Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1935
Page 3
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*$•"(',.^ ^""r. "< *,/ ,f C .-'.'** i 1 HOPB 3TAR L HOPE, ARKANSAS CrCL A/f s. Sid Telephone 821 BY NiGUT The tnpers in the groat God's hnll BUrn ageless, beautiful nnd bright; But only with the fall of dusk Disclose to earth their faithful light. Earth keeps her lamps of beauty, too, , Jjjftfror than stars In fleld/t above. Dark hours of grief and pain reveal Tlie undreamed constancy of Love. —Selected. Circle No. 2 of the W. M. U. of the Flrsi Baptist church held its last meeting of Uie year at the homo of Mrs. E. C. Sterling. The final Mission sloti Study lesson was conducted by the leader, Mrs. J. L. Green. Follow- .infj the study, delicious refreshments wdro served to two guests, Mrs. Sccvn Gibson, W. M. U. president and Mrs. Wallace R. Rogers nnd six members. T. P. Doyett of Dallas, Texas is spending n few days with his parents, (,'npt. and Mrs. R. A. Boyett. Mrs. T. H. Reed of Fort Worth. Texas, is n guest in the home of her parents, having been called to the city on account of the serious illness of her father, F. S. Huntley. his mother, Mrs. A. C. Whltohurst. ! Mrs, Dorsey McRne is the guest, of . her daughter, Mrs. William Glover I and Mr. Glover in Malvern. She will be accompanied home by the Glovers who will be Thanksgiving guests of the Dorsey McRae's. A recent Issue of a Scm-sdalo, N. Y., paper carries the picture of Mi.ss Nell Louise Broyles nnd her dog "Snntly." who won first prize In the Scarsdnlc dog show. Miss Broyles will be remembered as a very pleasant summer visitor in our city, where she spent the month of August visiting with her grandmother Mrs. Nellie Turner and ether rolntivos. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams had as Week end guests, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. L. I Williams, Jr, and daughter, Sarah, of Sheridan Miss Sibyl Williams had as week end guest, Miss Rcitn Rcilly of Pine Bluff. Mrs. R. B. Williams nnd Mrs. H. H. Smiley of Tcxarknna were Friday guests of Mrs. Nellie Turner nnd Mrs. Dorsey McRae. — -n— : , Miss Esther Williams, of the Mng- j nolia A. & M. College, daughter of; she is a graduate of Cehlral High' (* , School, Winchester, and also attended j Martin college, Puhwki, Teinn. She Is n gifted young musician of promise nnd received her major certificate in piano from Martin college music department the past year. Mr, Masscy received his education in the schools j of Arkansas, his native state. He is connected with the Freeman-McAlex- andcr Stores of Winchester nnd Shelbyville, Tenn. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mnssey will reside in Winchester." A lovely luncheon honoring Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, of Hope, general arrangements chairman of the U. D. C. convention, was given Saturday morning in the main dining room of the Arlington hotel by her five personal nnd special pages. Red roses were used as a center piece, and they presented Mrs. Lowthorp with a linen bridge set. The pages were: Mrs, Glenn J. Durham, Hope; Miss Hnttic Bnone Black, DeWitt; Miss Betty Burton, Louisville; Miss Helen Hughes. Bcnton nnd Miss Sarah Polk Fnrar, of Lake Village. Mrs. Lowthorp received u rising vole c-f praise and thanks from the entire convention body for the excellent and untiring service she rendered us general nrrnnBoment chairman -3! the 42nd annual convction of the U. D. C. at their formal closing session. Perfect'ly Gorgeous! */ Emmet Watchman Arthur Whitchurst of Magnolia A. & . ,. ... T .. ....... - , , . M..College, spent the week end with Mr> and Mrs -. Jctt Williams of this r : • .."•• M I city, has been selected ;is one of the . . ~ ' j maids to assist the queen in her reign 1 over the festifitics of the homecoming 1 game between- the Mulcridcrs and Bollwcbvils en Thanksgiving day. Plan right now to see our swell Thanksgiving program! •IlElilB NOW SHOWING Matinee 2:30 Tues JOAN CRAWFORD —in— "I LIVE MY LIFE IMnrch of Ttirc Paramount News t -,- . WED- NITE ONLY, ,. . Gcnc-SIruttou Porter's "Freckles" HOPE VALUE DAY SPECIAL Wednesday Only miration Value Day Special .... Box of 3 69 .$2.00 Fur office afternoon and evening wear. This four thread shudo-lcss chiffon features the triple toe and triple heel.. It i.s a creation ot sheer beauty durabll'ty and crystal-clearness. High twist pure silk, natural dull finish, fancy pivot lace design in shadow welt, picol lock stitch Caiibou, Cloistfi- Brvwii, Durbar . and London Mist arc now the Cushion-right colors. DUGGAR'S Star Brand Shoe Store 111 West Second Street It's « pleasure tp cqrjx'vtly fit yuu. Miss Ethel Rose has returned from a week's visit with relatives and friends in Mineral Springs and Saratoga. Percy Sharp 'Jr.. of Mooringsport, La., spent the week end with Mrs. Shaip nnd little son at the home of Mrs. Sharp's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearnc. The many friends of the bridegroom in this city will be interested in the following wedding nnnouncemet appearing in a recent issue of the _ "Truth. & Herald" of Winchester,, I Tenn. "A wedding of much interest j .was that of Miss Elizabeth Tucker, i daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. Clint C. j Tucker of Winchester, and Wright F. ! Masscy,-son. of Mrs. Kale Mnssey of j Hope, Ark., which was quietly i solemnized, Friday evening, November i 8'at 6:30 o'clock at the home of tho bride's parents on South High street. A scheme of green and yellow was developed in the living room where a luxury of foliage and yellow chrysanthemums formed an attractive altar before which the ceremony was read by the Rev. R. H. Hudgcns of Wartrace.. Only relatives and intimate friends of the family were present. Miss Marjorie Sanders presided at the piano, proceeding the ceremony she played-"Evenrng Star" by Wagner, and Mrs. Earl Warmbrod sang. "I Love You Truly" and "At Dawning." The briday chorus from Lohengrin was used for the processional and Mendelsohn's wedding March for the recessional. Lilz's "Love Dream" was played softly as the marriage rites were taken. The bride was becomingly attired in an ensemble of black. Her flowers were yellow chrysanthemums, 'Continued fi»ni page one) four limes but fired only once. Billuc was a powerful built man which leads officers to believe that two or more men struggled for possession of the shotgun before it was cracked over the nighlwatchmaii's head. Billuc had been employe:! by the firm about 12 years. Six years ago he j shot two white transients who at- lempted to rob the store. Both recovered. Billuc i.s survived by his wife, a son and several daughters. Funeral services were held Monday morning at Hope Furniture com| oany undertaking parlors. Tbo RRV. Thomas Brewsler, pastor of First Presbyterian church of Hope, oTr'ici- 1 ated. ! The body was placed in an ambulance and carried to Mineral, Ark.. 12 j miles north of DeQueen, where burial j was to be held Monday afternoon. •• firiffht Star The Bright Star Home Demonstration club met nt the home of Mrs. Jchn Thompson, November 18th, with Mrs. Earl Thompson presiding. Miss Griffin was devotional leader, reading John 14, followed by prayer. The room was called, and minutes read by the secretary. , There were ten members present, and one visitor, Mrs. Frank Miles of Hope. The club was delighted to have her visit with them. Cutting patterns for Christinas presents was the demonstration given, The discussion was homo improvement, each one telling what they j had done this year toward improving their homes. We also elected the following officers for the new year: President, Mrs. C. B. Boycc; vice president, Mrs. Dalton Boycc; secretory, Mrs. Roy Smith; reporter, Mrs. O. A. McKnight. Let every member. bring some one with them to the next meeting, which will be on Saturday, Decem- •ber 7, at the home of Mrs. Walter 1'omlin. Each member is expected to bring a small gift to place on a Christmas tree at that lime. Retrial Ordered in Trans^of Case Injury Suit f&dught in Another Ciwmtv Is ftg. manded Monday LITTLE ROCK-(/P)Mlie .Ai-kAntes' Supreme Court'made «fer6nofc Mofl* day to the filing 6f; damage sultt in counties other than thofe* isi wntefi 96* cidcnU occuf, in ottiering Boofte.tlH cult court to hoar a rtiotlori for a Bew trial of the Arkansas'Power & Light Co. in a $60,000 judgment, ag'dinsf that firm. The decision, however, di«f not pass on the $6,000 judgment which was awarded to 3.- M. Mason fdr injuries > * &->', i \ During ONE For a perfect form awl .pcrfi-ct i'chin res. you -should sen liorptliy Thompson. !ibovt'..\vheii slit.' dors her stuff JD a ]lollywnod chorus. Sho'H Known as Hit.' J'crfcol C'honip Ciirl— pcrl'iTl n.« you <;,.,. ),,.,' uud perfect-oven in IHM ;ni*v,vrs to impertinent cnu-stions :islii-d liy a top inquisitive* repOl'llT. American Cotton (Continued from page one) •i WITH THE ADIESs Beware Coughs j from common colds | That Hang On I No matter how many medicines i you hiivo tried for your cough, chest ' cold or bronchial irritation, you can BCt relief now with Creomulsion. Sorious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Crcomul- j slon, which goes right to the seat j of the trouble to aid nature to j soothe and heal the inflamed mcm- I branei as the germ-laden phlegm ! is loosened and expelled. I Even if other remedies havo fnilficl, don't be discouraged, your ! druBgist is authorized to guarantee i Creomulsion and to refund your i money if you are not satisfied with I results from the very first bottle. ' Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) of tho Gorman occupation of before the World War in its modern buildings and railroads. And of course the opening wider of a market for exports among the nearly 100,000,000 people living in the five 1 provinces is an incentive. | Shuts Out Soviet Helen Wclshimet From the political.point of view, the Japanese object, is clear. These provinces complete a 'territorial wedge between China nnd. Russia, and include*, strategic!' *3oifl*?rs\ "Vuch" t 83 1 Kai- gnn. which cut off the land route between China proper mid Russia. They lend to hem in outer Mongolia, in which Russia is playing the Never marry a man-to save him! You can't break his descent to- China. Tine, he 'may reform. But if he j doe-'v it will be because the suggcs- I lion came from within himself • and , no! bermise you had a bright idea. Dr. Alfred Adler, noled Viennese .psychologist and former associate of Dr.. Sjgmund Freud, gave this_warning tcf female saviors the^other-day. ;-• ; "Whether a woman wants to -save' u man from being a loafer, a gambler, from being sick or anythink else, the motive is the .same—a desire fpr ador- same fame of "peaceful penetration" I ation," Dr. Acllcr says. "Slid-thinks that always precedes the Japanese military moves, and to separate it from the Chinese Soviets in Kangsi and Hunan. But the chances are that markets, coal, iron, and cotton weigh heavier on Japanese minds than political and military advantages. Last year, for instance. Japan sent four times as much goods to Manchuria as to China proper, and for the first time exported more goods to | Manchuria than to (he United States, j Similar developments in the five | nothern provinces is lhi> Japanese J air he would always be grateful and look up to her, but no human being can look up always." ; Certainly not! It's hard on the neck nniFcles. There are moments, plenty of them, when all of us want to drop our heads. Then something sitting on a pedestal passes out of the range of vision. It is all very well to be a man's angel but he wants you to fly down to earth occasionally; League Postpones (Continued from paj;e one) refrain from shipping oil to Italy. But Italians, considering Unit an actual embargo would be a violation of American neutrality, believe none wuuld be declared. At any rate, Italian experts believe:! Italy might be able to carry on for a year with available oil supplies due to decreased consumption at home. THANKS We give sincere thanks to our many friends for their continued patronage. This friendship enables us to give you bigger and better values dur^ ing our annual One Gent Sale Come in and let us show you our complete stock of the newest style Dresses and Coats That have been especially priced for Wednesday's big event— Hope's Value Day LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP marry as he is, regardless of whether or not you make him see a lifiht. kiss him goodbye. It's the only fair thing to do. The first American medical book was written by two Aztec Indians about 1550. The Smithsonian Institution has a photographic copy of the book. for stubborn COJUDS HOPE VAIiUE DAY SPECIAL VALUE SPEC Values to $1*98 1/2 PRICE : on all DRESSES, and. C O A TS HA Values " to $1.98 SUEDE CLOTH! Sport Coafsi • . « d/. Values! to $2.98 . ,4 THE GIFT SHOP On Front Street Mrs. G Unappreciated Effort It requires a lot of effort—needless, unlahnkud effort—to try to reform a man. He won't appreciate it. If yoi 1 have loved him with a two-days' beard and a striped nccklie ho will expect your cup of adoration to co'n- tinuc to overflow. If you didn't doubt his love for you when he bestowed a slight token of affection on a ha* check girl or a scrub lady, he will wonder why you think u wcddinf contract has given you a monoply or the overflow of his charm. If he loved to qviaff a bowl of ale with a few good cronies till the roost i ers crow for day light and the milk , wiivon rumbled over the cobblestone? t he'll not take a glass of milk at elev- | uu-thiry wild withdraw until time for i his eggs and orange juice. j Tiiat is, he won't because you yug- , tfei-:t it! He may—but if so, it will be , because he h»s quaffed so many i bowls of aln that he fms sickened of i them; (hat he has decided life holds ! other things of more importance (and you may be one of them); that he has glimpsed a better way of living. Preacher (Jets Nowhere In all seriousness, a woman may play an important part in the change that comes into n man's life. However, she does it by the very nature of her being, not because of any con- .'•t'icus effort to work a transformation. When she preaches and teaches and points out morals she gets nowhere. The chances are that she loses ground. She may be her brother's keeper but sho has to act incognito when she j tries the rale with her husband. , j No. if it's u reformation that, you j want to start, think up a cause. Car- • rie Nation had temperance and Carrie, Chapman Call used suffrage. When a woman tells herself that the mere proximity to her own ideals and method of thinking will affect a man sho has a chance »f being right. Jf he loves her deeply, he may be influenced. When she tcls herself that sju- 1 can institute a program that will bring him safely into the shelter thut he needs, she has nothing but a chance of being wrong. The Fair Thin? to Do "What you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you are saying," someone once remarked. It's a wise slatemont fo' - wives to remember. Be yourself. Don't imitate a prophet cryinK aloud in a futile wilderness. You will need all of your sympathy, understanding, tenderness. ! kindness, and devotion in being the j kind of woman that you want to be. , If that doesn't make an effective im- ! pros-sion on the 1 man who is tho hero | of your theme, you might as well save I your words for vour next paper at . the Woman's Club. No. if yon can't ln\v the mnn you CGMPTON'S DA LADIES JERSEY BLOOMERS 15c Heavy Weight LARGE SIZE BEDSPREADS 69c Assorted Colors MEN'S FLANNEfl SHIRT Assorted Colors • T,a~ - J Si CLOSE OUT OF LADIES DRESSES Up to $16.y5 Values and Extra Quality Domestic 5 Men's $1,00 and $1.25; EVERYDAY Small Sizes Only—Pair Value Day Special 1 C Yard COMPTON BROS. 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