Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1935
Page 3
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f AS ThAnkftRlvinff Draws Near Thanksgivings come — Thanksgivings go~ Iieaving their wistful afterglow. '-As al Ithe hearts in exile knbw.) A large mul pensive company,. Who 'think bade on Ihe past, are we (Wearing our sprig of rosemary.) Some of us tnke untrodden Ways To find our lovely yesterdays— (Wrapped 'round with lavender and har.o). Some seek a well-loved face, n In memory kept n long, long while, (For thoughts fly fin ii-mnnyn mile.) (There is an old house, that for trte Means home, and love, nnd family- It matters not where I may be). But for all of us, the §ame road wends— Close up thc gaps, sit closer, friends) (Thanksgiving comes — Thanksgiving ends!) — Selected. ' The Friday Music club Will present Angelo Cortese, America's foreihosl Harpist in concert on the evening of December 3, at the city hall.' Mr. Cortese is making ft tour of the South East, passing through our city, and the Friday MUsic club wns indeed for- 1 tunate to secure him for their annual artist presentation. Numerous requests have been mnde for the ,1c SALE 1c on DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland 666 Liquid-Tablets Snlvc-Nose Drops checks COLDS and FEVER first day Headaches in 30 minutes For Thanksgiving Select your flowers from our splendid .collection. REECE FLORAL FARM Phone 1604-F-3 During Our Annual ONE CENT SALE COATS—DRESSES Ladies Specialty Shop Choral club to sing thtHr group sonfes thrtt made such a favorable im presslpn before the General U, D. C. convention in'Hot Springs. As an added attfftctlon to the program, thby will slftg this gtt>ui> of sohRs in the beautiful period costumes itiey wore on that occasion. M. and Mrs. J. M. Phillips hod as Surtday guests, their 'daughter, Mrs. Norttian Johnson, Mr. Johnson and sons of Shreveport, their grandson, Kenneth Phillips and Mrs. Phillips of Mooringsport La., and their grand dnughter, Miss Tiiieye Gray of Houston, Texas. Mrs. R. A. Boyett left Tuesday for ft few days visit with friends In Texarkana. Charles Crewson of Pittsburgh, PR,, Is the guest of his sister, Mrs. Guy Holt and Rev. Holt. George 'Robison, who is attending the University of Texas, Austin, will arrive Wednesday night to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with his mother, Mrs. George W. Robison. . Mrs. Giiy Linaker and Mrs. Charles 3rSanl were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Perdue in Louann. Lawrence Marshall of Little Rock will arrive Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving with Miss Maggie Bell 'and the Ike T. Bells. Rehearsals will begin Tuesday night at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. R. M. La- Gronc, North Hervey street, for n Christmas candle light service to be given by the 'Friday Choral club, Sunday December IS al the Vesper hour nt First Methodist church. Exerpts from the Messiah will be given, also organ, vocal and violin groups will be given by some of thc best musicians in the city. The men singers are cordially invited and urged to take part on this program, and be on hand Tuesday evening 'at 7:30 for the first rehearsal. Willis Smith of the Arkansas Medical college,. Little Rock will arrive Cliristian Should Live Accordingly Sd That the World Wi! Know Hitn as Such, Says Rev. Bert Webb Tine Rev, Bert Webb used the l$6t Psalfn as the basis of his sermon Mon» tiny night. He Said: "I never speak along the lines I nm to, tonight, without thinking of th* appropriation of whal God has provided for Us. It is life? people coming (o a well-filled table and going away hungry. We arc living so far beneath our privileges In that we do not appropriate the things God has provided for us. " 'When Ihe Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.' The sense o! this verse Is that H is too good to be true. Hnve you ever had God attswer your prayers UfHil it was almost too good to be true. God does not always answer our prayers just as we want him to. The wife of nn English business man liv* Ing in South Africa prayed Very definitely that God Wotild save her son before he iett Africa for England to Complete his education. Somehow she telt that God had forsaken her in that ie sailed without becoming a Christian. However, thelre was a missionary on board the steamer that came in •contact with the young man and through him the boy was'soundly converted and prepared himself for the mission field instead of going to the school he had intended to when he left home. Too matiy times we give up just before the battle is won. bet us be careful that we do not accuse God 'Of being unjust to us. "The heathen said, 'The Lord hath done grant things for them.' I believe that a Christian should live so that the tians. The scripture says 'Come out from among them and be ye Separate.' God expec'ts •you to be different from the world, but He doesn't expect you to be foblishly different. God's people should be peculiar, not because of their dress,- but because of their not partaking of sin or sinful pleasures. "Psalm 126 is entirely applicable to the church age. We cati pray God now to bring in the sheaves. You may be Wrestler Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving!"" 0 of °F .*?****• 6 . r one of thc ,,,;»u us., :_„,.„„<„ TV ..,r,^ M™ n™ gleaners, but brother, sister, reap some grain for God. Set your goal to help someone find Christ." with his parents. Dr. and Mrs. Don Smith. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Kaufman will have as Thanksgiving guests, Mns. Kaufman's sister, Mrs. W. C. Tindall, Mi 1 . Tindall and .two children of Grady Ark The Friday Choral club will meet it 9:30 Wednesday morning at the lome of Mrs. Fred R. Harrison, South ine street. The Cotillion club will meet Tuesday night at 7:30 at the home of Miss Marguerite treet. Taylor, South Hervey Will. Rogers in his last picture, "In Old Kentucky," comes next Sunday. E N D S JOAN CRAWFORD "I LIVE MY LIFE" Mrs. J. H. Wolfington and Roy Wolf- ngton of Washington, D. C., were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Williams, here. Announcement was made-'Tuesday jf the birth of a baby girl to Mr. and vlrs. Tom Davis of Monroe, Lr., born Wednesday, November 20. She has been christened Lynda. Mrs. Davis will be remembered here as Miss Elizabeth Reaves, daughter of Mrs. W. M. Reaves. Mrs. Reaves, who visited her daughter for the past month, has returned to Hope. Average Gain (Continued'from page one) family's budget allowance o'f $30 of 4ast autumn -shows an increase of 8.72 per cent in cost, "necessitating a monthly grocery, meat and Ynilk bill of $32.G2 to sel the same table in the autumn of 1935. A slight drop in cost for clothing, fuel and light partially offset these increases. Actual average earning .gained enough, however, during the period to give the family pocketbook a gain of $2.55 'ovet outgo each month. Billy McEuen, above, will appear ere Wednesday night in a grudge lattle against Chris Zanharias, con- idered among .the. best in the light heavyweight division. Zaharias will Iso take , on .Bob-Montgomery. Za- lariaS has entered into an agreement > tlfrOw'.bbth McEue'n and Montgomry in .90 minutes, which would en- Ale him-to a certain amount'of cash f successful. Zaharias will fe'k« oh nc gi'appler at a time. Accountant Opens New Local Of f ice X M. Walker to Handle Public Accounting From ; Arkansas Bank Bldg. C. M. Walker, public accountant, as established an office in the Arkansas Bank & Trust Co. building. Mr. Walker is prepared to sdo all forms of public accounting. " For the past six years he has been •connected \vitli banking and accounting with tire Bankers Trust Co., and the W. B. Worthen Co.. of Little Rock. Prior to then he was connected with First National Bank of Hope. Hickory Shade Bro. G. W. Rister filled his regular appointment here Saturday night. Sunday and Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Calhoun and' family from Liberty spent Sunday afternoon visiting relatives in this community. Miss Alta Bruce ' called on Miss' -Marjorie Malone Sunday. Miss Virginia Galloway Was the. Josephine Mornan H Spring Funeral Service Tuesday Afternoon for 80- Year-Old Pioneer tes' Josephine Moman, 80, bedrid* den tor the past five years, diet! late Monday afternoon at the home of Joe Martin, a nephew, at Spring Hill. Funeral and buHal services were held at 2 p. m. Tuesday at fluckabee cemetery, conducted by the ftev. Jim Ward, Baptist minister of near Hope. Miss Moman was born in Hempstead county and spent practically all ler life in the Spring Hill community. Jer only survivor is a sister, Mrs. Joe Martin of Spring Hill. Sunday night supper guest of Misses Gene and Mittie Ree Rogers. • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wren and little daughter, spent Sunday witb Mr. and Vfrs. Charlie Carhes. Mr. and Mrs. Minion Ross spetft Sunday with Mrs. Malone and chil- dfen. Conley Polk and Victor Elexander if Washington, called on Misses Mittie Ree and Gene Rogers FHda'y night. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Terry and fam- ly spent Sunday with Mrs. 'Terry, and 'amily. •' (dofttlftuad ft* m tftge aboard the fdWitifttofW craft jumped aH&8 oh« Iftile tiay. A l.SoO-wiie flight tt> Ouatft, tort 6t Ihe island way stations, and "then a /light of 1,700 mite* t*> Manila, Mftiftm. Schedules tall tof Ihe voyage to Guam Tuesday and'the Manila flight "Thursday. : The entire voyage, which takes ft rfidhtn ,fey fastest liner. Is expected, to be completed in 66 hours aclual flying time and about five days elapsed time. « -'••"". •'•"'•*» i**' • North China Asks (Continued from page one) ed. He ptoclalmefl political independence Of Nanking and said his government was "autonomous, not separtist." Martial Law Jit Tientsin Martial law was declared in Tientsin wehn an attefnpted coup by independence adherents c&llapsed. Police, ped With rifles and bayonets, were on •duty m the streets. There was a report that Japanese militaty officers had warned en- croaehnienl on the demilitarized zone, in which the hew. state was 'set up, Would not be tolerated. In Shanghai .It' was said that the governments hojie of stOppingihe autonomy movement rested on the loyalty of Sun CHeh'Yuan and the possibility thattliesla^anese might be in- SANTA DAY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 At Scott's 3:30 to 5 p. m.-> SANTA CLAUS WILL BE '" MERE IN PERSON Free Gifts for the Children SCOTT STORES Values-at Co*Y Tins Week RIPPLE-BOND STATIONERY 60,Sheets /Id A 24 Envelopes Hrvv Albottiist Ephedrine Nose Drops OK A Stops a Cold at Once Special fawG $1.00 Size Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic - HUrt 60c Size Lucky Tiger Shampoo Both VOu ORLIS TOOTH PASTE, Large Size ;;.-. "|ffc^ Leaves a Fresh, Clean Taste in Yotir Mouth IvC THERMAT HEATING PAD-^Tfae ; £1 flf) Magic Pad—Does Not Use Electricity" $i."lf John P. Cox Oniq Phone 84 ~ ^ |u^a te>, cfff6p%Mte In / liti j InflUgufation of a cotrrtcll iHeftd the autonomottsjio^ert Jield lh a ConfuclftJrt«rip1^. * «?Sh „, (akB UHMM hll revenues except salt a1i4 taxes an<f*]»lll;e>{ert'lt8 be^t effdMs Iff'sAf^tfaralrt^-'peaiee In ahe East." The «e*r fettle ^omjsrtses all lory.isyatut of Hit Grtat WalliB a few ttiites »f ttcMtein *hd roughly about 8$>0 Ssjuare mile*, ttft population i* 'estimated at about V OOO.QOO, Japanese troopn Bfe encamped along the Great Watt attfl apparently fflre ready to combat afty intetference wifli the new slate, vittublly till of whlah lie's within a demJlitertifed 2o»e, The American mission school he«' to mm More {haft iWo d "truck* *f)Hy, paraded HtisS aVe bn openirtt ftope at $<«ti)t(* su Sd %h*h-«,«K>fca of dawn «tf 'autonAmous ing. Wig. PRICES FOR WEDNESDAY TURKEYS Fed Dry Picked Potond OYSTERS FifeeFor Pt HftM JFrdsh Park , Ife .FRESH D.RM.SS.ED /,..,_ GEESE HENS DUCK Limit 4 Stalks SALAD DRESSING QUART AC:. JAR £*fC COCOANUTS COUNTRY CLUB PUMPKIN Alcoholic Deaths (Continued from page one) WED-NITE ONLY Gene-Strutton Porlei's." Greatest Story. sicians would avoid signing a -death certificate attributing the cause to alcoholism if another listing were possible. Five dry states showed increases during last year in alcoholic deaths. Deaths in Alabama increased from •10 to 51; Georgia, 50 to 76; Kansas, 17 to 25; Oklahoma, 33 to 56, and Texas, then dry, from 80 to 107. Mississippi's alcohol death demained at 21 for both 1933 and 1934. On the other hand, New York's death rate dropped sharply during the first full year after repeal, which became effective in December, 1933. During 1933, there were 635 such deaths, while the total dropped to 5G4 last year. Fie or eako is easier to cut if the knife is first dipped in boiling wutet. Farming is actualy done by agricultural ants on a small scale. They cultivate patches of wild rice, keeping out weeds until the crop ripens. They then climb thc stalks and carry the grain away to their underground granaries. GRANE I' WATER HEATERS SALES ttnd SERVICE $15 for your old one $1 Down Balance Monthly. Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 Turkish leaf tobacco. The tobacco is strung leaf by leaf and hung on long racks like yo\t see below. Dorothy Perkins Way to Loveliness Return Engagement of Mrs. Virginia Goodin Dorothy Perkins Specialist Mulcc your appointment for a complimentary skiji analysis and facial tins week at the Ladies Specialty Shop. Only a limited number df appointments will be made. IflPliS SPECIALTY SHOP © 1935, llGGtTT i MY«S TOBACCO Co, COUNTRY fifiEAJ aromatic Turkish tobaccos used in Chesterfield give them a more pleasing aroma and taste. ,, Every year we import thousands of pounds from Turkey and Greece T.HE IMPORT DUTY alone is : 3I cents a pound—-but Turkish tobacco is necessary to -a good cigarette, The right amount of Turkish tobacco, blended with our milcl, ripe Home-grown tobaccos helps to give Chesterfields more aroma, helps to give them a more pleasing taste, CHESTIRFlilD —A BlENt) OF MUD RIPI HOMC-GROWN AND AROMATIC TURKISH TOBACCOS

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