Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1935 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1935
Page 7
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26,1986 ttom STAR, H0t% ARKANSAS E* *•< / ;"j!" * Hoover and Borah May Split G. 0. "Borah's Independence a Constant Thorn in Republican Party's Side By BYHON PRICE Chief Of Bureau, The Associated Press, Washington' With, both Mr. Hoover and Mr. Borah talking more nnd more like presidential candidates, the Republican party obviously is headed toward n conflict of serious proportions. No one can tell how far it will continue along that pathwny. Often hi the past the party has been able to compromise perilous internal differences, and achieve finally a fairly united front. Volunteer peacemakers, recognizing the present danger, are seeking n solution. Perhaps they will find one. The only possible way to look at politics intelligently, however, is to consider the facts as they exist at the moment, not on the basis of hypothetical situations which may or may not develop In the future. The facts arc quite plain. Mr. Hoover, whether he runs or not, is determined the party shall not come under the control of that school ; of thought which is symbolized by Mr. Borah. Whether he runs or not, Mr. Borah Is determined that the party leadership of which Mr. Hoover is so conspicuous a part shall be supplnnl- lierc is a clear-cut issue, entirely aside from any question of possible candidates. It is the sort of issue, •. furthermore, which has to do with •'fundamentals, and is difficult to compromise. Exomulc Of Issues '/ There is no mystery why compromise would be most distasteful to Mr. .Hoover and the party leaders with \vhom he has been associated. From an organization viewpoint Mr. Borah's independence of the constituted Republican leadership has been a Source of irritation and exasperation ;for years. On the side of issues (to take a single fcxample), Mr. Hoover looks on ortho- ;clox money as an absolutely indispensable requisite to sound government, .While Mr. Borah favors "reflection." How can a basic issue such as that be , compromised? Furthermore, Mr. Hoover naturally hopes for some measure of vindication, and he knows that is not any pftft of the plans of the western In- dependenU, On his side, too, Mr. Borah has his reasons. He has said, in effect, that only by purging Itself of the old leadership can the party accomplish iu destiny. More significant still Is the fact that Mr. Borah does not believe in compromising. Ho has said on many occasions that no groat issue ever was settled by compromise. His rugged personal Independence argues more strongly than any other factor against the likelihood of such a solution. Other Reasons Possible There is a widespread belief that if either Mo. Hoover or Mr, Borah eventually is drawn into an active presidential candidacy, it will be against his belter judgment. It is hardly possible that either minimizes the obstacles which stand between him and the nomination. Against each there exists within the party a considerable body of bitterly adverse opinion which might foment tin open break in the national convention. Considering this, it Is entirely credible that both Mr. Hoover and Mr. Borah have set out on their present activities without thought of becoming candidates — Mr. Hoover seeking primarily to have a major part'in the selection of some other candidate, Mr. Borah determined that no such thing shall happen. But con either hope to gather behind him the needed strength, unless he docs become a candidate And whether or not they run. is there any peacemaker sufficiently strong to prevent such a collision as will rock the parly to its foundation? I For no one who knows politics speaks lightly of the potential power of cither Mr. Hoover or Mr. Borah under the existing circumstances. Sanctions Hit Yuletidc PARIS — (/P) — Candied chestnuts, those YulclUlc delicacies with which so many Frenchmen discharge a year's social obligations, may be victims of sanctions nguinsl Italy. There are plenty of chestnuts grown in France, but only those from Naples pass through the process of manufacture without falling 16 pieces. With no alternative supply in sight, makers of the famous "marrons glaccs" are refusing to take orders for Christmas delivery. Cedar rust is n par/.site of the cedars, but, due to its peculiar life cycle, il will die out unless there are trees of the apple family nearby, where its spores can alight and develop enough each alternate year. Value Day Secials A splendid anU-freczc solution for your radiator that will not boll off or rust 6ut. Get the best for your car nnd be safe. Per gallon....$1.00 COX'S SUPREME CHOCOLATES Our own special chocolates made from only the purest of Ingredients. Fresh shipment just received. 25c |. B FREE RAZOR BLADES With every piircluise of McKesson Shaving Cream on Value Day you get a package of 5 St. Regis Blades free. Allfor_23c CREOMULSION positively stops your $-|.25 cough or your money is refunded 50c Dr. West Tooth Brush and 25c Dr. West Tooth Paste—both for only FOUNTAIN SYRINGE Full two-quart size with all attachments. Value Day Special Wo give EAGLE STAMPS . . . Your Extra Saving. An Eagle Stomp hook filed will buy a nice Christmas Gift. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps 42c Andrew Carnegie Born lOOtears Ago Scotch Birthplace Commemorates American on This Monday DUNFEnMLlNE, Scotland— (JP)—in this ancient Scots burg, whore Andrew Carnegie dreamed as a boy of fame and success, the centenary of the birth of the world*khown benefactor is being observed November 25. Tho 40,000 residents of Dunfermlinc have had no opportunity to forget the name of Carnegie. Every citizen has benefited in some way from Carnegie money. Every other street reveals some gift which the famous millionaire made to his beloved birthplace. Cottage SOU Stands Dunfermline today boasts of swimming pools, libraries, gymnasiums, technical schools. It has the most famous public park in Scotland. All are gifts of the man who went from humble poverty to great wealth. The cottage where Carnegie was born still stands, a squat gray stone affair, with dormer windows jutting out from a quaint crd-tlled roof. The attic room where he slept as a child is in virtually its original condition. Visitors from all parts of the world have inspected the room, with its low, sloping ceiling, and the old-fashioned bed built into a recess in the wall. Some of the original furniture, sober in appearance and solid, remains. Aiuiual Picnic held One of the first sights to attract Carnegie as a boy was the Dunfermline Abbey, founded in the Eleventh j century by Maicom Canmorc, and the ! ' burial place of Robert the Bruce, whose name is emblazoned on the tower. The curfew bell which tolled— and it still docs—was the signal, at eight o'clock, for young Carnegie to Bo to bed. Close by the Abbey was Pittcn- crieff Glen, a large estate which was barred to Carnegie and his companions, no matter how much they wanted to wander through the dark ; wooded glen. Later, as a multi-mil- j Jionairc, Carnegie bought the estate. It is now a park where.thousands of school children are entertained yearly at a picnic which costs-$5,000. i In direct contrast to the evidences of Carnegie's boyhood is the modern "Treasure House," adjoining his early home. Rulers, statesmen, and corporate bodies throughout the world I have contributed to the contents of the house. Gold and silver caskets from • cities and towns, resplendent robes from the universities of Europe and America, and brilliantly illuminated scrolls, are assembled in tribute to the one-time bobbin boy. Letter From Meucllk Among the records of appreciation is a parchment in strange characters; a letter from the late King of Kings, Menelik Second of Ethiopia. It reads as follows: "He who has conquered the Lion of the *Tribe of Judah, MeneUfc^, King of Kings, Emperor of Ethiopia, , "I'o Mr. Andrew Carnegie: t "Peace be with you. "Mr. Ellis has kindly told me of your nobleness and generosity to all j people, and of your gift to the Afri- ' can Americans of the United States and your aid to them in gaining a ' higher sphere of civilization, knowledge, virtue and morality, and educating them on higher planes, of and for which I am grately interested in and thankful, and may God give you power and strength to fulfill all your good wishes. "Peace-be with you. Done in Addis Ababa, Nov. 17, 1893." lions, but when he flew 6ff oft a pl&ai* tire, tour of South America she did not go-mnd Gable fan the gauntlet of hf.i Latin admirers alone. thtt) fif course, whs a positive tip- off to the gossips that Ml w&s not well at home, and the tongues were flying these many weeks with forecast* of a divofce. Hope VALUE DAY SPECIAL WEDNESDAY TH£5£ BGAUT/FM. F£LT BAS£ SAVE YOUR FLOORS Attractive Patterns WHILE THEY LAST Jutt the Size You Need for the Entry-Way, or •" F'Ont of Stove or Sink -^ . Only 4 to a Customer HOPE HARDWARE CO, Second & Elm Phone 45 Ex-Wives Loyal to Clark Gable Second Wife May Join First One as Booster, Despite Estrangement By ItOUBlN COONS Associated Press Correspondent HOLLYWOOD-Thc first.Mrs. Clark Gable still calls the movie hero a "charming" boy, and friends say the ' second Mrs. Gable, from whom lie is ' estranged, probably alfio will con-' j tinuo a Gable booster. Gable's senior by 11 years, according to their application for a marriage license in 1931, the second Mrs. Gable ' occupied with aloofness and dignity for these four years and difficult position of wife to the screen's—most idolix.ed male. More so than is usually the case. Mrs. Gable remained in the background of her husband's career,' although frequently appearing wilh him at moviuland functions. I Almost Unnoticed ' The same year that Gable was divorced from his first wife, Josephine Dillon, now a teacher of dramatics in Hollywood, he married Ria Langham, the mother of two children by a previous marriage. The ceremony, in Santa Ana, Calif., attracted little attention, for Gable then was only another actor who had done a part or two in the talkies, and was just beginning to make the pictures that were to catapult him into virtual overnight prominence. The rewards—although Gable considered them the penalties—of movie fame were not long in coming. A visit to New York convinced him that hunting in the mountains hereabouts would lac wifor and ploasanter, what with mobs of girls caring at him for autographs and souvenirs wherever he went, besieging him at his hotel, and making his progress through the streets, a struggle. dossiers There First Hollywood gossip long .since predict- ! ed the Gable marriage would not last, and ucwipers were surprised that it continued in spite of Iheir predictions. Gable, the "man's man" type of actor, answered I IT- rumors by. vetoing all ' suggested interviews about his mar- i riagf, while Mrs. Gable, for her part, .stressed her background role and rarely talked on the subject which most piqued the interest of the movie I magazines. j Mrs. Gable frequently accompanied! her husband on the hunting trips j which constituted his favorite vaca-i Barley In Arctic , MOSCOW —(/P)- Hardy Ethiopian barley is now grown successfully in the far north. Experiments with samples brought from Africa by a scientific expedition led to wide scale sowing on the Kola peninsula, well Inside the Arctic circle, The Ethiopian Variety competes with the best local barleya, government exports reported. Chicago's Gunmen From Outof Town Most of the Bad Men Are Visitors From Smaller Cities and Towns CHICAGO—(A 5 )—It's the visiting gunman—not the native son—that gives Chicago police their greatest worry in warring against illegal firearms. The detective bureau nnnounces that approximately two-thirds of those arrested for illegal gun carrying during the first 10 months of the current year came to Chicago from other cities mid towns. lot the Uetlod totalled «5, wtiton only 284 Were bom in Chi» cago, Police took 60S guns from those arrested and discovered that 20 were Wattled tot murdet, 164 for robbery, 115 fdr assault, thtee for manslaughter, 23 tot burglaries, 16 for larceny, one for extortion, and six for statutory charged. JOuring the first ten months of 1934 police nabbed 957 gun toters and seized 1)101 weapons. Jobs for Vienna Lawyers VIENNA -(#)- Too many lawyers and not enough bankruptcy cases caused the Vienna court of commerce to rule that hereafter two attorneys must be appointed to handle each bankrupt case. Business Voting against New Deal in Chamber Commerce poll. Earthquake City Is Fully Rebuilt Yokohama, Rising From Ashes, Leads Japanese Building Boom YOKOHAMA, Japan >-{#) — Yokohama, the city that Was 98 per cent destroyed by earthquake and fire 12 years ago, has been rebuilt into a modern and flourishing seaport of more than 700,000 population. A prelmnary count of the national census of October 1 sho'ws Yokohama's population to' be nldre than 702,000. Before the 1923 disaster the city had v .OQ WAQ»K. «H*W|WV*j t . ' • Hie cenkus Bwwf thli p<*t cbi ing its the empire's Sfatth city, ToS approaching B.OW,OOto(»fflj* figtf A. lowed by Osaka, In the 3,000,000 clKM,; Nagoya and Kyoto KBVfc totfeftsd 1,000,000 population Cteifc, a»d " seaport of, the west, fs close -1 million mark. • , Leather Jackets Get a Brilliant Lift in. PARIS—(/P)—Leather jackets' _ with a bright contrasting coloi? mart for sports wear. 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