Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE POttt HOPE STAft, HOWS, ARKANSAS tr^JTB.'. • mShmff. m&msma "ffc« Mow You Tell, the Quicker You Sell" RATES On* tim*~-2e wprd, mlnlmnm 30e Three', times—3Wc word. mln. 50c Sis time*—6< word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)—18c word, minimum $2J* fUies are tot continuous Inser- ttonis only. In .making word count, disregard classification name- such as "For R*MV"fot Sate," «tc.-thls Is bee. But each Initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word, fot example: FOB BENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage* dove In. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 3999. Total, IS words, at 2c word, Me for one time; at 3Vic word, 53c {or three tunes, etc. NOTE; All ^rdcrs placed by telephone are due and payable upon l»resenlation alt bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered HOLD EVERYTHING — Old Beds, New Beds. For Christmas can you beat it $4.50 to $9.50. Come and see Kempstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St Call Paul Cobb, 658-M. 12-2-26tc i\ COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South Elm, Phone 388 Radio's, Baiteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed, be ready for Christmas. ! i 29-26tp Wanted HIGHEST FAUCES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. FURS P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. aU4 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-26tc WANTED: Good Model T Ford Sedan. Must be in good condition. See W. H. Harris Station, Hope and Blevins Highway. 27-3tp. LOANS Money to Loan on New Buildings, Repairing Homes in City Limits. Easy monthly payments. Hope Federal Savings & Loan Association. 10-26tc Lost STRAYED—-)ne firay mule age 11 years, one broken mule, age 7. wt. 900 Ibs. Notify S. N. Stark, Emmet, Route one. 24-3tp Monday, December 27,1037 to CRANIUM CRACKERS OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS 1. In the book of Leviticus (24:17) the Mosiae law upholds capital punishment. 2. The I. Q. rating for subnormal persons is 80 or lower; for gifted persons 120 or better. 3. Stalactites hang from the ceiling. Stalagmites rise from the floor of a cave. 4.Phychologists say there are only three primary emotions—fear anger and love. Others are modifications of these. 5. To measure the height of a tree one must have sunshine and a stick of known height. Place the stick in the ground and measure its shadow. Measure the shadow of the tree from its center. By simple proportion, the product of the length of the shadow and the height of the stick, divided by the length of the .shadow cast by the stick will be the height of the tree. THOSfe DAYS OF ALON16 'George, darling, let's try not to act like newlyweds." "Okay, honey. Here, you carry the two suitcases." Orville W. Erringer State Manager Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp. Denver, Colorado. GENERAL ELECTRIC Products Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 / IT MUSTVE BE EM GREAT TO HAV£ LIVED WHEN) PEOPLE DlDM 1 HAVE TO 'HAVE SO MUCH BRAIN)5- TH 1 GREAT ' ABOUT THEM DAYS WAS THAT VOL) COULD 6E DUMfe, BUT THEE- WASN'T SO MANN "TO TAKE VOLMW- 'OWE BOCKI EVERV MINUTE," AN' TWO TO TAKE HIM,' HOW SOFT HE HAD ITA HUMORED TO TAKE HIM, NOW/ «*k yfcA L(3ST: In or near Saenger Theatre, top of wrist watch, rectangular in shape. Reward. Mrs. Mark Smythe, Phone 161. 27-3tp. Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our | modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters For Sale PUBLIC SALE: 4 miles west of Rosston, 5 miles east Bodcaw, Friday, December 31. LIGE MARTIN, Owner, SILAS SANFORD, Auctioneer. 27-3tp. For Rent FOR RENT—One furnished apartment, one partly furnished. All utilities paid. Mrs. Frank Hutchens. 707 East Division. Phone 79. 23-3tc FOR RENT—Three-room unfurnished apartment. Phone 481-J. FOR RENT: Good country home with pasture, water in pasture and house. J. M. Reese at G. L. Johnson's 4 miles east of Hope on Highway 4. 27-6tp. The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt ..... _____ 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt _____ 30« Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hope— Open Day & Kite FREE! Your Full Name On— Slieaffer or L. E. Waterman Fountain Pens and Pencils. Priced from $2.5C to $15.00 Also Leather Goods. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Eexnll Store Phone 63 Delivery Goddess of Beauty HORIZONTAL 1 Roman name for goddess of beauty. 6 A is named after her. Jl To be loser. 12 Autocrat, 13 Snake. 14 To moisten with dew. 16 Footlike part. J7 Bushel. 18 Self. 19 Hour. 20 Itlain river. 21 Rubber tree. 23 Year. 24 Cullard. 27 to pn'mp. 29 Above. 31 Pertaining to Alps. 33 Whip stroke. 35 24 hours. 36 Enticed. 38 faro paste. 39 Within. Answer to Previous Puzzle 44 Nominal value 45 Professional golfer. 47 Male cat. 40 Series of epical events. 51 Couples. 53 Obnoxious plant. 55 Hawaiian bird 56 Wrong deal. 58 Northwest. 59 She was is her most famous (pi.) vFRTir AI VERTICAL 2 Senior 3 Bows. 4 To consume. 5 A serious address,. 6 Afternoon. 7 Small lobe 8 Epoch. 40 Male pronoun. gpddess of 9 N,iked. 41 To put on. aVso. 10 Funeral song. 56 Myself 43 Spain, 60 Venus of Milo 13 The Greeks 57 Musical note called her 15 She was in Rome. 17 Consumed by fire. 20 Cat's murmur 22 Snaky fish. 24 Ruler of Tunis 25 Serene. 26 Measure of cloth. 27 By. 28 To doze. 30 Mover's truck 32 Decomposed. 34 Call for help. 36 Ozone. 37 Period. 40 Owns. 42 At tj-iis time 44 Needy. 45 Free theater ticket. 46 Native metal.s 48 Bill of fare. 50 Blue grass. 51 Brooch 52 Perched 54 Female sheep OUR BOARDING HOUSE Major Hoople THE WITH AM LAMDLORCV OFFICER My WORD/ THE ITEM OF KCMT COMPLETE LV SLIPPED MY MIND/ HAW /MAYBE IT WOULD BE A MASTER STROKE OF BUSINESS TO LET ATTACH THE OFPICE EQUIPMENT *TO COVER REWT WAST IN' TIME WITH KITES, MAR&LES AW THINGS ARE GONE FDR. KIDS/ IT LOOKS AS- IP THIS T-lRM OF ARABS FOLFED UP TMEIR TEMTS AXID "DID A NIGHT SNEAK 1 TRIED TO OM TMEIR FINANCIAL AT THEIR CLUB, TH BUT CLUB ? SAY, IF MICK EL'S WAS FEATHERS, - YOU COMPETITION) IS TOO KEEN), NOW- GOT TO BE READV TO GEA& OPPOfcTUNnY- LINE A THIMBLE WITH TH' POVVM VOU'D PICK OFF THAT FLCX1K OF BlRPSf / THE GETTERS LIST A SLIGHT _. — - • .. COPfl. 193; BY NEHSER.VICEJNC. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Stepping Out By MARTIN you 60 DOWN}, <bAV STIL.L. WE 60 &MAU.ER, tsSEEO A CAM 10 fe^T OUT I VOA6 .iUST - ABOUT 1 ObtO 10 AMD AMO OV-O POTATOES THW'Rt HARD To ALLEY OOP As Things Stand By HAMLIN ALLEY OOP AND OOOLA/OK) THE FAITHFUL OLD DIMWV/RU5H TO THE RESCUE FOO2.Y AND EX- KING (3UZ1LE ALSO TAKE UP THE CHASE — AND HERE 15 THE GOOD QUEENS UMPATEEDLE> SOMEWHERE OUT IN THE MOOVIAN JUNGLE- SUPPO5IN 7H CRITTER. WE 00 OVERTAKE - /'HOW SHOULD OH,ALLEY- CAN'T WE/MV GO5H GO PASTES.? THERE'S / OOOLA, MO TELLIMG WHAT MAY/OL' DlMWV HAPPEMTO FOOE. _/ 13 WIDE OPEN, WHAT CAM WE DO, FORCOLLY 5AKE? I KNOW ? SHUT UP AM'COME OM.' © 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. WASH TUBES A Big Order By CRANE STOP BOTHERING WE, UWDERbTAND- THE KIDNAPERS HAVEN'T BEEN CAUGHT AND THERE'S NO RADIOGRAM FOR XOU GOIN6 TO FIND BEVERLY HILL! GET ABOARD! I'M TO BLAME FDR THE AAESS THAT SETTLES IT, PODMER.' VA BEVERLY HILL'S IN, AND, BV THE JUMPIN6 BUJF BLAZES, I'M GOING TO BRING HER BACK// FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Home, Sweet Home By BLOSSER ADVERTISING WILL THE MOTHER OF BABY BOY LEFT FOR STLVELSTER COOK PLEASE MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE A Strange Collection of Books THOMPSON HAVEN'T VOL) A FEW MORE RESERVES YOU CAN CALL OUT/ SHOVE HIM INTO THIS ROOM OVEC. HERE, GANG, WHERE. WE CAN GET AT HiM BETTEE-.' MEAN WHILE, MVEA SUDDENLY DECIDES ON A CHANGE OF TACTICS 55UT...A5 MVEA MOVES CASUALLY TOWARD A SHELF OF BOOKS, SHE PULLS UP WITH A START.' WHY... WHAT A STIZANSE COLLECTION OF frOOKS FOI2. VOL) TO HAVE .' (§'KJ THE LAMDlNCb OUTSIDE THE ROOM IN WHICH IS LOCKED WITH WILLIE, .7ACK IS SIT POWW THERE, WILLIE, AND TEV TO RELAX- HOW WOULD VOL) LIKE ME TO READ VOL) ANOTHER, IW A FURJOUS BATTLE AGAIMST GREAT

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