Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1935
Page 4
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V«"VS Monday, Hero ^.Jieb rage. w 36 floating Ice, V'V&f perforates. "\ 38-Haiit , 39 Race tipster. ,$0 Italian rivef. , , 4i Musical note. 43 Strife. * 4$ To fend off. ' *46S%rn seeds. 47 Balance. 4S He was a, 1 Above. 2 Canters. 3 Christmas. 4 Sneaky. 5 Southeast. 6 Root material. 7 Departed. S Tatter. 9 Advertisement. 10 Carries. 11 to eat. 12 Bone. 16 His memoirs are sllU -—•. 18 Swift. iiWllneral, 20 Ma «as a tltvtl War 21 Female horse 23 ttf was preal- " dbrtt two • 25 Sleeveless coat. 26 Cavity. , 27 Story. ' 8A Pigeon. 1 29 irwl's cry. '32 Molten rocfc. 33 Atr passage. 34 Company. 36 To warte through, 3? Edge. SS'Stllb flower. 40 To analyze. 42-To classify, 4£ To fita'y. 44 Genus of cattle. 45 Was victorious 46 Compass point 47 3.1416. OUR By WILLIAMS >' i' "mi ^ •57 •-as AW-<~t5QNT OUT AN". "BEKV tLU H£S ifes , ear A LOCAL CWUtot^ WHO CUNCVA WVTV* IS SLUGS OK "BLUE flNO <5OLt> OUT fcNf SNVxCK HIM ON H\S HAM- 1 W\SH VT WAS ® 1935 BY NEA SERVICE 7 WHEN -TMATcSl^L- OPPBCEC* VOU TH 1 seCOMP PISH Of= ice ceeAM,you ~"--" SAID, KJO TMAMK LlkE A GEMTL6MAW. THey MAV BE SHORT ER SUMPW, ANJ'SHE JUST OFFERED IT TC V<P(J TO 86 POUTS —SUT DUMB ~(o BE. TO TAKE SUMPM VOU VVAkJT, WHEM IT'S OFFERED, AM 1 POLITE T<9 OPFSR 5UMPM YOU DOM'T W/AWT TAUiENJ? THE MASTERIES OF IPlL M-lS- ^ J.P.vNIl-VUM^, T . f». HCO. U. 9. P«T. Of F, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ;keate y Borah Insists uj' the 'week-end that e'ive,the "unexpected and tfaif ^ejtag president, he ^.{.unconstitutional such •*('*••! ,4" ^ t~t _ t?_ * TTfjj j._m». to. aation'-f* ,the A A'd-j m vancement of Colored People. It replied to a letter asking his views, as a presidential possibility, toward the anti-lynching bill he has opposed in 'the senate. Walter White, the association's secretary, said he'was writing "on behalf of 12,000,000 (-American Negroes and of many white Americans who are .deeply concerned with the alarming increase in'lyhchings in the United States." He 'warned that negro votes hold the balance of power in many pivotal states. " • j White wrote thatv^orah held "thej somewhat dubious honor of having ' been the executioner of two distinctly topeful opportunities" for stamping tf *« *W!",«»- r ' ^ Gnt It! Bu y ItJ |il|?the;Hope Star &&$i''' 1 IRKET PUCE [the more you tell, the 'eker you sell. "Me line, min. 30c itive- insertions, mini- 3 lines in one ad . 6c line, min. 50< Be line, min. 90e >c line, min. $2.76 Voids to the line) ifl* 'before _ will be accepted srstanding that the .presentation of e first publi- ir *hone 7^8 WANTED ; Furnished house or apart- 146-W. 25-3t ', Log trucks to haul logs '. Floyd Porterfield. 22-6tc. .,. OR WOMAN : Jo supply customers with ^tldns Products in Prescott. lent. Business established, pipage 125 weekly, pay starts ' > Write J. E. Watkins Co., Memphis, Term. r ISO to $250 from us af 6% on niture, automobile, or other pjroBerty. Pay it back ! payments. For full GREENING INS\J 20-26tc %. NOTICE . returned from a bus- i Texarkana and am back tey bouse. I pay highest i tot Poultry and Pecans. 22-3tp ?QJtSALE T Jorses and «i«l««, Se« f Swtton and Hale Ser, Ark. 12-26tp $100 scholarship in I college, good for For quick sale at 19-3t £_ lynchings \nth- icent month's, >the"}etter asked: To you ieet proud bf your handiwork, Senator Borah?" Then citing the power of negro votes in some of the border; and Southern states, the letter added: "There are many Americans, Senator Borah, who no longer believe in the sincerity of members of the senate who forget • states' rights when such issues as prohibition are being discussed but who wrap about- themselves the mantle of "constitutionality* when the lives of human beings are taken by lawless mobs." Borah made public the association's letter together with his reply in which he said 1 he confined hirnself "to a simple answer to what 1 consider a corrupt and shameless question." Borah replied he had opposed the Gostigan-Wagner measure because he had no doubt it violated he constitution, and added: 'V "I do not enter a discussion o£ what in my judgment is the utter futility cf these measures aside from the constitutional question. Neither do I take the time to again express, as I have often expressed it by word and act, my horror of lynching, furrier than to say that if the federal government if to deal with the subject, it can only do so by an amendment to the constitution of the United States." Borah wrote that he would let the association's assumption "that I am a candidate for the presidency" stand ''for the purpose of this letter." Borah's quick response, and his wording of it, furthered the growing I belief that he will eet into the presidential race. But the letter was astonishingly outspoken for a presidential possibility. Representative Lemke, Republican, North Dakota, who supported President Roosevelt in 1932, today said the Idaho senator was "the only candidate so far prominency mentioned who could get the support of the farmers of the West for the Republican nomination." • I^emke's statement, followed an tjour's conference with Borah. It was announced that Borah would open a drive for liberalizing the Republican j party in a nationwide radio broadcast December 7. This will be the first of a series of speeches by Borah in the Eastern and Middle Western states before the opening of congress in January. The Costigan-Wagner bill would empower a federal court to try any member of a lynching mob if it became apparent the state was lax in prosecuting or if jurors obtainable for service in a state court manifestly , were opposed to punishment for the j lynching. I _,* Turkeys for i H. Garland. Phone 2X-3tp , Male, White, bla<-k- s years old. Setter,'?e» I blade spots, black-tan years old. No collar J4faeral reward for Wanted Position open for man with light J car Plenty of work and plenty of \ pay. Inquire V. W. Derryberry, 22 j East 2d street. Phone 1W-W 25-3tp Help Wanted—Female time; ?5 to IJ5 home, spare f. Experience UOIHHKMIU7. *"*«--»- W f^' S if m P brings o'etails. Employment Mgr. Dept. sanrW » J by MARTIN ALLEY OOP OH .COME. V\Ndo\. O'r VAV CO^AH. l .^ ( t:^V.W,TV^\ < ^ \5 TO Foozy's Lament ^ «««.,...*-.. i*.ia»I*»«..i»v. © 1935 BrfNEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFI. By CRANE I SURE AM SORE BOUT THIS HOW-DE-DO , — AFTER ALL I'VE DOME FOB THIS . ...__. . ^ LAKID OF MOO.' OF ALL TH 1 MATTER WITH ) -UNGRATEFUL MUG-S THAT EVEfS —-^ WAS, 1 AWARD TH' PRIZE 'HELOOKS \"TO dc'•"•" - ~- 4AO- /-r [ CAN TAKE IT, ALL RIGHT- MEVER BAT AM' EVE-BUT TH' WAY OOP'S ACTIN' 'MOST MAKES ME CEY-IT'S Evi- DENT, WOW, PLAIN AS CAN BE, HE'D RATHER PAL WITH GUZ THANJ POOR OL ME/ WASH TUBBS RIGHT THAT WAY - I'LL MOT BOTHER OL OOP ANOTHER DAY.. A WANDERER WHEW I CAME HEF ~ T'S TIME T'MOVE FLL LEAVE MY PAL A BIT OF A MOTE, BEFORE MY BELOWGIK1C7S AWAY [ TOTE. LL'WRrTE-LESSEE-SUMPIN MICE A Little Experiment By HAML1N TF JOHM SkEET \THAT, POPHER, IS LEFT THE ISLAMD WHAT I AIM TO PIMD OM A RAFT, EASS£ I—== —%. OUT. WHERE TH' HECK PIP HE 6O? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT? THAT OIL CAW FLOATS , IMPICATlUCq A STROMG CURREW7: AMI? A POZ.EN) MILES TO TUS WORTri)j LIES THE OTHER IgLAM The Birthplace DO YOU MEAKI T> STAWD THERE AMD TELL ME YOU GAVE FRECKLES' ,AWD MY PAMTS AWAY 1 •WELL, WE KIDS DECIDED TO A SORTA SOCIETY TO HELP POOR PEOPLE FUZZY STARTED IT .'.' WE HAP A LOWG MAME FOR THE SOCIETY, BUT WE SHORTENED (T TO'" HFISAC'L.THAT HAPPY FAMILIES |W SHADY SIDE AT CHRISTMAS .' FUZ2Y SAID WE OUGHTA SORTA GET A''SHARE THE PAWTS' IDEA GOIKJG IN THIS TOWN./ BUT, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO I TAKE MIWE AND FRECKLES 7 X u ,A^ :T> ;<S i)|W> By BLQSSER V/ELL ; JUST LAST SUNDAY I HEARD SOMEONE: IN CHURCH SAY "CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME/" y*<v 2^a %J£8 7\ M ^ THE NEWFANGLES (Mo» y n Pop7 Emmy Will Keep Him in Trim "By LOWAN YOU A PERPOf?N\ER Y YE£ ' M&NQJN' BY tAY UNDER TUE BK3, TEETH, t DID A DOUBLE CANVAS ? WELL-I / F U p ' PROIA ONE SWINGING WA ALWAYS GLAD / TRAPEZE TO ANOTHER* TO (WIT A^4 OLD /GRASPING THE SECOND ONE BY tAY U6EL&/>MTHpUT KUMN .' A NET UNDER NVE. SUCH A FEWT Y I WAS BILLED AS MUST'HAVE BROUGHT A THE FLYING SWAN, YOU FAME AND FORTUNE!) WMT5 T DOUBLED \N THAT 1 DO /THE SIDE SHOW AS NoV RECALL YOU# /THE STRONG M*N-IAY WUHN ?/PEATS OF STRENOTU P»RE ^-XSTILL TUE NVXRVE.L " \ ^T { ALL OLD TINVEW5, SAY/ LlSTEN,SAIWSOt^i I JUST POLL UPYER SLEEVES kND WRESTLE TUOSE TL;RF : F CA.V-'-S Or OF TME CtUL'J-R ' fAY STUNT OF WRESTLING A LION, BAsREHA.NDED /TO THE FLOOR, WAS A SENSATION \l TO KNOW YOU/SIR/ IS AN WOMOR / ..pP ^^*"-

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