Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 29,193T Fulton Bridge's Engineer Dies, 69 Ira Grant Hedrick Famous Builder in U. S., Mexico and Canada HOT SPRINGS, Ark— «/*>>—Tra Grant Hedrick, 69, who designed bridges in the United States, Mexico and Camcla. died at his home here Tuesday. He engineered structures in a dozen Arkansas cities, including those spanning i/.ike Hamilton at Hot Springs, the Broadway bridge and North Main street viaduct in Little Rock; the Garrison avenue bridge in Fort Smith; traffic bridge at Pine Bluff and others at Newport, Augusta, Clarendon, Felsenthal, Fulton. Garland City and Index. C'.ie of his major accomplishments was the Burnside bridge in Portland. Oregon, said to be the first life span bridge with car tracks and automatic trolley connections. Early in his career he was a partner of the firm Waddell and Hedrick, designers of the Chicago Elevated i l ail- way. Hedrick was born in \Vc.~t Salem, III., and received degrees from University of Arkansas and McGill University at Montreal. Canada. He was a life member of the Heroine Masonic lodge iSo. 104: the Ararat Temple Shrine at Kansas City, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Elks lodge at Kansas City. Funeral services will be held here at 2 p. m., Thurdsya. and the body will be sent to Kansas City for burial. Pets Get Burial Plot in Master's Cemetery ALAMOSA, Colo— (/Pi—Thanks to Frank Barrow, cemetery caretaker. Alamosa peis will have a burial place not far from where their masters eventually may res;. He asked for donations of from SI to ?5 from animal lovers, and with the money prepared a plot near an Alamosa cemetery, constructed a fence about it and announced that henceforth pets would be buried there free of charge. Already three dogs, two cats and a canary rest in the plot Their graves are marked by small metal plaques. Talking Picture Made in Hope by Local Youngsters Will Be Shown on Screen of Saenger Theater Here Thursday, Friday Galli-Curci made her debut as Gilda in "Rigoletto" in Rome 28 years ago. DIESEL ENGINEERING Mr. Rutgers, distr.'ct personal supervisor of the Anderson Diesel Engineering schcol of LJos Angeles, Calif., will bo in Hope next week, Thursday and Friday to interview men to start training for permanent positions in this rapidly growing Industry. Transportation allowance to Los Angeles and employment sufficient to defray living expenses while training will be given those who qualify. We will also interview a few good substantial young men of good moral character for extension work, with practical training later. Only well recommended men with good references will be considered. For interview, call or write— MR. A. J. RUTGERS Barlow Hotel ANDERSON DIESEL SCHOOL of Los Angeles, California. References: Hope Chamber of Commerce. By George Ross NEW YORK— There is a popular notion that drama critics arc vulturous wolves who bare their fangs at most actors and plays; and are misanthropes | whc slink down and up the aisle and out, brooding to themselves; and are | thwarted, poor devils who never get much fun out of life. She's World's Richest Girl dent of the group, is working on a stag Christmas dinner for the critical fraternity. For entertainment, he has recruited Al Gordon's trick dogs who bother the life out of Ed Wynn in "Hooray for What!" Mark it down to their sense of hu- | mor, if you like, but the critics believe that in a season of acting by Lillian Gish. Ina Claire, Orson Welles, ing highly considerate of her fellow playgoers. She waits until the houselights are down before she enters the Broadway theaters. I And she has been spared running the' I gauntlet of the autograph hounds. An Earful Tallulah Bankhead is in dignant. Someone said the other day that —Photos by Hope Star Kidnaped! Just like a thriller filmed in Hollywood, Little Dorothy Jane Ramsey is kidnaped in the first scene of Hope's own local jranp; comedy, a two reeler, which will be shown at the Saenger Theater Thursday and Friday. The comedy was filmed in Hope by Melton Barker of Hollywood, Calif., and the characters are children from Hope and siirround- The film begins with Little Miss Rumsey being kidnaped and carried off to a Miss Marion Crutchfiekl, her sister, reports the kidnaping and the pang 1 pets busy at once. One little boy is told that he is too small to go on the hunt and he organizes a gang of his own—but you should see the picture yourself and get the details of how this gang found the kidnaped girl and dwelt justly with the kidnapers. A few specialty numbers are included. You'll miss a real treat if you fail to see these 70 children in their first movie. The comedy is scheduled in addition to the regular feature: Jack Holt in "Under Suspicion." 'tp Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray play n young married couple constantly in trouble because of the wife's love for lying to her husband, which New tL S. Army on Wheels and Wings Aiimy More Efficient Now Than Any Period in Peace-Time Boy Is Freed, Hunt Kidnapers By ALEXANDER tt. GEOIUJE AP Feature Scrvcle tyrlter WASHINGTON, - Back of Uncle Uncle Sam's bottle fleets is the nation's secondary defense — const artillery nnd .fortifications, n smnll but highly mo•bile army and an increasingly potent nir force. '• 'Isolated from potential enemy countries in Europe and Asia and on very friendly terms with neighboring Canada nnd Mexico, the United States has not felt that it needed a huge peacetime conscript army such as places a tremendous financial burden on nearly every other major country. Since this peace-minded nation has depended primarily on n stalwart navy to hold off nn agrcssor, the secondary defense has been a comparatively weak link in the line of resistance to possible enemy attack. However, there has been a steady strengthening of the army since the waning of international disarmament hnpe.i about five years ago. Still .smnll in numbers, it is rated by the army high command as more efficient today than at any other period in its ixiace- time history. New Planes Hutlt There has been tremendous progress in professional skill, mobility, modernization of weapons and equipment. Scacoast defenses nrc being modernized, tanks and motorized artillery are high speed, infantry with semi-automatic shoulder rifles arc being reorganized in new, streamlined halations. Most striking advances have been in aircraft. The army now has 1,000 new planes, and another 1,000 under order. The 1,000 new planes are rated on n par in efficiency with those of any power and the new "flying fortresses" are The Far East situation having raised the issue of U. S. rights. Punchdrunk Willie insists a few good lefts also should be arranged for. Strange thing about collectors. A fiendish philatelist usually is willing to cancel everything else for a good stamp. Researchers say the nation's toll of lost youth rises ama/.ingly. not even including the women who won't tell their age. Britain has asked Tokio for some real war remedies, suggesting Ihut Ihere are loo many headaches in the armor- plale typo of pill box. Ijiltle Willie snys he doesn't care what happens to treaties as lohg as no mie disregards the "Santa" clause. Spells Holiday BLUh'KTON, O lihitflim High School hoys didn't have to piny hook- ey on the opening day of the hunting jeason. Sclnxil hoard officials honored all applications for excuses to go hunting. - ... -»»»- -------Cotton iKTcngi- in Hni/.il increased from 1, 700.000 in I OKI to ('vtOO.OOO in IMG. Indiana stntc police followed a cold trail nnd monger clews in Have your winter Suit dry cleaned In our modern plant—pressed liy experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters - ,11111 LIIU new iiyui^ MM uu^i.;, ,uu , , i • , said to be the most formidable bomb- | hc f^rch for two kidnapers of ers in the world. The air defense goal ' -nughmg 3-ycnr-old John Brynn, is 2.230 modern planes, to be attained ' r -' l °P Pno\.o, snatched from by June, 1940. ^ IS Ccntervillc, Ind., home on 'Present strength of the regular army is. some 12,000 officers and 158,000 en- Christmas Eve with his nurse, Norma Schroy, lower right. The listed men. The army's idea' of an tMnapers released their victims ivhcn Banker John Bryan, lower left, organized a flghting-rruid posse instead of complying with i demand of $3800 ransom for his son's return. George M. Cohan, etc., Al Gordon's -| her proom, John Emery, has a pair of dogs submit performances that belong I'cauliflower ears. Which would have with the best of the season. 1 he e" no ereat disgrace because Tnllu- Procautions h=>vo been taken, inci- I lah's husband was a qugilist before he dentally, to prevent a dog biting a : turned actor. Since the Drama Critics' Circle was -"•:""•" "' ' "" ° ~ " "| But she is indignant, nevertheless, formed, however, there has been reas-1 . at thc aspcrsions casl at the shape and n to scorn such slanderous remarks, Considerate Crawford condition of her mate's hearing ap- because the b>ys prove to be quite the Thc | ast tjme j oan Crawford visited paratus. There is some truth in it, 'anhattan with her husband, Fran-' Talltilah says, but the truth only cov- contrary of the gossip. ! It seems th;it instead of being cm- i V;iUered recluses, they are a sociable chot Tone, they caused several human f ers one ear. The other, thank heaven, stampedes when they attende thc was spared. lot and like- to gt.-t together ofen. Now • theater. And don't let anyone tell you dif- Georgc Jean Nathan, who is the presi- Joan, in town alone- this time, is be- forcnt about Tallulah's man. when Miss Lombard finds New Year's 326 Y Y O 572 E I E 642 D W A 682 835 287 453 LHRUIWWOSGRS O 8 R 268 I C T 728 E L T 48 F R 5 M 2 8 L I 685 K P A 242 B T R 252 632 757 283 862 7 INNFDGNCPYBUEOOA 62563 R U E O E Heiress to vast fortune. Constance Corby had her choice in everything—. even love. That is, until she met Bret Har- clesty. What happened to her then is told in one of the most absorbing Stories of the new year, a. 25-chapter serial 8 8 S M C W O Y S L A A N N I N O E E T E/. 27562 Y O S Y A 8'357 R G Y T 2364 N A O O 8272 E D F G 5 2 7 6' O O A U C O 728 627 R D F O I. O 6 8 6 278 UUUFECNYKF IV'.,- Beginning Copyright-. 1937. William J. Miller TT T "I « Wh»t does the N'cw Year hold for you? Dip deep into the "Wishing Well" and discover your fortune W PP« 1/71 during 1938. This entertaining 'number puzzle will forecast, the future for you in a surprisingly r r +~*"v * * * simple v/ay. Count the letters of your first iiarne. Subtract 4 if the total is 6 or more. Add 3 it ,t total is less than 6. The result will be your key number. Check all of your key nuinbt-is in the figure, beginning at the upper left corner. Then i-ead the message in the letters so checked. Hope Star "irreducible minimum" defense is 14,600 officers and 165,000 men. National guard troops number 192,000, the defense objective being 210,000. Congress has been appropriating nearly a half billion dollars yearly to strengthen the army. Military experts say, however, that an expenditure of about $150,000,00 Oon materials is needed now to bring army defense up to "comfortable security" stage. Probably the most important development in the secondary defense since the World war has been the building up of an Officer's Reserve corp, now 96,500 strong. Carefully worked out defense plans call for a speedy, wartime expansion of the army with these reserve officers providing a valuable training nucleus for hundreds of thousand of recruits. Gas Defense Adequate Our artillery, mostly of the French 75 type, which is being modernized for high speed towage, ranks well with other n«tions. French artillery technique, however, has long been rated the world's finest. | U. S. anli-aircraft guns are among the best but the supply, army officers , say, is not satisfactory. No particuar plans, it is said, have been made for use of gas as a weapon but the army has concentrated on gas defense and developed a satisfactory mask. ( Railway artillery and other big guns,' which can be moved quickly, protect threatened areas between fixed coast defenses. Supplementing these in swift defense service is the new General Headquarters Air force which by 1940 Li slated to reach full strength of 1,000 up-to-the-minute- combat planes. This mighty sky-squadron, under a single, centralized command, is prepared for swift, emergency action at any danger point. If New York, Soa- attle or other "frontier" spot were menaced by enemy warships or planes, a powerful unit of the GHQ would be immediately concentrated for their defense. i Protection Measures Intensive motorization, phis excellent highwoys, has made troop movement to most sectors of thc country incredibly fast compared with World war standards. Tanks, anti-aircraft guns as well as the motorized field, artillery, infantry and machine gun units can be moved rapidly to strategic INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON nnd Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance jHisitions. C'Miipri-'lHMu ivo defense phius pi' 1 vide 1 iilsn fur quick mohdi/aliim of j forces ti> protect munition fai-lorii-s. vital tr!in.s|Hirtation arteries and water .supply Kyxd-ntK. as well as t<; cvaciialc civilian populations from combat zones. An olverver says the Japanese are not naturally warlike, but on any international amateur night they could win first prize for the best imitation. The movies offered racketbuslcr Dewcy a job bill he refused. Someone must have cited the futility of catching the criminal in the second reel of a serial. The nest in Motor Oils Gold Soul l(Mr7r PCIIII., <|t. 2Sc The Nuw Sterling Oil. 0.1. 3Dc Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. Ens I 3rd, !!on -Open Day & Nile FREE! Your Full Name On— Sin-lifter or L. E, Waterman Fountain Tens and Pencils. 1'rlred from $2.5C to $15.00 Also leather Goods. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Kexall Store I'none G3 Delivery 1937—THE PENNEY YEAF| Two Big Days left for you to Save During 1937. Penney's Are Giving You These Bargain. HEAVY WIDE OUTING FLANNEL Yard 3':C Go On Sale at 10 o'Clock Thursday 3000 TURKISH ft L TOWEL LENGTHS For When Engine Dived Over Wall Iff WWffffftffftffrrf vvw/» • ftfffffffff^fffnv~"*frf"i*r'*^* ••pnt»»Tym»»»mi i ivnr"g-.—re >*•• --- • •...•...— Puffing into the yards at Pittsburgh, a Pennsylvania passenger train struck a boulder which had rolled onto thq tracks, leaped the rails and plunged UO feet over the retaining wall shown at left to shatter into the wreckage pictured here. Engine, tender and diner went over #e wall killing Engineer Oscar E. Rhoads and Fireman William fl. Stious. Several porters vyere injured. Men's Fast Color— Full Cut DRESS SHIRTS Not A " Only 3 Left— 72x84 Down Filled COMFORTS Ray c"ve± nese $ Close — Out — 100 Dozen WHITE SEWING THREAD— Spool 10 .90 ea. 1C Special For Last Two Days—100 Dozen TURKISH TOWELS 2 15c For This Rainey Weather—Penney's MAJESTIC ADCfLCF 9%fi SHOE urcjS™*" Box ^ • - 72x84 PART WOOL DOUBLE MUST GO ea. 42x36 Belle Isle—Penney Quality PILLOW CASES Each IQc 1 Only, Size 4, Chincilla Set COAT and LEGGING $4,00 1 Oh, Yes-We Have Added Lots of HEW REMNANTS ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFJCE WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES

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