The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 29, 1960 · Page 27
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 27

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 29, 1960
Page 27
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SUNDAY, MAY 23, lPuD THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR SLC. 2 PAGE D HARRIS SANATORIUM Licensed Nursing for th Aged, Invalids and Convoescents REASONABLE RATES 7C2 M. Alabama St. ME 4-4033 TV. Radio Higliliglits aooooooo OF ROCHESTER Ft CUSTOMUNE APPAREL 1X3- Saei 44 to .10 0 0 A V Suits Slacks Shirt Sportswear LEE Work Clothts Writ For Fret Catalogue 0 LARGE SELECTION 0 OF REGULAR SIZES n MEN'S FURNISHINGS SHOES SPORTSWEAR mm COATS JACKETS Q PLENTY OF FREE PARKING Open Frt. till , ME Mill -I II III I I III I II I III HIT 1 1 II i jiM ALUMINUM SIDING YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS .JOL Complete information and FREE estimates No Obligation! Call WA 4-2611 Call or Write Us tor the Name and Address of Your Nearest Authorized Representative ROBERTS W. TOPE CORPORATION A NAME OF HONOR IN ALUMINUM HOME IMPROVEMENTS 3545 SUTHERLAND INDIANAPOLIS mm. Today's top television shows as previewed and selected by TV Key s staff of experts who attend rehearsals, watch screening and analyze frpt$ tn Sac York and Holly-wood: Your Radio Programs For Sunday All Programs Cenfrol Daylight Time CAMERA THREE (10:30 a.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) "Boswell Without Johnson." Fans of this series will appreciate the insufferable conceit of the youthful Boswell in this dramatization, and bear with him as he wangles two interviews with an unwilling Rousseau and an outspoken Voltaire. After all, he did write one of the truly great biographies in the English language, even if he was a braggart. SMALL WORLD (6 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) Part II of a discussion on disarmament by experts in the field of atomic energy, is a-highly provocative and thoughtful exchange of opinion. How to pursue the course of peace, the efficacy of limited war, and the recent events concern, ing the Summit, the U-2, and the U.N. debate, are some of the subjects covered by Dr. Hans Albrecht Bethe, Dr. Leo Szilard, Adm. Lewis L. Strauss, and Dr. Jerome B. Wiesner. 20TH CENTURY (6:30 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) "The Russo-Finnish War." (Repeat.) An interesting half -hour devoted to a war that has become buried in the history of this century. In the fall of 1939, Russia (population 170,-000,000) invaded Finland (population 4,000,000), because the Reds wanted to "protect" their own security. This is an exciting account of the short winter of war which saw the Finns crushed, but not in one week as the Russians expected. MAVERICK (7:30 p.m., WLW-I, Channel 13) "Cruise of the Cynthia B." (Repeat.) Enjoyable outing. Bret (James Gacner) is busy being a sucker again. He buys a riverboat without even sticking an ice pick in its hull, and learns the boat has other new owners who team up against him. Bret also tangles with a lady called Modesty Blaine, good for a number of scenes. SULLIVAN (8 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) Count Basie's band playing "Whirly Bird," and the curiosity value of seeing Charles Chaplin Jr. do an imitation of his father, are the highlights of this mild variety hour. Comics Jean Carroll, Guy Marks, and Ford and Reynolds come up with a series of routines, and tap-dancing youngsters and other instrumental WA 3-5471 FREE INSPECTION (Must Hut 24" Crawl Space) Averoge Home Completely Treated LIFETIME GUARANTEE PLAN Each lob consists of treatment throughout the understructur at the building so as to set up a toxic barrier against termites in all artos through which they might gain entry. This is accomplished by treatment of wood construction at all vulnerable points under hi9h pressure; thorough treatment ot foundation walls and piers; treatment of wall voids; saturation of ground, and all other treating fVhich may b necessary to Croat a complete insulation barrier. 37M KINNEAR AVE. (U) WA 5471 SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS CALL CL 1-3106 OUT OF TOWN CUSTOMERS CALL COLLECT nnnnkOnP 0 M ,V lUd , . U 11 for "500" parties m rem n rvn rxn 1mm LT Brighten your party of 2 or 200 with the " '500 Bail Room" TONIGHT 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Continuous muic-Each quarter hour you and your guests will hear recorded quality music and rhythms by different big bands and the songs that made them great. Tune your party of 2 or 200 to 94.7, WFBM-FM for five-continuous hours of the best in music. Glenn Miller Tht Doney Bros. Ray Anthony Harry Jamtl 1 Eenny Goodman Les Elgart and other guests u uuu OTITIC vest" rie-4rsoc-afo5oun(y, Now, operating ful-time,seven days I week. "GOLDEN SOUND OF THE MIDDLE WEST novelty acts perform their way through the rest of the show. THEATRE (9 p.m., WISH TV, Channel 8) "Hot Footage." Here's another pilot film, so take a peek and see if you woula have bought this series. It stars Richard Greene and Robert Strauss as two friendly enemies who compete in the newsreel photography field. They do a very competent job and the show manages a few laughs between fights. Your previewer felt that these two might be the type of performers who could make a series like Adventures in Paradise palatable. THE REBEL (9 p.m., WLW-I, Channel 13) "Night on a Rainbow." This is a sort of post-Civil War "Hatful of Rain." Johnny learns that an old Army buddy of his became a drug addict in an Army hospital, and is now a seemingly hopeless case. He tries to break his friend of the habit and rid the town of its one legalized dope ped dler. Naturally, he succeeds, but not before some pretty hard-hitting scenes. James Best is fine as the addict. JACK BENNY (10' p.m.,' WISH-TV, Channel 8) "Filming Jack's Life Story." (A repeat) Entertaining show. Movie boss Buddy Adler is supposedly going to make a movie about Jack and wants to do everything in it write, direct, star, etc. But Jack really starts screaming when Van Johnson is picked to play the lead. Mary Livingston and Rochester are in this one too. TV Sports- BASEBALL (1:25 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6) Cleveland at Detroit. BASEBALL (1:25 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) Milwaukee at Cincinnati. "500" GOLF (5 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6) Final rounds of the 500-Mile Golf Tourney with the award festivities, will be covered. Other Features SPEEDWAY PARTY (9 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6 The annual last minute roundup of distinguished guests from the radio, TV and newspaper worlds. Experts will air their predictions of what will happen at tomorrow's race. 500 PREVIEW (10:30 p.m., WLW-I, Channel 13) A television preview of tomorrow's race. START ENGINES (11 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6) Last-minute information for '500' fans. SPEED FESTIVAL (11:35 p.m., WLW-I, Channel 13) A color film feature on last year's 500-Mile Race will be aired. Movies CLASSICS (8:30 and 11:30 p.m., WTTV, Channel 4) "Sister Kenny" (1946), with Rosalind Russell and Dean Jagger. LATE SHOW (11:15 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) "Cyrano De Bergerac" ' (1950), with Jose Ferrer and Mala Powers. Edmund Rostand's classic of love and adventure in the 17th century Paris. ARMCHAIR THEATER (Midnight. WFBM-TV, Channel 6) "Tops Is the Limit" with Bing Crosby and Ethel Merman. GOLD CUP (12:05 a.m., WLW-I, Channel 13) "Eugenie Grandet" (1953), with Peggy McCay and Val Dufour. Should a woman let her impoverished fiance marry another woman for money or disclose that she too has come into a fortune. Radio "500" GOLF WFBM will cover the tourney at 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. WIRE will continue its 15-minute broadcast series at 6:45 p.m., along with bulletins throughout the day. BASEBALL (2:30 p.m., WFBM) Chicago versus Kansas City. BASEBALL (3 p.m., WISH) Indianapolis versus Charleston. RADIO "500" (11 p.m., WFBM) An all-night program for "500" fans. Hill To Be Explored Amman, Jordan (AP) Twenty . seven archeoloe-ist. from American universities are due here this week to do research on Balata Hill, said to be the site of the Biblical city of Shechem. where Abraham lived. Archeologists have worked there periodically since iyzj. Mornlr; WIRE 1433 KSC 1SH 1313 CIS f8H 1263 AEC WiSC 1078 XLW 958 7:00 Hr. if tftr lipiist Owes Nei; Strtneft :1 Mr. f Fer laptist Chiirci Son. Serenade :30 Offie McsJj Nr. if fmtr Mir,.( fir HtL Sunday bchm Nts: Serenade :45 Or;a Moods Hr. if Pief Mwlttir Mel Sungay Scaeil Sua. Serenade 8:00 Lijul lile Canary laberaaclt Cirlstien Ir. lertea 6osel Nes; Serenade ligtitlift Clar labereiclt tr. lernniisi lertaa gospel Sua. Serenade :30 he fannies I bit Class Dr. laraheist leiieai Naur News: ftrmM :45 (he fmwiei I, bit Class Prtfrna 1 Henral New Hymns 9:00 Sua. Serenade Ciaiminlrj laptist Prijraai 7 Oral Rabtrn Nen :13 Art al ti?i Cammsnlrj liptisf Preaaa 7 Oral Roberts Winters :30 frapitetic taici leading Qaeri Pragma 7 Christian Scletct Newt; lick :45 Prepbetlt 1ht leading Qrtry Pragran 7 Header Putpll flUtrs f A:OU tadlaPilslh tet libit Class Pragraa 7 Chirck (f Christ News; lick I 11:15 lidia Pulpit HI lible Class Prejrata 7 Chorck il Ckrlsl Winters I II :30 Sun. Sunsbine Be lute Pan Pragrara 7 Unitarian Rr. News; Old A Sua. Sunshine Seati Haraw) Pragraii 7 Siaglnj Preachtr Wlaters U:Ott Sun. Stmshlnt South Nenaeni Self Teornei lalt(abeniaclt News; III is :i: Sm SunsklH Clue Women (ilf Taiwef lilt, labemecla Yesterday's H!b :'M) ternil It. OihjiM Inolaaa Prigrw J lair, tabernacle News; Nits :4P trenail. News Program 7 tail Tabernacl yesterday's Hits Afternoon WIRE 1430 NEC WISH 1310 CBS WFBM 1260 ABC WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 1 A :00 Mantetant Sia. Afteraaei News News Analysis UW News I 7:15 Filth fir Tedij Sua. Alfemeai News Analysis Week tn Words. Music f, :30 Lutheran Hr. Sua. Afteraen Pregra 1 Week End Bateflat Indpls. :,- htheraa lit. Sun. Alteram Prqriw 7 Week End Purdue land 1 2 3 4 :00 Sin. Music :15 Sun. Music :30 Sun. Music :45 Sua. Music :00 Sua. Music"" :I Sua. Music :30 Sun. Music :43 Sun. Music :00 Monitor :l." Monitor :30 Monitor :45 Monitor :(I0 Monitor" :13 Monitor :30 Monitor :45 Monitor Sim. Attention San. Alrtrneen Sun. Alteram Sun. Alteram Sun. Afternooi Sun. Afternoon Sun. Afteraoon Sun. Afternoon Indpls.-Chrlstn. Indpls.-CHrlstn. Indpls.-Chrlstn. Indpls.-Chrlstn Indpls.-Chrlstn. Indpls. Chrlstn. Indpls.-Chrlstn. Indpls.-Chrlstn. Program 7 Program 7 Program 7 Pragram 7 Wetk End Wetk Ead Week End Week End News; Ilk MorrlsN News; lok HarrisM Program 7 logout Chi. -lias. City Cbl.-lans. City Chl"lns7City" Chl.-lms. City Chl.-lans. City CaUans. City ""Chi.-Kans7ciry" Chl.-lans. City Cbl.-Xans. City Chl.-lans. City Week End Week End Week End Wetk End News; lib Mirrlsaa Newt; lok Morrison Week End Week End Week End Week End News; lik Morrison Newt; lok Morrison Indiana's General Fund Dips 823,333.399 In Year Mo I. t0 General Fund M atetlricted Funds I l:i 101 Hionway Funds 4t.0S3.W4 04 Otrier Funds 14,S7M8S 14 Moy 1 im S',77J,I8! 41 34,47 423 II 42,421 23 11 14,Ut 87 42 Moy 1 1S4 VI 4SJ 5H l 21 741 410 S 24 326 351 1S,3S7,!75 4J GRAND TOTAL S114.0?3.44 55 SISIltlS5 75 Sl,l?l,144 51 Indiana's general fund bal ance was $46,438,782 on May 1, compared with $67,-772,181 the same day a year ago and with $79,452,518 four years ago, State Auditor Albert A. Steinwedel reported yesterday. However, highway funds stood at $46,053,394, topping the May 1, 1959, figure by more than $3,425,000 and the 1956 amount by nearly $20,-000,000. There was less variation in other restricted and miscellaneous funds. Week End Week End Week End Week End 5 :00 On tht lint :15 Monitor :30 Meet Press :45 Meet Press Indpls.-Chrlstn. Indpls.-Chrlstn. Indpls.-Chrlstn. Indpls.-Chrlstn. Program 7 Program 7 toll. Tonncy (oil Tourney Week End Wetk End lilly Graham Silly rehire News; lok Morrison News; lok Morrisoi "WXIW Hews Spts.; lunes News; Tunes Tunes Night WIRE 1430 NBC WISH 1310 CBS WFBM 12o0 ABC WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 6 :00 Music Ton Want ;15 Music Tan Want ;30 Music You Want 45 Golf Tourney Hate Gun Hate Sun Gunsmott Gunsmoie 7 :00 :15 :30 :45 Monitor Monltar Moaitar Monitor Hitch Miller Mitch Miller Mitch Miller Mltck Miller 8 :00 :15 :30 :45 9 :O0 :15 :30 :45 Monitor Mcnltar Monitor Monitor ' Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor World Tonlte T.I.A. Face Nation Face Nation Program 7 Program 7 . Program 7 Program 7 Program 7 Program 7 No Strings Ha Strlnjs Vstrlnjs No Strings Sound Stagt Sound Stagt News Visloi Telescept Telescope "Jr. Twn. Meet. Jr. Twn. Meet. Yng. Anter. Sings Yng. Arncr, Sings 'signal II Signal 10 Ave Maria Hear Are Maria Hour News; Dare Dinner Dalt News; Edltian Home Edition News; Home Home Edition News; Home Sign Off too 'illy Graham :15 lilly Graham :30 KetiTal Time :45 Setital I:me 11 :OU Catholic Hr. Catholic Hr. :30 DePauw Presents :45 Music 12:00 Sign Off Capital Cloakr'm Capital Cloakr'm leading Query leading Query News; Music Guest Star Salt lake Ctir. Salt lake Chr. Yr. Heserte Midnlte Music Midnite Music Midnile Music "Sign'Ofl Sound Stage Sound Stagt Program 7 Program 7 Israel Mtssagt Israel Messagt St. Francis' lack Tat God "ladle' '500' ladli 5D0 ladia "500 ladia '501' ' ladia '500' Indpls. Forum Indpls. Forum UN Report Dean Minion News People's Temple Master Control Master Control Heartbeat Thea. Heartbeat Thea. Hr. of Crucified Hr. if Crucified WAJCFM 104 $ Megocycloa Butler University 7:4S-Form News . a:00-Good Morninf :00-Morn. Concorf 10:0O-Mcdltotions 10 30-Fom. Music 1145-News P.M. lloo-Svmpnonerio " I OO-Mogicol Mus. t:?vjM Concert 2 30-Great Orch. 3 3D-Chombtr MuS. 4 OO-Teleicope S:00-Adv. in Sound - 5 30-Dinner MuS. 7 00-lnterlude 7:30-Concert Noll m oo-Sound Unlimited 10 30-News; Sound ll:0O-Newi; Spts. Program, Reception To Honor Teacher Mrs. Elsie Kleifgen Carlisle, a teacher at Public School 85 for the last 31 years, will be honored at a program and reception at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the school auditorium, 338 South Arlington Avenue. Mrs. Carlisle has taught in the Indianapolis school system for 36 years. Several hundred of her former pupils are expected to attend the reception. All funds totaled $136,093.-666 on May 1, while the sums a year ago and four years ago were $158,9S9,855 and $143,-898,164, respectively. Comparative table: Miss Bipgs To Head Job's Daughters Unit Miss Dianne Biggs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm S. Biggs, a graduating senior at Washington High School, will be installed as honored queen of Job's Daughters, Bethel 85, at ceremonies at 7 p.m. Saturday in the West Indianap olis Masonic 1 I Temple, 1522 West Morris 'ggs Street. Other officers to be installed include Miss Sue Holland, senior princess; Miss Beverly Willoughby, junior princess; Miss Sue Smith, guide, and Miss Sandi Marsh, marshal. Tm j V - CP. Itr. 11. Kdwnrd TaVvl offices at Rost Jtwolers, Downtown, 25 N. Illinois Ceiling On Big Farm Supports Won't Be Hiked, Congress Says Washington (UPI) Congress has quietly decided to do nothing at all this year about extending a $50,000 ceiling on the size of government price support loans to big farms. The $50,000 limit on supports for any one crop on any single farm was imposed for the 1960 crop season by a rider last year in an agricultural appropriation bill. The bill applied to the fiscal year which ends June 30. WHEN THE House and Senate acted separately recently on the appropriation bill for the year beginning July 1, both chambers approved a provision continuing the limitation for 1960 crops. This was done, Representative Jamie L. Whitten (D-Miss.) explained, because most 1960 crops will be harvested in the period after July 1 of this year. If the 1960 crop ceiling had been left out of the new bill, government lawyers feared their right to enforce the limitation might be questioned. But in extending the limit Nixon To Open SEATO Parley In Washington Washington (AP) The State Department announced yesterday that Vice-President Richard M. Nixon will be the chief speaker at the opening of the SEATO foreign ministers conference here Tuesday. The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization meeting will continue through June 3. The State Department announcement gave no explanation as to why Nixon had been as signed the ceremonial role normally taken at SEATO meetings by the chief of state. The statement simply said President Eisenhower will entertain the visiting ministers at lunch after the opening session. Members of SEATO are Australia, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Britain and the United States. Latvia Mortality Cut Moscow (AP) Mortality rates in Soviet Latvia have fallen 60 per cent since befo-e World War II, when the Soviet Union took over .the country, the Latvian health ministry reports. Tass said diphtheria decreased more than 90 per cent and typhus 80 per cent. Selling is easy with a want ad. on support loans to big farmers for 1960 crops, the provision approved by both houses made no reference at all to 1961 crops. WHITTEN, floor manager for the bill in the House, said the proposal to skip all reference to continuing the ceiling on 1961 crops came originally from the Eisenhower administration. Agriculture Department officials suggested, Whitten said, that Congress could deal with the question next year after the department has had a chance to see how the support ceiling works. Congress has not yet given its final approval to the new appropriations bill. Before that is done, a number of differences in the House and Senate versions will have to be compromised by a House-Senate conference committee. The conference committee will not change the price support ceiling section, however, since it was approved in identical form in both Houses. The decision to put off any action on a ceiling for 1961 crops until next year could make it much tougher 4o get congressional approval of the limitation on this type of help for big farms. JJ CLIP THIS AD . . . MAIL IT GET FREE BOOKLET LEARN ABOUT LENSES 10 Ways Improved J OVER OlD STYLE CONTACT LENSES r,.w.Mit $0tftSS "They Do Not Touch The Eyes" D 0 D ID 1 Mode to fit the Individual curves ot the cornea and to rest securely on a natural lover ot tear. 2 Mode to be. worn by thousands from rising to bedtime. 3 Made tinier, barely covering the cornea. 4 Made to be Invisible, regardless of thickness of your glosses. Tinttd contact Icnits also available) S Made of new So(e-T Lite", a thinner, lighter, stronger plastic. Made to be put on and taken oft In seconds. 7 Mode to be 100 free breathing all around. I Mode in prescription lenses by the most advanced method. Prescription changes, whenever needed. Dr. D. Edward TaYcI ME 5-6566 reg. optometrist ovor 20 yore T l-U Rost Jewelers, IS N. Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana Nome Address City n o D O O O State r" nm cy WGEE Log SUNDAY PROGRAM (Central Doytlgfil Time) ISM Kllecyclis toorntnt 7:0O-SplrltualS i.m ln' v .nureii 1:00 News. Sointuals 1:15-Ann Jocksoni News 1:30 Pojif temple 9:00-Boptlst :30-Splrltuols in y uieor 10:30-TBA It '10-Boot 1st Churrh 1l;00-Chrlstlon Afternoon one Evenmp I2;00-Monltors 12: 15 Monitors) i:30Classics l:lS-Ciassics; News l:30-Classlcs ? n cmtiM! News 2:30-Jamboree 3:30-Showcase 4:15-Showcose; News 4:0-Showcas S:l5-Showcase; Sports 5:30-Showcaso : 15-Showcose; News :30-Showcaso 7:00-Showcose) News 7:!5-Pub Servlcl 7:43-Slgn Oft WFMS-FiM Log SUNDAY PROGRAM (Centre) OoyllgM Time) lij) Megacycles nAoratngj l:00-Socred Music I0:30-Orehestro l:30-Ensembl I IO:4J-Christian :0O- Piano I Church :1S-Meiodieo I2:00-Oinner Music :30-CMB Hour AftifflMn Itoo-Mustcgi Men 4:0O-$un. Strtndex l:30-HI R 'Hour I 4:30-Twillght 2:30-Fay Classic I Tunis J:0O-Muslcat I SiJO-Jalon Orch. 7 00-TIA 10:0O-Eneores 4 00-m, fi Melodltt l0:Ju-Revene :JU-fcvtntiae l2:0O-Sion Or) WFBM.FM M7 Megacycles SUNDAY AM. 7:39-Sun. Best - ll:00-Muslc 1:0O-Serenodi j:uu-Oesign tor Listening l:0O-HI Fl Festival 4.00-Us1en Design :00-$unst Serin. 4,(VO'nnef Mmisc 7:00-Design For Listening Concert I0:30-Ntws l8:45-Noctum 12.00-Jifln Oft IMPROVE YOUR GAME! Read the Special SHEINWOLD Seminar on "LOW DOUBLES" A series of six articles beginning TOMORROW in The Indianapolis Star Here's another of Sheinvvold's famous seminars . . . discussing "low doubles." Featured in the articles will be the old-fashioned double, punishing a bad bid, doubling without a trump trick and taking out partner's double. A thorough knowledge of when to double, when not to double, and when to take-out will give the duplicate player more "tops" and give the social bridge player several hundred additional points. Don't miss Sheinwold's series on LOW DOUBLES! Also, be sure to read his daily bridge column in The Star THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR If you're not already receiving The Star, call MElrose 8-2411 and ask for home delivery.

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