Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 16
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H0FI If At, MOM, ARKANSAS July 31, Ihe Nethwlawl* «»" _... »KW* IN* »W*«»P of " DOROTHY DIX Find Your Own Frieds for Soviet dollnr The Jittltwl 8lflU»« Mil* month pro- »rii>»t*rf U» Denmark for delivering DpBr MlM , J)X . , hnv( , aft „,,( fcro « IWJ«n M »»Jw*^«^ I ' u » 1 "- er •l.ter who I* l«: I »m t4. Hh, tX»?lrtg W»l, Ih* American fJIbKsj j« very iKiputnr »ml wbw> nnj Jfcwfety wont Ml.241 Ulbkx «« tho'" i* to'pay .... awmeyiMlhJAm«rfe*rt nrrned M > »«J U if* Itlr fc^'For youflSbnfidence expressed in ^ ur votgJuly 29lh. My record is i open book, and when re-elected f your AWerman for WARD 1, I will ntJfe to serve, as I have in the for tho host into rest of every '-' ! Sincerely, * JOE JONES I 1 ol, Artv, Saucers or Something Seen at Spa HOT SPIUNG.H. Ark. t/rV- thinj! Him* on In town, *he M in- cltitlt'd I am dot! f'm considered "tow young," but nctttfllly feel more ilk*' 10 than M, I look older, t'K>, I hi»v<; u very nfw bny frlwnd who I* IB, rind wh«n h« wo* lutnr everyone paid more nl- tantinri |<» mo, Now, however, he white bull of fire with n rod tnil."i l» in Korea nnd I am »*«»n toft Thllt wa , tne ,,«,„„(,>,,„„ glvcr|i out nf cvryHilhtr. «•-. O. t. , , hc Hf( , SnHnB(1 ScllUnel m ..| Aimwcr: Wher« are nil Ihn youn« cor<| ,„„, nij(ht by two cxcltcd c ,,,., •torn your own ««..-/ riu-rcf's no /r . na wno ,., n , mf>t | th ,, y 4ftw „ .. fly . nwd for you lo KO Ki«Kin« after , f , K Rnll( . t . r - t , V) , r tlu , r< , Hort ,,„„ OI« *litttn i.nd trylriK to cr««h her Th( , rH)w-pnpcr n | so had reports diites, Muke «nm« of your own, f rolf , f our otner ,e»idenlfi that fi«ry lifid aet into iiirtivltK-n with y.dir n t^ Kiit w ,, ri , »Klm«nln« throu«h the own «!»»«• Two yenrx neetini like H \t y ,,hoiil 0 p. m. All reports U very short lime, bill when it's t ,., U ;|,,,(| the newnpaper office with Ihti difference! tictwiten' age 10 nnd in (^.,:) minutes, «(«- 14, It nlmiitit KOPR over to o. Clark, n hotel clerk, and Don iituit'ier Ken<iraliiiii - or HO the 1H- HiKsbf.e both «ave Identical descrip yt'iii'-old thinkn. Try Iookln« nt it'tiorm of the "flyln« naucer." Clark from iiiiolher nn«lt!. Pick out n;>ld the; "»aucer" was flying north. jiomi' Kt-yeiit'OliI of yriiu- riciiunin- fil^abce said tho object remained tiinc-e If "he were your alsler, v - llhin his* vision for about twn winilfl yu wimt her included m riilnule* and then dlKappeared Into nil your expedlUonB,' C)f courno 1111 mirth, not; you'd be horrified nl the Idea A thud witness. Bill Beard, said of lirtvini; «uch ;i child lri|{ uloilK ll'e otijeet was flyliiK at about ,500 Your JtlftU'r ii i-ntltled to her own feet timl appeared, to bo eitiier a frlend.n, iiHhoUHh U would iJt» very jet plane or n KUlded mi.ssle. He, nlee if tilitttinvited you to her Kiilli loo. mild it was KoliiK north. urinKii ouoartlonnlly. For the moat Thn-.t other persons who witness- p«rt, hnwi'vnr, your (rlendi should (d the ypacc object told the news\>v iif your (»M«? nnd school group, paper they did not care to give not ymir Muter'*. ; their mimes. McMath Calls Bishop Deal All a Hoax I By CARL BELL i.irn.K ROCK '/n — GOV. MC- Math, who says his runoff cam- cnlled the Tuck Bishop furlough case a "hoax" and demanded an immediate exposure of it by the rprclal Pulaiki County Grand Jury this report should be made imme-j fled voters who did not cast ballots dfatcly and not held until nfter the in the preferential primary vote election on Aug. 12. If the allo-. "for progress" in the Aug. 12 run- gallons are true, 1 n d i c f m enU! off. should Tf be returned immediately. are not true, a full and impaneled yesterday. On the eve of the preferential i primary, in which McMalh led the, .... ticket by a margin of nearly 10.000 j should bo ™vcalod to the publ.c. vMes over runner-up Clicrry. nllc-j "Toe fight during ih<> next two, Rations were made that Bishop, i weeks will not be eiu'y," the KOV-! HF.IDF,LBB,RG. Germany •#! —• slayer of six persons, had bought rrnor said in his 15-mintite atldre^i Tne United States Army has ptacod a furlough from the Arkansas pcni-i over a statewide radio network* conlracts fnr 40 ° " lillion dollars K-ntinry tor $\.'M. of 37 .stations last night. "The mon-i wol ' th of equipment from European • ev iml the nrr-q^ur.. will h.> <r<.rr.f.n i manufacturers in the past fiscal McMalh said it was not true that, ^"" «" ^?'"V™*',V ^.. tl .. c r,'!.! 1 :i year and will turn over 341 mil- : lion dollars worth of these pur- I interest aroiins havn t.:iit.,.,-Ari "t.J cl '"s«s to NATO armies, it was U. S. Buying Much Equipment in Europe Cherry is «oinR to be "a real bat- tie." already is slugging. In a harder hitting speech than! Bishop had paid the money as a any he truide prior to Tuesday's i contribution to his campaign; that n,..nocr«lic preferential primary,! Bishop never had a furlough -i '^cr' iKioled" their" inTl'uen'-o"-.mli! announced today. th, governor lart nlitht charged I Only a Christmas leave from 1 »^ ^4 their et kbo^ ! Th ' """X sa ' d «•< huge buying lh,l -riitJilcM ..p«.ctal interests"'which he failed to return - nnd: j """•"* ' *™ l *"_,.?£.*» i program included 97 million dol -,-,.,.• inluK "filth, lies and malt- "You tire entitled to an immt-j lntsc ln i«.rLsi!, a '<- ruthlt&s,. |Jars w(jrth of Eur( , pean . product / ciuii.i propn«andi»" against him; diatc report of the real facts and) He urged that the 25(7.000 quali- 1 ammunition and vehicles. EPHAN S £ .V.JuJk.1 ' ^^^W EnHro Stock Men's , IRES5 STRAWS out, Now Ladies & Children's jreatly reduced, Now li price Ladies Sheer Summer DRESSES These are values to $6,98. $4.98 -* t ^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^•^ fc *^^"^^ p ^~^'^~ Children's Summer DRESSES Dimity, Batiste and Voiles. Sizes 2 to 12. $1.49 SUMMER CLEARANCE LADIES COOL SUMMER SANDALS Many smart styles and colors. Buy several pairs at these low prices, $3.00 $4.00 Cool Summer SHIRTS to Sool Summ«r ITS Summer Materials DIMITY-BATISTE Regular 59c values. 39cyi Men's Chambray .WORK SHIRTS No tear sleeve facing, Button through pockets, Regular $1,69 values. $1.00 Sign Name* Dear Miss Dix: In writing to you is It nccesHiiry to sign a cor- reel name? M. R. An.'iwitr: It Is very Impolite to refuse to sign nny letter, whether : to me or anyone pise. As 1 rc- i mind my readers <|iiile often, real mimes are never used In letters that appear In the column, but ; il is ijlce to know who sent thorn. i Furthermore, .sometimes a prob- !om urisi's that cannot be answer fit here, and if I know the sender's name nnd address u personal reply may clear things up. So. please Hign your name and address Dear Dorothy Dix: I am a fiilrlv intelligent young mini of 2B, In 1uvi> with a young woman who .seems to take u special delight In provoking me. Al first 1 decided this was a sign of love and was willing to endure it in the hop* lluit things might turn out bel- ter. Unfortunately, they hiive (jot- ten worse and she trcals me like I a discarded shoe. I know she Is ; interested In me but a relation ! ship Ilko this doesn't appeal to ; nit). BILL S. | Answer: Your young lady It tryinil.to Impress you with her superiority In the most childish?: and usual, manner. Oy belltlliii£ ! you, she concludos that she is '• automatically elevating herself In your uyes, us well as in her own. This condition definitely will not i Improve, but will become much i worse with marriage, Need I say [ moiu? I Ut-ar Miss D|x: Al liO. I am o ' hi«h-school tunchcr, and have bo- { come very interested in one ofj 1 my pupils — a boy of IG. lloj j comes lo see me every chance ' ho gets, so J conclude ho is in- tercsted ii\ me, too. H would bo hard for me to stop seeing him. | but do you advise such a course? \ ANXIOUS, Answer: You are doing a mosl i foolhardy thing, both from your own standpoint and from Ihe boy'.s No 16-year-old boy could be seriously interested in n woman almost twice his age, His feelings toward you is simply a form ot. schoolboy crush and will inevitably! puss. Better treat it In the sumo way or serious trouble is in store; lor you. It knowledge of your at- : tachment reaches the wrong' qiuirlors, It might mean the loss oi' your job, i Dear Dorothy Dix; I have been' going with a nice boy but my '< mother docs not approve of him as sho ctuims he drinks too much. Actually, he doesn't take irore thim four or five drinks when he is with me. Because my father was u heavy drinker, mother has the sume idea about any man who takes a drink. Answer: Haven't you sense enou Kh to profit from expericiK-e—ev- [ en if the experience is that ot | someone else? Your mother is j absolutely correct in her warn• mss. Four or five drinks is much I loo much for a young man to I take, tn fact, even one drink can ! often be loo much. If you don't j want to store up misery for yourself, follow mom's advise and let the young mun go. Deur Miss Dix: Since my moth-i t'iMn-lttw died six months ago. my! husbiuid, who is in his forties.' < has been *o grief stricken that ha is losing Interest in his own home uiut family. I've never seen a sit» j uaiiow like this before. He is aet- j ing almost childishly, and doesn't ] wont us to have any pleasure hi ! the house al atl. lie feels it's being disloyal to his mother's mem- W- K. N. Answer: White grief over a parent's .death is c*riauily undcrstan dabte, your husband's aumide seems u> verf* on a guilt com- plcjf. Does he feel that perhaps he didn't dg enough (or his tuo^ ther while she was alive? U he continues «» h« te now, he may become meuUlly ill. and 1 si ly advue you to h»v« him EiUtwr one <x*M put Tfiurtdoy, July 31, 1952 HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Cabbie Turns Joke Into Reward Money SAN FRANCISCO, (UP)—A blast- cab. I "Good for you," Gelini said he! answered. "More power to you. j But Don't tell me your troubles."; "I'm not fooling." Will insisted. 1 "Ya, you and your brother," ABOffT bandit, giving the| cabbie directions, set out to prowv .he had pulled the robbery and took : cpbbie who just laugl^d when one Gelini on a tour ot bars here. Will of his f;;res proudly announced he insisted on buying "drinks for the had committed a S20.000 bank rob-' house." : i.,, r v if, r |., u „ ,. M, . . i-t r it I Later they picked up Dubowy Ui> Uu ay sot .he credit for the; and wm ^^ ^ ^ driv|fl . u , gunman . capture. , hcad for Reno . j While FI3I agents and police—j On the way, as they listened Uv EClirched for the person — who; radio broadcasts about Ihe rob-' robbed an American Trust Com-.btry. Gelini said Will whipped out pany branch bank here Monday a briefcase full of money and an- Steel Wage Price Hike Will Fan Out By SAM DAWSON NKW YORK li-PI—The wage-price Mississippi Politics Stormy dnte, for president. The Republicans, on the other hand, seem headed for n (i«bt over offi- Ihe wnt" with Northern Demo- ernts, hcsds an Infant movement to get Elsenhower endorsee by the state Democratic party when It By KEITH FULLER Missis- parties. which faction will carry the eiat Kbenhowci 1 mantle in the'holds n post-ChlcaRo convention In .•it.de eampnlgn. jJnckson Aug. 1H- And to top this political porridge' -""•"'-•• — is II;e seoming reluctance of thei Repul'Ucans to have nny De-mo•! Group ci-i\ts champion their fivo-st«r general. I H>e tlf(« Insurnnce policies | 31 million people in ....... , .... United Slates. JACKSON. Miss. UTI - "' ' buost in steel—if it follows pastjsippi's stormy political patterns •- will ill time fan out! M'lit Into five different camps tnnmi: 1 ! other industries. A new i fore the national conventions, nre cispital, Jackson, tw.st'to the inflationary spiral will pulling apart again, shaping one of fjv> •;--- ;-•; ;| i," ~ ,, nff ,,.„ olll ,, r s i <ln nm | t , x 'the wierdest slruggles in stBU-iJh" summer in.slond of the usuulj ^P^g.^JngS %%\UJl"m con history. 1 bo viiulir way. I But many fuel Uxlny that the iiiltiiv.atr boost to the general cost) The Democrats showed signs I of livinK will bo delayed this time, j d«y of developing taxi driver Anthony Gelini strolled! nwered. "you didn't think I could into the Ha'l of Justice yesterday! do it. did you?" "U was easy." Will said, lik With $17,000 t.t the loot. An hour .later, police arrested Charles Frederick Will, a free- spending 33- year- old draftsman, nnd Sidney Dubowy, 33. a student accountant.. Jl was the climax to a 24-hour spree which began when will held :uid a!.-;o toned down. Tlu-y reason thnt the loss Just buying power felt by nearly two ; in the movies. ! niiiliuii wi In Reno, Will and Ltibowy took idle at one tiitu a rupturu because some want the party to en- f !(H:rso Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, 0 Republicun nominee, and some want to support Gov. Adlai Steven- 4 . , . . s-dn of Illinois, Democratic cimdi- or another during i Both parties have been planned! [i$| T-4-L FOR i!h disunity all yoar. The state) >«>ui CTC'C tft 1, Jackson, wa:-, the scene of! ATM! LSI E > fV different stale conventions] BECAUSE —— "f the usual! I . , I lm-t" lTniVpic»i»d"lN ONK HOUR w'.mpk' 1 ;; with' instnnl-dryinK T-4-I<, yi.m- -tOe ssissippll ,,,, ck (ll m ,y cli'UH store. Today at i'ormer Lt, Gov. Sam 1 of Tupelo, who says Mi "vein a battle at Chicago but lost S. Gibson UVUK Co. UH ur part of the money and went into ll"> a RamblinR house, but left Ihe remaining '$7,000 in the cab trunk. As soon as they were sight, Gelini sped back will act as a brake on:' ii>f!:itiim. In other words, n lot ftfji :ieople. \vill be out of Hie. market i the long strike. The inflationary pressure will be ........ _. ....... r . ..... _„. up the bank in broad daylight, i Francisco, returned the money to They Ho later hired Gelini to drive him 'police and told his story. i " f buy out oi' j for Roods for a while ycl, because I t h e r e, nevertheless. The WHRC to Sun 'they :\re short oC cash. .boost the steelworkers are setting and Dubowy to Mono for a round *" Ot gambling and drinking. Gelini ended' the whole fantastic affair by making off with a lion's Will nnd Dubowy hopped a plane! som ana returned here too, only to bc'havi nabbed by police aa soon as theyj'l"''' or fall as the steel shortage | months. al.--o believe that this loss | will be an incentive toother unions iiiK power will omtinue for | to ask for more. Many union con- time. Many factories mnyi tracts can be reopened for wnfic i shut down later this sum-i nefiotiations in the next few hit town. catches up with them and thcir ! The steel price boost will not share, of the loot in Reno and' Will, arraigned before U. S.' own inventories of steel disappear, i scare away many steel customers. speeding back to San Francisco! Commissioner Francis St. J. Fox,! The i;overnment is going to take. The steel mills feel confident they was charged with taking money by i more steel for defense and the, can sell all they can make well cabbie told an- "force, violence and intimidation. 11 \ steel ir-ML; will be slow in refilling I into 1053. police with it. .The 40-year old thorities he was called lo pick up He pleaded guilty, and was mil Ihe Will at his home hen upply pipelines ompitiud dur- tn.-Hiv county jail in lieu of $10,000 bail. I 24 hours after the bank had been Dubowy, charged with cnrrviii.i; robbed. "I jusl hold up a bank," Will told Gelini ;;s he crawled into the the slate line, in the ear," Dubowy said. , . 1'- was hold for lack ot $5,000 |ter chance of selling more goods stolen money over pleaded innocent. "I only carried $100 given to me'bail. I Their customer shave used up ' their inventories and are enger to i buy. Also retail trade Is picking j up, and manufacturers see n bet- I if they make them. THANKS On Behalf of My Cousin CLIB BARTON Candidate for ATTORNEY GENERAL I wont to thank my many friends for carrying Hempstcacl County for CLIB BARTON. I will appreciate you and your friends vote and support on TUESDAY, AUGUST 12. MRS. LEON BUNDY Pol. Adv, paid for by Mrs, Leon Windy Did you ever go in a food store expecting to take advantage of the few specials offered in the ads and find that the prices on other unadvcrtised goods were higher than ordinary? We know you have, but not in a Kroger Store. Here you will find every item priced low, every day of the week. So shop Kroger, prove to yourself you can LIVE BETTER FOR LESS. It's better because it's blended. SHORT' WHIP Lb. Tin Qt. The Salad Dressing Millions Prefer.. Avondale Brand, slices or halves in heavy syrup. SWEET PICKLES 2 1° Z 38c Holsum Brand, Crisp, tender. American Pickles Crisp, tender, sour or dill. PRESERVES 2 Krogor Brand, grape or peach, KIDNEY BEANS Avondale Brand, 22 Oz. Jar 32 Oz. Jar 12 Oz. Jars 16 Oz. Can PRUNE JUICE Sunswect Brand Quart 30c 39c lOc 31c WINDSOR LINK CHEESE 2 6Ll ° kz Garlic, Onion, Smoked, or Cheddar. Pint Kraft Mayonnaise Prefered by Millions Golden Layer Cake Each Fresh Baked, Lemon Flavor. HOT DOG & Hamburger Buns Pk(J Swift Ice Cream Wide assor.tme'nt of flavors. 49c 42c 49c 20c 79c No. 21 Cans LEMONADE Minute Maid, Frozen. ORANGE JUICE 2 Kroger Brand, Frozen. GRAPE JUICE Welch Brand, Frozen. Sandwich Bread Krogers Baby Lima Beans Sunpict Brand. Frozen. 6 Oz. Can 6 Oz. Cans 6 Oz. Can Loaf 10 Oz. Pkg. 29c 25c 19c Avg. 20 - 22 !bs. TENDERSHANK PORTION Ib. Lb, Lb. Lb. Lb. Roll Lb. Lb. Box 45c 19c 59c 39c 43c 2.29 Large, meaty Butt portion SLICED BACON Wicklovv Brand. Troy Packed. NECK BONES Meaty, tine for boiling. GROUND BEEF Kroger made, fresh, lean, pure. PORK SAUSAGE Arkansas Maid or Armour. ROSEFISH FILLETS Fres-Shore Brand. SHRIMP 5 Bait Size. Low price. POTATOES U. S. No. Vs. Washed, red Triumphs. SUNKIST LEMONS Large 360 size. HEAD LETTUCE Jumbo $i*e heeds. Firm, crisp, tender. YELLOW SQUASH YoMng, tender, Homegrown. PURPU HMJLL PEAS Ib. 59c. Centers . . Ib. 89c CHOICE MILK FED VEAL ^ 30c u 59c Lb 79c BREAST Delicious for stew. CHUCK ROAST Tender, choice veal. RIB CHOPS Tender, Priced low. SHOULDER CHOPS u 67c Finest milk fed veal. • i Lb. Bag 69 c Dozen Head Pound 49c 10e 10c 15c ^roer THE TIME IS SHORT. THE DAYS ARE FEW. DON'T MISS THE BOAT. \ Be at Owen's Friday Morning for Bigger Selections, More Values. Again we have Slashed the Prices. 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Buy for now, for school and for months to come. ffiffiffi$S$]JBpfflffl!H^^ffi^^^^B MEN'S SUMMER SUITS $39.95 value $15.00 / COSTUME'JEWELRY MEN'S UNDERSHIRTS 59c value 29c MEN'S TEE SHIRTS 69c value 2 for 88c FAST COLOR PRINTS 36 inch Yard 19c MEN'S DRESS PANTS Every pair must be sold. Value to $8.95 $3.66 and LADIES NYLON HOSE $1.39^gpd $1.49 values All $1.00 and $1.29 values 57c LADIES PANTIES 69c value Pair 21c Men's Dress Straw Hats $1.00 Out they go. Every man's dress % straw hat in the house. Value up to $6.00 LADIES RAYON GOWNS Close Out, $1.69 value LADIES $1.98 HOSE Navy blue, black and brown heels and seams. 60 gauge $1.27 LADIES XXX PANTIES Pastel colors 98c value MEN y S SHORTS 98c Hanes 68c SALE OF SALES THE TIME IS SHORT THI DAYS ARE F!W, TH1 SIUUNS IS FAST LADIES DRESSES Check the red tag and save, PRICES SLASHED UP TO 60°/c o SALE OF SALES THE TIME IS SHORT THE DAYS ARE FEW THI SELLING IS FAST SMART S SPECI ITS PICNIC TIME WAX PAPER 125 Foot Roll PURE LARC Limit 1 to a customer. TALL CANS PET MILK For Admiration COFFEE 1 Lb. Pkg. Limit 1 to a customer. PURE CANE One Bag Iceberg LETTUCE Large Head Picnic Paper Plates and Napkins. 2 Pkgs. 2! PAPER CUPS 2 Pkgs, forf Maxwell House TEA V4 Ib. pkg. MHMMHMMMMWMMMMMMH^BMMliMMHMI ALL KINDS — ALL FLAVORS-'O & ?»d • ' GUM Miracle Whip SALAD Quart SUN KIST LEMONS Doz^n DECKERS ixk^iM.i\,j iwTTMriM mm SMOKED LB. J PICNIC HAMS 4 * • .- .~,..^^P ARMOUR'S STAR - L l Ib. Roll PORKSAU5AGE FULL. CREAM HOOP: Lb, MiATY RIB or BRISKI • J - CTEUf

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