The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 14, 1960 · Page 13
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1960
Page 13
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SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1 CCD THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PACE V Your Radio Morning rF"1 T7 WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXIW 950 ( :0U V Nekrline 5acre4 At. rregrea I Um fair Arlis U:15 W Nhfing St. Sbtw Progm t Frm Fair Aria ll:3 u,ru ui,-. Htllrli,,i Sat. Shew Prnrint TeastCeffei Nes; JiT V;45 WFBMW WISH (8) WLW-1 (13) WTTV (4 HchrCne Sit. Shew Prrw i Toast-Caffee Wttr.; Jiy 7:00 Silent Silent Silent Silent Hews tab Hoimes Prejren Tiut-Cifhe News; Jaj :15 SI en Silent Silent Silent Has. Clock l:k Helm Frierm t Teist-Coffee Arias :30 Si en nd firmer Silent Silent Mo. Out lab Return PraseM Teajf-Coflee Sprs.; Jay :45 Silent N. firmer Silent Silent Nm lh lehm rrteraw 4 Toait-Ceftee KH Hew 8:oo JSttejet Capt. Xefigaree Silent Silent like Pictures Kob Holmes freeen 4 liast-Ceffee Arlis :15 JSteejei Cent. Im;im ew;Wrar. Silent Wklstlta" lot Holmes Prenrw 4 leasl-Ceftet ArlM :30 JJttejei Cipt. Kiegirt Almanac Silent Wbistlli Ink Holmes Pnjrn 4 Hit Pindf Hews; Jit :3 Capt. ItarqarM Almmic Silent Whistlls' lob H times Prpgriw 4 Hit Parade Arlii 9:00 J Jlrs Williim Tell ISP Siienl Metier lob Helmet frjar's Club Hit He; Mils. :15 ,L un, ,tm Tt" uss1m leiolt Silent Henitir lob Holmes fryar'i Club Kit Parade lidpls. At large :30 HirH Stslrwie Russian Rewlt Silent Minltir lob Holmes Frjar's Club Hit Parade , News; Album ' H!!!,M,rl, St trwln Fir Pint Silent Monitor lob Helmes Fryar's Club Hit Parade Album Prem - a :oo jcl Howdj Doodj Heckle-Jeclle OurW.rH Silent Monitor lob Holmes Frjar's Ctab News Hews; Jay I 11:15 Ic) Howdj Doodj Heckle-Jeckle Our World Silent Monitor lob Holmes frjar's Club Hit Parade Arias I II ;30 Ccl Jntt Jedd) Mighty Moist Churctaoist Silent Monitor lob Holmes Frjar's Club Hit Perade News; Jay cl luft teddy Mighty Htuse Cnardimerse Sileit Monitor lob Holmes fryir's Club Hit Parade Aria. n:00 fnry Sky ling School Plan Silent Monitor lob Helmes frjar's Club Hit Parade News: Hits :15 Fori Skjling School Plai Silent Monitor lob Holmes frjar's Club Hit Parade Yesterday's Hits :30 Circus lay hue longer Soupy Sales Silent Monitor lackttlible frjar's Club Hit Parade w.m :45 Circus loy tone Hanger Soapy Sales Silent Monitor lacktilihle Frjar's Club Hit Parade Yesterdaj's Hits Atr.rnocnWFBM'6) WISH (8) WLW.I (13) WTTV (4) WIKfc 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 1 A :00 Cowboy Theater Rhythm Carnival Capt. Gallant Siient Nm Ne News; Talk New MW News I lll c,rtM Th",er w,,,h" c,,,", cpt- t,ll,"t Silen' 0r0M M,,dl l,ert'J T,lk; fttv,m w"k M w,nls; Muslt 1 U :l Cowfc Tlw,, "Mb" Cfi"l WrestHnij Silent J. 6edfellt Steie lawrence Program 4 Week End News; land 45 Cowboy Theater Rhythm Carnieil Wrestling Silent 1. 6ood(ellow Sine Lawrence Dugout Week End Today's land 1:00 Cowboy Theater Co. Schools Wrestling Silent J. Goodfellow Tom Marhls W. Sax-Indians Week End News; Art :15 Cowboy Teeter tasebill lead-off Wrestling Silent J. Goodfellow Tom Marhls W. Soi-lndlans Week End - Roberts :30 NBC Baseball Baseball Redlegslall Silent J. Goodfellow TomMathis W. Soi-lndlans Week End News: Art !4a NIC Baseball Baseball Redlegs Ball Silent J. 6ood(ellow Tom Mathis W. Soi-lndlans Week End Roberts 2:00 NIC Baseball laseball Redlegs Ball Silent J. Goodfellow Tom Mathis W. Sox-Indians Week End News; Art :15 NBC Baseball laseball Redlegslall Silent J. Goodfellow TomMathis W. Soi-lndlans Week End Roberts :30 HBC Baseball Baseball Redlegs Ball Silent 1. Goodfellow Tom Mathis W. Soi-lndlans Week End News; Art :45 HBC Baseball Baseball Redlegs tall Silent .6oodfellow TomMathis W. Soi-lndians Week End Roberts 3:00 HBC Baseball Baseball Redlegs Ball Silent Monitor Tom Mathis W. Sorlndians Week End News; Art :15 NBC Baseball Baseball Redlegs Ball Silent Monitor TomMathis W. Sex-Indians Week End Roberts :30 HBC Baseball Baseball Redlegs Ball Silent Monitor Tom Marhls W. Sex-Indians Week End News; Art :45 NIC Baseball Baseball Redlegs Ball Silent Monitor TomMathis W. Sox-Indians Week End Roberts 4:00 nbc laseball This Yr. City Redlegs Ball l.ll. Show News; Monitor HI-FI Club Program 4 Week End News; Art :J5 NBC laseball This Yr. City Scoreboard I.U.Show Monitor HI-FI Club Program 4 Week End News; Art :0 Qualifications Wrestling laseball Qualifications Monitor HI-FI Club Program 4 Week End Roberts ;45 Qualifications Wrestling laseball Qualifications Monitor HI-FI Club Program 4 Week End Roberts 5:00 Qualifications Wrestling Baseball Qualifications News; Spts. Harlin Bras! Program 4 Week End WXIW News ;15 Qualifications Wrestling Baseball Qualifications Disc With link Harlin Iros. rVogram I Week End Sots.; Tunes '30 Playhouse Speedwaj Int'l. Btstball Crossfire Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications News; Tunes ;3 Playhouse Speedway Int'l. laseball Crossfire Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications Tunes Evening WFBM 6) WISH (8) WLW-I (13) WTTV (4) WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXIW 9S0 6:00 Wrestling - Texas. Ringers Woody Crossfire News; Spts. News Program 4 News News; Dates :15 Wrestling Texas Rangers Woody Crossfire Disc With link Jobs for You Program 4 Fox's Den Dinner Dates 30 Wrestling Whirlyblrds Id Hajride Read Aloud Monitor Sat. at Chase Program 4 Week End News; Edition :45 Wrestling Whlrljblrds Id Hajride Read Aloud Monitor Sat, at Chase Program 4 ' Week End Home, Edition 7:00 4 Just Men Death Valley Home Run. Derby Adenture Monitor News Program 4 Speedwaj Gossip Hews; Edition :15 4 Just Men Death Yalley Home Run Derby Adventure Monitor Navy Shew Program 4 Talk if Crown Heme Edition :30 (c) Bonanzi Perry Mason Dick Clark Roller Derby Monitor Dugout Dope Program 4 Talk of Crown News; Home :45 (c) Bonama Perry Mason Dick Clark Roller Derby Monitor Indpls.-Dallas Program 4 Talk if Crown Sign Oft 8:00 (d Bonanu Perry Mason John Guntber Roller Derby Monitor Indpls.-Dallas Program 4 Talk if Crown :15 (c) Bonanza Perry Mason John Gunther Roller Derby Monitor Mpls. -Dallas Program 4 Talk if Crown wfiJMsM 30 Journey Wanted Beaver lig Western Monitor Indpls.-Dallas Program 4 Talk if Crown Megacycles) :45 Journey Wanted leaver lig Western Monitor Indpls.-Dallas Program 4 Talk if Crown utier uriivtnity A :oo Deputy Mr. lucky I. Welk Big Western Monitor Indpls.-Dallas Program 4 Talk of Crown P M U:13 Beputy Mr. lucky I. Welk lig Western Monitor Indpls.-Dallas Program 4 Ed. St. Clair i:Oo-Ntws !):30 Id World It Hare Gut. I. Welk tig Western Kite Beat Indpls.-Dallas Program I Ed. St. Clair v :5 cl World ifl Have 6un t. Welk lig Western Nile Beat Indpls.-Dallas Program! Ed. St. Clair vjo-opero A ;oo Id World 41 Gunsmoke Jubilee USA Divorce Ct. Hlte Beat Scores Program I Ed St. Clair 4:0w1dow I 11:15 Id World 41 Gunsmoke Jubilee USA Divorced. Hlte Belt Studio 1311 Program 4 Ed St. Clair S:ts-Hertt to 111:30 Highway Patrol lorder Patrol Hick Saddle Divorce Ct. Mite Beat Studio 1310 Program I Ed St. Clair w :45 Highway Patrol lorder Patnl Hack Saddle Divorce Ct. Hiteleat Studio 1310 Program! Ed St. Clair $:45-oinnr ioo Hews; Wthr. News; Wthr. News; Wthr. Penthouse Nlte Beat Studio 1310 lover's Hour Ed St. Clair j-.M-Mtlm :1 5 Id Movie sped. Lite Show Spts.; Track Penthouse Nile Beit Studio 1310 lover's Hour Ed St. Clair ,;30"HC,r' :30 Id Movie Specs, lite Show Gold Cup Penthouse Hlte Beit Studio 1310 lover's Hour Ed St. Clair io oo-jou :45 Id Movie Siect. lite Shew Gold Cup Penthouse Kite Beat Studio 1310 lover's Hour Ed St. Clair ii:-Neww i in i i i i 1 ii i hi i - Sptl. i 12:00 Ic) Mirli Spec!. Lite Show Gold Cup Penthouse Nile Beit Music to Dawn lover's Hour Ed St. Clair ii:4S-$ignon Theiter Gold Cup Penthouse Nlte Beat Music tt Dawn Sign Off 1 a.m. Dawn Beat fcl Otnom ihowf h cnmootibl talw. There is no "off-season" In newspaper reading. An analysis of daily newspaper circulation over a three-year period shows no month varied more than 4 per cent from the peak month. The newspaper habit is constant throughout the year. IMMEDIATE AIR-CONDITIONING AND HEATING INSTALLATIONS 10 Discount 'til June fit Broad Ripple Heating & Air-Condirioning Co. Ill I. Wtitlltld Blvd. CL 1-171! It makes plenty of cenrs TO SAYE AT ANCHOR FEDERAL LMrSYeW BVJlt'.l ' 1 Top Earnings Paid Twice Yearly on Insured Savings ANCHOR FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association 148 f. pVosAngron St. Zone 4 INDIANAPOLIS DELICIOUS! ! SUNDAY SPECIALS SI. 15 VIRGINIA BAKED HAM CHICKEN AND NOODLES SWISS STEAK FAMILY NIGHT Every Tuesday 5 P.M. till 10 P.M. HENNY-PENNY FRIED CHICKEN Potatoes and Biscuits an eat I.UU ftiU,,. Under 11 SPECIAL Pay inly Itc per year if age i DAILY SPECIAL Delectabha Henny-Penny Fried Chicken. It's Pressure Fried. And Only 95S.M-50 Bob Chapman's Silver Fountain ; : RESTAURANT 1720 W. Wathington $f. J i t And Television Programs For Saturday (Ail Programs Listed on UNCLE RAY: : When I finish a long series of articles pecial questions almost always need to be answered. Today I shall take up a few about the Union of South Africa. Q. Did Negro slavery ever exist in South Africa? A. Slavery existed there in much the same period as in the United States and Brazil. The British government ordered an end to this wrongful way of treating people. The order was issued 30 years before the Emancipation Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln. The British followed a plan which was far better than war. The government paid the own-ers when the slaves were set free. Q. Are the Negroes in South Africa better off than they were before the whites started to settle there 308 years ago? Man In River Died Of Bullet, Anderson, Ind. (Spl.) An unidentified man whose body was recovered from White River near Anderson died from a bullet wound in the head, an autopsy disclosed yesterday. A pathologist at St. John's Hospital at Anderson said the victim, between 60 and 70 years old and clothed in a bib-over-alls, may have lived for an hour or more after he was shot, possibly with a .22 caliber weapon, behind the right ear. The ruling strengthened the theory that the victim may have been floundering in the river, about six miles northwest of Anderson when George Cunningham, a passing motorist, tried to pull the man out of the water. A strong current carried the body downstream. State police have dragged the river for two days in an attempt to find the death weapon or other clews but nothing has been found. Only a pocket knife was found on the body, police said. Reluctant To Recortf London (AP) Lady Churchill, 75-year-old wife? of Sir Winston, refuses to record a speech she made to open a new Conservative Party office near London because mechanical gadgets make her nervous. Central Da j light Time) Owners Were Paid For Loss Of Slaves By RAMON COFFMAN A. That really is a question! From the viewpoint of schooling and medical treatment, the Negro condition has improved. The natives also have better homes. ON THE OTHER hand, there is the question of freedom. In their former state, the tribesmen felt like free human beings. Nowadays most of them work for the whites. Some white persons believe that the colored population in South Africa should have a free country in which to live. CERTAIN South African leaders have spoken words of that nature, but with glaring difference. Those leaders seem to want the Negroes to live in special areas, but to cross the borders to work whenever they are needed by the whites. I also observe that the present officials fail to suggest that the Negroes should be truly independent. If special areas became Negro republics, with complete self-government, the outlook of the residents would be changed. For HISTORY section of your scrapbook. JOIN THE SCRAPBOOK CLUB! Deor Unci Kay: I want to loin your Scrapbook Club, and I nclost a stamped envelop carefully oddrsted to myself. Pleas send m a Membership Certificate, o leaflet tellinq how to imak scrapbook of my own, ond a printed desian to past an th cover of my scrapbook. Send your requests to Unci Ray, CO Th Indianapolis Star. Ike Pledged Legion Support American Legion National Commander Martin B. Mc- Kneally yesterday assured President Eisenhower "unhesi-tant support" of his stand on United States , intelligence flights over Russia. " McKneally said in a telegram tO'the White House: ,". . . I wish to convey to you unhesitant support of the continuing policy of the United States government to acquire the facts and intelligence necessary to defend and protect this nation and its people. "S i n ce r e . and' thinking Americans can expect no less of their responsible officials, who in turn may rightfully expect the support and admiration of Americans every-where in the discharge of their grave duties of protecting and securing freedom here and abroad ..." Musician Held For Grand Jury On Dope Charge A 22-year-old musician from Pittsburgh, Pa., yesterday was bound over to the grand jury on a charge of violation of the 1935 Narcotics Act and three companions were freed of the same charge in Municipal Court, Room 5. Vincent A. Prudente Jr. Is accused by police of placing marijuana under the seat of a car when the four were stopped Monday on West Street near North Street. Lack of evidence prompted the dismissal of charges against Edward P. Pazant, 21, New York City, Otis Ray Ap-pleton, 18, 2412V4 Martindale Avenue, and Claude T. Bartee Jr., 25, 2823 Ethel Street. Prudente and Pazant told police they were musicians with the Lionel Hampton orchestra which played in Indianapolis last Sunday. Federal Tax Liens Filed In 3Iarion County Two used car firms, a dry cleaner and a masonry contractor were named in Federal withholding tax liens filed yesterday in the Marion County recorder's office. Named in the liens were: For alleged nonpayment of toes withheld from employes' checks-Cor City Inc., 921 East Washington Street, H.6M.I0, 1959; Ten Twenty Auto Soles Inc., 102O East Washington Streot, S920.37, 1959; Community Cleoners, Greenwood, SI ,517.95, 1959. ond Robert E. Smith, a contractor, 8814 East 46th Street, $1,442.59, 1959. Alleged nonpayment of Income tax-John T. Coleman, 1010 Udell Street, S131 50, 1957; John W. Joneway, 994 West Drive, Woodruff Ploco, $144 42, 1958; Chorles Alexander, 3575 Kenwood Avenue. $377.65. 1957 ond 1958; Robert L. Deone, 61 North Third Street, Beoch Grove, $35198, 1952, 1957 and 1951, and Wolloc Andrews, 175 West 64th Street, $404.17, 1957. Field Day Today At Park School A doubleheader baseball game and a tennis match between Park School and Mau mee Valley Country Day School of . Toledo, 0., will highlight the annual field day at Park School today. The event will begin at 9:30 a.m. with track and field events for the lower and middle school boys. After a box lunch the varsity contests will be held. Prizes for the winning boys will be provided by the Fathers' Club, which sponsors the field day. Today's Hijjilinlils Of Today's top television shou nt previewed and selected by TV Key's staff of experts vfto attend rehearsals, iratrh screenings and analyze scripts in Sew York and Hollywood: PERRY MASON (7:30 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) "Case of the Slandered Submarine." A nice change as Lawyer Mason defends a sailor before a Navy court martial. The novelty of the trial setting is a help, and the harbor location shots will hold fans' in terest even though the murder plot happens to be hard to fol low. In general, an interesting show. JOURNEY (8:30 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6) "Summit Meeting." Besides shots of Eisenhower's departure for Paris, a short history of past Summit conferences via film clips, and an analysis of the issues of this particular Summit meeting, the high spot on the show is a special report from NBC's Moscow cor. respondent Joe Michaels on the latest reaction to the U-2 incident and its repercussions in Russia. BEAVER (8:30 p.m.. WLW-I, Channel 13) "The Spot Removers." Cute second half. Wally intends to wear his good gray suit to a party, but the fates are definitely against him. Beaver keeps ruining the jacket accidentally, and spends most of the show hiding the truth from Wally. The story just rambles along until Eddie Haskell, Wally's friend, appears on the scene and proves he's human. Another nod for Ken Osmond, whose portrayal of Eddie is always superb. WORLD WIDE 60 (9:30 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6) "Report from Outer Space." There's some fascinating speculation on the sex, size, and form of lie on outer space, particularly by Harvard's professor of anthropology, Dr. William Howells, and he's as entertaining as anything you're likely to hear on TV tonight. Howells thinks folks on other planets might even be of more than two sexes with arms and legs to spare, and when he gets to size, he's not at all sure which of us would be small enough to become "nice pets" of the other. On the serious side (though he's serious too), top experts in space agencies discuss the status of our discoveries, the kind of information we're looking for, and the long-term significance of our explorations to the known world today. GUNSMOKE (10 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) A tough, but good-looking girl returns to Dodge City with a chip on her shoulder, and Marshal Dillon assumes trouble is in sight. Dillon and Deputy Chester are never very effective when they have to tell women what to do and they put off acting until it's almost too late for help. Jim Arness and Dennis Weaver turn in good performances in their predicament. TV Sports BASEBALL (1:25 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6) Pittsburgh will play Milwaukee. BASEBALL (1:25 p.m., WISH-TV Channel 8) St. Louis versus Chicago. BASEBALL (1:25 p.m., WLW-I, Channel 13) Cincin WFJIS FJI Log SATURDAY PROGRAM (Control Oayllqht Tim) SJJ MEGACYCLES Morning 6:00-Hymni 6:15-Sun Sernod '3n.pnriub 7:00-varletlei 7:li-Music 7:45-0raan Melodies 8:00-Rhythm 8:30-Novlty Tun l;45-Sonq Tim :0O-Mi;slc I0-0O-HI Fl HOMdOV lO:30-Fov Timet 1 1. 30-Serenade Afternoon l-nn-vnnetv Tim i J:00-Dlxllond 1:30-HI-Fi Intl. 3:30-Muslcol 5:0O-Fav. ClasslCl e ou-wmtiory Lone 2:30-Melodis 1 5:30-Muslc Evtnlng J:00-HIFI Music 10O0-Dorv Time 7:30-Meditotlon 10:3O-Mu$ic l-OO-Conce't Hour lJ:0O-SlQf) Oft :00-Varleis WGEE Log SATURDAY PROGRAM (Central Doyiiqhl Ttmt) ISM KILOCYCLES AM. :00-Music 6:15-Muslc-Newi 4:30-Mule 6:45-Musie Newi 7:00-Musie 7:1S-Music Wthr. 7:30-Mutic IrlJ-Muac; Wthr. I 30-Munc l:45-Mu$ic; Nwt 9:00-TooTUn :15-Tun; Nw :30-Top Tun 10:ti-Tunf Newl " 10:30-Top Tun ll:15-Tun; NW H.4l-Countrv Ciaieiet ll:4S-Clice; Wthr. OM U:00-Clawlcs 12: 1S-CIoic; Newi I2:30-Closstc l:1-CImics; Newi 1:30-Clos5icj 2:15-Clossicii News 2:30-Classic 3 OO-Jive J:ivj'vi Newt 3:30-Jlv 4:i-J'vl Newt 4 30-J'v 5:IS-Jlvt; Sporti S:30-Jlv :15-Jle; Newi :30-Jlv 7:15-Jlv; Newi 7:30-Jlv 7:4J-Slon Oft WFBM.FM H.I MwaevctM tATUROAY A.M. diOO-Mujie; New! :00-Matin 11:00-Muilc CM ll:0O-Pop Conert . w 6 v. ni! clastic ' . I:30-O'cni1ro ?'0O-Oei"jn we i O0-Srnadt :39-Dmnr Vulk 7;10-Wather - 'Of . L't'eninp I UU Sou'-'- 0 "0 I ... n 10:3O-Nws; Wthr. 10 45-Nocturn IJ:0O-Lovrj Hour l:00-S'flnOft nati will tangle with Philadelphia. The station will pick up the Los Angeles-San Francisco game m progress, immediately following at approximately 4:30 p.m. QUALIFICATIONS ( 4:3 0 p.m. on w r B M i v ana WTTV) Events of the open ing day of qualifications at the Indianapolis Speedway will be covered in an hour -long program. Movies BIG WESTERN (8:30 p.m., WTTV, Channel 4) "I Shot Billy the Kid" (1951). with Channel Chuckles By Bil Keane "I wonder if they'd store the TV set." 1 17 eaher J m I I 1111 East 42nd J I 38th and Sherman Mth and Arlington at LANE RADIO pi w j fvrrN America'SfrL-Q, l4 PORTABLE 11 $S(d)95 ; mi it 2 I! ! l ! f , TVs most popular Brilliant Mi 155 I Vf IT Prtbl iqyiri Inch pidurt ; ,1 V. f " I Lightest, slimmest, Super-MMltivt I" ' r1 ' ' mMtton,p,ct. ftvot-Ttnna ONLY PHILCO Has the Exclusive SCAN-TENNA For the utmost in picture perfection, choose a Philco Brief-Case Portable with Scan-Tenna. It periscopes from handle and rotates to strongest signal. Built-in Remote Control on many models. Easy terms! BUDGET TERMS TO FIT ANY PURCHASE PLAN LANE'S ME 8-1463 7-3559. 2828 E. 10TH ST., ME TV, Radio Don Barry and Tom Neal. GOLD CLP (11:15 p.m., WLW-I. Channel 13) "Adventure" (1945), with Clark Gable and Greer Garson. A red-blooded sailor and a blue-blooded librarian will find that opposites apparently attract. LATE SHOW (11:15 p.m., WISH-TV, Channel 8) "Clash by Night" (1952), with Barbara Stanwyck and Paul Douglas. A lonely young woman marries a fishing boat skipper for, security and falls in love with his best friend. SPECTACULAR (11:15 p.m., WFBM-TV, Channel 6) Tony Curtis and Frank Love-joy. Radio BASEBALL (1:15 p.m., WFBM) The Chicago White Sox will take on the Cleveland Indians. QUALIFICATIONS (5:30 p.m., WIRE, WISH, WFBM and WIBC) The Speedway Radio Network coverage of the 500 qualifications will be aired on all four stations. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN AIR CONDITIONING OR HEATING YOUR HOME? If to . . . Broad Ripple) Heating and Air Conditioning Co. will GIVE you, FREE, $5 GIFT CERTIFICATE . . . good at Block's ' or Ayrei' ... for tho opportunity to mokt a proposal for COMFORT IN YOUR HOME! Call CL 3-2715 . . . Now! Broad Ripple Healing & Air Conditioning Co. here is the everyone No mmx r Come in and ask about it today. No cost -or obligation for seeing and trying it yourself. ACOUSTICON OF INDIANAPOLIS 10 N. Delaware Philco Cool Chmls TV In hind-tomely-ityled console. Bras accent! end tapered bran tip lfg. Exclusive Spur Switch Tunw. Top controls. Modern Walnut finiih. BUY NOV 2 BIG STORES TO SERVE YOU BETTER MMVeVAVyeVMeeWeeeVWVVWMVVVWWW M A k. mm mmmm 13 "EVERYTHING CONSIDERED YOU CAN 81463 7027 PENDLETON PIKE, LI 7-3559 ,vv LIFETIME Road NCf.v RAY WTZEHBERGER Capitol at 72th St. Mc 5-131! WIBC 10:39 a.rn. Sunday 1 kJA' a new voice: ON ACCEPTING THE UNIVERSE by the Rev. John G. MacKINNON 1 1.00 A.M. ot the Church "How Far With Tolerance?" Church School 10:30 A.M. to 12 Noon All Souls Unitarian Church 5805 E. 56th LI 5-1 211 STAR ind HEWS Qu.cMcrfon WANT ADS Get fist Results miracle hearing aid ' is talking about . . . loom $ntirely in-the-ear cords, no tubes, no wires art .worn anywhere on the body with this mazing Acousticon hearing aid. " The complete self-contained unit is worn entirely in the ear. v Ml 7-5331 THE STORES THAT SERVICE BUILT WITH TRADE ON OUR 90-DAY FREE PURCHASE PLAN BUY HERE FOR MUCH LESS" fj Jtcvi nkomt If 11 tt wmmomm rj L TMB OANUV, MOOIL 4IM 1 999i J

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