Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 18
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Number of Words Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 23 26 to 30 31 to 35 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 HdM ffAft, HOM. ARKANSAS Ir Chick Yount 02ARK IKI ITS GONNA ae A REAL ANOWINNIN6 1 IN TH LAST OF fUNQMB QftEM KtN KEACftf M£* HORHBtC F/#tr TO THIM W; ro cffttr&t wro secoHO avw _ THUQWf OUT OUR WAY By J. K. Willlantf •y Michael CTMdlfor and Ralph LOIM yiT/e>AY, UCOKIT HIM ME Airg'T. THAT'LL HELP/ HE'S TRVIN' TO WALK IM TH' SHADE OF TH' CURBSTONE KiGAR SURB OP COUKSH NOT/ MOT ANt? A /VMNUTE Aniwir to Prtvidut Puizl* A TELEPHONE CAUL POK VVOfZTU-»VslVO»LWBLL5 COUNfTKV CLU& rE HARrTESTY'S BAUSHTfiK \& sCft-PO "> yvw rt>V YOU 7HIKIK HE'.O jOL D X -~~ TtrrCHEP WITH THIS &VENINJ&. WAVE HEK MEET VOU IN A QUIET SPOT/ tree totM opening dUk iwwt after 20 Arrive! (nb.) 41 Fur oft (comb. ^»"-* 28 Story form) i uncommon 29 A1way» , 42 Whirl 18?riDOllUon 30 Communlili 44 Shield bearing WASH TUBES 81 Lealie Turner 33 Body of wfllcr nwccl ituff in 48 Compnsi point 8» !>!«« ot card Ilicw 40 Seine 34 Foundation 30 To ward ftl Nullonat (nb.). 8Mort|*|« 40 NsugMy child W Ulna ' 'M LOOKING FORWARD TO \ SHB'5 TH GIVE A CHMJCE) LITTLE GIRL VEB, CIS WILTV WAS AW ALCQftOUCT WHO STRAISHTEMED OUT WITH THIS MOMTH OK $0 AT CUE PL AWT OUT VOU BROUGHT HELP OF AA DOING FIME. I HEAR, . McKSE 1 VOU r«l5 TIME, ErXSY? AMD VERY ACTIVE IM HELPING OTHER AM ENGLISH ORPHANAGE "HOT FOOTIN'* J rf WILU OUR BOAKDINO MOUSE Major Hoop)* EGAD, FOSTER/ >Ninon EPPRCT 1'MA.T BLAMKET WILL HAvJe - \«JOULD 6M, MAJOR, EKl PATVLe -A 1 / V!lM5 \ THAT'S REAL COOL/ A RACE: AMDrOSBf.AT/) LET'S HOPS /OUR •WE- C50DGBO X CTAMDk. FILLVDOM'T COIW& H A COLLAR OF\ IM CABOOS& THE VOUMGER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin 7 WHO I4AD f A TICKET / \ OM, HER < "•-^} (WOULD Be 0 <-\ AMD BATTLE.- -A)< VJtNT \ —v~ -V5VO GO^KifS HOOPLE Copr. 19^2 hy NE« Sttvlo. Inc. T. M. B»r. U. S. Pat. OH. m \v' <**<T»V::%£ **£...,,. ,-• —V •$* /..'-r~- <(U»a'-i «1 IT WOULD .^* HELP IF SHE CHERRY, STRAWBERRY LEMON fc»»n *^^f»/ IBII« «»••/ i t —• .. -twrni*^/ VXNILUA.TUTTI PRUTTI, *•• i i t i ****** | t | y PECAN, FUPGB, WALNUT... FUNNY IUSINISS SO AAANY t CAN'T By V. T. Homlin WHERE'D THAT COMIC OPERA SAMSON GO WITH TH' GIRL?/" OVER THE X'MON, TELL ME, VOU FLAP- /« WM.L, SIRE- UUNK--WHICH I THE GENIE, WAVD THEY GO? X THE GIRL..,. ,,.^ND TH' LONG NO6KD CHUMF-I MEAN CHAvP-- WENT OVER THE WALL AFTER THEM.' _ THERE eOEii EVERYBODY!! HOLYCOW, WHAT'S ' HAPPENED TO MY TIMING ? iort* oowpromlMd—l don't ht(t» lik« 11 **'to «*to W 11 ' ^ ** •quipp»J the h«lp wJth canteen* to eliminate th» continual running to the water fountafnl" CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer By Rusi Winterbothan AND HIS FRIENDS HEARt> MB I«BBP iy Carl Anderson HOLP MY KNITTIKkS W£pK " Thursday, July 31, 1952 HOP! STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Adf Must Be to Office Day Before Publication WANT AD RATES All Wont Ads Art Poyobl* In Advonc* But Adi Will 8a Accepted Over the Telephone And Accomo- dotiort Accounts Allowed With The Understanding The Account U Payable When Statement Is Rendered. One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 Three Six One Days Days Month For Rent THREE room apartment. Nicely furnished. Electric box. Bills j pnid. 204 Bonncr. Mrs. A. R. I Babb. 22-tf | .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 13.00 ROOM furnished apartment. Private both. Bills paid. No children. 712 K. Division. 28-3t Political Announcements The Star Is authorized to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: For Tax Asse,*sof CTUT STUART BEDROOM next to bnth. Newly decorated. Kitchen privileges. Attic fan. Close in. 109 N. Washington. 28-3t CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 75c per Inch 3 Times 60c per Inch 6 Times 60c per inch Rates quoted above or* for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip- dale ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements of. fering for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as housu or telephone numbers count as on* word. The Hope Star will fiot be responsible for errors In Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. Phone 7-3431 LARGE 3 room newly decorated apartment. Bills paid. 808 West Fourth. Dial 7-3152. 2!>-tt For Circuit Clerk HARRIOTT WILLIS S. A. (Speedy) HUTSON For Representative TALBOT FEILD JR. BED room. 7-2209. 391 South Main. Phone: For County Judge CLAUD H. SUTTON I' 0 QAimKTT FRED A. LUCK HOPE STAR FURNISHED apartment. 3 rooms, bath. Also bedroom with private bath. 1002 E. 3rd. Dial 7-3184. 29-tf UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment Private bath. Private entrances. Attic fan. Pecan Grove Apartments. Dial 7-3471. 30-Gt For R. For Sheriff C. COOK Alderman Ward 1 JOE BRITT C. (Bob) DANIELS JOE JOIIES 4 ROOMS and bath. Large garage. 1 block west of high school. Phone 7-4426. 30-31 For Alderman Ward 2 FRED JOHNSON DWIGHT KIDGDILL PAUL RALEY PAT DUFF IE Notice Star of Hope 1199; Consolidated January Preii 18, 1917 1929 Published every weekday afternoon STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex H. Washburn, Secy-Tret. •At The Star Building 212.214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Arkansai by HAUL and spread sand $1.25 yard Gravel available. Foy Hamrnon! Phone 7-2650. J9-1M WOODLAND WATERMELON GAR DEN. Real cold watermelons out where the crickets and katy did call. 214 miles East on 07. Dick Erwin. 24-Ut j For Alderman Ward B. L. RETTIG State Senate TOM J. SILVKV DR. F. C. CROW Chancellor (First Division, 6th District) WESLEY HOWARD A. P. STEEL Giants Will Be Glad to See Irvin By JOE REICHLER NKW YORK lAI — Monte Irvin. pronounced (it for return to doty, will RiH his first stnrting chance of Iho U ( f>2 season tomorrow nlRht ulion tho New York Giants engage Hit: Pittsburgh Pirates. In milking Uie nnnonnccmcnt, imitKujn- Leo Dviroeher snid he WH* .vielilini; to Irvln's pica to "get ;ick in thore" right awny, "Wh.it are you t!oir>K to do with V.iiy like that?" asked DuroCher. •Since 1 lei him pineh-hit lust Sun- r,y nii.l ho came through with a it. he's been after me to let him !iiy o\ory day. Any. other guy .•ould have been out for a full tar with what he had, and maybe i.rever. 13nl here it is. only throe ronths ' later, and he's raring 1° o. "What can I do? I've got to let iim play. So he yoes Fi'idny." It wiis on April 2 that Irvin stif erc.d a multiple fracture of his •ifiht ankle while sliding Into third )ase in an exhibition Ktimc in Den ver. At the time they despaired Monte ever playing again. At best, they said, he might be able to resume his playing career next reason. •1 heal fast," said the undismayed Irvin as he lay in a hospital til with Ins encased right leg .supported by pulleys. "1 got good Legionnaires Lick Spa Team in Close Game By Th« Associated Press AME1UCAN LEAOt'E ford <?•$> find Landf ttm Chieiiio nt New York Mlnnef (0-7) vs Koslo (7-4) or Hcnrn <1I* St St. Lotils at Boston MteoN (5< :>i vs BIcMnrd i7'8) Only gnlrics scheduled. WEDNESDAY'S RESOLtS Brooklyn 4 Pittsburgh 3 00 in- For Cont OREN H/ Worked to Lease For Sale Alex H Washbutn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmor, Mech. Supf. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager .i.ihfco a* second class matter at <£'• v at Hope. Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. BEAUTIFUL quality Holstein Heifers, $75 up. Mutation Mink, $35 up. Voight Farms. Lomira, Wis —Atlanta, Texas. 9-15t TREE ripened Elbcrta peaches. Fresh from orchard each day. Vi mile west on 07. 2S-Gt| A farm with '120 to 300 acres fo 2 years or longer. Please giv full description and amount o rent per year. Will pay $5 bonus to owner. Write Marli Williams, 115 Magnolia Strcr Hoi Springs, Ark. 24-Ot Hope IjCgtnnnnlres enme from behind here lust night, s-oring i runs in the fourth inning for n but couldn't shove n run across. Kdsel Nix gave up only seven hits, walked one nnd struck out five. Hope made three errors. W 58 .55 41 IM. GU ,5H« New York Cleveland Boston . . .111,-,, WnshinRton ^.-i victory over the luckless Hot Chicago Sprinis* Hospital team. I Phllttdolphin".'.,' Reasley, Thomns nnd Nix biiiv'pi i.ouis clicd to give Hopo the win. The n,.t.rnit visitors threatened several times! T } 1URS 'r, AY -S SCHKnUI.K New York nt ChieniJo Haschi (U-2) vs Uojtov'm (91!) Boston at Cleveland LlrlcUnor U vs Lenum dl-fli 52 52 •W 41 35 •13 •10 43 'Hi eo M2 .531 3 IS aoo •100 111 31., 3VJ, 7 New York 10-2 Chicago 6-d Two Bos< domes at H ere Ton i- Phitndolphln 7 Cincinnati 3 (nluht) Bo8tort.;,|^,8t,- p Louis l (hlght) STATES LEAGUE W L Pet 03 3fl .643 fin 40 .600 fl'clj Meridian Nnlehe* I!,"!? 2'J 1 -.; C.reenwnod Pino Blurt Monroo I'll Dorado Hot SpiMngs ut- Member ot the Audit Circulations Bureau ot Ratqs (payable In ad- nelghbor- Subscription vance) By carrier In Hope and Ing towns — Per Week :. 25 Par Year 13.00 By main In Hempstead, Nevada, Latayette, Howard, and Miller coun- One Month Three Months Six Months One Year All other mail — One Month Three Months jix Months One Year .„ . -.85 1.60 2.60 4.50 1.10 3.25 6.50 13.00 '^ G. E. Refrigerator. Good as "now. 7' Krii'idairo. Good shape. Gas cook stove. A bargain. C'a'il 7-2774. 2!)-:it All-American All-American top prize of $3,420, they'll be swinging even harder for the $25,000 first, $12,000 second, and $.i,000' third "world" prizes. In the All-American amateur division are 29 contenders, headed by defending Champion Frank Stranahan of Toledo, Ohio, yvhile 23 gals, among them 11 pros, will shoot for the All-American worn en's open crown vacated by ailing Babe Zaharias. The winning fcml nine pro collects $3,000. Promoter May has rounded up a field he deems complete with nit the presence oC Ben Hogan md British Open champ, Bobby Pete Arnold, tho ei«)it hits, walked two out five. The visitors three errors. Tl\o two teams meet Friday night. Hope Hopson rf Anderson ss White 2b Kilngnino of Boasley I b Gimter :ib Thoniiis c Koss If Nix p Total , Hot Springs fisher 2b Arnold p Seugins rt Miller :ib Horriyan cf Hieks c Kaber Ib Bursh ss McConncll If loser, all(v\ved and struck also made] I again here! CHOICE lots, and water, pur month. fiO' >: 2G.i'. Gas, lights $!!)(). $, r ) down, $5 T. N. Below, 7-20-ia. 30-31 Opems Today LISKA Nafl Advertising Representorives: Arkansai DaHiles, Inc.; 1602 Sterlck Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. *2nd St., Now York 17, N. Y.; 1763 penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okia. USED bath tub, lavatory, nnd com i m6*de. With fittings. Excellent' condition. Dial 7-2110. 31-31 12 ft. Norgc deepfreeze, studio couch, sink; second hand bricks. Phone 7-2520. 902 S. Elm. ->• •'. 31-61 —» Golf's greatest George S. May's Member of the Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use 4°' republication of all the local news printed in thl* newspaper, as well as all AP news its&u'ches. 1000 bales common grass hay now being cut. 60c bale at press at Ozan. Friday and Saturday. John H. Barrow. 7-4404. 31-21 By JERRY CHICAGO 1.1'i -Low cm earth, $120.000 Tain O'Shantcr marathon opens today with 18fi pros, ama tr-ur.s and women teeing off in the. S300.000 all-american tourney. The All-American, a 3-in-l mod a piny event over 72 holes, actual!} is just a gay overture before the. curtain lifts on Tarn's $90,000 "world championship cif golf" star' inj! a week from today. ' Although 129 American and IOL i eif/n pros are swinging for th AB R •I •I •I ;) 4 :i 4 3 3 38 AD ; S 5 4 4 2 4 4 4 2 34 Philadelphia Hi Detroit (2) Shunt?. lUI-3)' nnd Kellner (?-!» vs Uoeft t£-3) nnd Trucks C-12) Wnshinglon at St, Louis (nighti Johnson tl>'-3> or Gumpert i;l-;ii vs Bejirden (1-2) or Madison i;i. U WEDNESDAY'S KKSUI.TS Chlcntfo 7 New York 0 Philadelphia 4 Detroit 3 Boston 5 Cleveland 4 (nlghO Washington (! St. Louis 2 niiKht) fl2 40 48 38 34 Last nlRht'.i results: ClrocnvlUo 1 Monroe 0 Kl Dorndo 4 Greenwood Pine Bluff B Nntchrz B Hot Springs fl Merldlnn S Tontuht's gnmos: (ireenwood nl El Dorndo Gtoonvlllo nt Monroe Meridian nt Hot Springs at Pine Bluff 46 48 48 40 00 on 0 .531 ,50A .SOQ .500 .375 .343 Kdsol Nlx'S will piny n co' cmtjtht nt Fair onteat storting Ei nest WhltWft mound for the Little" u6i who tnngle with Ni P.m. At flfii thfe rftmloi' meets Prsscotl and Bobb; vlll likely get the cnli mound duty. SOUTHtiKN New Orleans . Atlanta 0 Chattnnoogn 0' Mobile ASSOCIATION W L Pel «2 47 01 -111 BB SO 55 Oft bones. I'll be ready to play by Ail)-. 1." Even Irvin May, in effect, told noj.;nn and .(K.-ke to st:iy away when they jed for aiipearanec money in the All-Aiui-rican. But it's possible, when the lads start parnlnyini? :iM's and birdies for the big world" dough, Locke and Hogan may be in the thick of the fray. Cary Micldlccoff, 1952's leudine money-winner with $13,506, is de fending All-American champion He won last year with 274, topping Ta's par by 14 strokes. The Memphis dentist will find the competition thick and heavy from such contenders, as U. S Open Champion Julius Boros, PGA tilli.st 31m Turnesa, Masters win ncr Sammy Snend, and Westen Open king Lloyd Mangrum,- twice un All-American .winner. didn't realize then v.'hat a crystal uaxer he was to turn out to be. For that is the oxiiet date Monte is slated to make his first start, His pinch-hit appear- finc'c lust Sunday against Cincinnati was the first time he had seen I Brooklyn . 'action since his mishap. Ho also I New York vent in as a pinch-hitler against i St. Louis he Chicai',0 Cubs last niuht but vas called out on strikes. What prompted Irvin to ask for starling chance was the an- louncemenl innde by Dr. Hari'ison I.. McLautlhlin of Medical Center lollowinH an examination of the injured leg. Memphis M til) . BlrmlnKhiim 51 Tilt Nashville 51 Sil Little Rock -1U 02 Last night's results: Little Rock fi-13, Atlanta 5-11 Mobile 3 Chattanooga 0 I>»ew Orleans 18 Nashville 0 Memphis 0 Birmingham 2 Tonight's games; Little Rock at Atlanta Memphis at Birmingham Chattanooga at Mobile Nashville at Now Orleans Mil) Mil) ,537 .noo .•177 .-Kill .-KM NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. ...02 23 ,HH1 !5B 34 .030 42 40 48 Philadelphia Chicane Boston Cincinnati .... 1'iUuljurnli • TMUHSDAY'S SCHKDULE Pillsburgh at Brooklyn (2> Main (2-8) and Iloc.ue Cl-2) vs nuthcc- r.o fl2 . 4!) 41 3!) 211 4'. IP. .531 I 1 TiOfi 1(1 ., r i71 fi4 IJ(I 72 Satan to Risk Undefeated Record CHICAGO W~Johnny Sflxton, numilnr, power-punching 33-yunr >ld Negro from New York, svll Isk his undefeated record again!) ^oeky Castellnni, a classy middle, velght, on Sept. 3, Tho match was in tho Intornn ionnl Boxing, Club's bag oven be ore Snxton entered thu 'Chiang Stadium right last night and pount eil out a unanimous decision ovo Virgil (Hanc'ybear) Aktns ot S Louis, It was ,hls 31st straight triump and Akins' first loss after four CHl Vew NIQMT"" 10, knocHotlt year. a , Palermo* S«kj nannger, Renounced thBt vlth Cnstenfttti' woul ORRO Stadium. Tho Luii nauler has been bcaton and Impressed Chlcngo ccntly with a decision ny Bratton. , ANNOUNCEM MJft *ui»«tiiwv *iiwitii'avi,*-F*R4jivt^ Dr. Harold M, Breoli/SS announce the rmaoclntli Dr. David Lloyd Guerlnl in the continued'Prftftti 1U 1V. 3rd St. .2SO 311'/j AIR (ONDITIONEI We will feed the parking meter for yoi — Just step inside and get pennies oi of jar —FREE PARKING, > *-p",;^.^F Services Offered quality t risir.I FOR all kinds of high mimeograph work contact Clar ice Cannon. Phone 7-2614 or 7-3050. J-29-lm WASHING and ironing done In my home. Mrs. U. H. Meador, 323 N. Hazel. 29-3t Waitress Wanted EXPERIENCED waitress. Top salary. Good tips. Apply in person Holiday's Cafe, 4 miles east of Hope on 67. - 24-6t Wonted ONE more experienced waitress. We have five of the finest girls in the state, but need one more. We pay the best salaries in the south and furnish meals too •Apply Mrs. Carroll, Diamond 'Cafe. 23-tf TWO good steady dishwashers and one cook's helper. Apply Mrs. Carroll, Diqmond Cafe. 23tf Sensational Coupon Offer! Scot Tissue 2 ROMS 23c Mrs. Tuck 3 Lb ' SUGAR BROWN and POWDERED 1 LbV' SPAM MILK PET and CARNATION 98c Lg. Cans BEAUTIFUL OFFER Real Estate for Sale FOR $500 down you may have this) lovely 5 room house. Hardwood floors, Venetian blinds, floor furnace, attic fan. Situated on 75' x 150' lot near high school. 309 East 15th St. Call us for all your Real Estate needs. GREENING INSURANCE & REALTY CO. Phone 7-4661. 30-3t The word "salary" the Latin word stems from fpr salt. FOR SALE ICE COLD WATERMELON The Cool«»t jS»ot In Town with the most attractive setting under THE OAKS HI way 67 West «t City Limits. Tfce Tire of the Century! U.S.ROYAL MASTER NOW EASIER TO OWN THAN EVER! For o limited time—during this unusual «Vent only—you $njoy the BIGGEST savings in years on the one tire in the world with Royaltex Tread, Everlasting . Whitewalls, Renewable Safety I Ow'f miss yo»r cfcaiue-COAIf IN TODAY! ONEIDA-ROGER8 SILVERPLATE TEASPOON Gol 5 10 D Silo 3 No. , •Carts PIE CHERRIES Red, Sour 5 SOAP SPECIAL'DEAL LIFE EfOUY B<?th DOG FOOD P.ONUS 25c YOURS FOR JUST plu* 3c Stamp and Coupon Panel from Carton of delicious RED SEAL Large Trade-In Given SHERBET Build up a complete *et of 8 or 12 of these lovely, heavily silver plated teaspoons In glamorous Encore •pattern, Save coupon panels from Midwest Sherbet Cartons •-Full details on carton. VIENNA SAUSAGE Con KRAFTS MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING FOLGERS' and Maxwell House Can 85C Ice Cream Chocolate v Strawberry",,' 63c Quart' Nil Clover ' Mill* FROZEN FOODS FOR SAME Tep ««j| — Fill CUy — Hot* Gr*v«l — Wash Gravel RALPH 5AUNOIR5 Phone Pay 7-4W3 Night 74174 S you s b«outy Orange Juice WHQLE5UN , . 2 cons 29c PRODUCE POTATOIS wisjitr ^ ' ? 2 us. 15c ,No 5 'i BBBP5 BANANAS 2 ib., 25c • Turnip Z Buncos it >• \ tf Is* H -j*. i m EASY CREDIT TERMS

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