Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1935
Page 2
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difii * igya If Star L-&£k -k.»w.-..a.£.i ... by StarlPutteMng Co.» tflft. .«. H., WsshbUm), at The Star- building. 212*214 South ' Artelfl&A. ' , « ALKX.8. , President . SHBttRN, tedltor and Publisher iSe46nd^lfi*» Jh»t«t at the ^(office. ftfHope, Atka'nsa* . ttndfcf th* Aei of Match 1189?. ' "IMiJe'SWpi^liift tostltuUon developed by modern dvll* ^ ttte BeWS.af the day, to fdster ^ntoefce and Industry, ittlsements, and lo furnish that check upon ; »t> (SMSHHWioH has eVW been able to provide."-Cdl, & , In Advance): Bv city carrier, pe» yeaf $$,& By maUV in Hempstead, Nevada, Mtthttes, $&5Q pee^yeai^ elsewhere $6.50. . Th« Afi%®4e4» Press Js. exclusively Mteftitott ot 8tt flews dispatches credited to It Or also the local news published herein. ,. Arkansas "Dailies, Inc., Memphis, „. Lexington^Chicago, 111., 15 K. Wack- ird Ave.-, St. Louts, Mo., Star Bldg. _, Stfc! Charges will be made for all tributes, cards .V.3U....U..U*, tot; memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial hoJd-tt this-pofley; to-the news columns to protect *heif readers tM * of SBSCS-feOHtufc memorials. The Star disclaims responsibilitv •^niersrtfiljefe'iirf any unsolicited manuscripts. . r;: Joutnal at tha Antcrican, Mcd' Association, and;o ' Afii jik Digestion. as,tth|r food gqta out of the ch,s'it i passes into, an' or^ah call- ,4'tKe duodenum^ .This is. a .Greek rd meaning two and, ten, 'because ; Greets 'figured out that the duo- nunx was 12 fingers long. • musclfr through* which the food tom, the stomach into the ui- is. known/ as r >Ute pylorus. hetirnps iritchildren. this pylorus Is at birth; and. il fe necessary y,,to operate on. a child to ' ' the stpniach arid the^ intestines ^alsuxjthesWer; and 'the- gallbladder. e duodenum, foo4;is.'tnixed with the pancieas^ the liv- d«t r /atii4 fr,otn ,the of the duodenum, itself.' From crcasc thtre are threfe ferments. lricidentally, -the pancreps is a long, -~W 'gJanS-lyihg near , the stomach, , |t$a'pancrcasc thtre By Olive Roberts Barton IfCtose Up Gap mineral Budget Income Next Year Will Be Brought Within % Billion of Expenditures WARM SPRINGS, Ga.—(/P)—A rc- ducttott to ?500,000,000 in the margin by which government expenditures exceed income during the next year was predicted Sunday by Chairman Buchanan of the house appropriations committee. Buchanan called on President Roosevelt here Sunday and will go over the budget estimates Monday with him and Budget Director Bell. Asked how the budget could be brought near to a balance, the Texan replied "bby a devil of a fight." Mr, Roosevelt has given no indication of the budget figures for next year except to assure the conference of mayors that relief will be continued if necessary to prevent starvation. The Appropriations Committee chairman said he did not go over the figures Sunday adding that "this is Sunday and we didn't talk shop." "There are going to be reductions if 1 can put it through," he said. "I mean reductions all along the line." Buchanan and his wife were guests at luncheon at the cottage of the president. Let's Not Me It Too Hard In flight, a sparrow's wings moke 13 strokes a second. |hj'/ VclOayfs. HeaHb, QuWtfjpik M <3f<—Is", toothpaste- Better,? than [ **^*« vW B*V T« w^*. y "* v ( ^^fli^srMbst,. substances wi ; ta ¥ to,«^|he *-«- or chalks," ~ — ^ e;, impOTtant" factor p>tooth 1 pastei.' Any of;'the adveetised toothpastes or jjtoothpowders,' is 1 about as ' good as of,'the others. P th^ duodenum. It pours another secretion directly into the . This'secretion »-called insu- It helps the body-to digest su- jTOien it is absent, the result % diabetes. \ " ^rmen^ developed, by g'pancreas an^ potrred'in^o the duo- denub include trypsin, which acts, on ' proteins';,'Jlpase, which breaks up fets; and 'amylase,, which digests starches, This secretion'^is alka- Awhile -ftat' from the stomach is -,-,— T ,,.^ v ».^,Jies.whicb,are ' completely digested, fov the atom- are broken up in.the duodenum ;j)gp> sugars $at can'be absorbed, The *ftts are split up in the duodenum in- fHn ^atty -acids. When trey combine alfclJirte salta, fatty acids from ""* " f ' t fellet which, comes into from the liver and tne . When bile and pancreatic are roiled, they Digest fats very ' /, Secretions from glands, of the mtes- t,ines contain ferments which also ajd • in preparing food for absorption. Most of the material by which we live- and which comes from oyr fods is absorb' ed into the body in the small intes- 'tine, Mothers are discouraged from allowing a little boy or girl to become too fond of a toy and naturally they . wonder what it is all about. , Perhaps Teddy won't go to bed without his tattered old doggie or Connie won't} part With Raggedy Anne. But along comes some educator who says, "Tut, tut. How terrib||. Take away their comforters and uet them grow up without substitutions for you,'mother, in their lonely hitars." I know all obtftjthe dangers of letting the child tuni to one thing or one person constantly for escape and sym- pahty, and. the wisdom of cutting under the too emotional life; but yet it seems to me'that'almost every child I have knowff*lbved some toy best, took fire engines ana trains to bed with him, or dolls with, her, and grew up to be jus ta& normal as anyone else. Child' Is King in Toyland No,w'we kiibw-"^! toy's can't talk back to children. From the concrete mixer to the jack-in-the-box they are absoultely subnjtissive to the humors and moods of fheir owner. He feels that he can do to them what others do to him. He even goes a. bit further and uses vivisection and decapitation to satify aftfmim. It all helps TEt&average up his under-dog feeling. No toy dares to say him nay.t, He is king" in toy land and ' ' " likes. -,. some, rather darkish color, monogrammed in contrast, make nn ideal present. A shaving mirror with attached bulb, an electric razor, monogrammed soap, set of fine military brushes in a leather case, a fitted case that will hold all the toilet articles he'll need on any trip and clothes brushes that pack easily are other items you'll do well to consider when you start to shop for the men on your list. t THIMK OP G H'.S W^ GiTfi .-I-,? AMO THE M£A.MOi<? (Milk 6fll Jttu by Mary Raymond Copyright NEA I935 mea'nsVnbre, than this. Usually |t is jar£ijfcimhl or, a doll.-^ While he can •pJSSiolftffjC>a||J tos^and^gi ve it ; humin •attributes-, Hhe;, '(Sympathetic" toy : is ^usually'the^co^'of a living thing/ When he* is imt to bed' he misses the life about him. His mother is gone and it is dark. Then he snuggles down to Tatters or Winkles and he is : no longer alone. If he takes a new toy to bed, it is-Tisually from novelty ip some association of pleasant events that has giv^n it temporary value. But what jy/e are speaking of here la the fixation on one favorite, and it is this that the trainers are after. SubstHnJe Other Interest Well—children-'^re what they are. Most of them fall'Into a pattern and j one of the things they match up in this taking of a toy to- bed, as well as keep- Ing the favorite,, handy through the day. To me;it--isVa great big question whether or not ti^e need does not outweigh the da'ng^r; What I do advise, however, is for the parent to wajch for signs of too abnormal devotion to a fetish. Es; pecjally if thV cK'ild is over six. In such a case.^i^.well to get it away gradually, not all at once. This is bes tdone by arousing deep interest in something else exciting enough to undermine the other. When he gets to the stage that Tatters can lie neglected on the shelf, where Billy can see him without emotion, Billy is cured. To dispose of the comforter suddenly is not so good, because a memory can be as much of a fetish as ah object or a person. Removal is not cure, if the complex is set. A Book a Day By Bruce Catton Ta.rkington \g out with a new ;;&io>-"Mr. White, The Red Barn, Hell, Bjrjdewater"—and. if that title ^_ 13 a bit long, Jet me explain" that •>'i|U not one t|tle, but four, *JPop thfe new book is a collection of ^foyw short srtories; «w4 in them Mr. turns his attention to death p* and what comes after it, .. . _ . fc & ol * $1* human spirit and: the unfath' |,fv onwble mystery of its origin and desr the mystery 4pea not merely h_kie 8 bjjaljc wall— that tn»n has a des^ to|tl»«» beyond the grave, and does ! ' not si(nply cease to exist like a blow- fp& candle ftame— &Ir. Tjirkington g^ems confident. And he has used his "; undeniable talents to discuss the sub' in st way both eerie and per- us, tor inst^nc*, a dead |o warn a bospm friend § ' thf yanjly ojf fei^ *a1hly desires; a Jfcraatf «U wcluse playing at being " and gTPVWJi'og m Analogy tor the fver, 4 bosy Kew York- d^poyering that hell is » rtmtj.miption of his ordinary :|S3Jly li^, J|t % a faint gleam of hope at the end of the road; and u regular JBrsfcinft Calrfweli creation of a chisel- jf. Jjj^ r«iiel client who cawies this study Act hell $v*a fartliei by demonstrating that et^real d&mn&tion, taj) bt inside pf A JK*H before be dies^ so that he pjWt carry U WitJ» hjm forever. _-4Jl jn aJJ, &##• ftrsj goftd stories. fSp.- fe pablishing Some of the very nicest Christmas gifts, for men can be found right in your favorite cosmetic, department. From modest bottles of after-shaving lotion to pretentious kits containing every item a man neds to care for his skin and hair, ..such presents are sure to make a hit on Christmas morning. Remember, of course, that it is just as ridiculous to buy skin preparations for a man about whom you know nothing as to give' makeup to a woman you never saw. If he is an electric razor addict, a bowl of shaving soap—no matter how j good—'isn't going to mean much in his life. Otherwice, shaving soap in a wooden bowl makes a fine gift. So do various brush less shaving creams. Don,'t pitck items that are too strongly perfumed. Most men detest tehm. Stick to light odors that will vanish son after he gets them on. If he takes pifide in the appearance of his bathroom shelf, handsome bottles to hold mxmth wash, lotion and powder are sure to please. Oiher practical gjfts Ibat will dress up his bathroom and make him appreciative of youA- good judgment arc toothbrush, nailbrush, and. Mfhbrush sets and all kinds of tow«J»W>d bathrugs. Two £np«npH« bath towels (the kind men lov«), two face towels (these should be turipsh, too), wash cloths and a matching rug, in some hand- BEOIN HERE TODAY Yoiine nnd lovely DANA WEST- SHOOK! born and rcnreil nbrimd, cornea to America iifler the dettth of Iier parents to mnkc her home •wKh her grandmother, ivliom she liiis never seen. : ycnrs before, Dunn's mother eloped, Icnvhisc her liuslinnd nnd nn infant daughter, NANCY WALLACE. After the divorce she hnd married young \Ventbrook and a year later their daughter, named Unnn for her father, wan horn. When Dana reaches the old nouthcrn home «he In welcomed cordially by her great aunt, MISS 13LLBN CAKE WE, Inlt Is coldly received hy her grandmother nnd hllU-slntcr. Dunn decide* unhappily. "They don't ; really want me. I nnonldn't hnvc come." . MRS. CAMBIION. shrewdly be- elii" plans to. Introduce Dann to , society, liopinc lhal 'Unna'', will marry well. *~>Naney htdc» ' what line, believes to be a hopeless love for RONALD MOORE, rich nnd handsome. \Vben ! the old Cimirr- on" ear brcakx down In front of hi* estate. Honnld hringx Dana home. NOW GO ON WITH THE STOH\ CHAPTER V N ANCY was sure she would never again be surprised at anything In her whole life. The rigid barriers that had been erected against even tne slightest extravagance in the Cameron household were suddenly forgotten in preparation for the coming party. And Nancy, despite her resentment at the reason lor It—Dana—would not have been human It she hadn't enjoyed tbe temporary recklessness with the family funds. Sue was going to have a new dress! Only a day before Nancy hafl been thinking unhappily, "What'll I wear? That old pink organdy, I suppose. I wish it would fall into holes so I'd have to get a new evening dress. I wish I had nerve enough to spill ink down the front of it." And then there was her grandmother saying, "I suppose both ot you girls will need new dresses. I think your.Aunt Ellen and 1 ww the very ones for you. Twin models at Burger-Goodlett's. They are •white, which I think Is prettiest for young girls. And" (Mrs. Cameron had not completely forgotten her thrifty habits) "you can wear .white longer. It la less conspicuous and it can always be dyed." A Burger-Goodlett frock! Nancy's big eyes widened in amazement. This was something, Indeed. Oh, It was going to be grand to appear in something besides that everlasting pink rag, to feel decently dressed for once in one's life. "When do we go for our fittings?" Nancy asked, her voice husky with emotion. "Any time you wish, The dresses lave been laid aside for you." Nancy could scarcely wait. She wanted to rush from the room and race to town. But when one Is 21 and has spent several years cultivating a pose of indifference It will not do to drop the mask all at once, "I guess I'll take a, nap. I'm fcwfully sleepy," Nancy srji, managing a quite natural ya\S. She went to her room and threw her- eelf across her bed. Impossible to sleep when one was as excited as this, visionlng oneself in a long, lovely white formal. * * * npHl houss was very quiet and •* presently Nancy drifted off to Bleep while listening to tbe drone of the humming birds in the red honeysuckle vine. It was 3 o'clock when she awakened. Now she could leave the house without Grandmother and Aunt Ellen suspecting she was rushing pff tp see the new dress. With elaborate carelessness, she left tne house, swinging a tennis racket. Perhaps ana should nave knocked It Dana's door, and asked her to. cope along for a titling, too. But Nancy felt, would be a weak- I\'anc\) thrcTV herself across the bed bul il wot impossible to sleep when she rvas so excited. ness. Just because one was going to have a new dress was no reason to turn sentimental and sappy and do things you didn't want to do. Nancy was quite sure, anyhow, that Daua was sleeping. Everyone in the old house fell into the habit of an afternoon nap because there was nothing else to do to fill the time. As Nancy backed the Cameron automobile down the drive into the street, a roadster, driven by Marie Norman, swerved quickly, avoiding n collision, * "'Lo, Nancy," Marie called. The other girl's response was none too cordial. She halted the car, however, as it was apparent Marie wanted to talk. "Hello," Nancy said. Marie Norman had always hud an irritating effect on Iier, Marie was always perfectly bland and agreeable, all sweetness and light, but, just the same, she was full of tricks and used them when it suitecj her purpose, with unscrupulous, cunning, There had beeo times, too, when Nancy's rapier-like wit had drawn blood at the expense of ber slower-witted neighbor. Somehow, Nancy knew that Marie had an abiding dislike for her, behind smiling eyes and slow, indolent voice, "I'm just back from the club," Marie announced, "Guess who is out there?" "Too hot for guesswork." "Your perfectly knockout sister." "My pi|'.er!" Nancy dropped her eyes for a moment. "Oh—Dana, I'd forgotten she planned to go out this afternoon." "You should have been there to see tbe hit she made. Boys swarming around ber like bees. Ronnie wasn't any too pleased about it, either. He had that terribly proprietary manner, I suppose, just because he'd brought ber out. We bometov/ners haven't ft chance. Gosh, Nancy, 1C I bad a sister like that, I'd have kept her across tbe ocean! 1 ' "Would you?" Nancy queried indifferently. She etjrtsd tbe car ,'just then—and for once didn't mind | Its. protesting roar, mixed with a i number of rattles. 'They helped I to drown out Marie's parting shot, i "Vfliat do I euro?" Nancy asketl I herself furiously, driving blindly for :tlie. moment. * « • r PH13 day had turned gloomy. All •*• the heady excitement that had sent her on her way to the dress shop was gone. She thought drearily of Dana, walking into the country club with Ronald Moore, cutting a wide swathe without even trying. It hud always been so difficult for Nancy herself. Of course there was always Tommy McNair hanging around with bis pale hair and pale eyes that blinked, but that was almost worse than having no one bunging around at all. Tommy was a perennial thorn in Nancy's self-esteem. He was the one dell- nite-proof of her social failure. For no girl who had anyone else for an escort would ever allow Tommy around. But If Tommy weren't with you, you wouldn't be there at all. So you wept with, him, golfed and played tennis vigorously and acted as though you were having a perfectly swell time. ' The dress could go hang, Nancy decided. At least for this afternoon It could. She turned tbe car at the next corner and beaded for home. On the way she passed Scott Stanley and Paula Long. Nancy thought, "More strangers coming to town.'' Not, of course, tbat Scott and Paula were strangers, because both were natives. Scott had been away for years, though. She bad heard last week tbat be bad come through medical school with honors and was heading borne to begin bis practice, f>«mlg, who bad been slckeningly In. lova with Scott tor so long, was the kind of artist who puttered around without ever getting anywhere- WIU) money of ber own, Sb$ bad always managed to be put- t«rio$ somewhere in Scott's vicin- ity. Though It hadn't seemed to help ber much. Everybody hut Scott knew how much Paula cared for him. Only momentarily diverted hy her glimpse of the rather weather- beaten eruy roadster <i«i(l its two occupants, Nancy's tliouglus returned to the country c!ub and nil Uie fun and excitement of which Dana wan a part. She thought bitterly; "Whore was my lucky Ktur when 1 happened to be born';" * • • CCOTT bad come from tho shower ^ rooms and joined I'aulu nt Uie pool. They were suddenly In llm midst of a crowd of young people. "Well, Scott, old chap, we thought you'd really deserted tlis old town." "Glad to see you back, Scott." "Well. Dr. Stanley—Ob, Srott, how does it feol to bo a full- fledged—" And on and on. Paula, too, was being received with some excitement. "Is It true you had a one-man show at some swank gallery, Paula? . • •" "Will you invite me over to see soire of those etchings you do so cleveviy?" Scott's eyes glinted wllh amusement. He could read Paula's disgust In ber veiled eyes. And then, suddenly, his gaze was concentrating. A girl in a green bathing suit bad climbed the ladder and was preparing to take a high dive. She bad a lovely, slim tlgure and a laughing, eager face. Scott got to his feet and walked toward Hie diving board, looking up as be walked. His eyes met those of the girl. Hers were a shade of deep green-blue. Perhaps the green suit was responsible for the green tints in her eyes, tin couldn't be sure. But he was sura he'd never seen eyes so beautiful before. Paula Joined him. "Who's the girl?" she asked. Her voice souud- ed queer. Scott's voice sounded strange also, rougb with emotion; "J don't know. But 1 have an Idea she's tue girl I'm going to marry." (To Ue Continued) Grudge Mat Card Here Wednesday Zaharias Must Throw Two Wrestlers Within 90- Minute Deadline Chris Znhnrias, tough Greek meanie, will take on Bob Montgomery nnd Billy McEuen in a 90-mimite handicap match at tho American Legion wrestling arena here Wednesday night, The match was scheduled here 10 settle mi argument that started last Wednesday night In Little Rook after Zaharias hnd won over Scotty Me- naught for the second time in two weeks. Zaharins boasted that he could pin Montgomery nnd another just like him the same night—and that it would take only 90 minutes to do it. McEuen had just driven in from Hope and arrived in time to accept the proposition. Part of the agreement is that Enharias will meet McEuen in the first match, wiri two falls out of throe, and then take on Montgomery. Znhnrias must pin Montgomery in two falls. All of this must be accomplished in 90 minutes. | As nn added feature this week Pro- i motor Bert Mnulclin announced that I a negro battle royal would open the ' program. Wednesday's show is sponsored by the American Legion. Cour- tt.sy tickets will be good. Promoter Mnuldin, who is demanding belter shows for local funs, announced that Owen Davis, whose MAN'S HEART SKIPS BEATS—DUE TO GAS W. L. Adams was bloated so with gas that his heart often missed beats after I eating. Acllorika rid him of gac, and J mutch was Mopped here last the second round, had been ed indefinitely by the State At! commission. A ' year's refuse from Lon^i houses would cover an iron acres to ft depth of nino feat. The clog's head butterfly hns <m"< cellent likeness of n dog's head' each oflts front wings. Blven the spots-nrc in the right plnce. CARDUI DURING MIDDLE LIF: Wliile she was going through change of life, Mrs. Susan Price, cfallsboro, N. C,, was "very weak' .Imes, and had to go to bed." •writes. "1 couldn't sleep well didn't have an appetite. I was so yous, I .was always looking for Inlng bad to happen. 1 read of uid look it. It helped my nerve *nuch and gave me strength nnd •ne up. I took Cnrdui off and o two years. ... 1 have recommetl Cardui to other people, hoping I would be helped and given StretS is I was with this good remedy." Thousands of women testify Car benefited them. If it does not ber, YOU, consult a physician. new he oals anything and feels fine While they last SPECIAL Iflc Trial Sizes on sale at John S. Gibson Drug Company. adv. ICRANEI ,,. WATER, I HEATERS' SALES and SERVICE ?15 for your old one. SI Down Balance Monthly. Harry W; Shivei Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 and The DANGER Involved! J House to house peddlers of Cosmetics and beauty aids offer an unknown, unreliable product that is of such dubious w that it must be sold by high-pressure methods. Why endanger your complexion and your skin tissues wheiuS the same or less money you can get nationally known nnd appjf ed products . . . such as BARBARA GOULD. Your druggist guarantees and stands track of the product sells . . . the peddler does not. Buy Your Cosmetics From Reliable Fin John P. Cox Drug Co. PHONE 84 We Give Eagle Sfc HOPE VALUE DAY SPECIAL WITH EVERY RANGE SOLD ON VALUE DA' 1 Nickel Plated^ Copper Tea Kettlj 3 Stove Pans 1 Steel Frying Par We will give the above absolutely free with every chase of any range in our si on VALUE DAY. Get a range during this bargain c . , . your Thanksgiving -dli will taste a lot better cocked on one, K. G. McRAE HARDWARE CO. Second and Main ^^^ VALUE DAY, SPECIALS HOPE VALUE DAY SPECIAL The wise bo looking around for Christmas Gift suggestions when they come to HOIK; for the Value Day Bargains. And they will be coining to Ward's for tliey know that's where tliey can find a splendid selection. If you want to give something a little diferent ... a little belter . . . shop at WARD'S. See Our Windows for Gift Suggestions WARD& SON I'HE LEADING DRUGGIST Phone 63 "WE'VE GOT U Pnowpi Delivers

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