Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1935
Page 6
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m HQPK STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS awl City Shake Ddwn 5 Satordav ,, alleged moonshine Joints in ,*fefe raided Saturday ^by ft bflUSHrS-lect by. Chief o* fcj* resutt. "Nary a the places Chief Ridgdill owners as" saying: "We v , Si S0U it— but We dort'l ho more." JclBathig* in the, raids, besides ftidgdill, Were: Deputy Sheriffs L'O.. Robins fthd Reginald Beardon; * Officers Ed" Van Sickle and Mitchell? and City Patrolman . turner. fn Critical Condition l^tl^lSfESBORO, Ark. ~(fp)~ "Uncle k- ftiifWnitlow, about 80, remained in a, W critical condition in a hospital here • f ^ Sunday from injuries received when ' 1l «j;**9i struck near Walnut Ridge by v- J Jtti automobile said to have been driv- OLD ITCH Still With Us 1«. 200,0og will cure it. It TUllS;thc parasites in the skiu. • 50c s. GIBSON drug Company' T.fe liEXALL 'Store" s, »-, •• v Phone 63 "Hope* Ark. ' Established 1885 ;**-»* i . . and There ond) Jitfhp to wi-fflfftirno' "ht*h." Aftd the 'cWlflty Will have tr» have phenomenal' new revenues to meet that tetpehsfe, Aha there is only one sure place to get .that ifeVenue— from the sales Wx. ifert, then. Will be my position as n crotihtey 'editor: f'hivtf told my readers that we ought to have a ths on food and clothes— but the tax Upon food nnd clothes will be used to ch&so country moonhhlners and city bootleggers the oldest, modi charming occupation known to the police. It's an insult to public intelligence. I don't cdrc how* Many preachers say otherwise. Sales Tax Under (Continued from page one) Highly Taxed Motorist Is Blue—and So Is His License! revenue until-1937;" Dargusch countered. Others 'declared a net income tax capable of producing comparable revenue: Would be\so high as to be con- fiscatory. WOII9JI FUEL COST PER CAR fcaitd on A«ra$e ComumpHon TAX'COST PER CAR. ftasd en Awraj« Cwisumption of 660<iill«nip»rYeir New Jersey this month repealed its saleSj and in the November general ejection Kentucky elevated "Hs.__ Chandler to the governor's chair on a platform pledging repeal of that state's sales levy. Designers of 1936 motor vehicle license plates have borrowed heavily from the spectrum, but also have given prominent place to the motorist taxpayer's favorite color—blue! License plate colors, according to information received by the Arkansas | Petroleum Industries Committee, reveal that plates of 30 states and the District cf Columbia will have new color combinations. Fifteen states will merely reverse standard color schemes, putting, the 1936 text, in the color of the 1935 background. Orange.' or yellow; and black, the combination used by nine states, is %>, I l*fj>(i 4, iV*./ I * '?'/1 en by Mrs. Percy Cunningham of Walnut Ridge. Physicians said the aged man was } __ _ y _ suffering from a crushed left side, the most popular, because of high vis- broken shoulder and a brain concus- jbility. Blue and white—possibly rcp- sion. They said they held little hope rcscnt j n g the motorist as feeling blue for his recovery. .;'.•• : after being bled white by taxes—will ,"~—',—"" ** •• .. — - ,. be used by eight states. Black and Twelve hundred: .•penholders and white stands thitd> appearing on the 7200 nibs were stolen from London s p i ates O f seven states, postoffices wfttyn one month. .Tennessee hag-not as yet selected itf 1936 colors, but other states will offer license plates—at about half the annual cast of gasoline taxes—in these colors: Alabama Crimson on White Arkansas Blue on White Arkansas Blue on White California Black on Orange Colorado White on Blue Connecticut Gold on Blue Delaware Old Glod on Blue Florida : . White on Red Georgia Orange on Dk. Blue Idaho Black on Orange Illinois White on Black Indiana Cream on Crimsn Iowa Blue on White VALUE DAY SPECIALS " * ' . - ' - . - • . : . & bottle Ben Hur Perfume, $1.00 bottle Ben Hur Toilet Water and ,51.00 tox "Ben Hut Face Powder—all three for 51.00 • I' Mlcrotnatic Eveready Razor and 5 Blades ' ..' 49c 20'Gillette pattern Razor Blades ._ . . .' , 25c 3Sc Williams Shaving Cream plus 25c Williams Shaving Lqtion....: .... 35c One Lot of Beads—values from lOc to 5<Jc—your choice.... ' 5c 1 lb: Good Quality. Mixed Candy . . : lOc 2*& Ibs.' Good Grade -Chocolates .." . .'..!'... .'._..:. 89c l'll>. High. Grade Chocolate Cherries 39c BRIANT'S DRUG STORE '. . Your Trade Appreciated , , . . . Kentucky Aluminum on Black Louisiana Blue on Olive Maine White en Black Maryla-iti White on Block Massachusetts White on Maroon Michigan Black on Gray Minnesota White on Blue Mississippi White on Black Missouri Black on White Montana '. Black on Rust Nebraska Aluminum on Black Nevada Silver on Blue New Hampshire White on Green New Jersey O»"i»e on •»'—V New Mexico Toas Blue on While New York Orange on BIEICK North Carolina Green on Black North Dakota Dk. Blue on. Dk. Orange Ohio Blue on Whits Oklahoma Black on Lcllow Oregon Black on Aluminum Pennsylvania Blue on Yellow Rhode Island White on Black South Carolina Black on Lcllow South Dakota White on Maroon Tennessee Texas Blue on Cream Utah Black on Aluminum Vermont Blue on White Virginia Orange on Dk. Blue Washington Blue on White West Virginia Yellow on Black Wisconsin Green on White Wyoming Black on White Kansas Black on Orange Dist. of Col Black on Yellow f 11 L* - By Rodney Dutcher REPHAN'S Monday-Novembet' 25, OUR PRICES ARE LOWER Value Day Specials 32 PIECE ; Dinner Set $L95; Take advantage of this Value Day Special and serve your Thanksgiving ' dinner on a sparkling new set of dishes. !:,- Golden Star Mop arid Polish *•"-'. : 'Best Yet" 1 Golden Star Mop 1 Golden Star Polish. - ..$1.50 . .50 All p or Value....$2,00 Hope Furniture Co. PHONE FIVE WASHINGTON.—Naval and diplomatic gossip here is that the naval con- •fcrence about to be convened in London is n futile gesture and that nothing will come of it but excuses for Japan, England, and the United States to tell their taxpayers that the other nations will not compromise and that the only recourse is to enter the international naval race. . Nevertheless, there is a distinct hopetv " —and it can be said with authority wor | ( i arc aD ] c to combine in such a persists with the American Real Values! Our Fall^ale PLUS HOPE'S VALUE DAY Gives You Real Savings and Values Men's Regular $2.98 CORDUROY PANTS SI.! All Sizes All CP!O« MEN' SHIRTS 11.00 Value, FELT HATS $1.19 MEN'S SHO Wprk Shoes Pair $3.QQ Press pair. 1 $2 .29 that it delegation—that naval limitation can be continued and Japan made to modify her insistence on parity with Great Britain and the United States. This administration luis gone so long on the theory that Japan was bluffing and could be out-bluffed that most of the bystanders have decided the theory was all wet. The only thing tending to strengthen the first belief as the delegation sails IF a hope that all other nations at the conference can be brought into a united front against Japan, thereby persuading her that it would be a good thing to back down for the present from her complete denunciation of the Washington and London treaties. Britain Changes Policy Hope to slow-up Japan rests primarily en the fact that Britain and America will have a more sympathetic understanding together than at any previous international conference. Until rather recently the British have fallowed their long-standing traditioi and nought to play off the Americans and Japanese against each other. Lately, however, according to dip lomatic insiders the British have beer developing a wholesome fear of Japan and a belief that Japanese aggression will sooner or later lead to a British-Japanese clash in the Far Et'St. This time it is expected the British and the Americans will work together tep. She would net like to be the •ictim of one. These are some of the fricts thnt irise in the minds of Americans .par- icipating in the naval conference as they dare hope for something better han a free-for-all naval race. But each of the delegates knows that the European situation is so complicated, so delicate, and so unpredictable that they're embarking on no more than a gamble. And the pessimism they leave behind as they quit these shores suggests that theirs is not much more than a gambler's chance. Hot Springs Ready (Continued from page one) early in the seaton by close decision defeats, the Turkey day game here will be for a sort of "consolation prize." In latu season games both heretofore unbeaten in the state over a period cf two years. The Bobcats lost to Canulcn by a 6 to 0 score early in the season, while Hot Springs beat Camden, 7 to 6. Since their last defeats, however, both the Bobcats and Trojans have gained in form and strength. Featuring a shifty halfback, Cargile, Hope v/ill present a deceptive attack i? head cff a gigantic naval rate and formulated from the crafty brain of will try to get other nations—not only the veteran Foy Hammcns. They uss ' the those e attending the conference—to join them. Japan wants a 5-5-5 ship parity because she expects to rank equally as a first-class power with England and America after .she spreads her sphere of influence through further Chinese territory and because she wants to be sure of being table to hold and protect all she takes. Japan Safe From Attack Every naval expert knows that neither the British nor the American fleet could successfully attack Japan, even with the 5-5-3 ratio prevailing. The Japanese islands arc so far away and easy to protect that American naval officers view 'the thought cf war on Nippon with actual horror. It is even very doubtful whether the combined British and American fleets could successfully best the Japanese I at this time on their homu grounds. I And the idea of any such attempts now is prcposlerious. The European situation requires England to keep much of her strength in European waters. To move the bulk of it into the Pacific would be to expose the British Ules and the vital Mcditcr- raman?Egyptian-Suez Canal line- to India. And the United Slates is expcrienc- "Hanger back" formation from which deceptive plays and laterals may be run in profusion. Captain Holly, center; Turner and Reece, ends, and Stone, a guard, are the chief threats on the Bobcat squad along with Cargile. The Trojaas, improving with every | game, will be without the services of t Frank Petty, stellar end. Petty suf- ! fered a fractured and sprained ankle j in the Fort Smith game and is out for ! the season. Paul Pittman, captain and tackle, also injured at Fort Smith, will be in the lineup, however. With Paul Longinotti back in passing form again and the Trojan backs and ends showing a new adepltjst and snaring the little Italian's aerial heaves, the Trojans will more than likely take to the air as they did against Fort Smith to win. The game will start at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon. In speaking of the Thanksgiving Day game, Coach Merving Perry declared that, although he was reluctant to schedule a day game here or a Thanksgiving Day game, he expects a good crowd. ' if VI "I scheduled this game last fall because of the insistence of local business and professional men," Coach such a fervor for neutrality that ' Perry said. "I made every effort to it's doubtful whether even Japanese t get the strongest team possible for tho Philippines " " ' seizure of ihe possibility—could bring Uiiifarc in the Pacific. Out Club Over Nippon Tho one punitive measure which ecu Id bring Japan to her knees, in the opinion of officials here, would foe mi eccnojnic embargo. Japan has WW reci-ntly observed thai, nation;, of the a far-off i date and had much difficulty becau.su j about real of tho many traditional games playcri . on Turkey day. However, in Hope- I j believe we will sec a team comparable , lo ajiy in the state." j Use' of synthetic perfume started with the beginning; of the 20th ceii- J tury. , j I UNLOADING SALE WITH THE HOPE-VALUE-DAY EVENT Makes this store the OUTSTANDING STORE for bargains and Honest Values. Our stock is till new winter merchandise of the very latest styles and materials. Every price lias been cut far lower than the actual value of each Item. Vou're Always Welcome at Rcplian's. TRADE AT REPHAN'S STORE AND SAVE MONEY I VALUE DAY SPECIAL BROWN AND I1LEACIIED DOMESTIC 9c Good ({utility. 38-in wide. Unloading Sale Price DRESSES GIRL'S JERSEY Fancy Rayon Silk 'Stripe. Unloading Sale Price TIES 10 New Winter STYLES In assorted colors H u d material. They're a bargain nt Unloading Sale Price. 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