The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 19, 1940
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THR DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKABT-' A mcA NR A R »«n an ^'t^™*' ** * "" * * O VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 28. Blythevllle Dally News Blythevlllc Courier Mississippi Vnlley Lender Dissatisfaction At Allies' Progress In Norway Growing LONDON, April 19. (UP)—Political ijuarlore, newspit- pcrs and members of tlic public showed nn meronshi K ton- ilcncy today lo deniiiiui tjuick big senli; action amins! f> r - mau yni Norway. Tlic feeling seemed to lie hardening that the Nonvcuian nimpnign wns of tremendous impoHaiicn to Ilin nro.sornlioii in the war as n whole. U was estimated that three Ger-» _ Jiian divisions, about 45,000 men, were now operating in Norway and that so far the German force wns stronger than the Allied one. There had been no indication that the Allies were overtaking Germans in the matter of reinforcements. Reports that German troop iF^ORTliKAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1HSOU1U 'AUKANSAS, I-'KIDAV, AIMUL Is Bark Worse Than Kite? LEfflE_ BERLIN 'Hostile Altitude' Of Norway Toward 'Protective' Measures Is Cited replenishments were arriving In Norway In a steady stream were disquieting. It lias been emphasized repent- Cromwell Will Run For Senate SUMMERVTLLE. N. J., Apr. 1!) tdly In high quarters from the I l , U ! )) ~ Jnracs H - H - Cromwell start, that the expulsion C5crmans from key positions in Norway, especially on the west coast, should be recognized as a long and difficult task, not. a matter of days or even weeks. The Allies never cherished Illusions regarding the impossibility of the little. Inadequately equipped Norwegian army holding the Germans. They knew at. the start, thai they would Ije hampered by inadequate railroad and high communications. These facts have never been concealed. Yet, even several members of parliament criticized lo a United Press correspondent the contrast between tlie Allied calculation of a long war and the German expectation of a short one, and the Influence which thus had seemed to be exercising on the viewpoints of the opposing forces. The encouraging factors to tli< British were various, but partlcu larly that, the Allied general staffs must have known exactly what they would face in Norway tmd nevertheless sent their expedition, believing thai they could oust the Germans. The British navy controlled the sea and German forces at Narvik Bodoe and Trondhelm were isolated except for possible serial aid The question of aerial sinKrlorilj remained to be fought out -.British ';• experts estimated that lii Scandinavian. ..operations the Germans' liad lost aboiii "75 planes in all, against 2p British planes As to the general situation Sir Arthur Sailer, of the government's economic advisor}' council, said in a speech last night that Britain's average monthly shipping losses so far during the war had totaled about fi8,COO tons a month, compared with a monthly average dur. ing the last war of nbout 151,000 tons. Shipping lost, he said, had been offset by new-built ships mid captured and purchased ships with the result that Britain had now M per cent of its pre-war tonnage. Politically, it was indicated that competent British observers now .share the view of foreign diplomats In London that Italy would refmln from active intervention in the war at this time. Possibly n sign that British political leaders were still disinclined to view Italy as a foe or a potential foe was n dinner at the House of Commons last night of the An- Elo-iiamm parliamentary committee. Giuseppe Gasllanlni. Italnin ambassador, was guest of honor. Sir Kingsley Wood, lord privy seal and member of the Inner war cabinet, presided. He and H. A. Butler, parliamentary under secretary for foreign affairs, were the principal British speakers. They were reported to have emphasized British friendship for Italy and Bns- llanlni was said to have responded in similar vein. of the I Unitc <' Slates mlnistc: ;„ 8i: ' ' ' to Canada nd husband of the erstwhile "wealthiest girl", announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for United States senator today. The New Jersey primary is May 21. Cromwell has keen pledged the support, of Mayor Frank Hague of Jersey City, the state Democratic leader. By HICIIAKI) IIOTTEIXT Unltnl 1'icss Stall CorreiLiomleiik BERLIN, April 10. (Ul')-Tlio official news agency snid that the Norwegian minister, AIIIC Sc'heel and his staff Imd been requested' lo leave German territory today ••because of Hie huslllc attitude of the Norwegian king and the former Norwegian Government." A new "KOvenimem," approved by the German invaders, has been set up in (he acrnwn-occiiptcd re- don of Norway, headed by 1. E ChrnstensMl as premier. The "old" government has fled wlili King Haakon to eastern Norway, near tne Swedish border. The high command said that . German airplanes hnd attacked British naval units and transports trying to land troops north of Nar- sunk one British HUE cm .1 —— ? jKnijcisen Deplores Type Of Men At Head" Of Unions NASHVILLE. Apr. 19 (UP) _ William S. Knudsen; president of the General Motors corporation >yas on assaying that the union movement in the United States is doomed" unless "laboring men realize the importance of experienced leaders with more level hearts and clearer thinking. 1 ' Speaking before the 70th anniversary dinner of the Nashville chamber, or -commerce/'lasi;;,.night Khudsen cited what,' he described as a "fioman holiday" for union leaders a lew months ago. He added that "the technique of.union leaders in getting the men on the streets was perfect but, getting them back in the plants again wns another story." Knudsen pointed to the General Motors strike last fall, saying "more than 50,000 men lost seven weeks pay or about 5260 each and finally went back to work nt three cents an hour increase in pay. It will be about, five years before they are even with the board." vlk, and had submarine. An authorized source said that British battleship believed to be of the 30.600-ton Wnrsplte class had been attacked by German planes near Narvik Wednesday and was struck by n bomb hut only slifhlly damaged. The news agency's statement on the Norwegian. ininlsler was"Norwegian Minister Schcei who yesterday In behalf of the Norwe- Bian king and the former Nonveflnn government of Nygnnrdsvold Uo- han, the 'old' premier) asked that he be allowed to remain in Berlin and continue to conduct the affairs of the legation, wns today requested In view of the hostile 'attitude' of the Norwegian king and the former Norwegian government to lenve the Reich's ten-tier v today with tl- legation staff." The high command communique claimed further successes as follows: "During n submarine limit in the Skagerrnk and Kattegat German forces probably destroyed three British submarines. "Regarding the already-reported torpedoing of n British cruiser of?' the Glasgow class, north of Uid Shetland Islands, tlic U-boat Coin- 1 mander on his, return to port reports that the cruiser wns destroyed by an Innci-"detonation immediately after the torpedo's impact." Tile communique snid reinforcements of German troops In Norway "continued on schedule." SINGLR COPIES FIVE CENT This striking |,],olo of a foursome of dcnth hi action was taken ol Nnzl mjll-iiliwnfl guns on the German canst.. ntlachcd lo picture rant: "Bark woi* British-censored cnptlon x than their bite." English dnlm recent R. A. R raids on Syll showed guns like these Ineffective against liltjhl raiders. Be Sure You're Enumerated in Census Is Plea If the census enumerator has not yet filled out your census report, please call the Chamber of Commerce, 291, or the Courier News, 30ti, mid your name will be turned,, over to n census enumerator, iti was announced lodny by the Cham-1 ber of Commerce which It ninkljyJ n sueclal effort "to have all "ol Blythevlllc's citizens enumerated before the deadline, May -I. it will tnke enumeration of everyone lo maintain Ulvthcvllle in Die "above 10,000 class",' It Is said, and cooperation of the residents will iniike this possible. It Is pointed out. Big Lake Rising But No Flood Danger Seen Big Lake, always watched wllh anxious eyes when Ihere is contln- loiis rainfall, is rising rapidly but here is no danjer of any flood in •his area at this time, according :o engineers of -ding Drainage District In the New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Prev. Open High Liw Close Close 1072 1045 1015 1005 091 092 1072 1041 1017 IOCS 994 992 1070 1043 1007 997 994 985 1011 IMS 1008 997 9D4 985 1074 1016 IOCS 995 093 New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jnn. Mar. Prev. Open High Liw Close Close 1085 1057 1020 1011 997 09V 1085 1085 1055 1057 1020 1021 1010 1010 1002 1C02 99B 996 1080 1052 1011 10W 994 989 1082 1054 1013 1004, 994 9889 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., April 19. (UP)—Hogs'. 7.500. Top, 5.95 170-230 Ibs.. 5.85-590 HO-ICO IlK., 5.2-5.65 Bulk sows. 4.75-5.10 Cattle, 550. Steers, 850-925. Slaughter steers, 725-1150. Mixed yearlings-heifers, 725-975. Slaughter heifers, 725-1050 Beef cows, 625-675. Cutters and low cutters, 125-600. May July Chicago Com ooen high low close 04 3-8 65 633-4 6-11-2 1 who are also experts lood business. The lake this morning had risen 5 fool at the Highway IB bridge. 14 miles west of here, since yesterday noon but how much more it will rise depends upon the amount of rain above tlie lake. It Is understood that heavy rains hi Missouri have cawed extensive rises which will eventually reach Big Lake but there Ls no sci>rc That. Ihere could tie. a flood, d«spite the lateness of the season is possible for one year high water was fought in July blll therc U| have to be a '"' the condition said. Mississippi River, eight mile., morc rain wrloiK - el > , of Blytheville. ha steadily Stock Prices A. T. & T. Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth, steel ... Chrysler \ Cities Service 172 1-8 00 1-2 30 1-2 77 1-2 8G 1-2 Coca Cola 197 Gen'l. Elect. ...'.'.'"",'" 37 [.3 Oen'l. Motors ...'.'.'.','. 53 l-s Int. Harvester *>r, l •> Mont. Ward .. 50 J 3 W. V. Central .'.'.'.'.I'.'.]'" 15 7.8 North Am. Aviation 237-8 Packard . * Phillips . ..I'.!!'.!!"'.'."'. 38 Radio 638 Republic steel .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'."' 20 Socor/ Vacuum i ( ^ ld ^cr ;;;;;;;; 10 ,. 8 40 1-2 45 3-8 GO 1-8 German troops in the Trondheim In «he 1930 census, the Chnmljei area were strengthened by rein- " ~ forcemenU but there were no engagements. The areas occupied by German forces around Bergen and Stavnnger were extended in all directions. The day (yesterday) was quiet at Ki'istia.nsand. German troops In the Oslo area advanced steadily northeastward ancl northwestward. The territory southeast of 'Oslo up lo the Swedish frontier has been occupied and Is quiet. In this area alone. Germans captured 83 cannons, 80 machine suns. 20.000 rounds of artillery ammunition und 1,000.000 rounds of rifle ammunition." The communique said a German speed boat, on patrol duty, had al servl, destroyed n Norwegian torpedo bant I War veteran" in Hardnnger Fjord. ! foltowln Press dispatches from of Commerce sponsored nn additional census to obtain n more complete cnunieratlon or this city would not have been in the 10.000 class ns l!ie first report showed a considerable less number. Although tlie enumerators nrc said to be doing excellent work, which Is not yet complete, this precaution is being taken so that the enumerators may obtain the money for enlisting 'each citizen. To Hold Pierce Rites At Manila On Sunday MANILA, Ark., April ID.—Fimcr- Norway for Jess Pierce, World who died Tuesday stroke, will We're In A Good Way To Catch Up On Rain With almost three Inches of rain since Wednesday. Blylhevllle bids fair lo make up Its previous liclow- nonnal rainfall for the year. It hnd ruined inches jip until 10 o'clock this morning w hcn u appeared to be clearhiK only to s-inrt again hi a line but atcudy downpour whic at '1:30 o'clock. The cold wind of late yesterday and last night, only stopped the rain '.for u, short time >,b\il -^tlier? wns no sign of tlis- predicted frost last night— because of the rain. The 'heavy rain Is expected to do wns still falllnu more ilninnge lo orops. vegetables and flowers because of the accompanying cold whlcji has retarded every growth .since signs of spring first appeared only to be delayed asiiln and again by wintry weather. Pink L Oswell, 59, Dies Thursday Night Pink (,. Oswell. resident of niy- .^.. U ,..., B ( , [jiuniyijc siroKe, win i,^, _ r . . be conducted Sunday afternoon at • ,, sfcr buslllcss ' ' ' thevJIIc for 25 years, died lust night at Ills home on North Sixth street nfter having been stricken 111 only i few nilnulcs before. He wns slightly 111 several days ago but had apparently recovered •md hnd retired for the night when he became very 111 and died within 15 minutes. lie was CO. Born In Arkansas city, Arkansas 10 lived In Lake City for some before coming to Blythevlllc he had since operntcd n Kogge Increasing Number Of Investigatoits In This Stale NEW ORM2AN3, April II), (UP)— Assistant u. S. Attorney General O. John iiiigne indicated t w i,,y Unit (he federal government virtually Imtl finished It;,- Investigation into HID Louisiana jjcni)ilul.« mid was ready to concentrate on gruff ami corruption In other states. Hoxgi', head of the criminal division of the jrntltre deimtlmenl announced h ls t nluhl that InvMll- Rnllons of alleged graft nnil corruption In public office were underway In Arknnsas, Georgia and Michigan, lie refused lo confirm reports that similar probes were being nnido in IVnnsylvnnla, Florida and New Jersey. Tin- prasx'cutor, whose recent In- vi'stlijatlon.s In Lniil.-iliiiiH generally were credited with puvlng the way for smashing the stole imichhio iH'iided by Guv. Hnvl K. IKJIIS. Mild he wns Increnslny the number 'of his Inrrsllgnlors |n Michigan, Ar- knusns, and Georgia whore inquiries have already slarlcil. Asked why Arkansas, Georgia and Michigan were belnc InveMlgnU'd now, Doggo made no direct answer but snlil II "docs not Imply Hint all the other stales nro without scandal." The new probes, said Kogge. who ciime here lo confer with njislstant.s on pending irlnl cases, will pnralli'l the leulslnim Inquiries, Including reported corruption In public office, mull fraud, and other violn- tlons of fedcrnl stnttile. 1 !. "About two mouths ago while I " Italy As Partner Of Nazis In War Is View In Rome lo Uic Allies. was here," mid, "I announced l wns going (o begin an Investigation In nnollicr slate. I did not mention its mime. Immediately my office was flooded with-loiters from many slates, reporting Instance* of alleged political corruption among innny other offenses, The iwrsons Willing said •! don't know whether you mean our slntc hut, If you don't, yon ought to. Hero's a sample of what's happening hero.' "So i nm Investigating gm| i a,,, going to run cases out nnd whatovei; else. I-can find," Comiiicnllng l)uit 'he v 'hii<l""l>oi>h :rltlclzcd fo|-"'pt)rst:cuthig" llepub- llcons In Georgia Michigan cind Investigation* Hint his Six Admit Fraud In Election I.ITTU.: HOOK, Ark., Apr. II) UP)-l'Ii>ns of guilty i u ciinigeii of injury In cdiincclton with chm-giVi of alleged friiml In the North 'le llodt city election were cnlcred "liny In ii,,, first division erlmiiml court by six men. The six Included Frank Clolvor . ;,'''-. M]m - c> ™ll J. "alley, II. » Illlllcks, W. ' -"•• II. It. I.. Sllkn and Montgomery. Judge Oils f''ulk nnnouiiccd no disposition will be. made of the cases milll nfter trim of .vlx others Indicted In connection vote fraud. * The exchange .of. ; Italian an Ciermnn military missions wns m iiounccd in 11 communique, mid 'au ihorlml quartern enld llmUt woul be no Imlf-wny measure, <lmt tlia technicians from every Iwiticli o Ilin two countries' armed forces— inolnrlmt Infantry, .artillery cal vary, aviation, tank corps an clionilcal nulls—would be cxchanE Cll. ;. . ... b I3l|iloinnls believed that If HIM ever hnd been u chance, of Iho'al lies' winning Italy to their side, I Ipjt now, liccatiso-'Italy has bcon iilvlng oermniiy' such e.\ten slvo diplomatic nld In the Balkins both polllicnlly and 1 economically Hint she could not change her poi icy now without .'great loss Fur Ihcmioi-o, ns Die result* Of" mill DID SEES HULL Predicts His Nominalioi And Rebukes Tlu'rc Term Advocates HALEtail, N. c., Apr, 10 (UP —any. Clyde n. Ilocy, rebuking ii effect third term lulvociilc.i ' li Noilh Carolina, endorsed Secretarj of Sliito Hull lodny for the Dcmri presidential nomination ail\ predicted llml U 1(1 Tcnncssceai would bo nominated at the imtlon nl convniuion In Chicago, '•Hocy .vi|d u vvliR 1,1s persona opinion tlitii 1'icsfdont rtopscvci woiilrl nol. run ni>alii mid (h'fii; Wl.TO n |wns the one mini who can 'smear George" (Senator George-) i Ullltl! lllc Dcmocinllc. putty campaign, UogBc snid: '" '" ' "Wo investigate- complninb, not :>cople, mid where there Is H vlo- inllon of federal slntiite.'i we prosecute, no matter who Ihe offenders - — •' via nisi v><*j — "-ftuiij tii m iiifuil Jld , TTi,,,~ i said that the German-occupied 2:3 ° o'clock at the First Methodist' u "°™, arrangements nrc areas hnd been restored virtually "' '",ii,.t n .....,."..- ......,.._, _. to normalcy; that more than 00 per cenl of Oslo's population had returned to work nnd that work had been resumed at the nivval bnse church The Dud Arntrlcan conduct the Complete pending arrival of two Cnson ix>st of lhc ™ as ' Irarr y " ml Clyde Oswell. of In Blythevllle will McComb. Miss. He Is also stir- military rites vlvccl lj y hl s wife. Mrs. Vlcic Oswell. another son, E a r| Wayne Oswell, and one daughter, cilcmia Mne Oswell, all of Dlythcvlllc Young Republicans lhe jBit of Glacier Studied j In Cold Storage Plant Elect Roy McCloskey NEW HAVEN Max Dcmorest, geologist, Is studying the al* j line structure and flow of glacial 10.-A, the annual ^n^^^,^™ «"**' ^ Cobb Fnncrnl Home Is In charge CARUTHERSVILLE. held lure of the Pemlscot Co, v Young Republican Mccioskey of B Otter Quentln J I officers elected were- Still, Steelc, first vice- iu 3W pounds O r n ! r in ™T Vn,m i « , s or, v , ' !! Ji ," - ? (r i pickre n Stresses Yale University Picking Contest County Agent Jim Pickren met recently with a group of C2 farmers in Box Elder vicinity Wednesday night to discuss farm problems In general an ideal fornm- ""^ was Ink! on presldenl; Mrs. Dorothy Hamra. All bundled up, the geologist reports by telephone from the "icebox" lo Mrs. Dcmoresl at home president; Mrs. J. T. Patmore Ca- ' Helps Produce "Youth of a Nation" Little Girl's 'Andy [ MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. Gump' Turtle Missing ^ (UP) — seen a- .. . Standard Oil N j by "'ne-year-old of a Nation.' Texas Corp U S Steel .. Chicago Wheat lar ' pet. i It was In ii er lost mcntnry films such ns "The Zilvcr" acd "Tlie Plow Thnt Broke the much-loved plains," the picture deals with the I of ! ; energy. outh — its wasted and, lives. As a May open 112 problem n so- wlthoiit moral- wns accomplished on -ase Involving Recent Divorce Law Appealed LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April IB.— divorce granted under Arknnsns's ompnrntlvcly new luw permitting hher husband or wife to obtain ci decree on the ground Hint they were separalcd thrra yenrs "for nny rcuson" wns m>|icnlcd to the boll ,—,, am win In lhc November election. The governor's endorsement came In n fonjinl .stntement In which ho asked the North Cnrollmi delegates to the notional convention not. to vole for him as a "favorite son." Arknnsns Supreme Court ycslcr day. Rotarians Hear School Glee Club The high school dice Club under the direction of Miss Nannie Clarke Smith presented n program at Ihe weekly luncheon meeting of the Rotary clul) al the Hotel Noble yesterday. 'Hie Hoys' chorus Ravo two sc. I lections ns did Ilia boys' Mrs. Jennie M. Brooks appealed lilc l! |rls> chorus and the entire a decree awarded C. Ihoofci of ensemble. The ulrls' trio sang Pulaskl county by Chancellor Prank "umber. It. Dodge April 9. 10-10. Mr. Urooks Guests at the meeting were contended he nntl his wife were '' Ol >» Strange of Oiunlm, Ncl>., and married In uttlo Rock, May 17, E - E. Homlngcr of Houston, Texas 1011, and lived together until April ' SS MC!II ° U ™ IJroaks . Martin y. Genera' Says Barber Law Is Fatally Defective'" MD LITTLE ROOK. Apr. 19 (UP)— ] Melbourne M. Martin, of Llttlr I Rock, totiny qualified as s a cnndl- . LITTLE HOCK, Ark., April ,0.- c ld The attorney general's office ad- _ y ^nc^ vised Arkansas master barbers yes- i • . r, , ™ tcrday that an appeal to Ihe Ar- Injury Is ratal 1 0 U. S. Deputy Clerk the AAA program. Mr. Pickrc', told (he visitors about the National Colton Picking Contest which Is scheduled for Blythoi'illc on September 23 and 24. "Tlic Interest shown by the people I talked to Wednesday night . , , ... . - Indicated that farmers in Mlvsis-' 1 but did not act °" No - 2 - En- kansns supreme court of a Pulnski ! chancery court decree invalidating the ID39 barber minimum price law would be futile. Assistant Attorney "ATESVILLE. Art:., April 10. General Lcffcl Gentry Informed n (up '— George J. Terry, CO, deputy delegation of barters'that the law Ullitc< ' States court clerk, was kill- was not properly enacted. "There were two amendments adopted In the Scnp.te," he said la-, .,„ , ., -•-;• ter. "The House concurred In No.' , „ y . Jc 'f, c ?';' a lma> lunibcrman. Instantly today whan the car In which he wns riding struck n |. r [.|,, g near Cave City. w '° .... county arc going to get be- Erossln B clerks placed Amendment hint! the National Cotton Picking , N °: ' '" t1lc wroll K section of Ihe Contest and help nil they cim to, ,; innke (t n huge success," Mr. Pick-] *" e Supreme Court probably ren snid. "They rente Ihni the wolllci not rlllc on the legblnliirc'.s .. . „ National Colton Picking Contest Is l>owor to flx "ilnlmum prices ns: null bays He Is _ lhc car. received minor Injuries. Terry was president of the Batcsville Hock Marble company nnd hnd been in (he drug probably ! husmcss hcrc '<>' ™ 5™"- an event which will draw ninny j long as the measure contained thousands of people from all over those physical flaws. I lolrt the i the country and focus the alien-1 > « lr *iers l however, we would be glad Not A Candidate Chancery Court Is lion of the nation on our county. We must remind the United States and particularly the cotton Industry that our county Is the larg- fst cotton producing county In the United Stales. 1 ' Mr. Pickren said. Word was received yesterday that Chancellor J, p. Oautney of (he Coked Seed Company of Harts-' Joncsboro held an adjourned day v le, s. C., had shipped the 125 of the February term of ehrmccry bushels of cotton seed which will court here today he used for the crop. •• • to file an appeal If they desired."! WASHINGTON. April 13. (UP)— In Session Today! Secretary of stale Cordell Hull lo- day declared anew that he is not a candidate In any sense for political office. any WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy toctaidy, slightly colder in norlh and central allied press and radio cnm'pntgns Itnly now was believed : - to ' htw Incurred the 111 will If not tho-hoi illlty of the rdlics. The time was foreseen when either Hie allies would force.: dlplomiillu uliow-down with ital some incliient would arise giviii gi-oiinds for wnr. f3cnlto Mussolln wns believed gctlliif ready for tha day by Imvlng.lils army rehdy'to "i!ht In hnrinony with acrmnny's There havu.bcen three develop menls In the Bnlkttus in the pnii few dnys, all favoi-nblo to German nntl approved by linly: \; An agree incut between Jugoslavia and Eu mania for protecting traliic on lie Danube, keeping the route o'pei for acrman exports from Bnlkm countries; 3. An agreement between Ilumnniii nnd Russia to-withdraw tliclr in-mcd forces six miles fron the frontier, making It less llkel Hint any win- on Hint border ivauU Interrupt Germany's li no of sup Plies; :i. Jugoslavia's agreement 1 1 open trade negotlnllons with Rus sin. . : , , . ,A bulletin by iho semi-ofnelnl In lormnidono Del -Oloriio said of"W JugpstaVt-UiiflSlnn - ilogotlntlons: ,"I .-> clear tluii wo are confronts ivlth n lieiv Altiinlfon -..'-,. rcgnrd Ing fiU3sl(in-ji)go.ilav. relnlions bu .vo must keep In mind -that o: this occasion It Is n case- of climt- intlng a slate of nllnlrs which ho iouger corresponds to Ihc.liccessl, ies of the political moment. (Italy's U'crslon to Bolshevism' has been :oiinted as one of the strongest, actors against her entering \vnr on aennnnyVj side.) This, however (iocs not change Hie position- re- jardlng Itnly. Itnly has constantly .lolulcd out that her policy does lot lend to any ostracism of Russia i.s n Bolshevik state, but that ho bo resolute In opposing the sponsion of communism In ,Eu- ipe. To this Italy remains faith- r ul." Roberta FarlnnccI, writing In the 7clcmonn newspnper Hegime Fos- Isln, nccused the Osscrvntore Ro- :nno, official orgnn of the Vatican, 'f being blnsed In favor of the al- •es. U warned (he OssCrvntorc that ', would "pay dearly should Its 'Oliticol forecasts prove wrong at he end of the wnr. "Count O. Dclln Torre, editor f the Gsservnlore Romano, justl- ••': nil Unit the English do and rows about their victory without escrvc," JVirlnaccI .wrote. "Isn't Jount Delia Torre aware, that his listird, Idiotic stand throws a sliv- Mer light on (he newspaper he la reeling? And haven't others, who i the Vatican support this a'mous rann, ever stopped to think iint the dny will come when all Jsservntore Ro.'nnno policy and its orccnsts will be In contrast with he conclusions of the European onflict? Beware — certain errors re paid for dearly." : Virglnlo Qaydo, close to Musso-' Inl, eonlcnd his polemics against lie British press, charging that lie London Evening Standard had aid Italy soon would notify Bri- nln that the extension of the con- rnband blockade to tlic Medltcr- anean was intolerable to Itsly, nd that Italy objects to the Unlt- d Kingdom Trading Corporation i (he Balkans. Both these charges re "pure inventions," Gavda TOtC. He charged that the allies Here tlrrlng up trouble between Italy nd such eastern countries as Turkey and Egypt. "Doubtless the hostility of Turey against Italy is caused partly y the chronic state of alarm," he ild. "This alarm has been built v English and French propaganda, here Is a vague sense of suspicion award 1Mb' in Egypt, Italy has ways been and wants to be In a ato of pence and friendship with gypt and Intends to collaborate with her." Hughes, who has the 100 aero plot pn to be used In the contc.'it, said the that planting of the seed would matter's a-prc nkn iw»r,i h>. »V t, ?el or V ! Mlp ? ni) vlciclty ~ Paltl - v n.i_iioi. start during (he middle of next week. Jlovles Go to •HENCE, Kas.XUP.'-Univer- sity of Kansas students this day^"^'^ 1 ^ H^r^^^"^'^ ^"^'aXt^? 1 ^ ,„ L,?,L CO " r .L\ WM te /«"• ff'« temperatures; Sunday deals with the history, art and. so- fair and mild temperature. Iclni significance of the cinema n ,i hediSU ™«rt. held here on Friday, June 7.

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