Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1935 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1935
Page 8
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- - t./^J.SLid^ijSL!i.^ | ^ |) ^. >a ^|^L ..v -.— .1 ..^^. Traveler ¥00,000 Miles for tthmistak- boyhood, the flavor that Finn attd Tom Sawyer and famine, has beert Boy is named TVeti Toad, . .4* is know* more formal- 6bett H. Davis of the- N6w A. probably the most widely . newspaper man in the \votld. _.J»t Js fl&OOO miles, and man is ,. r JLthe world over as.author. ed* BifthJ. tScoiitettr. Tree t bad is "flob" Bll, 60 years «£6. , young Bob Davis became Toad one afternoon when the pears were ripe in Nebraska. .jJains in "Tree Toad," just pub& It'began when the young man's JST stepped out on the porch, a „,. Jit green toad dropped into her lap. I>1knd,she explained the mysteries of If irfotectiVe coloring in nature. Invisible Bob! \i> "B>other William, a year or so older , Bobi. waited until kitchen duties ;B&& Davis- inside. Then he m- .,,d Botfcthstkhe had "a great idea." 1'. BeV -followed him under the .,-,™,eKL r 'WiieHthe emerged a short time p|ter -bV ttkd been stripped, painted a ^^liittM' gfceen'eveh. to hi seyellds, t:t>efsUadecl that he was actually HSa, her- BiE pointed to the sickle to defef the wss fetot. fhisdta f £-,» via and, help yourself . . . climk up ^Jafe&eat your fill ... no one can. see, J'Tyoa cannot be seen . . . God is takin' j^eare of you . . . bring some back, to l/'ine,, ripe ones." •fv» Puttie way to the tree Bob indulg- ^'Yedyone desire he had had for a long •s^'^ilmfr-he thumbed his nose at his ^-father, whqr was an Episcopal clergy- Ij^ja'an.' Mr. Davis did not notice, whiqh Improved that the green-painted boy t' iealy was invisible. He climbed into I'.'flfe tree. j 1 / Father Could See Ctace-there Bob decided to hiss his *i> GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO ' *TT ANY CAR ARYAN'S Used Parts .411" South Laurel Street ire-e Surgery .tlsihg latest methods in treating xttees and shrubbery. Local rccom- fmehdatioiv examination, and estl- Free, R.'R. CUNNINGHAM Phone XU-W 1c SALE 1c $,;on DRESSES ri THE GIFT SHOP y, f ' f (Igrs. C. P. Holland. ~< TOL--E-TEX > ' •• - OIL COMPANY ,,t TScacto* Fuels and Lube Oils. • — Anything for Your Car. Phone 370 Day and Nlg1lt "Tnerfc you. *fel" Sdmewhat bewildered he proddgjd me with the grass rake. "Right lh^*P The feeling o£ security along -with .my faith began to 00*9 out of m& "Father, will you please see Mother about this?" "Yes. my son. later. Come down." The young man \came down, was !tubbed with various paint, removers, given other signidicant treatment, and put to bed. The next clay was Brother Bill's birthday. He gave Bob a present, which was the nickname Tree Toad. It stuck, through prank after prank imd page after page. This Ian Reviews U. S. Living Costs Dr. Walton H. Hamilton's Job Is to Protect Consumers' Interests WASHINGTON. — (/p) — Dr. Walton H. Hamilton, the President's adviser on consumer problems, is Washington's new "mystery man." He has ben a special presidential advisar isnce June 30, but only since the arrival on Washington desks of aj pamphlet called "The Consumer." ed- J ited in his division, has the fickle Washintogn spotlight turned to him. It does so just as rumbles of discontent over the rising price of bread reach the capital. Commentators examine two facts and Wonder: the rising cost of living, and the direct, entre to the White House granted Hamilton whose particular worry is the rising cost of living. Staff Gathers Facts His program includes these objectives: inquires into prices where "trouble spots" keep the product out j of the consumers' reach; education of 1 the public to use quailty standards and to ask for grade labeling ;advice to people buying co-operatively; and expansion of consumers' councils. For some time Hamilton's staff of six economists has ben gathering facts [ about key industries; women's dresses, shoes, tires, autos, ice and papar. When the surveys are done the facts will be made available to manufacturers and the people who buy from ! them. i Hamilton believes in making facts public. He wonders, for instance, how many men who start factories to make women's dresses know the average life of such a plant is only three years. He grins over the industry doddering along with machines which are 30 years old on the average. He thinks they could sell more at lower prices if they had kept up-to-date. "Just An Adviser" But, he points out, he has no power to go in and say, "You're gathering moss. Junk it." He is just an adviser. But he believes in advice. "NRA, goodness knows made enough mistakes," he says, "but it did make business men think in larger terms; about whole industries instead of sin- :|gle plants." He grins at the cynical suggestion that facts may not force the inefficient manufacturer to change his routine. "You'd be surprised how many business men are intellectually curious enough to give us help," he says. "This week two of the largest organizations in the country offered us the free use of their books. We will study one set to find out the average wa^e-earner's credit and how he uses it." Son Builds Boats ^illllllllllllMIIIIIIIHIHIIIIMIIIIIIItHtliM ,=Does Your Roof Leak?= fpSOne month of rain costs Hope cit-= mote than one year's i!re= Can Fix a Good Roof. = We Can Help an Old One. = >5 Sullivan Const. Co. i jiuillllllllHIIIIUHIIIIIIIIIMllllHllllllll '' ?# ,W \Vf9t For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER MEAT CURING Ingredients BLACK PEPPER lb 25c 8KP PEPPER H> 4«« 8ALV PETRg lb 25c The Very Best Quality BRIANT'S Onig Store 'MO-NT'S = SUGAR CURE; PQRK^iEEF I ,,.,.. IT'S Better, Safer, = v\ I Cheaper and Easier = "* iMONTS SEEP STOREI ,S Hmwt Ark. .,'M *s~ Hamilton can't remember when he started being an economist, but he has studied the subject in four colleges, and taught it in six. He is on leave from Yale university now, and the smell of autumn on the air makes him a little homesick for New Haven where hi swife still maintains their home. The Hamitlons have three children, but it's Edward they grin about. He turned up his nose at the suggestion of college; and all this in the face of his father's degrees. Edward wants to build boats,- so he's building boats. Presidential Advisor Hamilton says there was nothing he could do about it, and that the boy may be right. Tokio L. S. Sanford, J. J. Daniels and G. O. Wisdom were business visitors to Hope, Monday. P. N. Tillman was a business visitor to Nashville Monday. Mrs. Henry Edmiaston of Nashville visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holt Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cooley were business visitors to Nashville Monday. A. C. Holt was in Nashville Monday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cooley and children of Doyle visited Mr. and Mrs. Will Cooley Sunday. Thief Dazzled By Sun BMDAPEST— (#>)— Nature gave 28- year-old Ferenc Kiss the grandest equipment for his job. He is, police charged, a burglar— and a good one because abnormal eyes enable him to see at night. Pupils of his eyes are greatly distended. Tests at police headquarters revealed he was able to read a newspaper in a room so gloomy is was difficult for an officer to find his hat. But Kiss found his abnormality no blessing. He was dazzled by day and it was hard for him to work at ordinary employment. So, he confessed, he became the ''cat-eyed" burglar who gave the police trouble until arrested while trying, with great trepidation, to cross a brightly lighted street. Farmers Gas Bunnies (/P)— Finding guns ineffective against the rabbit pest, English farmers are trying gas from London chemical frms, the dealers report- ng that lethal vapors arc being shipped to aji parts of England and Wales. '<" ^ A '**l^&^'to^^t'St; *V• ' ~ Mhttrfft-tf. MA«»*«i«t«MM »e *A«fgi BIG SPECIAL And BAND CONCERT 2:3o WEDNESDAY iiHiiiiimiiimiiiimimiiiiiiiimnimmiii 1 FREE 1 I $ 25 1 i IN I I PRIZES I miiMiiiiiiimiimiimmmimiiimmiimi t eres ront age ews! IHIIIIIIIIItlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1 FREE 1 I $ 25 I 1 IN E I PRIZES! TmiiiiiKimimiiiiiniiiimiiiiiimiiimim Announcing HOPE'S First Great ONE DAY ONLY -WEDNESDAY, NOV. 27 VALUE DAY SPECfAL THE SIGN THAT MARKS "VALUE DAY" ITEMS A feast of values will be the bill of fare for Hope' Value Day. The stores whose names appear on this page have planned to bring you the best bargains of the year . . . not of old, shoddy merchandise, but of new seasonable merchandise. Stock up now. You can save many dollars by buying your winter needs at one of these Hope Value Day Stores. (P. S. Christmas is only 4 weeks off. Just a hint to save you .money.) Big Special Band Concert at 2:30 Wed. F P ree rrizes $25 in merchandise certificates (as good as cash) will be given away on. Wednesday, November 27th as a feature of Hope's first Value Day. These certificates will be awarded in the following mariner: $10 fcr the LARGEST FAMILY attending Value Day. Put all the members ot your family in the car or wagon and drive to'" Hope where you can enjoy real money-saving bargains AND also be able to win a cashable prize. Just come to the office of Hope Star and register each member ... if it's the largest one you will be given a cash merchandise certificate, ($5 first, $3 second and $2 third prize). $10 will be awarded for the family coining the greatest distance to attend Value Day. Just come into the office of Hope Star and register. (55 first, $3 second, and ?2 third prize). §5 will be given to the newest bride and groom who attend Value Day. Here's an easy way for newlyweds to get the down payment on their household needs. Just come in njid register at the office of the Hope Star. General Rules: Those contesting for the above prizes must register at the Star's office on Wednesday, November 27th (Value Day) before 2 p. m. Prizes will be announced and cash certificates awarded at 2:15. These certificates may be used as cash at any of the stores participating in Value Day. Contestants Must Register at the Hope Star Office Before 2 p. m. Wednesday HOPE VALUE DAY SPECIAL Patronize Merchants Displaying This Emblem! Bargains galore await the thrifty shopper 1 at all stores who are participating in Hope's first big Value Day. Read ALL of the advertisements carefully in today's Hope Star . . . check your needs (and wishes) . . . then come to Hope and SAVE. Look for the Value Day Emblem in the advertisements . . . look for the emblem on each stores special price cards . . . look for the big red and black window banners on the windows'. . . they are your guide to the fall's greatest values. Big Special Band Concert at 2:30 Wed. The Following Merchants are Co-operating to Bring You Greater Values and Greater Savings on VALUE DAY Read Their Announcements in Today's Hope Star Geo. W. Robison & Co, Compton Bros. White & Co, R. M. LaGrone Jr, & Co. John P. Cox Drug Co, Briant's Drug Store K. G. McRae Hardware Co. J. C. Penney Co. Duggar's Shoe Store Stewart's Jewelry Store Gorham & Gosnell Hope Furniture Co. Boswell & Higgason Patterson's Gift Shop Burr Store Hitf s Shoe Store Rephan's Ward & Son Hope Hardware Co, Automotive Supply Co. Ladies Specialty Shop GREAT SAVINGS AT THE ABOVE STORES

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