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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 1, 1952
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Our Daily Bread | Slktd Thin by-Th« Editor .Ale* H. Washbur Red River Steal Is Set Up by New Pow-wow at Paris •day's Quotation here are some that can pack |e cards, and yet can not play ell; so there are some that are >od in canvasses and factions, |at are otherwise weak men. —Frances Bacon Hope Star WIAtttlft Arkansas—Clear te . „ this afternoon, tonight, SI and Sunday, Nojt rnttoh temperature, TempemturM High OB Low Rainfall ,01 &r 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 248 Star of Hep* 18*9, Pratt 1*27 Consolidated Jan. II, 1«» HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1952 M*Mb*r: Th« M.oelnted Pttti ft Au*» «WW«« of Av. Not Paid Cirtl. J Mat. lAdln* March J1, 1*11 — Mis Tackett Favors Cherry; Blasts Oren Harris |The Texas-Oklahoma conspiracy swipe Red river from Arkansas tivances another step today asj LITTLE ROCK I* — Rep. Boyd f presentatives of the two states j Tackett last night climbed aboard get in Paris, Texas, to hear more the bandwagon of Judge Francis ut the plan to cut out the river op that swings through Fulton id re-route Red river through Cherry forming a united front against Gov. Sid McMath. The Nashville congressman, who exarkana, 18 miles farther west., £lnishcd third in the 5 man gub er-. If you look at the Arkansas high-1 natorial field In Tuesday's Demo-! ay map you will see that some cratic preferential primary, thus Irllne distance would be saved, joined losers Jack Holt and Atty. ut this is a proposal to restore avigation on Red river, to give ;s cities a more advantageous eight rate, and to stabilize the anks of this wandering and treach- bus stream — that's what it's Gen. Ike Murry in supporting the Jonesboro jurist. I In a statement, Tackett said he| would not attempt to "dictate" to his admittedly extensive following in Southwest Arkansas, but earlier Jupposed to be, but the way the j i a jhe day he had boasted that he eal was put up to Hope the river |was. the only defeated candidate ihannel had to be switched away from Fulton to Texarkana, or it i/as no dice. At this afternoon's meeting in "who can carry any vote." "On a nqmber of occasions, I publicly stated-that if I did not make the run-off, would vote for Paris, the Texas and Oklahoma ] any one of my opponents against representatives will be hearing details of the plan from Charles fienour, consulting engineer who pas completed a survey intended show that navigation is feasible Red river from Shrevcpprt to Texarkana and Dangerfield — and jthen it will be up to the Paris icetirig to decide whether they want to extend the navigation promotion further north and west to Denison. Texaj-kana Chamber of Commerce sent its secretary and an the present (McMath) administration, including Judge Cherry," said Tackett. "That I will do." Tackett declined to confirm or deny a newspaper report that he might run as an independent against Rep. Oren Harris in the November general election. But, the congressman did point out thatj he always has been a regular Democrat. • The Arkansas Gazette said last night that disgruntled supporters of Tackett in Columbia, Miller, Frances Frnzler Miss Frances Frazier.daiiKhter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Frazior of Washington, will compete with other young ladies ot this section Wednesday, August 0, for queen of the Watermelon Festival honors. A Junior in High School, Frances plays flute in the band, likes to study math and setfiici» nnd is planning to be a laboratory technician. Her favorite sport is tennis. engineer over here some time ago | Howard and Pike Counties were to ask Hope's co-operation with (talking of booming Tackett for the Red river program, but met the Fourth Congressional District sharp rebuff. I told them |(Hope would certainly support any honest program to make Red river navigable once more, but that Fulton, in our county, was the historic head of navigation and had to be included in the calculation. Certainly Hope wouldn't be orazy enough to join in a program to take Red river from Arkansas and give it t6 Texas — putting us 30 miles from the proposed navigation channel instead of the 15 miles it' present. Getting'BadK t8rthat Paris' meeting today, here is part of the news report which announced that ses- seat. Columbia County has been in the old Seventh Congressional District, represented by Harris until the 1951 congressional redistricting, in which Arkansas lost one of its seven house seats. Miller, Howard and Pike Counties were in Tack ett's old Fourth District. These three along with four other counties were combined with all of Harris old territory into the new Fourth District. Tacketl denied that he and Harris had -tnnde a deal, whereby Harris would/ support Tackett's gubernatorial candidacy in return for slbn: "Chairman A. G. (Pat) Mayse, Paris publisher, pointed out that navigation had been approved to Shreveport, with plans calling for the construction of the lateral Overtoil canal. First work on the canal and navigation is scheduled to be started this year as part of the government appropriation is for that purpose. ' "Senour completed the survey to Texarkana in the past few months, and' as results were favorable, quick approval is anticipated. It is anticipated that cost of construction of the project from Denison to Tex- arjtana would be low because of the proposed six dams to be located between the two points that would give a steady water supply and allow the river banks to be stabilized." The only definite accomplishment to date is the navigation project as far north as Shreveport — but big plans are underway in our own section and they don't include southwest Arkansas. They are designed and promoted by Texas, for the benefit of Texas, with an I assist from Oklahoma. Tackett staying out of a contest Allies Deal Red China Smashing Double Loss SEOUL, Korea, lUlM— The United Nations handed the Communists a smashing double detent todny, destroying or dnmanlng live enemy juts in an air buttle and recapturing straotRic "Old Baldy" hill on IIH' Western ground front. The Allied victories came as the Communists celebrated the 25th anniversary of the "triumphant" Chinese Red army. Among the con- isratulalory messages announced by the Chinese was one from Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin. Three enemy M1G-15 jet fighters were shot down and two damaged in a ID-minute- air battle between 32 F-86 Sabrejets and GO MIGs just below the Yalu River in northwest Korea. It was the first Communist challenge to U. N. air superiority since July 23. Credited with shooting down the MIGs were 1st. Lt. Gene F. Rogge, Auburn, Neb.; 1st. Lt. Alfred Mil- Daniel J. Dennemy, Sun Valley, Calif. The 60 MIGs came, from an enemy force of 1.300 tucked safely beyond the Yalu River border in Manchuria. The Red Air Force had not ventured north in such strength since July 4, when Subrejets shot down 12 MIGs. Melon Festival Committees Report Progress At a meeting of the Watermelon Festival committee and organl*a tlon heads Wednesday night all committees reported they are functioning and making preparations to carry out their part in the days activities. The group Is urging tike stores to closu thoir doors at 11 a.m. on the festival day, Wednesday, Aug. 8. The activities of the day will begin at 10 a.m. with u street parade and immedltcly followed by county nnd district candidates speaking at the park at 11 a.m., followed by the rest ot the day's nativities. There will be plenty of hot doffi*, hamburgers, sandwiches, soda-pop und ice cream and watermelon In the food line wltii several amusement stands in operation. It will certainly be a day on which the entire family may come and enjoy themselves every minute of the time. All conditions point up to one of the finest events to bo held in Hcmpsten'd County. between the two congressmen to represent the new district. "There definitely was no deal," Tackett said. "I got out of Oren's way. I did everything in my power to keep him from having opposition. Sid McMath thought he (Harris) was supporting me. I did, too. Take a look at the returns. His district beat me. The people sup porting me had every reason to expect I'd get his support too." "I realize now that I should have made that (congressional) race in the first place." GOP Platform Change Seen as Necessary WASHINGTON (UP) Sen. Wayn Morse (R-Ore) believes the Repub lican platform is made of 50-year old lumber and that GOP standarc bearers risk losing the election UP. less they rebuild it. The GOP platform "takes us back to the days of (President Wil- I think Hope should organize; liam) McKinley" at the turn of southwest Arkansas to-protect our' tne ce ntury' Morse said last night STALIN RESPONSIBLE — Stephanie Dolgun, green-eyed model' and actress, hopes the judges of the Miss America pageant won't hold against her the fr.ct that Joseph Stalin Is partially responsible for her being in the United States. Born an American citizen, Miss Dolgun was taken to Russia by her parents as a young child and was claimed as a Russian citizen. After 15 years In Moscow British Ambassador Sir Archibald Kerr interceded for her with Stalin and she was granted a passport to America.—NEA Telephoto. Farm Leaders of 9States Hold Parley WASHINGTON Iff) — Agriculture officials of nine states were callec to an emergency meeting Frida; in Nashville, Tenn., to discuss ways to relieve the effects of a drought which already has destroyed crops worth millions of dollars. Secretary .of Agriculture Brannan called the meeting * and assigned Assistant Secretary Knox T. Hutchinson to preside. Brannan said the states to be represented include Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The Agriculture Department Thursday added Alabama, Georgia Kentucky and Mississippi to the growing list of "disaster areas," making farmers eligible for government loans to buy such things as livestock feed and seed if they arc unable to obtain credit locally. Cherry, McMath Invade This Area for Votes By CARL BELL LITTLE ROCK WPI — U was sill McMath against the field — and no unexpectedly — as the governoi took off today on his first trip oul into the state hunting addittonn votes for the Aug. 12 Democratic runoff primary, Rep. Boyd Tackett last night join ed the other two candidates who were eliminated from the governor's race in the preferential prl- 7 Additional Arkansas Counties Designa Crop Disaster Areas Drought Aid Extended to All South Carolina ),.$$&, WASHINGTON, MB— Tho turo Dopwfctmenl t<iday d«< , .„ tho states >ot South Carolina •> an Mainland seven additional Arkiii sen counties as disaster aro*»H a result of tho severe drought, y Two%ther Arkansas own!! previously designated as dlsaJ metis bolauBO ot a tornado,f«l wcro redasjlgnutcd as droujtv areas. J' I < ^ ..„ Tho dofilrtment said Maine' "ll entering i| sixth week lain. ^M t DomuHo • to, oats, beans, bcrs, blueberries, corn and „, toes is estimated to run into th« millions of dollars and many homr gardens are sorloimly affected, ,Ui announcement said, ', t t* Tho disaster designation mat PAIR OF KINGS - Ex-KInq Fnrouk of Eoypt holds his If tumors In the B *«* e ^&'\; ..x-month-old ton, the Infant King /Rimed Faud II, Tn whose favor quick, easy credit 16«ns frorn he abdicated as he and his ex-Queen Narrlmnn hold a press con- |fnimers homo administration ference In Capri, Italy. Farouk told the newsmen that he would rema?n on the Island ''for the moment" until he doolded whore to go Into exile 1 . — NEA Tolephoto. mary Ike Murry and Jack Holt — in throwing support to McMath's runoff opponent, Judge Francis Cherry. LITT.&E- ROCK lff> Judge Francis Cherry today Invaded Gov, Sid McMath's native county, resum ing his campaign to win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Cherry, 43-year-old Jonesboro ju vist, and McMath topped the ticket in Tuesday's preferential primary and will fight It out for the nomination in a run-off Aug. 12. The prematurely white - haired judge flew to Magnolia, seat of just interests and make a counter attack. No one objects to Texarkana's effort to reach navigable water — hut when that effort robs its neighbor it is doomed to failure. The Texans should be reminded that the Fulton loop of Red river belongs to Arkansas, that we have , as much claim as anyone to the 9( benefits of any federal improvement of Red river valley -4 and if we are to be excluded the game isn't likely to be played at all. V Plans Are Nearly \*V*TIJ/lvlt? I VI Festival Parade f V^MrWf » Ml MM*? on the Mutual Broadcasting System program "Reporters' Roundup." Morse, a frequent dissenter from GOP policies, said control of the Republican national convention changed hands between the time the platform was written and the time Dwight D. Eisenhower was nominated for president and Sen. .Richard M. Nixon (R-Cal) for vice president. "Reactionary Republicans were in control of the convention when the platform was written," he said. But "one section of the party won the platform fight while the other side won the nomination fight," Morse explained. The GOP platform planks on foreign policy and civil rights bore Morse's strongest criticism. He said the civil rights plank of Officers Have Clue in Bonk Robbery AUGUSTA, Ark. I/Pi — Law enforcement officers last night re ceived thoir first break in the iden tification of two men who robbec the Augusta Bank last Monday o" about $6,OGt). Sheriff Jesse Pendergist said it was learned tho men took their 1949 grey-gicen, two-door, Ford sedan to a local garage to have the air cleaner removed, just before the robbery. The two men walked Into the bank just as it was closing at 3 p. m. Monday. They said they wanted to cash a check. Once inside the building, one man held Cashier Billy Mills and two women bookkeepers at gun point while the other scooped up the money sack. Pendergist said the rear license plate of the getaway car was turned up but two pedestrians noticed a tag bearing the name of "Herft Motor Co., Memphis, Tenn.," on the rear of the automobile. Police are centering their search for the pair in Northeastern Arkansas and Eastern Tennessee. The automobile was last seen about five miles north of Augusta on Highway 33, Pendergist said. Pendeigist said officers have McCaskill Airmen End Basic Training LACKLAND AIR FORCE BASE Texas — Airman Ed McDougald, 17, son of Mr, and Mrs. Alex McDougald of Gary, Ind., former residents of McCaskill, is completing his AF basic- airmen indoctrination course at Lackland Air Force Base. on the air this morning with another of his famed "talkathons." After several hours in Magnolia, Cherry planned to stage a similar radio show in Hope and then put on a third tonight in Texarkana. Thus, not only did Cherry bid for votes in McMath's native county (Columbia), but he will also solicit votes in the only large population center which he fulled to curry Tuesday — Texarkana. Tomorrow, Cherry scheduled speaking engagements at Rep. Boyd Tackett's home town of Nash- Continued on Page Two 4-H Members to Conduct Dairy Heifer Exhibit Monday 4-H Club members will conduct a dairy heifer exhibit und fitting demonstration at the Third District Livestock Show coliseum, Joe Elcan of Waldo, owner ot Eicon Jersey Farm and president of the Third District Livestock Show will be In charge of the dcm onstration. Mr. Elcun is a leading exhibitor of jersey cattle In the southwest and president of the Arkansas Jersey Cattle Club. All 4-H Club members are urged to bring registered or grade dairy heifers any bread to the demonstration, The heifers should be born prior to April 1 of this will get underway in the radio irona of the coliseum at 0:30 Monday morning. County Agent Oliver L. Adams urges all 4-H Club members Interested in dairy holfors to be pro sent even though u calf is not owned. All boys will havo an op' portunity to judge dairy animals. Third District Show Manager Bob Shivers will assist In directing the Monday dairy feature. The public Is Invited to observe the program. Boatbuilder A. J. Higgins Succumbs order to stay In production, Tho entire stutes^of Alabn* Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi 1 ! Tennessee, and large Hourl and Arkansas p been named a drought < «M Day the Ghost Walks Is About thq Only One That Nobody in the Office Calls in 'Sick' -—«,.-. — -------Democrats was "stronger" than the i p ieced to g et h er these descriptions TT CC D^aS P tS By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK i*i—There is always one day when no one on the office staff calls in sick. That is the day the ghost walks- payday. It is a touching tribute to the durability of the average worker that, no matter how restless a bed or pain he has lain in all week, he will rise from it on payday d trudge into the office to get his paycheck. That is one day he simply refuses to let the boss down. Payday is a great American in- writi n g " checks to his bookie, stitution, and eternity is regarded cnucks t tne stenographer under of cashing his check, he sneaks into the men's room and hides i' between his sock and the sole o his foot, so no one can rob him 5. The Conscience-striken Vas sal—in 1937 the bookkeeping de partment added $2 to his check by mistake, and has been makini the same error ever since. He suf fers the tortures of the damnei as he tears open his pay envelope faring they have found the! blunder and will make him pa up I arcuH. The now action en I culturo officials ot called to an emergent today in Nashville to d to relievo tho effect NKW ORLEANS, (UP)—Andrew drought which already J. tugging, Br., whoso, .amphibious! B troyed crops worth machines and sppclaUJJ^at designs madu history In World War W died In a hospital early today Utter un illness of one wook. He| was 00. Hlggins wns founder of tho boat- building company which bears his name. Situated on tho Industrial anal, an Inland waterway, the Ilgglns Plant .only recently an- lounccd It hod been awarded now lefonHc contracts from tho federal government totollnK $01,000,000. Hlggins was a native of Columbus, Nob., tho son of John Gonogol rilgglns and Annie Long O'Conor -Ilgglns. He moved Sputh with his jnrenls when still a child. Funeral services will bo hold to- jnorrow, the time not yet set, Hlg- giris Is survived by his wife, sons Andrew J., Jr., Frank O., Edmond and Roland C., all of Now Orleans, and daughters Mrs, Charles S, Danu, Tyler, Tox., and Mrs. Robert A. Murphy, Jr., Now. Orleans. Huge Bison Once Roamed West Texas AUSTIN, Tex., (UP)—A herd o Ijiunt pre-historic buffaloes, weigh ing as much as two tons each cnce roamed West Texas, Unlver sity of Texas officials said today University geologists discovered bones of the animals In a lake deposit two miles northwest of Lubbock. They said the animals, about twice the size of latter day bis- ons, probably existed about 10,000 years ago. Glen L. Evans, associate di, rector of the Texas Memorial '• , - _. j . „»„„>J Museum, estimated the herd Jived a. The Gay. Blade -he star s ^ ^ -^ Q£ , M ^_ b n*«M, •j-**, istrict Protective Group Meet Third District Livestock )!r<i live Association* held • mcmh ship meeting in PreSCOtt ;,Thg day night, with about thirty.!?, pie, cattlemen and other Jn'tetejitj parties in tho livestock bH»!r attending, *' ^> Sid Purtlo and Jada handled tho meeting arra in Nevada county, Officers rectors ot the Association in nt donco wore President LloydiS cor, vice-provident MJtcheU gp Board Members Roy Fry and Utley from NashvUlo. parade fashion. The parade starts promptly atj JO a.m. headed by a color guard, Hn/n/l Cflrr/flflfl followed by the Hope High School{ sVWlfjn V*W»»iyUII/ Band, queen's float, commercial QJ U flmnc *« n // and industrial floats, decorated) ,O// rI«?fflfWlCCJU automobiles, horses and riders, pets, bicycles and many other 'things. Route of the parade will start Pioneer, Dies Dolph Carrigan, aged 87, pioneer and weighing about 150 pounds. He was of slender build, light complexion, wearing kLaki pants, a sport shirt, khaki hat and sunglasses. The bandit who scooped up the money \vas said to be about 19, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 150 pounds, dark hair, dark complexion, wearing leather moccasins and tight fit- by most citizens as "that vague, endless period of enforced hibernation between paydays." All horses may approach their oats in much the same manner. But the characters in the ordinary office react to their rewards in different ways. You will probably some of the following characters in your office: ). The nervous Nellie—"what happened? "They should have passed out the checks half an hour contents of which now overflow her chin and asks her for a date, and comes back from lunch smoking a foot-long cigar and smelling like an empty martini glass. 7. The Anarchist—he stares -at his paycheck moodily and grumbles, "Another insult. How long are we going to put up with it?" 3. The spinster Secretary—this romantic old maid blushes dreamily as she wonders what else she can buy for her hope chest, the ago," he mumbles. "Do you think the firm has failed?" 2. The Conveyor belt—the of- three warehouses. 9. The I-Remember-Wben Phil; osopher—be looks at the figurei part Bones of prehistoric elephants and huge ground sloths us well as spearheads, arrow points and other tools of humans were also found. Evans, who headed the project, said it wag hoped the discoveries would help scientists piece together what happened in tho area during pre-hlstoric times. He added that researchers hope to put together a giant buffalo for display in the Texas Memorial Museum. Evans admitted the scientists were unable to explain why no human bones were found in the deposit, only weapons and tools, fice has been mailing his check « orl his check and breaks ou {lOUie 01 uie paraue wtu aian ~~.»»- —•—o— -o— -•• «- . . , . trousers from 4th and Wilnut, where it resident of Hempstead County. t.ng blue jean trousers forms, goes north on Walnut to died at his home today. Second, west on second to Main, north on Main to Division or Front St., west on Front to Elm, south He is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son. Funeral arrangements are incomplete, but Elm to Sixth, then to Park will be held Saturday afternoon. Drive. I _____ MW are progressing for the •o division of the par»d,e which The interior of the initial fire • • ' ' for U 9-m- AttjM*jfc*u termed in an atomfc bomb bin* ha* » tefflserator* <* «w»y SP Si?<H**W PWflF flff home for years. "Payday don't mean anything to men," he whines "My wife won't even tell me how much I'm making." 3. The Human Leech — as each fellow employe comtjs up from the bank after cashing his check, be borrows from $1 to $35 from each and' says, "don't worry— I'm put- Funeral services for Mrs. L. V. I ting it down in ray little black LuaUen, who died at her borne book. I won't forget." When he Finol Riles for Ex-Fulton Woman Negro Dies for Shooting atSparkman TUCKEU PRISON FARM, Ark, WV-Reaffirming his Innocence In his lust words, convicted murderer Wilson Wright, 10, died in Arkansas' electric chair shortly before 7 a. m. today, Wright was sentenced to die for the shotgun slaying of Dallas County Farmer Allun Green Roberts lost March 20. Wright received the first jolt nt 0:46 a, m., followed by two more, one ut 6:50 and tho other at 6:52, He was pronounced dead at 6.54 a. m. (CST). State Prison Supt, Lee Henslee asked Wright if he was guilty of the crime for which he received the death sentence, and the young Negro said, "no," Wright was convicted of killing Roberts in a vacant house near Sparkman, Ark. During the trial on charges of firnt-degree-rourder, Prosecutor James Linder introduced a signed statement from ' Wright, admitting the murder. Wright also attempted unsuccessfully to rape Mrs. Irene Hollpway, Roberts' daughter. SJje was. »J«rt in the hand while escaping from her abductor in woods near the) house. of Hope anc> _... Proscott, Association* wore also present.,".. ,^ w The meeting was opened;! Purtlo who introduced Lloyd t; cer, tho association preside " explained to th.fi .groun.' and aims and objectives organization. The alms an lives for the Association,! such things as cooper the livestock ' eBnitgr; improve * breeding"* * ment methods, to prosecution of crime! against the pto, ' of members and mote the interest Membership ments were er surer -of n\ ,., parison of fees- tlon --**-••-*• Was , that ithe certajniy sociatipr of toe . •Protective b UM , by 814 ,*Hi^i*^e-, cattle vaxfe Tuesday, near A*W*wn »t 10 a-m. today at- FulJen, She was retires years later, % man whp »fewt» crying "If I only got thi» when- 10. The Lonely Boas-yhe walks out into the office feeling proud he has managed to meet another payroll, and he is a little bur because no one claps him on the back and sayi gratefully, "Chief, you've done it again!" By nightfall the office elation U gone, and as tbey ail depart e»s* ops took* »t tbe out bis dtwfc liad* 87 Wto all full ' New Auto Body Shop Opens Here Frank Yarbrough, a veteran body refinisber fo rthe past 33 years, has opened his own shop at 707 Margjyst Street. Mr, yajr-j trough, who has lived in Hemp?] Warden W. V. Lewis said chose a final meal of steak. chops, a can °l chUJ' * ne ^ eggs, four bottles, of a sett and 10 biscuits, friendi hip Church a ••i k ^ u will *tead jj Mi

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