROSVA UP TOOl'TVD ' V>t«y VAViO , ; < . • |i:) 1935 BY MEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 8. PAT. OFF V Like Mother Hubbard's Cupboard ' ALLEY OOP By CRANE •I GOTTA 8EGITTIW HOME,'FO(?E FOOZY GETS WOCEYIN' 'BOUT WHERE " M - SO LOWG - HO HUM .' 'S GOMNA BE SWELL T' SLEEP IN MY OWN CAVE AGAIM — •WEU.,FERCATSAKE/ HERE5 : NOBODy WASH TUBBS Just a Couple Pals By HAMLliN WOTrAVOU (70IKJM BUILDING A RAFT. I kMOW UP AT THIS EMPA/THE MURDERER IS. 1 kUOW WHERE TM' - ~ -- ( HE WEMT/ AMP I'M 6OIW6 AFTER ^ - - • - 1 VOU. 1 WE'RE V I'M A WOW, USTEU, LADDI6. THIS IS I'M \ DOW'T BE A SAP. A KILLER. WHAT'S . THE CURRENT MltfHT SUPDIES. WE BIW ' r tHRUTH|CK'MTHW .. IT, IP vou • /SWEEP us, PAST THE ISLAMP. IT ' MORE/ THERE MIGHT T06ETHEP. IP VOU ARK ;rT MI6HT WEVEK TAUE'US TO SHORE. BE FOOP AMD WATER OM THAT OTHER ISLAKJP. y~ &CAEE YOU/ YOU'RE <SUM|UA PITCH. ME; MOW, MISTEC? / YOU'RE .£ CRAW Ready Sale By BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FKiElNUS JL I20NT KNOW WHOD bJt DUklkJO IJMLP<=^ TUP 'FOOLISH ENOUGH TO GIVE ) I PUNNO, UNLESS THE OH,WE DIDMT GIVE THE SOUKIDS LIKE A WOBLE APMIRE YoU FOR WAWTIMQ WE GET THISIGS FROM IDEA , BUT FOOP SEEMS FOLKS WHO DOWT WEED ID HELP POOR PEOPLE MUCH FOR THEM- HCV/ D,P YOU MANAGE TO PUT OVER THAT PEAL ? IT'D BE BETTCR TO SELL 'EM AMD GET GROCERIES WfTH THE MONEY .' KWOVV THOSE GRAY RAWTS OF YOURS ? wax, we GOT FOR MORE IMPORTANT THAN CLOTHES....I RATHER THINK MY PANTS WERE MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN ANYONE ELSE / THEM, AKID GIVE THEM AT CHRISTMAS TIME, TAG, TO PEOPLE WHO DO . BUT WHAT IS THE MATURE WERE GOWKJA GIVE AWAY OUR OLD TOYS THINGS TO OF THIS CHARITABLE: MOVEMENT THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop7 SAY, YOO W\IND BLOWING UP THIS TIRE FOR N\E YOU WEREXvESSlRf RT BILLED NAE AS THE WE UAVENT A PUfAP/ WITH PT. (WORLD'S GREATEST HLLOWINQ NOW WHkT W3E. WE EARNUtv I HAD b VOICE, IN THOSE EU ? A*r, WHEN I'D INFLATE MJC LUNGS SWM3E TIC3E IS \ \ OOIMG T'DO FLAT, TOO/ y m<L^%£ AND PUT THE '35 8Y NEA SEOVlce. IhC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off

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