The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1940
Page 4
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TAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COUHIEK NEWS THK COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, publisher 3. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL-F. NORRIS, Advertising Mannger Sole Natloni! Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, B troit, Oklahoma city, Memphis. Publl»h«d Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mnttcf at the post- office at Blytherille. Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of Dlylhevlllc, 15c per week, or 65o per month, ' By mill, within a radius of M miles, 53.00 |»r year, $1.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by mall In pustal zones two to six Inclusive, 56.50 per year; In zones seven mid eight. $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Curnthersvdle's New Librnr-y Curulliersville's liiuul.soniu new i>ub- lic librai-y is a most imposing Irilmlc lo Ihc lu'i'h ly|)c of cjlizcn.slnp in Ilial city. Indeed few cities the si/.e of CimiUi- crsville can bosisl as line and commodious n structure for such a purpose. Cai'tithcrsvillc liiis had a public library since 1922 and the new ?^0,OOU building is the rciilr/.iition of what at one time wits certain to have been only a fanciful dream. It was bnill \vith a local bond issue and a U'I'A ffraiil. The new library is said to house some 8,000 volumes wilb plenty .of room for future expansion ami reading facilities. Caruthersville can well be prouil of this new addition to ils cultural and educational life. Proclaim Tlwir The states of Hie Union have learned not lo hide their lights under any bushels. If they've got anything to offer dllier industry or (he tourist. trade, they want the rust, of the conn- try .to know it. And the best medium they know of totting the word around is advertising. Ik-fore 1035, only six slates made any provisions in ihcir fiscal budgets for advertising. This year, -10 states liayc earmarked funds to be used for publicly extolling their merits, and 75 per cent of (hose .states intend -to uw tile newspapers of the nation liberally to get their messages across. A total of about K-100,000 has been appropriated. Thirteen of (lie states have appropriated more than $100,000 each. The highest advertising allotment— §825,000— is thill of Florida, which long ago became aware of the old axiom, "It jjjiys to advertise." Many of the benefits from advertising are too intangible to be measured. But some of the states, which started advertising j,, 19-.^ nilvc ;,i vpa ,i v ^cn the results burst right out into indisputable statistics. Arkansas picked up SI '2 new factories, representing a total investment of ?2,(500,000. New Jersey noted a §107,000,000 tourist business last year and a 28 •per cent increase in the value of (he state's Immded advertising products. North Carolina opened its arms lo 51 new factories during the lirsl eight months of 1<)3!). Wisconsin's gain in tourist trade was rellecled by the jump in gasoline taxes from $0,500,000 in 1935 to ?8,030,000 in 1!)39, and in mm- OUT OUR WAY resident fishing licenses from 05,157 to 112,185. The inllux of tourists into any stale projects ils i'11'ect far beyond the hotel keepers, restaurant owners, resort landlords, and department stores, who arc usually direct beneficiaries. The money laken in seeps through the entire community. It creates new jobs, makes possible grealer spending, fillers finally to the smallest business man, far removed from direct contact with tourists. Stales' advertising this year should bring even greater dividends, with travel abroad cut oil'. In many cases, I lie advertising ed'orls will help vacationers plan their itineraries. RlUzkr'w.g and Cod-Liver Oil ['reliably yoti ciin't J?G(- Junior sore alioul Ihis, Itut there nuiy cotl-livor oil shurliiKC. of our cod-livur oil COIIICM from Die l/ol'olun l,s];uid.s, wlicrc (lie 1'rili.sli ;ire now liuidiii},'' iioar Narvik. Tlie in- viksion by tlie Gerniiui.s c<imc just nt n lime when Norwegian stocks were aL llicir hi^li point, nnd those of American impotiur.s nl Ihcir lowest. The lal- tw, »ot knowing n'hen tlicy may jfel more, arc even rcf'ti.sinjr Lo quote prices (u Ijottlci'H on wliul they have. Thus, rival Kuropi'an powers lifc'lil over Norway, American bahics may LJicir i-cgnlar dosntrc of bot- llod KiniKliiiio. So small a world it is, and -sci ill-managed. and The birth rale in (lie United States has tended downward for some years, as in almost every other country. Figures released in connection with Child Health week, however, show an inleresting thing. In 1015, when 'birth registration figures were first tabulated on the present basis, 25.1 babies were born for each 1000 people. The absolute low was reached in l!)3;{ t at .10.5. Sinn: that time the rate lias gradually increased again to .!?.(! in .1938. Tlml plainly suggests thai when pen- pie face a discouraging economic outlook I hey don't have as many babies as they do when limes look a little better. .Which is just one more excellent reason, if any more reasons should seem necessary, for concentrating on building up our own economy in the face of a tragic world. • SO THEY SAY The Ciimxdian govcnisncnl. hn.s no thougnl of alleinpliiiB to intervene, directly or indirectly, in the iilliihs or policies of the Unilcd Stales. — rremier Mackenzie Kine ot Canada. » * » Hxperience it the past, ccnluiy seems to provide no evidence that tcclmological improvements cause permanent nnemployincnt. or help lo bring about prolonged ctcnn-ssions.—Charles K. Hook, .slcelnian, before Ihe TNEC. * * » Sonic of these aliens arc better citizens, than iniiny of tile nalivc-born Americans I know.— Representative nickstein. N. Y., In debate on rc- aplKiitioninent, * t * The Federal Coinmi'i'toitloiis Commission lays the dead hand of bureaucracy upon n scientific and commercial development.—President Henry iM. Wiiston of Drown University, on FCC rc- slrielion of television commercials. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK)' COURIER SIDE GUNCES by Calbrttth p^^;^f>-;.;?;.i:-'-^r. i: . *'Ad^si£--f-~ r '... -^5"-" F1UUDAV, AHIU, 19, 19-10 • SERIAL STORY K. 0. CAVALIER BY JERRY BROHDFIELD COFVfllGHT. l«*0. <« Hi . , Ulri-d, "Never mind speaking in ihcm—this check -will slml (hem up." THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson THERE 33 TIMES AS /MUCH TERRITORV IN THE I2..OOO FEET SEA-UEVEU, AS THERE IS DPSV LXVsO, 12.OOO FEET SEA -LEVEL. O\A/ HAVE ELAPSED BETWEEN A DATE IN (SO S. AND A CORRESPONDING. DATE (N IO4-O A.D. VJ-:STI!HI).tVi KMtt n,i<! Vnl ™»l'<i iriini ihcir rurrlur. hurry lo '«<• .Northern tic-itr. Tin-)- find Mike Kelly ||,,| „,, „„ ,|,. c v, „„,! »lr:niKcr« 111 the liold, Irflng innnKi' Ilir ninrhlwr;'. 'I'lifrr liRliI, urn-mi aliulx. WJicii It "- '""I Ihc utrniiKiTu cnp- Vul nnllro, >|||.-,. iin,.(,,,_ -c-luii* on ih,, n, 1llr „ 1101) | a t UQod oruuud lil, k^.j. CHAPTER XIX •JiIIE acrid smel! of gunpowdei. filled the room and made Val cough. She slarcd with horror al Mike Kelly lying there, inert. Am! then Steve flansen was marching Hiem all up on deck. Barney MacGrcfor, with two policemen in low, was dashing up "ic gangplank. "We heard shots," Barney yelled "What's up, Steve?" Grimly, Steve Hanson explained, Then (hey relumed to (he hold «ncl carried Mike tenderly up on <letk. One of the officers bent down ami made n hurried examination. "This man isn't hurt as bad you think. Must have been hit by that glanced a ricochclc.'. I.ullet oil his temple. ' A vast feeling ot relief swept over Val. Good okl Mike. With some (juick medical attention he'd be sill right. Then for Hie first time she felt herself trembling. She covered her e.vci> with her hands. Steve Han- .sen wenl over and put around her shoulders. "I think you've had enough for one night," be said gently. * * * 'yAt, leaned over the rail in (he early morning sun and watched Ihc huge cranes swing aboard the Northern Belle and dip deep i into her hold. Steve Hanson, puffing on his pipe alongside her, followed every foot of (he journey with hawk-like eyes when the crane swung out with the llalliday mining machinery. Val sighed when it was deposited on Ihe clock and transferred lo a huge truck which the company had sent down. "Thai's a relief," she said. Clausen nodded. "Yeah . . . but it's loo bnd we can't prove those yeggs were agents cf that line. We know ii, of tourer, but proving it is something else. It's next 1« impossible. Only satisfaction we have is knowing our playmates of last night will get them- FPlves a nice Jong stretch for robbery, attempted vandalism, and a tew mnro charges." "They're lucky it wasn't jnur- flrr," said Val. Hanscn grinned. "Look at 'im down there. YoW never know he came within a quarter of an Incli of cashing | n his chips." Tlicy didn't know Pop Grimes was behind them until the trainci spoke. "Unless you folks have serious objections," he said, "Eddie and me are going lo do a little honest-to-goodiiess road work this afternoon. About a couple ol hours outside of town." "Good," said Val. "I'll go along." "We ain't walkiu', nfiss, we're runnin'," Pop reminded her casually. "What's lo prevent me from renting a car and driving along behind you?" Pop shrugged. "You win, as usual. We're starling out a couple of hours after lunch, £o have your auto ready," She invited DulYy Kelso to come along, but he refused, "Thanks," he said, "you've got me bclfevln 1 it's safest to, be where you ain't. And for the luvva Pcle, make sure you don't run 'cm down." r r'irAT time afternoon, for the first uc since she left San Francisco, Va! wore ;i drc-- instead of slacks and shirt. She put on low- heeled shoes and slipped into a beige camel-hail- jigger-coat. "Where's tli' parly?" Sieve Ifan- scn inquired. Eddie Cavalier didn't say anything, but she saw (he loolc of startled surprise on bis face. "Thai's to remind you she's still a lady," Duffy Kclso observed, hut Val gave no sign she had heard. Ycl, she admitted to herself as they swung off down the dock, Duffy had been partly right. Clever man, in his way, was Dud'y Kclso. Too soured on her so. bad She he was couldn't iclp chuckling at the thought of it. He certainly had a light to be. She could picture Duffy, once .hey got back to San Francisco. He'd probably try (o put an m- surmounlablc barrier between her •md Cavalier. Refuse lo see her. Make her get her stories second- land. Make it tough for her in every way imaginable. Well, she'd had her innings. Rather riotous ones, at that. Anyway, she had a hunch that Eddie -avalicr wouldn't be too difticuH o reach despite Duify Kelso. It vas just a hunch, but Val Dongas -always placed a Jot of faith n her hunches. She asked a policeman where -he could rent a car and he di- •ccted .lier lo a garage a couple >f blocks away, from, the main Hisiness section. She climbed behind the wheel - , . , , "And Mike Kelly of a shiny blue coupe. It was good if. lucky he has a nice, thick skull." to drive again. She slipped through the noonday traffic and headed back for the waterfront Parking the car as close us possible lo the Northern Belle, aha boarded the ship. She was just in lime for liuicli. "Give you a break," she said lo Pop Grimes. "I'll drive you out (o (he other side of town when you're ready lo go." "Thanks." "Of course," she lied for Duffy's benefit, "f haven't driven in almost a year, but f think we can slay out of the ditches and avoid (lie telephone poles," U was perfect bait. Duffy let out a yelp. "Slay oiita that car " he ordered Eddie. "She'll get you killed yet." ' Eddis grinned. "Calm yourself, Duffy. Can't you sec she's just needling you?" Dully Kclso glared and put his * fork dawn disgustedly. "Well anyway, she killed my iippclilc." + * » YAI, found thai following behind Kddie and Pop as they jogged along the Skccna River road was a little too slow. She practically had lo stay in second gear all Ihe lime. It was too boring to suit her. She honked the horn and drew alongside. "Sec you snails farther down (lie road." She roared off in a cloud of dust. 'Didn't think she'd Just long" Top grunted. "She just ain't used to staying in Hie same spot for a long time." The sun had beon shining brightly, but now it moved behind n dark cloud which ciime up from the northwest. Val hummed to herself as the car purred alonK • country road. And then it happened. There was a loud report and when Ihc car moved sluggishly toward the side ot the road she knew she had a flat. She got out and looked al Ihe lire with dismay. There was ;i spare in back, but who was g'oin" lo change it? She looked up and down Ihc road. There wasn't a house in sight. Nor a gasoline sta- iion. Nor any sign of another car. She, climbed behind the wheel and sat ihere dejeclcdly. H was a' half houi- before she glanced inlo Ihe rear view mirror ;mri saw Eddie ;md Pop come over :i slight rise in Ihe roart. She breathed a sigh of. relief. "Am I glad lo pee you." she said. "Look what I've got." •She didn't sec Kddie nudge i'.jp Grimes slyly. "Gee, that's lough," he murmured. "Well—if we come to a gas-age or gas station we'll si'ml rack it mechanic." Anil Iliey left her standing there .5 Iliey jogged oft. (To Ue Continued) ALL ABOUT BABIES ANSWKU: 19M. The ringed number ( ,f years between n dale U. C. and the same dale A. D. is one less lhan lit.' sum <>( (lie years iV>l_all penguins Ijve in the Antarctic. The Galannfios penguin lives in Ihe Galapagos Islands, on the equator. NEXT: Wtat country's national liiid cannot lly? dim We Save Premature Babies? H V KI(,'l!i\K» ARTirUK BOLT, M. !).. I)K. P. II. Sccrc-tsiry, Maternal ami Chilli IK-ullh Section (if American Public Health As.soi-iuliou A great deal has been accim- jilishod In rcdijcing the number dealh-s cif babies under one yrar t)l Girls Rate Intelligence First in Husband Choice I'ENN VAN, N. Y. im>>-)>ros- pcctivc mutes of KruXa College women mny do \vr]l lo lake a thoroimli inventory of ihrlv 'Njray matter." According to a MIIVCV am-Ju?tcd in Ihc marriage and human rch- lions courses, Kenlva slmlenU place intcUiisiY.a'c al the lop ol the list ol most essential trails for a male. Fifty-seven students in I ho uwrx iinhc.s!!a(it)!;ly listed intc'llmi'ifc al Ihe lop of Ihe list of i^riimiles Oilier es*cnlud. r ; in order were tliuiighliiil-es.s. co'nudcrnUon, honesty, loyally, ambition, dependability, responsibility and r.ensc ol iiiitnor. Good nature nn:l sidaptabtlili , were in Ihe Ion- bracket* i>l tin-1 " but this has lieeu done largely alter the lirsl perilous month of life. Deaths in the j In si month si ill 11 cm n I n mululv if \vc in ,11 e t. ~-w2"~ v <. ' ^ >—'T*' jicdiiLtion '\~ .JJri "" morlality w N ' *^r lmlsl "•• Ullch (| i JMS*^ J flHISCS IVlllfll II are lo further in the of in- e Ihe lie 1 bnck of Ihe cur- I lici deaths. This Dr. Uolt ' S largcljr a m ' U of good iiiriuiliil and obstetric \ / GOOD V KlORkllM'-- 1 HAAPH ^ } HAWF-k / COUGH-\( HOW IS \\ EVERYTMIW6' xx HAVVPH.' WHY-UH-WHY, Vou SHOIJLDW'T BE UP VET.' EVERYTHUJG IS GOIK1G FIME HERE-- VVHV, YOU'RE STILL VERY SICK.' I BOM'T KNOVV IF THE OL' LACKS COWFI- DEMCETIMMIS ASSISTAMTOP IS AFpAviD THINGS WILL GO TOO WELLWIIHOOT HIM--WAYBE IT'S A LITTLE OF BOTH BUT HERE HE IS, HALE AND HELP- i LESS: THE ASSISTANT IS PUTTIKJ' OM A SHOW-- JUST WATCH--IWTEM MIMUTES HE'LL HAVE TH' BOSS SITTIM' IM f \ > DRAFT--] A GUY WHO TELLS A WHITE LIE WILL COMMIT A WHITE MUR.DEB..' KING FOR. A DAY By J. K. Williams OUR JJOAUD1NG HOUSE wilh Major Hooplc HERE'S A TELGGR.VI r <5OU YOUR FATHER, i'-^ip .tArJKR' HE SAVS/JUST) BACK FCOM PANAMA -~- X PLEASE GEND LEAMDER Y ;l HOME -HOPE BOY NO /' TROUBLE -~~ TMOOSAMD S • \MELL/y^ | '/ DO I • DAD HOPES '\ITMAT THOUSAND LEANDER WAS jjTtw-SKs is . WILL i sr- ml No TROUBLE.' < SHORT Gt.ftO TPV <^7 _^ GLAD TO DUCK OOTA, \ IHIS \voozy DUMP I STILL tor RIGHT, I HOPt Tl IE IJv.-—- JUST LIKE HUKRiCA(Oe(GiV!lM6 A GUV we HAVE ccesfvj'T) AM OLD STRAW BLOW THE MEWS-) HAT FOR PAPER OPF THE ( FINJDlfJS (\ r\ TORCH/ J 'S-WAV TO • Tlie Iradim; cause of (Icalli I Ihe yrai i.s piemnliirily. I're- i nialure infants a rc considered [ whose birth weight is live i pounds or less. j ThcM- Ijabir.s require spcc'iid I i-iu-o rai iii'coiinl «[ tlie follinvitis Hew can we leil that prematures arc doing nicely? When tliry lake llicir feedings well without vomiting. When Ihc.v sleep between feedings. M'hcn h n (I y temperature (alien li.v rcrlism i-nnalns I>«- tween US ami '.K^ ilej;rrfs Fali- rcnheil. When (hey have nn dlffirul- ly in lircaihiiif nor show -•<»!' lilneutss of face or body. AVlini Iliey cain steadily, ljut nnl iiHTssarily rapidly after tlie proper routine, lias been os- lalilisbril. Tilt question is oflen asked. "G'nn preniiiUiro babies grow up normally and become well ami Klroiig as full-term babies?" The answer Is, "Yes." if lliesc babies have no serious develop- 1 menial dcfccls and arc taken cure of by the most approved modern NKXT: Nature's IScsl Fooil—Mother's MilU. In U. 5. to Fix Nazis Trade Ties Tlicy I aliir.v, r l liry have weak anil i-ann'ol freitiiiss of di?rstivc lake Hie fisll-tcnn very .sllM'ftjilibtc lo l-li.insrs in trinprralurr. cspr- \'\;\\\\ to pxpjituvc lo ciiltl. '"try arr particularly s«si-c|»- til'le h. infcrUois. 1 * iind liavinj; tilllr rrsislnncr, oft!-" Mlrcliml). 'iliry ;irr liainlc lo have Iroli- Wr with their breathing. T"c soMrral bodily weakness ol PIT matures may turn Die tide, so thai spma! measures must, becm- r.Inynri | 0 :.nve them. For Innately we hnve :u our dir-posiil menus 10 ovrs-coine a niimuei o! tile un- Invoiublf rniHiilions. 'n !!«• rust place we must pro- led Hum from cold immediately "ftcr liiiih mid i ; ,. C |) ihrni at an even i'i»j;enilmc by Ihoromh wi!>iiiii.;;.. with suUablc blankets smd i:ili.,-.vs. n on Incubator Is avsiiliible. ihe baby should be plnrcrl in it at mice mid \valclied caretiilly day and iilglit. H Is not ncce.vsiuy lo have a complicalcd incubator. Many premature babies have been saved In simply coiM-liiu-lrd ones. Skilled medical and nursing cave HIT nui.-t c^cullal. Nurses trnlucd in (he iH-iails ut caring for I"' 11 ' iimtitrcs should be employed. Mind Your Manners Tr.'it ymir knowledge ol corn-ft soclsil nsao,- i )V iiDsn-crl'.iy Ibc following (|iirstimi!i. then checking astainsi ihr authoritative answers he low: '. Is H rarsccl lo type n Idler of ccmdolrnrr? '•!. Is il all liglu to t.vncvvrili' i«r iuvilntiou. or an answer lo an Invitation? 3. Is il iH.'ttcr to .say stationery or Idler paper? 4. Is nme p;i]u-r with a sold ccljc in {tooci Ui.slr? 5. Should n man's v/ritiin paper \y .1 sleigl" nr rioiiblf. .sheet? What, would you do if— Yen ;nc bnvinu lellcr paper lov a mini — <a> Iluy hir^n-Mired paper In white or cream? i!>' Buy Munli-si/cd p;ii>rr? ic,> Buy colored paper? Ansurrs 1. Mo. It should be written liy hand oa note paper. 2. No. 3. Letter paper. 4. No. 5. It may ue cither. Best "What Would Yon Do" so- lution—fa). Dr. Ceihardl Alois Wcslrick, Hitler's economic trouble-shooter, pictured on his recent arrival in New York. In U. S. lo improve U.S.-German trade relations, lie is also reported seeking landing rights for a German Irans-Al- iantic air line. Canada ranked fifth ainoii? 21 leading commercial nations of the world In total trade during 1338, A nmmnceinents: The Courier Ncivs IIB.S been formally authorized to announce Ihr following caiiaiciarir.s for olficc subject to the action of the Democratic primary in August. Mississippi County .("else ROLAND GREEN Sheriff and Collcclor HALE JACKSON Couutv Trrasttrcr R. L. (BCLLYI OAINES i Tor Second Term) JACK FINLEY ROBINSON County :inrt I'riplrtlc Clerk T. W. POTTER 'For .Secmitl Term" Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (For Second Term) <t'or the scat now held by Wood vow Hutton) J. LEE 13EARDEN For post now held by I-Vank Williams FRANK \Vtu;iAM.S (For Second Term) (For post now held by L. H. Autry) L. H. AUTRY i <For Second Term) .. FRANK D. UNDERWOOD • • • Assessor W. W. I BUDDY > WATSON ittor Second Term)

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