Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 20
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IP 1 ; 1 * *" ' '^S&^^t&^'j , * . * > *«*"• , / HOU ITAt, ,HOM, AftKANIAS f' \ Kfl» of fun," Tho *owf*«Hi of tMh report* <•« to he quoted by nim«. roport that Barkler planned .e IK* etny cum* fVlcrtil fwro, the Clnelniwtl Tlm*».SKir tnd ftff**M0ciiitB neerotury ttf W* lrM*»ry iimtor «teven«on, tail »U» W»» <n- tomfed ir» tnicortiini •wstwy |f FIW tAYSl DON'T MISS ITf July RANGE 'ieSprlng and summer shoes , ..you wear small size wo rorypu, Many sixes but not Ml fRICE GROUPS Vote-Getters Choice of Both Conventions By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON WV-Tfc* two po- Htlcul convention* of !0".2 will be »n»ly»t»d and lnUjrpr»ti-<i f'»r yearn, helped by Icokn on whui hnppttncri ptifnon In the Democmtlc boM«» in the blf clllei where he held hi* crime oulx; he w»» dlniiked In the Bouth, otitifde hl» own TtnneiMe, for hl« «l«ady support of President Tiumnn'» pollclei. Neverthele**. the Democratic politician* couldn't Ignore two fnrti About Kcfnuvcr: (1) he had rnmle hli reputation on hli crime Irivofttlgntlon nnd (2) beenute of thnl, was nupportod by o lot o( pco- l>c:l who looked to him, If he wag So , hc Democratic politician* behind elonoil doom. That's the hftd .„ problem: If Kefauvcr was «u»lnm. I unnccepUblo to thd Sdulh and the "* v ., ihooi In many irylai ond I. Voluci t,o 10,93 .' •hoot ond fhcic Include , »i «p to $8.95,, See HIPIO .. , ; K'\"T <"'*&> **•«•( , Include vqfQni up to 6.95. V- $3 $2 $1 imor Shoos 'to clfeso Reg. Voluei to 1.65 Nylon Hose Pretty shades for now ond later. All sizes. $1.00 nut, •ub'tl* although them wore some so • subtle find now not • In Chli-ngd, thnt happened th<:r<? wnj to tha miitn point wliifh niruady Is city bosses, In this year when ev- eiy vote Is needed, where then cnmigh: The overwhelming flcjilri; of both Unrtfen to win the November iMeiv tloni, riiciuil »ubordlii;itlng everything <»ltw to thn election of t)tO two men who looked Ilkr the bent votc«n''itt'ri!, Tho Dntnu'Twt:!' choice of Gov. fildVoHHOti WHS ft lltllo mori* complex than lln- «fi|<;ctlim of Gen. Kl- Bf-ntiowoi by the J Itf|>ubllc:m«, With hid Imrni.mtto pn>»tl*{t' utid reputation for U-itderflhip, Klscn hower/ had (InrnoiiKtiiitf-d lii.i popii' Inrlly over Hun, Tnft in th« pn;for ('iHliil prlmnrioA and thc public opinion polln. fUi.-vijii,H'.m dlnpliiycd lili* voter up- peril in tlic only polttlciil he ov«r nttulti: wlu^i'i Itw won thi: (tovornorshlp of tlllnoin by the big- «C8l majority In tho «uUe'.s history, Sltllt up to th« tirni' of tho Demo- oaratlc eonvonlUm, tho naneral public outttldu Illlfi'iln knew fur \tf»» nboyt Stcvuniiori than nbout Ban, Kofuuvfr who had ln>en in tho putillc (iyi; (driuo his crime Inveatl- Kntlon, cwmpnlKticd hunt for tho nomination, und proven hh nlillity to cnpturo VO|«<M. Rut KiifHUVt!!' hurl two alrlkon on him from Iht- beginning: hu wan (iii'l n man who might not only piicify hut unito the entire party, I!ft votei, and still convince people ho, loo, could be a cleaner-upper? SdiVrrison wftH a nnturnl, Nobody wn» m»d nt him. He hod proven himself n phenomenal vote-getter Oil li-iiHl In Illinois* nnd he wan rK'dltf.'il with cleaning up n Rood part of thc men* left by thc Illinois Htnto Hcpubllcnri machine which he nucccedcd. The selection of Stevenson wns only purl of the twUting and turn Inn the Ocinocrnts hnd to do to koctp thc pnrty from flying apart. For c'xninpli', the struggle nnd cornpromlseH over the loyalty nlndgc and civil rights. Hut when the convention ended the pomocrntle pnrty wns still Intact, which It would hHvo to be If It hoped to win at nil thix year, fli.d with u candidate who seemed nblo to «et thc most votes. PRESCOH NEWS Mr«. A. W. Hudtofl Ent«rt«lni §twlno Club Mrs. A. W. Hudson entertained member* of the Stitch ind Chatter Sewing Club at her home an Friday afternoon. A variety of lummer flowers In graceful arrangements were plucod at vantage points In the room*. Following a pleasant afternoon I spent sewing the members, Mrs. Dallls Atkins, Mrs, Warren Cum- mingK, Mrs, Hoy Duke, Mrs. L>. L. Mitchell, Mr*. Vernon Fore, Mri. W. C, Reeves, Mrs. Wren I Lester Steed, and Mrs were served a dalnj ly sulad course with punch. and Mrs. Bob Archer of El Dorado. Mrs. J. W. Tec*cr has been the recent guest of her mother. Mrs. Betty McCarrol In Van Buren. New England Acts to Break Long Drought Among those from out-of-town -- i . ,,,, . who attended the funeral services farmcrs 80 many mlllio "s of Some Poets About Life in Russia By THOMAS P. WHITNEY MOSCOW OR—Most Russian fam- i Hies own livestock of their own. j While the growth of urban popu- ' lation In the USSR in the last three decades has been tremendous, the majority of Soviet families still live in rural or suburban surroundings : where they have a plot of land for ( vegetable gardens and orchards— ond for livestock. This Is true not 1 only of the collective farmers, but BOSTON lift — Massachusetts | also of thc majority of other fam- and Connecticut took action today; ilics both in. rural areas and in for some, relief from a drought! semi-urbanized territory, which has had most of New Ens-' In such circumstances almost all land In its costly grip for a month. Thc long dry spell has cost Willie Edward Cox oJ 1 " 1 "! alrcad y that^ an^ agriculture morning were: Major Rnwral, Oov. IStevoi'iium told u nowH con fvi'iMiet' In Sprlnrtflclil, 111., yestor- duy htt him no Idea ubniit his ctib ln<«t nnd will ttny nothing until nftei the Stevenson Fears Foolish Promises By CHARLES WHALErJ RP KING FIELD, III. iff) -- Gov. Adlnt Stevenson, the Democratic party's pri'sldentliil candidate, believes that "foolsih promises" of •tfubHlimtlnl federal tax cuts can be "very mUlcudlng." SU-vi-n.son told n news confer- Mico yt'nterdny that everybody for Mr. Saturday and Mrs. E. E. Googln of Hot Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smiley of Hope, Mr. and Mrs. T. Sheppard of Little Rock, Mr. L. P. Sandragc of Gurdon, Mr. Harold Herd of Davis of Mrs. Edward Davis "of Houston. Texas, Mr. E. L. Smith and fam- Bi)ld Knob. Mr. Jack Little Rock. Major and Mrs. Alvin Fulldr, Riddling of Calc, lly, Mr. and Mr. Harmon Mr. Lemma Dltllard of Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. George Cavanah of Pine Bluff. 12 W,« Second Sr, irff X-RAY FITTINGS SHOE STORE Phono 7-2211 THANK YOU I wish to thank each of you for thc nice •voto you gave rno in Tuesday's Election. JOE BRITT .'. * Pol. Adv. Paid for by Joo.Brilt, ifertfr 4 * 1 * 1 * ~* Wv 3>WW*$S«ft!'' i »'*>«w>' * 5 , ;' i -?-»<*.« JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY DR'UGj STORE tf 'V >V liK Hinkle Tablets WORTHMOEE, BOTTLE 100 18 TOOTH PASTE 7 COLGATIS — 94cYolu« ...... .Jb Hayrivcr •uff«r«ra • n > ANEnUN IELLY1 " Often chaoki lymptomi in a tow hourt, , Woi. AAO I* tlit .... Merf/um Slit IVORY SOAP 3 " 23 ( Paper Towels 9 BIG 150 SHEET ROLLS (Limit » ..... A) Tr. IODINE 19 or MSRCUROCrtROMi. t-oi. Bottl* d^n>, 14i SAVE ON HOUSEWARES! 24 GLASSES Anchor gloss Forest ' Green 4<MtOUR AURM il "" IH.MVKOO.TM. Saccharin Tablet! 59* Bottlt 1000 .... R«gut«rfy 41c Pack 100 Envelopes (Limit I). QhUnphyll Tilth Pasti Oi»nt CQC Pack flf BLUE JAY Girn Flntirt | Mias Kathcrlhc Sue Lcmmer hirst of Tcxarkana was the week end guest of Miss Virginia Johnson. spokesman rainfall at inch. Connecticut tobacco families keep their own chickens. Fed with scraps from the kitchen, and allowed to feed for themselves about the yard during the day to placed the value of. fced on what they find, they are an a million dollars an j economical way of furnishing eggs and poultry meat for the family, grower?,! Most families in addition keep at with thc support of potato farmers, will attempt to take up where nature left through artificial means. least one milch goat, easy to care for. During the summer it can be William Cole, student at Southern State College, Magnolia, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cole, over the weekend. Mr.. and Mrs. L. L. Buchanan had its their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Wortham and Miss Dorothy Wortham of Gurdon. Mrs. Frank Gilbert and daugh tcra, Joan and Judy spent Friday and Saturday in Little Rock as tho guests of Mrs. Mat Hitt and other relatives. Mrs, C. D, McSwaln spent Saturday in El Dorado as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Combs and daughter, Jan. by bringing ram- pa ,: turod in tnc yard or on vacant .1 . mc w n ?,' ~, 'small plots of grass land. During Connecticut Valley Cigurp th( , wintcr u can be. supported on Tobacco Associates-faced with an| rc , ativcl y smaU amounts o£ hay expensive crop loss-have author- nnd othcr foddcr . One good goal Izcd a Cambridge firm of nrtif.ciol'n, kerp a family SU pp lied with rainmakers to do their job as soon milk . In addition it bears a new as conditions are practicable. | kicl each ycar which usually fat . A special meeting will be helu at thc Ellington, Conn., Town Hall tonight at which tobacco growers and potato farmers will be asked to back thc project. Worcester (Mass) County farmers also asked permission to "seed" the clouds for rain. Tho state weather control board will consider the petition in a public hearing. Massachusetts state officials have sent a pica to Washington to put this state in the disaster class so drought-stricken farmers will be eligible for federal loans, The federal Agriculture Depart meat has already declared, Tennessee and parts of Missouri and Ar- The Negro -„ Community, By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Items to Mis* Turner at Hicks Funerar Home Mrs. Lillie Poindextcr left Tuesday for Seattle, Wash, where she will attend a meeting in the Supreme Council, she is the Grand Matron of the Order of the Eastern Star for the State of Arkansas. Mr.- and Mrs. Ezklol Frlerson, Mrs. Ethel Stroughter and Miss Earnestiiie Fricrson have returned to their home in Los Angeles, after spending several days visiting relatives and friends. tens during the summer and in the autumn is slaughtered to replenish the family meat supply. Most families also keep a pig. In the spring a piglet is purchased. Itens during the summer and fall and is slaughtered when the weather is cold enough to assure preservation of the meat. At a disadvantage in the business of livestock ownership are the apartment dwellers in cities and towns. However, the government has devised a means by which they also can share in the benefits of small-scale livestock ownership. The trade unions in many enterprises sponsor livestock clubs. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK Ml—Tuning tonight: NBC — 7:30 Thc Chase; 8 Drag-/j net; H:30 Counter-Spy; 0 Nightbeat. •* CBS — 6:30 Peggy Lee; 7 Mr. Keen; 7:30 FBI in Peace and War; H Mr. Chameleon. ABC — 7:30 Defense Attorney 8 Amateur Show; 8:30 Dance Mu- MBS —7 Jazz Nocturne; 7:30 Hnrdy Family; 8:05 Rod and Gun Club. Friday programs: NBC — 0 a.m. Welcome Travelers...CBS — 9 a.m. '.f Godfrey...ABC —8 a.m Breakfast Club..MBS — 11 am. Curt Massey. MBS Game of Day network 1:55 p.m. recorded contest. Happy Is The Day When Backache \ Goes Away .... Nagging backache, loss of pep nnd energy, hcnduchcs nnd dizziness mny be due to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors nay good kidney function is very impor*tnnt to good health. When some evcrydny condition, such aa stress nnd strain, causes this important I These provide collective ownership! functiontoslowdown'.manyfolkssiiliernae. kansas as disaster areas. Similar' ir . livestock The members furnish 5 in( ? backachc-fccl miserable. Minor blad- action is planned for Alabama, 1 . sloc !V i n c members luimsn d crirr,t»t«.n» due tocoid or wrong diet may Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lemmerhist of Tcxarkana visited relatives and friends here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke/White, Mrs. 0. B. Cannon Jr. and daughter, Mary Clarke of Dallas spent thc week end In Longvlcw, Texas as the guests of Mir. and Mrs. O. B. Cannon Sr. Miss Virginia Green of Arkadel- phla spent a part of last week here as thc guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hestcrly. Kentucky, Mississippi and other regions. The Boston area and some other areas in New England got only .52 of an inch of rain in July, making this the longest dry spull in 134 years. The .52 inches of rain is 2.14 inches less than normal for July. Pastures in most of New England are in the; worst condition in the memory of dairymen. Maine reports an estimated seven million dollar loss to farmers not including the effect in potatoes. And still, the Weather Bureau at Boston says, there's no appreciable rain in sight. It has been estimated that thc European corn borer destroyed a bout 35 million bushels of corn in thc United States in 1951. a share of the capital, take on themselves a share of the work involved and share in the results when slaughtering is carried out, or in the constant production ofj milk and eggs. cause cutting: up nights orf requentpassages. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Dunn's Pills—a mild diuretic. Used succcHafully by millions for over 50 years. It's amazing how many times Donn's give happy relief from these discom- tors fluuh out waste. Get Doan's Pills today! I Thank Each of You For the splendid vote you gave me in each ward Tuesday. I will appreciate your vote and support on TUESDAY, AUGUST 12. DWIGHT RIDGDILL Candidate for ALDERMAN WARD 2 Pol. Adv. Paid for by Dwight Rldgdill Mrs. Florence Ambrose and grandson, Daniel Baker, have returned from Shrfcveport, where they visited relatives. Mrs. C. II. Tompklns left Saturday for St. Louis where she was joined by her sister, Mrs. Roscoo Caukllng of Jefferson City, Mo., for a vacation In Bay City, Mich. W. F. Dcnman and W. F. Denman Jr. have returned from .several weeks visit in Denver, Colo. Und other points. Mrs. Lloyd Lynch, Patricia and Jackie Lynch, Oencvleve King. Mary- Jewell Herring and Frances McCain were Saturday evening visitors in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robcy and sons spent Sunday In Little Rock as the guests of W. E. Robey. S. D. Dickinson has returned to Little Rock after a visit with his mother, Mrs, Sam Dickinson. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Smith were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith in El Dorado. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale had as their guests for the week end Mr. and Mrs. Joe Purcell and daughter of Uttle Rock and Mr. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY wants a reduction in taxes but it must be obtained at thc earliest opportunity "consistent with our needs." H6 was asked by the newsmen concerning Dwight D. Elsenhow- er's remarks recently about, reducing federal taxes, and replied: "I would hop« that neither candidate or party would otter hopes that are forlorn and at the same time be demanding a defense cs< tabUshment to accomplish our common objective." Eisenhower, the Republican presidential nominee, bad envisioned 8 40 billion dollar yearly federal sfMHuUost cut, bui be did not specify any d»tc for the goal. . Stevenson said he regarded (or- elgn policy as the "most Import srnt cottsideratlon" of the coming uoliUc»l campaign. He added be supposes bis views and those «t Eisenhower on this subject will turn out to be similar. He said be no longer is » re- luctont candidate fay president »od is ^-ouita content with tbe Chicago DMDWcrtUc convention and ttt re- MM*" if b,e could mtke * "gtve- c|jnjHM«n," tb* fovenwr Regular 1.95 Curtain Fabrics Made of rayon, cotton, acetate. 48 inches wide. 1.19 3 Piece Towel Sets 22x44 bath towel, 16x28 guest towel, and 13x13 wash cloth. Regular 3.95 value. 2.95 LAST CALL LADIES SHOES Over 100 pairs to select from $1.00 1.95 and 2.49 Boys Sport Shirts 'Short sleeve. All sixes Now ohly 1.49 Close Out Ladies Blouses Sheers, fine cat tons,-grid rayon crepes. 2.00 Air Air

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