Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 31, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1952
Page 10
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V HOP I STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, July 31, , Juty 31, ™^ ? TeK ( ?, *|W\ MOM STAR, HUM, ARKANSAS 5 Yc W I* !**« Wiflft » <i«»fl*V| Swlh*rn Arftbl* b»» nlinont no M Ihfl Sirlh, (hwmsn Inhabitant*. CHERRY $ ill Be in Hope On FRIDAY AUGUST 1 |l|p 12 upon to 4 p. m. at Hotel Barlow The Oply Candidate for Governor a mil Answer All Questions directly to you-Telephone Your Questions to Cherry at 7 4671 OR Visit Him Personally at Hotel Barlow !*<•»»• • r>? ". ./ * *iv r fe£ ' £W *t* ' Orange Crush Served JUDGE FRANCIS The freople^ Candidate who Appreciates Your Vote and Suppbrjt Pol. Adv, poid for by Miss Beryl Henry and Frank McLgrty and friends of Frqnciij Cherry f Dr. F. C, Crow Continued from !*•(• On* 1 «m mindful of ih<- fact thpt many Of ymi hav<> uni'd "' thought th"- v'M/»m Ju»t H'tiiHy Heeled yon ..... ' onrt by an <w-rw. hdrningly rrtaji>r-; Ify." So nn <'H|»lan»li«in Sferm ir. oid'-r, I wttK over vvhclniingly elect- t>rt lor n 0(*t'ond l> - nn but noon nfu-r »T>y clfrcllon OH- »i">v Federal e.t,n-, *u»' ttfiuri 1 * -A'cn- nnnnaiiffil nritl it wii* flM>f»v rml thiil Kwithwost Ar- hfinsnj had Iml so mm h in popit- Injlort tbofc it tKM'fimrr wcpssiiry ?(•;• tfc«. ( • • fhiprofm- C'V.irt \n rrdlstrirt otir Sliue, Whitii the Stnt? |» T <- filntrleUMl tin- ti'i-mx of thi; iv- twilly (>|c<.'tr(l Kr-rmlors nrr litci- ftlly "Cut-Off." Tills hnpiirtu'd in •uvonU'cn <I7» of ArknnjuiV thirty. flVft i.l'i; SUitr SeniitwH, lint Cfiw hii|>|K'Hfd in b<r Hie only one In Ihls iKirt n! lite Shite thill :;uf- fc'i'cd thi*i "Lot. " In (net ov«r.v ni'liihljorlnR Senator got to serve the ti'rm for which In- was t'fectuel. Y<««t n dmihlc rnce Is exrH-nnivr hut if !> ntiin w/nntH In do n thine biidly enough ho will somehow dlivit to that mil. And it hnti t)(><-ri 1 it btirnltiK ambition of my lift- to i Htiiy in lh«; AihiiiiHiu) KonnUi long ffiuiigh to net enough seniority In rniiki' th<? vniri- of Ilic citlxoriH of our niirl of the ,St;iti> henrd, [ In iJi't/piirlni; myself to render 1 the most valiuiblc' service \vilhiii my IIOWIT I inn-surd thf study of law. oljlii In IT! tho I.I.H tk'«ri;c and my State mid tVtliM'al Law lli:t'n»i'». J now hold mime of the must impottiinl coiiiiriltli.'i; iippoint. mcnla. Such n:i C'hiitnniin of tin-' Ternpcnmce Committi'i', by which all tii'opoHtMl legislation pcrliiiiilnj.; to IiU|iior Is considered, Cluiirmiin i of the Committee on Public Health and Practice of Medicine, by which all proposed leuislatlon ..per-: tiiiiiiiiK to the pmclict? of thi? Ht^nl-, Init ijt-off'ssions, dfrilistry, optome-j try, chiropody, IjurberinH, boauty culture, Veterinary Medicine, Nur- : tnn%, Phurmiit-y iind the Driiu bus-: Inesn IB considered. Member of: the cpmniltleo.1 nn Forestry, Mines and Mining, Slnti> C'hiiritable In- ; Ntitutions. a Judiciary ('nmnutU'e, one of the .Semite's most Important! Committees, oni? that only licen.sod lawyers may sn-vu on. And the! C'minlituUonal Amendnu'iit C'om- ', miller ..... L'l'insii'li.'rt'd by many as! the mosit I'livetod committee,' np-j puilltmellt. , Thtj hinse.'il business In Arkan- Kas i« Hie State of Arkunsas, Mll- lioiiH of dulltirs arc collecti.'d and spent by the StMe. In advoratiu;. 1 • economy insiti-nd of increasing lax es 1 have found myself in the minority many times but 1 refuse to become discouraged. i Whilo opposing such tax Incfcns-. ea rig Uio sales tax and woirkinjjj with other bin fiKiires; 1 hava noye,i % lost sight ot the needs o( the orphans, the blind. . ' ' V-P Nominee, Nixon, Visits Little Rock MTTLK ROCK W —Republican VH <'-Pre*idi>ntInl Nominee- Richard Nivmi today termed the South • iii»'" territory for votes and said! ih-- ('Ml' would make a concerted! • flnct to gain support In that sec! lion (if the country. j At,-I he added trint the Republl- ..-.ii.i will not lose out to the Demo ei.it--! lii November "by taking The 30year>r>ltl California sena tui- v :i;t interviewed on a plane •ujiovi'f here while en route to ('cluu,bus, Ohio, for a speaking Nixnii also had words for hU :im'Tii» counterpart, Sen. Spark 1 n i,l Alabama. "Sen. Sparkinanj i;ot the best candidate? they could have.? named because he is aj ;,trv<-n«'m choice, and Stevenson is: n Triinnm choice," Nixon sold. | Nixon elaborated on the Important rule lie accords the South by •-..-ivitu! "the South wants a change. Tiu-rc i.'i new blood that becomes ; ini.T«. ¥ a. i .lnnly prominent in this | ryci'. And it is this younger group ' ,it which we will direct our appeal, , "Tin! ndminlstratlon the Demo cvat-.i arc- offering the country has close tie:; with the old Truman pol- irv. Oov. Stevejnson, I believe, lost iiHldcrable strength in the man ncr In which he was nominated. "The machine, the old party wcrker*. had to be brought in to gel him the nomination, and there Is no, question that he would re *pond to the requests of the retiring administration." Nixon said there would be no pdass appeal" on the part of the Republicans. "We are going to take the Issues directly to the people," Nixon said, "and 1 am confident we will win by concentrating our efforts." Nixon will speak to the Repnbi llcan slate convention in Columbus tonight. set wa» one for 12 consecutive days when the mean temperature was 80 or above. The big city tied another record when It suffered through 10 days of 90 degree heat or higher. Ernest J. Christie, meteorologist in charge of the New York weath« er bureau, said, "it could have been worse." 30 to 31 Day in July Were Awful By United Press The 'last day of July was gen-: erally ' fair and pleasant — butj those other 30 days were awful, l A "reinforcing" cold air mass spread southward into Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana today and temperatures were expected to be moderate throughout the northern half of the country. Some areas were even gelling chilly. If Ihc heal wave seemed licked, It was probably only old age. The hot spell started in June and then blistered the country, with brief interruptions, throughout July. Temperature records were lop- pied in city after city. Five temperature records were broken or equalled in New York City during the first 30 days of the month. Among the new marks •i,-' '*« Moore B DIAL 7-4431 >«s* y\ A Servin You Since 1896 »"<%£ r "?* *" '\ *_£ <v ' '4- Miw^»" w M g B 3 lo« Carton Cruiteno j» ( |SHORTENING 6 li Ib, Gorton Wllion'i PURE LARD Ubby'l 21 litocan PEACHES 3 cans c C H m N<». 2 Con Delicious ^^ g^ c PIECHERRIE5-99 W f Fifih Hom« Qrown Jt J|fc V Butter Beans Ib. 19 24 29 3 ft D<tn»ld Duck Juicftt * 46 Ql, Grapefruit o*. Orongt c c KOTEX KLEENIX SPBCIAL 8%39« IhlM'UM Star-Kit* TunaFish body unit soul together on ;P |«\v cuntsi n d:iy welfare check. That it. tho reuson I just couldn't vote! for tho bill that would have plated 1 u lien on the property owned now I or hereafter by the poor and th<>| needy. 1 couldn't bo for jt even; lifter the Kasti?rn Arkansas Senti-i lor put Ainendmi'iit No. li on that; would have? mucte the. law apflty to' only real property Hint was «p-j pralsucl at §1,000 or more. I fear- I'd tho appraisers HI id -land and leasu spec-Vila tors would "have watched with joy and gloe 'when an old fellow look to his deathbed. I feared that every county would have its key speculators that would "stand-in" with the bifi boys and who knows —• their covetous de- sinus inlKlU some day bu ctistj toward my little cottage — none-! can got so high but what ho mav'i fall. I 1 have voted for every ap-' piopriatlon designed to p r o- inotc the education of our children. Being a member ot a healing!! profession 1 have loin; felt thai! .suflerinu humanity should havej every aid science has to offer, j 1 took a loading part n> pri'motm;..} ; legislation that is making Arkan- 1 sas' Medical School merit such! appraisal as one noted medical j educator accorded recently when he stated that "Arkansas now has one ot tho outstanding medical schools in tho western world," And 1 cannot keep from pointing with pride to the bill that I introduced and pressed lo i-nactmetit that authorized the creation of tho Schewl of Pharmacy by the UnJ- ^ersity of Arkansas. It has been my privilege to \vorki ill behalf ol tho cattle-men in so- curing the $100,000 appropriations for buildinjj the third district livestock exhibition buildups. All this! in addition to tho annual premium! funds, for each of our counties, { ruiuung into many thousands of| dollars. Mlpiiy Hompstttad County citizens j will rtMUomUur that a twenty yvar buttle was waged for a National Guard Armory i» the county. It was only aft«r holding up the military deffet, appropriation bit) that I was able lo wbiain a written promise {rain the AdjuUui General Uw»t when fulfilled built tor us tho cost tar above $100,- AwtW£ at I sponsored an n mend men t to a house bill that gives the Hope City Council power to uso in various w»ys funds collected by the parking meters tor the benefit ot' the motorists. This law gave thc council power to repavv the ol tioOtf — surely uo one will of our newly r^pavcd I believe w« should stick to the gf the fathers of our the LegisUUve and apart fr«ni J r » To the Voters of Hope Thanks to each of you for the splendid vote you gave me in Tuesday's election. I will appreciate your continued support and vote on August 12. R. C. (Bob) DANIELS ,• Candidate for ALDERMAN WARD 1 Pol. Adv. Paid for by Bob Daniels. To the Voters of Hope and Kempstead County I ike to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the up lifting vote given me on July 29th. I'sincerely appreciate the solid vote given me everywhere, and I am especially grateful for the overwhelming vote of confidence in the rural areas where the office of the County J udge is so important. (LAUD H. SUTTON CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY JUDGE Pol. Adv. Paid for by Claud H. Sutton. WEST BROS. WEEK END CLEARANCE Shop Now and Save for the Entire Family Beautiful Line of Fall DRESSES and SUITS $5.95 lo $19.95 Come in and see these smart styles for faIMn the newest shades.-Complete range of sizes. Buy now. USE OUR CONVENIENT LAY-AWAY PLAN worn sox Men's white work sox. Extra special. Only 6 prs. 88c RAYON PANTIES In small, medium and large sizes. Now only 24c Men's Summer Straws Our entire remaining stock of straw hats. Reduced. 50% Close Out Summer Shoes Our entire stock mens, womens, and childrens shoes. 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Russia Stays Cage Title Play HELSINKI, and eighth In the final cane standing. in The Jett B. ool Class of Church will hold its monthly politick supper at the homo of Mrs. Bill Mudgctt Thursday night. July. il, at 7 o'clock. Supper will be ^served at 7:30. In case of rain it will be hold at the church. social hour was held. Ambrose, president, was charge of the party, and dim- charge of getting the Monday, August 4 Mrs. R. L. Gosnoll will present her summer piano class in recital for their parents, Monday night. August 4, at 8 o'clock at 119 North Pine. NOR WALK. Conn. (UP> — Sen Brien JMi-Mahon. architect of the! nation's atomic energy program,! v^•;'s buried today beside hlsj f a-j ther's urave in St. Mary's cemc-i 'tcry. | Tho body of the 48-year-old chair There will bo a called meeting |pf the Nandina Garden Club Mon- •tlay, August 4.'at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Thomas Fenwick, Jr. Miss Norma Jean Franks Honored Tuesday Night Mrs. Henry W. Taylor honored Miss Norma Jean Franks, bride- elect of Bob Shaddox, with a kitchen shower Tuesday night ai her home on West 5th Street. Artistic arangements of summer flowers were placed at points of 'interest throughout Jhe entertaining rooms._ ". The honoree. was presented a corsage _'of'' miniature kitchen u- i tonsils. She was the recipient ol many useful gifts. ; A salad plate and iced drinks were served to forty-three guests. • An out-of-town guest was Mrs. . Ogle Shaddox of Nashville. Christian Men's Fellowship Has Watermelon Party The Christian Men's Fellowship of the First Christian Church helc their annual watermelon party 01 Wednesday night, July 30, at FairlRt. 3. Park, with their families as guests! Discharged: Watermelon was served to ap-1 ——— proximately Arrangements of summer flowers were used throughout the Miller home. The hostess presented Miss pranks with a piece of silver in tier chosen pattern. After playing several bridal games, an ice course was served to ten guests. Circle 5 of WMS Meets Monday Circle 5 of WMS of the First Baptist Church met Monday after-1 noon at the home of Mrs. Leo Ray. Mrs. Gus Haynes, circle chairman, presided over the business session. The program was in char go of Mrs. Franklin Morton, program chairman. The hostess served a dessert plate to seven members present. Hospital Notes Josephine Admitted: Mrs. TJ. L. Byors, of Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Chas. Key and baby, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Cecil Eddy, ot Stamps, Mrs. Hollis Calhoun, ol Hope, Mrs. J. D. Samuels, Hope, SPECIAL -Russia stayed in the running for the Olympic bas-j ktthall championship today be doj tentinc Uruguay. 01 to 57 in n h:\rddrivins, rou^h itamr. Russia ted 31-2 at the half. . Tho victory sent the Russian team into Saturday's final Ramo for the championship against the winner of the United States-Argentina g.ime today. Urn.uuay will play tlu- loser for third place. _ ^ .Russia's victory came after Chile Miss Norma Jean Franks man O f"'the' Joint "Congressional 1 , beat Bulgaria. BO-53. and rBazi! Entertained with Party | Atomic Knergy Committee \vasj whipped France. 59-44. Tho winners Mrs. Jimmy Miller entertained j taken to tho family plot following i u ill meet Saturday while the with a party for the pleasure of't'.ouble funeral services at the! losers will play tomorrow for Miss Norma Jean Franks, bride-! home of his brother and St. Thorn elect of Bob Shaddox, Wednesday j .".s the Apostle Church, afternoon at her home on West! Vice President Alben Barkley, a 5th Street. | dose personal friend of McMahon, headed a large congressional dele- pntion which attended the final i ites. I'rc.sic'ent Truman was represented by Labor Secretary Maurice Tobin. ! Relipir-us ceremonies were performed by Francis Cardinal Spell-! man, Bishop Henry .1. O'Brien! of the Hartford Roman Catholic; ciiocose and the Rev. Henry F.. | riann-.-.gan. pastor of the church.' Hundreds of persons from all j walks of life said goodbye to McMahon, a native of this town, who] died of cancer Monday in George-j town University hospital in Wash-: inplon. j Friends said McMahon apparent-j ly never knew he had cancer, the I disease he hoped that atomic energy would some day cure. His condition at first was described as a "sacrioliac condition," believed] caused when he "reached" for a ball while playing tennis. | Death came to the senator shortly attor ho watched the Democratic National Convention on television from his hospital bed. He s'uv his fellow Connecticut senator, Benlon, make what appeared to be a nominating speech for him. However, Benton withdrew McMahon's name at his request, | at the end of the heart-stirring Odell Aaron, Hope, speech. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S. Main A Country Club rd. -HURS. You are invited to come and see the Fine Line of Tailoring at my shop on August 1st and 2nd. MR. JAMES R. SCOTT The Starrs - Schaefcr Tailoring Man Will be with me and show you the very, latest in Styles and Fabrics. The prices are reasonable and there are hundreds of beautiful samples. There's no obligation. TOM WARDLAWS MAIN STREET TAILOR SHOP • STORRS - SCHAEFER FINE TAILORS • I ^'t '" ,. ," * > ' T * ^jtej suvincis flic ; '. l^P ^•^ EIGHT 0 (LOCK NUTLEY OLEO Lb. Pkg, 2 GRAPEFRUIT JUKE A4P 46 Ox, Can WHITEHOUSE MILK 2 T«II COM SALAD DRESSING SULTANA Quart Jar V. , i •«.» PURE LARD ARMOUR'S STAR 3 Lb, On. OUR OWN TEA PREMIUM CRACKERS Lb, Box 2 sixty persons, after I AIR-CONDITIONED • LAST DAY • end the \ Horse Joe McDoakes Comedy • Starts Friday • Two Big Features MARIA MONTEZ JOHN HALL TURHAN BEY v in "SUDAN" Color by Technicolor PENNEY'S SCOT TISSUE GRAPE JELLY ANN FACE 12 Ox. Jar 1 PLUS CHARLES STARRETT ^BOUGH/TOUCH wesri : 'SMILEY BURNETTE "Radar Men" No. 3 • Cartoon FINAL CLEAN - UP ALL MEN'S DRESS STRAW HATS Choice ANOTHER LARGE ASSORTMENT LINEN PIECES Pillow Cases - Table Cloths, etc. $1-°° Per Unit ICE CREAM POWDER — Starts Sunday H WORKING HI* WAY / .THROUGH ALL MEN'S SUMMER PANTS REDUCED TO CLEAR Group 1 Group 2 WRIALTD • Lost Day • fdgor Kennedy Comedy • Starts Friday t 2 — SI6 - HITS — 2 JOE PALQOKA Tripjrit Cross" ALL LADIES BETTER SUMMER BLOUSES .00 •s AO.P FOR.TOPS IN CROP-, , Ife'a LEMONS , SEEDLESS GRAPES LETTUCE luct Pr!e|| In *-fature KACTION • stil CLOSE OUT GIRLS SUMMER SANDALS Choice of Table 81 INCH UNBLEACHED SHEETING $1 .50 Seamless - 5Oc DRESSES FRYERS -. OlC Fi»FURTERS , picnics "M ;?J:«K': THREE RACKS OF TIMELY SUMMER DRESSES PIUS WHIP WIWON JU ARMOUR'S- TRier 1J-o»,C«n 47* ARMOUR'! CHOPPID' •nr AIMCHW'I fmi 16-01. 12'(»», Con "•». AIMOUI'I f MIN CHIll CONCARNI ^'^^ffir «^^%^ , T"

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